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tv   This Week With George Stephanopoulos  ABC  July 7, 2013 8:00am-9:01am PDT

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>> we are learning heartbreaking new details about the crash of asiana crash flight 214 at sfo. this is a live look from sky hd. you see federal investigators on the tarmac beginning inspections of the wreckage. good morning, everyone. i'm carolyn tyler. thanks for joining us on this sunday, july 7th. >> i'm kristin. here are the latest developments in the crash of that asiana passenger jet at sfo. investigators with the national transportation safety board are on the scene. you saw them walking on the live picture on the runway. they took a first look at the wreckage this morning and they
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are returning to the scene right now. >> both of the so-called black boxes that record flight information data and the pilots' voices are on their way to washington, d.c. for analysis. >> this morning the two passengers killed in the crash are being identified at 16-year-old girls from china. they were part of a group of middle school students and teachers taking part in a summer camp in los angeles. they had also planned to visit stanford university first. >> this morning at least 49 of the people injured in the crash are in bay area hospitals in critical condition. two of the runways at sfo are still closed this morning and will likely remain so for the next several days. passengers can expect long delays, as well as flight cancellations again today. we are learning a lot more this morning about the search for answers in the fatal airliner crash. as we mentioned, the national transportation safety board is on the scene and their south korean counterparts are on the
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way. we are joined live from sfo. matt, you had a one-on-one interview with the head of the agency this morning? >> yes, i did. and i was told that the national transportation safety board, the faa and airport officials are meeting behind closed doors right now. they are expected to update the press on the latest here at sfo. now here's a look inside the terminal in just the past hour. many of the people who were supposed to fly out yesterday after the crash were rebooked on flights today. this morning i also did the one-on-one interview with the chairman of the national transportation safety board, deborah hersman. she told me they covered the flight cockpit recorders and voice recorder and they are on their way to washington d.c. they are important in determining the cause of the crash. >> people will be looking at the human side of things, look at operating aircraft, rules, regulars, looking at human performance, they will be auditioning the to be pit voice recorder to see about the crew
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interaction. >> here's some pictures taken by the national transportation safety board overnight of investigators doing their first sight investigation of the asiana plane. here's a picture of deborah hersman and bill english getting a closer look at the wreckage. witnesses say the asiana plane from south korea slammed into runway 2-8, breaking off its tail and catching fire before coming to a stop. the chairman told me the investigation team is usually on the scene for about a week for an accident like this one. she told me that they are expected to update the press at a briefing at 2:00 this afternoon. reporting live at sfo, matt keller, abc7 news. >> we will be there. thank you, matt. the chinese consulate in san francisco is opening at 10:00 this morning to help survivors of the sfo crash get new passports or whatever paperwork they may need and to help them with any other problems, as well. they have set up two phone numbers for families to call. boeing of the numbers are there
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on your screen and we also have them posted at >> new video just in showing a fine forming right now at the asiana airline counter at sfo. people are waiting to catch the next flight to seoul, south korea. they say yesterday's flight is pressure in their minds but it won't keep them from flying. >> you are going to have concerns after what happened, but i would hope everything goes well. what can you do? i mean -- >> mike king, you heard from him, is visiting the u.s. from seoul. he said he still feels safe flying. we also have new information on the two young passengers who died here as part of the school group. abc7 news cornell bernard is live in the newsroom with a heartbreaking picture and details. cornell. >> we're learning the two passengers killed were chinese nationals. they were coming to california to spend the summer. boeing were 16 years old. they were ye meng yuan, who just
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celebrated her 16th birthday ten years ago and the second victim is wang lin jia. they were part of a group visiting the china. the sad picture is coming to us from china news of the parents being comforted in a school. they rushed to the school upon getting a call she had been killed in the asiana plane crash. meanwhile many survivors were ses courted through the sfo terminal by police. one woman appeared to have a small bruise on her face and another man was seen wearing a sling. he had a broken collarbone. passengers said it all seemed like the crash happened in slow motion. they say the noise of the crash was deafening as they hit the runway and the tail section broke off. many passengers said the flight attendants acted quickly deploying the evacuation shoot, but no one panicked and people got out of the burning jet as fast as they could. >> there was a jolt and, you
