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tv   ABC 7 News at 6PM  ABC  July 6, 2013 6:00pm-6:31pm PDT

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>> trying to get people out. >> we are going to pause for a moment because abc7 at 6:00 starts right now. and good evening. >> the latest now on our breaking news. a plane crashed at san francisco international airport. >> let's go live now for a look above the wreckage as you may have seen today. this is a live picture of the fuselage that is left of asiana airplanes flight 214 that crashed at 11:33 on final approach to san francisco international airport. >> 307 people onboard. 291 passengers and 16 crew members. two people sadly are confirmed dead. >> one person is unaccounted for. now, in all, 181 were taken to the hospital. 49 of those are seriously injured. >> let's begin our team coverage tonight with amy hollyfield ter airport with the latest.
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reporter: we just got briefed. our briefing was shorter than our first one but is was very informative, and the news improved. they found most of those 60 unaccounted for passengers right here in this terminal. they had self-evacuated and were here in the terminal. they have found all but one of them. much better news than earlier. here are the latest numbers we have. they tell us that 291 passengers on the flight and 16 crew member. two people were killed. 49 people suffered critical injuries. 132 people suffered minor to moderate injuries. of those -- then there was 123 people who were uninjured and self-evacuated and that's where it got confusing. that's why earlier we heard that up to 60 people were unaccounted for. now they're looking for one person. we also got an update on airport operations and the search for a cause.
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>> there is currently and continues to be no indication that terrorism or any criminal acts contributed to the incident. >> we have a total of four runways at sfo. we have re-opened two of the four so we're operating limited arrivals and departures at sfo. >> here is a look at the board here at the airport. you can see earlier live, delays, cancellations, but we're seeing lots of on time. they have gotten two runways up and operational today. so it is improving here. look at the crowds. this is a pretty long line here for security so it's very crowded here, and people have been very patient, waiting for their flights that were delayed, that are now starting to get going. so this is in the international terminal. that's where we're getting our updates and where we're watching the situation. we see people waiting, taking naps, patiently waiting for their flights as the airport
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gets become on track. so, a long day here at the airport but people have been very patient. they've definitely had sympathy for what happened. we have not seen anyone upset or frustrated or making demanded of airport officials, who everytime they brief us are very grim and very focused as they try to get their information to us very precisely. i asked, where is the passenger list? and i asked the airport spokesman, when are we going to get that? he said, i don't know, and he herredly walked -- hurriedly walked away. >> there's a flute ever change -- fluid ever changing situation. >> let's recap what we know about the injured just to be clear. a total of 130 people have been taken to local hospitals. at least 22 of them in critical condition. >> you can see 181 total. among the hospitals, 27 at san francisco general, eight adults and two children in critical condition.
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>> that hospital is expecting another wave of patients shortly. 36 are at stanford medical center two patients now at ucsf in stable condition. there were preparely 12 but the rest may have been released or releak indicated. >> peninsula, all in stable condition, but that medical center is expecting more patients. seven at st. francis, five at st. mary's. >> two at st. luke's with minor injuries and two at eat 'medical center, and there are many more patients that have not been officially reported by local hospitals yet, and 123 apparently of those onboard uninjured. >> this has been an incredible situation all day long. this asiana airlines flight 214 originated from shanghai and then flew to seoul, korea, then tried to make a landing but turn out to be hard and fatal landing at san francisco international airport about 11:30 this morning. completely shut down the airport
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because, as you can see, part of the airplane fell apart and then burn. >> the airport referred to it as a hard landing; for all intents and purposes it was a crash landing. when the plane burned but not before many, many people were able to get off the plane. so that's very encouraging news. and still remarkable, eric, of you're still here. eric thomas. when you look at the impact. that the fuselage really held up remarkably well. >> 777. is a very durable airplane. it's a favorite of passengers. a favorite of pilots. it's one of boeing's statute of the art aircraft and is very strong for the eight it carries. they work hard to minimize the weight. you can see the technology is coming together. the fire retardant, the fire resistance, the fact that the fuel doesn't burst into flames the wayed use -- the way it useo
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and all of that helps people get off the plane okay. we two fatilities, very sorry and very sad news. only one other person unkent for, and as you look at this you see obviously this could have been a lot worse. >> in question. it's amazing the plane didn't break apart. >> we have been talking to a lot of reporters in the field all day long talking to witnesses. we want to hear the response from asiana airlines. reacting to the crash on twitter saying: >> those. >> john alston is with a couple of witnesses all day long. john?
