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tv   ABC7 News 800AM  ABC  November 17, 2012 8:00am-9:00am PST

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>> terry: good morning week have developing news out of san jose, first, let's check with developing news. here is meteorologist lisa argen. >> good morning. golden gate bridge, light now a little bit of a break but a soggy started to the weekend. we have fog and visibility has been reduced and winds are quite gusty. rain is exiting tib are ron but it is wet to berkeley out through moraga and down through san francisco. over to the east bay, hayward and union city and through dublin and livermore a little bit of wet weather. south bay is wet right now. lesser amounts with this system. another couple of hours and then a break. 60s today. >> terry: developing news out of san jose where a police officer is recovering after being
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wounded in a shooting with robbery suspects. live from san jose with more on the officer and new development with regard to the suspect. >> reporter: that is right. good morning. newest development is one of those suspects now in police custody. one remains on the loose. this following a shootout at this intersection. this is 150 yards from highway 101 a very busy intersection. let's get you to the video last night shortly following that shooting. it followed armed robberies. they spotted and tried to pull over the two men believed to be the suspects after a high-speed chase, one man jumped out and fired at police at this intersection. one of the officers were injured when several rounds hit his patrol car and shattered the
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windshield. >> we know a fact it was a gun battle. we have multiple bullet holes in police cars. the officer is in the hospital. police chief is over there with him. this was a real deal. >> reporter: colleagues are praising the officer to continuing to pursue the shooter. that officer treated for minor injuries. as to the armed robbers, both escaped. the car crashed, but were taken into custody earlier this morning. his accomplice ran away. police are still searching for him this morning. >> a chp officer is also injured after his car rolled over on northbound highway 101 and west railroad avenue in rohnert park. no the clear what caused it. the officer was checked out at
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the hospital for minor injuries. the rain is here and coming down in the north bay last night. sergio quintana went up there to show how folks are coping. we'll get back to that a little later in the newscast. this morning, we have a surveillance picture of a deputy who was arrested for bank robbery. philip tong, he robbed a bank of america branch earlier this month. he is said to have given the teller a note and got away with $1700 in cash. he faces felony charges of robbery and burglary. >> israel's military says they have struck more than 800 targets in gaza strip in response to rockets by hamas.
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>> supply tunnels and three-story apartment building. hamas leader's home was hit but he was not home at the time. those have hit tel aviv and unprecedented move have hit in jerusalem. much more on the mideast on abc news. >> the attacks triggered a protest in san francisco yesterday. the pro-palestinian demonstrators want to see an end israeli sporters say they are acting in self-defense. >> a train collided with a school bus killing at hottest 47. the crash occurred as the bus crossed the tracks. officials say it appears the railroad crossing was not closed as the train sped towards it.
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we're learning more about the man arrested in oakland international airport. they believe the man tried to sneak bomb material in. >> they learned that 49-year-old man said he was artist carrying artwork, not components that could be used as a bomb as police believe. we did some digging into his background and found this website for him that appears to be in creative media. he is a executive creator and producer for generator content in the greater los angeles area. he was arrested while going through the checkpoint at southwest airlines. he was on his way home in southern california. we're told he took off his watch and put it in a bin and covered with a coat. >> the watch had a toggle
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switch, a series of fuses and series of wires protruding from hit. >> alameda sheriff sergeant even though he was not possession of explosives he had what was needed to make a bomb and his boots were stuffed with insoles just like richard reid. >> it appears to be a homemade cavity. >> an area where something could be stashed. his shirt was military style. it's what soldiers can use to if their arm is injured. >> police wanted to find out what is going on. there is always this is a concern what is considered to be a dry run. >> straight ahead, a slight change of plans where the golden gate bridge and you may -- lake
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tahoe ski resorts prepare for a huge thanksgiving
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>> terry: authorities in missouri arrested a man that planned to shoot up a theater during a twilight screening. his mother turned him in. he recently purchased two automatic weapons and hundreds of bullets. it reminded her of the able in colorado during the opening of batman movie. when they questioned him he confessed. they say also say it appears that he is mentally ill and off his medication. >> a group of nudists plan to protest against a ban on nudity. they are seeing can a court order what they are saying is a fundamental freedom. they are preventing the city is passing the ban. many of constituents are sick of
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the nay kid guys that have taken over the plaza in the castro district. >> tolltakers have will have at least a month on the job. tolls which in addition to fast track will replace the workers. more testing needs to be done. using electronic toll taking could taif saver money. >> biodiesel fuel is available for the first time if in the nation. here is business and technology reporter affidavit louie with the story. >> it looks ordinary from the korean station. its blended bio diesel. the oil is made by feeding sugar to algae. it's 20% less carbon dioxide.
