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tv   ABC7 News 600AM  ABC  November 16, 2012 6:00am-7:00am PST

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>> eric: former c.i.a. director is getting ready to testify before congress as he continues to deal with the ongoing sex scandal. >> kristen: busy morning. i'm kristen sze. >> eric: i'm eric thomas. a major traffic development. westbound commute on 80 into san francisco is headache right now with a big accident on the bay bridge. >> kristen: latest from sue hall. there are a couple of stalls. >> it's been a bad commute. traveling on 80. this bay bridge incline section, five car accident blocking two right lanes. bumper-to-bumper past the toll plaza. that looks like it will be sometime before it is cleared. metering lights are already on and has been on about 10-15 minutes. that towards the macarthur maze. bart if you have to take the commute is best bet this morning because that traveling through
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80 is just a nightmare. sig alert just lifted but looks like a new stall in the same area. 80 at westbound is very slow. here is exclusive waze app, red lines on the bay bridge, we saw the live shot. very heavy traffic here. once again, bart is your best alternate. it is really jammed right now. download this app or at google play and we'll check on the accident incline westbound bay bridge try to avoid if you can. >> let's start with live doppler we have one lone shower pulling away from whipple road heading over to foothill high school. stone ridge mall and pleasanton and dublin are about to get wet. blue and light green and heavier rain is out over the ocean but
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heading our way and most of our neighborhoods by about 7:00. in fact, we have rain becoming showers and heavier showers around the bay by 7:00. temperatures will be hang out to low 60s today. light rain and heavier rain as we head towards 7:00 and heavy rain rain at the coast and lighter around noon and 4:00 and heavier again around 7:00. >> kristen: thanks so much. the rain is certain lay big concern in daly city. amy hollyfield joins us live from the neighborhood to find a wall of mud. they have done a lot of prep work. >> they 6. there is a light rain falling right now. they know it is coming this weekend. they want people to be vigilant and if they see any trouble to give them a call right away. city officials have spent the last couple of days preparing
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the park and hillside for this storm. park is now surrounded by hay bales and netting also borders the problem area. they have uncovered the storm drain in the middle of the park. >> what we're trying to do is let the water that would fall go into the curb and gutter. not to suggest we're going to have muddy water but we won't have the water that we had tuesday morning. >> reporter: this is what they are trying to keep from happening. a pipe broke causing 45,000 gallons of water to spew into the neighborhood along with mountains of mud. it was a gross mess. residents don't want to see the rain shake loose any of that mud. they are worried that the holidays has been weakened and it could happen again. city employees feel like they have taken every precaution. they feel confident their measures will hold. i asked a man if he would sleep
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in this neighborhood and he said he definitely would. >> kristen: that is reassuring. stay with us on for continuing coverage of today's storm. we'll check in with mike nicco in few minutes for a look where the rain is right now and where it is headed. >> eric: breaking news. hostess announcing it is going out of business bringing an end to the company. katie marzullo is live in the how it will unfold and affect us. >> they filed to liquidate a hearing will be scheduled for monday and hostess could begin closing operations as early as tuesday. it does hit close to home. colobo bakery makes rolls and bread. about 70 union bakers joined the
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national strike lasts saturday saying they would not accept cuts to pay and benefits. new contract offered included 8% pay cut and 20% cut in benefits. hostess said workers if is a sufficient number did not return last night and company would be forced to shut down. they will lay off most of 18,500 employees and sell assets to the highest bidder. ceo says, quote one,deeply regret the decision but we don't have the financial resources to weather an extended nationwide strike. it means the closure of 33 bakeries, 565 distribution centers and 570 bakery outlet stores throughout the united states. >> eric: problems continue around the bay bridge.
