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tv   ABC7 News 600PM  ABC  March 8, 2013 6:00pm-7:00pm PST

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past. governor schwartzeneggar vetoed one that passed. so now, senator mark leno is trying to get his bill through. >> the guns in the cow palace and on the street kismt. >> rudy from united playas is a street activist trying to stop the violence. saying stopping gun shows is part of the effort. >> during the last year, cross roads attracted over 400,000 customers. >> the video says it's the most-popular gun show in america. here at the cow palace, lots are full and lines long as they were in january. in the past, there have been attempts to stop the gun shows all failed. the cow palace sits on state land so local authorities have no power to ban them but now, all that have may end if state senator mark leno has his way. the resolution required both
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to officially approve gun shows at the cow palace or else, they can't be held. since both boards have gone on record opposing them here if the bill becomes law it's almost certain none will be held in the future. >> let the decision making be closer to the people affected by the decision. >> leno gathered a wide are qai of supporters all believed banning gun shows would reduce violent crime in the neighborhood. >> within two miles from this location here we have had 75 gun related crimes. >> sandy hook happens every day in bay view hunter's point and sunnyvale. enough is enough. >> sean richards started brothers against guns in the bay view. support for the bill is personal.
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>> i lost two brothers in 95 and 99 by gun violence. >> nra member says leno has it wrong. >> it will not turn violence around. we havep deeper causes ofb violence than he aware of. >> organizer dz not return our calls but the ceo of the cow palace did extolled us he does understand politics of guns but he wonders if leno's bill is the correct bill by singling out the cow palace and not other states that host gun show autos thank you very much. a disgruntelled employee who shot and killed three managers in a company five years ago was found guilty of murder today. the 53-year-old entered the
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semi conductor, killing the company's ceo, vice president of operations, and human resources manager. the jury will have to decide whether he was insane if committing these murder autos police made an arrest in a fatal stabbing of a man in a park wednesday afternoon. the 20-year-old is charged with the crime. police say he knew the victim, identified today as a 27-year-old eric wright chlgt his body found near entrance of guadalupe oak grove park. the stabbing not considered gang related. >> in oakland today a federal judge declared a man competent to face charges he tried to blow up a bank last month. the 28-year-old pleaded not guilty of using a weapon of mass destruction against a federally protected.
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turned out to be an fbi sting. explosives were fake. his former attorney cited mental condition in questioning whether he should have been charged with going along with a plot he could not have carried out on his own. his new attorney says he has mental illness but is well enough to stand trial. >> repair work continues in a san francisco neighborhood where a water main broke. the immediate crisis is over but now, residents have months of worrying and waiting head of them. abc 7 news joins us live tonight. heather? >> meft of the work centered on testing underground to locate utilities in advance of the two big next steps. those are geo technical testing to see how the soil is doing underneath the streets and homes, and replacing at least 400 feet of water mains
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ilts no secret a creek ran through here before homes were built over it. recent construction was seven homes in front of where these 16 inch underground water mains broke last week. that led to sink holes in places they'd never been before and three homes red tagged because of them. some were larmed when new homes were exempted. they worried about the water flow that construction might undermine landfill under existing homes, planning department confirmed the project was exempted from an eir we may never know if the construction played a role. it will be months of waiting and watching for residents in homes with all levels of damage and months of fighting with insurance companies.
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they won't touch it and say they're not obligated which they're not. residents say this home flooded three times. >> i don't want these people to suffer like i have. i worked 20 years for that home. took me 10 years to build. and work on that garden. >> supervisor says something about the pipes were originally laid in about 40, or 45 years ago. >> thank you. the iconic berkeley restaurant where california kudz yeen was all but born shut down tonight. a fire left chez panisse closed. wayne what a shame.
