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tv   ABC World News With David Muir  ABC  July 6, 2013 5:30pm-6:01pm PDT

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rescue crews will be rolling your way immediately. >> we heard that from the air traffic controllers or the ground controllers. pie lot and air traffic controllers around the world, english is the standard language but easier to understand, and not to seizey, do -- not so eas, and the rapid-fire communications. we did make out clear live that they were letting the pilots know that the emergency crews are on the way. so, do what you have to do and they'll be there shortly. >> we talked about how remarkably safe -- there's the sea wall the tail hit. how mark -- remarkably safe air travel has become and we don't think about these disasters. the emergency crews do. but something you said a minute ago stuck out. at sfo particularly the most recent serious accident was in 1987, 11 people killed, and one in the '50s with 40 people
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killed. given that san francisco international airport is one of the world's'ess airports it's a mark real safety record. >> it is considering the weather conditions here. we have a lot of fog at the airport. a lot of changing weather conditions. and i think -- a 777 taxiing on the taxiways there at sfo. but, yeah, it's very busy airport and you're -- i'm fascinated by the fact that with the work of -- collaboration between pilots and air traffic controllers we have as few problems here as we do at sfo. the runways, for example, too close together. so, -- and crisscrossing. >> this is a live picture of a plane that presumably taxiing to take off. >> a lot of people very, very interested in what is going on at the airport because the debris from the plane is still on the ground because they're
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waiting for the ntsb folks, who should be there right now. they had planned to arrive in san francisco from lax. and around 5:00 this afternoon. >> so they should be there. we talk about the safety of the boeing 777 and the safety relatively speaking at san francisco international airport. we should also point out that's carrier, asiana airlines, has an excellent safety record since the company was formed. >> uh-huh. it began flying in 1988. named airline of the year from 2009 to 2011. they have received a five-star airline ranking for four consecutive years so that speaks volumes. the airline serves nearly 15 million passengers annual low through 89 airports and 23 countries. >> the plane involved in the incident it a boeing 777-200, delivered new seven years ago.
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>> the plane seats 310 passengers in economy and business class. the 777 line is considered, as we have been talking about to be a very safe airline. only one major accident involving this teen of plane, and eric told us this, british airways jet crashed at heathrow. >> until today never been a fatility involving this plane, the 777 has never had a fatal accident, and we know of two people killed in this accident today, but at least 22 others in critical can. condition. we should aspect to hear some -- we should expect to hear bad news in regard to fatilities. >> boeing and asiana have expressed their condolences to the family of the victims. >> and sap perhaps mayor ed lee says i would like to offer my thoughts and prayers to those affect bid the airline accident this morning involving asiana airlines, flight 214 from south
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korea. >> ourer hearts are with the friends and families of those affected wind chill have some twitter pictures we would like to share with you. >> a lot of people have been sending in photos. those who witnessed what happened. and even some passengers on the plane were able to take pictures of people evacuating the plane shortly after this happened, which gives you a sense of how so many people are able to survive. some people have the prepares of mind to take pictures and tweet them out. here is a picture from twitter not long after the plane came to rest, before the whole thing caught fire and burned, and you see people evacuating the plane. the chutes are down and people are getting off the aircraft before the real fire takes place. you see in the pictures currently, after the fire ravaged the top part of the plane. people were able to get out before that happened. >> some people who witnessed this thought they saw a wing actually fall off but the wings are still intact but eric, this is a tremendous -- it started
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small so they were able to get a lot of folks out. we understand the flight attend adaptses had a loot -- attendants had a lot to do with getting them out safely. >> they're trained to too that. they and the flight crew get people a off quickly. you can see black smoke rising into the air. the fuel they carry are volatile. not as volatile as 30 or 40 years ago. they have done a lot of work to keep the fuels from destroying a plane when it catches fire, but also helps to have well-train million crew to get -- well trained emergency crew to get water on the fire. >> always found so moving and powerful is how calm passengers, for one, but certainly the flight crew, often remain. not always but often remain in these dire situations. one always hopes you would be as