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westbound direction, traffic and weather together is next on the abc7 morning news. mike nicco will have your full accu-weather forecast. this is the incline section of the bridge where a five car accident took place. you can see nothing is moving in the westbound direction. >> kristen: sue will have more in a second. in the middle of a sex scandal. right now he is testifying before congress. we'll break down what to expect
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wet weather over by richmond and emeryville and oakland and alameda. that is coming across the bay bridge and heading to places like tiburon and sausalito. light rain on the peninsula heading towards the east bayshore. we have light rain on 238 heading back towards the tri-valley. looks like we're going to have waves of rain today as the low approaches us. be prepared for wet weather at any time especially this morning and this evening. mild temperatures low to mid-50s. >> an update and news is good. heading into san francisco,
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earlier five car accident right before the tunnel. that has now been pushed off to treasure island. you can see that traffic is slowly starting to recover on the upper deck of the bay bridge. you can see bumper-to-bumper back into the macarthur maze. you will want to take bart this morning. it is on time. this is nasty commute across the bay bridge. take bart if that is possibility. an accident westbound 580 at 680. here is a look at drive times. that is altamont pass. 24 under 20 minutes and on east shore freeway, now 30 minutes carquinez into macarthur maze. >> eric: staying on top of delays for bay bridge traffic. that traffic is coming into san francisco and the rain into the bay area right now. >> and diabetes in america, new
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should o is you had shows where it is hitting the country the hardest. >> and protests taking place in the u.s. coast to coast as both sides try to be heard. >> and general david petraeus is telephoning right now on capitol hill. we'll break down what to expect
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welcome back. oosh section of contra costa county, along all the way to berkeley, showing wet weather, this is heading over to benicia, concord, pleasant hill.
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lafayette. walnut creek, moraga, whole 24 corridor is getting wet. there is the dumbarton bridge showing a little wetness headed over to hayward and fremont. more rain offshore so it will be progressively heavier for the back half of the morning commute. heavy rain this morning. another bout in the evening hours. wettest day will be tomorrow. finally drier sunday afternoon and monday. temperatures in the low to mid-50s. >> eric: happening on capitol hill, former c.i.a. director david petraeus is preparing to field questions from lawmakers about the attack on the u.s. consulate in benghazi, libya. his appearance before the senate and house intelligence committees come a week after he resigned over an extramarital affair. he is not expected to talk about
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the scandal. they will ask what the agency knew about the september 11th terror attack in benghazi that killed the in not been to libya and three other americans. katie marzullo have more in in an update. >> israel suspended action but the offer did not hold. it escalated sharply overnight. dozens of missiles exploded in gasta city hitting the interior ministry. fighting between the two sides erupted yesterday with the first ever hamas attack on the tel aviv area. here is in the u.s. americans are making their voices heard during protests in several american cities including demonstrations in new york city. several hundred people gathered outside the israeli consulate
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and wave signs. similar demonstrations happened in montgomery street in san francisco. >> a husband and wife charged with murdering a retired east bay school teacher last month are scheduled to be in court. they appeared last week but did not enter a plea. his wife has also been charged in the case. she was extradited from washington state where they were both arrested last month. couple is charged in the murder of 55-year-old suzy coe that was killed in her home. they were arrested after being spotted after driving her car in seattle. >> san rafael police have released a sketch of an armed prowler that may have been stabbed by one of his would would be victims. one of two teenage women fought off the prowler and the other called police.
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>> eric: 6:17. we are watching the weather and bay bridge. there have been accidents out there this morning. >> hopefully got the word out and heading out early. sure enough the floodgates are opening slowly but enough moisture. you can see the embarcadero is wet with about one hundredth. that is all it is taking to make the slick conditions. let's take a look at live doppler 7-hd. we'll show you the entire bay area from top to bottom. you can see the sweeping radar. latest updates showing still the heaviest rain over the ocean and one moving through san pablo bay and east bayshore. this is rotating from southwest to northeast. everybody is going to get wet weather during the morning commute. not as impressed with the rain making the ground. radar returns are a little more
