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tv   ABC7 News 500AM  ABC  July 7, 2013 5:00am-6:01am PDT

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>> first the shock and horror and now the details. we learn more in morning as the investigation of the wreckage of the flight of 214 at sso. good morning, i'm carolyn tyler. thanks for joining us on this sunday, july 7th. >> and i'm kristin. here's the latest developments in the crash of the passenger jet at sfo. investigators with the national transportation safety board are now on the scene. they conducted a preliminary inspection of the plane wreckage shortly after arriving at sfo about 11:30 last night. >> they say they have recovered both of the so-called black boxes that record flight information data and the pilots'
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voices. both are being flown to washington d.c. right now for analysis. >> the two killed are 16-year-old girls from china. they were part of a 35 member group of middle school teachers and students taking part in a summer camp in los angeles. the flight original lated in shanghai with a stop in seole, south korea. >> two of the runways remain closed. passengers are being told to expect long delays and flight cancellations again today. and we are learning more this morning about the search for answers in this fatal airliner crash. as we mentioned, the ntsb is on the scene. their south korean counterparts are on the way. matt keller joins us live from sfo with the latest from a briefing, matt, that was held just a short time ago?
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>> yeah. actually it was a one-on-one interview with the ntsb chairman. she was here at sfo. they have gun their investigation. now she did confirm to me that the flight data recorder and the cockpit voice recorder have been recovered here at the crash site. they are both on a red eye flight right now on their way to washington, d.c., with a federal escort. here are some pictures taken by the ntsb overnight of them doing their first site inspection of the plane. they are getting a closer look at the wreckage. the chairman just told me investigations like this usually take about a week. at least on the scene. today they are focused on the plane and the debris left behind. >> we are working right now with san francisco airport to make sure that they can get back operational, that there's other runways that they can utilize those. we will have to take a look at this aircraft at the debris and make sure that all of the
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aircraft parts and the initial strikes are documented before that run way can reopen to eight left. >> the chairman wouldn't speck lit if it was mechanical or pilot error. we know witnesses say the flight slammed into the runway early, breaking off their tail and catching fire before coming to a stop. we are here at the international terminal at sfo. some people are starting to arrive for their flights here today. you want to check with your airline to make sure if isn't cancelled. the ntsb said we are planning on holding another press briefing later this afternoon. reporting live, matt keller, abc7 news. >> thank you. we are just getting new information in the last half-hour on the two young passengers who died. abc7 news reporter cornell bernard is in the newsroom with that coverage.
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>> that's right. the two were chinese chat -- nationals." they were 16 years old. survivors are telling horror stories as the jet slammed into the concrete and skidded to a stop on the runway. many survivors were being escorted through the terminal by the police after the crash. one appeared to have a bruise or abrasion on her face and another man was seen wearing a sling. he had a broken collarbone. it seemed like the crash was happening in slow motion, they said. they said the noise of the crash was deafening as it hit the runway and the tail broke off the plane. many said the flight attendants acted quickly deploying the shoots but no one panicked. people got out of the burning jet as fast as they could. >> it was disbelief, screaming. but we managed to get everyone to calm down quickly and start getting out and not pushing each other and stepping on each
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other. so it seems like it went really fast. >> the two passengers killed were part of a middle school group of students and five teachers from east china." they were on their way to a summer camp in los angeles. they were also scheduled to visit stanford university. that's the latest. live in the fuse room, abc7 news. >> all right, cornell. of the nearly 200 injured passengers from asiana airline flight 214, many were taken to the san francisco hospital. one man was flying home to san francisco after a business trip to korea. passengers had no idea the plane was about to crash and had no warning or time to react. >> you are tied up to your chair and again we are skipping on the runway and i felt we were going back up, i thought maybe we go back up and start flying again and try another landing but we went week down again. it felt like slow motion. i was still tied to my chair