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the company is offering this cleaner burning fuel with at four locations with more in the works. >> we are showing what the future looks like. we are hoping more others will follow suited. >> reporter: at 4.23 a gallon it costs the same as regular diesel but they expect it to fall in the same range as gasoline. bob ames is the vice president. >> we do have one facility in the united states today that is producing demonstration scale quantities of our oil. we are building commercial plants. the first is down in brazil but we have others that is coming on line in the near future. >> they say a broad market for their product and have been working with consumers to.
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they have high end of cosmetic creams. >> it can be used to produce biodiesel but also renewable diesel and renewable jet fuel. conventional military speck fuels. a fuel range of fuels. >> they will be using this station and the others to get feedback from consumers but the price will be the same. they will get a choice for the very first time. >> a live shot of the golden gate bridge from the toll plaza there. you can see it looks like something is coming down. light rain, heavy drizzle. the roads are well and wipers are on out there. it was coming down north of the bridge last night. we sent sergio quintana to check it out. >> the steady rain did not wash out this game in rohnert park.
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>> both sides are losing it. >> on rain soaked players managed to make some big moves. off the field the rain prompted some last minute sales of must have accessory. bradley snapped up a poncho because his umbrella was hijacked. some of the hometown crowd cheered while staying nice and dry. in marin county, a steady rain was a welcome sight for some. >> it's good for. >> everything i'm leaving for very hot area. this is very nice to be in front of. >> one person hoped for more rain but hope hoped for more snow. >> i hope they have more. last year was -- at least as far
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as snow -- >> i'm sergio quintana, "abc 7 news". >> terry: the last gentleman we heard is going to get his wish. he wants more snow. you can't see the bay bridge behind us. >> this is mild. >> we have temperatures in the 40s in sierra nevada and back home in the 60s. take a look at mount tam. it continues to come down in the north bay. we have fog and breezy and a couple more hours of rain before a mini break and much colder system. i'll explain coming up. >> terry: also next, jim harbaugh returns to work after returning to the hospital. larry beil says if the
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>> terry: you are looking at a live picture of the heavenly mountain ski resort. you can see snow there. it's just what lake tahoe ski resorts were hoping for. many are open. sugar bowl are opening today. george warren has a reported from soda springs. >> friday evening brought a mix of rain and snow to donner summit. >> this is good start. so far, we're optimistic.
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>> reporter: as usually, boreal was the first to open. thanksgiving is what really counts and sugar bowl will open with two lifts. >> we usually shoot for thanksgiving so a week prior to thanksgiving is amazing for us. >> they tested a third lift, they are making a decision to run that, as well. they decided to on sunday. >> thanksgiving is first big weekend that all the resorts get. it kicks off the sciences. especially coming off last season. >> sierra will have something to thankful for. if storms come in and clear for the skiers on sunday. >> they want all the snow and then want it to clear and
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enjoying the weekend and more next monday. what can you do? >> lisa: they can deliver on some of that. you saw it and this system is warm one. lake level. 6200 feet and outside right now ts foggy out there. here is the san mateo bridge where the main rain is to the north. we have a couple more hours of light to moderate rain in the north bay area. sun was up 6:53 and here is look at emeryville where you see the drops on the lens. there is fog and slick pavement. we still have more rain on the bay. the rain not only falling above the radar beam but also below the radar beam. we are looking at the green not only in the north bay but on the peninsula, san francisco, santa cruz mountains into the east bay. that is where we're going to
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zoom in from richmond to san pablo and down through moraga. dublin and we haven't seen much overnight, light to moderate rain pulling out of hayward and mist and drizzle. back toward the city down from colma and san bruno and here is the rain around lake tahoe. winter weather advisory for the sierra nevada but we do have a winter storm warning for the southern sierra down to yosemite where upwards of two to three feet above 7500 feet. 1.58 for santa rosa. significant rain for sonoma county. half an inch in oakland with livermore, .19 and over a tenth in mountain view and san jose. the rain, here is a look at it statewide.
