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tv   ABC7 News 600PM  ABC  July 8, 2013 6:00pm-7:01pm PDT

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the chairman of the ntsb says other debris found several hundred feet up the runway. >> the largest pilot union says it's stunned by the amount of data and warns this could lead to quote, wild speculation. >> we have live team coverage tonight with more on the crash investigation but begin with carolyn tyler who has stories of heoism from first responders. carolyn? >> these people men and women are only now beginning to process what happened. they do train but one of the magnitude has never happened before. >> communication was alert, plane crash, plane crash it was so surreal. so much chaos going on. it was quiet. >> we rounded beyond the terminal. you can see a dark smoke going
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up to the sky. you can see the plane on the belly. >> they knew the drill, nothing quite prepared them for the challenge they faced. >> we had elderly. we had a woman with a gentleman standing over her. we had someone that was partially trapped. it turns out there was a small person stuck between the seat autos some older people on the ground, flight attendants trying to help them. they started yelling to get -- we need knives. >> officer jim cunningham tossed his up to cut passengers from seat belts then ran into the smoking plane twice with no special breathing apparatus. >> looking at someone they're not screaming but i couldn't walk away from it. >> the relief tempered by responsibility a rig may have run over one two of the girl who's died.
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>> it hurts a lot. it hurts. it's -- let's just let the investigation play out. >> the investigation is well underway. according to the "los angeles times", fire chief says that each of the five operateors of the rigs that responded to the crash have been tested for drugs and alcohol. and they have passed. live at sfo, abc 7 news. >> thank you. crash investigators are beginning to the process of debriefing pilots at the controls. they along with the flight data recorders will be able tochl plain how, and why this happened. abc 7 is live at the ntsb command center. new information released by investigators tonight. >> yes. more on the air speed after auto pilot was disengaged but that is what happened from the
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flight data recorder now investigators will want to ask the crew why. >> ntsb investigators are still gathering evidence and doing mapping of the accident scene near san francisco. at the washington dc labs, groups are convoining. >> we want to have people on that cockpit voice recorder group who are familiar with the aircraft. and any noises or sounds or alerts that might come from that aircraft. oo also today the ntsb will be interviewing three captains and one first officer responsible for flying this plane. one pilot, experienced with other aircraft was still learning to fly the boeing 777. the who was the pilot flying? who was in command? >> what the crew says will be
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compared against the voice and data recordings. >> whether hand flying the airplane, where auto pilot was on, what kind of reliance they may have had on auto maigs. how well they understood auto nation. >> preliminary information shows auto pilot was disengaged at 1600 feet. but in the next one minute, 22 seconds to impact, the air speed dropped dramatically. to well below target. investigators will be asking the crew... why? >> we're looking at what they're doing. and we want to understand why they were doing i we want to understand what they knew. and what they understood. >> both english and korean were being spoken in the cockpit. there will be korean speakers at the transcription of the cockpit voice recorder and for the crew to make sure the crew
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understands, and is understood. live in south san francisco, abc 7 news. >> thank you. >> tonight we're seeing incredible photos taken by one of the crash survivors. benjiman leafy took these after escaping the crash. he helped evacuate by opening an emergency exit. helping as many people as he could off the plane describing a day yotis scene with passengers stunned at just disbelief, can't believe what happened to them. some screaming he said. he walked away with only cuts and bruises. >> we do have new video tonight showing moment the emergency chutes deployed and passengers escaping before crews arrived. it's video captured by a teenager from san jose. abc 7 news has that story. >> i immediately went outside and saw the big cloud of dirt and started recording immediately. >> this 18-year-old was on the third floor in burlingame.
