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tv   ABC7 News 600PM  ABC  March 4, 2013 6:00pm-7:00pm PST

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occurrence. >> right now, the al yid marine trying to tug the darling off the sand. as i say it's a tricky maneuver. and tricky because that keel which is buried in the sand is bolted to the bottom of the boat f the allied marine pulls too hard, you can rip off the bottom of the darling and therng she'll sink. everything is on the line right now including this 82 foot super yacht. >> three new sink holes opened up in an area where two developed last week and several homes are now off limits. it's happening in the west portal neighborhood because of a water main break. what a mess. >> this afternoon, the city told victims they were guaranteed up to $25,000 in he can pedited claims for
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day-to-day needs for insy dentals. it's little solace for those whose homes were red tagged. >> two foot river of water came crashing through this neighborhood took with it lots of property and now threatened to take homes as well. >> we're doing all right. you know? getting by. >> cindy's home was one of three red tagged over the weekend. she and her neighbor's house share a sink hole inside that is 20 feet in diameter. four to five feet deep. the company promised on. >> st. farm is giving them a bit of a dance. >> we need to know now. we need to make decisions for our future and children.
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who are living in a hotel at the airport. >> the break happened in front of some new homes on 15th creating a sink hole on the street and a block away in one backyard. since then, at least three more holes appeared. one discovered just this afternoon inside of this house where the owners moved in two weeks ago. sink holes are common on the streets here but not underneath the homes. >> we're horrified. >> claudia lives one block frupt damaged home. she had a sink hole filled in front of her house two weeks ago. one opens up and the intersection has been flooding since 1938. she says the neighborhood is built along the route of a creek bed that feeds pine lake. seven new 3700 square foot homes sit on top of it. in 2007, she and other neighbors brought their concerns about subterrainin water flow to the city. the construction waent head.
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>> we're not concerned about houses as much as concerned about the existing properties. because the weight of the houses may shift the sands that this whole neighborhoods is built on. >> so, did the construction of the new homes completed in 2009 and 2010 play a role in this? did a sewer project play a role in this disaster? nobody knows yet. the city is working on it. >> thank you. >> police are looking for two men seen running from the scene of a deadly shooting late today. police say shot spotter technology alertd them to this shooting at sixth street. when arriving they found a 21-year-old man had been shot and he died at the scene.
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it happened around 8:20 in the bay view district next to a muni stop. a 21-year-old man was standing near a crosswalk, another man fired seven shots. the victim collapsed and died. the 22-year-old was chased down by an officer. police found the gun used in the crime inside of the wheel wefl a nearby car. >> a vigil will be beginning in 90 minutes in santa clara sky school fr a former football player shot to death on the streets of campbell. someone opened fire on him on vladimir avenue around 10:30 last night this, is the first murder since 2007. police do not believe he was a gang member and the mayor believes that the gunman might have mistaken him for someone else. his killing has stunned and saddened his friends. >> always had a smile on his face, never upset, never mad. no one was mad at him. would you have the worst day he'd find a way to put a smile
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on your face. >> i played basketball with him on saturday. we just got together. played basketball a couple hours. it was -- everything was fine, then. >> friends say he had been taking classes at deanza college. >> we're experiencing shifting in the weather pattern. rain should be arriving within the next 24 hours. >> right now we can see no hint of approaching rainfall. skies are clear at the moment. we pull back and give you a wider view. you can see the storm out to sea and a good amount of moisture. cold air behind that front we're going to animate this map which will begin at 5:00 and through wednesday so. by 11:00 wednesday we can see up to an inch and a half of rain
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in north bay mountains. for most people in the lower elevations we'll see a quarter inch to half an inch. we need from two and a half to four and a half inches of rain to bring us back to normal levels so bring on the rain. >> we may not be getting a lot of rain but every bit counts these days. some don't want too much rain. >> it's strange. for a strange year if you remember beginning of this year we had so much rain that the meteorologists say it bordered on being abnormal year. now, january, february, march and and hardly any rain. they're looking forward to it.