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>> this is a destination restaurant. one home of california cuisine this, is where diner woz be coming in. anyone would won't know would see crews boarding up the front and knocking down windows. people want reservations tonight goring to have to wait. this would have been a special day for trudy. >> he's parking. >> he's park something. >> yes. >> the early morning fire surprised a lot of people. none more than alice waters, investigators believe it start md an electric box beneath the historic wooden front porch. flames soared 12 feet up but a sprinkler kept them from
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spreading. >> it's a miracle that beams are intact. >> the queen of california qeez yeen cooked for presidents and influenced again raigs of chefz. good news in this trauma is that upstairs dining room remains intact. she hopes to have it open sooner than later but not this weekend. >> we'll be back. she'll be back. bummer is what it s. >> -- is. >> and the bummer that sthair getting it back in shape. windows boarded up through broken glass. and good news is that she did have insurance that will pay for salaries. this is not the first fire. the second was 31 years ago. if it happened three hours later, sorry, three hours earlier this morning would it have been on the same day. very odd. in berkeley abc 7 news.
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>> still to come here tonight at 6:00 the new minimum wage in san jose. $10 an hour, starts monday. how you may be paying for it already. >> i'm sandhya patel. system brought us rain heading out. what is coming in for the weekend. >> imposters poising aztec support targeting consumers. i'm michael finney. ahead, how you can protect yourself against fraud. >> and you'll see what it takes to move a museum. tonight the woman who tonight the woman who choreographed a bigys of walking
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after years of cutting back to save money san jose mayor is ready to start beefing up public safety again two. years ago the city facing a $115 million short fall. the mayor and counsel laid off employees and others took a 10% cut. finances improved and mayor reed says he wants to spend the funds on police. we need to be more aggressive about recruiting and hiring and strain training. we have a little bit of extra money to snend year. >> the city police and fire unions were the most vocal in opposing cuts to years ago. a statement read in part we're expecting to hear bold read
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leadership but heard a whimper. >> san jose minimum wage workers are getting a raise. the increase to $10 puts the claims that it will end up hurting owners, businesses and employees. the change begins on monday. >> the boss hasn't said anything yet but that is $80 a week. >> food, school supplies. trying to buy a car, it's hard. >> is others are heeding the warning. >> it will be interesting to see how everything does pan out. >> he and others are wondering
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if hours will be cut. that is a possibility as 4th street pizza cal clue laits the wage paying $2 more will raise expenses. prices for pizza and drinks have already been raised by 25 cents to 1ss today help cover the wage. and customers get upset. >> i've seen people not tip. >> opponents of the hike warn small businesses might be hurt and may be customers who determine if that happens. >> if they raise prizes up, the reason i come here is because it's cheap, fast. but if they raise it up i probably won't go out miff way to stop there. >> other businesses have been paying more than $10 an hour. >> this labor is hard to find.
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we is to pay well, otherwise they'll look for another job. >> you don't want to lose good employees. no, they're here for a long time. >> a walnut creek couple won the super lotto jackpot. he and his wife claimed the $33 million jackpot today in sacramento. sa -- his luck changed when he checked his numbers. >> i check again, again. i said i'm just dreaming. i don't -- removed my eye glasses and rubbed my iz maybe 10 times. no. that is it. that is the one. >> the couple didn't linger in sacramento. humera had to get back to the hair salon where she works.
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>> as long as she's there, i'm with her, if she lays me off, i can stay home. >> masuo of the d says he'd like to start his own business ask hire family members out of work. >> weekend is here looking good. >> it looks fabulous. talking about a warming trend, sunshine. going to be nice for plans. let me show you what it looks like from live doppler 7 hd. clouds hanging around but rain long gone. chain controls now on highway 50 there are storms as well, scattered showers give way to sunshine for coming weekend. look at this shot. sun has gone down.
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camera is shaking. 51 in san francisco. half moon bay it's 48 degrees. from our roof camera looking towards bay bridge here in this perspective, clear skies. winds have come up to 43 miles per hour these are gusts out of the north so windy, breezy elsewhere. we'll call it windy, chilly as winds drop off. sunny, warmer for the weekend. spring forward on sunld. -- sunday, we'll go to daylight savings time. this area of high pressure low pressure is heading out of here, now we're going to see this area of high pressure taking control of weather.
