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tv   ABC7 News 1100PM Repeat  ABC  March 26, 2013 1:05am-1:40am PDT

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@ñ >> sea of people march san francisco city hall tonight on the eve of the historic supreme court hearing on same sex marriage. good evening everyone. i'm carolyn i don't know son. >> i'm dan ashley. after many years of intensifying debate the highest court in the land now poised to hear arguments
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for and against one of the most controversial issues in the country. it's remarkable moment. cornell is live at san francisco city hall tonight where thousands of people made it very clear how they feel. >> exactly dan. thousands of marchers return to city hall where the fight for same sex marriage began years ago. gay pride flag flies over the entrance of city hall tonight on this the eve of supreme court arguments about making gay marriage legal in california. >> march for equality. all may live as one. >>reporter: it was one of the largest rally castro street has seen in years. fight for marriage equality. allen and marcos live in san francisco but recently got married in new york. >> we love each other. married in a city that we fell in love in. i love this guy. want to be able to walk around say this is my husband. completely legal here. >>reporter: on the eve of the supreme cou arguments on california prop 8 she sent
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this would the woman she wants to marriage. >> not just for straight people i want to get married. this is my lover and hope she says yes and hope the supreme court says yes. >> they love each other a lot and i support them a lot they are really cool. >>reporter: then time to take the message to the street. march and castro to city hall. >> several thousand people joined in the march escorted by police. >> important for the world to see that. this is real people lives and we want same equality as everybody else. >>reporter: we were overhead as the march wound its way down market street. to the steps of city hall. where the rallying cry got even louder. >> supervisor scott weiner and nine years ago we made history in this building by leading the way for marriage equality. [applause] we are going do it again tomorrow when the supreme court takes prop 8 and d o ma
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and puts them on the garbage heap of history where they belong. [applause]. >>reporter: group which organized tonight march plans to hold candle light vigil on the steps of the calf supreme court tomorrow and wednesday. as the u.s. supreme court hea hears arguments in this historic case. live in san francisco tonight, abc 7 news. >> thank you. court has long list of option ins this case. among them the justice cost over turn prop 8 ot making ban on same sex marriage unconstitutional. upholding prop 8 would permit the ban on same sex marriage to remain in place in dozens of states including california. court could also strike down prop 8 because people defending it don't have the trite do so effectively allow same sex marriages to resume in california. and the court takes up a separate issue. d o ma. defense of mirj act on wednesday. ruling is expected in june. in washington vigil took
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place tonight outside the supreme court and across the street about 30 die hard braved snow and freezing temperatures since last week and hopes of getting seat for tomorrow oral arguments. >> california lieutenant governor newsom attorney general harris and san francisco city attorney her at t tomorrow the as well. all having played a key role in california same sex marriage movement. and chief justice john roberts lesbian cousin jean pad will also be there exploratorium resident. hoping to marry her partner after the court ruling. now carolyn is in washington tonight. she has already claimed one of the coveted seats in the criminal for two days of hearings foray. for live reports beginning tomorrow night right here on abc 7 news. >> mother and baby girl are home safe tonight in the south bay after a terrifying ordeal trigger amber alert. 11 month old girl became separate from her mother early this morning
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outside the east san jose home. lillian is live on am door court where it all started. >> carolyn mother daughter came home couple of hours ago and while it has been a long and emotional day for them, mom was able to share a few words. she emerge from the home wanting to thank the community. daughter gabriel was subject of amber alert. after wide spread media coverage and intense search the baby was found safe and sound. >> my baby is okay thank god. i was happy find her and have her with me and i want to say everybody thank you thank you thank you. >>reporter: nightmare began at 6:45 am. that's when she saw somebody driving away in her suv with the baby inside. san jose police say the mom had left the vehicle with the keys in the ignition for only a short time as she ran back into the thousands retrieve some items. investigators don't know who was behind the wheel but they say it may have been the same person who seen
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standing around in the cul-de-sac shortly before the vehicle was stolen. >> we don't know if she got into the car walked off what happened to her but last person seen in close proximity to the vehicle before taken. >>reporter: police launched an intense search intense search briefly shut down highway 101 and involved a police airplane. then nearly 5 hours later a maintenance worker at the apartment complex spotted the suv with the hazard lights on. also found the baby inside. >> i saw a car car there that didn't belong here. amber alert on my phone and i called pd. >>reporter: police trying to find the person who took the suv. they have dusted vehicle for fingerprints and hope to process other forensic evidenc evidence. >> thank you. to find my baby and she's okay and now she's with me. >>reporter: mother did give police description of the woman. she is believed to be in her 30's and wearing dark clothing and was carrying a red and white target bag. live in san jose, abc 7 news. >> the baby is safe thank
