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tv   ABC7 News 1100PM  ABC  July 2, 2013 11:00pm-11:36pm PDT

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>> a live report with
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the breaking news is happening in oakland where bart and the unions are back at the bargaining table and a sign perhaps -- the only sign that is hopeful that they ordered for takeout dinner to keep working on a deal. i'm dan ashley. >> i'm carolyn johnson. we have team coverage being with abc7 news reporter john alston in oakland. that's where bart and the unions have been behind closed doors for the past four and a half hours. john? >> carolyn, they say they are willing to work through the evening if it takes that. there was a positive development. about 200 employees struck a tentative deal. however, the trains are not going to run until the people in this building can shake hands on a contract.
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>> we will be hoping for the best. >> union leaders were the first to arrive about 6:00 p.m. >> we want to go back to work. >> the team from bart didn't say a word when they went to the cal trans district. what brought both back to the table were two new high level mediators appointed by governor brown. >> i have heard we have new negotiators, and if that makes it more comfortable that's a great thing. >> but there was still a wide gap to close as the talks got under way. >> we had a lot of work to do. we were at 8% and they were at 21%. it is going to take awhile, and that's the point. that's why we needed to be here doing this. >> reporter: union members are asked to contribute more for health insurance and pension and they say it is not that simple. >> the problem is it is a whole package. it isn't just one part of it. the whole package needs to work out. >> do you think you can get it done tonight?
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>> possibly. >> there was esh prer from above with the lieutenant governor, the state controller and insurance commissioner chiding both sides for letting the strike get this far. hundreds of thousands of commuters aren't too happy either. >> the people that are trying to get to work are struggling. we hate to see people suffer. so the best thing we can do is get a resolution and a strike and move forward. >> food arrived after 9:00 p.m. suggesting there was still significant work to be done. and while these talks were going on bart put out a news released saying that they had no indication that the strykers will be back on the job for the morning commute and that commuters should continue to make alternative plans for the morning commute tomorrow. we will stay with the story and bring you any developments in this newscast and on our twitter page at abc7 news bay area. live in oaknd la -- live in oaknd la, john alston.
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>> on the suggest about alternative plants buses are in greater demand, but the ride across the bay is straining the nerves of people who are just trying to get from here to there. alan wang is live in san francisco with their trans bay story. alan, it is a story and a tale of patience. >> dan, some people are still trying to make it across that bridge tonight. we have seen a lot of long faces lined up here for the ride home. mostly because these commuters already had a taste of it yesterday, and they knew they were in for a cramped ride home with no guarantees of how long it would take. >> how are people's patience holding out? >> not very well. trust me. >> day two of the bart strike and some people aren't sure how much longer they can stand this commute. >> is it starting to wear you out? >> ya. >> what part of it is? >> just not knowing how long it is going to take to get to work. >> it is taking some people up to three hours to get to work.
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at the san francisco trans bay terminal, buses with a capacity of 52 were adding 20 more people for the ride home to the east bay. the elongated buses normally carry 90, but tonight they were taking 135 passengers. if your feet wer the right side of the yellow line you stayed on. >> i am a visitor here. not a very good impression for san francisco. >> coming from the city of oakland was very well done. it allowed a certain number of people on the bus. >> but leaving oakland was a different story. there were no station agents regulating the flow of passengers so there was a mad dash to board the trans bay shuttle to san francisco. it was so full the doors wouldn't close. >> are you going to drive with these people? >> patience on both sides of the bay is already wearing thin. alan wang, abc7 news.