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by sunday we can see warmer conditions, warming trend start this weekend. slightly higher for saturday. then, more so sunld, monday, tuesday. tomorrow morning mid to upper 30s in coldest valleys, in afternoon, san jose, 65, santa clara, same thing. 64 cupertino. coastal areas upper 50s, nothing but blue skies. near 70 degree readings around santa rosa and 66 clear lake. 63 hayward. up to 65 in oakland and inland communities you're going to be in the mid to upper 60s range. 66 livermore. accu-weather forecast don't forget like i said daylight
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savings time begins 2:00 a.m. sunday. spring forward enjoy sunshine there. coastal areas upper 50s to low 60s. >> yes. we've got rain. >> good. enjoy. >> coming up here next, new policy on fighting for jeft fire autos one agency decided fire autos one agency decided well, well, well. growing up, we didn't have u-verse. we couldn't record four shows at the same time.
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in my day, you were lucky if you could record two shows. and if mom was recording her dumb show and dad was recording his dumb show then, by george, that's all we watched. and we liked it! today's kids got it so good. [ male announcer ] get u-verse tv for just $19 a month for 1 year when you bundle tv and internet. rethink possible.
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u.s. forest service has come up with a policy on saving money for fighting forest fires let more burn. after coming in overbudget after the worst fire season last year, the service now says it may no longer attack every wildfire that breaks out. they plan to increase their emphasis on prefire planning and managed burns. decades after gresive firefighting they now say was a mistake. it allowed forests to become overgrown. >> san jose city officials cleared a homeless encampment this morning 72 hours after posting a nits notice of eviction. rescue officers sood by as
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volunteers cleared out tents, zparpz chickens. some people living in the encampment were cleared out in another recent sweep. >> they kept asking where do you want us. they said we'd be all right here. we get here and tried to do what they've asked to us do. now they're telling us we have to leave, again. >> officials hope to place a thousand of the homeless into shelters by 2015. >> 49ers quarterback collin kaepernick may not have come whom a ring but judging from people who greeted him today he's still a big winner. the 49ers faithful turned out for an autograph and to have their pictures taken. despite the loss he has not lost his star power.
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>> fun. >> there is more still to come tonight on abc 7 news at 6:00. just ahead a report on the numbers of new hires around the country what cuts could mean. >> the case against the son-in-law of osama bin laden and role in the family business. >> a story of a man who... nearly became the first chinese american in the nba. tonight meeting the man who did.
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>> tonight we have a strong indication the u.s. economy is strengthening following the great recession. the jobs report shows employers went on a hiring spree last month and unemployment fell. the construction industry added 48,000 new jobs the biggest month of hiring in six years. retailers schools and hospitals and movie industry all added jobs as well.
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and wages are rising. >> you don't want to see low paying jobs are restaurant jobs these are professional job that's drove this. >> this was music to the ears of wall street. dow jones rose to its fourth high of 67 points up today. >> unemployment is considered high and a lot of people can't find jobs. the government's automatic spending cuts could slow the recovery. and mark matthews is here on that. >> a month ago we told but cuts at ucsf and funding they can lose. nothing has changed today,
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house minority leader stressing the impact of the cuts. >> nancy pelosi today had another agenda. >> science and science. >> congressional democrats have been trying to ignite sublick opposition to the cuts and today, ran through just some of what the funding made possible. >> wek we've identified a vaccine that could identify hepatitis b. >> pelosi says cutting just 5% is reckless. but adds it's what republican leaders want rather than raising taxes on the wblgy. >> some people in washington say it's a home run. >> pelosi's office put her name to this web video making it clear which people in washington she's talking about. >> i got 98% of what i wanted.
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i got 98% whaif wanted. >> with only 100 views it's a long way of going viral. and when the economy seems to be on the way up. 48,000 ju nu jobs just in construction. >> i saw a great job increase of job activity from october on. >> has to be thought ask if the cuts will have an impact this, contractor said he's sure they will but to what extent? >> it's tough, tough to tell. if people feel good, it keeps rolling and we're just holding on. >> budget office is suggest it kill cost three quarters of a million job buzz that assumes that there is no deal to lessen the impact. >> thank you mark.
