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tv   ABC7 News 1100PM  ABC  July 6, 2013 11:00pm-12:01am PDT

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the runway at sfo. >> we'll hear
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>> dan: now at 11:00, disaster at sfo. sky7hd shows the scene after a boeing crashes on landing. >> cheryl: we're learning about the terrifying stories for passengers on board and travelers stranded. >> dan: the number of people killed in this tragedy is two. at least 49 people in the hospital in critical condition. >> cheryl: all 307 people on board have been accounted for. >> the flight originated in shanghai. f.b.i. says there is no indication that terrorism is involved. >> cheryl: crash is causing long delays and flight cancellations being
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diverted. >> amy hollyfield is live at the terminal where she is getting updates from airport staff. what do you have? >> reporter: dan, our media partner "san jose mercury news" the two were killed were 16-year-old girls from china or korea. local officials are calling it a chaotic, difficulty scene. there were 220 firefighters on the scene. one passenger describes it as ten seconds of horror. the tail was separated by hundred feet from the plane. seats were collapsed. luggage and laptops were flying around the cabin. there were copious amounts of smoke. fighters did help others off the plane. some jumped. some used the slide to get
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off the plane. they saw some people coming out of the water. i asked the fire chief more about that after the briefing. >> people coming from the water, it's my guess, it's a burning plane, if they were burned at all they went over the water after they self-evacuated to get into the water. >> children, adults, crews, passengers? >> we still don't know. >> of the 225 first responders, i want to thank them for their fantastic efforts. this could have been much worse. >> reporter: we are now learning from our media partner that the two killed were 16-year-old girls. the n.t.s.b. will be the lead agency and they are expected to land here in about an hour. they are gasheded their discussion and cause saying they just don't know right now. they did rule out terrorism or a crime and that is all they would say.
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they will be holding a joint news conference in the morning. scene is secured and sfo is only using two of the four runways. limited capacity the airport has looked like this pretty much all day. lines of people trying to deal with cancelled flights, delayed flights. either waited for later flight or just rescheduled for the morning or all of that has taken time. airport has decided all of the restaurants and bars open all night long to help accommodate all these people. amy hollyfield, this th. >> cheryl: some of the survivors are telling some harrowing stories. >> dan: the crash was difficulty for some families. they were escorted around by police. those two people taking away by workers. >> katie marzullo joins frustration the international terminal with
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more. >> reporter: we have new video of one of the survivors. let's go ahead and roll that so people can get a look at that. she turned up after receiving medical treatment. she has an abrasion on her face and also what appears to be a hospital wristband on her wrist. she was with a young man. he didn't seem to have any injuries, he may be a relative or loved one that met her here they airport. woman wasn't able to speak english but did i talk with another survivor, a man from india. his arm was in a sling. i asked him what his injuries. he said he had a broken collarbone. he was able to give an interview as teenage boy. both described what it was like when the plane went down. >> it was a loud bang. we knew something had gone
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wrong. >> reporter: now, you see the young man. he was more than willing to share his story but a police officer pulled him away and took him back into the reflection room where the other passengers and family members were. police were guard that room as long as there were relatives in there. that has since been cleared. salvation army had been called in. dozen members to help as translators but they did so much more than that. i was able to speak with one and first few hours when survivors were actually in there. they brought them blankets. they were freezing and scared because many of them in getting off the crashed plane lost one or both of their shoes and were left
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barefoot. >> cheryl: there were nearly 200 injured passengers from asiana airlines flight 214 and some were taken to the san francisco general hospital. >> dan: lisa amin gulezian has the story. >> there are still a lot of people being treated here at san francisco general hospital tonight. i spoke with one man who was one of the last people to leave the plane but one of the first to be released from the hospital. benjamin le sr789 was flying home to san francisco after a business trip to korea. his wife was supposed to be back on the flight but came back to san francisco early. they had no idea the plane was about to crash and had no warning or time to react. >> it was on the runway and i thought maybe we go back up and flying again.