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until i unbuckled. >> he helped passengers get off the plane through a hole near the wing. the 39-year-old father of two was released from sf general hospital after being treated for bruised cartilage in his chest. >> local officials are describing the cash as a chaotic and difficult scene to manage because of the amount of debris and fire that erupted following the crash. san francisco's fire chief said there was a lot of smoke and many passengers had to self evacuate the plane. firefighters said they saw some passengers coming out of the water. >> people coming from the water. it's my guess it was a burning plane so if they were burned or hot they may have gone to the water's edge themselves after they evacuated to get into the water. it's a shallow area. >> more than 220 firefighters were called in to help in yesterday's crash. >> some of the enduring images of the accident were taken by people near the airport when the
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plane crashed. take a look. this is the horrifying scene captured on camera by rebecca. she took these photos as this heavy black smoke you see started rising from the plane. she shared she's images with us by way of twit are he. sky 7hd shot these dramatic pictures showing how lucky most the passengers were to escape the burning plane. look at the emergency shoot on the left. you can see it shredded and deflated. they aren't taking why the shoot ended up exactly like that. >> hundreds of people witnessed the horrifying sight of the plane crashing. crowds gathered along the front after the crash. a few happened to be there after they heard the impact. these are photos taken moments after the impact. they show evacuation shoots hanging from the the lane, passengers sliding down to the grassy area next to the runway and others standing alongside of the plane that had just carried them from south korea.
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>> i saw someone carrying baggage with them and they were going casually out of the plane, run the out of the shoot. and they were looking and they were running around. >> it went until most, if not all of the passengers were off the jet, that it burt into flames, spewing smoke into the sky. firefighters smothered the flames with mountains of fire retardant. >> there was a brief closer of sf international airport. it went those scrambling for flights. sergio quintana has the story from that terminal. >> within minutes of asiana flight 214 crashing on approach to san francisco enter -- international, folks going to korea were the first to find out
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they may not be going anywhere for a while. >> i don't know whether i should book a room, i don't know whether i should leave or not. but it's understandable because lots of peoples lives in jeopardy now. >> all flights were stopped for a couple hours as crews dealt with the crash. inside the international terminal passengers began getting information on their smartphones and in conversation was their ticketing agent. it was clear flying out of the bay area would be difficult. >> you can go to long beach. we don't have anything there. there's no nights from -- the fs from here. >> as the day wore on passengers kept collecting inside. a number of flights were cancelled. one woman was waiting on hold for an hour and a half. >> we've been waiting a long time. >> finally the agent came online with good news. >> he found me one flight, and i will be in luxembourg on
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tuesday. >> after two runways were reopened, a limited number of plains, mostly international carriers, began taxing into the area. >> abc7 news. >> well, yesterday's weather certainly does not seem like it played a role because there was no fog. it seemed ideal. i wonder what it's going to be like today. >> i will find out from meteorologist lisa argen. lisa. >> kristin, and good morning to you both. starting out with the low fog and clouds about 2,000 feet deep. once again the stratus intrusion into the bay. here's a look at the golden gate bridge. temperatures mainly in the 50s. 53 santa rosa with 56 livermore. it is clear in the south bay with numbers in the low 50s. here's the plan for the fog for the rest of the day. you notice it tense to burn back, but it will be a slow burn off once again. at about 11:00 you notice we still have fog alon the arain
