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tv   ABC7 News 600AM  ABC  November 6, 2012 6:00am-7:00am PST

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kristen sze. i'm eric thomas this is perfect voting weather so don't try to use that as an excuse not to cast your ballot. good morning it is dry, we will not need the umbrellas today nor tomorrow, thursday we will definitely be getting wet weather. we have fog mainly up around santa rosa 3/4 of a mile visibility there. also around novato visibilities around a quarter of a mile. in the afternoon going to be our second and last day of record high temperatures. that's what eric by no weather excuses not to vote today. mid to upper 70s sunshine at the coast, mid 70s to low 80s around the bay upper 70s to mid 80s inland. today is the last day, we'll tack about temperatures dropping 16 to 26° and that rain on the -- forecast possibly our first frost. a lot coming up. if you are headed out now,
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bay bridge toll check. metering lights not on cash paying folks delayed a bet westbound pretty morning, nice clear sky, nice drive across the bay bridge if you are heading into san francisco hayward still accident north 880 past a street on the shoulder, two cars involved, injuries. not seeing a lot of slowing past the scene but it is on the shoulder. bart, muni, caltrain, all mass transit on time, no delays. if you are headed out, san jose highways, this is your traffic app, waze app, traffic is heavy north 101 through san jose. if you would like to navigate around, download this on the app store and google play and it is free. 6:01. in less than an hour the polls open here. across the country voters are already casting ballots. among early voters mitt romney,
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new video just in romney emerged from his polling place in boston moments ago. he cast his rote in belmont, massachusetts. tonight he detail -- he will head to nearby boston. first last minute campaigning in ohio and pennsylvania both battle tkpwhrupbd states. president obama and the first lady are in chicago this morning. air force one arrived in the city last night following campaign stops in several battleground states. mr. obama will not be voting today he and the first lady cast their votes early. tonight election night party [ unintelligible ] here in california one of the most closely watched races today will be prop 30. amy hollyfield joins you live from oakland where the
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governor is expected to cast his ballot in the next hour. >> reporter: here at fire station 6, governor brown will be surrounded by teachers and students he is not the only one advocating for the proposition. yesterday former labor secretary robert reich held a rally. regents said tuition would go up $2400 next semester without prop 30. governor brown held rallies yesterday across the state. students who are against prop 30 say they resent the fact that legislatures haven't better protected education funding. first the governor as he gets biblical about it. >> read the gospel of luke chapter 12, verse 48 where it says those to whom much has been given, much will be required. that's what prop 30 it tells those who have done the best
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pay a little back. >> students don't have a voice they don't have a strong lobby in sacramento that's why politicians feel comfortable cutting education first. prop 30 end stretches that relationship between students in -- entrenchs that relationship between students in sacramento --. >> reporter: prop 30 would add an increase in state sales tax the governor is feeling confident prop 30 is going to pass. amy hollyfield, abc7 news. here's a look at some of the other propositions californians are voting on prop 32 would stop unions and corporations from deducting money from paychecks to be used for political funding. prop 34 repealing the death personal, 36 revise three strikes law, 37 implement new food labeling requirements, genetic engineering, prop 38
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competing tax measure against prop third we are posting real-time results -- prop 30. we are posting real-time results. election day team coverage continues with katie marzullo. >> reporter: let's start in the peninsula, south bay, district 18, i want to point out, zero votes and zero percentage as soon as the polls close tonight at 8:00 we'll have real-time updates. in district 18, the -- [ unintelligible ] north and east district 3, former lt. governor, incouple , democrat, his challenger republican v ann businesswoman. -- one of the more interesting ones, district 15, no red,
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democrat vs. democrat, because of the new primary rules top two vote-getters go on to the elect -- to the election. pete stark elected in 1973, is the longest serving member of a california congressional delegation now. his challenger, also a democrat, prosecutor and city councilman. voters in district 15 only one have choice party-wise two candidates, interesting to see which democrat they feel best fills their needs. coming up, back to the national electoral map, look at swing states and which way they need to swing for one of the candidates to seal the deal, tonight. >> abc7 news will be working around the clock to bring up to the minute election results today, 3 p.m. edition of abc7 news, live reports from the obama and romney campaign