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we went back down again. as i say, i was in my chair. >> people were screaming. >> reporter: that was his wife who was not on plane but exactly what they went through. they let passengers near a hole around the wing. the father was released from the hospital after bees treated for a bruised cartilage. everyone got out of the plane before the fire started and plane did not flip over as some witnesses report. back here live, he says the experience will not stop him from flying again. >> dan: some of the most
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remarkable pictures were taken by people who were near the airport at the time. >> this is the horrifying scene captured by camera. rebecca richardson took the pictures. heavy black smoke rose from the plane. >> they shot these remarkable pictures how lucky some of the passengers were to escape this burning plane. look at the chute on the left, it's shredded and deflated, most passengers were able to get off this plane. officials have not said why the chute ended up like that. >> it happened as the plane was at the end of the runway. we have an animated simulation of the crash. >> witnesses say it appears the plane hit the seawall just before the runway, knocked off the tail section. then the plane appeared to slide kicking up debris until it stopped on the side of the runway. >> the n.t.s.b. is taking the lead in the
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investigation into this crash. >> dan: airport spokesman sfo will not reopen the two remaining runways but not the other two until investigators arrive from washington, d.c. zoo. >> cheryl: the team is due around midnight and hold a briefing with officials tomorrow morning. >> we'll be looking at the air kroft to find the flight data recorders functioning at the time of the accident. we'll be looking that information and document the accident scene. >> dan: the accident scene was turned over to the f.b.i. at 2:00 p.m. today so federal officials are in charge. n.t.s.b. will focus inquiries on the operations and aircraft and, of course, systems and structures. >> cheryl: both boeing and korean board are cooperating. >> dan: a woman who saw the plane crash from her home also saw another plane crash at sfo 45 years ago. >> cheryl: they looked out
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of the window of their home after hearing a loud bang. she used her cellphone to record the video of the crash. >> dan: this is second time she saw a plane crash. in 1968 she saw a japanese airline slam into the bay. >> it was called a miracle crash because 107 passengers lived. to see this, it was surreal. i think i'm in shock. >> cheryl: the 1968 crash was caused by heavy fog. the plane was not severely damaged. plane was put back into service the following year. >> dan: live coverage is just beginning. still to come, we will continue our coverage of the flight 214 disaster including the incredible video showing the plane moments after the crash. >> first, we leave you with
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a live picture from san francisco international airport. this is the wreckage right now of the boeing 777. we'll continue
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>> dan: our coverage of the airline flight 214 continues tonight. here is a live look at the runway. >> hundreds of people witnessed the horrifying of the plane crashing. john alston join us with reaction right after the impact. this is holiday weekend.
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this area was filled with people walking, jogging and watching planes take off and land. witnesses say this asiana flight was coming in with the nose appointed up at almost a 45 degree angle. >> sfo was in full-blown emergency mode. a lazy morning of watching planes land turned into an instant as the jet slammed into the runway and skidded to a halt. >> i saw it come in, tail was very low. when it hit, sparks flew. >> the tail broke off as the fuselage careened. video shot by a person shows evacuation chutes and passengers are sliding down to the grassy area next to the runway. many are standing alongside the plane that had just carried them from south
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korea. >> i saw them carrying the baggage and they were going casually out of the plane, running out of the chute. they were looking and they were running around. >> it wasn't until most if not all the passengers were off the jet that it burst into flames spewing smoke in the sky. firefighters smothered the plane with fountains of fire retardant. >> i saw the chutes come out on the left side and people running from the plane. then the smoke and dust, it overtook the whole plane. >> crowds gathered along the millbrae waterfront after the crash. a few happened to be there when they heard the actual impact. >> when i heard the two bangs, i turned around very quickly. i suar the people up in the air and almost 45 degree angle to the ground. the tail assembly had been broken lose. tonight all of the
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crowds have left but tomorrow is expected to be another spectacle on the waterfront. >> dan: we wanted to bring in dan noyes. >> dan: learning more about the man who was at the controls when this plane crashed. >> i called the south korean consulate this evening. they are very busy trying to track down the family members aboard the plane. i was trying to find out more about the pilot of flight 214. a spokesman said the pilot was veteran with long experience. he is actually one of four pilots rotating in personal shifts during that flight that takes more than ten hours. he is clearly the person that holds a lot of answers why the plane crashed. the airline has been trying to bounce back from two other crashes in 25-year history. two years ago one plane
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crashed into the sea. in 1993 a domestic flight from seoul during a botched landing attempt killing 66 people and injuring 44. they pilot begin the plane's descent over a mountain top. as the 777 has a great safety record. details are similar to today. in 2008 a british airways flight land hard at heathrow airport injuring 47 people and investigation revealed ice pellets had formed in the fuel while flying at high altitude. engines were fixed and that planes and other models were fix today prevent similar problems. asiana has been battling the larger korean air. i reached the corporate offices in seoul where it's sunday afternoon. a spokesperson confirming
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the pilot's name. so more questions for him and the other pilots aboard the plane today. >> cheryl: right now, we were talking about how it was a clear day. this time of the year it's foggy. >> dan: light winds, 65 degrees, it doesn't seem like weather was much of a factor. leigh glaser is on top of that for is. >> live doppler showing you some of the low clouds and fog that are continuing to push inland into the bay and will probably affect a good affect flight delays at sfo tomorrow morning on top of all the delays already out there. i want to take you back. this was a little after 8:00 this morning. you can see this is sfo. you can see the clouds looming over those runways. then it just pushes back to the coast. this is around 11:30 or so.