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calm -- one would be as calm in this situation as you see people being. but the flight crews responsible 0 professionally, and despite swallowing the fear and it's always impressive to me. >> training is so important, and the way you train people, military, for example, they train -- they say they fight as they train and train as they fight. so that whenever a situation arises, it's almost instinctive you do this in response. you don't have time to be scared. you'll be scared when it's all over. you fall back on the training and get the job done, and then you can -- whatever, cry, or whatever. >> just it's incredible. lisa amin gulezian has been out watching this from a distance. lisa, what can you tell us right now? reporter: to my left is sfo and to me right is the embassy suites and you can see a lot of rooms face the bay and the airport. i spoke with one man who was here on vacation and calls himself an aviation enthusiast
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who was looking out his window, watching the planes come and go, when he saw this. >> i saw immediate fire ball come out from underneath the aircraft. wasn't sustained, just a quick plume fire ball and just immediately started seeing white smoke. the aircraft was coming along. i kind of call it cartwheeling but it came up at an angle where the nose started to -- the rear end of the aircraft started to pitch up. the nose pitched down and looked like the wing coming off -- looked like it was coming off the aircraft. so you saw the entire aircraft pitch up. >> back here live now. you're looking at planes that are on the runway. we have seen a lot of activity. we have seen more planes leaving the airport than landing but again, there is activity, which is a good thing. as far as what witnesses saw, i have spoken to a woman who was having breakfast over at the
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cafe at the embassy suites and says she also saw the plane crash. she saw a lot of smoke and also heard a pop, i heard from two people they heard a pop and a thud, and so at this point we're still talking to several other witnesses and we're trying to gather more information and video to bring you later at 6:00. live in burlingame, abc7 news. >> thank you. >> well, we are also at the airport, of course, and we've been seeing passengers who are coming off the plane, and amy hollyfield is there, and she has been interacting with officialss and passengers. amy? >> dan, look behind me. a news conference is scheduled for 5:30 but you can see we are still waiting. i did see a tweet go out saying it had been moved to 6:00. but i've also seen some san francisco international airport officials coming in here to listen in. some from the parking department, going on the old information we have, that the press conference was starting at 5:30. so, still a lot of people
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wanting to get information and just not sure about when it's going to be coming to us. here's the latest numbers we have. we have been told that two people were killed in the crarchlt 130 people taken to the hospital. up wears of 60 people unaccounted for. here's a sample of what we heard at the last briefing at the airport. >> still very active in terms of the coordinating all the numbers and so forth. i'm told the information we received from asiana airlines man fest to included 291 passengers, with 16 additional crew. for a total of 30 307. >> our thoughts and prayers with all the passengers and the asiana airlines flight 214 from south korea. we're deeply saddened by the incident and our hearts are with our friends and our family of those affected. >> we asked the fire chief for
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more information on the 60 people who are unaccounted for. she said they're not presumed dead. we're hearing they could be at other hospitals and just not part of the last head count. she is asking we be patient and says they're trying hard to get everyone accounted for. they haven't released a passenger list. we have -- i even had someone from the japanese media asking me if i had one. so everyone here is wanting more information. trying hard to get it. we get a sense whether the officials are being very careful about what they put out. they're trying so hard to make sure they have it right. but they also know that we have an urgency and all want it as soon as as soon as possible, so they're trying to balance that. they missed the 5:30 deadline so that indicates that they are still working on the information. i see some activity behind me. let me step out of the way and see if we're about to get started here. i don't see any officials walking in yet. just lots of activity.