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they don't like like much question. there may be three weeks away from the break. >> it's beginning of the cycle so vines are dormant now this, is when they start to he meerj no one is watching it more closely than norton. he's skeep keeping an eye on the sky too, it will be good to help support the growth of the vines. >> this has been an unusual wet season it has left capacities but not ideal one autos our res voirz rely on the spring rain to top off reservoirs. >> the salmon return to rivers and springs in the fall. more water improves chances,
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spawning, drinking of wine, it seems are related. >> more rain would be nice. >> a little? >> yes. yes. >> what is a little? >> you know, evenly spaced out. another eight to 12 inches won't hurt. >> and then we can begin process and won't have to worry anymore until next year. >> the search for a missing a student gone now nearly a week. the only clue his parents have is the last thing he told his nom. >> he was known as linoleum knife rapist. >> so called class of 72. removed from death row from a supreme court ruling. >> we'll tell but a business that is about to go on a summer hiring spree. where your teen-aged son or
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daughter can go to get one of the job autos what you need he to know
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a frantic couple is trying everything they can think to have find their 18-year-old sonful he apparently left his parents home with little more than the clothes on his back. >> it appears ryan left this house on his own skperks is 18
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years old but police are involved and ryan's family, here, is extremely worried not only because of the way he left but because his leaving is so out of character. >> so you haven't seen him? >> with the phone calls they hope it's news they've been waiting for that their 18-year-old son has been found safe. >> we are willing to do anything. you know? i mean for him to feel safe we just want him to feel safe. >> he disappear frtd family home on village oaks dri. she went into her son's room but he was gone. >> he left a wallet right there. here on his desk. and his credit card, id, cash are still there. so... he left without no resources and that is what i worry about. >> ryan left behind his beloved dog, blanco.
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he did take a cell phone but it's unclear if he still has it. he's a good student a senior set to graduate in a few months. he works part nim a walnut creek movie complex. >> he's an maigz young man. >> melissa is his counselor. >> i was just talking to him before he left, disappeared. we're talking about graduation. i know he's excited about grad skbaigs going college next year. none of this makes sense. >> ryan did tell his parents the night before he disappeared he had been bullied at school. >> he told us that you know people said you're a loser, you won't amount to much. and if you go out and shoot yourself, nobody will miss you. >> we just want him back. if he's watching or a friend is watching tell him. nobody is upset. we want him to come home, we'll talk about the issue if there is anything going on.
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>> yin has yet to get his driver's license. the car his parents bought for him is still in the driveway. now, with one of his missing posters on the back window. so they believe he walked away from the home here the morning he he disappeared. anyone with information is asked to call martinez police. >> laura, thank you. >> if san jose's want the a's to move they may have to take the giants to court first. the counselman represents downtown san jose and wants san jose to sue the giants. the giants claim to have territorial rights to the skpaer it could be the biggest hold up for winning permission for a's to relocate. >> there is no other company or industry that believes they have that right. so it's time for us to show
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that that is not the case. >> lou wolf reacted with this statement saying quote we're part of the partnership and will continue to respect the constitution and agreements that govern our participation. >> the actress who pioneered a role of an independent woman on television is working hard to motivate woman. she spoke to more than 500 attendees. marlos thomas says women have more work to do to have the same rights, and pay as men. i was there as master of ceremonies. she told me this conference gives women the skills they need to follow their dreams. the conference provides work shops in health and finance. it was a sold-out event. this is the age year and i was delighted to be there. >> she's a powerful speaker. it's hard to be funny and poignant. she was both. >> we're seeing big changes coming our way.
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>> yes. we've got rain and a big cool down as well. let me move over to live doppler 7 hd and give you a look at current conditions. the approaching system tim is going to be a snow producer. so we have a winter storm warning in affect from tomorrow evening to wednesday night at 10:00. and we expect snow to be rather heavy in these areas outlining in that color there. so let's take a look live at our mount tam camera. temperatures 51 degrees in san francisco. 52 in san jose. another live view from our east bay hills camera looking at clear, and sort of rusty western sky. temperatures at this hour 52 degrees in santa rosa. forecast highlights show that we'll see clouds on the
