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tv   ABC7 News 1100PM  ABC  November 15, 2012 11:00pm-11:35pm PST

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>> it's going to be a completely different scene as we head in the morning commute. let's check out live doppler. it is picking up some green on the screen. not all of this is reaching the ground and it's because most of it is evaporat evaporating before it hits the ground. the moisture i find is still off the coast line. let's go to the monterey bay where we are seeing a few returns between gilroy and holster. more than likely this is just sprinkles. possibly a light shower but there's certainly steady rain coming. this is the first storm that is going to arrive for the morning commute. make sure you have the umbrella heading out the door. not just the morning commute. storm no. 2 gets in here over the weekend. detailed look timing of the systems coming up. >> okay thanks. see you shortly. >> this coming rain worries people in daly city and with good reason. tuesday huge mud slide there from a water main leak worseed city crew fast to repair and lillian is live in daly city with a story tonight.
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does it look like they are ready? >>reporter: well, it appears so. crews here in daly city have taken several steps in hopes of preventing another mud slide. after what this neighborhood has been through it's no surprise that some residents are worried about the rain over the next couple of days. broken water pipe sent nearly 98,000 gallons of water down a hillside tuesday mornin morning. which left behind several feet of mud on the avenue here. most of it has been hauled away. except for what accumulated on hillside park. but resident don't want is for the written to carry that mud down the street for a second time. >> i'm concerned another mud slide going on and more damage that comes up so whatever cars parked even if our home is affected. >>reporter: daly city director of water and waste water resource say crew took nours keep the mud in someplace surround with hay bail, netting over the edges and uncovered a storm drain in the middle of the park that had been buried. >> so basically what we are trying do is let the water that
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would fall in the curb and gutter go there. that's not to suggest we won't have muddy water but not the major nude flow that occurred that took place on tuesday morning. >>reporter: city workers inspecting the area during the rain over the next couple of days. also encourage residents to keep an eye out and if they notice trouble to call them right away. >> i'm pretty sure they have the engineers come out and look what needs to be covered and what needs to be what needs to get done and hopefully what they decided should happen, works. >>reporter: after the actual hillside where the water pipe broke, experts have taken a look at it and they say it appears stable. live in daly city, abc 7 news. >> all right thank you. aging pipe is also being blamed for this world trade center main break in san francisco sunset district late today. look at the mess. sky 7 hd shot the water just gushing out from under the sidewalk. pipe burst left 3 blocks of homes without water. it took nearly 6 hours to make the repairs.
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>> last ditch effort on planes tonight to block the opening of a 7-eleven store. neighbors are furious the convenience tore was given the go ahead at san mateo location that is not zoned for such a business. amma is live from city hall tonight where the council heard an earful on this. amma? >>reporter: yes. the council meeting just wrapped up less than 10 minutes ago. we are no closer to finding out if the 7-11 will be allowed to move into the new san mateo location because essentially the issue is going back to the planning commission. more than 100 san mateo resident sat and listened as the city council and lawyers discussed the future of a new 7-11 set to the open on north san m take 0drive. most of the residents in attendance don't want the 7-11. >> at this point we have 3 71 signatures of concerned citizens about this 7-11 and not going into that location. >>reporter: the worry include more crime. traffic. loitering. the site used to be home to italian deli. under
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grandfather clause the deli was allowed in the residential zon zone. building has now been vick anti-for nearly two years. that's where the problem lies. if the building has been discontinued or abandoned for 6 months it's to revert back to residential use. that's what the city is now debating. >> they were continuing to market it. they were continu continuing to keep it up in good repair. >>reporter: neighbors say it was abandoned but the city community development director says the new lapped lord made minor repair to the interior of the old deli showing they weren't abandoning the building. >> was it ever abandoned. what is that definition of abandonment? >>reporter: residents say that even if it was not abandoned it most certainly has been discontinued in use for more than 6 months and of course lawyers for 7-11 and the building owners are saying that they risk about 4 million dollars each lose going this does not go in. if not allowed to go again this is going