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know, it dropped down and the whole plane was shaking. >> were people screaming? >> oh, yeah. >> what was the evacuation like? >> we used the shoots to get out. amazing. they close the runway and the moment there was a loud bang and we knew something was wrong. >> did you see fire or anything like that? >> fire started at people were evacuating. >> many passengers seen walk through the terminal wrapped in blankets provided by the salvation army. the two killed were part of a middle school group of students who planned to spend the summer in california. they were on their way to a summer camp in l.a. in fact at the west valley christian school in the san fernando valley. that school saying on their website they are shocked and sad end by the news and they are praying for all those on board the plane. the group was also scheduled to visit stanford university, as well as other colleges in the bay area. live in the newsroom, coel
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bernard, abc7 news. >> thank you, cornell. of the nearly 200 injured passengers from flight 214, 53 were taken to the san francisco general hospital. we spoke to a man sitting in the middle of the plane when it crashed. he was flying home to san francisco after a business crip to korea. he said passengers had no idea the plane was about to crash and had no warning or time to react. >> you are tied up to your chair and again we are skipping on the runway and i thought we were going back up. i thought maybe we go back up and start flying again and try another landing. we went back down again, as i said, it felt like slow motion. the chair was crushed. >> he said he helped passengers get off the plane through a hole near the wing. the 39-year-old father of two was released from san francisco general after being treated for bruised cartilage in his chest. >> more flight delays can be
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expected today while the national transportation safety board continues to investigate the crash of asiana flight 214. right now arriving flights to sfo are being delayed an average of nine hours after their traffic management plan was put into effect. nine-hour delays. so there were long lines and there will still be long lines and long waits for many passengers who were delayed and had flights cancelled yesterday. soon after the crash many got word quickly from ticket agents that getting out of the bay area would be difficult. however, a limited number of flights, mostly international, were able to go out later in the day after two runways reopened. >> hundreds of people witnessed the horrifying sight of that plane going down. crowds gathered along the milbrae waterfront after the crash a few happened to be there when they heard the actual impact. these are photos taken moments after impact showing evacuation shoots hanging from the plane. passengers sliding down to the grassy area next to the runway. others standing alongside the plane that had just carried them
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from south korea. >> i saw some carrying their baggage with them and they were going casually out of the plane. just running out of the -- for the shoot. they were looking nowhere and running around. >> it wasn't until most, if not all of the passengers, were off the jet that it burst into blames, spewing all the smoke you see there into the sky. firefighters smothered the flames with fountains of foam fire retardant. >> some of the enduring images of the accident were taken by people near the airport when the plane crashed. this is a horrifying scene captured on camera by rebecca richardson. she took the photos as the heavy black smoke started coming from the plane. she shared the picturessuous. this shows just how lucky most the passengers were to escape the burning plane. look at the emergency shoot on the left and you see it was
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shredded and deflated. officials have not said why the shoot ended up like that. >> local officials are describing the crash as a chaotic, very difficult scene to manage because of the amount of debris and fire that erupted following the crash. fire chief joann hayes-white said there was a lot of smoke and many passengers had to self evacuate the plane. they said they saw some passengers coming out of the water. >> people coming from the water, it's my guess it was a burning plane so if they were burned or hot they may have gone over to the water's edge themselves after they self evacuated and put freshwater in their face or get into the water. it's a shallow area. >> an incredible amount of firefighters, more than 220 were called in to help in yesterday's crash. >> we were talking about the delays at sfo this morning. in addition to the crash investigation, we have a good bit of fog out there, low clouds. >> that can be helping. let's get a check of the weather forecast with meteorologist lisa argen. >> hi, carolyn, good morning to you. we are looking at the gray skies here. that's the new bay bridge.
