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tv   ABC7 News 500PM  ABC  December 28, 2012 5:00pm-5:30pm PST

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damage. there is you can see a trail of damage that twister caused abc 7 is live with the story. what toward believe about that tornado. >> when you see this, you wilbiú believe it. a representative from national weather service visited this site on wednesday, and has confirmed that a weak water spout turned tornado did indeed touch down. and lasted about three minutes and the intimatent path was about a mile long and 20 yards wide this, power that category zero tornado with winds estimated 75 miles per hour. tony witnessed this event in watsonville on saturday. he saw debris flying through the air. >> we didn't know whaitz. i thought just circular wind. i didn't think it was that expense -- extensive. >> you can get a perspective when you walk through this
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nursery operation. the twister damaged three green house autos we can tell pressure so strong from the tornado. just lifted it and dropped it. one says the event started as a water spout. red band captured on a radar image illustrates a classic tornado hook touching down at 7:00 in the morning. minutes later they would have been inside. >> no one was injured very fortunate for us. that was important. we can people, we can't. >> some of the flowers are a loss. and 3,000 gerbera daisies deemed questionable. that family owned business don yaitd flowers to the rose bowl float. these are pictures of the
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float taken today. >> we didn't want to take a chance of it. the flowers look dw.d we think they'll be nice on the floft. >> the others say repairing could take week but they're looking ahead to valentine's day.32])ñ >> we're in the flower business we're growers like any ag guys it's just a small bump in the road. >> the nursery owners say damage will go into hundreds of thousands of dollars, but much more than the minor damage suffered here in the 1989 earthquake. >> that is something. sandhya back now with the path the tornado took. >> yes. it's a rare thing to see here in the bay area. or monterey bay. i want to show you the path starting out as a water spout. this is it traveled across the
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land towards was onville area. this is the scale. with estimated winds of 75 miles per hour. and it did do damage. previous tornado by the way just to give you perspective, around the same time, december 20th, twun. so you can see the damage as well, this is the green house that was damaged by the tornado there. is some moderate to intense damage caused by that tornado. we're not expecting that with this system. we'll be back with a detailed look in just a moment. >> thank you. heavy rains have left the north bay reservoirs at levels they've in the seen in almost 30 years n marin county, all seven have reached capacity. they didn't do that last year until april. this lake has reported double the normal amount of rain. authorities keeping an eye on creeks and streemz make sure they don't overflow.
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>> all have reached capacity. that is the earliest we've done that since 1983. >> the water just blowing out of the spillway last night. >> that is not the only place. the sonoma county they're draining to make room for more rain ask runnoff and releasing water from coyote dam. >> great question sop once again for traffic in all directions. crews in san francisco shut down a two mile section of the road this week. this is because of flooding this, is video from last weekend wh. pounding rind, and rain, nearly brought down a traffic light. the road has seen showers, causing it to flood this, afternooná!oñ, public works announced it's drying up tonight. northbound and southbound lanes. rains have taken a toll on a popular hiking trail north of baker beach. big yellow signs have gone up on the coastal trail. that run as long the pacific
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crews will be shoring up the cliff. it's been pounded by a string of winter storms. hikers being urged to use bikers to butterflies trail. >> authorities in the east bay are looking for a second suspect who escaped from a deadly police chase when officers tried to pull over the driver of a bmw for speeding. the driver took off. the bmw smashed into a lincoln town car. a woman in her 20s was killed. two more people taken to the hospital. the driver and a passenger took off, police trakd down the driver, a 38-year-old. they have not said why he drove off in the first place. >> and a man charge shoth by police last night is listed in critical condition today. police officers were called to a chevron gas station yesterday. to investigate reports of a man beating a woman. when they got tlrk they saw
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the man pistol whipping a woman with a handgun. the two officers opened fire, they struck the man, police have not said yaez fighting with the woman. >> we are hearing from friends and co-workers of a man kbild police yesterday. they tell abc 7 news he was kind and gentle, not inthun aggressive. the city's chief is defending what officersqf>6p did laura anthony has the story. >> well, citing an ongoing investigation, investigators won't say what weapon he was carrying. whaez shot and killed by police, banta worked here about two years. and todayds+r, his friends tols he would not be violent towards anyone. >> it doesn't add up. we're so confused. >> the owner of the salon is talking about one of the
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popular stylists. a 22-year-old anthony banta, junior, shot and killed by police. >> when someone is taken from you so violently, gone so early. that you-you know, there. but there is a memory. and acts of congress. we have to embrace that. >> friends and co-workers say he was a professional, punk twal, hard working and generous. now, the station is empty in the salon, closed for the day to give employees a chance to grieve its hard to wrap our brains around it. you'll no longer be there. we're just trying to focusñ'v n being positive z honoring his memory. >> police received a call from his apartment on creekside drive. screaming could be heard in the back grouchbltd minutes later police confrontedñ.'÷ him.
