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tv   ABC7 News 1100PM Repeat  ABC  November 2, 2012 1:05am-1:40am PDT

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♪ i and love and you what you were then i am today look at the things i do ♪ ♪ ah brooklyn brooklyn take me in are you aware the shape i'm in ♪ ♪ my hands they shake my head it spins ah brooklyn brooklyn take me in ♪ ♪ dumbed down and numbed by time and age your dreams the catch ♪ ♪ the world the cage the highway sets the traveler's stage ♪
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♪ all exits look the same three words that became hard to say i and love and you ♪ ♪ i and love and you i and love and you ♪ >> jimmy: how about that? and the brooklyn philharmonic, too. the avett brothers.
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i want to thank jon stewart and stephen colbert. i want to thank all of these guys. apologies to matt damon, we ran out of time. thanks to all of you for coming. tomorrow night, kelly ripa and alicia keys. good night!
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on plaintiff's part contributed to the happenings of the insurance accident and to the injuries laws and damages complained of. she says she has absolutely no idea what the district is referring to. >> i guess there is some legal strategies involved, but for me this is not about a legal battle or a civil battle or a criminal battle. this is all about me telling the truth. >> all of our messages to the district and the former administrators named in the lawsuit went unreturned except for one. the retired principal said everything was handled through their attorneys and had no comment. our message to the attorney went unreturned as well. in the newsroom, lilian kim, abc7 news. happening now, operation impact in oakland. chp units are rolling in to increase the police presence. the chp will provide help to
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oakland two days a week at no cost to the city. last year the chp also helped out oakland police in an anti-gang operation. and tonight oakland police are looking for the murderer of wilbur bartly. he was shot as he was closing up his metro cell phone store on international boulevard. his daughter said her dad didn't have any enemies. >> it is such a sad, sad moment. it is not because of what has been taken from us, but because of what was taken from everyone else. >> police say bartley was murdered over a robbery. we are getting ground video that reveals the incredible devastation brought by super storm sandy. these are pictures from an amusement park of the barrier islands off staten island. there is just nothing left.
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rollercoaster rides that stood for 75 years are twisted metal now. however new york city is pushing forward. the city's annual marathon will be held on sunday as scheduled. the race makes light of the suffering, but supporterses -- supporters say it brings in money that the city desperately need. money affected by sandy say they just want to get home. this was the expressway after an evacuation order was lifted. look at all of the cars. of course you need gas to drive and that is in short supply because of sandy. people are waiting in line more than three hours to buy some gas from the stations that have power to even operate. the walt disney company has announced a $2 million contribution to the victims of super storm sandy. >> we are doing everything we can including the cash donation plus encouraging our employees to donate on their own which we will match dollar for dollar. and using the great reaches of the walt disney company and
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the media networks,abc, espn and the disney channel to run public service announcements and encouraging others to donate. >> one way you can help is text 90999 to a $10 donation or call 1-800-red cross or go to for a link to the red cross website. in addition, disney and abc are making next monday a day of giving, encouraging everyone to give to the sandy relief effort. bob bob -- -- there is a nasty problem where a sewer system is failing. the raw sewage over flowed and they say that could be just the beginning. abc7 news reporter alan wang is in marin county where the story is in. >> engineers at the sanitary district say the system is falling apart faster than they can fix it. they say they were pulling rags and diapers out of this
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most recently clogged line. they believe there are many more that go undetected. >> it was brown affluent. >> he said it was flowing down the hill behind his house for four days. the ross valley sanitary district estimates about 88,000 gallons of raw sewage spilled out of a clogged pipe. >> this particular very small tributary drainage drains into san enselmo creek. >> the system is made of 50-year-old clay pipe that is crumbling and leaking sewage into the grounds water. the red areas on this map show the known sewage breaks throughout san anselmo and fare tax and larkspur. >> we know the severity of the problem and we want to get it directed. >> many breaks go undetected, creating sinkholes on the streets until the pavement
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collapsed and sewage bubbles out. tree roots are invading and grease is clogging up a system that averages 30 structural defects per mile of pipe. it will cost about $300 million to rebuild the system, but over the summer the ross valley sanitary district board voted down a rate increase and a $70 million bond proposal. >> i voted against selling the bonds, sure. >> why? >> i wanted to put it on the ballot. let the rate payers weigh in. >> the maximum state fine could reach $800,000. >> engineers say it is hard to measure the environmental damage because a lot of the leaks are under ground. it is a costly situation anyway you put it. reporting live in san rafael, alan wang, abc7 news. >> costly and unpleasant. thanks very much. the spare the air season begins tonight and violators will face tougher penalties.