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and the coast. then partly cloudy skies near the shoreline. as you head out numbers in the 50s to near 60s. upper 70s and 80s. by the evening it's going to be a cool one. the fog comes back but we are setting up for a warmup for the next couple days before we cool down again. a look at the seven-day outlook in a few minutes. back to you. >> lisa, thank you. >> our coverage of the crash continues in a mommy. up next, what we are learning about the plane's pilot and the crash history of the airline. >> and how many passengers were left strand by the flight delays and cancellation as sfo and how they quickly copied with the tragedy. >> first we leave you with a live picture of the wreckage of 214. the abc
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>> welcome back, everyone. it is 5:14 on this sunday morning. this is a live look at the wreckage from asiana airlines 214. the crash yesterday around 11:30:00 in the morning at sfo. right now the so-called black boxes that contain a lot of valuable information are on their way to washington, d.c. the national transportation safety board says it will be on the scene for about a week trying to figure out with a caused this crash. >> the accident happened just as the plane was at the beginning of the runway. we have an animated simulation of the crash put together by cnn based on witness reports and the debris trail on the ground. witnesses say it appears the plane hit the seawall just before the runway, knocking off
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its tail section. then the plane appeared to slide and spin, kicking up debris until it finally stopped on the side of the runway. >> and we are learning more about the pilot of the flight. a spokesperson for the airline in seoul told us he was a veteran with long experience. he was actually one of four pilots rotating in two-person shifts during the flight. the flight takes more than ten hours. he will be the person who holds a lot of answers as to why that plane crashed. we are also learning asiana airlines has been trying to bounce back from two other fatal crashes in its 25-year history. two years ago one of its 747 cargo planes headed for shanghai crashed into the sea, killing the two pilots on board. that was blamed on mechanical problems. and in 1993 an asiana domesticking flight from seoul botched in a bad landing attempt, killing 66 people and
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injuring 44. the pilot began that decent while it was still passing over a mountaintop. >> the flight caused many passengers to be delayed at sfo. wayne friedman caught up with many of them, as well as bystanders, who had no choice but to watch following the crash. >> even after the sun went down the curious stood on the banks of a park in milbrae and stared across the water, taking in the hull that had been asiana 214. there's just no hiding it. >> everybody here has probably flown on a plane. just to think that something like this can happen, it's scary. >> and yet these are the people who had it easy who came to the airport by choice, who stood here and watched airline service finally resume. by then the airline services had passengers that were not going anywhere. all the planes that wouldn't
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arrive meant more planes couldn't turn around and leave. no flights were guaranteed. this woman's flight will now not happen until two long days. >> were you able to find a room? >> it was difficult. nothing in san fran was available so with had to go to oakland? >> and meanwhile the so-called reflection room, police held back an army of curious people who hoped to hear from the family, friends and passengers inside. this man had a friend in the crash but he couldn't fine them. he was patient given the information. >> they are trying to do my best and i am trying do my best. we are all in a crisis. >> for anyone involved in the cash, this day is already a permanent memory. even for the curious bystanders who watched from a distance. >> our hearts and souls poor out for them. >> wayne friedman, abc7 news. >> we will have more on the crash but let's take a break now
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and get a look at our weather forecast. >> yeah, how is it going, lisa? >> well, the marine layer is keeping it cool. that will be the trend again as we take a look at live doppler 7hd. the low clouds and fog have made their way in across the east bay but not into concord or livermore. you are clear there as far as the south bay. we will have the low clouds and fogged banked up along the short line once again today but we are anticipating warming inland by a couple degrees. in fact, that should bring the numbers up into the mid-80s in spots. here's a look from the roof camera. it's 55 downtown. clear in san jose with low clouds along half moon bay and santa cruz 58 degrees. golden gate bridge, you are noticing the marine layer here a little bit with the clouds and temperatures in the 50s. 53 in santa rosa with livermore coming in at 56. union city 57. and emeryville this morning, sunrise, 5:55.
