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tv   ABC7 News 500PM  ABC  June 30, 2013 5:00pm-5:31pm PDT

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a last-ditch effort is on to avoid a strike that could cripple the bay area commute. talks ben bart and it's two unions stalled and the clock is ticking. i'm in for ama daetz. we have developing news. the latest round of negotiations is happening right now in oakland. still some union members say the two sided are very far apart. to the mass roman has the latest from just outside the location of the negotiations.
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reporter: we're just seven hours away from a possible bart strike that could strand some 400,000 bart passengers early tomorrow morning. now, negotiations are going on across the street here at caltrans headquarters on grand avenue. we were told that bart is willing to go all night and extend talks if necessary to avoid a strike. >> negotiators for bart and the unions filed into the building at 3:30. this union negotiator had this to say: >> we're very far apart. we have not pitch up. we were at the table for a day and a half and the district never showed up. >> he says the distance for're the two has been significant. bart workers asking for a 5% pay hike and 2% cost of living. the union says it will may half
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a percent toward its pension which is now fully funded by bart. >> the actual offer is 1%, 1%, 1. the additional 1% each year is based on conditions that are not only preposterous, but paralyzing our members. >> talks have been stalled since thursday. this is the first formal meeting between the two sides. bart officials have not been available for comment so far. we talked with the state mediator. he can only say that this meet is crucial. >> the administration expects the parties to meet, negotiate, and reach a settlement. union members wanted to avoid a strike. and governor brown turned down a 60-day delay. he wantses this septembered
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tonight. >> to help ease the commuter impact if bart does go on strike, bart will be providing free bus service to san francisco from four bart stations. tickets are available on first come first served basis in the morning at these four stations only. the buss we drop off passengers near the trapsbay termal where riders can catch a free ride back on the bus. other contingency plans include free parking at any bart station or park and ride lot. mta officials said they would extend casual car-pooling for san francisco east bay travelers, and additional fare inspectors will be vrabel to he customers. if the bart strikes the best action is for commuters to work at home. san francisco based ferry says it will deploy all available ferries if there is a
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strike. there would also be extend service hours and additional customer service representatives to help riders. the ferry service reminds commuters there is limited parking at ferry terminals and suggest people get dropped off or car pool. >> workers at ac transit could always walk off the job tomorrow. if they remain on the job they'll play a major roll in transporting commuters on excess transbay express busesment we have a full range of transportation resources for you on and we have real-time traffic maps. and you can download the wave traffic app to help you navigate the freeway. if bart workers walk, join us at 4:00 tomorrow morning for the latest on the strike. morning news anchors will bring you the latest on contract negotiations, and traffic reporter lela will have updates on your commute, tomorrow
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morning at 4:00. a colorful crowd attended this year's san francisco gay pride parade to celebrate the recent supreme court ruling restoring mex -- same-sex marriages in california. sergio quintana was there and is live now at city hall where more same-sex marriages took place today. reporter: here with so many of the court actions in favor of the gay community, gay pride parade organizers and gay pride festival organizers expect a record crowd, and by the looks of this still party-going group, that seems to be exactly what they got. >> the san francisco gay pride paradees touted as the biggest in the united states. well over a million people are here, according to organizers estimates. there are always celebrity grand marshals who lead the procession. >> i was so honored to be in the parade and because of the
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historic event it's something that well never be forgotten. >> following a week of big supreme court decisions, prop -- these are the biggest stars of the event. >> so happy for people who are getting married now, and the hopes they can have the same experience. >> even the supreme court justices who ruled in favor of proposition 8 were honored in san francisco0s own special way. anthony kennedy denied an appeal by prop 8 supporters. that means same-sex marriage in california will continue, and the mayor says it's been a busy weekend. >> we had over 327 extra marriage licenses issued between friday and saturday, and we're still open and everybodyes volunteering. >> by this afternoon there were many more new licenses issued. this is part of the line of people waiting to get married in city hall. >> exchanging rings today. >> in this bigger room even more
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couples exchanged vows. >> i now pronounce you partners for life. >> that was sergio quintana reporting. there was an excessive heat warning today and people flocked to the water. this is santa cruz. let's get the latest from leigh glaser. >> leigh: you know, we actually had a little bit of cooling today. the reason why is live doppler 7hd actually picking up little bit of light fog that developed just off the coast. let me animate this and you can see, it there is, a little bit of an onshore sea breeze and that dropped temperatures down as much as ten degrees in some locationsle now, right now, still just scorching heat inlearntiond 101, livermore. 104, antioch, oakland, 77. 93 in santa rosa. 67, san francisco. 86, san jose.