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she heard a big clap and instincts took over. she captured the moment when the chutes deployed from the doors and you can see passengers sliding down to the ground. >> the people started to get off almost immediately. and... i just remember hearing sirens coming in right away they didn't get there right away but i know they started heading there right away. so this is fast. >> jennifer are got video as a black cloud was ominous, passengers still running while crews sprayed the fuj lauj. the video may provide information whether one of the 16-year-old girls had been hit by a rig. >> i've been looking into that. i did record the other ambulances and truck that's went around the runway. and there was a lot of debris there. i'm trying to look for any sort of bumps in the car. i did record a lot of that. so i'm hoping there is something that will show
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whether that happened or not. >> jennifer says witnessing the evacuation and rescue operation was surreal. she had no idea what is about to unfold as her camera rom roled. jennifer planning to turn her video into the national transportation safety board. the national transportation safety board sen couraging others to do the same thing in case the untrained eye might see what theirs might in burlingame abc 7 news. >> officials say if it's not for the heroic actions, cool under fire actions for flight attendants more people would have died in this crash. these pictures show asiana cabin manager carrying passengers off the plane, look at her. she was recognized for her efforts to lead dozens to safety she. was so busy that she only learned she broke her tail bone after being taken to the hospital for examination. incredible.
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well, a former safety chair of the airline pilot says says investigators will be taking a look at who is fly whigt crashed and the pilot's training. mark matthews spoke with the captain this afternoon. for an experienced pilot it's thoord understand how this could have happened. >> i think this accident shows thaws there may be lacking in training. >> captain dick deets flew commercial airliners 30 years and says animation of what happened in the final seconds shows the plane coming in too low, too slow. >> they stalled the airplane. they were getting stick shaker are in the airplane. >> at hillary museum flight simulator i'm getting a crash course in flying too slow this, is the air speed indicator reading 138 knots. but what the plane did on saturday was down to 109 knots
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just before the crash. >> there is no time. to get out of this thing. >> that is the part that captain deets has trouble understanding. how did an inexperienced pilot allow to to happen? in this case there were other experienced pilots on board? >> that is the thing that bother meez an awful lot that. pilot's last line of defense call to go around. and you can't let your pride bite you and say i can make it from here. >> he says it's obvious the plane was not on the right path and it would have been obvious in plenty of time to power up, go around and try again. >> when i heard go around from tower tape it was way too late. they were just about to hit. >> besides being a commercial pilot he has been an accident investigator and he says it appears there is no excuse for this, it will be a year or more before the national transportation safety board
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finishes a comprehensive investigation. >> exchange program that brought over the two girls killed in this crash have been cancelled. the 16-year-olds were going stay with host families for three weeks this summer. they were best friends at their school in china. they were classmates and there was a vigil held last night. one was a top student and another studied piano and latin dancing. the girl's parents are now on their way to the u.s.. they took a bus from their hometown to shanghai boarding a flight for california accompanied by two teachers from the school and four government officials. they plan to visit with injured students then receive their daughter's remains. you can express your support for victims of the asiana flight 214 by sharing this badge on our facebook page.
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as well as on google plus. >> let's move on to another aspect of the story. that is the airline passengers who are still feeling affects of flight schedules that have been delayed or cancelled because of the crash. that story coming up at 6:30 plus those cramped seats everybody complains about? they may be more than just uncomfortable. they can be unsafe. michael finney will explain why some are concerned about that. >> and still to come on abc 7 news at 6:00 a major delay on the new span of the bay bridge and a new price tag as well. what is driving this set back. >> and where investigators found the body of a person missing in a devastating apartment fire on the peninsula. >> it will be warm again tomorrow but a cooler pattern is developing i'll have the accu-weather forecast coming up.