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increase overnight tonight and tomorrow, rain arriving in the afternoon or early evening. and rain continue was showers. a beach hazard dangerous sneaker waves are possible, stay away from the water's edge. we'll loop it over the last 12 hours. that is enough to produce much-needed rainfall. the rain arrives tomorrow, we'll start at 5:00 tomorrow afternoon, there may already about some light rain developing in the northern most part of the viewing area, then, during evening hours, the front sweeps down by 10:00 tomorrow night, we'll see lots of wet weather. the front sweeps through during overnight hours we'll see rain and showers behind
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that frontal system. throughout the day, webs, periods of rain tapering into wednesday night. another system poised to come in for thursday morning. low temperatures this night overnight, moving into mid-30s inland valleys, low 40s around bait and near the coastline. then, tomorrow, down the south bay, highs into low 60s. peninsula, look for highs about 62 in redwood city. mid-50s on the coast. downtown san francisco, 58 degrees tomorrow. up in the north bay low 60s for the most part. 61 in santa rosa. near east bay highs, 62 in oakland z inland east bay, low to mid-60s from 62 in concord to 64 in livermore here, is the accu-weather forecast. cool days wednesday and thursday. highs reaching into low to mid-50s across the board. milder weather as we get into
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the weekend and by sunday, monday, we'll look at sunny skies and high temperatures up around 70 degree autos wow. thank you. >> just ahead here tonight a pacific volcano dormant for decade autos
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take a look at the volcano. this is taking place in eastern russia along pacific coast. it began flowing in november this, video taken last week, last time this volcano erupted and lasted several months in 1975 and 76. >> apple has lost the title of world's most-valuable company. the stock has been in a nosedive since releasing iphone 5 today, it fell another $11 a share. the dow jones is now less than 40 points from it's all time high closing 38 points higher
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today and the fate of sunset magazine of menlo park is up in the air. it's future sun certain because of the possible break up of the corporate owner, time warner aforbes magazine is out with it's list of the world's richest people this, year, conactivitying of 1400 billionaires worth a combined total of $5.5 trillion. mexico's carlos slim worth $73 billion followed by bill gates, number two. and aman of the cio ortega of spain. other people who made the top 100 larry page, founders of google, mark zucker interg on the list but has gone down about 31 spots since last year, and lor yeen powell-jobs comes in 98th.
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>> well, will your son or daughter need a job this summer? a business that is about to go on a nationwide highering spree bringing thousands of jobs in the bay area. >> some of the first people and places to feel the affects of the spending cuts now in effect. >> and... look at how much more productive you can be if you had someone to sort through
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at a time when many companies have a hiring freeze jamba juice is announcing thousands of summer jobs. the company holding a hiring day tomorrow but gave students in the bay area first crack today. >> tomorrow is hiring day at 100 jamba juice locations nationwide but students at the center on treasure island are interviewing today, thanks to the company's ceo.
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>> young people don't always have that opportunity. so i have an opportunity to be offer that had leg up here. >> james white formed a partnership with the job core, offering low income students skills in a variety of trades. renee got an internship with jamba juice. >> i loved the job so much. i asked if there was anyway to stay with you guy ease got the wish now, creating new concoctions in the test kitchen. it's the kind of success story others hope for it and can start with a summer job. jamba juice has 3500 openings nationwide, 500 here, in the bay area. >> show people have you a skill you've been learning and you qualify for that job. >> most will be in the stores, some at headquarters.
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the ceo says they've experienced growth in the last couple years as the economy shows signs of rebounding. >> we're just excited about putting more young people to work out and i encourage my fellow executives at taking a look at doing the same. >> summer openings are open to anyone. in san francisco, abc 7 news. >> now, anyone can asupply for the jobs tomorrow between 2:00 and 6:00 p.m. you'll find a list under see it on tv. >> you may not have felt the affects of the cuts announced last week that went into affect far 1. anyone visiting yol stone park will be affected to hand yelt loss, the park delayed opening the most entrances by two weeks. one example of how cuts will impact agencies and services
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military plans to furlough teachers and staff members. and if you plan to travel the head of homeland security says you'll notice a difference. >> big airports have had long lines this weekend. boy say 150% to 200%. >> the president met with his cabinet after introducing new members. he says cuts were necessary but will do his best to ease the burden on american autos we're going try to minimize affects on american families but it's not the right way to go about deficit reduction. >> the budget office says the cuts will cost about 750,000 job autos how would you feel about a stranger going through your e mail? that is a question pose bid a stanford research project.