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they did have sunshine and southwest, 7 miles an hour. plenty of sunshine. we do have a dense overcast but it wasn't the case this morning. this is 11:00 tonight, you see our fog take knew 5:00 a.m. tomorrow morning. this fog bank could be a little denser. i'm looking for the possibility of flight delays and other bay area airports by 9:00. they should start to burn back to near the coast. current temperatures right now, rooftop kay, sfo, san francisco, 56. golden gate bridge already seeing the low decks and low clouds, santa rosa, 53. 62 light now in union city. highs for your sunday, a little warmer inland. livermore, 88. 86 for antioch. 67 for san francisco. santa cruz, 75 degrees. seven-day forecast, a little warmer inland on monday and tuesday.
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temperatures reach back up into the low 90s. 60s at the coast then we cool it back down as we head into thursday and friday. other passengers make other plans. >> thousands of them around the country. how long some passengers say it could be until they get a flight out of sfo. >> dan: that is all coming up. let's take a live look at the wreckage of flight 214. investigation only now beginning as to why this crash on approach at sfo today. "abc 7 news" at 11:00
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>> terry: crash of asiana flight 214 and brief closure of san francisco international airport sent passengers scrambling to find other flights. >> dan: sergio quintana is there live with details on that part of the story. >> reporter: dan, on a regular day, sfo is a major gate way to the east. there are thousands of people who pass through here on their way to the
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rest of the country and to points in asia. throughout the day today, people have been scrambling because everything ground to a halt when the asiana flight crashed. >> within minutes of the crash, they settleled on a flight were among the first to know they may not be going out for a while. >> my luggage and i can't make my travel plans. i don't know whether to leave or not. it's a mess. it's understandable because a lot of people are that way. >> as crews dealt with the crash inside the terminal, passengers got information their smart phones and in conversations with ticketing agents. flying out of the bay area was going to be difficult. >> you can go to long beach. we don't have anything
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there. there is no flight from the area here. san jose new york flights out of there. >> as the day wore on, passengers found out that flights were cancelled. one woman waited for an hour and a half. >> reporter: finally the agent came on with good news. >> there will be flight. that will be on tuesday. >> after two runways were reopened most international carriers begin coming in. they gave home to people. >> and inside the terminal right now there are a lot of passengers who are going to be overnighting because they are hoping to get word in the morning as when they will be able to fly out of
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sfo. don't have numbers just yet as to how many flights were cancelled and how many were diverted but obviously we know that there were lots of those planes diverted all over california. some of them to long beach, los angeles, fresno, sacramento and, of course, to oakland and san jose. seshlg essential, "abc 7 news". >> cheryl: very frustrating for all those passengers. we have a lot more ahead. governor brown responding to the disaster. >> dan: witnesses share their firsthand accounts on twitter. remarkable images as "abc 7
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we are looking right now moments after the crash. they are breathtaking and horrifying all at the same time. two deaths and 182 injuries, most of those injuries are minor. >> dan: which are
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remarkable. a tragedy at sfo but one with a story that might have been very different. it's just stunning that death toll was much worse. >> those are the passengers, some of them went down the chutes safely and self-evacuating and went into the terminal. this is before the plane caught fire. >> dan: now, we see the burned out hull of that flight. from this picture you can see people were clearly before it burst into flames. >> cheryl: and the window there, that was from david who was on that plane that took the picture. >> governor brown is react together crash. he has issued a statement. we extend our deepest sympathies who were on board and to the families. we are grateful to the swift response of the first
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responders whose actions prevented a greater tragedy. >> cheryl: please stay with us. we have another 30 minutes of continuing coverage of the crash. >> dan: including the survivors taken to bay area hospitals. you will hear from a man who walked away from the wreckage. >> cheryl: we have another live look. this is the evening picture. n.t.s.b. is on scene. stay with us. we'l
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>> dan: good evening once again. dan ashley and cheryl jennings with you tonight as our special coverage of the crash of asiana flight 214. two people killed, 184
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people injured, 49 critically hurt. >> our media partner at "san jose mercury news", two dead or 16-year-old females, from china or korea. right now all 307 people have been accounted for. >> dan: the flight passengers include 141 chinese, 71 south koreans and 61 u.s. citizens. it caused delays at sfo with planes diverted to other cities. >> bay area hospitals received a number of injured passengers, they were in disaster mode for most of the day. >> dan: one of busiest was san francisco general hospital where 53 passengers were treated. >> cheryl: lisa amin gulezian is live at the hospital. you talked to one of survivors tonight. >> reporter: that is true. i spoke with benjamin levy. tonight he was happy to be
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going home but still shocked he survived a plane crash. he was sitting in the middle of plane. he said his entire row was crushed. father of two was treated for bruised cartilage. he was returning to san francisco after a business trip to korea. he was conscious the entire time and helped people get off the plane. >> person next to me, heavy breathing but was conscious. another gentleman seemed to be older but not too hurt. most of injuries seemed to be leg, bruises. to everybody calmed down quickly and not pushing each other or stepping on each other. it felt like it went pretty fast. >> reporter: as he says there was no fire on the plane. several witnesses have reported not while passengers were on board.