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a live look of the new eastern span of the bay bridge tonight. everyone hoping to drive across the span god goth bad news. the problem will not be fixed in time. the new target date. laura? >> hi, dan, well wrk we now know delayed opening of the bay bridge, opening will be pushed back at least through months and in short starting to look like christmas. just in time for the holidays,
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maybe. that is the new time line for the opening of the new eastern span of the bay bridge. it comes after the toll bridge program oversight committee in sacramento determined it will take at least until december 10th toj retro fit the 32 broken bolts discovered in march inside of the new span's east pier. >> we are are sorry. we are very sorry for this delay. but we have a retro fit we need owe get built. >> if there is good news in the findings is that remaining 2200 bolts in various locations on the bridge seemed to be testing and holding up fine. if any of them need replacing or retro fitting that can happen after the bridge opens to traffic. >> there are other bolt that's can be replaced after the bring opens or they can be, tension can be reduced or they can be doing work on them and they will be fine. >> the report quotes hydrogen
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enbritelment and called caltrans responsible for the failure once done i think we need to take a look at the process. why did thing goes wrong? we have a lot of inare from a structure to build in this state. >> cal transsays they need a four-day weekend to complete the switch over meaning opening may not happen until next year. at the bay bridge, laura anthony abc 7 news. >> investigators found body of a person inside of a burned out apartment complex today. yesterday's fire broke out just before 2:00 a.m. in a 72 unit building. the flames drove 97 people from the building. 18 residents, three firefighters suffered injuries. residents will be afloud tomorrow to collect personal belongings. the federal bur yof alcohol, tobacco and firearms is trying to find out the cause of the
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fire. >> bart trains rolled again during morning rush hour today for the first time since striking workers returned to their jobs friday. officials and leaders planned to meet separately with mediators until thursday. two sides expect to return to the bargaining table but that is only if state appointed mediateors approve more face-to-face meetings. >> well, stay with us for the latest on the negotiations to reach a new contract for bart workers we'll have updates on air and online. you can also follow us on twitter for the newest information any time that you wish. >> we're going to have an interesting ride of temperatures this week. >> the week is off to a sunny warm start. we do have big changes coming our way. here is a look at live doppler 7 hd showing sunny skies early
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morning hours. motorist locations are sunny now. here is a live view looking at western sky. it's just mainly blue, temperatures 63 degrees in san francisco. 68 across the bay in oakland. 70s in mountain view skpan jess yeah. another live view from mount tam looking over the bay. you can see low clouds there pushing just beginning to push through golden gate. it's 74 in santa rosa 90 in fairfield. a live from our camera looking back towards san francisco. you can see bank of low skploudz fog there along the coastline. our forecast features coastal fog pushing across the bay. warmer inland tomorrow than today but cooling trend starts wednesday continuing towards end of the week. forecast starting at 7:00
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shows a more fog approaching the coast pushing just locally beyond the coastline overnight. it won't be very wide spread. lows will be into mid to upper 50s. for virtually all of the bay area. taking a look at satellite you can see large ridge of high pressure giving us sunny skies. warmer conditions around the bay and inland but cooler air is moving south ward from pacific northwest bringing us cooler weather wednesday, thursday, perhaps friday. tomorrow nice, warm, sunny skies in the south bay. highs in the mid 80s to up to about 90s in gilroy. only 82346 san jose. 82 in pal yes alto. 83 mountain view. 63 half moon bai. cooler but mild on the coast. 67 downtown san francisco tomorrow. 63 in the sunset district. high temperatures into low to
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mid-80s up to about 82 in sonoma and napa. east bay highs 75 in oakland. 80s in union city. inland east bay all 90s. 92 in san ramone here is the accu-weather forecast. start to cool down wednesday. further cooling thursday brkts same friday. temperatures rebounding on saturday, sunday. inland highs around 90 degrees and further warming monday which will be like today. so... just a week away. >> there you go. >> a week of nice weather is ahead. >> now is a great time to add to your app collection if you own an apple phone or
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george zimmerman trial is nearing it's end. today the 911 call took center stage in the case. the defense played the tape over and over as six of zimmerman's friends and colleagues took the stand identifying the voice as zimmerman. figuring out who is crying is crucial in determine wlg zimmerman killed vaivon martin in self-defense. the judge is not allowing audio experts to testify. the jury could begin deliberating by the end of the
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week. >> interest rates on student loans topped the agenda. congress returned after breaking for 4th of july rates doubled to 6.8% last week. senate democrats twoobt cap rates. house republicans believe interest should be linked to rates on 10 year treasury bonds. leaders challenged the president to achblgt a majority leetder speaker of the house oo. house legislation works for students in doing nothing at all, mr. president, under the house plan, interest rates rise, student loan rates will rise with them, soon, loan rates will be more than double. >> time for the froze lead. it's time for him to bring senate democrat leaders together and develop a solution. the house has done it's job. >> increased rate for federal loans is higher than rates for loaned offered by private lender autos billionaire investor warrin above jay stiblging to the plan to gradually give awaysway his
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fortune to hair ti handing out $2.6 billion worth of snok his company. the biggest recipient is bill and melinda gates foundation. buffet gave shares to his own foundation and mer than a million shares to foundations run by each of his three children. pledged to slowly give away most of his wealth to deserving foundations and charities. he's made sizeable contributions every year since then. >> apple offering free apps is and games today to celebrate the five year anniversary including barefoot world at las. another app tractor dj which usually costs $20. games include infinity blade two. since apple opened the store are users down loaded 50 billion apps. google offered a similar reward for google play store in march.