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>> osama bin laden's son-in-law and former spokesman pleaded not guilty to terror charges today. is he accused of plotting against americans before, and after the september 11th attacks. evidence against him includes 22 pages of transcripts. >> it's not videos of the person encouraging muslims to rise up and kill americans. >> he is expect to be back in court in april. >> cardinals at the vatican set a date for when they'll begin choosing the new pope. the conclave will begin tuesday morning. mass will be held at st. peter's basilica, followed by a procession into the sistine chalel.
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among those casting a ballot is los angeles cardinal roger mahony. in his sermon he talked about forgiveness. >> an obstacle that often times prap traps people from moving from hatred to love is inability or unwillingness to forgive. >> critics called on the cardinal to recuse himself from voting. he says he will not. >> google pays a privacy penalty agreeing to pay for collecting data from unsecured. oil giant bp said the cost of the gulf oil spill will be higher than first estimated because of a judge's interpretation of a settlement with wis business and
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residents subordinate damage claims and lamborghini marking its 50th anniversary by intro dugs it's fastest model ever that can go from zero could 60 miles per hour in three seconds. with a price tag of $4 million. >> that is fast. >> coming up next a bay area man falls victim to a new version of an old scheme. >> yes. what you should do if you get a call from someone claiming
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a warning about a phone fraud. >> imposters posing as comcast technicians calling people telling them there is a virus. >> michael finney investigated. >> it's the bad guy that's never sleep. here is proof this, is the version of an old scheme this, time imposters making random calls and he believed the lie, and unfortunately, he paid the price.
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linda and lee were enjoying a night at home when lee got a troubling phone call. >> he said i'm from cost cast. and we see that have you not responded to our e mails the caller says the computer was in danger of a malware attack. that got him worried. >> i had been getting pop ups from norton security saying we need to down load updates. >> when we could not access them the man says it is because his computer was full of virus autos they're slow everything down. the caller said he had to fix things. >> oh, oh.
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this call lasted the almost an hour. >> the man said the computer had no virus protection lee got sus spishus. quietly. their personal computer technician spotted this fraud. >> it's a scam, scam. and sooner or later a money number is going to spotted. >> the fellow insisted oh, well here is what we're going to do. clean out this and that. and all for the price of $170. >> linda pushed a note in front of her husband saying hang up! it was a little too late. >> spy ware had been planted imposter could see the information and e mail costing him 90ses today clean out. it could have been worse.
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they managed to wipe out spy ware but what about others? they call immediate to warn you if you can give information to people so someone else could avoid it it's a huge service. >> i appreciate it. comcast tells us it will never call you on the phone the company does provide antivirus protection but if there is a problem you'll get an e mail f anyone asks you for money, if it's a fraud, ever, ever, for any reason, other than your kids. >> thank you. >> the race is on to open the new exploratorium on time.
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abc 7 is excited to be the tv partner of the exploratorium. the exploratorium shut doors in january. and now, the staff is racing to get ready for opening day at their new building april 17th. over the next few weeks abc 7 news will bring access to the new exploratorium whai. takes to move a museum. have you 43 years of history and exotic creatures and bathrooms with stuff that might some day come in handy. how many trucks will it take to move to a new museum? now adding it's a historic pier wh. ready to give up, call valerie. she's a moving expert. >> i know. i am. it's a funny job. >> the team determine they can move 60 exhibits per day.
6:44 pm
then factoring in packing time, thousands of feet of plastic wrap and some labeling skill autos we choreographed to work with speaking of the construction completion. >> final answer? it took 9,000 man hours and 200 truck loads. the group and museum in two months including a giant wind tarp. >> we built the harp it was welt above tree line. but over 20 years they grew up and started to block the wind. >> a steep ladder not suitable for bringing down a harp so they brought in a crane to do the job then, suddenly it was
6:45 pm
cruising through the air getting a look over can chrissy field. with the harp will be set up to catch the wind. another challenge from this tornado exhibit. a long time favorite. but it's finicky. the tornado arrived in a new building in pieces. peter has to make it work but they have to make sure it will shift. can anyone get a view? >> too close. the exhibit just too tall for the space. >> so we have to get creative. >> after hours of reassembly and moving, cutting it's in its proper position. now they have to get the tornado to form. vapor created by a tranceducer. >> they're tiny water drop let that's remain suspended like a gas.