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i think it's the airport director walking in. and i do see the police spokesman who usually -- >> amy? >> i don't see the police chief at this point. let me step out of the way, though. >> it's a madhouse. >> amy, we have sergio quintana standing by. ' you're near the airport. outside the international terminal. reporter: yeah. it's interesting becauseright now there's been noise that is unusual. there's a flight that just came in, a korean airlines flight just pulling into the terminal. you might have seen this as it was touching down. as you know, this is right now a busy point at s.f.o. a lot of the people inside the
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terminal did not have a whole lot of information. i talked to one passenger who had booked a flight to so-associating on asiana and he realized he was not going be to able to do that. >> we're live now. there's a lot of people coming in, expecting to fly out of here. i have been having conversations with people, asking them if they are getting information from the airlines. they tell me that there's not a whole lot of information they're getting from their airlines so there's just taking it upon themselves to come here to sfo and get prepared to fly out. unfortunately not a whole lot of information so they're just getting prepared. >> let's go back inside now because we understand that officials are getting ready to hold another news briefing. >> this morning at 11:27 a.m. we
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had an incident involving asiana flight 214. a flight that originated in shanghai, and continued on to seoul, on it way to san francisco. a boeing 777 aircraft. and manifest has number of individuals on board the aircraft. 291 passengers and 16 crew, for a total of 307 onboard the aircraft, and as i mentioned we have some updated information on the status of those passengers and crew, and for that i'm going to turn it over to assistant deputy chief dale kearn. >> of the 307 souls on board we had 181 total that were transported to local hospitals. of the 181, 49 were serious, and were in the initial victims transported from the scene. an additional 132 were
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transported later on into the incident after being tree -- triaged. we have also accounted for 123 people here in the terminals of the airport that were uninjured and have remained in place, and at this time we have two confirm doa passengers on the aircraft. >> so those numbers add up to 306. we're still working to confirm the last one. as dale mentioned we have 123 vivids -- individuals at the airport being processed. i'm going to turn itout over to fbi special agent in charge, dave johnson. >> thank you. at this time we continue to work with the ntsb on determining the exact cause of the incident. there's currently and continues to be no indication that terrorism or any criminal acts contributed to the incident. we are offering all resources necessary to help with the event. we continue to keep the flight's
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passengers, crew and loved ones in our thoughts. thank you. >> i just want to finish by talking a little bit about the status of the airport as a whole. as i mentioned in the last briefing, have a total of four runways at sfo. we have re-opened two of the four so we are operating limited arrivals and departures at sfo currently. we would recommend to any passengers that are traveling to sfo to check with their airlines for the status of their flight before coming out to the airport today. thank you very much for coming. our next briefing will be held 7:30 tonight. >> you're listening to the latest news briefing. the fbi represented, local officials, airport spokesman, and they give news numbers, 307 souls on board, total number of people. that's 291 passengers and 16 crew. >> he said there were 49
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serious, who went to the hospital, serious to critical. 132 others were taken after that with minor to moderate injuries. >> here's what is amazing. two are dead, which is really aterrible tragedy, but given what happened here, remarkable that number isn't higher. what is really incredible is 123 people uninjured. they did not require medical attention and not transported. >> also want to let you know that stanford has had a number of patients. they have 36 people brought to stanford this afternoon. they had so many they had to set up a tent outside to help with some of the more moderately and less severely injured people, and san francisco general had to do the same thing. today is a busy day anyway for san francisco general, for the trauma center but with all of these additional people, everybody had to ramp up. >> we talked to -- we cut sergio quintana short. he is outside sfo.
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please continue. reporter: one of the things they mentioned on the previousing is they are working on limited capacity. there are four air strips here at sfo, and they only have two of them. and that means they are only allowing limited flights to land and to take off. that obviously is causing a pretty serious backup of passengers here at sfo. let me show you really quick. this is actually a pretty busy time for departures and arrivals. you can see the backup of vehiclesment people who are offloading the people who are supposed to be here for flights. one of the things we're learning as you walk somewhat the terminal, is that there's not a whole lot of information that passengers are getting. in fact there's a lot of people who are asking a lot of us members of the media which the happened, who all was aboard the plane, how many people were injured, and even who passed. they are not -- they're also trying to figure out exactly how they're going to continue their flight. we did talk very brief live with
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one gentleman who was booked to fly aboard asiana airlines and was going to be going to seoul, south korea, then he realized that the plane that crash was the plane he was supposed to be flying. >> i got ask, basically tell me they do not know anything. they have no power to say anything. so i just give my number to them so they call me later. confirm how long because basically i do not know what to too anything. my luggage, i cannot make my travel plans. i don't know whether i should book a flight. don't know. lots of people's live in jeopardy. >> and obviously one of the thing that is convenient about sfo when things are normal, this is a great place to fly because there are so many major whierlz have hubs here.