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those numbers are down by eight degrees this time yesterday in san jose, down seven at sfo, and five in fairfield. yet, that heat, excessive heat advisory still in place for much of the bay area, northeast and south bay locations, and it is not going to let up until tuesday, and this could possibly be extended through wednesday as well, and of course, very warm nights, risk of heat related illings ins. how long will temperatures sit near 100-degrees? we'll look at the seven-day forecast coming up. >> on this second day of extreme temperatures and another hot day on tap tomorrow and tuesday, we're wondering what people are doing beat the heat. john alston is live from the green with that. reporter: it's a tale of contrasts near bay area weather. behind me the hotter end, short-sleeved shirts and pants as people walk along the water, but you don't have to go far
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because over here you can see what makes the bay area so special, that's some cool fog over the golden gate bridge, as well as the marin headlands and along the coast. but even with the breeze here you can feel the sun beating down on you. not many outdoor options to stay cool inland. folks were seeking relief at the sun valley shoppinger in? concord. it was 98 there. antioch, 104. and this is the beginning of a nasty heat with a, and enthough san francisco would be a natural air conditioner, one resident headed to the east bay because he likes the heat. >> if you're not used to it, stay in but if you want to enjoy the sun, stay out think might as well. >> i propose staying in cooler weather, air conditioning if possible. or with lots of fans. reporter: in oakland, people got
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relief from the blazing sun on and around lake merritt, walkers, joggers, rowers, there was some problem with the heat here causing power outams, 80 homes in the east bay without power. 250 in the south bay. live in san francisco, john alston, abc7 news. >> and stay with abc7 news for continuing coverage of this heat wave. you can track weather anytime, anywhere, with live doppler 7hd on follow us on twitter as well, and leigh will have the full forecast in ten minutes. >> ahead, terrifying adventure for tourists from sweden. their sightseeing trip to new york city did not go as planned. >> then the sky high birthday celebration that landed a young california
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an 11-year-old girl died after a pickup truck crash involving six members of the same family. the accident happened yesterday on interstate 280 in palo alto. the ford pickup truck with eight people inside overturned several times. everyone was injured. the victims range in age from two to 50, all from watsonville. >> new details on a story we brought you this morning at 9:00. everyone onboard escaped unharmed after a helicopter landed in new york city's hudson river. investigators say the pilot did a terrific job making the splash landing. the helicopter was taking a swedish family on a tour this morning when it lost power after
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12 minutes in the air. it happened a mile from where a usairways plane made a landing in 2009. >> a young pilot from fresno landed in the record books. as now the youngest person to fly solo around the world he started may 2nd and just ended yesterday after crossing three oceans and 14 countries. >> can't believe the trip is over. it's weird to think i'm not going to be flying in a plane again tomorrow to go somewhere else in this world. >> he opportunity 21 during his flight and is now celebrate on the ground with his family. >> time has run out for students hoping to avoid a big rate hike on school loans. that increase goes into effect in just hours. ahead on abc7 news, what lawmakers have planned now for interest rates. >> taking you live outside, we're in the midst of a heat with wave. will temperatures climb
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>> interest rates on new student loans are going to double tomorrow. jumping from 3.4 force 6.8 purse, potentially tacking on another $2,600 to average loans. the senate plans to vote on a one-year extension of the current interest rates. house republicans say they prefer a longer term solution but one that would rise along with market rates. >> temperatures have been rising and will be experiencing that for the next few days. let's economic with leigh glaser. >> leigh: we got a little bit of that heat relief today thanks to a little bit more of an onshore
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windonent. live doppler 7hd right now picking up a little built of that fog, just right near the coast, and, folks, that brought those temperatures down as much as ten degrees in some locations. we have a nice westerly wind gust at 28-miles-an-hour. up to 16 in oakland, even livermore right now reporting a westerly wind component. temperatures coming down a few teagues there as well today. livermore right now, west wind 159 miles-per-hour. -- 15 miles-per-hour, and down three from yesterday. mountain view down five. novato, down five. santa rosa, down nine degrees from this time yesterday, thanks to the westerly wind that developed overnight. and a little fog. we're going to take you out to santa cruz. a great beach day. a little light fog out there. a packed beach. san francisco, right now, 67. 78, mountain view. san jose, 84.