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>> san francisco airport have planes taking off and landing on the runway perpendicular to the crash site. this one intersects with 28 left but no planes coming in yet. a number of people saw this thing hit the runway and were horrified by what they saw. the witness descriptions seemed to be consistent down the board. it was a heck tech scene at the airport, ambulances leaving the airport, taking the injured away. what the witnesses are saying they saw the plane coming in, looked normal until the end, but then the tail smacked on to the bottom of the runway, the nose was up in the air at 45-degree angle. one witness said then finally settled down and then slid several hundred feet down the runway. this morning we talked to a man who was witnessing for his friend who was on the pleafnl here's what he had to say.
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>> he's okay. >> did he describe what the situation was like on the plane after it hit? >> you know, the fire, and he was advise to get out, and i think everybody is out and safe. >> was there panic or were people calm? >> i think most passengers in a good mood, after some of the panic, but now they all okay. >> obviously that was early on before the enormity of this became known. he said his friend was worried about his luggage. i talked to a still photographary short time ago who has pictures and we, who said that people rushed down the chutes some of them had their baggage in their hand and got away from the plane, but it was rather nonchalant and organized as he seemed to say at this point. some planes are moving, but
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there's a lull in the flight operation. horrifying scene for people who watched at a nearby bar. people were looking out as they often do here on the bay, watching planes take off and land, and the entire bar erupted in gasps and screams when they saw this flight crash and then burst into flames. live in millbrae, abc7 news. >> we have some new video. here's what people saw watching from the terminal. >> hundreds of yards away and you can hear people gasping and reacting. lisa amin gulezian is live in burlingame with some hotel guests had a very clear picture of what happened. reporter: that is very true. a lot of people watched the crash from their hotel rooms or while they walked along the trail, all because they're so close to sfo, it's right over there. and here are some photos taken by one witness who saw the flight come down. you can see a lot of thick dark smoke. witnesses told me they heard --
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the plane. >> all of a sudden we saw the plane land and the tail end of it went down, and all of a sudden we saw smoke, and we thought the plane cracked in half. >> of the 291 passengers, two are confirm dead. among the injured, 49 have
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critical to serious. 123 people were not injured and actually able to self-evacuate ask then were taken to a safety zone at the airport. >> one person is missing. that's down from 60 some odd we heard a little while ago. one person is missing and authorities are trying to locate that person. >> the flight originated in shanghai, china, and had a stopover in seoul, south korea. >> and asiana airline officials say 149 chinese nationals were onboard. 77 south koreans and 61 american citizens. >> federal aviation experts say this kind of plane, the boeing 777 has a good safety record. >> it does indeed. sky 7hd shows investigators on the ground, walking in a line to pick up evidence. national transportation safety board released a statement saying these jets have just one other major accident in its 18 years of service. >> it was a similar crash at
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london's heathrow airport. a '777 landed a thousand feet short of the runway and then slid on it to. nobody was hurt in that crash. the plane had ice pellets in the fuel. >> let's go live to abc7 news reporter sergio quinn tan in with more from sfo. >> right now they are still in the process of trying to get a lot of these flights that have backed up, glaus was a ground stoppage into the air. unfortunately they're only working with two of their runways, as has been passed along in a briefing we saw about an hour ago. here's what is going on right here. this is a pretty busy time for flights on a regular day. there's a pretty good backup of traffic and there's a whole lot of people who are trying to unload their luggage so they can go into the terminal. right now, inside the terminal, a whole lot of people are just checking the boards to actually
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see how they're going to be able to get out of here the status of their flyings. i've had conversations with some of the passengers who are booked on a lot of these international flights, and they tell me they're hearing anywhere from three hours to four hours in delays. one of the conversations i had with people who are flying out to london, they tell me three hours is what the airline is telling them, but they are prepared to wait even longer. >> we have heard when we were in there, -- we heard on the news in a bar that there was a crash, but they came to pick us up early, but they delayed us for a number of hours. >> something to fret over when you think of the people on the flight and the families of those people.
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reporter: obviously this is a holiday weekend. a lot of people flew into san francisco so they could spend fourth of july here, watch the fireworks display and they tell us now they are unfortunately stuck in san francisco at the airport because they're trying to figure out how to get back home. some conversations with a lot of the passengers, they're just trying to figure out how long it's going to be. actually just saw the red cross disaster relief services showing up. we usually see that when they have to take care of a whole lot of people who are stranded. i'm going to run over there and see what kind of information they have. reporting live at the international terminal at san francisco international airport. sergio quintana, abc7 news. >> joining us again now is congressman eric swallwell. thank you for saying with us. this is unbelievable situation. must be incredible for you.