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there is no grace period. if you are caught burning wood, fire logs or pellets in your fireplace on spare the air days, during an alert you will have to pay a $100 fine or take a smoke awareness class. second time offenders receive a $500 ticket. that's up from $400 last year. so they are cracking down a bit more. sandhya patel is here with a first check on weather. >> as we check out live doppler 7hd, the rain is gone and right now we have some low clouds and fog. most of the thicker fog is down toward the watsonville area where visibility is down to a quarter of a mile. check out our temperatures in the 50s. half moon bay 46 degrees compared to 24 hours ago. runni2 we are running 2 to 10 degrees cooler. bundle up when you head out the door tomorrow morning. it is going to be a cool start across the bay area. but the temperatures are on their way up. wait until you see this warm, fall weather.eratures and your e temperatures and your weekend
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forecast is coming up in a few minutes. carolyn, dan? >> thank you. well, there is a new process that promises to erase your wrinkles using cells from your own body. >> we will show you results from one of the first patients to get the treatment of thethe - the treatment. >> and the wounded daughter roaming in the east bay. what you should say when you see it. >> and the woman who just found out she is worth $23 million. >> all of that coming up and then later on "nightline." >> dan and carolyn coming up on "nightline" we are on the ground in a storm-ravaged staten island community. running low on fuel, food and supplies. and politics, we investigate charges of racial profiling by the most powerful voter fraud group
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there could be a key to treating a wide range of diseases. it is a cosmetic procedure using your own cells for wrinkle relief. >> linda reid has been waiting months for a treatment that
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actually dwan with her own body -- began with her own body. we watched a dermatologist take a sample from behind her ear. that biopsy returned in a slightly different form. >> it will be that youd out -- thawed out 15 minutes before the treatment. these are her live cells. >> a company used linda's tissue sample to culture the cells known as fiber blast. >> it has new collagen. so just as they would in your own skin, they are producing your own collagen over time. >> after first numbing linda, they inject the blast into the wrinkles and age lines in her face. ideally they wilma tour and begin -- will mature and produce collagen plumping and smoothing the areas. >> i know you hate these lines here. >> linda says it is more subtle than a face-lift or other surgical procedure. >> that's what i am looking for. it is not young.
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i am not going after youth. >> the results f ce living cells can produce long-lasting improvements not only in facial lines, but skin quality. side affects can include bruising and redness. there is almost no risk of an allergic reaction. the treatment includes three sessions six weeks apart and patients do have to wait to see results. >> because it is a gradual process they are going to see improvement over time. a lot of patients like so they don't abruptly change. they look better and better and better over time. >> reporter: we caught up with linda about eight weeks later. they photographed the results. he says the biggest and early improvement is around the lines of her nose and upper lip area. >> the fine lines are better. it is creating a mattress, a foundation if you would for the collagen. >> reporter: he says after the three treatments are complete, linda can expect to see
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continued smoothing and plumpness. >> it is a natural progression. things happen over time. and there is a fullness that i really like and that is what i am looking for. >> the cost for the three treatments ranges from $3,000 to $4,000. the improvement is expected to last a year or longer. well, residents in the berkeley hills are on the lookout for injured deer that was shot by an arrow. the doe is wandering around with the arrow sticking out of her torso. this picture was taken of her eating near campus drive. it is illegal to shoot in areas like berkeley. anyone spotting the deer should call the california department of fish and game to come and help this animal as soon as possible. it is about to get loud around east bay city of dublin. tomorrow morning the department of homeland security is directing a training session for a group of government agencies. the alameda county sheriff's office is warning residents that a series of explosions will be heard between 10:00 a.m. and 1:00 in the
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afternoon. the officials say the explosions will not endanger in any people or property. it is just a drill. the weekend is upon us. meteorologist sandhya patel is here with our forecast. >> the warmth is almost near as the weekend is nearing. let's show uh -- show you a time lapse. this is what it looked like, fog and low clouds and the visibility was fluctuating in some areas. this is what your morning commute could look like. we do have some low clouds around and a patch of some dense fog around the watsonville area where visibility is down to a quarter of a mile. so you may run into some of this fog in the morning. i would give yourself a little extra time. rainfall totals, we did have some leftover rain this morning. here is what it looks like yesterday to today. almost an inch in santa rosa and an inch and a half at mount saint helena. san jose, .16. .20 around hayward and concord