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impressive. you see drizzle. that is going to make it slick and moving over to the east bay over the next couple of minutes or so. temperatures are just updated. these were mid to upper 40s around concord and even 50 in fremont. with the southwesterly flow, mid to upper 50s gilroy and 61 in salinas. be prepared for periods of rain, heaviest rain will be this morning and during the evening hours. we will have high elevation snow in the sierra and chance of rain is possible next week but getting the bulk of the heaviest rain out of this system. first this one coming in, you can see trough of low pressure the center of the lift. it will tap this moist and mild air mass and bring heavier rain as we head toward the evening hours. heavier rain between 7:00 and 9:00. you can see a little bit of a
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lull, lighter rain in the afternoon hours. check out the evening hours, moderate rain and yellows and oranges. steadier rain through tomorrow morning. a small break before the cold front comes in from the north. that brings us another chance of heavier rain during the evening. you can see by sunday afternoon, mainly cloudy with mostly rain off to the north and off to the east. very impressive, south bay, we could get up to three-quarters of an inch. one to two inches in the north bay. two to three inches by sunday in our mountains. accu-weather seven-day forecast, temperatures will taper just a little bit. then we'll hang to low to mid-60s on sunday. >> once again. bay bridge and 80 through berkeley and emeryville. macarthur maze, the back-up is just horrendous, back to 80 and
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580 jammed back to 24. approaching the bay bridge. we have a new stall in the can't leave section, earlier five car that has been cleared but new stall. here is behind the toll plaza. bumper-to-bumper, now the third stalled big rig, westbound 80 before powell that we have had this morning. westbound 80 commute is bumper-to-bumper. if you have to come in the bay bridge, use bart. that would be best alternate this morning. another accident reported 580 and 680 in the dublin pleasanton area. that is malt monitor pass is jammed, 35 minutes from the carquinez and that one increasing all the time. exclusive traffic app, 6680 coming towards the accident. you can see very heavy traffic approaching there as well. alternate route and around that
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would be surface streets. you can download our waze app. it's a busy morning. >> eric: thank you. in health nice this morning, a new report says the nation's diabetes problem is getting worse. the study from centers of disease control and prevention several states saw a huge increase. biggest jumps in southern and midwestern states. in oklahoma the number of people who had diabetes has tripled since 1995. kentucky, georgia and alabama have also seen dramatic increases. study says part of the reason because treatments are allowing people with diabetes to live longer. >> kristen: still ahead. cruise line selling passengers an all you can drink deal for their next vacation. >> and up coming release from google putting a
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wanted to let you know we had 120 minute flight arrival delays into sfo. use flight tracker. it's on the bottom. widen out and show you the wall of water that is coming in from 7:00 to 9:00. heavier rain and a little bit of a lull and then heavier rain during the evening hours.
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south san francisco, you can see the rain at 7:00. just light rain through none and 4:00 with temperatures in the upper 50s and heavier rain for evening festivities. >> eric: new this morning, google is apparently putting the finishing touches on new mapping for the iphone. "wall street journal" reports the company is testing a pre-release version of the app. among the features, turn by turn navigation. they developed the app after apple stopped using it and replaced witness their own mapping system. >> kristen: norwegian cruise lines offering booze cruises. all you can drink package on its ships. cost is $49. northern week jan not comment
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ought story but they are posting the unlimited drinks are only limited to drinks that cost ten dollars or less. >> buster posey national league's most valuable player. all-star catcher took 27 of 32 votes. he hit a lead league 23 homers and first national league catcher to win the award. here is the first giant to win it since barry bonds. he joins willie mays and willie mccovey to win both those awards >> kristen: developing news we're following. a stunning crime in vallejo where a kidnapping and sexual assault investigation in underway right now. we'll take you there live. >> and sfo is biggest day for
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thanksgiving travel. it's also the rain is moving in. how big the crowds are expected to be. >> jim harbaugh today after a heart scare sent him to the hospital. >> friday morning, traffic center, it's been a busy morning you are looking at live shot of the toll plaza. earlier accident on the upper deck and stall. the damage is done, traffic is backed up through the maze. bart would be your best alternate.
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good morning, 6:30. you are looking at a live picture of the golden gate bridge, the span is wet.
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that dampness the rain is going to cause some problems. thanks for joining us. i'm kristen sze. >> eric: i'm eric thomas. we have spotty late rain. what is going on. >> it's still cloudy and light. some of the better returns, light green on the richmond-san rafael bridge. tiburon, sausalito over to america completion, san pablo and richmond and albany and berkeley. you will get a light rain. belmont and redwood city heading to the san mateo bridge and san bruno. south san francisco, daly city all the way up to san francisco we are getting light rain right now. most of rain into the south bay not quite reaching the ground yet.