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to the planning commission on december 18 where they are going to see if the use as 7-11 is basically comparable to the use as deli when it was there. so that's his the latest. we have to witness until more hearings take place. this is 7 news. >> we'll follow what happens at the planning commission stage thank you. >> 49ers expect head coach jim harbaugh to be back at work tomorrow after being treated for an irregular heart beat today. sister network reports that harbaugh visited the 49ers facility late this afternoon before doctors sent him home. harbaugh apparently felt sick last nature. he went to stanford medical center early today for whether the team describes as a minor procedure. >> they said it was minor. that it shouldn't ab big deal so hopefully everything goes well and good doctors in the area that do good work. >> he will be all right. as long as he come back strong comes back healthy that's all that's important to us. >> 49ers practice as usual today. they host chicago on monday night. well the end for drinkes
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may hours away. hospital test make the snack says it will lick which dai date the entire company unless the work force including those in oakland return to the job tonight. allen is in a grocery store in berkeley. allen? >>reporter: the company hospital test was going to make the announcement tonight but postponed until tomorrow morning. now we have been to 3 safeway grocery stores and the shelves are still stocked with hostess snack cake. tomorrow however could be a different story. if for 82 years the booked goods part of the american diet and drinkie one of the best selling product. memory stretch back to childhood. >> elementary school and junior high after football we kind of like eating that. >> i love twinkie at one time. probably haven't had one for 30 years. that's maybe why they
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are going out of business. >>reporter: the drinkie, oh, oh, and ding dong close to become ago distant memory if the strikers don't return to work. host east will close the operation as early as tuesday which means 18,000 workers nationwide could lose their jo job. about 140 employees are on strike at the hostess bakery in oakland. pl the baker union is revving to accept an 8% pay cut with 20 percent decrease in benefits. >> on my check it's calculated about 6 80 dollars a month out of my check. that's take home pay. >>reporter: union workers say they are prepared to find new work if hostess shuts down. many hostess fans are not prepared to accept it. >> just as much as apple pie and chevrolet. it's a staple. something has been around for many, many, many years and it
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just simply can't go away. >>reporter: i spoke to the an oakland union leader few moments ago. he says they are still on the picket line tonight and they believe hostess is bluffing in their threat to file for bankruptcy. we'll find out tomorrow reporting live in berkeley, abc 7 news. thank you. 4 people died, 17 hurt when train ram a parade float of wounded vet fans texas and tonight investigators may have an important clue into what happened. locomotive cab has a camera that may contain video of the incident. initial reports indicate the gate and crossing lights were working. witness say many of those who could jumped off the float just before impact. >> well new here at 11:00 family of berkeley man beaten to death by trespasser after calling authorities is suing the police department for wrongful death. 67-year-old peter the sukert was killed last february by man currently receiving treatment at state
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psychiatric institution. he called police after the man refused to leave his property. officers were busy that nature because of an occupy oakland protest. sukert went outside again beaten with a flower pot. >> also new at 11:00 san rafael police released sketch of man armed prowler who may have been stabbed by his would be victim. police say he burst into an apartment on del rey tuesday night. one of the 2 teenager girls inside fought off the prowler while the other called police. the man ran away with substantial injuries to his face and possible stab wounds. chico state university suspended all of its fraternities and voters today following last week binge drinking death of a pledge. fraternity and voters can't function for the time being. they must also cover or remove the greek letters. chico state plans to tell them how they can be reinstated when the spring semester starts. 1200 of chico state 16,000 students belong to
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greek organizations. well there is a potentially explosive product that could be in your home right now. michael is here with some important information. >> this product was recalled and pulled from the shelves but millions had already been sold and you can see right there. what could happen. i tell you about the potential danger and what you need to know to keep your family safe. >> thanks michael. mother still mourning loss of her baby faces a second tragedy now. you hear her plea for help. >> also first storm wave is just offshore. 7 news meteorologist sandhya has a look at live doppler 7 hd and how much rain to expect and what it might do for your wean. >> then later on "nightline". >> coming up next on "nightline". with tension between the israelis and palastinians reaching boiling point, christian yan reports from the east ka oscillating conflict. >> can you really adopt a baby
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on craigslist? in the rise of do it yourself on line adoption. that's on on line adoption. that's on "nightline".