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police say he forced two officers to shoot, and kill him. >> no police officer wants to shoot and kill anyone. it's tragic incident. >> are you confident officers acted in a justified manager. >> just weeks ago he is seen smiling with co-workers at the christmas party. saying he never showed tendencies towards violence its shocking and it's out of his character. now an autopsy performed today. besides cause of death they'll look for whether he had drugs or alcohol in his system. in walnut creek, abc 7 news. >> thank you. >> we're getting a look at the arsenal of weapons taken off
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the streets in los angeles w lapd collected 2000 firearms on wednesday's event including 75 assault weapons and two rocket launchers. police collected weapons. this was the most successful buy back event on record. the event moved up several months in response to the sandy hook school nas masa ker happening two weeks ago. >> at least one law enforcement official responding to the national rifle association's call to book armed cops in schools. following what happened in the controversial sheriff considering placing an armed volunteer sheriff deputy near schools. >> this is when they're going to be talking about the guns now, but i have the certainmt>"f resources at my disposal.
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i'm not going talk about it. i'm going to do it. >> the group usually patrols shopping balls but he says may extend the tour to keep schools safe. volume lun tears won't be patrolling on campus, but rather, around school autos still ahead an arrest today of a shooting ambush that left two firefighters dead. why police say a neighbor helped with the attack. >> late movement on a possible tax cut deal. new details on what could keep the nation from falling off the fiscal cliff. >> there is an app for just about everything, now, being cute on video.
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there is movement in wad
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on a possibly tax cut deal that could avoid the dread td fiscal cliff. president met with house and senate leaders from both parties. president obama later revealed senate majority and minority leaders working behind closed doors right now to koum come up with a deal. he says he's optimistic but he talked about a back up plan. >> will urge senator read to bring a basic package to preproe detective the middle class from a hike. >> no details given but sources indicate the president did not make a new offer to republicans and pushed for a bill stopping looming tax increases on families earning less than $250,000 a year. >> a 24-year-old woman charged in qex killing of two volunteer firefighters in upstate new york on christmas eve. dawn nguyen accused of file
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filing a falsified business record, investigators say charges relate to purchase of an ar 15 rifle, and 12 gauge shotgun the shooter had when the firefighters were gunned down. three others were hurt before a 62-year-old killed himself. there is his shot. as a convicted felon he could not purchase weapons himself. >> eight u.s. sailors serving on a humanitarian missionu4p japan are suing the company claiming the utility lied about level of radiation in atmosphere following the tsunami. damage that nuclear reactor in march, 2011. the sailors served on san diego based carrier uss ronald reagan allege they were exposed to radiation that could result in cancer and shorter life span. the lawsuit filed against tokyo electric company owned by japanese government. >> union members will be allowed to demonstrate right outside stores in california. however, nonlabor democrat
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straightors will not be allowed to do so. california supreme court made that ruling on thursday. it stems from a battle over constitutional rights between ravels grocery stores and yun yinz. the supreme court said the picketors have right to use private land for labor-related speech, however, stores will be allowed to limit space they can use. >> and an increasing number of san francisco murals turning into targets for vandal as courting to street artists saying their paintings@/dcn beig tagged with graffiti at higher rates this year. that is a shame. artists say once it has been destroyed restoring sit too time consuming. the city says they've spent $3.5 million on graffiti abaitment. >> san francisco company that tracks apps says fewer people are using the program called2vx
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instagram saying it's lost 25% of daily active users in weeks. numbers don't require changes to terms of service agreement actually cost that to happen. facebook owns instagram. they say the number of users is actually up this year. >> and we're talking about tech these didays there is an app for pretty much everything. how about an app about nothing more than just being cute? on video? jonathan bloomvzá-z has the sto. >> 4:00 in the afternoon. abc 7 editors and producers crammed into a room, editing video. two blocks away, people are out, ice skating as chris shoots video of them with his jolly new app. jollify to. >> to make people smile.
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>> it is a way to jazz up video was out spending hours in a dark room. >>ea there is a karaoke themeévx >> all sorts of things and you can make your own. >> there are other apps with themes for videos but the point is that you apply themes while shooting instead of spending time messing around you don't have to do post production. it appears in the view finder. position your video into the view finder and record. record the video. share it, you're done. >> kit lead to acting opportunities. >> we want you just to run around. this is perfect. >> so you're being attacked by a dragon. >> it let's you share straight to facebook. >> there we go. unless have you no shame.