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we will look at low clouds for the next several hours. then a little bit warmer today, especially inland. some cooling heads our way by tuesday. the warming trend continues into monday and a portion of tuesday, but then by thursday, we are slightly cooler. not a dramatic cool down and here is why we are going to warm up today. there's a trough of low pressure in the pacific northwest and today as the ridge inches a little closer to us, that cool pool of air nudges to the north. that's going to allow for about two to four degrees of warming inland. it's a modest warmup. you won't feel it at the coast because you will be shrouded in the clouds. look for 83 in san jose, 84 in morgan hill today. peninsula numbers, although you will be cool along the shoreline, you will be up into the mid-and upper 70s today. slightly warmer for you in mountain view. 78 redwood city and san francisco partly cloudy, 67 today in the north bay you will hold on to the low clouds and
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fog. it should take around probably until about is 111:00, close to 12, perhaps, before youler out. parts of the south area. and numbers ranging from the low 70s to hayward to richmond and mid-70s coming in union city. here's where you notice the temperatures will be a little warmer today. instead of just around 80 we are climbing through the mid-80s in pittsburgh today. antioch 86, looking at pleasanton, nice afternoon, mid-80s for you. a look ahead, temperatures coming up more so into the low 90s inland. tuesday around 80 around the bay. then the sea breeze picks up again wednesday, thursday, friday. that's the moderate cooling trend. then we look like we are warmer up through next weekend. we will let you know how warm it will number your community. keep track of bay area weather on twitter at live doppler 7hd. as far as we go this morning it's a status quo, as they like
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to say. >> thank you, lisa. all right, it is now 5:20. the coverage of the sfo plane crash continues. next, governor brown responds to the disaster. >> and facebook executive cheryl sandberg how she narrowly escaped being on the fateful asiana flight. >> first we leave you with another live look at the wreckage of flight 214. new overnight, the black boxes have been recovered and are on their way to d.c.. the abc sunday mornin
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>> welcome back, everyone. asiana flight 214 came down landing in sfo coming from seoul, south korea. most of the time this is one of the two arrivals used for
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departures for some of the bigger planes. >> we will listen to the conversation from the air-traffic control tower to figure out what happened. here's a sample of what they will listen to. >> heavy emergency vehicles are responding. everyone is on their way. >> now some of that audio is hard to make out b you can hear the tower telling the pilot who radioed in that emergency vehicles were on the way. this conversation happened in a moment immediately after the crash. >> we talked to abc7 news aviation consultant john nance. he said the angle at which the plane came down was a critical clue. >> we know it was too low and too slow and the combination of that with the no, sir-up angle, which is what i was told at first, was there a major problem in trying to make the runway. and the missing element here is power. they pushed the power up at 500 feet or 600 feet and the engines about not come up or was
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it a situation that for some reason they didn't get to the throttles in time and they were trying to do a go-around? i find that highly unlikely with a professional flight crew. >> facebook's chief operating officer was supposed to be on that flight. she put a message on her face book page after that crash and said taking a minute to be thankful. we were originally going to take the flight that just crash landed. we switched to united so we could use miles for my family's tickets. our flight was scheduled to come in at the same time but we were early and landed about 20 minutes before the crash. our friend david was on the flight and he is fine. thank you, everyone, who is reaching out and sorry if we worried anyone. a serious moment to give thanks. >> i wasn't aware of this, but there have been at least 17 air accidents at or near sfo according to the flight safety foundation which records aviation statistics.
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the worst claimed the lives of 11 people back in 1937 when a united airlines douglas dc krom burbank crashed into the san francisco bay. co-pilot dropped his microphone and jammed the controls. a hijacking in 1972 led to the death of two hijackers and the passenger. the hijackers were demanding $800,000 and wanted to be taken to the then soviet union. the pacific southwest flight from sacramento had 86 people on board. two cargo plane crashes in 1963 and '64 left seven people dead and three people died in a private jet crash in 1984. governor jerry brown is reacting to the plane crash. he has issued a statement saying, quote, ann and i extend our deepest concerns and sympathy to the passengers aboard asiana flight 214 and to their families. we are grateful to the courage and quick response to the first responders who actions surely prevented a greater tragedy.