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the plane did not flip over at any time. he said the entire experience will not stop him from flying again. lisa amin gulezian, "abc 7 news." >> dan: thank you very much. >> wayne freedman has been out there all day that talked to passengers. >> he has been hearing from worried friends on board that crashed plane. he is live for us. wayne? >> reporter: we're in the park just across from millbrae across from the two runways. this is where people stand all day, all night and look at the activity sfo. this is something they have never seen before. >> even after the sun went down the curious stood on the banks of a park in millbrae and stared across the water. there is just no hiding it. >> everybody here is flown on plane and think like
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something like this could happen. >> reporter: these are the people who had it easy who came to the airport by choice, who stood here and watch airline service resume later in the afternoon. the airport terminals were teaming with travelers who were not going anywhere. so the airport closed all those planes that could not arrive. on this day reservations guaranteed nothing. this will return to orlando now will happen for two long days. >> we have taken a hotel. >> were you able to find a room? >> it was very difficult. nothing in san francisco was available so we had to go to oakland. >> meanwhile, outside the terminal, police held back an army of curious reporters who hope to hear from the plane's passengers and friends. this man had a friend who survived the crash but couldn't find him. he was patient given the
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lack of information. >> i think they are trying to do their best. we're all in crisis. >> for anyone involved with this crash, this day is already a permanent memory even for the curious bystanders who watched from a distance. >> our hearts go out to them. >> reporter: even as we approach midnight there are still people taking pictures, taking pictures of that out there as airplanes have resumed takeoffs and landings and always did until this morning. >> cheryl: they gathered to watch the planes and one of them took this picture of the flight 214 just before it crashed. >> dan: had in is about 11:20 this morning. nathan emailed this photo at ureport.
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please do the same if you have any photos. even this photo will be very useful to the n.t.s.b. when they get a look at it. they wanted know know everything they possibly can. here you see the plane on its final approach before this tragedy. >> cheryl: it was a tragedy for so many people. it also caused a lost chaos where thousands of passengers at sfo and around the country. >> dozens of flights were cancelled or rescheduled. mark matthews witnessed hundreds of people in long lines trying to rebook their flights. >> here the line at terminal 3. come on down. this line is three hour's long from saturday to finish. we talked to people at 6:00 are still waiting in line. in fact bob wagner. how did you make out. you have been waiting in line for three hours. >> almost four.