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temperatures are mainly in the 50s. the sunshine is in the east bay. we have a west wind, fairfield, 20 miles an hour. despite that we're still look at a modest warmup inland. here's a look at the visible picture. you see the fog mainly in the north bay. it's beginning to pull away from the south bay. we have partly sunny skies in san jose. the plan for the rest of the day calls for the clouds to stay at the coast. upper 50s, low 60s there. also mid-70s oakland. so that's a warmup. inland about five degrees warmer than yesterday. that will continue into the next couple days. i'll have a look at the extended outlook a bit later. kristin, carolyn. >> lisa, thank you. >> and our coverage of the crash at sfo, due that that "this week" with george stephanopoulos will air today at 4:00. >> and what we are learning about the plane's pilots and the
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crash history of asiana airlines. >> and how passengers left stranded by the flight delays and cancellations at sfo after the crash quickly copied with the tragedy. >> first we leave you with another live picture of the wreckage of flight 214 as federal investigators begin the painstaking job of trying to figure out what happen
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>> welcome back, everyone. it's 8:14 on this sunday morning. this is a a live look showing you san francisco international airport, scene of the deadly plane crash yesterday. federal investigators are on the
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scene this morning. we have seen them walking around conducting their inspection. they have already flown those black boxes to washington, d.c. to capture clues about what made asiana airlines go down. >> right now san francisco fire chief joann hayes-white is joining us from our newsroom. your firefighters worked hard yesterday, chief. can you talk about their roles today? >> absolutely. lots of heros yesterday from not only our members in the san francisco fire department but our partners in the san francisco police department. we needed a lot of resource. we called in partners from san mateo county. when i got on the scene about 20 minutes after our first units responded it was chaotic. we were dealing with fire emergency and medical emergencies and literally hundreds and hundreds of passengers and patients. it was a well-coordinated effort. training totally pays off. it was unbelievable in terms of when you look at the devastation of that plane that 123 people
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walked off that plane, went through customs eventually and got to their final destination. >> chief, you talked about how the training pays off. i know you do the drills every year. yesterday you had a little bit of information about some of the survivors and those who have been taken to the hospital. do you know anything more this morning? >> you know, after i left the airport i did go by sf general and again there are so many people to thank in terms of how professional they are in their training. sf general took 53 patients, i'm told, out of the 182 transported. there were six in the icu that i visited last night. but they took the extra effort. there were three siblings that were lesser injured and they put them all in the same room to provide comfort to them. i believe the ceo opened up the cafeteria because it was a tragic day yesterday. two young girls' lives were lost. nevertheless, it could have been so much worse. there are some people that are fighting for their lives right now that i saw last night as sf
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general. eleven area hospitals took the 182 people who were transported. >> is the work over for your fire department this morning? or is there still more to do out at sfo? >> our work is pretty much done. what we do is save lives and do the best we can during the emergency. at about 3:00 p.m. yesterday we turned over the scene to the fbi, who then at 5:00 turned it over to ntsb for their investigation. >> chief, a little bit has been made of the navigation system at sfo. tell me if this is out of your purview, but the system that helps pilots make save decents. it was turned off at the time. do you think in light of what happened there will be an overall review both from the standpoint of the operation of the airport and what you guys do? >> i definitely think there will be a comprehensive investigation into the events that happened yesterday. certainly i'm not an aeronautics
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expert. but without warning, and typically oftentimes we will get an alert, too, that means a plane is in distress, perhaps landing gear issues where we can align ourselves on the runway. yesterday we didn't have that benefit. the plane had landed, shoots deployed and fire had begun before we responded. we got there within three minutes and as you were reporting the foam and water while passengers were coming down the shoot. we also sent our members into the plane to assist those who were unable to get down the shoots on their own. the crew, i might mention, also of the airlines, they are all heroes as well. their training, and they are experts and they were some of the last people off, as they should be. but did a great job. >> chief, thank you very much for joining us this morning. best to you and the crew. thanks for your quick response. that accident happened just as the plane approach the beginning of the runway. we have some new animation from abc news of the crash, created using reports from witnesses and
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the debris trail on the ground. witnesses say it appears the plane hit the seawall just before the runway, knocking off the tail section. then the plane appeared to slide and spin, kicking up debris until it stopped on the side. runway. >> for folks who end up flying today, the fog and low clouds can certainly be a factor to add to further delays, lisa. >> that's right. they will be shrinking in the days ahead and that means a warmup on the way. starting today in the inland east bay, the live doppler hd showing the sweep on top of mount st. helena. we are looking at the cloud cover in the north bay for the next couple hours. here's a look at mt. tam. you will notice that, yeah, the 2000-foot marine layer not going anywhere soon. 61 in oakland. in san jose we have some sunshine. we are looking at the clouds in mountain view. hears a look at san jose. you see partly sunny conditions. the fog has muffed in here