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ann is the governor's wife. soon after the crash president obama was made aware of the incident n a statement the president expressed his gratitude for the first responders and directed his team to stay in constant contact with the federal, state and local partners as they investigate and respond to the event. the white house statement says, quote, his thoughts and prayers go out to the families who lost a loved one and all those affected by the crash. the president will continue to be updated as new information becomes available. >> still to come, we will continue our coverage of the flight 214 disaster, including from federal inspectors are revealing this morning about the initial investigation of the plane wreckage. we are live at sfo. >> the crash of flight 214 is forcing hundreds of passengers to make other plans. ahead, how long some passengers say it could be before they finally get a flight out of? >> and here is another live look at the wreckage of asiana boeing
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777. the crash took the lives of two teenage girls. we are back
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>> good morning, everyone. i'm carolyn tyler. thanks for joining us on this sunday, july 7th. >> and i'm kristin. here are the latest developments in the crash of the passenger jet at? >> investigators with the national transportation safety board are now on the scene. they conducted a preliminary inspection of the plane wreckage shortly after arriving at sfo about 11:30 last night. >> that's right. ntsb officials say they have recovered both of the black boxes that record flight information data and the pilots' voices and both are being flown to washington, d.c. for analysis. >> asiana airlines is confirming that the two passengers killed in the crash of 16-year-old girls from china. we've now learned that they were
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part of a 35-member group of middle school students and teachers who were taking part in a summer camp in l.a. the asiana flight originated in shanghai with a stop in seoul, south korea. >> at least 4-9d of the people injured in the crash are in bay area hospitals right now in critical condition. two of the runways at sfo remain closed. passengers are being warned to expect long delays and some flight cancellations again today. the head of the ntsb and her team of investigators arrived late last night and the block boxes have been recovered. matt keller spoke with her and he's live at sfo with their big job ahead and the latest on the investigation. matt. >> the chairman of the ntsb told me this morning that she believes the crewmembers are still here in san francisco and she would like to interview them soon. the investigation team arrived here at sfo overnight. they are looking at a lot of physical evidence here on the ground. witnesses and emergency workers
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say the asiana flight from south korea slammed into runway early break off its tail and catching fire before coming to a stop yesterday morning. investigators wouldn't speculate whether they believed it was a mechanical error or pilot error. they will look at many factors. >> we have people who are looking at the human side of the operations. they will be looking at operating aircraft, our rules, regulations, they will be looking at human performance, they will be auditioning the cockpit voice recorders to see about the crew interaction. >> here are some pictures taken by the ntsb overnight of investigators doing their first site inspection of the ice yawn plane. they are getting a closer look at the wreckage. the voice and cockpit recorders have been recovered and sent on a red eye flight to washington,
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d.c. with an ses court. they told me for accidents like this one on sfo they are usually on the scene for a week. reporting live, matt keller, abc7 news. >> complicated job ahead. thank you, matt. we are also learning more about the victims of that crash and hearing from more survivors, as well. cornell bernard is live in the newsroom with that part of the story. good morning. >> good morning. we are learning two of the passengers killed were chinese nationals. both girls were 16 years old. they have been identified. they were part of a school group of 30 students and five teachers visiting the u.s. from china. in the meantime we are hearing stories of chaos from those who escaped the burning jet. many survivors were ses courted through the terminal by police after the crash. one woman appeared to have a bruise on her face. another man was wearing a sling. he had a broken collarbone.
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the passengers said it seemed like it was a happening in slow motion. the knows was deafening as they hit the runway and the tail broke up. many evacuated quickly deploying the evacuation shoots but nobody panicked and people got out of the burning jet as quick as possible. >> the moment it hit, there was a loud bang and we knew something was wrong. >> did you see fire? >> the fire started as people started evacuating. >> the two passengers killed were part of a middle school group of students that planned to spend the summer in california. they were on their way to a summer camp in los angeles. and they were also scheduled to visit stanford university, as well as other colleges. live in the newsroom, abc7 news. >> cornell, thank you. one of the many passengers who survived was a teenage boy. here he is in the yellow t-shirt. he briefly spoke to reporters at sfo about the moment of impact and what it was like for him before a police officer rushed him away.
