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tv   ABC7 News 1100AM  ABC  July 8, 2013 11:00am-11:31am PDT

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>> live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. >> dramatic new details coming moments ago from the san francisco fire department as they describe running up an evacuation chute into the burning plane that crashed while landing at san francisco international airport on saturday trying to stop the fire while searching for trapped passengers. >> good morning, i am kristen sze. >> there was an incredible sight
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and the ntsb will interview the pilots possibly today. two teens were killed with 182 injurisdiction out of 307 open board. we have coverage from sfo and amy hollyfield will have more on the emergency responders. we first have abc7 news cover with the latest on the investigation. >> the ntsb hopes to interview the pilot and crew of asiana flight 214 as soon as today at sfo. the wreckage remains off the runway with new information today that the pilot was still in training to fly this type of aircraft and had never flown into sfo before. this video of the wreck an was shot by the ntsb, closeup shots of the planes tail and landing, with the jet possibly flying too low and slow as it slammed into
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the end of the runway. one pilot logged only 43 hours on a boeing 777 and only flown it nine times. this was the first landing at sfo but asiana flight 214 says he is a veteran flight with hours of experience flying other planes. >> we want to take a look at that and understand training. we want to understand experience. we also want to understand crew resource management and how the two crew members are working together in the cockpit. >> the accident happened on run way 28 left and 28 right has re-opened. the ntsb plans to cooperate flight data recorder information with other data it is collecting to help put together the puzzle. the investigation, we are told, could take months. >> the ntsb determines the cause of the crash, asiana is defending the pilot would landed the boeing 777.
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at a news conference in seoul the president of asiana airlines said and i quote, "all responsibility lies in the trainer co-pilot, not the train ee pilot." he said both were experimented and following proper international procedure for training on the new aircraft. >> new this morning south korea has announced they will inspect all boeing 77 aircraft owned and operated by asiana and korean air looking at engines and landing gear of the planes. the boeing 777 is known as one of the safest planes in the air. >> san francisco fire department held a briefing at san francisco international airport moments ago. the first responders talk about what they faced when they arrived at the burning plane. abc7 news reporter amy hollyfield has that part of the story. amy? >> yes, there are about 20 first responders here from the fire department and the police department talking about what they saw, what they did, moments
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after the crash. let's start with when they first got the call. >> the communications from the tower was "alert 3, alert 3, plane crash, plane crash." the female that dispatched us and i knew from her voice that the event we were going to was real. >> you know the inflatable chutes the passengers use to get off the planes in two firefighters said today they ran up the flights to get on to the plane. they found people trapped in the back and extricated some out of the hole in the back where the tail broke apart from the plane doing all of this in heavy smoke and, also, with the fear that jut fuel was spilling out of the plane they feel very lucky they
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got everyone off. >> this is small something that i expected ever to view in my career. as i approached the airplane and as my initial report was to the communication center, i have a large plane down, involved in fire. people are exiting the plane and the collect point has been established. >> a couple of moments ago a fire official addressed whether one of the cries ran over one of the teen girl whose was killed. they say they realized that was a possibility while they were out there on the runway saturday morning saying it became obvious to one of the fire chiefs that this was a possibility. they then alerted the change of command and they told the f.b.i. and the fire department says it is cooperating with the f.b.i. on this matter at this point. it is not determined whether it happened but we learned they knew it was a possibility right
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there that morning. this press conference is still going on and there are a couple of dozen people here. all are waiting their turn to talk and tell what they heard. stay with us throughout the day. this story is still developing and we are hearing some incredible stories. reporting from sfo for abc7 news. >> also new this morning, we have several new pictures of the two chinese girls who died. these are just two of them. on the left is ye mengyuan and on the right is wang linjia. investigators are looking at reports that one of the girls may have been run over by a rescue vehicle on the tarmac. that is one angle being investigated. and the fire police said the truck was racing to the scene when she was hit and the coroner has yet to determine whether a plane crash trauma was the cause of death orening hit bit fire truck. >> the two sets of devastated parents are on the way to the
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united states taking a bus from their hometown to shanghai where they boarded a flight for california. they are accompanied by two teachers from the school and the government officials. they plan to visiting juried students and, of court, receive their darks' remains. a last information about the girls is coming if china and social media through thousands of posting painting a tragic picture of two brilliant young lives cut short. >> chinese new accounts say that 16-year-old ye mengyuan on the left and wang linjia are best of friends at their middle school. last night, their heartbroken classmates held a vigil using candles to form a large heart and they released sky lanterns with the girls' name writtens on them. the chinese version of twitter had him madges of the two teens, wang linjia class president, top student and ye mengyuan aerobics
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champion and latin dancer and accomplished piano player. they are smiling and on the left wearing red glasses. in a twist, the final post by ye mengyuan was a bad luck number series of 4's because it sound like the word "death otherwise otherwise and wrote sister is depressed. one post captures the mood of the nation "i wish they made a mistake, i hope you are still alive." that was her sister. >> so sad. we are hearing more this morning of the battle to get survivors off the burning jet. this is a picture of the flight attendant manager who was the last person off the plane. she suffered a broken tailbone but evacuated dozens of passengers, and said to fellow flight attendants were pinned under a evacuation slide that malfunctioned and opened inside the plane.
