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tv   ABC7 News 430AM  ABC  July 8, 2013 4:30am-5:01am PDT

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look at the new pictures coming in from the ntsb. closeup shots of the wreckage that is still on the runway in san francisco with investigators saying it is too early to speculate of a cause including the possibility of pilot error but did say that the plane was coming in too low and too slow and the crew at the last second talked about possibly trying to abort their landing and going around and trying again. we asked abc7 news aviation expert about this. >> this is inexplicable behavior, not just getting to that position, low and slow, but being so slow to recognize this is a problem. the ntsb got the information from the black boxes which are in washington, dc. they are providing good details.
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investigators are in san francisco saying it could take up to a year to determine the cause of the crash. they have a lot of work to do. >> while the ntsb determines the cause of the wrack, asiana airlines is quick to defend the pilot landing the boeing 777. the president of the airlines said and i quote, "all responsibility lies in the trainer co-pilot, not the train ee pilot." he added the pilots were both spented and following proper international procedure for training on a new aircraft. >> we have new information this morning of the battle to evacuate the passengers with some of the own safety features becoming dangerous obstacles. abc7 news reporter cornell bernard has that story. >> we are learning more of the terrifying moments after the crash and the brave passengers and crew who helped everyone
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escape. the remnants of the boeing 777 are off the runway at sfo across from our point at bayside park in millbrae. one man is telling his story of survival. his daughter could see the burning plane from her very own apartment in millbrae. she ran to the ball contain of her place and saw the smoke and flames. she texted her dad. >> he said he escaped and took out the photos of the after math. he said it was clear the plane would crash and it was far too slow. >> i think about the two casualties that didn't make it and my prayers -- i cannot even begin to recognize how their families must feel not being able to reunite. some will never heal from this.
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my dad -- it will take time. >> the impact was so powerful. i thought, that was it. i thought i was dying. >> new reports are coming out about the flight screw who defied the odds to get passengers out. we are learning this morning that going of the escape from the aircraft did not go well. a flight attendant was reportedly trapped under an evacuation slide which had to be delfated because she was choking and trapped. another flight attendant helped two or three, perhaps dozens, of passengers escape despite having a broken tailbone. these are remarkable stories coming out. we are sure to learn more in the days and weeks to come. >> this morning, survivors of the crash staying at several peninsula hotels getting help from airline representatives.
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this is cell phone video from inside one of the hotels, survivors are being of interviewed by ntsb and are asked to fill out paperwork. representatives from asiana airlines and united airlines, the star alliance partner, are helping. a career woman on the flight told us how she is feeling. >> i am okay. two members of our team are injureed. >> she and another passenger walked loan the shoreline because they wanted to see the remnants of the plane crash they survived. theys took photo of it from a distance. there were 141 passengers from china on the plight. many of them lost their travel documents. i was there most of the day yesterday at the chinese
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consulate and normally they would be closed to get replacements including a group of people on a west coast bus tour. some in the group are treated for injuries like that man who had a foot injury. the others decided it was at once-in-a-lifetime trip. they continuing the trip. >> the ntsb is appealing to anyone who shot video to contact authorities. several captured dramatic video including some people watching planes take off and land at sfo. >> oh my god. oh my god. oh my god. >> fred was taking video of asiana when he saw it hit the seawall and move down the runway before stopping in a cloud of dust and smoke. >> i thought he was going to take off and go up and he kept
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going down. i thought, okay, he is a little high. of course...the shock of seeing the accident. >> hayes hopes they can learn something from his video that helps them figure out what exactly went wrong. >> three of the four runways at sfo are in operation this morning. airport initials are washing passengers to be ready for possible delays. runway 28 right open add day after being shut down following the crash. the runway next to it, 28 left is still closed and will be until investigators clear the wreckage from the crashed flight. at 5:00 a.m., abc7 news reporter will have more on the possible delays or cancellation for passengers at sfo today. >> this morning investigators are trying to determine if one of the two girls killed in the crash may have been run over by a fire truck on the tarmac.
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the truck was racing to the scene of the crash when the girl was struck and it is not known whether the girl died from injuries suffered in the plane crash or from being hit by the fire vehicle. the san mateo county coroner says they are consistent with being run over by a vehicle but there are no autopsy results. and more on the two chinese students killed in the crash, another photo of 1/16-year-old. she and another were part of a growth of chinese students on the way to a southern california summer camp. they were planning to visit ucla and cal and in the back of the plane as it crashed. she wrote on social media on friday saying "go." we will have more on the crash at sfo throughout the morning with reporting continues on twit ter. check out so see photos of the crash scene that the ntsb has released.
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>> now the weather this morning. mike, it looks like it is not so foggy. >> it is still out there, just patchy. it is not so wide-spread fog as yesterday morning. here is live doppler 7 hd showing how quiet is. we will they the satellite on there and it is covering the north bay and parts of the bay and the south bay but not everyone is dealing with cloud cover. no fog out there, the visibility is unlimited at nine to ten miles per hour. the winds are gusting to 30 as fairfield. the rest of us are below ten miles per hour we have a sea breeze developing off the lower level of the atmosphere. so far it has kept the bay bridge quiet and you can see all the way to the other side and the next 12 hours we are starting off gray this o at 54 to 5 so comfortable. 60 to 80 and bright are by noon. the stuck is at 60 at 4:00. 58 at the coast and 82 inland.