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goodness. >> registered sex offender back in trouble with the law tonight after san leandro teenager followed her home. 50-year-old watson is on parole for sexual assault. 15-year-old jogger an maniced a fan man following her and standing outside her home. parents called police officers found him and he was identified. facing charges of annoying molest ago child. >> clouds and wind return today so will all of int into rain? 7 news meteorologist sandy here with a look at live doppler 7 hd. >> right now on live doppler 7 hd we see cloud cover. few sprinkles can developed around santa rosa. could be a couple of sprinkle in the east bay but most evaporating before it hits the ground. high definition roof top camera coyote tower, telegr hill, few c hill, few clt there. temperatures right now 45 degrees in santa rosa. frooiv 49 in livermore and also in los gatos. i do have showers in my accu-weather 7
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difficult forecast. let you know if the wet weather is going to affect the easter egg hunt in a few minutes. >> thank you. some time in the next few hours the drive from pacifica to half moon bay is going to change forever. 2 brand new tunnel about to open which will take traffic away from the treacherous road at devil slide. the new tunnel look a little definitely like the glowing the glowingize staring us down like that. 7 news reporter is live tonight in pacifica. sirnlt is a long >> yes and cal-trans now saying that those 2 tunnel should be tr so. it means drivers along highway 1 here heading to devil slide won't worry as much about the rock slide road closure knu. >> tonight both tunnel through the slide area are all lit up. but not quite ready to handle drivers. for much of the evening traffic was backed up in both directions as cars had to take turns because highway 1 was reduced to a single lane.
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workers spending the last few hours laying down stripes shifting create barriers and making sure the angle of the road is correct. >> roughly between 1 and 3:00 a.m. thereabouts. confident open for the morning are your. >> definitely open for the morning rush. >>reporter: that will come as relief to businesses and residents on both sides of the tunnel. folks who run sea bowl in pacifica would lose 20 percent of a business whenever rock slide shut highway 1. >> with the road close before you lose the business from the bay area coming norton 1. not going to drive all the way around to come to pacific characterization happened many times before including this major rock slide in 1995. which closed highway 1 for months. today local dignitary held ribbon cutting for 4 39 million dollar project that sends traffic through the hillside for 3 quarters of a mile. it feature add parade of antique car. one driven by
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jack padilla of monterra throwing strike tonight at sea bowl. >> it means that there will be a lot less traffic and we'll be able to access everything on this side easier. avoid the slide when they do occur couple couple years. >>reporter: fire department also eager for the opportunity toll open because of the crashes on highway 1. we have complete coverage of the opening beginning at 4:30 in the morning. live in pacifica, abc 7 news. >> big day there. john thanks very much. >> up next. new treatment for embarrassing condition some say. >> i'm a little ashamed of my left leg when i'm out running. >> new way to treat a painful condition affecting the legs. >> celebrity who jumped in to stop an animal attack on southern california beach. >> then later on "jimmy kimmel live". >> music from dustin and jamie and nicholei and waldo is here and talking to dana delaney. and talking to dana delaney. >> but i
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>> varicose veins painful and
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unsightly problem but new technical advance make it technical advance rid of them on in a single procedure. >> as an avid runner and mountain bike rider my kill legs are toned but one small area that bothers her. >> right now i'm a little ashamed of my left leg when i'm out running. i feel in like i need to hide it. >>reporter: she says the raced vein faintly visible on the leg lying down bulge outstanding or running with a rope like pattern familiar to sufferers >> that's why i'm get thanksgiving done actually. because with my running gear i continue like to see the bulge vein. >>reporter: but the surgeon will treat the area with with increasingly popular therapy. replaces older technique while effective often required return visits. >> first to close the long straight vein but that doesn't take care of all the little varicose veins and big medium size rope vaips. this is where
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i need light. >>reporter: first the doctor uses ultrasound to guide a laser that the larger vein feeding the problem area. >> put the light up. activate. >>reporter: over ought course of next few minutes use heat to kill off the vein process known as thermal obliteration. >> the vein guess destroyed because so much heat is proud the vein becomes l seared or cooked. that's it. >> next step is to destroy the bulge vein with evolving technique inject ago liquid agent into the problem vessel to kill the tissue. he says the challenge in the past is to keep the solution in place. to help that process dr. erickson whips the solution into a foam state to make it less likely to be diluted by any resituatedal blood flow fichlt blood gets
