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tv   ABC7 News 1100AM  ABC  November 8, 2012 11:00am-11:30am PST

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captioned by closed captioning services, inc. live look from our camera showing you the dark clouds already over parts of the bay area. good morning, i'm cheryl jennings. and i'm kristen sze. rain is starting to make its presence felt it will bring snow to the higher elevations. live look now a clearing in the middle, there is snow on the ground there are there, from earlier. >> tracking it all is meteorologist mike nicco with live doppler 7 hd. what you are seeing with that now we are cam in the sierra is an example of what we are going to have, sun at times, showers at times. this is not a steady rain that's why you are seeing
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pockets of rain in the north bay from marin through sonoma to cloverdale santa rosa about to get another wave of rain. this is all sliding south. the storms are move east. if you live in napa, solana, that area is going to get rain so will san pablo bay. low is up to our north as long as it stays there we have a chance of showers, thunder and small hail and snow down to 3500 feet this will all end friday. while we are facing showers and possibly thunder here, back east a northeaster is adding more misery to the regions already devastated by sandy. the storm has dumped snow and ice on many. let's go to mack kodar, live in new york city. >> reporter: for thousands who
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just got their power back they are once again in the dark because of this nor'easter which has slowed recovery efforts in hard hit areas. it is a one-two punch, nor'easter bringing fierce winds, wet heavy snow blanketing towns and citiesi4. >> our neighbors and friends. >> reporter: in new york and new jersey, 60,000 customers who got their power back after superstorm sandy, lost it all over again. are you frustrated with con ed? >> extremely so. there are some good(ku people at con ed working their hardest. as an organization, their response has been a scandal. >> reporter: new york city police were forced to close penn station because of overcrowding. >> i want to go home.
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>> reporter: the snow forced people in new jersey living in low-lying areas to once again evacuate. the storm forced fema and the red cross off of stat 10 island which was decimated -- staten island which was decimated by sandy. >> where are they going to put us? we are human beings. >> everybody is devastated they don't know if they are coming or going. >> reporter: the storm has moved into new england, boston could get as much as four inches of snow. >> that storm is affecting air travel here with many flights this morning either cancelled or delayed. katie marzullo joins us with more on that. >> reporter: things are starting to get back to normal there are still residual cancellations and delays. major airlines have cancelled 600 flights across the country today mostly here in the east that sounds like a lot,
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it is many consider this, yesterday that number was 1600. this is jfk, newark, laguardia, delays moderate to significant on the delay index down from excessive which is what it was rated this morning many things are improving in the bay area. a spokesman at sfo says flights are better today than yesterday when 30 flights were cancelled today there's a total of 12. majority of those are arrivals, not departures. as for delays, the faa does not have any scheduled right now flights are still an hour or two behind in some places. the majority of the problems at sfo are due to problems at jfk also newark, philadelphia and jfk. if you are flying east or expecting arrival from the east you should check the status of your flight go to
11:05 am click the flight tracker at the bottom of your screen. hundreds of guests at a burlingame hotel had to be evacuated in the middle of the night. five hundred people from the airport embassy suites were forced out of their rooms after the boiler started leaking carbon monoxide. one guest was taken to the hospital for carbon monoxide poisoning last night. firefighters declared the area safe 5:00 this morning and let everyone back in. >> today is the start of our campaign operation 7 save a life to raise awareness of carbon monoxide and smoke alarms. terry mcsweeney is live at fire station 3. >> reporter: the operation is kicking off here in oakland a short time ago abc 7 combining its forces with the fire departments around the bay area to let everybody know that these simple devices and in some cases free devices, can save a life.