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a decent evening. the next three days, we will warm up another day, tomorrow, and then we drop wednesday and thursday. temperatures could be ten degrees cooler across the board. leyla? >> we have construction in the bay area. one is in the east bay along highway four, the port chicago on-ramp to eastbound highway four because of fence repair work until 3:00 p.m. today. it will be shut down until 3:00 p.m. this afternoon. the drive headed along the westbound direction, you will have clear conditions and at top speeds. there are four hours of delay along amtrak 14, taking you between los angeles and portland because of police activity that took place in martinez this morning. it is on way, however, at four hours late. bart, muni, and everything else
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is on time. the san mateo shows good conditions and stop speed from hayward to foster city. >> bay area hospitals are pushed to the limit bit scratch at sfo and why this passengers suffered serious injuries and others did not. >> unique conditions the pilot faced at sfo that could have made it more difficult to land. >> decision day for bart and the new eastern span of the bay
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>> coughing san rafael, pleasanton and south bay and all bay area this is abc7 news. >> good morning, at 4:42 a live picture of the wreckage of asiana flight 214 that came from seoul, before that, shanghai,
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with new details from the investigation including the focus on whether it was pilot error with a trainee pilot. more details ahead. >> of the 182 victims taken to a dozen bay area hospitals only a handful remain in critical condition. san francisco general reports six patients remain in critical condition including a child, sanford has two patients in critical condition. last night all minors have been released. abc7 news reporter reports on a survivor at sf general. >> crash survivor was supposed to be in san francisco on vacation. custody, she arrived at the hospital to visit her 8-year-old son who also is hurt, both jumped from the plane and not down the emergency chute. >> my son is so brave. he said, mom, we must go out and three ran out of the plane and jumped off first.
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i come out. >> the chief surgery at san francisco general says the passengers most seriously hurt were sitting in the free of the plane which slammed into the ground first. they had injuries to abdomen and spine including some cases of paralysis. >> we saw some patients that had severe road rash suggesting they were dragged. we are not sure not patients were outside of the plane. both of those parents are alive. >> there were five operating rooms staffed and ready to go and some patients underwent more than one surgery lasting several hours each. it was intense for doctors and nurses. >> you realize why you work here, why we do what we do. we are an amazing team. we have taken care of very sick patients before. obviously we have been through something very dramatic. we are thankful for each other. >>the chief surgery had high praise for the triagest at the
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effort saying without it, some passengers probably would have died. in san francisco for abc7 news. >> investigators are looking into mechanical issues at sfo that may have made the asiana airline crash unique. for instance, there is an electronic system that beams information to the plane to tell the pilot if he is on right landing path. at sfo that system has been shut off since june because of construction. however, pilots can still rely on eyesight and knowledge to make a correct approach. >> perhaps they found themselves too slow, too slow, as they came in over the water and maybe there was depth perception problems and they felt they were too high when they were where they needed to be. >> also, there are a series white and red lights along the runway telling the pilot if he is too high or too low. sfo officials are not sure if the lights were on. it was not foggy at time. >> they can land vfr but that instrument landing system is very useful with the glide slope
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and speed. >> we have so muching for here. >> this morning, we have patchy fog. mike nicco? >> thanks. good morning, everyone, there is not much going on. our temperatures right now or mainly in the 50's and 60's. we are at 56 right new in san francisco and 59 in oakland and san carlos and hayward and fremont and 52 in santa rosa a cooler spot outside. here is a look at the cloud cover, it is thickest from the san mateo bridge north into the north bay but it is not to the south bay or inland east bay valley neighborhood. as far as the cloud cover, it retreats back to the cost by
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1:00 on -- then coolest in the 50's and 60's, with oranges and reds developing as you head inland. temperatures will be around 80's and 90's so summer-like temperatures today. as far as the temperatures, we will start in the south by at 83 in san jose, and milpitas is the cool spode and 86 in los gatos. 72 in mill -- millbrae, and 80 as mountain view. half moon bay jumps to 62 but daly city is at 59. 67 in downtown to 72 in south san francisco. 70 in sausalito. upper 70's to low 80's and a southern breeze keeping your north bay valley comfortable if not cooler-than-average and in the upper 50's to mid-60's from north to south loan the beach. mid 70's in the east bay shore
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and oakland and newark at 74. inland, the temperatures are in the mid 80's through the 10 ramon valley and highway 4, possibly 90 and as far as the became? the mosts are in town taking on our giants at 7:15 first pitch. it will be cool and 62, dropping to 58 with increasing cloud cover. temperatures are up today, up again today, look at the cooling trend for thursday, friday, saturday, and warmer weather comes on sunday. enjoy the day. >> the roads across the bay area, clear conditions mostly, with top speed on the dumbarton and san mateo and bay bridge with volume starting to build at the toll plaza but it is moving well beyond there and 55 miles per hour and 58 miles per hour is the top speed west of treasure island. the drive time traffic, 580 from address to dublin is 26 minutes and between hayward to the toll
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is 19 minute and 26 minutes southbound along 101 from novato into san francisco. right now, san jose and 280, wide open, pretty everyonety. a few tail lights and headlights in the northbound direction away from 17. all is quiet and clear. >> i know why everyone interested in knowing about this, we could learn if the new eastern span of the bay bridge will open labor day weekend. the committee will brief the lawmakers in sacramento this morning why 32 safety bolts cracked after being tightened in many. the report will indicate how long officials think it will take to install steel saddles around the broken bolts. "san francisco chronicle" reports caltran has told the fix cannot be guaranteed in time for september 3 opening. >> bart trains will run today, the first full weekday since
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workers ended a 4 1/2 day strike but the threat that union workers could walk off again remains. the bart management and workers have until august 4 to work out a deal and employees are under the old contract. they are far apart on wages, employee safety and pension contribution. >> a man accused of trying to run down a sheriff deputy is under arrest. investigators say the man from marin city surrendered and taken to the hospital. no word on the injuries. according to the sheriff, the deputy fired at the suspect as he tried to him him with his car during a traffic stop. the deputy is treated for a head wound after bystanders threw rocks at him. >> investigators will begin the inquiry into the cause after devastating fire after a man is missing and 97 displaced from the home.