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>> it was going up and down and then -- something like that's correct i'm not sure. and then it hit the ground and then -- yeah. >> and what happened next? >> where were you sitting? >> i was sitting. >> he was amazingly calm and there he is being whisked away by an officer who did not want him to speak to the media yet. he was taken back to the reflection room where other survivors and family members were gathering. >> some guests surrounding sfo had a very clear view of the crash. here's some photos taken by one witness who saw the flight come down. witnesses say they heard a loud noise right before the plane burst into flames. >> all of a sudden we saw the
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plane land and the tail end of it went down, and all of a sudden we saw smoke. we thought the plane cracked in half. >> witnesses also tell us it appeared the plane was coming in at a rather odd angle right before it went down. now to san francisco general hospital where three waves of people have been admitted. the first wave of passengers arrived around 12:30 yesterday. ten in critical condition. many were brought in, as you see, on gurneys. the director of the emergency department gave a description of some of the injuries. >> we've seen a lot of bumps and bruises and contusions. several patients with long bone fractures. we've seen a lot of patients with spine injuries. i'm guessing it's from the force of the plane going down on the long access of the spine so we have patients with spinal
5:37 am
compression fractures or cervical spine fractures. >> some patients have already been discharged. sf general said it also transferred some regular patients over to laguna honda hospital to free up beds for the crash victims. >> some of the injured were taken to stanford medical center. with shows the scene as some of them arrived there. you see an ambulance and several gurneys with injured passengers. hospital staff are surrounding them. stanford says the hospital is prepared for major disasters like the asiana airline crash. >> we rehearse for emergencies like this. we have an emergency operations team and we rehearse several times throughout the year for different kind of disaster and we were prepared. we have mobilized the emergency department and our trauma department to be prepared for an emergency, for an unfortunate tragedy like this. >> well, the proliferation of cell phone cameras means photos and videos of the crash were
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posted online almost immediately after that crash happened. the photos that we are seeing which were taken moments after the crash are just -- they are amazing. they are startling. two deaths and 182 injuries are certainly a tragedy, but when you look at pictures like that, it is stunning that the devastation was not even worse. take a look at that photo from david, a samsung executive in sil gone valley. he was aboard that plane. he tweeted this photo just after the crash before the top of the plane disintegrated. >> the crash of asiana flight 214 caused a lot of delays for passengers at sfo. it was particularly felt within the international terminal. people started getting information on their smartphones and from ticketing agents that flying out of the area was going to be very difficult. >> you can go to long beach. we don't have anything there.
5:39 am
there is no flight from the area here. san jose, no flights there that gets us to austin. >> two runways were reopened later in the day but only accommodate add limited number of flights. >> i think that's still the situation with justify the two runways open at this hour. >> you are right. so two are still closed in. >> right. >> we will have a lot more coverage but let's check in with the weather right now. >> it's pleasant but still cool. lisa, you are going to warm it up, right? >> that's right. especially inland. you will notice the change. here's a live look from the roof camera. it is cloudy once again as we start out. san francisco and oakland. clear in san jose with half moon bay checking in in the mid-50s. here's a lock at the fog. you will notice it is into the east bay. not as far as the livermore valley and not as far as san jose and mountain view. by about 11:00 it clears most of the bay, but getting hung up about 11:30 and for a short time we are looking at it pulling
5:40 am
back. it is going to move right back in. the warmup, yes. our inland east bay, mid-and upper 80s today, but the steady sea breeze will keep it cool with numbers in the 60s at our coast and not much in the way of clearing in the north bay. we will see upper 70s and the warming trend. it continues for the next couple of days. it's going to be modest. nothing extreme. then we are talking about a cool down as we get toward the middle of the week. so some subtle changes to come. some i think you will like and we will look at the seven day outlook coming up in a few minutes. carolyn, kristin. >> lisa, thank you. it's 5:40. >> and our coverage of asiana flight 214 at sfo continues in just two minutes. the crash caused chaos for dozens of flights at sfo. unnext we will hear from some of the hundreds of passengers scrambling to rebook nights. >> also a peninsula woman watches as the flight crashes. why this disaster is bringing back horrible memories of another at sfo. >> but first we leave you with another live picture of the