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headquarters. 3:30 world news. followed by live election coverage from abc news at 4 p.m.. 8:00, bay area results from abc7 news then abc news returns with primetime election coverage at 8:30, complete wrap-up on abc7 news at 11. reminder, get real-time results on all the races at the moment the polls close at 8:00. live updates all night long at and through twitter. traffic and weather together are next on the abc7 morning news. here's a live look outside, you can see from our east bay camera, pointing towards the bay bridge, things will be nice and sunny and warm today. mike will have the full forecast. also check in with sue for a look at traffic. election day team coverage will continue, live to chicago to look ahead at what
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president obama and his opponent mitt romney have planned as americans go to the
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welcome back. this area of low pressure we are watching here this is going to change our weather starting tomorrow and bring us a chance of wet weather thursday and tie day. before we get to that -- thursday and friday. before we get to that check out this forecast. 70s at the coast near 80 4:00 for the rest of us in the 60s to low 70s by 7:00. temperatures drop 16 to 26° thursday with a chance of showers best thursday lingering into friday. heavy traffic on the east shore freeway if you are headed from richmond towards berkeley, el cerrito into the macarthur maze. it is heavy, crawling, no
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major stalls or accidents. i had ward still with injury accident north 880 past a street on the right. here's a look at more crowded drives, 101 out of santa rosa, 90 to the san mateo bridge and there's your east shore commute from the carquinez bridge into the maze. still ahead, live to obama campaign headquarters chicago. >> we'll show you the emotional moment from president obama, during one of his last rallies before heading to his adopted home city. we want to see what is happening at your polling place if you get photos or video of long lines or any voting irregularities you can e-mail us also up load photos or video.
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here's your three-day forecast once again looks like that cooling arrives tomorrow, temperatures drop 10 to 12°. more dropping for thursday into friday today may need the umbrella to shade yourself, temperatures near record highs thursday and friday you want that umbrella for the showers, thunderstorms that are possible, small hail thursday and friday, then we'll talk about frost in your weekend forecast. 6:14. in the last hour cast his ballot in massachusetts. this -- video just in mitt romney and his wife voted
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outside of boston this comes after mr. romney held a series of events in key battleground states yesterday. the republican nominee won't berefting today he set is for ohio and pennsylvania. meantime, president obama is keeping election day low key. t.j. winick is live from obama headquarters in chicago with the tropical weather i see there good morning. >> reporter: miami beach, it is not. the president ended his campaign yesterday here in the midwest. now it appears a last minute surge could carry barack obama to four more years. while most of the east coast of the u.s. was still sleep residents of a tiny village in northern new hampshire headed to the polls at midnight to cast the first votes in the u.s. presidential election. after voting, president obama and republican mitt romney each had five votes. as americans prepare to vote,
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new poll shows president obama pulling ahead by three points. within the margin of error among likely voters. at an emotional final rally monday night, the president asked iowa to help him finished what he started. president we are here tonight because we got more work to do. we are not done yet on this journey. we've got more road to travel. >> reporter: the president's pitch earlier the day that he's the same idealist he ran as four years ago itch >> reporter: >> the president: you've seen the scars, you've seen the grey hair to show you, what it means to fight for change. >> reporter: for mitt romney, frenetic push to the finish starting in florida monday, virginia, ohio and new hampshire nearing midnight. >> perhaps some of your family and friends have not made up their mind who they are going to vote for. ask them to look beyond the
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speeches and the ads and the attacks. because talk is cheap. ask them to look at the record. >> reporter: president obama spends election day here in chicago with his family. he has no public events, he will be addressing his supporters here at the lakeside center either later tonight or perhaps early tomorrow morning, win or lose. >> ohio is the state everybody is watching, the vote there could be close and it could be complicated. what is up with that? >> reporter: that's right we are talking about those provisional votes given to those who perhaps registered for an absentee ballot then show up at the polls or maybe people who show up but don't have the proper identification those votes aren't counted until 10 days after election day. if it comes down to those, ohio, it could be a long wait.