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the fire broke out before 2:00 a.m. yesterday morning at apartments on woodi'd drive. 100 firefighters responded to the blaze and 21 went to the hospital with minor-to-moderate injuries including three firefighters. the six-alarm fire was flaring up 12 hours later so it was too dangerous for the crews to go inside. firefighters remain on the scene watching for possible flareups. >> coming up, the appeal to help victims of asiana airline flight 214 and how you can get involved. the wife of the secretary of state is rushed to the hospital. the m
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>> the san francisco department of public health is offering grief counselling to anyone who western h witnessed the crash including travelers and airport workers and staff and first responders.
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just call 311. 17 counselors went to help victims. >> blood bangs are making an afeel for blood donations especially 0 negative blood. two donation centers were opened to help with surgery. a spokesman says all appointments were taken in san francisco center and the millbrae center. you can express your support for victims of asiana flight 214 by sharing this damage on our face book page and on google plus. >> this monday morning we will see how we are starting off weather-wise. mike nicco? >> we have cloud cover but it is quiet. we will have monsoon moisture coming back into the forecast but that is not until middle of the week. as far as temperature-wise we
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will be near 100 in yosemite and 104 in fresno and 114 in palm springs and los angeles is warm at 85. in tahoe, about 83 degrees with no thunderstorms. have safe travels. leyla gulen has the commute. >> good morning, it is looking decent so far on the roads. we have construction to get you through and we are starting to see a buildup of traffic over the altamont pass which is looking slow. in dublin you will be met with this, southbound 80 the connection to eastbound and westbound 580 transition is closed until 5:00 a.m. cones are being picked up as we speak. as we take it over to lafayette you can make it into the tunnel and you are at top speed there so we do not have slowing at all or on the golden gate bridge. nice conditions coming from sausalito into san francisco. only one person headed in the southbound direction and a
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couple in the northbound direction. eric and kristen? >> walnut creek police are vetting the death of a paraglider. police got a call of an accident behind a golf course before 6:00 p.m. and authorities say the victim's glider collapsed and he slammed into the face of a cliff. teams went in and extracted the unidentified man in his 50's. he was taken to the medical center but did not survive. >> the wife of secretary of state, john kerry, is now at a boston hospital this morning in critical but stable condition. she was flown to massachusetts general last night from a hospital in nantucket. doctors say they stabilized her and gave no further details. secretary kerry was are her. she is the heir to the heinz catch up fortune and is 74 years old. >> former republican presidential hopeful rick perry will reveal what is next in san to whether he will try for
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another term as governor or run again for president in 2016. he was expected to reveal the lands in late june but pushed back the announcement while he tried again to pass a controversial antiabortion bill. we a democratic filibuster killed the bill but the texas legislature meets in special session today to take up the measure again. >> new details are coming out about the asiana jetliner that crashed at sfo and next the role the pilot's experience or inexperience may have played in the disaster. >> increasing your odds of surviving a plane crash. experts reveal what you should do in case you fine yourself in a worst-case-scenario.
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>> live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. good morning, on this monday. it is 5:00. thanks for joining us. i am kristen z. >> i am eric thomas. we have scattered fog this morning. >> less pervasive. what is going on in your neighborhood. mike? >> partly cloudy to cloudy conditions in the eat bay and south bay with clear conditions. with the cloud cover, even, it is dry this morning. visibility is running fine. go not have patchy fog but we will watch sfo to see if there are delays. >> warm inland from 78 in the north bay to 90 in the east bay. it will be mild around the bay from 67 in san francisco to 74 in oakland. in the south bay we will be around 80 in


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