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santa cruz, 81. from the emeryville cam, a little light fog on the golden gate bridge. 100 in fairfield. livermore, 99. 91 los gatos. here's a look at the forecast highlights. a beautiful shot behind me of san jose. it will continue to be hot through wednesday. we'll look for warm evening and then we should start to break out of this hot spell on thursday, which is independence day. the robe -- reason why high pressure is billing in, so this heat stays with us through wind and it's going to sit there, folks. in fact here's the trend. for monday, 105, livermore. tuesday, wednesday, well over 100 degrees as well. and looks like thursday and then friday, saturday, sunday, when you'll start to get some heat relief there. we have the fog, a little near the coast, brought temperatures
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down a bit. we may see a little bit more, move inland. this is 5:00 a.m. tomorrow morning, so a little fog near the golden gate bridge, and then it's going to pull back. so don't look for a lot of relief tomorrow. in fact temperatures will actually come up a few more degrees. it will be warm to mild inland. antioch, 74. san francisco 58. and here is a look at my accuweather highs for tomorrow. yeah, temperatures will heat back up. 95, san jose. at the coast, 68, half moon bay. redwood city, 90. 78, san francisco. in the north barracks -- north bay, 104. 86, oakland. and inland locations, brentwood, 104, 103 degrees in concord. here's a look ahead, the seven-day forecast, even holter on tuesday. then we'll start to cool things down a bit as we get into
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thursday, friday, saturday. by next sunday, temperatures should start to get a little bit more normal, where we should be this time of year. no record highs for today. >> sound goods. thank you, lee, and mike shumann is here with a preview of sports. >> mike: giants win! haven't said it in so long. they got some run protection from someone. who might that be? we'll share that with you next in
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>> mike: the giants had a six-game licing streak in colorado. madison bumgarner finally getting run support. drew palmer deep to left. 12th of the year. 1-0 giants in the fifth-hunter pence breaked out the big lumber. two-run shot. his 13th. giants up 4-0 and that's all max balm needed. eighth inning, michael cud year, steppeds his hitting streak but the giants snap the loosing streak with a victory. >> a's and cards and how cute are these two fans. st. louis, jumping on milone. beltran, two-run blast out of the reach of coco crisp. fourth inning, a's down 5-2, brandon ross doubles off the wall. cespedes comes home on the
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error. then in the fourth, edlowrie takes jake westbrook deep to right. a's have the 6-5 lead. then grand balfour notches his 19th save, getting carpenter to ground out. they take 2-3 from st. louis, 75 the title. >> teeing up, rpg -- lpga rpg, mv park, the first woman to win the start a year with the first three majors. 17-year-old casey of livermore was the low amateur at 9 over. headed to oklahoma state this fall. the story was park. putting from 15 feet. she had a six-shot lead at 10-under. then on 1, -- 17 taps in for the win. that deserves a little champagne, her sixth win this year and third straight
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tournament victory. >> final round of the at&t congressional. jordan spaeth, his approach shot out of the bunker on the par for first hole. hits the greens. finds the bottom of the coup -- cup with the eagle. bell bill haws, takees a short putt, wins by the strokes, takes home $1.2 million. stay tune. tour de france, a beautiful run, belgium's racer breaks free, able to hold off to win the second stage. claims the yellow jersey and holds a one-second lead going into the their stage. see you again at 6:00 with reaction fromm v park. >> we have an update on the tense negoti
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>> we want to give you the latest news on the bart strike threat. critical, how a negotiatear describes the talks ruth now between bart and two unions. negotiations resumed nearly two hours ago. this is the largest bargaining session since friday. the workers' contract expires tonight and they could strike tomorrow morning. bart officials will stay at the table all night. we'll have a live update at 6:00. and that does it for us here at abc7 news at 5:00.
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r ke shumann, thank you for joining us. join us again at 6:00. this is "world news." tonight, the record heat wave. is there any relief coming? with that giant system locked in place, now turning deadly. will we surpass the all-time record set a century ago? abc meteorologist ginger zee standing by in the southwest tonight, on the brutal heat from washington state all the way south to texas. road rage. tonight, the new case in the manhunt under way after a frantic 911 call to police. a driver concerned about the man driving next to him. that caller later found dead in his car. overseas tonight, and the visit to robben island. president obama, in the room where nelson mandela spent so many of those 27 years in prison. and the shockwave. who could forget about that giant russian meteorite?


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