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>> 50 billion apps. >> remarkable. >> yes. >> still ahead latest on the crash of asiana airlines flight 214 where officials are now focusing their investigation. >> some people are still left stranded at sfo. since the crash. that travel troubles remain there. also... should anyone have been hurt in this plane crash? tough questions being asked
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we're a long way from getting an official answer to why that korean jetliner crashed on saturday but investigators are sharing quite a bit of information. >> we're hearing from heroes who ran into smoke p flames to save lives. >> abc 7 news is live near sfo with today's developments. >> pilot interviews began
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today that could have cause that had jet to go down behind me. pilots do speak korean and english, still, investigators expect some difficulty. just before the crash will be reviewed. >> i knew from her voice that the event we were going to was real. >> amateur video shows moments aas asiana flight 214 crash landed on saturday. for passengers, oxygen masks came down, then, slides. an all hands on deck call went out. >> large plane down, people exiting the plane and casualty collect point has been established. >> of the 300 on board, two 16-year-olds from china died. more than 180, injured. the focus from the national transportation safety board
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today is on the four built pilts on board. one at the helm receiving training on the big boeing 777 with an experienced co-pilot. he had nearly 10,000 hours logged on large aircraft, only 43 hours on a 777. the first time he landed a jumbo jet at sfo. a tricky landing. >> he was an experienced pilot and captain but working on getting rating on the 777s and initial operating strength from 777. >> preliminary findings of the data recorder show the plane traveling at 106 knots. ideal air speed on approach is 137 knots z as if the national transportation safety board doesn't have enough on its hands investigators are also looking into reports one girl who died was run over by an emergency vehicle. an initial review showing responders is inconclusive. >> we're still looking at this issue it is a very serious ishy.
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the coroner has not yet determined the cause of death. >> and we're back live now. a jet is trying to land here. the airport is known for being tricky to land. they have owe to clear a sea wall before touching down onto the runway. that is what the pilots were trying to do saturday. you can see jets landed about three of the four runways are back open. live at sfo, abc 7 news. >> most people hurt have been released from the hospital. one center reports a new wave of victims. 10 bay area hospitals are helping care for victims. 55 victims were admitted for treatment. two patients in critical condition.
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62 people have been admitted to san francisco general. the hospital reports a fifth wave of patients, nine in total came to the hospital last night complaining of injuries. most treated and released. the chinese consul general visited victims of the crash today, he and his staff took flowers and met with five victims. the consulate has been posting updates on the web site on coordinating aid efforts in san francisco. >> with one runway closed there, passengers are still trying to get home. we're live with jonathan at the international terminal. >> things are looking more normal but all have you to do
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is look around, you'll still see them. still looking for a ticket home. >> propped up on a giant backpack, micah is learning how to win friends and influence people but airlines aren't winning any friends i've been here about two days. >> he was just passing through but with wreckage of the plane crash he's gotten an unexpected stay. >> at the airport other night, i decided to hang out here the rest of the day. >> now and he his wife are stuck. >> do you miss your zmidz. >> yes. of course i do. i've been out first time, ever, we leave them alone so five day was out them, it's big. >> like many others chris and his wife were on united.