5:41 am
wreckage of flight 214. the black boxes on their way right now to washington, d.c. for the investigation. the abc7 sunday morning news continues in just two
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>> at 5:43 this sunday morning. you can see there are inspectors out there on the runways at the crash at sfo. the black boxes have been recovered overnight and are headed now to washington, d.c. >> we want to take a moment to show you the runway at sfo with
5:44 am
flight 214 scratched how all that wreckage was spread. it came in on runway 2-8 left. that's the runway you see closest to you right now. you see the landing gear and tail pieces lying at the end of the runway. the nose gear is a little further up. the plane itself coming to rest much further up on the west side of the runway. >> the plane involved in this accident is a boeing 777-200. it was delivered new by boeing about seven years ago. its first flight was 2006. it seats a maximum of 310 passengers in economy and business classes combined. the boeing 7777 line is considered to be very same there's been only one major accident involving a 777. it was a plane that crashed near heathrow's runway in 2008. until now there has never been a
5:45 am
fatality involving this plane. >> dozens and dozens of flights were cancelled or rescheduled. matt witnesses hundreds of people in long lines trying to rebook their flight. >> here is the line in terminal 3 at the united desk. come on down, let me show you. this line is three hours long from start to finish. we talked to people at 6:00 who are still waiting in line. in fact, bob wagner. hi, bob. >> hi. >> how did you make out? you have been waiting for three hours i know. >> almost four now. >> and? >> they told us that we have to be at the anchorage airport at 4:00 monday is the last tram that leaves the airport to get us to the ship for the norwegian cruise line. >> for your vacation? >> for our cruise, yes. >> how soon can they get you there? >> 11:00 at night. >> you are going to miss it by 5 hours? >> yep. >> so you lose your trip?
5:46 am
>> lose our trip, our 3,000 bucks and our dream. >> and you are smiling. he's had a hard day. >> i'm tired. >> a lot of people have had a very hard day at sfo. let me show you the extent of the line. this is a three-hour line, as we reported. but you really don't get the sense of it until you can get up high and take a look at it. it's as far as you can see in every direction. reporting from terminal three, mark matthew, abc7 news. >> coming up, breaking news from the peninsula where a fire at an apartment building has sent several people to the hospital. >> we will also check out your changing forecast. >> low clouds and fog this morning in san francisco. here's a look from our roof camera. numbers in the 50s. it will take some time to clear. but we have a warmup for parts of the bay area. come back and i'll have the seven-day outlook when we return. >> thank you, lisa. of course, we continue to follow this morning's major breaking news, the crash of a passenger jet at sfo. this is a live look of the
5:47 am
wreckage of asiana airline flight 214 where it ended up after the terrible crash. the abc su
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>> welcome back. the flight 214 originated in china before stopping at seoul and then to san francisco. 61 americans were on the plane and 141 chinese passengers along with 77 south korean and one japanese citizen. remaining passengers were flying under passports from canada, india, vietnam and france. asiana airlines is reacting to the plane crash on twitter, as well. they have sent two tweets. the first one reads "thank you for your concern and support at this time. we currently investigating and we will update with news as soon as possible."
5:50 am
the second tweet reads, "our thoughts and prayers are with all the passengers and flight cru on the flight. we hope to provide but further info asap." >> a woman who saw the crash from her home yesterday also saw another plane crash at sfo 45 years ago. barbara forest and her husband looked out the window of their burlingame home after hearing a loud bang. they got out her binoculars. she used her cell phone to record this video of the crash. this is the second time she has seen a lane crash from her home. in 1968 she witnessed a japanese airlines plane slam into the bay. >> it was called a miracle crash because all 107 passengers on board. to see this again seems surreal. i don't think i really -- i don't think i really am internalizing it completely at this point, to be honest. i think i'm in shock. >> the 1968 crash was caused by heavy fog.