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around downtown. 59 by the delta. we are looking at the sunshine doing its thing and working back to the coast throughout the day today. this was vollmer peak. it was a pretty shot but the fog is just blowing around so the low clouds and fog for most of you this morning. a little warmer for you in the inland east bay and around the bay. but the coast, you are going to stay cool and more cooling comes for the inland friends by the middle of the week. so our warmup, it's only temporary. here's a look at our visible picture and that sea breeze allowing for the temperatures to stay cool at our coast and the fog will be burning back to the shoreline. but here's the warmup. here's livermore the next couple of days. today we are forecasting a high in the upper 80s. then you will see the numbers climb just to the low 90s and dropping wednesday, thursday. climbing by next weekend. so really a nice-looking fast with moderate temperatures, where they should be for this time of year. 77 fremont, 83 in san jose and 80 napa. 72 in richmond with 67 in
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san francisco. if you are headed to the game today, it's going to be a cool one with breezy winds, 4:15 we are looking at 60s at&t park, dropping into the upper 50s by the evening. and that warmup continues, modest warmup through tuesday. then we will see the numbers come back down a little bit as the sea breeze kicks up through the end of work week and next weekend looking nice as well. we will let you know how warm it will be in your community and you can keep track of bay area weather on twitter at live doppler hd. >> thank you. our coverage of the sfo plane crash continues ahead. coming up we will here about a consultant about the clues that will help investigators figure out what happened. >> first here's another live picture of flight 214. the abc7 sunday morning news
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>> welcome back at 8:24 as we continue our coverage of the as you yawn airline crash at sfo. you see them investigating on the scene. there is the wreckage now in the day light. black boxes were recovered overnight and on their way to washington d.c. to aid in in the investigation. >> abc news consultant john fans
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will talk about the possible causes why they could be flying too low. he said the black boxes will be critical to the investigation. >> what we absolutely no is the plane was too low and it was too slow. we just don't know why. more than likely there was a lack of power application and whether that was the cause of the power wouldn't come up when the pilots called for it or whether it was because they were slow. hard to believe that would being the case with experienced airline pilots but it's one or the other and that will be revealed pretty easily with the cockpit voice recorders and the flight data recorder. >> they said the plane was near the end of oaths flight, the fuel levels were low n cases like the asiana flight where fuel tanks are breached it may be better to have less fuel than more. >> we are learning about the power of the flight. defense lee young min. he will likely be the person who
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holds a the love answers why the plane crashed. we are also learning that asiana airlines has been trying to bounce back from two other fatal crashes in its 25-year history. two years ago one of its 747 cargo planes headed for shanghai crashed into the see, killing the two pilots on board. that was blamed on mechanical problems. and in 1993 a asiana domestic flight from seoul crashed during a botched landing attempt in bad weather killing 66 people and injuring 44. pilot began the plane's decent while it was still passing over a mountaintop. >> the asiana flight 214 came down after a ten and a half hour flight that began in shanghai, china ma and made a stop in seoul. this is one of four runways at sfo. now most of the time it's one of the two runways used for arrivals and departures for some of the bigger planes like that
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777 that crashed. its it's 8:26. we should let you know that you will be able to see "this week" with george stephanopoulos at 4:00 p.m. today, as we continue here with our coverage of the flight 214 disaster in just a moment. >> we are one of the first to talk to the ntsb top investigator this morning about the he have dense they will be looking for at the crash seen. we will have a live report. >> the crash is forcing hundreds of other passengers to make other planes. how long some passengers say it could be before they finally get a flight out of sfo. >> and another look in the light of day at the wreckage of asiana boeing 777. we will be back after this
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>> good morning, thanks for joining us. i'm kristin. >> and i'm carolyn tyler. here's the latest in the crash of the asiana flight 214 at sfo. national transportation safety board investigators are on the scene. they are expected to return this morning after conducting a preliminary inspection of the plane overnight. >> ntsb officials say both of the so-called black box that is record night information data and the pilots' voices are on their way to washington d.c. now for analysis. >> this morning the two passengers killed in the crash are being identified at 16-year-old girls from china. part of a group of middle school
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students and their teachers taking part of a summer camp in los angeles. they had schedule add visit to stanford university. >> this morning at least 49 of the people injured in the crash are in bay area hospitals in critical condition. two of the runways at sfo still closed this morning. they will likely remain so for several more days. passengers can expect long delays and some flight cancellations again today. >> new information this morning. our media partner the san jose mercury news report the two that died, one girl was thrown from the rear of the plane and landed on the runway when the tail broke off. the other was found near the wreckage. apc7 news reporter matt keller is live at sfo. matt, you spoke with the ntsb chair? >> yes, i did. and i'm told that the ntsb is meeting with airport officials right now behind closed doors. as you take a look at the international terminal here you can see that things are getting busier this morning.