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other airlines diverted to oakland in san jess yeah, sfo is a hub for united. vicky jones is lucky, her flight was diverted to oakland but found out her rental caress vacation was not there. >> they said we can take a shuttle to the airport so we got a shuttle well. had to take the train. now, we're here two. hours to get from oakland to here. >> with wreckage likely to continue blocking for days american says it's trying to get more passengers where they need to go with a limited number of flights. >> we'll have comprehensive coverage on abc 7 news at 11:00 and updates any time on abc 7 >> now the situation in egypt more than 50 people died there today. the most since clashes began
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about a week ago. today, soldiers and police fought against supporters of the recently ousted president. more than 300 people injured. it started as a sit n the mill staerz protestors shot at them first. the white house says it's not supporting either side there is no plan to cutoff $1.56 billion in aid the u.s. sends to egypt every year. >> i think would it not nbt best interest of the united states to immediately change our assistance programs to egypt. we're reviewing our obligations under the skplau will be consulting with congress about the way forward. >> u.s. is investigating how former leader mohammed morsi was returned if it turns out a coup forced him from office the u.s. would be forced to stop sending aid to egypt. >> tonight money matters stocks gained ground as investors continued to show
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confidence dow gained nearly 89 points. s and p picked up eight points today. what we're charging more often americans increase borrowing in may as fastest pace in a year. according to the federal reserve. borrowing including credit card use reached a high point in nearly three years. facebook rolled out a feature aimed at making it easier to find your friends information and photos on the si. it's now available to everyone in u.s. after test version in january. you can search for restaurants your friends like, some are raising privacy concerns but facebook insists nothing you label is private will turn up in search result autos consumer groups asking tough questions about the crash at sfo. >> should anyone have been hurt? michael finney looks at concern over
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it's a great relief some people walked away from the crash that a question had been overlooked. >> shouldn't everyone has
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survived? michael finney is looking at that ishy. >> yes. groups and advocates are calling today to do a thorough investigation of passenger safety to use this transit to protect passengers in the future. when someone walked away uninjured there was a sigh of relief, then we found out many were not so lucky. now, tough questions being asked. >> why is it that we have a 2006 aircraft with 1960s seat belt technology? that is outrageous. >> this attorney rep sentd passengers and airline accidents in court before. and received calls about this crash being taunted by the set up of airlines. >> you have air bags in a car, three-point harness in a car, stronger seat backs in cars why can't you reconfigure an
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aircraft? its not just seats themselves but home there are in. >> in general airline was out restrictions have been allowed to shrink what is called the pitch and also the size of the seats and we think that needs to be very much reviewed. >> today the chair of the national transportation safety board echoed concerns saying every seat, every passenger would be reviewed. >> our survivor team is going to be documented over 300 seats. we want to identify their conditions. and so to understand what injury mechanism was and if they're using restraints.
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>> keeping track of the safety aspects of the investigation and will report back. we've reached out and hear back from them. we'll report on that as well. >> interesting comment. >> yes. >> thank you very much. >> there is a company that specializes in preserving one of the important pieces of a wedding. >> why this business is mom... yes honey? dad told me that cheerios is good for your heart, is that true? says here that cheerios has whole grain oats that can help remove some cholesterol, and that's heart healthy.
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[ dad ] jan? ♪
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well, summer is wedding season. for brides the most memorable keep sake is usually the gown. >> one dry cleaning business specializes in making wedding gles dress good as new this, week, it's celebrating a milestone. >> 36 years after the wedding... and the bride has a problem. >> my wedding dress was stained and spotted. >> on the day she got married and before loaned a dress to a friend who ruined it. she came hoping for a miracle in what looks like wedding dress land. >> it's beautiful.
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perfect. >> as it should be considering her reputation. >> was this more expensive than having a shirt done? >> a little bit. >> as much as $700 for heirlooming the preservation of wedding gowns. >> i'm probably not going hold it and pick it up but it's foun know it's there and it's back to the way it was when i wore it the first time. >> which is not often easy tais baised on available evidence. >> it was in the garden. >> how do you know? >> grass stains heel marks but a good time. >> you can get that out? >> yes, sir. larry can. >> that would be the dry cleaning savante who works in the back. >> it's an art it requires a secret combination of chemicals and elbow grease. >> what is the grossest thing you cleaned up? >> vomit. >> if service is remarkable consider how long this business has been here.