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even the san pablo bay. extreme north bay you will have to to wait a little longer. lightest around noon and then heavier again around the evening hours. same thing around inland neighbors, it's very light and when it gets heavier you'll be in the mid-60s to upper 50s. at the coast, heavier rain this morning. light throughout the afternoon and heavier at 7:00. temperatures around 60. >> very busy morning. we're taking you back to the macarthur maze. traffic is jammed. it's a horrible commute 80 westbound. 580 backed all the way into bay bridge toll plaza, aol you can see the headlights very slow coming in. what happened here, all due to an earlier accident on the bay bridge. incline section, five cars have been cleared to treasure island and stall on the upper deck, as well. that is gone.
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damage is done and metering lights are on. expect major delays around the bay bridge. powell, third big rig stall. that commute is jammed, as well. i suggest bart. no delays on bart all mass transit is running on schedule this morning. to get around these delays that would be the best bet. 680 blocking a lane of traffic and slowing into the dublin interchange. drive times, carquinez to the maze, 40 minutes. it shows right here. the best way to avoid all of this download your app and get around all these major problems. >> kristen: breaking news in vallejo. police have a -- vallejo, police have a teenager accused of ransom and sexual assault on a
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65-year-old woman. terry mcsweeney is live at vallejo police department. >> every aspect is shocking. right now, there is a 14-year-old boy charged with assault, attempted murder and kidnapping. this all begin about 6:00 last night over at hidden brook and i-80 when people noticed a woman in a ditch. she was taken to the hospital where she told police that her ordeal begin at 100 plaza drive. a strip mall. she had been carjacked forced to drive away from the strip mall where she had a been sexually assaulted and thrown into the ditch later on. while that is going phone call comes into her family. someone demanding a ransom for return of the woman. police are still hovering around the incident occurred and they spot a suspect. he is in possession of the
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women's minivan as well as a replica gun. they arrested him and not releasing the name. 14-year-old kid. she arrested for attempted murder, kidnapping and assault on this 65-year-old woman. they say they will be expounding on this at a press conference at 11:00 this morning. right now a 14-year-old custody for attempted murder of a 65-year-old woman. >> back to our storm watch coverage. rain is big concern in daly city. after a huge mudslide caused city crew today's take pro-active measures. amy hollyfield is live in daly city where it is already starting to rape. >> there is a light rain falling. this is what they've prepared for. this is what they've been worried about. city crews prepared the park and
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hillside. they have lined the trouble areas with hay bales and net to go absorb mud, water and debris if necessary. city officials they feel confident it will hold. >> so even if the homes are going to be affected. >> the engineers took a look what needs to get done. hopefully what they decided should happen works. >> reporter: this is their fear, a repeated of the mud and water invasion they experience order tut because of a water main break. city officials say they think they've covered all their bases but the final layer of protection, they have asked everyone to keep an eye out through the weekend as it rains. if they see any trouble spots to call in immediately. amy hollyfield, "abc 7 news." >> eric: stay with abc news on
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air and online for continuing coverage of today's storm. we'll check back in with mike nicco and live doppler 7-hd for where the rain is headed. follow the storm yourself on our website at new this morning, a known gang member was busted at a popular san francisco restaurant. officer was at a steakhouse for his wife's birthday dinner when he saw the suspect walk in last night. the officer notified his department which coordinated with san francisco police. they arrested him when he came out of that restaurant. hours earlier las vegas had served a search warrant for him at a location they thought he had been hiding. oakland police say he is suspected in several shootings. >> police presence in the richmond district shuts down two
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separate intersections. they surrounded a van where a couple was sleeping illegally. man took off running. they caught up to him a few blocks away. he resisted to arrest and started having a medical problem as they took him into custody. man was rushed to the hospital with a life-threatening condition. streets were opened a short time later. >> kristen: ross mirkarimi is refusing to give up oversight of the domestic violence prevention programs after pleading guilty in a domestic violence incident of his o'. mirkarimi is on practice probation after pleading guilty to false imprisonment for a new year's eve argument in which he bruised his wife's arm. he reportedly sent a let to the mayor saying he has no day to day role in the prevention program and no reason to recuse himself. the holiday traffic season gets underway today. if you are flying get ready for big crowds and big delays. san francisco international airport expects more than
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140,000 passenger arrivals and departures today, single busiest day of the period. they expect 3% increase in passengers compared to last year. on this big day has to happen when we have rain? >> eric: traffic and weather together. live look at bay bridge toll plaza, big back-up because of an accident earlier on the bay bridge. the accident was cleared and traffic is still here. mike nicco will have the forecast. sue hall will have more on traffic in the traffic center. >> niners coach jim harbaugh returns to work. what is on
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here is a look at golden gate bridge. you see it is wet this morning. live doppler 7-hd. light rain throughout the morning.