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>> a lot went wrong and we'll learn more but we should celebrate what went right. the first responders, and the 777 jet, the highest safety ratings, only two fatilities thon ground, should assure future passengers. my job, andry school questions along with my colleagues in the congress about just what happened, whether it was in the cockpit, something wrong with the plane or something on the ground and that's what the ntsb investigation will do. they try and figure out just what happened, and not until they recover that flight data recorder, also known as the black box, will they be able to tell whether the pilot was using auto pilot or the manual controls. >> congressman, let's talk about what you said you'll ask questions. in the what they ntsb and the fbi will do. what do you do in congress
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specifically to get a handle on what is going on with the investigation? >> well, we look -- let the expert does their job. the aviation go-team. they're on the ground right away. i'll have questions whether the instrument landing system was working properly. they also have a visual glide slope indicator which is supposed to help the pilots determine the distance from the ground, and this is a clear day without many reports of wind. so, there are a lot of questions about why such a safe airplane would land so short of the runway, and i'll make sure i ask those questions and i'll make sure my colleagues will do the same to make sure that future passengers aren't put at risk. >> the fbi was very quick to point out that there is no indication of terrorism at this time. >> that's right. and that was very reassuring to hear. and i know that ntsb's investigation will take 12 to 18 months so we won't hear anything soon, but ruling out terrorism is important, and should provide
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some comfort to passengers who are about to board planes at sfo. >> quite true. congressman, thanks very much. congressmann eric swallwell. >> hearing from california's 15th congressional district. the airport's -- we're going to mark matthews, going to talk about the short run weways. >> the two shortest runways have re-opened. the situation is changing all the time but the airport hopes to have itself longest runway open tonight, 28, the one where this crash happened. >> they opened call of those within four hours of this crash, which i just amazing. the federal aviation authority reports that delays average about four hours because of the crash. they're advising travelers to check with your airlines.
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>> mark? >> outside of terminal 3 it looks fairly normal. the show is inside. these are the pictures that would be disturbing for issue in trying to travel. this is a live picture of the line out in front of the united terminal. and it is a thousand people easily. we have been talking with some of them at the head of the line about how long they have had to wait? one guy i talk to said he waited all day. >> you started out in san diego. flew to san jose because this airport was closed. >> right, and then caught a bus to here. >> now you're waiting in line for? >> rebook my ticket because it was cancelled. >> where are you trying to get to? >> frankfurt. >> trying to go to new york. >> have you got a flight? >> not yet. waiting to find out. or bags have gone through. >> so you have no bags if you don't get a flight tonight. you're -- >> no. no. we've been told we may have to stayty airport because there's no hotels.
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>> so imagine, you're in a line, you can't get a flight out, your bags, however, are on the airplane and you're not sure you're going to be able to get a hotel because, guess what, there's a thousand people in line in front of you wanting the same hotel room. it's a mess here at terminal 3 in the united gate. dan? >> mark, it seems as though people are taking this in striesmed it's amazing. they're calm. >> well, you know, some of them that were put on the air are taking it in stride. do you have a minute to talk with me? we can -- how long you been waiting. >> two hours. >> are are you trying to get to. >> washington, dc use what's your name? >> terry how are people handleling. >> pretty calm. a few cutting in line,. >> thanks to talking to us. apparently people handlele is
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pretty well but it's a very long line. it is a very long wait. some people waiting all day here at the airport. hoping to catch a flight out. reporting live from terminal 3. abc7 news. >> we want to share some pictures with you because we continue to get them in. >> put those on the screen and just show you. these are from our viewer and we appreciate the fact you took time to send these images to us. this is a long distance shot of the smoke from the plane after the crash-landing. this is actually video. looks like from a cell phone. >> here's another one. you can see the smoke rising in the air off 28-left, the runway where this happened. and here's another shot inside the terminal. and you can see that jetway there, smoke risings behind it. some distance away. as that plane now in those moments -- you know passengers are rushing to get off the plane. >> see the direction of the
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smoke is straight up and i know when we talked to meteorologist leigh glaser, she talked about the wind conditions there. normally this time of year, foggy. >> and could be windy. weather is pretty mild today. league tells us seven-miles-an-hour so not a real factor. here's more -- look at this one. this is really remarkable image. the white stuff, you can see there are fire trucks, lime green fire trucks. they're putting foam down on the plane, and black smoke goal -- going into the air. that's plastic burning, jet fuel, and the foam is used because it's much more effective than water, given the type of material that burns on the plane. so they're spraying foam immediately, and the first responders, those crews, got there very, very quickly. the cfrs, crash fire rescue vehicles, got foam down quickly. >> if you have images and you haven't had a chance because of the chaos to send them to us, please sent to us to right knew at