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it continues to push out from the south. we are looking at that mild southerly trajectory for this system. we'll see that little bit of a break right here for the next four hours from 11:00 through about 3:00. we'll look for the numbers to stay in the upper 50s to lower 60s. 59 in san jose. we dropped a few degrees since last hour. coldest system on the way from 4:00 this afternoon in the extreme north bay taking a run into the evening hours. here we are from noontime and then 4:00 santa rosa, wet weather. it's about the 6:00, 7:00 hour where we have moderate rain pushing through the bay area. it's not until 4:00 we will get drier. more to come, east bay and south bay, three yearts of an inch
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along the peninsula. winter weather advisory through 10:00 tomorrow snow levels will lower with the next system. temperatures here, locally, low 60s today. a little on the mild side. this system a slight chance on monday, next system is wednesday but out of here by thanksgiving. that timing does work out for those of us. >> but not for those that wanted to see the perceid meteor shower. >> in 1966 there was meteor storm and they a quarter million meteors in one hour. 1966, i didn't look up. thanks a lot. >> in sports, stanford plays number two oregon in eugene. you can watch it right here and starts at 5:00.
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san jose state will try to win their ninth game tonight against byu. warriors tried to get their win in minnesota. here a larry beil. >> lisa: good morning. they had a. >> they held on tight. ricky harrison coming off the best game against the hawks. another strong game. nice drive and floater. 18 for the kid. rookies went -- warriors went on a 26-0 run. jeff curry with 17. just over three minutes left. knocking down the jumpers to put them up 5. barnes drive from mid court! tremendous! warriors win their second straight. two years ago the stanford women's final snapped uconn's winning streak. they ended baylor winning
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streak. britney griner in the second half. stanford, you see on the video may take down number one, 71-69. >> cal men on the road. playing denver, first road test for the bears after shooting 33% in the first half. alan led the bears with 20 points breaking thousand career points at cal. david gravish, nice hook on the base line. >> there was concern at first but upon seeing jim utah but a at practice, they joked the coach should be fined $500 and harbaugh returned from the hospital. the coach says is nothing new.
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he has been dealing with it. you can't take the stress out of a job when you are an n.f.l. coach. he will listen to the doctor. he is back to work full speed ahead. >> good to be back. driving over yesterday, rest of the team is practice and you are not here, i have had that dream before many times. you are team is practicing and you are not out there. glad to be out here. >> stanford will try to shock the world. trying to take down oregon. 5:00 p.m. right here on abc7, if the ducks win they will have the title and spot on the championship game. the ducks have the longest winning streak, 13 straight games, scoring 42 points in all of those victories. >> one team in the nation that
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has played their best every single game. my talks to you guys you have to match that and play your best. to play against the best you have to give yourself a chance. >> stanford, they are 20 1/2 underdog on the road at oregon. that will be fo8d by another edition of "lexus after the game". that is wrap on morning sports. i'm larry beil. >> coming up next, president obama heads to southeast asia with a three nation tour. a judge's key decision on the controversial high speed rail project. huge food drive today that could help feed people in need on thanksgiving. how you ca
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>> terry: touching our news, california's high speed rail project will continue as scheduled. a judge turned an effort to stop the project. however, "abc 7 news" reporter nannette miranda says the legal fight is far from over. >> future of the controversial 800 mile, $68 billion hinges on
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opposing interests in central valley. >> they are not following their own guidelines in following the project. they are supposed to minimize impact and listen to the people and did not. >> they are asking for a 6-month preliminary injunction so they can prove california failed to conduct thorough reviews. if they had the environment impact reviews would show having a bullet train rubbing through farmlands would adversely affect agriculture. >> we are looking at a situation where a farmer might have to drive five miles to get from one side of his farm to the other because there is a rail. >> attorneys argue the environmental reviews were done properly and emphasize a delay could add to the high price tag.
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>> not to mention a delay could jeopardize mill billions of dollars in federal grant money that must be spent by 2017. >> a judge denied the preliminary injunction. project is going to proceed as planned. the plaintiffs are considering taking to federal court. >> new this morning, president obama is on his way to southeast asia with a tour on his way to high land. he is going to return to washington wednesday morning. before he left, the president recorded his weekly address urging tax cuts. >> we shouldn't hold the middle-class hostage while
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congress debates. let's keep taxes low for the million contrast and let's get it done soon so we can give families and businesses some good news. >> terry: republicans say raising taxes on people that own small businesses would be bad news for the businesses. most businesses would be forced to lay off thousands of workers. >> a consumer group has lost his fight to make google pay a stiff apparently. the ruling comes amid growing companies that web companies know too much of what we are doing. >> consumer watchdog went head to head with google and lost. >> these guys are finding way out of jack with pocketed change. >> they were trying to convince a judge to raise the fine that google is paying as part of a settlement in a privacy case.