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all areas, even drizzle. some of the heavier radar returns heading up to vallejo, possibly hercules and pinole. there is some green showing up around daly city and a little bit showing up in the south bay. there is more on the way for the 7:00 to 9:00 hour. be prepared for wet weather everywhere. live look at 80 through berkeley and into the macarthur maze. earlier stall big rig and three of them before powell street. that now is cleared out of the lanes. live shot, that must be cleared and damage is done from highway 7. just a bear of commute. san mateo bridge, some of bay bridge problems, multiple problems, bay bridge jammed but traffic westbound on san mateo westbound, as well. stalled big rig, that is cleared out of lanes. bart would be your best bet
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commuting from the bay bridge. bart is on time. clearing stages for this accident. dublin interchange and hire a look at drive times off the altamont pass, trafficking traffic is bunching up. 880 into the maze and there is the drive from 80 to 45 minutes from the carquinez bridge. >> this morning, head coach jim harbaugh is expected to be back at work after being treated for an irregular heartbeat. he underwent a minor procedure yesterday. he visited the facility before doctors sent him home. he is expected back at practice in santa clara. patrick willis said, quote, he is tougher than a two dollar steak. >> eric: it's still going to be
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tob tough. hostess, thousands of layoffs expected right here into the bay area. >> kristen: important meeting happening today as president obama and congressional leaders try to avoid that fiscal cliff. >> and trading is under way on wall street. live look at the big board. dow is down about 6 1/2 points.
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shot of tahoe where snow showers are rolling through. have fun skiing next th week and next weekend if you are going.
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entire state is going to get wet today. temperatures will be pretty mild. 50s and 60s and 78 at palm springs. if you are heading up to the mountains, winter weather advisory. 5-11 inches of snow. >> eric: new this morning, hostess brands announcing it is going out of business. hostess is laying off work force of more than 18,000 people including 140 workers at the bakery in oakland which a distributor of hostess products. texas based company a nationwide strike crippled its ability to deliver products. hostess had warned employees it would file a motion to sell off assets if plant operations didn't return to normal level by last night.
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happening on capitol hill, former c.i.a. director david petraeus is fielding questions about the september attack on the u.s. consulate on benghazi libya. he went to the senate hearing after winding up a 90 minute appearance a short time ago. his testimony comes a week after he resigned over an extramarital affair which he is not expected to discuss. >> president obama is going to meet with leaders to talk about the looming fiscal cliff. the president will also meet with leaders of civil rights groups and other organizations to get their input. he already spoke this week with labor leaders and corporate ceos who have backed his call for tax hikes for those making over $250,000 a year. >> eric: you can guess where
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focus so wall street. >> when it comes to thanksgiving there is one costly mistake that americans make every year. >> eric: what mistake am i making every year. >> yes, good morning. as you mentioned we're going to be watching washington today. trading is picking up but we have 12-13 days to get something done with this fiscal cliff. the talks begin today with president obama only the first face-to-face talks with joan boehner. he is hosting minority leader nancy pelosi. harry reid and minority lead mitch mcconnell. he leaves for asia tomorrow and members of congress will be taking a break on the monday after thanksgiving. it will be a key day to watch. meantime, speaking of the budget government's mortgage insurance
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agency, they say defaults on loan during the housing bubble has resulted in more than $16 billion annual deficit. lease see how stocks are going on. pretty quiet until we get some indication what is going on in washington. we're lower across the board but just barely. bloomberg down half percent. >> what do you do with thanksgiving leftovers. they say $282 million worth of turkey will end up in the trash. wasting the food but also $105 billion of water and greenhouse gas emissions that go into getting that turkey to your table. an estimated $165 billion worth of uneaten food every year. i'm jane king. >> eric: thank you very much. >> kristen: what happened to
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those turkey sandwiches. that is why we don't go to anybody else's house because there is no leftovers. here is a look at san jose, it's been sprinkling a little bit. heaviest of the wettest weather is coming in 7:00 to 9:00. let's show you what is going on. you can see a lot of blues and greens and yellows offshore. we're going from drizzle to light rain to possibly moderate rain. zoom on down how the peninsula has been dealing drizzle with the east bay valleys. we have 2:25 flight delays in into sfo. 49 in concord. 46 in fairfield. everybody else in the 50s to a mild 60 in fremont.