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the passenger who took pictures after, said in all of the chaos he saw injured flight attendants helping others. >> the flight attendants of course was crying, in tears, but she was carrying, helping a big man trying to get him out of the plane and helping other people. >> the manager of the cabin has beenfullying for 40 years and was doing what she was trained to do. >> a change for the better this morning, no more delays and cancellations in the wake of the crash. however, with one of four run and ways still closed, travelers could find challenges. abc7 news reporter has that coverage. matt? >> this is the busiest we have seen the international terminal so far today but it is nothing like yesterday as many people are finally able to get on to their flights. 9 day after the crash san francisco international airport terminal was packed with people
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trying to get on flights. 300 were canceled. today at the same counter, shorter lines and no cancellations for international detroits but not all smooth sailing. frustration is seen at faces at 4:30 this morning at jetblue after their flight scheduled for the night before was canceled. >> are you on vacation? >> for a week, yes, each year for a week. my wife was supposeed to be helping. >> his wife and two daughters were supposed to fly out saturday afternoon, and the crash changed everything. we caught up with them this morning getting on a shuttle to the hotel and they will stay at the hotel for two nights until the next scheduled flight. >> how does it feel? >> awful. >> getting in sfo is a challenge, flighting 80 percent of the way from new york to san francisco on saturday and the night was diverted to las vegas.
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it has been...the trip from hell. >> this is the point from the seat on the plane this morning while landing at sfo, a clear view of the wreckage and debris left behind of the doomed flight. >> actually, really weird saying it on tv in real life on the runway next to you so you saw it coming and you saw a field of debris and the present -- the difficult business was there. >> check with your airlines for your flights before you leave home for any flight time changes. >> the ntsb will hold a news conference at 11:30 and we will bring it to you live and stream it live on the web site at and you can follow it on twitter@abcnewsbayarea.
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>> coming up, it is decision day: will the new span of the bay bridge open on time? >> we may finally get an answer today. plus, where you sit could mean the different for instance between life-and-death. how to increase your chances of walking away from
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>> we have a long line of trucks waiting at the port of oakland
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with a shortage of workers at a maureen terminal that will close in a week the many terminal only employees did not show up for work with the operator of the terminal saying no ships are being delayed, though. eastern span of the bay bridge will not open on labor day as scheduled after the lawmakers were briefed in sacramento. 32 safety bolt on the new span cracked after being tightened in march, minutes ago, abc7 news reporter covering the story for us today tweeted that the opening of the new bridge is delayed until december at the earliest. this is because the company that makes the reinforcement belts can not get it done by the september opening. we will have more on the delay tonight on abc7 news at 4:00.