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unfortunately when there's a situation like this, that turns into a problem because it's not very easy to rebook flights out of some of the neighboring airports, like oakland and san jose. so, a lot of these passengers who are inside the terminal right now are trying to figure out how they're going to get out of san francisco, because now -- now jetblue who flies here but don't have any flights elsewhere in the region. that's one of the frustrating conversations i had with one passenger. gets very complicated when a situation like this happens at such major airport like san francisco international airport. obviously they're working to try to get full capacity flying out, but going to be a while to get all four strips running, obviously, because the crash is still out there on the tarmac. we'll be here monitoring things and as soon as we get further information, we'll pass it along. i should mention, as passengers are coming here they're telling me they're not getting a whole lot of calls from their airlines. so what they're trying to do
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once they get here is call their airlines instead so they can see if there are any delays. that's a good piece of information. you should be pro-active if you're flying out of sfo and call your airline because they're not calling a whole lot of their passengers, mostly because a lot of the information is so fluid at this point. reporting live, abc7 news. >> that is good information. >> we have statement we want to show you that was put out a little bit earlier, a tweet from asia shana airlines and you can read it on then screen: >> abc7 news reporter katy is live via the telephone. go ahead. reporter: i'm in the international terminal. the police standing guard keeping anyone extraneous, if you will, out of the room, because inside earlier were
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passengers and now we understand just family members of passengers. so they're under tight watch, trying to get some privacy. at one point there 'twas a teenage boy who was on the flight and came out and wanted to talk, wanted to tell his story. he started to but didn't get very far before police pulled him away. take a listen. >> going up and down, and then flipped or something lick that. i'm not sure. and then hit the ground, and then -- yeah. >> what happened? >> people were -- a lot of people were injured. >> where were you sitting. >> i was sitting -- >> were queue on the plane? >> yes. [inaudible] reporter: you see the officer pulled the boy away.
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we didn't have time to get his name. so i can't identify him for you. also, here's a reflection room. the salvation army brought in 12 officers, 11 of them to help with translation. they're translators. one tells me there are 40 members inside and they're scared, waiting to get touch with their tam -- family members who are at hospitals and but don't know which hospital. that's why they're here. but earlier when the survivors were till -- still inside they were helping them as well. >> they are scared so we're providing some blankets, and some lost the shoes so we went to get the shoes and bring the shoes. some of them have just one side of shoes, and some of them don't have shoes. reporter: you can only imagine how terrifying that must have been to survive the plane crash
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and then to be wandering from the wreckage with no shoes or one shoe, and also talked to the man who was here to pick up a friend of his who was on then plane. the friend's teenage daughter as well. he says they're both fine. just trying to get into the room, get to them and take them home. but not before -- first he said swinging by wal-mart to pick up a few things to get them through the next few days because all their luggage was on the plane and they're left with nothing. but gratefully they're okay. >> thank you so much. those two sweet children are so moving to see them being led away by employees. thank goodness they're okay. >> several different nationalities on the flight. 77 korean citizens. 141 chinese, 61 u.s. citizens. one japanese citizen. so a total of 291 passengers, and so they have to have translators to some of those
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folks and that is making things a little difficult to explain where the family members are, the ones who were taken to the hospital because they were taken all over the bay area. >> that's right. and of course they evacuate in a hurry, many not going to have cell phones on them. we just have another update figure to pass along. initially we heard 60 people unaccounted for. maybe 69. now the new fig -- only pun person unaccounted for sthierks managed to find the whereabouts of everybody except for one person on the plane. eric thomas is with us and is also an aviation expert, both professionally and personally. you have been watching this very closely today, and we continue to wait for more information as to why this happened. >> indeed we do. but as you mentioned, good news that there's only one person unaccounted for. but it shows you how confusion can reign, trying to get a count of people, trying to get them to the hospital. those who are in immediate need
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of medical care. nose who are in shock and don't realize they're in need of medical care. we take a look at the asiana 777 and the hulk of it. we see deployed the emergency slide that people were getting off the plane. that plane is so low to the ground because the landing gear was sheered off in that collision with the ground, and as we see back there, still some debris on the runway. a lot of it will be left there for the ntsb to take a close look at when their teams of people get here and begin trying to sift through things and figure out what happened. they'll zero in first on the black box recorders, the flight data recorder, which records what the plane is doing at the time, and of course the cockpit voice recorder, which records what the pilots were saying at the time. >> and all of these images we are seeing, i imagine those would be helpful as well. we saw one still photo that the plane before it caught fire. people said the plane crashed and burst into flames.