5:51 am
the dc-8 plane itself was not severely damaged after it was pulled from the bay. it was put back into service the following year. that's amazing. >> yeah. and heavy fog did not seem to be a factor yesterday, at least around noonish time when it was landing location you can see, lisa, this morning we have had back with us. >> that's right. 2,000-foot marine layer a. in another five minutes is the sunrise. we are looking at temperatures on the cool side. low clouds and fog continue to peel back throughout the late morning hours. so once again, it's going to be some time until we see some clearing, but notice no wind out there right now. temperatures in the mid-60s from the city across the bay, 55 in mountain view, as well as san jose. good morning half moon bay. mid-50s there. a lock at the golden gate bridge. you see a bit more in the way of low clouds and fog. 56 by the delta. the southwesterly wind has been
5:52 am
keeping it cool for parts of our north bay, but today a little less wind and a little stronger high pressure going to allow for a modest warmup pretty much in our inland valleys. low clouds and fog for some this morning, a little warmer for those of you in the inland areas. and then it's not going to last. we will get into some cooling by the middle of the week. here's a look at the pacific satellite picture. a trough of low pressure brought the cool-down and the stronger sea breeze yesterday. this lifts just slightly to the north and as it does it allows for less of a sea breeze somewhat and high pressure to strengthen. as that happens we will see the temperatures come up. here's a look at livermore today. we will see high temperatures in the mid-80s. tomorrow upper 8os. here's your warmer averages. monday and tuesday and then comings the dip. but by the weekend it looks like another warming trend. high temperatures today ranging from the upper 670s in
5:53 am
san francisco, 74 in oakland today. mid-80s in concord, 84 morgan hill and 82 in santa rosa. look for some low to hid 70s around santa cruz and the warming trend continues for monday and tuesday. it's modest, so no wares with slight cooling wednesday, thursday, friday and then we are back to a warmer weekend. the weekend will be here in another five days. never too soon to look at the weekend. >> no. >> thank you, lisa. >> we have breaking news out of redwood city right now where a fire is burning at an apartment building. it broke out shortly before 2:00 this morning on woodside road and central avenue. it is a 72-unit four-story apartment building. you can see the flames really going there. part of the roof has collapsed, according to a fire marshal on scene. 16 people were taken to local hospitals for smoke inhalation, minor cuts, bruises. residents told 911 dispatchers the fire was coming from the second floor.
5:54 am
they heard alarms going off and they got out. this is a six-alarm fire and it is still not under control. >> 5:54. still ahead we continue our breaking news coverage of the crash of the asiana airlines crash at sfo. you are looking live again at the wreckage of the boeing 777, as we now have day light. what we have le
5:55 am
5:56 am
>> if you are just joining us we have the latest on asiana flight 214 at sfo. ntsb investigators are on the scene this morning. they have conducted an initial investigation overnight. >> they say they have recovered both of the so-called black boxes that record flight information data and the pilot's voices and both are being flown to washington d.c. right now with an escort for analysis. >> the two passengers killed in
5:57 am
that crash are identified as 16-year-old girls from china. they were part of a 35-member group of middle school students and their too mucher taking part in a summer camp. the students were scheduled to visit stanford. >> at least 49 of the people are in bay area hospitals in critical condition. two of the runways at sfo remain closed this morning. passengers are being warned to expect long delays and some flight cancellations once again today. >> let's take a quick check of the accuweather forecast with lisa argen. >> good morning to you. 55 degrees right now. the roof camera, cloudy skies, it's 57 at the airport. but it's clear in the east bay valleys, also in the south bay. cloudy in mountain view at 55. 58 in santa cruz. we are looking at a slight warmup today. slightly warmer than yesterday inland. also i don't think you will notice it too much. upper 60s to the mid-70s around the bay. that puts oakland at about 74. still some clouds at the coast.
5:58 am
we are talking about upper 80s around concord and livermore today. a look at your seven-day coming up. carolyn, kristin. >> lisa, thank you. it's 5:57. >> coming up at six, much more on the crash at sfo. abc7 news reporter matt keller talked with the ntsb chairwoman a short time ago and he is joining us live. >> and the survivors rushed to bay area hospitals. you will hear directly from a man who walked away from the wreckage of the
5:59 am
6:00 am
>> the morning after. new information is emerges about the deadly crash at sfo. federal investigators begin their initial investigation of the wreckage. good morning, i'm carolyn tyler,


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