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>> firefighters are warning of potentially explosive product that may still be in your home or perhaps your neighbor's. >> fuel gel used the light decorative candle. it has been blamed for killing 2 people and injuring at least 86 others. >> michael is hear now with with what you that towed know to keep your family safe. >> consumer product safety commission announced a massive recall more than a year agatha millions of these products are sold and reality is many of you may still be using them. >> scars on miss walker face from second degree burns tell the story. professional polynesian dancer from anaheim
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had to put her career on hold for 6 months until her wounds could heal. >> explosion happened and it happened so fast i didn't even realize that i was on fire. >>reporter: it was an explosion similar to the one that happened right in front of nancy and her dog oliver and her back yard in follow soil. exploded. it popped out. there was fire medley on olive oliver. >>reporter: oliver suffered second and third degree burns over 25% of his body. now both nancy and this woman used fuel gel to light a popular candle light decoration a fire pop. palo alto fire department agreed to demonstrate what can happen when light ago fire pop. >> is what dangerous is the flame is virtually invisible. you can hardly see it. >>reporter: because people can't see the flame, users try to refuel the fire pot before the flame is ex continuing
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wivrnltd reach in with an arm connected to the fuel to attempt to refill the pot. >>reporter: within seconds flames shoot out horizontally from the bottle. minute later. and soon after the explosion the manikin catches on fire. >> that was a fairly good demonstration of what not to d do. >>reporter: 4 times the firefighters demonstrate the product for us and 3 of the 4 times an explosion and fire occurred. twice fire shot out far enough to catch the manikin on fire. another time it ignited the table cloth in flames. a thermal imaging camera used by federal regulators conducting their own testing captures the intense heat. eric is a product liability toyvrnlt it is combustible the gel can catch on fire and burst out of the actual container itself. when you are trying to refill them. >>reporter: one manufacturer criticized the release of the government video which we obtained through the freedom of
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information act. bird brain is a maker of the fire pot fuel gel. it sent a letter to the consumer product safety commission writing quote the video disnot include the use of a snuffer which bird brain provides and i instructs its users to use before refueling a fire pot. last year the c p fc announced voluntary recall of bird brain fire pot clear fuel gel and fuel gel from 9 other companies. but not everyone got the word. including palo alto firefighters who has been using the recalled product for a year. >> i wasn't aware until our captain told us we were doing this opportunity with channel 7 news. >>reporter: this lack of awareness doesn't surprise attorney whitney davis. >> people don't hear about recalls enough. they don't know the there's defective product in their garage that can light their house on fire. >>reporter: so the last year federal regulators have been working with manufacturers and consumer advocate to come up
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with new regulation overseeing this gel. so far no time table and when the work will be completed. >> all right thank you michael. >> single mother from antioch is making an emotional plea tonight. wait until you hear to the thieves who burglarize her home and took the urn holding her baby ashes. this is what the urn looks like contained the remains of chico l's infant son who died early this year. her home ransacked as you can see wednesday natur nature. look what they d.thieves took electronic jewelry and kids christmas gifts. she knows she will likely never see all the material things again but she desperately wants the urn. >> violated my house and my children by coming in here but i just need that. whether you know you have it yet or not. please return the urn. >>reporter: antioch police will take any information by phone or through their text tip line anonymously. posted the number on our web site.
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story tonight about how love conquers all. even hurricane sandy. woman found sack of 57 letters tied together with pink ribbon on new jersey beach. they have been washed ashore by sandy. the letters were written from 1942 through 1948. communication between a kim up until a week before their wedding. the woman who found them locate add niece of the couple and plans to send the let investigators her. niece calls these letters a jean logical gift. >> let's go back to where we started at the top and that's this storm system. >> yes it's getting close. sandhya is here now. >> yes. as we check out live doppler 7 hd i show you what's going on right now. not much. we do have mostly clouds in the sky. we have our own radar located on mt. st. helens nachlt picking up moisture just off the marin sonoma county coast and get here by morning. already we look toward the monterey bay light showers around gilroy, holster, salinas
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trace amount so it is starting to moisten up the atmosphere and temperatures are coming down. here are the readings. 50's. 45 degrees in fairfield. let's check out the highlight highlights. wet for the morning commute. periods of rain through the weekend and we lack at more rain chances as we head into next week which is a big travel time period as you know around wednesday or so. tomorrow morning when you head out the door make sure you grab umbrella. will be some rain in the morning. upper 40's to the mid 50's so mild start to the morning in terms of temperatures but the wet commute may slow you down. here's a look at the storm. it's coming in a little more from the south than what we typically see. storm no. 1 we have the mild moist air ahead of it. storm no. 2 still developing in the gulf of alaska so the second storm is going to be a colder one and it gets in here over the weekend. look at the computer animation tonight a couple sprinkles light shower or 2 but at 5:00 a.m. we start to see some steady rain developing in the