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back into the vein treated with this therapy then there's a chance or reasonable chance the vein can recover from the injury. >> in the final step dr. erickson injects liquid under the skin surrounding the vein to express them ultimately wrapping leg in compression sochblingt effect is long lasting. julie underwent the treatment several months ago. >> improved. >>reporter: if all goes well dr. erickson says she will avoid a second surgery often required in the past. >> she should back on the bike within 1 week. she can i have told her she cap go running after two days. prognosis is grace great. >>reporter: one note while commercial version of the chemical are in use europe they are not in this in this country. one british company submit add new application to the fda and hoping for approval in the next few most. >> mark kelly astronaut and husband of giffords stopped unusual attack on vacation in
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southern california. now the following video may a little diff difficult to watch. giffords daughter and passerby were desperately trying to stop her dog from attack ago sea lion on will gun a beach. got bull dog mix off the sea lion and calm down the dog. sea lion did die it was determined not due to the bite wounds. >> tremendous relief tonight for san bruno woman desperately searching for her stolen dog. lenahan reunited with her dog. she was riding bart with the dog last week when fell asleep and somebody snatched the dog. bart police found the dog athoue dog is especially trained to help lenahan deal with anxiety she suffered ever since surviving a plane crash. they say criminal charges are pending in the case. but she's so happy to have her dog back. >>appy to be happy to be home. >> very happy. >> we are expecting perhaps change in our weather. >> sandy is tracking it all for
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us on live doppler 7 hd. >> that's right. you may need those umbrella before you know it. so far tonight only few sprinkle materializing around santa rosa. clover dale few showers and we look on live doppler 7 hd some moisture in the form of clouds in the east bay. could see sprinkle most not reaching the ground. sow know we are behind in terms of rainfall but how far are we? only 71verage in average in san francisco. 79 percent of normal in santa rosa. see just over 70% mountain view san jose 70 and oakland falling way behind. 67 percent of average so we certainly need the rain that is coming this week. as you look from the sutro camera sparkling view of san francisco right now. temperatures 49 in san francisco. 5kland oakland. we have low 50's for san jose and also for santa cruz. highlights look like this cloudy interval this week. chance of showers on thursday and rain possible for easter sunday. ç here's pacific satellite picture. we have a
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couple of systems working towards the bay area. basically all they are going to serve to do for the time being is bring us occasional clouds. all week long. exception will be that we may see a little bit of lift over the higher terrai terrain. see what i'm talking about in a moment. tomorrow morning a little bit of drizzle around the santa cruz county coast at 5:00 a.m. starting the morning commute cloud cover breaking up in the afternoon but at 1:00 p.m. not breaking up in the north bay over the higher terrain could see some showers developing very isolated through 5:00 p.m. tuesday and repeat this pattern again on wednesday. tomorrow morning could see some spotty drizzle or sprinkle around the santa cruz county line as i mentioned. temperatures in the 40's across the entire bay area with the cloud cover. quite comfortable to start off with and then in the afternoon 65 in the south bay for san jose. 66 in santa cruz. 64 degrees in milpitas on
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looking at mix of sun clouds 64 palo alto, 63 red wad stishtion san mateo 62 degrees. mid upper 50's along the could he go and lengthers clouds well natural afternoon. upset district 59 degrees in downtown san francisco. in the north bay this is where you have the best possibility of seeing few showers surrounding clear leak. calistoga. mid 60's. santa rosa 65. 64 vallejo out to the east bay comfortable weather. 64 in oakland. 65 union city. inland area close to 70 degrees. 67 in livermor livermore. 66 degrees in concord. look at the accu-weather 7 day forecast. mix of sun clouds tuesday wednesday. isolated showers possible over the higher terrain but light showers for the entire bay area at least a chance thursday. brief warm-up friday. better possibility of seeing rain over the weekend. saturday and sunday not looking great for the easter egg hunt but hoping the time changes. >> warrior looking great
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tonight. >> big game against the lakers. >> they pushed the lakers around tonight like the new kids on the block. curry leading the way despite injured right aevrj. fearless leading right aevrj. fearless leading the warriors second straight
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>> warriors host lakers and seems to be a changing of the guard in the west. but no change at for the warriors tonight and curry started despite bum right ankle. translate to the court early o on. curry showing no sign of injured ankle. stop and pop the 3 from the corner. 25 points and 10 assist. curry running the floor. 3 of the 2 22. warriors led 28-16 at the end of one quarter. just before the half. curry inbound to andrew. pass it in. warriors by 23 at the break. third quarter. a show. no look pass to land dry and golden state wins second straight in 4 of the last 5. the final here. women tournament cal south florida.