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>> of course the commuters who rely on bart are adding extra time for their drive to and from work. so seven gives us a back up view. this is along the embarcadero. you can see the light is green there, but no one is going anywhere. for the last two days it has been slow going during the evening commute on just about every san francisco artery leading to the bay bridge. >> there were long lines and some confusion. many people showed up on beale street only to discover they were in the wrong spot. but most drivers who stopped and pick up -- picked up as many passengers that could fit. >> they waited for hours to board the ferries. those at the san francisco ferry building stood in a line that stretched down the embarcadero tonight. the ferries were packed with people. 400 fewer actually boarded them today compared to yesterday. >> many drove to san francisco this morning. so many in fact that parking lots downtown filled up fast. some lots and garages honored
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monthly parking passes, but others charged up to $7 an hour or $40 a day. one garage told us it was 75% full before 8:00 a.m. >> you might have spotted a bart train rning. there were no passengers on board though. just maintenance workers. bart plans a few empty runs a day to keep the tracks from resting and to make sure the trains are ready to go when the strike ends. >> well, ac transit workers are helping shoulder the commuter burden while in con tract -- contract talks of their own. negotiations are progressing and they will meet again with the union tomorrow. the union has promised to give riders 24 hours notice if they decide to strike. >> now, we have a list of alternatives forgetting across the bay on our website. just go to and click on commuter resources. and our morning team will be here half an hour early again tomorrow from 4:00ov
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on for a moment. a mudslide buried interstate 80 near the nevada border and closing traffic in both directions. the westbound lane is still closed tonight. here is new video of the slide being cleaned up. the mud and the rocks poured on to the freeway about 5:00 this evening. the muck was eight inches deep in some spots. it was a real mess. they describe it the size of a football field. the mud is being cleared away. this happened about one and a half miles from the nevada border. authorities rerouted traffic through truckee. the landslide was caused when a thunderstorm dislodged the mud and the rocks. >> a heavy rain storm there, but a heat wave here. the temperatures soared into the triple digits, and it is not over yet. meteorologist sandhya patel is here with a look at live doppler 7hd. sandhya? >> typically the bay area heat waves are about three days. we are going on day five and we are not done yet like you said. let me show you live doppler 7hd and we are seeing the fog around near the coastline. the visibility at half moon
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bay is down to four miles. santa rosa and starting to see the low clouds and fog. the marine influence kept you only in 65 degree mode for half moon bay. the highs innd la were 105 in antioch and 104 concord and 103 degrees in livermore. 92 in san jose and santa rosa and middletown halfway between clear leak and calistoga. extreme heat, 115 degrees. ukiah tied its record of 110. excessive heat warnings remain in affect until thursday at 7:00 p.m. could see heat related illnesses as the temperatures will remain on the toasty side. we'll be back to let you noy what it will look like -- let you know what it will like for the fourth of july and if we will break out of the hot spell. dan? >> not soon enough. this hot weather is not just uncomfortable, but it is dangerous. it is so serious the santa clara county office of emergency services issued an alert today warning people about the heat. abc7 news reporter lisa amin
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gulezian is live in san jose where people have been sent to the hospital because of this weather. >> dan, that is very true. that is also why a half million people got a call on their cell phone and on their home phones telling them to stay inside, stay hydrated and also stay calm because power outages were widespread here in the south bay. for the first time ever an automated emergency heat alert went out to all of santa clara county. >> stay out of the sun during the day and refrain from usual physical exercise and excessive activity until it cools down. >> triple digit temperatures will stay in parts of the south bay through the fourth of july. the hot weather didn't stop the late afternoon soccer game or the high school football practice. coaches just put out more water. many are not heeding the health department's warning. three people have been hospitalized for heat exhaustion and one person suffered a heatstroke. >> we have had the ac going
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and when the power went out it was maybe close to mid80s. >> reporter: to make matters worse, 9500 people lost power during the hottest part of the day. pg&e crews worked nonstop to fix the problems which they blamed on too many people cranking up their air conditioners. >> i don't know how hot it has been, but it has been miserable. >> reporter: those who didn't lose power went shop -- shopping. they foundry leave in new box fans. -- found relief in new box fans. >> we have a new baby, and we have to keep the place cool. >> if you thought escaping would be a cooler option, think again. high temperatures temperatures and high fire danger forced the park to temporarily close. the park won't reopen until temperatures drop. in san jose, lisa amin gulezian, abc7 news. >>- q. i and up next on ab -- >> and up next, tonight's vigil for arizona's fallen firefighters. and the one who survive.
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survived. how he got out while desperately trying to save his 19 closest friends. and fire works bust. where police found this dangerous stash of explosives. >> and the giants get to watch a remarkable achievement in baseball at their own expense.