6:46 pm
>> the team has to figure out where to put big panel autos this could be hours of tweaking and testing. >> quickly they know it's going to work. but will take more time to make tornado concities steent yes. is a good one and lasting. >> now attention is focused on new exhibits and sunday, presenting a free preopening street festival. they'll have special exhibits on trucks in spots around san francisco and a big finale in pier 15. you can find a link on abc 7 click on abc 7 of the we're proud to be a partner in m this move. >> yes. cool. >> all right. sandhya patel is here. >> weather looks fantastic. let me show you the accu-weather forecast.
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temperatures going to be in one direction. we'll get you into mid-70s range. monday through thursday next week inland this weekend daylight savings time begins at 2:00 a.m. sunday. spring foord. rick qaun doing sports tonight. >> there is a history lesson. jeremy lind back in the bay area. another local giants basketball player got a shot
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>> warriors playing host to jeremy lind and the rockets. looked upon as a pioneer for asian american athletes another player from the bay area tried out for warriors nearly 50 years ago. >> a star at george washington
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high school,. >> it was a dream come true. i was so happy to have to tryout. and it's a great, great experience. >> a i leadletter read some day a chinese player will make it. 49 years later the words came through. >> pleasure to meet you norman got to meet the player. >> what i'm learning is before me just respect to everybody else who is in there before. and you know this is, ground breaking from 1964 that is a
6:52 pm
long, long time ago. you know? people weren't close to thinking about it. >> this is great here. and he's a nice kid. >> norman is 50 years older. >> i i think important thing is that we're having fun chasing our dream of playing basketball. i think that that is the most important thing sm. times, it doesn't work out the way you want it to. you know? we can hang our hats and say we tried z we at least, i don't think we have regrets for sure.
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can't help but see a little b-52 himself every time jeremy takes the court. after two rounds of the cadillac championship tiger woods achieved something he's never done on the pga tour. this is just inches short of a hole in one. woods began with a he finished with seven birdies for the day giving him 17 through his first two rounds. a personal best. cal took on usc. bears top scorer was held to just seven points but teammates stepped up.
6:54 pm
britney boyd knocked down three of her 15. the bears win, 78-59 and will face ucla in tomorrow's semi finals and stanford leads washington state at the half. 30-22. this abc 7 sports report brought to you by orchard supply, hardware. >> jeremy lind seemed to appreciate what had been done before him. >> in norm is only what? five six or seven? he was -- he still plays basketball. >> that is great. >> i'd like to see two of them. >> join me tonight at cable channel 13. coming up how did investigators sneak a fake explosive right through security in a major airport? a violent attack on a woman caught by a security camera.
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>> and kelly ripa and a mobilely. mobilely. >> f
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this is "jeopardy!" let's meet today's contestants -- an associate professor of management communic from gainesville, florida... a digital analyst from kearny, new jersey... and our returning champion, a business analyst from minneapolis, minnesota...
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and now here is the host of "jeopardy!" -- alex trebek. thank you, johnny. thank you, ladies and gentlemen. last week on our program, we had a three-day champion, a lovely young lady who left us having won $77,000. this week, we haw, who has won $63,000 after just 3 days. but he's here to play again today. so, mike and yellowlees, welcome aboard. good luck. here we go. the "jeopardy!" round. and here are the categories. you have to tell us the state. we'll give you the city and the dates. alex: drew. i'm gonna go with our state fair for $200, please. mike. what is new york? that's the state. our state fair for $400.
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drew. what is arizona? no. mike. what is colorado? you got it. our state fair for $600, please. yellowlees. what is georgia? yes. the explorer for $200, please. brr! thisgian explorer's bust sits outside on spitsbergen island, from which he flew over the north pole. yellowlees. who is roald amundsen? yes. the explorer for $400, please. drew. who is de soto? correct. explorer for $600, please. here's kelly. in 195n after sailing from south america to polynesia, this norwegian found pottery shards on the galapagos -- yellowlees. who is thor heyerdahl? yes. the explorer for $800, please. who is thor heyerdahl? yes.


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