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the answer has anything to do with what you ghet return you probably won't hand your car keys to a stranger. some cars come with a special key limiting what valets can do. >> they can drive the car but can't opt trunk. so likely, what would it be like to have valet software. >> a graduate research project called e mail valet, i'ming to having an assistant comb through your g mailbox for you so kit see a limited amount of e mails and can help them cope with overload. >> this student created a program for, for $2 a day, an assistant can read just e mails you want them to see and turn your messy inbox into a tidy to do list. >> people do a much better job than machines at the humble
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create activity of negotiating every day live. >> you can make that to do list yourself but study found people used an assistant wound up doing more of the tasks on the lists. >> just the fact the task is there for you, it's reducing ability to do the tas ook how many people want a stranger going through e mail? >> people get less could concerned about privacy when they receive benefits from assistance. >> less than 4% of respondents said they'd share their index. 90% wanted to keep it. sadly it's still just a research project but it could become a business. >> there are a lot of projects that came out of this floor. >> coming up next, michael
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finney offering advice on renting a
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what you don't know about rental cards and credit cards could hurt you. >> a few tricks of the trade. >> yes. when you rent a car, in the shop or traveling there are several tips you must keep in mind. >> nearly every person renting a card here will pay with a card and by doing so, will receive an extra insurance policy. nearly every card come was rental car insurance. >> i use capitol one. mastercard. >> yes. mastercard will pay your deductible of any accident you've had. >> nice. >> coverage can be limited. but kit make a difference. >> one day, i pulled out a car charger, it hit the windshield. i had to pay money. >> who paid for that? >> di. >> she probably didn't have
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to. that is a mishap would have been covered by nearly any credit card. >> do you know your credit card offers rental car insurance? >> no. i didn't know that. >> it does. so from now on, use it okay. >> that extra protection can make getting into a wreck while driving a rental car less expensive than while driving your own vehicle. why? that coverage doesn't kick in unless you're renting a car, rosemary clancy with >> that is the beauty of having the credit card. often times have you a deductible of a thousand dollars. you are liable for that if you don't have the coverage that is supply bid your credit card its a good deal but doesn't cover everything. if you rent a truck or suv, it doesn't kick in.
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in nearly every case, the card insurance won't pay. when traveling overseas check with your dop see if you're covered and buy rental car coverage, always in italy and ireland. they have strict law there's. you don't want to not have it good to know. thank you. >> coming up next a member of the prison class of 72. >> convicted killer nose >> convicted killer nose longer on deathan) 3 days of wag
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to give a breast cancer survivor a lifetime-- that's definitely a fair trade. it was such a beautiful experience. (jessica lee) ♪ and it's beautiful (woman) why walk 60 miles in the boldest breast cancer event in history? because your efforts help komen serve millions of women and men facing breast cancer every year. visit to register or to request more information today. it was 3 days of pure joy. ♪ and it's beautiful
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it's a shocking case. a convicted double murderer released from prison and calls police to tell them he'd killed again. dennis stanworth is one of dozens of california inmates released after a 1972 supreme court decision overturning the death penalty. laura anthony looks into how many others have killed again. >> he was known as linoleum knife rapist. >> this woman talking about convicted double murderer and rapist dennis stanworth.
6:42 pm
one of dozens of former death row inmates later set free. in 1966 he was sentenced to death for the brutal kidnap, rape and murder of two 15-year-old pinole girls. carey and susan box. their family members are haunted by the crime he had them stripped and carey ran. he yelled if you don't come back, i'm going kill her friend. she came back. he shot hear in the head. >> he sat on death row, then, everything changed. >> first, california supreme court and u.s. supreme court determined the death penalty was unconstitutional l by mid 1970s they had their sentences reduced to life in prison. all were eligible for release. besides stanworth the group included charles manson and sir hahn, sir hahn who
6:43 pm
murdered robert kennedy. 50 were set free. among therjs robert massy. he was paroled, eight months later murdering a san francisco liquor store owner. in twun, after the death penalty was reinstated, massy was executed. >> and a lot of times these are horrendous. >> they have done something that can't be undone. those people are never coming back. so... how do you say that their live is only worth 20 years? 25 years? >> the parole board cited his good behavior, stanworth settled in vallejo, remarried and lived in a gated golf course community. some knew of his past. >> i figured he'd paid for his mistake as cording to the will you.
6:44 pm
>> but january 11 police announced... >> our communications center received a phone call from a man he was arrested for killing his 90-year-old north, nellie stanworth. the case and a handful of others is troubling they're also the exception whit comes to former death row inmates and convicted murderers granted parole. >> i think it's hard to grasp this. >> people who have been convicted of murder have a better rate of success, a lower repeat crime rate than individuals who commit other types of crimes. >> a 2011 study found the rate for paroled murderers is less than 1%. lower than 49% for california paroles. >> you have to have a lot of things in order before they
6:45 pm
can be released. >> this oakland attorney represents lifers in prison. he says several factors contribute to their success if released. much based on what did he do while behind bars. >> decades of self help programs and dealing with addictions from the past. finding support going forward. >> according to the california department of corrections of the 107 death row intimates in stanworth's class of 72, 42 were paroled. 12 committed new felonies. some worry exceptions will cause lawmakers to overreact, apassing new laws to keep prisoners behind bars longer but those touched by violence of men like stanworth say a sentence is a sentence. >> when they're that bad put nem a cage, forget about them, because they don't -- they're
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animals. >> dennis stanworth is awaiting trial for the murder of his mother, if conviktd he could receive the death penalty. >> let's talk about the weather. >> roo right now, clear skies no, hint after approaching storm but it is coming our way. pulling back to give you a wider image you see the cold front bringing not only rainfall but a drop in temperatures. in lake tahoe area a warning is in effect from 7:00 to 10:00 wednesday night we expect 10-20 inches of snow whiteout conditions are a possibility. bay area, cloudy skies ahead of the rainfall. high temperatures in the low 60s aand 50s on the coast. here is the accu-weather forecast.