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federal trade commission said they sidestepped in a safari web browser to prevent third parties advertisers from placing cookies that track you as you surf the internet. google says it did it by accident and will not admit wrongdoing. they were glad the court agreed there was no merit to the request. >> we have fundamental problems with the notion you can pay your money and deny you did anything wrong. >> inspied of the ruling, they hope it brings attention to track users on the web that is more common in the last few months. >> when you are using the internet you have a shadow of corporations following you around and taking note of everywhere you go. >> do not track button in some browsers but that is only a request and most advertisers track you anyway. they did their own research and found google is the single
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biggest tracker. >> you can watch what people do and how they behave. you learn what motivates them. that is really the key to understanding what people will be most likely to do. >> advertisers could use the data to show people different prices and how to avoid that. >> you need to block advertisements if they want to protect their privacy online. >> terry: new this morning, the boy scouts will conduct one of nation's largest food drives going door to door, collecting non-perishable food. 25 minutes to participate in this. they will picking up boxed or bagged food by 9:00 this morning. put it out in front of your house. it's called scouting for food with the goal of collecting 450,000 pounds of food. if you live along a collection
8:36 am
route you have received a door hanger but still participate in person or online. >> a car club will be in san jose and load up thousand pounds of turkey. they will haul it to the food bank. club members are going to be posing for pictures to help fill empty refrigerators. last year they came up with 700 pounds. we are committed to help feed hungry people. we have information on how you can help including the most needed donations at abc7 on see it on tv. coming up next, we will attend a school of heroes. the entrepreneurs were graduating and live look out from the embarcadero, towards
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the embarcadero, you can see the overcast. you can't see much in the way of wind. it's coming and another system on the way. all kinds of weather.
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>> terry: that is exactly what the look of mount tam. you can see the rain on the lechbs and fog blowing over there. you can see it right in front of you.
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if you go up there you will have a lot of trails to yourself. there is another system coming on the way. in san mateo there is a school unlike any other. the students are bright and classes are unconventional. the founder is icon in silicon valley and if you graduate, you can start a company with the money. >> the school is housed in the old nine story benjamin franklin hotel in downtown san mateo. now, out front there are pictures of steve jobs who started tesla motors. this is unconventional school that teach them how to succeed in the real business world. it's founder tim draper who investments include hot mail, skype and tesla, now he is spending million of own money
8:41 am
starting the school. >> what i wanted to do was create a school of type that encouraged people to step out there and become heroes. to stick their neck out. as we say in the credo to sail again until they succeed. >> it's not open yet but they held a pilot program for some 40 students this summer. >> my brand and network and reputation are paramount. >> each mornings starts out with super hero. >> i will treat people well. i will make short term sacrifices. >> students sit on beanbags. there is yoga and go-carts and painting and urban and survival classes. it teach them how to take on challenges. >> few people will succeed and many people will fail at. our goal really is for them to
8:42 am
understand what it is like to fail. to move on. >> students have to apply for the program at tuition for $7500. they are divided into teams. >> i think people working in teams do extraordinary things. >> had he learn all the fundamentals, they are taught not by proves but by lectures. >> we are creating a brand. >> it ends with students pitching an idea to venture capitalists. establishing grad won the competition and she got funding for her idea a better testing device to diagnose oh yaifian
8:43 am
cysts. >> i have a term sheet for the neck round of funding which will be a total of four million. >> those we spoke with all said that the school attracted them because of its free spirited approach. >> its place for young people to come and learn about being innovative thinkers and reinvent the way they look at the world. >> i am looking for a way that gives me a chance to fail and be a chance to be create. >> i have they are going to open in april with 80 selected students or as they are called here -- 80 heroes. >> terry: lisa argen talking about the forecast. we have different monitors around the bay area. you can only see two-thirds of the of the bay bridge but the rain here and all kinds of stuff. >> lisa: the rain has been focusing on the north bay and take a look at emeryville.