6:22 pm >> they hem us tell the story. eric thomas is here. an aviation expert. quite passionate about this subject and we continue to try to figure out -- we know about the plane, very reliable air craft but we try to figure out what could have gone wrong. >> 777-200. the model, they're name by how many passengers and how heavy they are. 200 is one of the older and also smaller. it goes very far, 5,000 plus mile flight. what we do know at this point is that somewhere upon landing, the nose took a very high angle for landing, at least. what we don't know is was that some effort by the pie thereto try to climb out of his approach or had the tail already struck the ground and the response was some sort of gyration of the plane up into the air before it came back down, and then we have heard people say -- they've said
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cartwheel. maybe ground loop or something in between is what -- ground ball -- ground loop is when you spend around like that and as you saw from pictures there, was extensive fire in the roof area, in the ceiling area, but giving the folks inside enough time to get out. hundreds of them. so, we have two fatilities and that's a very sad occurrence and still have one person unaccounted for. when you consider there were 307 souls onboard the aircraft. >> remarkable. >> the tail section, an image of the tail section you're talking about, that broke off when it hit the sea wall. >> in this area here. this is the rudder and these are the horizontal stablizers. this controls the up and down, this controls the yaw, and so we know this snapped off, and i think this is a come composite,h
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means it's not all metal. it's mate made of lighter materials to help the plane get the range it has. >> and fuel efficiency. >> very efficient. very big engines. weighed -- wade freedman did a story on this think and stood up inside -- >> my goodness. >> i remember that. >> eric, thank you so much. now, we do know that the national transportation safety board is taking a lead on this investigation into the plane crash as they always do. here's a listen to the chair of the ntsb in washington, dc today. >> we have a number of investigators who are launching with us. here from headquarters. they're being led by investigator in charge, bill english. we have a number of subject matter experts who are going to be leading specific teams. those teams are going to be focused on operations, human performance, survival factors,
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the airport, airport operations, and they're going to be focusing on the aircraft and the systems, the structures and the power plant. we're going to be supported by a number of team members here in washington, dc. they're in the process of collecting information on air traffic control operations, on weather, and on maintenance issues. >> okay. facebook's chief operating officer was supposed to be onboard the flight. the asiaian na airlines flight that crashed. >> she put a message on her facebook page today: taking a minute to be thankful and explain what happened mitchell family and i were going to take the asiana flight that just crash-land but we switched to united sew -- so we could use miles. >> our flight was scheduled to come in at the same time but we were early and landed 20 minutes
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before the crash. our friend, david un, was on the asiana flight and is fine. we put a tweet on from him earlier today so he is okay. thank you for everyone who is -- to who are is reaching out and sorry if we worried anyone. serious moment to give thanks. that's that from cheryl sandberg. >> one of the passengers who survived the crash, one of the many, tried to talk to reporters for just a few minutes. >> see him in a moment. these two young kids. look at these precious faces being led away by asiana airlines personnel. they were onboard the pleafnl obviously okay. but you're about to see a young man in this video in kind of a mustard colored yellow shirt who was also on he plane. >> tried to talk and gave us some good insight before the police rushed him away. >> there's the young man. >> that's the young man we heard from earlier before police took him away. listen in to him right now.
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>> came up and down, and then something, and then it hit the ground, and then -- yeah. >> what happened? was anybody injured? >> a lot of people were injured. >> where were you sitting. >> next to the -- >> were you on the plane? >> yes. >> can you talk -- >> there he is whisked away by authorities who do not want him speaking to the media. >> he was remarkably calm. people getting hit of the head with debris. >> so young, too and so poised. well, the plane came down at 11:30, 11:33 this morning after a ten and a half hour flight from south korea. here's a look at writ landed on runway 28 left. one of four runways at the airport. one of the two runways used for
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arrivals and depart tours of bigger planes. >> there have been at least 17 air accidents at or near sfo, according to the flight safety foundation. >> the worst accident claimed the lives of 11 people. back in 1937. when a united airlines douglas dc3 from burbank crashed into san francisco bay. the copilot dropped his microphone and jammed the control. >> a hijacking in 1972 led to the death of two hijack end and passengers. the hijack demanded $800,000 and tweentd be taken to the soviet union. the pacific southwest flight had 86 people onboard. >> two cargo pleabz accounted for seven fay -- fay -- fatalities, use that's a remarkable safety record. [brief pause in captioning]
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>> at 8:00, but you'll notice it just backed up. this is 11:28, and you can see with those two runways here, we're seeing clear sky, no low
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cloud and fog. at 11:27, plenty of sunshine out there, 64 degrees, and a light wind in comparison to what we have been seeing. typically this time of year. out of the southwest at seven-miles-an-hour, here's the runway here and the faa do have wind sensors right here along the runway. we're not privy to that information. put you know that we'll be checking out those sensors to see if there's any wind gusts that could cause anything to wobble, and if nip as ever flown in, making making the descent oe runways after traveling over the bay there you have some gusty winds. things are going to be a little bit on the turbulent sides a you land there but not the case today. southwest at seven. the sunshine and low clouds and


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