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abc7 and bay area fire departments are banding to prevent casualties from fires and carbon monoxide. >> idea of exit drills, smoke detectors, paramount to saving lives. advantage to the fire department and citizens. >> reporter: operation save a lie teams up with oakland, san jose, san francisco, menlo park and santa clara county to increase awareness and the number of in homes. the alarms are available to those who can't afford one and seniors are donated by home depot. batteries last a decade. >> it has a lithium battery that lasts 10 years. >> reporter: carbon monoxide can be a silent killer, odorless and invisible it caused 500 to be evacuated from the embassy suites this morning. >> monday this week abc 7
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launched carbon monoxide awareness week by airing vignettes focusing on fire safety and co awareness. >> sometimes people will take them down because maybe they found or too close to a kitchen or something like that we give them advice on where they can locate them where it will still protect their residence and at the same time won't be a nuisance alarm. >> reporter: during the course of operation 7 save a life, 3,300 smoke and co alarms are going to be given out to the needy and elderly. for the rest of us, these potentially life saving devices cost between $20 and $40. terry mcsweeney, abc7 news. >> if you would like more information go to look under see it on tv.
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>> there is so much more ahead. representative began give -- gabby giffords faces the man who shot her in the head. what she said in court today. >> the new restaurant that is ruffling s of a group in
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here's a better idea. pillsbury grands! flaky layers biscuits in just 15 minutes the light delicate layers add a layer of warmth to your next dinner. pillsbury grands biscuits let the making begin. the man who pleaded guilty to day deadly arizona shooting
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rampage is watching and listening as his survivoring victims . jared loughner is being sentenced to life in prison without the possibility of par role for killing six and wounded more, including then congresswoman gabby giffords. her husband spoke on her behave this morning. they turned to face jared loughner and looked him in the eye. jared loughner's mother was in the courtroom sobbing. man suspected of killing a schoolteacher is in court in richmond. darnell keith washington is facing robbery, burglary and carjacking. he and his wife murdered 55-year-old susie ko at her home last month and stole her car. the wife still faces extra from washington state where the couple were arrested following a crime spree. marin county d.a.'s office
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has decline to file charges immediately against three daycare workers arrested for the death of a baby in their care. right now the center is closed. autopsy shows the four-month-old accidentally suffocated after bedding cut off the child's airway. the d.a.'s office says it needs more time to review the case. protesters demonstrating at the grand opening of a chick-fil-a restaurant in walnut creek the group says it is against the company's donations to anti-gay organizations and for the public anti-gay stance the founder took this summer. the demonstration didn't stop dozens who camped out overnight the first 100 got coupons good for 52 free meals. a group of women say they are preparing to relaunch a recall campaign against
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mirkarimi. anti-domestic violence advocates plan to make it official next week. it is the same group who successfully campaigned to defeat supervisor christina alagi in tuesday's elections she was one of four who voted to give mirkarimi his job back. mike is here with the storm that is now slowly coming upon us. slowly is the key still not in some areas but it is on its way going to bring rain, small hail even snow could be possible. i'll give you a timetable for that we still have frost in the forecast too. new outlet mall opens in the bay area today with dozens of stores, the jobs and of stores, the jobs and traffic it is creating.
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bay area's newest shopping mall just opened today in livermore bringing 2,000 jobs at -- and lots of high end stores. amy hollyfield joins us live. >> reporter: it is crowded. we've seen people arriving by the bus loads. look at the over pass of cars there's a line of cars trying to get here to this mall. i just talked to people who just arrived they said it took 30 minutes to exit the highway. the permanent parking lots are full. they have some auxillary ones set up for this weekend. shoppers say no big deal, they are serious about shopping at
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outlet malls and willing to wait to get here. the die-hard bargain hunters it is a lot to celebrate. economists, city leaders and job seekers say there is more to celebrate today than just shopping. >> the first outlet center opening in california since 2001. better yet, it is only one of five in the whole united states to open this year. >> reporter: some say the opening of the paragon outlet mall in livermore is more concrete evidence that the economy is coming back and can support a huge mall. look at the line at starbucks one hour before the mall opened with >> brand new outlet store in the bay area we live in tracy we don't have many things close by. we have been waiting and anticipating for in mall to open. >> reporter: predictions are traffic on the 580 will be clogged throughout the grand opening weekend. mall executives have made plans to try and accommodate the crowd. >> we've created auxillary
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parking lots. we know there's a lot of excitement, we want to minimize the impact on 580. >> reporter: the mall has 130 stores and restaurants, all big brands, we did find one family owned walnut creek business among all these big names. the owner is excited and a little nervous about the number of shoppers here in the big leagues. >> they tell me 140,000, i have no concept what that is. we are going to do the best we can and it is going to be a learning experience for us. >> reporter: i kept you in mind, the deals are good i've seen 50%, 60% off of already low prices bloomingdale's seems to be the most popular the only one in california. these shoppers are serious there are a lot, huge bags, they are here to shop.