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actually that was not the case. witness perception. we saw one photo where we saw passengers who just evacuated and just a little bit of smoke coming out of the plane before the whole top caught fire. >> you said it. in the age of the smart finance, it's -- smartphone, it's a big help. in fact they get inundated with picture from cell phones they have to wade through before they reach their final determination which probably won't come for months. so don't expect a final determination right away. >> the two people that were killed, from what we understand, were toward the back of the plane and were thrown from the plane when the tail hit the sea wall and sheared away and then the full plane then smacked into the tarmac. but, eric, when you look at the damage, once -- i think you used the phrase, along for the ride. once the tail is sheered off you're not flying anymore. >> control surfaces aren't
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working. lost a couple of them in the tail. the landing keir isn't -- landing gear isn't there. you're just there for what the laws of physics are going to do at the aircraft. >> see san francisco coast guard said they med-evacked a couple of victims to stanford hospital but said the crash did not affect the water. there was no search and rescue. we saw a few watercraft out there. no people were in the water. so the coast guard stood down after that, and so it's interesting because when you see the way that thing fell apart and hit the sea wall, you think, did they go in the water? aiming for the water and the pilot was trying to keep them out of the water. >> all very good questions and all things that the ntsb investigators have to answer, because what we know, we know from pictures and anecdotal evidence, but you mentioned earlier though,al irony you want
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as many eye witnesses as you can get but you also realize there are limitations to eye witness views, that sometimes the eye sees what it expects to see or wants to see as opposed to what actually happened. >> and as well wi all know under stress you don't think clearly. you're shocked and don't know what to make of it. you see things that maybe are not correct and just don't know how people process that kind of information. butted a as you said, in the age of the smartphone, we're going to see a lot of photos. these are just a few hours since this happened. we're going to see a lot of photos and presumably video. >> we want to invite people at home, if they have any images, send those to us at and again, one of the things that obviously the ntsb will look at closely, if there was any communication. at this point we have not heard there was any communication from
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the pilots there was trouble until the impact happened. but what could have been wrong? just a mistake made? some sort of mechanical issue? did they misjudge the approach? weather is not a factor. very bin -- ben nine -- benign today. and sheryl, that is not always the case at sfo, one of the reasons there's so many delays, it's fog and tricky with the runway situation. none of that seems to be part of the equation. weather does not look like a factor. you can see crystal blue skies. >> we have some information now from abc news. once the pilot hit the ground he was told emergency vehicles were on the way and the controllers were trying to get other aircraft to go around this situation, and the pilot called again so he actually stayed in the plane a minute longer.
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>> trying to get people out. >> we are going to pause for a moment because abc7 at 6:00 starts right now. and good evening. >> the latest now on our breaking news. a plane crashed at san francisco international airport. >> let's go live now for a look above the wreckage as you may have seen today. this is a live picture of the fuselage that is left of asiana airplanes flight 214 that crashed at 11:33 on final approach to san francisco international airport. >> 307 people onboard. 291 passengers and 16 crew members. two people sadly are confirmed dead. >> one person is unaccounted for. now, in all, 181 were taken to the hospital. 49 of those are seriously injured. >> let's begin our team coverage tonight with amy hollyfield ter airport with t


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