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the first asiana flight since yesterday's crash is schedule today take off on time here at 10:00 this morning. the ntsb arrived overnight. these pictures show them doing their first sight inspection of the plain. here's a picture of deborah hersman, an investigator in charge and bill english getting a look at the wreckage. also i did a one-on-one interview with chairman hersman. she told he they recovered the black xbox sent them to washington d.c. with a federal escort. today they will start processing the crash site. she said they are usually on the accident scene like this for about a week. >> we have to get the removal process going to remove the aircraft. it's significantly damaged. we want to make sure we do our evidence preservation first and documentation and then get the aircraft out of there. >> she is a lock in sid the terminal in the past hour. many people who were supposed to
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fly out yesterday after the crash were rebooked on flights today. this is interesting. i just received a tweet from a richard nevens who is on a flight right now on the runway. he said matt keller, sitting on a loaded flight to boston. pilot containing that sfo willing unwilling to give us access to needed runway. obviously some issues going on at sfo as far as getting in and out. you want to check with your carrier and make sure your flight hasn't been cancelled. >> obviously it's going to be a complicated situation for a while. thank you, matt. >> we do have new video just in showing a line forming right now at the asiana counter at sfo this morning. people are waiting to catch the next flight to seoul, south korea. they say yesterday's crash is very fresh in their minds but it won't keep them from flying. they feel safe. many are heading home after their flight wags cancelled yesterday because of the crash. the next asiana airlines flight is scheduled to leave at 9:00
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a.m., about that time, 9:00 a.m., about an hour, a little less than that, according to the asiana's twitter page. >> early this morning asiana airline ceo held a news conference in seoul, south korea denying it was caused by pilot error or mechanical error. but he took a deep bow. he apologizing to people for the crash. the pilots had more than 10,000 of flying hours between the them. >> the two lost lives from the crash is becoming for tragic. abc7 news reporter cornell bernard is live in the newsroom with more. good morning, cornell. >> good morning. we are learning the two passengers killed were chinese nationals. young girls were coming to california to spend the summer. both students were 16 years old. they are ye meng yuan, who just
8:35 am
celebrated her 16th birthday a few days ago and the second victim is wang lin jia. they are part of a group of students and teachers visiting from china. this picture came in to us from it's yes mention yawn's grieving parents being comforted in her school in china. they rushed to the school upon getting the caught they were killed in the asiana plane crash. they in our on their way to the united states. meanwhile many were escorted throughout terminal by police. one woman appeared to have a small bruise on her face and another man was wearing a sling. he had a broken collarbone. passengers say it all seemed like the crash was happening in slow motion. they say the noise of the crash was deafening as they hit the runway and the tail section broke off. many said the attendants acted quickly in deploying the evacuation shoots. one told us that he knew the plane was going to crash because the plane was just too low on
8:36 am
approach. >> as we were responding, prepare to landing, i looked out, outside through the window, and i just knew we were too low. so i was holding the chair so hard i was basically preparing for a crash. and then it was bang! the impact was so powerful. and i thought -- i thought that was it. i thought i was gone. >> his next move was to get himself and his fellow passengers out of the aircraft. he managed to do that. eugene is a hip-hop producer who has made that same international flight on asiana 150 times. the two passengers who were killed, part of a middle school group of students who had planned to spend the summer in california. they were on their way to a summer camp in los angeles in the san fernando valley, a christian school. they said they are shocked and sad end by the news and are
8:37 am
praying for all who are on board. the group was also scheduled to visit stanford university. live in the newsroom, cornell bernard, abc7 news. >> one of the passengers who survived the crash was a teenage boy. here he is wearing the yellow shirt were he spoke about the mommy of impact and what it was like for him before a police officer rushed him away. >> came down and then it flipped or something like that, i'm not sure, and then it hit the ground and then -- yeah. >> and what happened, were people injured? what happened next? >> kind of collapsed so people were injured, yes. >> where were you sitting? >> i was sitting next to the big hole. >> he was speaking calmly until he was whisked away by an office we're who didn't want him to speak to the media yet. he was taken back to the