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if that is not your scene you want to wait. the deals are good. some stores will probably take a loss here and there to get people in and excited about in mall. amy hollyfield, abc7 news. >> great to see that, love it. >> those are super shoppers out there, i'm going to get >> for now. looks like the rain hasn't gone that way yet. >> don't act like you are not a supershopper, stop. >> you have to get out of my way. [ laughing ] oh family. vollmer peak back towards mount diablo clean to the east bay hills and east bay valleys. on top of mount tamalpais 2600 feet up showers have hit one of the higher parts of marin county. that storm is pulling away from mount tamalpais right now,
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the track is heading east 35 to 40 miles per hour, across the san pablo bay richmond nine minutes, martinez 27 minutes if you are near some of those cities the whole 80 corridor from richmond up to vallejo, you are going to get wet within the next 10 to 25 minutes. petaluma a little wet weather there now, especially as you look at adobe road there. look at mount st. helena, wintry mix, that's what that fuchsia/purple color is. further north, you see white that's snow, already the snow levels are dropping to around 4,000 feet. spencer lane getting a healthy amount of wet weather as this storm moves through. it is a big storm with smaller showers within it. we are going to have waves of showers this is not a steady rain event not going to come
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in rain for six hours and move on is going to come in rain 5 or 10 minutes and move on and then other behind it. temperatures with this storm, cool, 50 to near 60°, cool air over warm ground with the sun it creates the showers not rain, but showers. breezy showers today and tomorrow, thunder and hail more likely tonight and tomorrow, colder than average just about the entire seven day forecast frost possible monday morning. compared to average 6 to 11° below, 10 to 20° above. cold front went through last night here's the trough on this 150 mile per hour jet stream it does have winds with it. if you get caught under one of these stronger cells may have brief heavy rain, gusty winds and small hail. the whole trough moving through so everybody is going to see scattered showers get a
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break then the evening round starts this hangs around longer, a little cooler heaviest stuff midnight to 2:00 in the morning residual moisture on the ground for tomorrow morning. through 7:00, into the rest of the afternoon, drying trend starts looks like once we can get to noon friday we may be out, other than storms that will develop over the ocean so be cognizant of that near the beaches friday evening you have the best chance of seeing rain. 10th to quarter of an inch best chance, half inch if you get caught under one of these stronger storms. sierra, you will need chains later today through tomorrow snow level will drop to around 3,000 feet up to a foot possible in the highest slopes around lake tahoe by tomorrow evening. here's that seven day forecast even when the sun comes out and we are dry still well below average all afternoons saturday through wednesday, no matter where you, sunday into monday best chance for first
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frost in season. waves of showers not a steady rain, waves of chilly showers. if you recently brought a fresh express spinach salad package don't eat it. they are recalling 9 ounce spinach pack cans after a random sample tested positive for salmonella. use by date of november 7th. fresh express says there are no reports of illnesses and you can return it for a refund. former san francisco 49er jerry rice is taking fitness to a new level. the football legend unveiling a free pop-up fitness site called my city is my gym. rice is hoping it helps people to see how to use their urban supbldings for an outdoor workout. he says it is easy to work up a sweat. rice going to be at pier 39 through saturday to answer questions about the new site.
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>> we could use the desk. we need jerry to motivate us. >> a look at what is hot this weekend.
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the weather should break by the weekend that's good because there's plenty to do. >> don sanchez has what's hot. ♪ ♪ ♪
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♪ >> thanks for joining us.
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