8:44 am
run continues to come down in berkeley with more to come tonight. if you want to go out and enjoy. we have more rain through today and tomorrow. >> terry: also ahead, store bought stuffing can save you time but which one tastes best? michael
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>> terry: 8:47 on a saturday morning, live picture right now. if you go to santa cruz, you got the place to yourself. you good have a moment of solitude. 59 degrees and clearing down there this afternoon. that would be kind of neat before the next system comes in tonight. let's go way up from sea level to heavenly valley. mid 30s up there right now. upper 30s, about the same, mid 30s down in mammoth. heavenly right there, mid 30s. obviously not now but the resorts are open. sugar bowl is open and enjoying what they are hoping to be a fantastic come back from last year and have a great
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thanksgiving weekend ski adventure for you. anyone who hosts thanksgiving dinner knows how much work it is. here is michael finney with stuffing taste test. >> good morning. stuffing has got to taste good. not all store bought ones do. >> the moist, perfectly brown turkey is a must but still not complete without a delicious stuffing. preparing a holiday dinner from scratch is lot of work. can you wow your guests with store bought stuffing. we tested 11 to see if you can cut corners. test termination looked at one from stove top open arnold and great value from wal-mart. each was prepared according to
8:49 am
directions. >> you wanted to stuffing the fresh broth plaiv. >> they didn't come close. >> most of stuffings tasted chewy vegetables and overpowering herbs. >> but testers say there is hope. two from pepper ridge farm and corn bread stuffings are flavorful and moist. >> most pepper ridge farms is a little more work but worth it. >> both would be a tasty addition for thanksgiving dinner and no one may know that the stuffing isn't homemade. >> consumer reports you can make it healthier by reducing the fat and salt.
8:50 am
use a lower sodium broth and cut down on the butter and add more veggies and herbs instead of adding more salt. >> terry: i'm trying to keep tabs on this. system two is making its way out of town and system three is coming in. >> next one will be a colder one. but there is another one. >> terry: that is four. [ laughter ] >> lisa: we'll sort it out. san mateo bridge where it doesn't look too bad out there. rain has been focused west of here into the north bay and few spotty showers on the peninsula. let's take you downtown where we have the wet weather over a half inch in the past 24 hours in san francisco. more to come. nice break, midday, it's not going to be a long break but begin to see the showers taper off. here is a look at live doppler.
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a smattering of light to moderate rain, from san francisco through south city and half moon bay. a little bit into the east bay, further south as well around the santa cruz mountains. closer inspection up in richmond and berkeley, highway 4 looking at wet weather. golden gate bridge and over in to the peninsula from san bruno to san leandro looking at shower activity. we are on the back edge. 280 down through west hillsdale road. in sierra nevada, near 40 degrees, sunshine and higher elevation snow. it's been raining down at lake level. by the morning, only a couple inches at lake level. 1.58 inches up in santa rosa, with over 2 inches in mount tam. san francisco, .67 with
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livermore, .19 and over a tenth of an inch in mountain view and san jose. we will see a stronger system from moderate to brief areas of heavy rain later on in evening into the overnight hours, then we get another break. here is that first system continuing to push into the central valley. temperatures behind it dropping a few degrees. 57 half moon bay. fremont, 60 for you. mountain view, 06. we got the fog out, as well. it is a sloppy start to the day. do give yourself extra time. by the afternoon we will be anticipating out ahead of it breezy southerly winds. here is the timing. this afternoon you got that little break, if you have your garage sale or bike ride, by 4:00, the rain is just knocking on our door in the north bay. 5:00 heading into marin county,
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it's in the central bay and through the evening hours to head out of the south bay. this en we're into a decent sunday afternoon with more sunshine and pretty dry and nice afternoon. it will be cooler. half an inch to an inch total tomorrow south bay. santa cruz mountains more than that. winter weather advisory through 10:00 tomorrow. we will look for the numbers to stay in around the range. few degrees warmer. 63 in palo alto with low 60s for santa cruz and watsonville and the look ahead we dry out tomorrow afternoon. a chance in the north bay, tuesday is dry but late us in into wednesday the next system moves on out in time for thanksgiving. the timing works out if you driving on thanksgiving. >> terry: ski resorts were
8:54 am
asking for exactly what they are getting. thanks a lot. >> coming up next, kittens and puppies crying out for a new home. holiday tradition that comes with a bark and
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>> terry: shopping in downtown san francisco, take a look at little faces, at the windows of macy's, they are all up for
8:57 am
adoption. in macy's store. each store has a theme for each neighborhood. people adopted 325 pets last year. that is an almost unfair way of marketing. you put them in window, you have to take it home. >> we have some soggy weather, north and east. here is a look the live doppler 7-hd with the rain from tiburon, berkeley to oakland, colma and south city but you get further south and more spotty from fremont, light showers. we will be looking at very accounts rain in the south bay. campbell and almaden express way. the rain will be ending from noon to 4:00. next system that will take us in the overnight hours and dry tuesday and wednesday. >> terry: thank you very much.
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thanks for joining us on saturday morning news. we will continue at 4:00 just before college football. we want you to remind us about the app for the
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