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a major announcement on the affordable care act. the obama administration announced it is delaying the requirement for businesses to provide health insurance to their, woulders or pay a penalty. this with more than 50 employees . they had until the end of 2014 to comply. well that has been extended until 2015. the announcement comes after a number of complaints from businesses that the requirements were too complicated and difficult to implement in time. other key parts of the law including the health exchanges where individuals can buy insurance are still on schedule. tonight the community of prescott, arizona gathered to honor the fallen firefighters. 3,000 people came together on a high school football field to pay their p ares. 19 -- pay their p ares. 19 members of a hotshot crew died while battling the wildfire. we are learning more about their last moments before they were overcome by the flames. brandy is in prescott.
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>> reporter: julian ash craft took her four young children to the memorial honoring 19 firefighters killed in the line of duty. one of the fallen heros, her husband andrew. he was a eastbound in of the highly trained granite mountain hotshot crew who took the final photo of his squad before it perished in the wall of flames. only one of the 20-member crew is alive. 21-year-old brendan mcdunna, the squad's lookout. >> he was on a hillside and within a mile or two of the carusoe that he is not only in radio contact, but visual contact. >> all of a sudden the direction of the wind-driven wildfire changed jie. he was warning them to get out. they made their plan to get out. they were attempting to reach their safety zone. >> they were trapped by rapidly shifting erratic winds and searing heat.h3 >> he lost 19teen of his best friends and co-workers. he is working through it the best he can. >> and now more than 500 firefighters are determined to
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battle a blaze that is not contained. and it has scorched more than 13 square miles. >> you have to get back on track and they know that. to honor the firefighters they will put this fire out. >> so far the wildfire has destroyed 200 homes and many more are still in harm's way. a team of investigators is also on scene to determine whether human error played a role in this tragedy and whether these firefighters should have been pulled out before the fire exploded. abc news, prescott, arizona. san francisco police have confiscated the first batch of illegal fireworks in the city this year. and it is a story you will see only on abc7 news. here are some of the fireworks in the stash that we are talking about. an officer spotted a so-called runner in chinatown. when he approached the person he took off dropping the bag of fireworks. runners are usually young people who illegally sell fireworks in chinatown. police say there are fewer runners this year and they believe more of them are selling fireworks on-line. new at 11:00, the fastest and tallest wooden coaster in
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the world may also be one of the loudest. because of that it is no longer running. santa clara's great america has shutdown gold stryker that shutdown last month. this video provided by the theme park. scream frtz people on the road and the coaster itself violate a noise agreement reached with the neighboring businesses. they are building a tunnel to muffle the sounds. gold stryker should be running again by july 4th. >> it should be muffled for the people nearby and not for those in the tunnel. the swelter continues, but relief is coming. >> sandhya patel is here. >> the hot air mass that is over us will be losing steam very soon here. hang in there a couple more days. let's show you live doppler 7hd and you can see the fog along the coast. the fog is already in over parts of the bay near oakland and the santa rosa area. we are starting to see a little development. check out the wind won -- the wind conditions. ent 20 in oakland and fairfield at 32 miles an
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hour. we have been showing you the winds all day. the wind direction is helping to drop your temperatures as that marine influence is starting to affect some of our bayside and inland communities. it is 9 dries -- 9 degrees cooler right now. livermore is down 11 degrees. mountain view 4 degrees cooler and 8 degrees cool neither santa rosa. here is a view from our camera and you can see the to top of coit tower obscured by the fog a little bit. 58 in san francisco right now and 62 oakland. 66 san jose. look at half moon bay at 67 degrees and it is foggy there. from our emeryville camera we are looking across the bay and you can see our marine influence there. the temperatures right now are 59 in san -- santa rosa and warm in livermore and not nearly as warm as last night at this time. roof camera is looking toward the bay bridge and the embarcadero and you can see the fog there as well. triple digits through thursday. a wide range of temperatures
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for your fourth of july. and it is going to get much cooler this weekend. relief is coming. as you look at the pacific satellite picture i want to show you what is over us and what will stay here. it is this hot air mass. two more day usa buff -- days above 100 degrees and then we will see the temperatures dropping on of. overnight tonight, the only spots where you will see real comfortable weather is along the coastline. first thing in the morning fog is keeping your temperatures in the 50s. around the bay and inland it will be mild to warm as you leave home. you don't need your jacket or sweater if you will be traveling in these areas. if you will be on the coastline grab an extra layer. highs in the south bay 99 morgan hill and 92 in san jose. sunnyvale 91. 80 in santa cruz. occasional high clouds and subtropical moisture well move in. it will give it the humid feel like today on the peninsula. 89 menlo park. 90 in redwood city. 65 on the coast in pacifica. if you don't like the heat. that's where you have to go. 67 in the sunset district.