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51 in salinas. periods of rain all the way through the weekend. high elevation snow in the sierra and another chance of rain next week but it won't be anything like we're getting today. trough comes through this morning. it brings another heavier rain and low comes through the evening hours and another round of rain. until then, moist and mild flow keep us cloudy and damp for the better part of today. here is the waves of rain. first one going through, tapering and through the evening hours, be prepared for heavier rain and steadier rain. a little bit of a break in the afternoon. cold front brings us another healthy dose of showers saturday evening through sunday morning. by sunday afternoon, mainly cloudy conditions and mild temperatures in the 50s to 60s. rainfall totals up to three-quarters of an inch in the south bay. one to two inches in the north bay. two to three inches in our mountains. next week, monday through thursday, a slight chance of showers but thursday will
6:52 am
definitely be dry. >> just a ground on the way to bay bridge. five car accident since gone and a stall also gone but you can see the delay on 80. we had three separate stalled big rigs on powell street. that commute is just a nightmare. bumper-to-bumper just about 50 minutes from the carquinez bridge to the maze. golden gate bridge is looking good. i recommend bart coming in san francisco if you commute on the bay bridge, your best way around. >> eric: it's 6:52. >> five t
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good morning, live look on the embarcadero in san francisco roads are a little wet. rain moving through the bay area. we'll check in mike nicco one final time.
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>> eric: your five things to know. number one, vallejo police are investigating the kidnapping of a 65-year-old woman who was found duct-taped near interstate 80. a 14-year-old was arrested after kidnapping her. >> a known gang member was busted by an off-duty oakland police officer at a steakhouse in san francisco. the officer spotted him walking in when he came out to oakland police took him into custody. oakland police say he is suspected in a string of crimes is zbliems the maker of twinkie is going out of business. hostess is laying off more than 18,000 workers including 140 people at the bakery in oakland. they have filed for bankruptcy twice. employees walked off the job over pay and benefit cuts. >> david petraeus is on capitol
6:55 am
hill taking questions from the xheets committee over the terror attack on the u.s. consulate in libya. it comes a week after he resigned over an extramarital affair. they want to know what the c.i.a. knew about the attacks that killed four americans. >> holiday travel season gets underway. they expect more than 140,000 passengers through sfo today. sfo says it expects to see a 3% increase in passengers this year. >> kristen: i don't remember delays like we are seeing. >> 2 hours and 25 minutes. it's going to be tough. it's going to get tougher as the wall of water, heavier rain is starting to move in. best chance of heavyy rain in the evening hours. scattered light showers and mild temperatures with a southwest breeze. temperatures in the low to
6:56 am
mid-50s this afternoon. more rain tomorrow. we'll finally get a break sunday afternoon. >> to recap, most of the problems on the bay bridge, now cleared but the damage is done. you can see traffic is bumper-to-bumper through the macarthur maze. let's take a look at 80 through berkeley. it is jammed. we had several stalled big rigs near powell street. just about 45 minutes. let's take a look at drive times if you are headed that way. you can see 580 from the altamont pass, 50 minutes there to the maze. coming from oakland into the macarthur maze, about 20 minutes. you will need a lot of time. i highly recommend barred if you are coming from the east bay. >> eric: westbound 80 trying to get to the airport. thank you for joining us. we're back in 25 minutes with news, weather and traffic during "good morning america." >>. >> kristen: stay with us during
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the day for continuing storm watch coverage. >> zoom into several different areas on your waze
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good morning, america. breaking overnight, panic on the track. a freight train honking its horn in warning, plows directly into a parade flo


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