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>> t.j. winick, live in chicago, thank you. stay with abc7 news for complete election results today, get real-time results on many -- the moment the polls close live updates all night and through twitter. looks mighty cold in chicago. kind of a dramatic contrast from what we have here which is shortsleeve weather for a lot of people. >> if you have been near the lake this time of year in chicago you know what cold feels like, like a knife. >> cold and damp. >> happy to be here. >> first frost new york in or first subfreezing temperatures in new york, cold there 31°, felt bad for those folks. beautiful picture from mount tamalpais this morning, sausalito, tiburon, san francisco, all the way down to almost the san mateo bridge, a little haze not that big of a deal. no spare the air or anything
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like that just high pressure capping the atmosphere, a little moisture, a little pollution in the lower lefts that will break out. -- in the lower levels, that will break out. definitely radar returns will be showing up thursday thunderstorms in the forecast. 48 santa rosa, fairfield 47, everybody else in the 50s, san francisco and fremont, 60 and 62. 67 monterey, inland 60 to salinas, gilroy 47°. microclimates this morning, this afternoon around record high temperatures the last day much cooler tomorrow into thursday, 16 to 26° cooler by thursday chance of chilly showers even thunder and small hail thursday and friday one of those types of winter storms coming our way from alaska.
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today a little cooler in most areas record highs possible in concord and san jose at 80 and 81, mainly in the low to mid 80s in the south bay today, up the peninsula, 80 mountain view, possible record, 77 millbrae, mid 70s coast into downtown san francisco 77, sausalito 76, upper 70s to low 80s north bay valleys. upper 70s to low 80s east bay shore, hayward 80 warm spot, same in concord, 80 record high, a few record highs possible around the inland areas for 86 salinas, 87 -- monterey 76. during the evening, sea breeze returns, clouds come back, this is what is going to help drop our temperatures, at the coast late this afternoon into the bay during the latter parts of the evening overnight we are statistic in the 40s and 50s.
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-- we are stuck in the 40s and 50s. partly cloudy tomorrow, temperatures drop 10 to 12°, then breezy, cold, just a raw day thursday and friday, chance of scattered thunderstorms. frost possible saturday night into sunday morning. bay bridge toll metering lights on we had an earlier hit-and-run on upper deck towards treasure island tow trucks are there clearing that out of lanes. bumper-to-bumper behind the toll plaza, carpool lanes getting by nicely fastrak as well otherwise a delay towards the macarthur maze. off of the bay bridge on the skyway, traffic flowing nicely towards 101 split a bit backed up leaving the freeway. san rafael, southbound 101 getting more crowded up the hill past the civic center out of terra linda, no major delays on golden gate bridge. accident off to the shoulder northbound 880 past a street
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in hayward, injuries involved, no significant slowing as you head up towards the oakland area. shrbgs:20 two. >> our election coverage will continue with a look at the electoral maps in the race for president. next, the search resuming after a man disappears during a church retreat. after you cast your ballot today you can post one of these badges to your facebook wall at
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look how cool it is east of the mississippi, 40s, 50s
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even atlanta, new orleans 65, 70s denver, dallas, 56 seattle, 618h' portland,x'iz 90 to phoe. all of our major airports or on time. we have a chance of some showers around the carolinas, also in chicago. you can see back here at home everything is okay. i heard those trains running on time, abc7 news wants to hear from you today if you have trouble voting you can report any problems to the abc7 news election night hotline: 1-877-222-7777. that number is posted on our website at in morning the search will continue for a missing redwood city man who disappeared during a church retreat. deputies believe 74-year-old george slide lost in the heavy wooded park. he was last seen by a resident
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asking for directions back to the camp. people first discovered he was missing sunday morning. slider was last seen wearing blue t-shirt, grey sweat pants, black sneakers. our election day team coverage continues. soda could get more expensive in one east bay city, the tax that voters will be considering in richmond. america will choose its next president day we break down the electoral map and show the swing states that president obama and mitt romney need to win. >> reporter: i'm terry mcsweeney in san francisco with the most experienced poll worker in the city and county of san francisco, maybe in the united states. in just a couple of minutes you will meet 96-year-old alicia kennedy still on-the-job. here's a live look at the bay bridge, earlier hit-and-run accident at treasure island still blocking
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left lane, reason for sluggish traffic on upper deck that san francisco. more of your election day