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>> we will have to go with safety first on this. mike nicco? >> someone traveling across that and that would be nice. speaking of safety, flight arrival delays have been extended at sfo two hours and 30 minutes but it is cleared everywhere from emeryville to the coast. the warmest days are ahead of us with a cooling trend in the seven-day forecast. teresa heinz kerry is in critical condition after being hospitalized over the weekend, the wife of john kerry the. >> our courage of the crash at san francisco international continues after the break. that plane is still sittingen -- sitting on the
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>> kgo and the national transportation safety commission will hold a news conference in ten minutes with an update on the investigation into the cause of the plane to crash upon landing so we invite you to follow us on twitter@abcnewsbayarea for my
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new details coming from the news conference of the when you see the wreckage of the asiana flight 214 you will wonder how anyone can increase the anothers surviving in such a plane crash. according to the national transportation safety board the survival rate in the plane crashes is actually very high, 95 percent. those who brace for impact and those at back of the plane doing better. the impact itself is not the only danger for passengers. >> if you can't instantly determine the source and severity of the smoke you must consider it to be a threat to the airplane. >> the fell aviation administration advises people to sit as close as possible to the exits and not to sleep during take offs and landing. >> new details on teresa heinz kerry wife of secretary of state john kerry. she may have had a seizure before being hospitalized. a source close to the fell says that she had symptoms consist went a seizure. show now is undergoing a medical
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evaluation after a boston hospital the she is in critical but stable condition and secretary john kerry is with her. teresa heinz is heir to the heinz ketchup fortune. she is 74. >> now, what else is going on outside as the brees have scared away the cloud cover but for the coast and it has not scared up any rain. you can see we are quiet on live doppler 7 hd and here is a look at satellite visible taken from 23,000 miles out with a few clouds hanging around and golden gate bridge and ocean beach, and, now, pulling back toward bodega bay up in the north bay, as far as our temperatures, we are running 57 at half moon bay and 61 in san francisco and a lot of mid-to-upper 60's in the north bay and the bayshore down to san jose and low-to-mid 70's from east bay valley up to
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fairfield. here is the low cloudiness hanging around, and away from the coast it will be sunny for all of us this afternoon and the temperatures are close to average. we will keep the warming trend going through tomorrow and make it the warm of the day, so there is a climax there and the sea breeze is stronger and deeper and coolest as we head into the middle and later part of the week and into the weekend. san jose is 87 and the pavilion has a lot of sunshine jumping up four degrees today to 83 and oakland jumps up to 74, and three degrees warmer in santa rosa and concord and two in fremont and one in san francisco and up to 67 degrees. the area of high pressure is pretty far away from us but it is democratnating our weather and keeping the storm tram to the north, but the high will be shoved out of the way as the cold pool of air comes down deepening the sea breeze with cooler wednesday on wednesday and through saturday. today, 83 in san jose and the
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neighbors in the same ballpark. we will have a lot of low-to-mid 70's around millbrae and san mateo and southbound to mountain view and that is 80. 62 at half moon bay, and daly city is 59. more sunshine, warmer and 67 in downtown compared to sunset time at 60. from the east bay, 72 at richmond and 78 in fremont and mid-80's to near 90 in the east bay valley. headed to the game tonight, mets have come all the way across to our side of the country and it will be 62 at 7:15 with clouds by the end of the game and breezy and 5 and most of the temperatures are in the 50's, and i don't think we will see quite so much cloud cover this morning so that will spring board us to one to four degrees warmer tomorrow and the cooling
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will kick in at the coast and around the bay on wednesday and it hits inland on thursday with the coolest day thursday and friday. >> coming up on abc7 news, continuing coverage of the plane crash at sfo. >> we waiting on a news conference where the agency will update the situation
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>> coming up at 4:00 we will have reaction from caltran and other transportation agencies on thedly of the opening of the new eastern span of the bay bridge. on abc7 news at 5:00, a look at the crew on board asiana flight 214 and how their emergency response helped save so many
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lives. >> now the latest information on the crash of asiana flight 214, you are looking at new video of the wreckage released by the ntsb last night and you can see here the significant damage from saturday's crash at fog. this wreckage is expected to remain at the site for at least the next week or so as the ntsb continues their investigation. >> here is the other information we have learned, the might behind the controls of the plane only had 43 hours of experience with the boeing 777 before the crash. the ntsb says they attempted to abort the plane before the crash. we will take a short break and turn to
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nchs i'm sharl -- we are on standby for the national transportation safety board talking about their preliminary results of the investigation. you're looking right now at video of the crash of flight 214 of asiana airlines. >> they've spent the past couple of days interviewing the passengers. they were set up at a hotel yesterday. five at a time getting them on camera to talk about what they experienced trying to piece together the puzzle as to how did this happen that the flight coming in for a landing hit the seawall at the beginning of the runway and then eventually careened to a stop but not before sheering off the top there and two


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