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north bay down to san francisco and even some down towards the santa cruz mountains. it really continue so we go periods of rain right on through the evening commute to the evening get away then at 11:00 p.m. some more steady rain more wide spread rain develops moderate at times as the next system starts to get in closer even thunderstorm chance saturday morning 6:00 a.m. you can clearly see this approaching the coast line here. scattered showers heading into the saturday afternoon and then here's the cooler system or the colder system saturday night ahead of the cold front you will see some steady rainfall that continue noose sunday morning and then you get a it will be a period of some dry weather coming up sunday afternoon if you have weekend plans that will be your big window there. rainfall total up to three inches in the north bay mountains. 2 inches in the santa cruz mountains. 1 to 2 inches in the north bay. see about 3 quarter investigators inch and a half in the east bay. peninsula 6 tenths to just over an inch and south bay this is right on through sunday
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at 9:00 a.m. many 4 tenths to 8 tenths inch of rain so couple of storm systems bringing us rain. snow levels real high with the first storm. warmer system than the previous one. winter weather advisory above 7000 feet from 10:00 a.m. friday to 4:00 p.m. saturday. expecting 4 to 8 inches above 7000 feet. up to continue inches south winds gusting could possibly create travel difficulty so some resorts opening tomorrow if you are heading there keep that in mine. rain snow mix for lake take though. snow level rise to go 8,000. still mix on saturday and snow level drops to 6000 on sunday with the colder system. tomorrow afternoon carry umbrella. temperatures in the upper 50's to mid 60's cooler day around the monterey bay temperatures in the 60's certainly cooling change. accu-weather 7 day forecast periods of wet weather right on through the weekend. dry monday chance of rain late tuesday into wednesday now thanksgiving is looking dry. that's the biggest change. yes. mike is here 4:30 to 7:00
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a.m. tomorrow with any other changes for the wednesday travel day which looks wet right now. >> all right sandhya thank you. >> coming up next. bay bridge ballet. >> take a look at this. 2 workers high above the roadway with nothing but a harness and with nothing but a harness and flashlight.
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>> our 7 news camera caught a little bay bridge ballet tonight. take a look at this. 2 workers pulling themselves up and down on the cable actually putting up lights for the bailiff project. they are working from 8:00 p.m. to 5:00 a.m. attaching light wire to the bridge when the project finished in march 25,000 lights will blaze ever-changing pattern on the bay bridge west ban. >> we thought we should have set that to music if. >> special birthday present for 2 polar bear at the zoo. 30-year-old and 32-year-old bears got to play in the snow today. 10 tons of man made snow was brought in for the bears. they also got several large packages to sniff and check out. how about that. >> that's a winter treat there. >> larry here.
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>> a lot of concern the 49ers tampa. >> we'll certainly update you on alec smith situation and jim harbaugh as well and baseball news. 25 years old 2 world series rings and big new troph trophy. buster world better and better. giants catcher on his big award. next in sports. his big award. next in sports.
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>> good evening. doctors call ate minor procedure but when the heart is involved is anything minor. frainers coach harbaugh treated at stanford hospital today for irregular heart beat. there are different types and 49ers didn't say which one harbaugh was treated for. normal treatment is a shock of the heart to get it beating normally again. 48-year-old harbaugh is expected to be back
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at practice tomorrow. >> like he always tells us he is tougher than a 2 dollar steak. we necessity he will be all right. we have a bunch of great coaches here that keep everything on track and practice today fast he was her here. >> as for smith he practiced today in the jersey still has to be cleared for a full practice after the concussion in order to play monday night against chicago. his counter part cutler of the bears also had a concussion but questionable. not back in practice. buster and team mates talk about the tough dedication. professional approach. something else to talk about tonight national league mvp award. buster came back from terrible ankle injury. 27 of 32 first place votes more balloting not close with ryan second. in the first catch tore win the award since bench 40 years ago. buster accepted the award in his usual humble style.
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>> it's tough to put into word words. pi think it's an accomplishment that at this time is shared with the whole giants organization. our fans are passionate and fortunate to play in san francisco. couldn't be more honored to have my name alongside the previous winners. >> cabrera won the al, mvp. chance for team to gel and pick up easy wines. stanford hasn't played them since 1999 and sanders only 4 points but this is tremendous. spin move. drive to the basket plus the foul. 6 foot 7 inch junior josh led the cardinal. live with rejection like i do. josh used the personal highlight reel. 18 points. 69-51 cardinal. stanford 3 and o and is this the best goal ever scored in a soccer match?
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the man of sweden bicycle kick from 30 yards out. sweden beat new england look how far he is. keeper got trapped out there. he had all 4 goal in the game. we could watch this 100 times and not get tired of it. i'm out of time. abc 7 sports brought to you by river rock casino watch it on your own. >> unbelievable. watching his body. >> fluid motion all in one. >> he land and gets up. that's amazing. >> yes. >> we would be in traction. >> thanks larry. >> "nightline"is next i'm dan. >> i'm carolyn for all of us here, thanks for joining us tonight. >> we appreciate your time as always next newscast tomorrow morning at 4:30
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tonight on "nightline," tensions reaching a boiling point in


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