8:38 am
reflection room where others were gathering. now to san francisco general hospital where three waves of casualties have been admitted. there are a total of 53 patients there. two are children. the first wave of patients arrived around 12:30 yesterday afternoon. ten in critical condition. many were brought in on gurneys, the director of the emergency department gives us a description of some of the injuries. >> we've seen a lot of bumps when bruises, a lot of contusions. we've seen several patients with long bone fractures. but we've seen a lot of patients with spine injuries. i'm guessing it's from the force of the plane going down on long axis of the spine so we have patients with spinal compression fractures or cervical spine fractures. >> some patients have already been discharged. sf general tells us they will hold a news conference at 11:00 this morning to update the number and condition of the patients there. >> some of the other injured
8:39 am
were taken to stanford medical center. sky 7hd shows the scene as some of them arrived. you can see an ambulance and several gurneys a injured passengers. the staff said the hospital is prepared for major disasters like the asiana airlines crash. >> we rehearse for emergencies like this. we have emergency operations team and we rehearse several times throughout the year for different types of disasters. we were prepared, and we have mobilized the emergency department and our trauma department to be prepared for an emergency, an unfortunate tragedy like this. >> the crash of asiana flight 214 caused a lot of delays, as you would imagine, for passengers at sfo. all flights were stopped for several hours yesterday while crews dealt with the crash. the delays were felt in particular inside the international terminal. within minutes of the crash passengers began getting information on their smartphones and in conversations with ticketing agents that flying out of the bay area was going to be
8:40 am
quite difficult. >> you can go to long beach. we don't have anything there. there is no flights from the area here. san jose, no flights out there, which get us to austin. >> two runways were reopened later in the day, but accommodated a limited number of flights. there continues to be a domino effect, as we told you earlier. incoming flights are running up to nine hours late at sfo right now. >> compound to go the problem is the fog and the low clouds we are seeing out there this morning. >> that always hurts at sfo. lisa, give us your accuweather forecast. >> yeah, the sunshine right now is exclusive to our east bay valleys. here's a look at mt. tam. you can see the marine layer. looks pretty low there. 2,000 feet. san francisco cloudy and 56 and oakland in the gray, 61 degrees. san jose partly sunny at 57. here's a look at san jose where
8:41 am
the fog is certainly clearing. brightening up there with more low clouds in the north bay. 54 napa. i think the clouds will hang on to the shoreline today. we won't see the clearing all the way to the coast. certainly in the north bay and i think the san mateo coast is iffy, as well. the onshore flow will be with us again. we will warm up a couple degrees because the atmosphere is warming from above. some of the warming translates down to the surface. you see the reds and the oranges getting closer to the east bay valleys. numbers of two to five degrees of warming there. but the sea breeze keeping the numbers in check. that's a 25 to 30-degree spread across the bay, very summer like, very typical this time of year. a little warming coming your way in the next few days. i'll have the seven-day outlook a bit later. kristin, carolyn. >> thank you, lisa. our coverage continues in just two minutes. >> up next we hear from some of the hundreds of passengers scrambling to rebook flights now. >> and a peninsula woman watches
8:42 am
while the flight crashes. why this disaster is bringing
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>> welcome back, everyone. continuing with our coverage of asiana flight 214, we want to take a moment to show you the runway at sfo where that flight crashed and how the wreckage was spread. the asiana plane came in on runway 2-8 left. you can see the landing gear and tail pieces lying at the end of the runway there. the nose gear is a little further up. the plane itself coming to rest much further up on the west side of the runway. the plane involved in this accident is a boeing 777-200. it's fairly knew. it was delivered about seven years ago. it's first flight was back in 2006. this particular plane seats a maximum of 310 passengers in
8:45 am