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we're going to have two chilly days, periods of rain, showers, showers lingering into thursday morning. it will be chilly highs into 50s wednesday and thursday but will dry out ask warm up over the weekend. we spring forward to daylight savings time this weekend. high temperatures around 70 degrees, be sthour follow us on twitter by the way. for tweets video forecasts, power outages @ live doppler 7 hd. >> keep reminding us to spring forward. >> yes. spring forward. >> i never did set the clock back. i'm in good shape. >> you're okay. >> i didn't have to worry bit anymore. >> that is a way to do it that might work. >> let's move on to sports now each plains her problem. >> i was wondering why she was
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always an hour off. >> 49ers have decisions to make do. they bring back make do. they bring back deshawn all right that's a fiftr problem...
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good evening, deshawn goldson nicknamed the hawk could be flying away. the niners chose not to put the price tag on goldson. he is a key part of the hard hitting defense but that is secondary burned late in the season. goldson was tagged last year playing for $6.2 million. tweeting he is still hopeful of working out a deal with the 49ers. now as a rule whenever a guy guy says it's not about the money, it's always about the money. and there is joe flako saying no. no. it's about respect this, after signing his contract. that includes $52 million guaranteed.
6:52 pm
before the season, flako turned down an offer of about $16 million per year. so his reward is the largest contract in league history git going to be talking about-to-them that. is just the name of the game. i know this isn't going hold up for that long. that is not a priority of mine. it's just to get respect that i feel now from this organization. >> oh that is a lot of respect. sf seven games starting with the contest against toronto. holding on just to have the game up by houston and utah. mark jackson knows defense has been inadvise yibl we've got to-to-find a way to get back to who were with were and get our primary identity.
6:53 pm
>> we've just got to stop in teams, personal, individually and as a team. you snow we can zor with the best of them in this league averaging 100 plus points per game weechl got to take defensive end more importantly. and we will. >> a's have most of the squad back in 2013 but john jaiso is new. josh redic wearing his starter beard not giving it up. he unloads them, then, left center scoring seth smith. the giants a lot of the white sox 6.2. cane goes three, gave twoup runs. cal and stanford finishing in
6:54 pm
a tie. both honored today. the counsel made the pac-10 coach of the year. high school hoop mazing returns in new york. one player from mount vernon just held onto it. the result is ending with a 55 footer. officials ruled the shot sho no good good. they then said yes. it counts. this abc 7 sports report brought to you by orchard hardware. >> remarkable. >> thank you. >> that is respeekt thank you. >> join me tonight at 9:00 on coffee tv 206789 coming up then getting rid of red light camera autos ten, at 11:00 new
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ich stem cell discovered by researchers in the bay area, potential for patients. join us at 11:00. >> then, sean diddy combs and ben houghman. >> from all of us here, thanks for watching. we appreciate your time. we appreciate your time. will see you
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this is "jeopardy!" introducing today's contestants -- a freelance writer and editor from mishawaka, indiana... a neurologist and psychiatrist from las vegas, nevada... and our returning champion, a graduate student of zoology from okemos, michigan...
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d now here is the host of "jeopardy!" -- alex trebek! thanks, johnny. ladies and gentlemen, welcome aboard. as you just heard, sara is obviously an excellent "jeopardy!" player. $75,000 in just 3 shows. dylan and erin, welcome aboard. good luck to you and to you, sara. here we go -- the jeopardy! round, and today we feature these categories... sounds easy. and finally... "v" -- we know what that means. sara, start. start with "v" are the world for $200, please.
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what is venezuela? that's the country. "v" for $400, please. that's the country. erin. what is victoria? no. sara. what is vancouver? that's the city, yes. "v" for $600. dylan. what is venice? correct. "v" are the world for $800. dylan. what is vienna? correct. "v" are the world for $1,000. sara. what is vatican city? good. celebrities love tv for $200. i'm cnn correspondent lizzie o'leary. dylan. what is "mad men"? that's the show. celebrities love tv for $400.


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