11:42 pm
they told us, they leave 4:00 on monday is the last tram that leaves a airport to get us to the ship. >> for your vacation. >> how soon the plane get you there? >> i think it's 11:00 that night. >> you are going to miss five hours. >> we lose our trip by $3,000 and our dream. >> and you are smiling. >> he has had a hard day. >> i'm tired. >> a lot people have had hard day. let me show you the extent of a line. this is a three hour line. you really don't get the sense of it until you can get up high and take a look. it's as far as you can see in every direction. reporting from terminal 3, "abc 7 news". >> can you imagine. >> we're going to continue here, a lot more to bring you. coming up we'll talk to aviation expert about what
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could have gone wrong today. >> and also where she was supposed to that on the fateful asiana
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>> cheryl: we have learned that the ntsb investigators have made it here. >> they will be on site to
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begin the process and first light they will swarm all over this plane. this plane came down about eleven:30 this morning after the international airline flight. >> here is where it landed. that is one of four runways at the airport. most of the time it's one of two runways for arrivals and departures from some of the biggest planes. >> dan: investigators will listen to the conversations made from the air traffic control towers to figure out what happened. >> cheryl: here is sample what they listened to. >> asiana, emergency vehicles, everyone is on their way. >> okay. >> dan: some of audio is hard to make out. you can hear the tower pilot telling the pilot who radioed in the emergency vehicles were on the way. it happened in in the moments immediately after the crash. >> cheryl: we talked to aviation consultant today. he told us what likely may
11:47 pm
have gone wrong. >> we know it was too low obviously. it was too slow and combination of that with the nose up there was a major problem in trying to make the runway. missing element is power. they pushed the power up at 500 feet or 600 feet and engines did not come up or was it a situation that for some reason they didn't get to the throttle in time. i find that highly unlikely. >> cheryl: lots of questions to be answered during this investigation. >> dan: facebook chief operating officer was supposed be on board of that flight and put a message out. >> she said taking a minute to be thankful and explain what happened. my family and colleagues originally were going to take the flight that just crash landed and switch to
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united. our flight was scheduled to come in at the same time. >> dan: we were early and landed 20 minutes before the the crash. our friend was on the flight and he is fine. remember we showed you the picture he took moments after impact a few minutes ago. she goes on to say thank you everyone who is reaching out. i'm sorry if we worried anyone. >> cheryl: a lot of people are saying that right now. we are looking at the sky behind us, clear and no fog there. no fog out at the airport. >> dan: weather was not a factor, leigh glaser is here once again. >> it really cleared out. fog pushed back to the coast around 10:00 this morning. it was sunny at sfo earlier in the day. not right now. live doppler, picking up low clouds and fog making its way to the golden gate bridge and into the bay and that could definitely slow down even more flight
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problems at sfo tomorrow morning. keep that in mind. east coast will see the rain. 113, phoenix. los angeles, 78. 110, palm springs. fresno, 103. 83, lake tahoe. 80 for napa. 67 for san francisco. san jose, 83. accu-weather seven-day forecast, warmer monday and tuesday. back in the 90s inland and cool things back down by thursday and friday. >> dan: perhaps,
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giants began today seven games under five hundred but three players were named to the national all-star game. they will be at city fields for the mid season classic. the game against the dodgers got off to the weird start. posey could stop the double out of line so an out is called. giants wind up not scoring.
11:53 pm
they did get on the board in the second. a walk to force home on run. and this one went up the middle. it's now 2-0 dodgers strike back in the fifth. launches a two-run shot and lead is cut in half. l.a. got no closer, rookie sensation struck out four times as the giants win 4-2. madison bumgarner improves four and five. >> batolo is 11-3 and a's were in kansas city. oakland led 2-1 in the fourth and he gets all of this parker pitch. it is out of here. that tied the contest. josh donaldson had hopes to make the all-star team. he had two r.b.i.s and 15th
11:54 pm
homer of the season put the a's back on top 3-2 in the sixth. royals and into the eighth, former athletic, miguel tejada should be the third out but committed an error. bases loaded. an infield single, royals go in front and hang on to win, 4-3. and astros, jason castro celebrated his first all-star team by hitting a three-run homer in the seventh. houston knocked off the rangers 9-35. >> get to the women's final at wimbledon, serena had to twice come back with 3-love deficits but against bartoli she fel into a hole she couldn't dig herself out.
11:55 pm
bartoli took advantage and fires a backhand down the line. took the first set. and mount to rally but would fall short. bartoli served forfeiture champion. this is her first championship. >> i have -- it's just amazing. it's really been an amazing day. >> tomorrow is going to be for the gentlemen's title. >> now, back to this reality before we leave you tonight. we wanted to bring you up to date on the crash of flight 214 rat sfo with the latest. >> sadly it was a deadly
11:56 pm
crash landing. death toll stands at two. 49 people are still in the hospital in critical condition. >> now those numbers could have been much higher had everyone not been able to get off the plane. the plane caught fire after people escaped and emergency chutes come down. >> first responders had to go into plane to take out some of those people. all 7 people have been accounted for -- 307 people have been accounted for. >> it originated in shanghai and came to sfo ten and a half hour flight. if i says there is no indication that terrorism was involved. >> the crash is causing long delays and flight cancellations at san francisco international. some planes are being diverted. >> and wreckage of the plane is still sitting on the airfield at sfo tonight. right now the focus of an
11:57 pm
international investigation into what went wrong. as we reported moments ago. n.t.s.b. crash investigators have landed here from washington and heading to the scene. >> they are going to runway 28 left where this plane crashed just off to the side of the field in that huge debris field. they are going to hold a joint news briefing tomorrow morning. >> stay with us. our coverage begins
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