economy and business class. the boeing 777 line is considered to be a very save airline. there's been only one major accident involving a 777, a british airways jet crash near london's heathrow back in 2008. until yesterday there had never been a fatality involving that plane. >> delays and cancellations continue this morning at sfo. hundreds of flights have been cancelled or rescheduled since the crash. abc7 news reporter mark matthews witnessed hundreds of people yesterday trying to rebook their flights. >> here is the line in terminal 3 at the united desk. let me show you. this line is three hours long. can you see the end of the line? >> no. >> can you see the end of the line that way? >> no. i think it starts zig-zagging soon here. >> good luck to you. >> yeah, really. >> there are right now arriving flights into sfo still being delayed on average of nine hours. the best thing to do is to
8:46 am
contact your carrier before you head out to the airport. >> we continue to follow the crash of the passenger jet at sfo. the deja vu one peninsula woman felt as she saw flight 214 go down. >> and there are nine hour delays and you are also tracking the weather this morning. >> widespread low clouds and fog blanketing much of the bay area with mid-and upper 50s san francisco and sfo. you can see the clouds from our exploratory quam camera. but another ten degrees of warming on tap for san francisco. i will be back with the full forecast next. >> also ahead we are following breaking news on the peninsula where overnight an apartment fire hurt more than a dozen
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>> welcome back.
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i want to let you know that in the weak of the asiana crash at sfo the blood center of the pacific is opening two of their centers today to help with surgeries for all the crash victims. the san francisco center and the center in milbrae will be open today. they especially need o-negative blood. >> asiana flight 214 originated in shanghai before stopping in seoul on its way to san francisco. the airline says there are 16 crewmembers on board and 291 passengers. 61 americans were on that plane. there were 141 chinese passengers, along with 77 south koreans and one japanese citizen. the remaining passengers were flying under passports from canada, india, vietnam and france. >> a peninsula woman who saw the plane crash from her home also saw another plane crash at sfo 45 years ago. barbara forest and her husband looked out the number of their burlingame home after hearing a
8:50 am
loud bang. they got out her binoculars and she used her cell phone to record this video. this is the second time she's seen a plane crash from her home. she also saw a japanese plane crash into the bay. >> it was called a miracle crash because all 107 passengers on board lived. to see this again is surreal. i don't think i really am internalizing it completely at this point, to be honest. i think i'm in shock. >> the 1968 crash was caused by heavy fog. the plane itself months not amazingly damaged. it was put back into service the following year. >> that's a horrible deja vu for her. >> yeah. >> let's get a check of the accuweather forecast. here's meteorologist lisa argen. >> it's been nice and sunny in the east bay valleys all morning long but clouds all around the other parts of the bay from oakland to union city, also in
8:51 am
san francisco. up in the north bay and down the peninsula. live doppler 7hd will be showing the low clouds and fog hugging the shoreline throughout the day today. we aren't going to clear totally. this is mt. tam and it's still plenty cloudy in the north bay, mountain view, as well. 355 -- 55 today in mountain view. with the sunshine here, it looks to be a nice afternoon shaping up in san jose with the warmer numbers. in fact, it will be in the 80s today and more mid-and upper 80s out by the delta. 59 in union city and fairfield. here's a look from the east bay hills camera. you are looking at mt. diablo where the low clouds and fog will continue to dissipate and bring more sunshine to our east bay. with that just a little bit warmer around the bay. you are not even going to notice it if you are in san francisco or close to the coast. even san mateo. it's still cool. we will still have the sea breeze, but subtle changes as this cool pocket of air nudges a
8:52 am
little further to the north and high pressure tries to build back westward. that's why we are going to see maybe two to four degrees of warming. statewide still very much summertime in chico with numbers in the 90s. sacramento 93. 103 in fresno with that par hall afternoon clearing in monterey, 111 palm springs. back home we are looking at temperatures in the low to mid-80s for san jose. gilroy today, 86. and peninsula numbers up from the low 70s yesterday to the upper 70s today. feeling pretty good in mountain view at 9. only 58 in pacifica, though. count on the clouds there with temperatures about three or four degrees warmer in san francisco. but still a cool 67. 80 novato. we have to peel back the fog first, though. 80 napa and near east bay. out of the 60s in berkeley for maybe two, three degrees of warming for you. 73 for san leandro and utah toward fremont you will warm into the upper 70s. low to mid-80s here, where it should be for this time of year.