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good morning, 6:29. i'm kristen sze. and i'm eric thomas. a few minutes ago we told that you katie would air at 3 p.m. at its usual time slot but it will not because of the election day coverage it will air at 2 p.m. today. >> by that time it is going to be pretty warm. are we talking about a lot of cities? >> probably three or four not as many as yesterday we had up to nine around the bay area and a couple more around salinas and hollister. doppler picking up dry air, there's a little fog now,
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mainly around santa rosa already starting to lift one mile visibility there, haze around livermore as we head into the afternoon, temperatures near record highs, with the coast and mid to upper 70s, mid 70s to low 80s bay, upper 70s to mid 80s inland. nearly 25° temperature drop, thunderstorms in the forecast even frost, more coming at you. first traffic. light commute so far, live shot of san jose, 80 northbound past hp pavillion everything at the limit minor incident on the shoulder on the right with tow truck and car, traffic getting by just fine, heavy out of the central valley headed west found on 580 slow up and over the altamont pass 25 minutes into the dublin pleasanton area all mass transit on time, our waze app is showing traffic on the east shore freeway heavy, can't see the map but there we go there's
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waze moderate traffic westbound through berkeley download this app, get around some of these jams on the app store or google play and it is free. the polls open less than 30 minutes in california. while the golden state is likely to stay blue today in the race for president other states that could decide the election are up for grabs. katie marzullo joins us with a look at electoral map. >> reporter: this is how the map looks now assuming blue states go blue and red states go red. you can see who has more electoral votes. the yellow votes are the battleground states. ohio and florida two of the more hotly contested states. let's see what happens when we give both states to president obama he still comes up five votes short of the 270 he needs. new hampshire is if the going to do it with four. he is going to need at least nevada or iowa with their six
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votes to give him the win. different way, if he takes ohio p if he takes florida he comes up -- 30 votes shy he has been campaigning hard in pennsylvania, president obama's edge razor thin. let's say mitt romney takes pennsylvania, still comes up short, he still needs a handful more votes. nevada is not going to do it, iowa is not going to do it, he is going to need at least colorado or double digit electoral colleges to put him over the edge. all of this predictive until people cast their votes. shrbgs 6:30 to vice president biden stood in line chatting it up with other
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voters when reporters asked if he thought this was the laugh time he would vote for himself, he said no, i don't think so. -- [ unintelligible ] brown made his final push with senator feinstein and mayor lee in san francisco yesterday. his initiative would avoid trigger cuts in the budget by increasing taxes on high income earners and state's sales tax. he will hold a rally with prop 30 supporters then head back to sacramento. california voters will decide a key senate race today. other senate races will be closely watched including contests in massachusetts, missouri and virginia those
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races will determine whetherfsk senate or if republicans take that chamber. a few -- there are few more excited and dedicated than a san francisco poll worker who can lay claim to an amazing title. terry mcsweeney is live in the sunset district. >> reporter: that title is most experience you have to say olds poll worker in the city and county of san francisco, maybe in the state. we tried to check, they get back us to. maybe in the united states. 96-year-old alicia kennedy, who is sitting at the table back there. i was watching her give directions, hang the signs straight, do this and do that. i was something to see. she began in 1949, her first presidential election, 1952 with eisenhower running for president then. i asked which of the elections was the most exciting she didn't hesitate, she said john
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kennedy in 1960. >> very strong we were swarmed with people volunteering to help. we had no difficulty in getting volunteers at that time overwhelming. >> reporter: why do you keep doing this? >> well, it is invigorating, meeting my fellow neighbors, i did it for 33 years on delores street and 30 years here. >> reporter: on the wall in the garage, proclamations from the california secretary of state also the name tags from all the elections she has been involved in over the years since 1949, lots have changed, 25 cents per gallon of gas then. she is a constant through that and back out here again today
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and she says god willing she will be back in 2016. terry mcsweeney, abc7 news. abc7 news will be working around the clock to bring up to the minute results. 3 p.m. special edition of abc7 news including live reports from the obama and romney headquarters. 3:30 world news. followed by live coverage from abc news at 4 p.m.. 8:00 bay area results from abc7 news. then abc news returns with primetime coverage at 8:30. complete wrap-up on abc7 news at 11. katie will be on at 2 p.m.. traffic and weather together, next. live look outside at i-80 traffic heavy, but moving. is it going to be warm today? mike will have the full forecast. sue will have traffic. new, overnight fire at
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south bay home. firefighters say an illness led to the flames. we'll explain.