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73 down down san francisco. north bay 60s coast side. you will be in the triple digits, clear lake, ukiah, cloverdale. clear lake 109. 92 santa rosa and 81 oakland and 80 newark. 102 in livermore and 99 concord. accu-weather seven-day forecast featuring heat still for the fourth of july, but the heat is backing off a little bit as you will notice. temperatures down to the low 90s inland by friday. by the weekend you are just going to say, that was a long stretch of hot weather. upper 80s inland 1k3* low 60s coast. we will be ready for the strong marine influence, carolyn and dan. and it is coming. >> thanks, sandhya. >> not soon enough. in sports, it is a tale of two cities. >> mike shumann is here with the a's and the giants. >> that's right. the a's with a come from behind win over the cubs and homer bailey throws the first no hitter in baseball and unfortunately it was against
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the giants have hit rock bottom thanks to homer bailey. he threw the the first new hitter this season against your san francisco giants. tim lincecum was solid, but in the 6th philips takes him out in a hurry. it was a 3-0 lead. but the big story was homer bailey. per fect game into the 7th. he walked oblanco, but a no hit neither tact. this could have ended the no-no. a close play at first, but bailey having to cover and blanco trying to go to third. you never know if that could have been a hit. struck out 9. pablo sandoval swinging at the high heat. two outs in the 9th with a chance to atone. >> what is gonna happen? on the ground to third.
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frasier and a no hitter. >> no hits for the 16th time in franchise history. 3-0 the final. bailey throws the first no hitter this season and the second of his career. he had one late last season. >> i had one and two is just as special. i go out here every day and try to win a game. to have no hitters is something exceptionally special and fortunate for me. >> the a's continue to dominate the national league central and taking four out of five from the reds and cardinals. he came out of a slumber with a jack to beat the cubs. a season debut for chris. he is getting acclimated to the coliseum. this is the first time the cubs have ever played at the coliseum. now every team in the bigs has visited this dump. two-run hummer and chris young solo shot to left. his eighth of the year. it is an early 3-0 lead, but he found trouble in the fourth.
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soriano and he smoked this one. to left center and a three-run homer ties the game at three. 5-5 in the fifth and castillo and one run scores and two runs score. griffen tagged for seven earned runs. cubs leading leading it 7-5 now. two on for derrick norris and see ya. that proves to be the difference of the 8-7 the final. texas the loser to oakland and back on top of the american league west by a half a game. this abc7 sports report is brought to you by river rock casino. >> thanks, shu. coming up next, the search for a settlement. >> a check on bart situations
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here is a look at your wake up weather. foggy around the coast and even parts of the bay first thing in the morning. mild in most areas away from the beaches. temperatures 50s to low
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70s at 5:00 a.m. coming up in our inland spots to the mid70s, mike niko will be tracking the heat tomorrow 4:30 to 7:00 a.m. dan and carolyn? >> thanks very much. bart contract talks are still underway although bart says we should prepare for another rough commute tomorrow. >> day three unfortunately. bart management and union representatives are going back to the bargaining table at 6:00 with added pressure. >> they sent in two mediators to get things done. one good sign, food arrived around 9:00 which means they are likely in for a long evening. >> they are hunk erred down. join us for a special early broadcast starting at 4:00 a.m. tomorrow. we will update you on twitter and we will be here overnight in case there is a break here in the next few hours. >> "jimmy kimmle live" is next. >> i'm dan ashley. thank you for watching. >> i'm carol -- carolyn johnson. the news continues with our na br7 news a
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it's "jimmy kimmel live!" tonight -- armie hammer, adam carolla and music from ciara with cleto and the cletones. and now, here's jimmy kimmel! ♪ [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: thank you very much, welcome to the show. thank you for watching, thank you, i want to send a special welcome for those of you visiting for the holiday.


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