8:53 am
88 in livermore. in the look ahead, the warm trend continues for tomorrow and tuesday as the numbers will climb through the lower 90s. and then cooling back come wednesday, thursday, friday but just in time for next weekend another nice, modest warmup. it will take some time but we will brighten up around here. >> all right. temperate temperatures. >> yes. >> thanks, lisa. breaking news on the peninsula right now where firefighters are battling a stubborn apartment fire in redwood city. this has been burning since 2:00 a.m. on the four story apartment building on wood side road and central avenue a fire marshal on the scene said part of the roof has collapsed and it's threatening nearby homes. 16 people have been taken to local hospitals with minor cuts and bruises and smoke inhalation. residents say they initially saw fire was coming from the second floor of the building. this is a six-alarm fire still not under control. >> still ahead, we ten our breaking news coverage of the crash of the asiana airlines
8:54 am
flight at sfo, including the new photo the ntsb has just released of the plane's black boxes. >> what we are learning about the two passengers who died in the crash and the
8:55 am
8:56 am
>> the ntsb has just tweeted out this picture of the asiana flight data recorder on the left and the cockpit voice recorder barks on the right. these are the so-called black boxes which, as we told you yesterday, and you can see now, are actually orange. they were recovered last night and are now in the ntsb's washington lab. >> here at the rest of the latest on the crash of asiana airlines flight 214 at sfo.
8:57 am
>> ntsb investigators are on the scene this morning. they conducted an initial inspection of the wreckage overnight. >> the two passengers killed in the crash are identified at 16-year-old girls from china. they were part of a 35-member group of middle school students and teachers taking part in a summer cam in los angeles. they were scheduled to visit stanford. >> at least 49 of the people injured in that crash are in bay area hospitals right now in critical condition. >> two of the runways at sfo remain closed right now. passengers are being warned to expect long delays and some flight cancellations again today. right now arrivals are delayed on average of nine hours. >> ouch! >> let's get our final check of the accuweather forecast with lisa argen. >> good morning. we are looking at the low clouds and fog. our visible picture showing how extensive it is this morning. except for the far inland east bay, pretty gray out there. clearing will continue throughout the midmorning hours. we will be left with a sunny afternoon.
8:58 am
77 in fremont, 83 in san jose with 67 in san francisco. just 50s and 60s at the coast and the modest warming trend continues but stops in the low 90s tuesday inland. >> lisa, thanks so much. >> and thank you for joining us on the abc7 sunday morning news. abc7 news continues at 5:00 a.m. with, of course, the latest developments on the crash at sfo. >> "this week" with george stephanopoulos will be be on later today at 4:00 p.m.. >> our reporting continues right
8:59 am
9:00 am
. during the late 1960s in northeast pennsylvania, couples visited the pocono mountains, known as the honeymoon capital of the world. but in 1971, it was a different love triangle that made international news at the pocono raceway, the one of a kind tricky triangle hosted its first race. today, indycar returns after a 24-year hiatus. some says that time makes the heart grow fonder.