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and livermore picked up .41 of an inch. not bad for a storm that came through here recently. here are the highlights. clouds and fog overnight. partly sunny tomorrow. we are looking at sunnier and warmer weather for the weekend. it gets warmer on monday. tomorrow morning, i just lowered these temperatures. it will be a cool start. mid40s around santa rosa and half moon bay. napa, vallejo, fairfield, grab a sweater or jacket. 49 in santa cruz. low 50s around the bay. and you will see some fog and low clouds once again. here is a look at the satellite and radar. this is a system that went through. it is to the south. high pressure is now in command of the weather. look what is knocking at our door. we are seeing the first sign of clouds with a large system that is basically parked in the pacific. this is going to steer northward. we don't have to worry about rain in this system. it is looking good if you have outdoor plans. tomorrow morning starting out
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with some clouds. as we head into your friday the clouds will filter the sun at times. and saturday the front falls apart. the areas of low clouds will give way to sunshine for your saturday. the pattern begins to warm and it switches up for sunday and monday. we will get you into the 80s by monday. tomorrow afternoon 68 in san jose. in the south bay, cupertino, 70 in los gatos. on the peninsula, nice day. 65 san mateo and low 60s near the coast. downtown san francisco, 65 degrees, daly city 62. and in the north bay, we will see some upper 60s to low 70s in places like santa rosa, novato. 68 in san rafael. head out toward the east bay and 67 in oakland and 70 for castro valley, fremont. the clouds will filter your sun a little bit as the sun approaches. don't worry about the rain. it will be mild. fairfield 70, 69 in pleasanton and for the monterey bay, 65 in monterey. 69 in santa cruz. here is a look at the forecast for tomorrow night's game.
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cal takes on washington huskies, 6:00 tomorrow night at 58 and then dropping to 56. partly cloudy skies. i would bundle up. accu-weather seven-day forecast warmer for your weekend. midto upper 70s and midto upper 60s coast. low 80s pie bye monday keeping it -- 80s by monday. don't forget to fall back sunday morning at 2:00 a.m. i am so excited. mike will be here 4:30 to 7. >> i am excited about the extra hour of sleep. that's what is doing it for me. >> that extra hour makes a difference. for a california lottery winner, better late than never. >> coming um next -- coming um
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listen to this, a close call turned to good fortune for a woman in southern california, incredibly good fortune. weeks before a $23 million lotto prize would be forfeited, the winner came forward. the winning ticket was sold at a palmdale liquor store in may. with no one claiming the prize the store released surveillance photo and the woman was recognized by her daughter. she found her lucky ticket in her car where it sat for five months and she filed her claim today. $23 million. the san francisco zoo's lucky monkey has been named in honor of giants relief pitcher sergio romo. the zoo said the post winning -- post season winning season coincided with the monkey. names included posey and scutero in honor of the second base manet. romo's popularity soared after
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clinching the win for the giants. the zoo hopes the real romo will come for a special naming ceremony. how can he refuse? >> we were pushing for larry as a name. >> you know, she was -- i assumed he is devilishly handsome for a monkey. >> that's it, exactly. >> cal loses their best player, maybe for god. and the giants are making moves. the man that brought us the rally song will not be back. ♪ just put a little bit of yourself ♪ ♪ in everything you do [ female announcer ] add your own ingredients to hamburger helper
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still basking in the glow of the championship parade the giants are back in the business of baseball. they will try to resign scutero and pagan, but not huff. he was one of the heros on the 2010 team. he was rewarded with a two-year $22 million contract. but he struggled in 2011. he tried to regain his stroke this year and got hurt and had off the field issues. huff hit 192 this past season with one homerun and was on the bench for most of the post season. college football and cal will
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host washington special friday night game in berkeley. the bears will be without their best player, alan. and who knows if we will ever see him in a cal uniform again. he injured a ligament in his knee. we highlight him at the top of the screen. an on sidekick by cal. they were trailing by three touchdowns and a minute left. there was no reason for him to be on the field at that point and landed awkwardly on his left knee. he jogged off the field and seemed to be okay. alan could be out for three weeks. that means he will miss cal's final three games. after that it is expected alan will enter the draft. this might be it. the offensive coordinator knows the bears just lost their best weapon. >> it hurts. the talent that keenen is and the competitor he sthere is no way -- there is no way you don't miss a guy like that. >> we have had freshmen who have played a lot, and they had to play. it has been a growing process and they have been maturing and it is not the end of the world.