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let's break down what going to happen, 50s throughout now until 7:00 everybody warming into the mid 70s by lunch hour, 70 at the coast by 4:00, near 80 most areas inland around the bay and then as you head towards 7:00, back in the 60s everywhere but inland neighborhoods. cooling arrives tomorrow, drop 10 to 14°, drop another 6 to 12° with scattered thunderstorms thursday into friday possibility of brief heavy rain, small hail thursday and friday. bay bridge we had earlier hit-and-run at treasure island,
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chp updating the location no now to the far right lane. you can see back behind the toll metering lights on, still bumper-to-bumper once you get on to the incline section westbound. that accident in the towing stages, but you will find slow traffic. off the bay bridge skyway, looking good, towards the 101 split, golden gate bridge basically traffic-free, very light, beautiful morning out of marin into san francisco, no delays here at the toll. we are following developing news out of san jose, an arson investigation is underway. a family living in a home was evacuated this morning, after calling 911 to report somebody tried to set the house on fire. police and firefighters got there investigators have just determined a man living in that home caused the fire he's now under arrest. police say mental illness may
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have played a role in the incident. in san rafael, three in custody after the death of a baby at daycare the four-month-old died october 23rd, at magic place children's center. autopsy showed the baby died of suffocation. investigators believe the bedding cut often child's airway. police realized -- cut off the child's airway. place arrested three, including the owner of the daycare. still ahead, we check in with jane king to see how stocks are doing on this election day morning. also, soda and other sugary dings in one bay area city could get -- sugary
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doppler the last three hours, dry hardly any cloud cover except eureka in the afternoon. central valley upper 70s chico, sacramento. tahoe 68 today with sunshine, thursday morning through friday afternoon winter weather advisory 5 to 10 inches of snow possible above 7,000 feet it is going to be a winter wonderland once again. let's check in with josh elliot for what is coming up on "good morning america." good election tuesday to all of you. from our abc news election set for the biggest of big day
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both spending monday making a massive push before the polls open this morning we have reporters around the country we'll have our political powerhouse panel live in studio full election coverage ahead as america chooses its next president, all next right here on "good morning america." that comes up in 15 minutes. richmond residents will decide on a soda tax today, if it passes richmond will be the first nation to -- will be the first in the nation -- [ unintelligible ] in berkeley voters deciding on controversial measure that will ban sitting on public sidewalks. sit-in objecting to the proposed law has been growing.
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if passed it would -- [ unintelligible ] supports including berkeley's mayor say the measure will the city leverage in directing the homeless to city funded programs to help them out. same-sex marriage could make a historic breakthrough. voters will vote on whether to legalize same-sex marriage in their states. gay rights advocates believe today saturday they have a chance to break streak in one or more states minnesota will died whether to place a ban in that -- will decide whether to place a ban in that state's constitution. get real-time results on the moment the polls close live updates all night and through twitter. right now a live picture taking to you wisconsin in
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janesville, where you see paul ryan at the polling place with his family getting ready to vote. we showed you vice president biden and also mitt romney voting this morning as well. the president already cast his ballot in early voting two weeks ago. again, all the presidential and vice presidential candidates have gotten their votes in. we'll all be closely watching this election especially on wall street. >> jane king joins us live from the new york stock exchange. >> reporter: good morning. we have a higher start to things voters head to polls we know it is a close race. one thing investors will be monitoring whether or not the winner gets a clear enough
6:48 am
victory to deal -- [ inaudible ] here's how the market is doing so far this morning, higher dow up 60 sick points or so, s&p and -- up 66 points or so, s&p and nasdaq in the green. bloomberg index trading higher. signs of apple may be about to deal a blow continue tell, set to replace intel chips with a verge of the chip technology that apple uses in iphone and ipad. apple hasn't made a decision, and it could take years to decide or years to switch to its own chips. pay palestinian offering to match -- a -- pal offering to match prices if --