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the first half here. jumper and foul had 17 first half points 27 on the night. cal led by fifty break. bears, cal at 3 here and seconds remain when the foul shooting a 3. sank all 3 free throw sending gametime to over time tied at 70. cal got the job done in o t. to gray. cal advances to the sweet 16 with 82-78 victor victory. all right sharks without defense man murray tonight against the ducks. traded to the penguins for pair of second round pick. maybe the trade is tier in the sharks jumped out early. burns notches third gel of the seaso season. sharks up l. 2 minutes later. joe turns. home. eighth of the year put the sharks up 2 sear o. second period more of the same. martin. right place right tim time. rebond and shark go on
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to win it 5-3. tiger woods is once again the to top dog in golf with the win in the palmer invitational. fired 2 under 70 winning by 2 stroke. winning eighth time tying 48-year-old tour record. check out this 18. 90 feet. appropriate to claim the no. 1 spot and anie the vet doesn't go in. tiger wins by 3 strokes and happy to be back on top. >> feels good right now. i was kind of scrolling through my phone and all the people who have support me and all the text and saying thank you. been incredible. to have all the support and all the hard work has paid off to get me to this point. >>reporter: abc 7 sports report brought to you by river rock ka seechbility you
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probably texted him. >> oh, yes. >> all right. >> up next. striking it rich. >> man who just became a lottery a if about.
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>> here's a lack at the wake up weather. partly mostly cloudy first thing in the morning. ht w height winds temperatures 40's. 8:00 a.m. low 40's to low 50's. lisa in for mike starting at 4:30 run to go 7a give you the complete up indicates. carolyn and dan. well finaks. >> well finally. 44-year-old immigrant from the dominican republic is now 3 38 million dollars richer after winning the power ball lottery saturday night. >> lucky fella. >> he won after walking that the eagle liquor store in new jersey today. >> pedro is a father of 5 who works at dl i owned by his sochbility he will take the lump sum paying 152 million dollars after taxes. >> he says he's happy the money will help him take care of his family. >> i'll bet he is. >> that and then some. >> help take care of my family. >> that's all for now. >> abc 7 news continues tomorrow morning beginning at 4:30 of course we are always available at 7 available at 7 facebook twitter at 7 news bay g
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comprehensive, sensible immigration reform. >> president obama apparently isn't the only high-powered leader pushing for change. facebook founder mark zuckerberg is forming a new advocacy group to promote immigration reform and education. spring has clearly not sprung in much of the country thanks to chilly temperatures and records of unseasonable snowfall. the snow crippled road traffic, canceling flights and closing schools. and it's not over yet. forecasters say some east coast locations will be snowy and miserable once again today. well, among the finest in the world and now the post office in belgium is putting temptation right on the face of an envelope. >> oh, my goodness. just in time for easter, issuing stamps with stamps that taste
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like chocolate, apparently. glue and ooinink are mixed with cacao oil. they smell good but the taste, not so much. they do look nice. >> yeah. >> look nice. don't think i will lick it though. >> fan favorites in this year's ncaa tournament. how a little known university managed to make it into the sweet 16 and give the city a new nickname in the process. >> and ruin all our brackets. first, a security nightmare, a dangerous virus disappears from a lab. you are watching "world news now." >> announcer: "world news now" weather brought to you by woolite every day. >> announcer: "world news now" weather brought to you by woolite every day.


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