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those guys will step up, and we are confident they will come out and have a heck of a game. >> thursday night football. nfl chargers hosting the chiefs. norv turner on the hotseat in san diego. chargers score on the opening drive. philip rivers, antonio gates, touchdown. chargers up 7-0. rivers shaky lately, but on fire tonights. look at this angle. 18 for 20 for 228 yards and two scores. the back shoulder throw on the money to floyd in the fourth quarter. chargers up 17-6. kansas city is just dreadful. johnson sacks cassel. he fumbles in the end zone and sean philips recovers for the touchdown. chargers win it 31-13 and they improve to 4-4 and the chiefs fall to 1-7. nba tonight and spurs hosting the thunder. final seconds and third quarter. from beyond half court. yes. beats the buzzer to tie it up at 66. the spurs down 3, 30 seconds to go. tony parker and 84.d at 84.
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the thunder holding for one last shot. he says no, comes up with a steel and takes it away from durant. spurs call timeout to set it up for tony parker. good night, game over, draff home safely. the spurs beat okc84. abc7 sports brought to you by river rock casino. >> that looked like a good game. >> was an excellent game at okc. the young guns on the rise. the spurs aging, but experienced. >> they still got it. >> aging, but dangerous. joy there we have it. thanks, larry. >> "nightline" is up next. >> for larry beil and sandhya patel, thanks for joining us. >> our next newscast is tomorrow morning at 4:30 a.m. thank you for watching. whoa appreciate your time.
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places, and voters will cast paper ballots. the state is also extending the deadline on mail in ballots. it really is incredible what the
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impact would be and even talk early on that obviously didn't materialize about maybe postponing the election a week or two, but would be a logistical or perhaps legal nightmare. >> absentee ballots or absentee voting is being delayed a bit. >> a little bit. >> extending it. >> trying to do what they can to accommodate many people. but if you lost your home, you're oust power, the last thing on your mind is who is going to be the president. you're worried about getting through the day and putting food on your table. some will be distracted. you have to worry about the impact on turnout. people have greater concerns. >> of course, of course. >> when mother nature is concern number one, not the white house. so we have to see how it plays out. at least states are taking steps to accommodate folks. you just wonder, though, in the aftermath of the election, particularly as tight as they say, what about this state and this area, we couldn't get to the polls. >> and the legal challenges if it's very, very close. i suspect we're going to see that, as well. >> exactly. could end up in court again, but we hope for the best, but we'll
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see. turning to our other major story, the final days of the presidential campaign. just four days to go now before the big vote. president obama was back on the trail yesterday making appearances in three battleground states. he wrapped up his day with a rally in boulder, colorado. the president took some pointed jabs at mitt romney saying his economic plan is just a rehash the policies that led to the country's economic crisis and mr. obama heads to the all important state of ohio later tod today. and for his part, mitt romney was in virginia at several campaign stops. he criticized the president for not doing enough to help businesses. also romney said the nation needs a president who understands business better. romney's aides are conceding that the storm's slowed some of his momentum but insist their internal polls show him ahead in some of those toss-up states. romney visits wisconsin and also ohio today. and from the lighter side of politics, vice president biden went on david letterman's show last night to read his top ten list. >> ah,


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