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. [ unintelligible ] [ unintelligible ] [ unintelligible ] [ unintelligible ] nothing in terms of weather to get in your way. a lot of sunshine, still ail little fog in the north bay, already starting to lift, a little an hazy as we look from mount tamalpais all wait cross the marin head lantos ocean beach that's sutro tower you see. live doppler quiet, gathering strength, getting ready for thursday and friday's storms. thunderstorms possible thursday and friday, small hail, lightning, absolutely
6:50 am
that's how different the weather is going to be in a couple of days. let's talk about temperatures, all over the place, microclimates galore, 47 fairfield, 48 santa rosa, 50s elsewhere, san francisco and fremont, 60 and 62. 47 gilroy. mid to upper 50s watsonville and santa cruz. by the afternoon, all near record high temperatures today is the last day cold front brings much cooler weather tomorrow, colder air mass on the back side of that with moisture from alaska, brings us a chance of chilly showers thursday and friday, thunderstorm possible with small hail out of those storms. today 11° in napa, 13 in livermore, 81 in san -- if san jose possible record high temperatures. 80 mountain view, 77 millbrae,
6:51 am
mid 70s coast south san francisco downtown 77° today. upper 70s to low 80s north bay valleys mid 70s bodega bay many 80 hayward, low 80s -- con corn 80 record high, 76 monterey, low to -- concord, 80 record high, 76 monterey bay. during the latter parts of the afternoon, sea breeze, clouds come in tonight, cooling sea breeze, marine layer clouds more comfortable tomorrow morning if you didn't like the 60s this morning, most of us will be in the 50s. look where the low is, sitting on top of alaska pulling air from the arctic, going to modify quite a bit, 16 to 26° cooler by thursday afternoon cooler friday most us may not
6:52 am
make it out of the 50s friday we have a chance of frost saturday night into sunday morning. back to the berkeley area, into richmond, through the berkeley area, you are in company, nothing major to slow you down just a lot of other cars on the roads no stalls or accidents. bay bridge toll, it is bumper-to-bumper. earlier accident far right lane at treasure island just cleared. i'm sorry the damage is done there, very heavy on the?i[/ upr deck towards the scene at treasure island. things pick up on the western part of the span into san francisco. new accident eastbound highway 4 past 242 in concord, in the noncommute direction. drive times in san jose, 101 and 880, east shore freeway i'm sorry nimitz freeway and 680 to the sunol grade. our parent company disney, helped kickoff abc's day of
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giving with a two million dollar donation to the american red cross. thanks to you, 15.8 million dollars has been raised so far to help -- excuse me 16.8 million dollars has been raised to help victims of superstorm sandy. ahead, five things to know before you go, including what president obama afternoon mitt romney have planned on th(kxañ;x;x;x;x$ú
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here are five things to know before you go. number one, it is election day polls opening in california in five, six minutes, president obama returned home
6:55 am
to chicago last night. he will not be voting today because he and the first lady have cast their votes early. >> number two, mitt romney cast his ballot near his boston area home an hour ago. he will campaign in ohio and pennsylvania today before returning to boston to celebrate with his supporters or concede. >> number three, big issue facing california voters, prop 30, governor brown's tax measure to fund education. the initiative would raise taxes on higher incomes and raise sales tax to avoid cuts to schools. broken plans to vote in oakland in the next few minutes then rally with prop 30 sue -- supporters. number four, if measure n passes richmond will be the first -- >> number five, berkeley voters deciding on measure that would ban sitting on public sidewalks it pass -- if
6:56 am
passed it would restrict sitting on sidewalks in the business district. final check on forecast. no excuse not to go to the polls. very nice day, a little fog around santa rosa visibility say mile everything is pretty nice even getting outside this morning. -- dry on live doppler. here's the 50s, mainly in now through 7:00, mid 70s for noontime trying to sneak out during lunch and do some voting 70 coast upper 70s to near 80 4:00 all of us in the 60s to low 70s by 7:00. back to the bay bridge toll, metering lights on earlier accident at ti cleared still the damage is done bumper-to-bumper there, san mateo bridge light if you are heading from hayward towards foster city, either direction both directions look good, traffic app looking at
6:57 am
nimitz freeway past 90 to in hayward heavy to moderate traffic here as well. -- thank you for joining us for in edition of the abc7 morning news. back in 25 minutes with weather and traffic during "good morning america." complete election coverage on air and online.
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