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>> right now they're all free just like the app. you can build themes on the one company created a theme for doctors when an ear surgery patient can hear again. >> with my luck, she won't have to hear this. >> abc 7 news. >> that is fun. >> i want it if it's free. >> we've got rain coming back. >> we do. forecast is free. how is that? >> the weekend live doppler 7 hd now i'm going to show you a live picture. and we're panning around the bay to show you cloud cover. sunset and its dark out there. we're seeing damp roadways. your get away friday featuring rain.
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national weather service radar keeping you ahead of the storm. and now we're seeing mixed precipitation. of course it's raining at the lower elevations, switching it become here, showing you live doppler 7 hd. mountain house road, light returns here if you're traveling, watch out for slick roadways. east bay, very light returns, spring yelz or light rain. the bay brinl here heading out towards oakland, light rain on the bay bridge. sprinkles showing up in oakland. not all is reaching the ground. some is he vap rate brigt hits ground. keep umbrellas around. temperatures, it's getting cold out there. this afternoon, cold only into mid-40s here are the high
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temperatures, so cold and you can see here 45 in san rafael. here are the forecast highlights, light rain tonight. morning showers saturday, snow possible above 3,000 feet here. looking at cold, frosty conditions. here is a look at satellite and radar. this is a system. some of you may escape without rain but we're going to go with light rain on this sits tim heading into southern california. you can see the rain along the coastline. at 5:00 p.m. more advancement of the rain into some inland valleys. midnight, there is rain and continuing around mount st.
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helena. just scattered showers for your saturday. and thenx, by afternoon, perhaps an isolated shower or two over the hills. it will be done, over with by saturday afternoon, rainfall estimates of from about a tenth to a quarter inch across most of the bay area, except into north bay and mountains talking about a quarter to half an inch. high surf advisory, 10-14 feet, watch out for strong rip currents if you're going to check out waves, tomorrow morning not quite as cold as this morning but keep umbrella as around. make sure you bundle up. upper 40s to low 50s for highs and for the accu-weather forecast you'll see dryqqç sund, most weekend looking fine. slight chance of showers in the north bay. new year's eve, which is monday, afternoon, and then,
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first day of 2013 could see early morning showers on tuesday. rain returning going into thursday. that is the way it looks right now. >> thank you. >> well, still ahead a perfect treat for those cold winter days. >> it's pr. at 6:00 michael finney goes to bat for an iphone user claiming his credit card company failed to deliver on a promise that. story at 6:00. we'll be right back here.
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we've got a great way to end the week and it's kind of comfort food. >> yes. it's the moment we've been waiting for. >> cool out there today. i was like, do you have soup? is there anything i wanted? you'll want this, sit soup from safeway. you've seen them, they have a display when you walk through the store.
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they come in fiesta chicken, organic chicken noodle. they're very good. >> perfect on a day like this. >> that is for this kind of day. so, what is your new year's resolution? studio mix is a new 30,000 locally owned and operated health club they gave thus video. you're going get a five-day pass worth $100 they've got a ton of classes you can see here. day and night, you can check them out and there are showers and steam. >> perfect for new year's resolution autos how to we get this? >> great question. at any time log on to abc
5:25 pm >> that is too intimidating. >> still ahead a ride back in time. >> why these plates may reappear on the ñ ñ,ñzñpríñy"it
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abc 7 news at 6:00 is just 30 minute as way. the annual new year's crack down on drunk krifrz gets underway this, year an idea for stopping repeat offenders. >> i team reveals why edd won't answer your phone call autos if you need help with new year's resolutions now, guess what? there san app for that. >> of course. >> kaum at 6:00. >> app for everybody. >> yes. >> today, a piece of the past could reappear on california roads. >> this is cool. dmw will take orders for retro plates. modeled after ones agency issued back in 50s, 60s and 70s. >> right. the plates aren't a sure
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thing. 7500 orders by 25 r.2015. >> the price is $50. started to get classic car owners a way to get plates that match the era of their cars. that is a lot of fun. >> yes. >> we have breaking news for you now. sky 7 is on the way to a report of a man in the water under the golden gate bridge. >> we do not know the circumstances. we'll update for you fully coming up in half an hour, live pictures tonight from sky 7. >> if we get anything in between then, we'll put it on abc 7 news for you. that is going to could it for us, for now. world news is coming up next. >> from all of us here, thanks for watching. hope to see you again in a half hour.
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tonight, breaking news, no deal yet after an 11th-hour meeting at the white house to avoid the fiscal cliff. the president before the american people. >> the hour for immediate action is here. >> just four days until taxes go up for all americans. tonight, what you're telling washington. not again, a giant storm on the move tonight, tracking where and when it will hit. scare at sea, the cruise ship nightmare unfolding, the captain who warned the passengers ahead of time, but it didn't work. and at last. ♪ at last >> the american greats we lost this year. ♪ moon river >> the lasting gifts and the laughs they leave behind. >> everything you do, do it cool. stan


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