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50 years. that is longer than a lot of marriages. >> you can't do dry cleaning online. >> she may thank her mother who opened the shop. you can see knit her finger work when she sews and the wedding dress made 40 years ago. you can hear as she bonds with customers. >> my mom did the cake wez did food. >> when heirlooming only half is cleaning the other is choosing pictures to go in the box. >> it's very girly and fun. >> it's a little laundry side business that has become a main attraction. it's not just service but the peern what would your mom say? >> she's proud. >> does the bride have a problem anymore? >> no. >> mom would naefr lou it. >> she's keeping a close eye on me.
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>> what a process. >> yes. no kidding. >> let's dmek now with spencer. >> starting with live doppler 7 low clouds near the coast right now. sunny skies right now. tomorrow, state wide will be sunny and warm to hot in locations. look for highs of 101 in chico. 106 fresno. 111 in palm springs here in the bay area it will get warmer inland. low 80s in the north bay. upper 70s to low 80s around the bay, here is the accu-weather forecast. cooling down wednesday, thursday, and holding steady friday before starting to warm up next week, you can get weather information by following us on twitter. all of the information can be found there. >> thank you very much. >> larry beil is back. >> back from being tan and rested it was rough. >> yes.
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>> you don't want ta-to-hear about. >> i had waves splashing me. it was are you ever out there. by the beach. a battle of all stars tonight. colon on the mound for oakland. have no fear because coc
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good evening pirates the surprise of baseball. tied for first this is a team that hasn't made playoffs since 1992. tonight major league debut of grant green who is just called up from sacramento. i'm sensing we're going to see a shot of grant green very soon. wait for it. wait for it. like a wave approaching waikiki beach. gets bigger and bigger except doesn't appear. do we have a's highlights? i'm going say it's undecided. bartolo colon locked up with jeff lock. all star match up there. and it's been a low-scoring game.
6:54 pm
there is grant green i started talking about him a while ago. there is the first ground ball. all right. here is bartolo cologne still throwing 90 miles per hour heat. lock. walks. derek norris with bases loaded trots home to make it a 2-0 game. coco chris laid out. and breaking records handed to 2-1, a's are victorious, these are strange times for giants two. world series titles brings expectations. injury is a problem but starting pitching a prime example yesterday, grounder throwing seconds off target
6:55 pm
then aj ellis comes up. romo can't can't him out this, left giants six and a half games out of first. >> could be important. that, we've finished up this last few games before the break. last thing we want to do is go on a break playing hike now and get too far behind. these are critical games. in this series, next series. >> what does a wimbledon title gets if you you're andy murray? maybe you get knighthood. murray became the first british man to win wimbledon since 1936. >> i were taking events that were going to take a few days to sink n i don't read papers or watch tv during the
6:56 pm
tournament because of stuff like that. i don't get ahead of myself. him wearing a miami dolphins cap on twitter of course he's 49ers quarterback. you need to worry about the fact i grind for my teammates and finished by saying i plan to do this until they won't let me in the building. >> okay. abc 7 sports my only question is why? >> yes, why? >> thank you. >> join me tonight at 9:00 the first responders you have not heard, from at 9:00.
6:57 pm
>> then on abc 7 news at 11:00 latest, last, rather person to make it out of the plane alive. thousand woman was able to get so many passengers out before her. >> and tonight here on abc 7 we have the bachelorette and mistresses followed by abc 7 news at 11:00. >> that does it for this edition of abc 7 news. >> thanks for watching. we appreciate your time.
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this is "jeopardy!" let's meet today's contestants -- a public-health informationist from ellicott city, maryland... a medieval historian from lee, new hampshire... and our returning ch, an i.t. consultant originally from florence, south carolina... and now here is the host of "jeopardy!" -- alex trebek! thank you, johnny. thank you very much.! and welcome, ladies and gentlemen. ben, as you just heard, has won a lot of money. and i'm sure he enjoyed this long holiday weekend. the newcomers.
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welcome aboard. and good luck to all three of you. let's go to work now in the "jeopardy!" round, the first round of play -- the one with the one daily double. are and it'll come up in one of these categories. those two letters at the beginning of each correct response. department of defense. and we'll tell you how it defines it. ben, start us. lands named after people, but i'd like to start at $600. ben. where is liechtenstein? that's it. lands for $800, please. ben. where is mauritius? that's correct. lands for $1,000.


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