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tv   ABC7 News 1100PM  ABC  July 8, 2013 11:00pm-11:36pm PDT

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minutes from arriving from china. china. >> l
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>> tonight. 2 family in mourning. parents of the girls who died in the crash of asian flight 214 moments from landing in san francisco. >> also the investigation. what the pilots were doing or not doing in the final moments of the flight. >> brave flight attendant who is strength under fire saved lives. good evening everyone. i'm carolyn. >> i'm dan. parents of the 2 girls who died in the crash are just a few minutes away from san francisco. here's a picture of those 2 girls. best friends. 7 news reporter is live at sfo tonight. one can only imagine how the parents must be feeling. landing at the same airport where the children were killed. >> yes it's going to be a tough situation, dan. parents of those girls are due to arrive here in just about 5 minutes.
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they will be traveling here with family members of those 13 chinese passengers who are still in local hospitals and also be here with some local authorities from the province where the girls are from. now earlier today the group left shanghai international airport for the long sad trip to the u.s. i'm told special arrangements are being made to take them directly from the plane to the crown plaza hotel in burlingame. that's where they will meat with the classmates of the girls who died. those classmates were transferred from san jose to burlingame today but earlier they met with the chinese counsel general at the marriott hotel in san jose. he told them how brave he thought they were and how much respect he had for them but there was little he could do to comfort them from the trauma of saturday plane crash. aside from the 2 classmates they los lost, 2 others are san francisco general hospital and one of them is still in critical condition. she underwent surgery today. the counsel general took flurries
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to them and met with total of 5 chinese victims there. now while the parents are here, the parents of those daughter, the girls who died, will have the really sad task of having to identify their daughters at the san m te'o county coroner office. we are also told the students will decide whether or not they want to stay here and go through the tour through the u.s. or go home. well continue to follow this story and you can follow us on twitter at abc 7 news bay area. i'm allen reporting live from san francisco international airport. abc 7 news. >> thanks very much. >> we'll follow the parents arrival and let you know when it happens. home up to of the teen girls killed if the crash classmates mourn the terrible loss of their frechbilityd at memorial today they lit candle with the date of the crash. 7-7. they also lit lantern with messages written to the friends and then sent them off into the sky. >> we hear new details from the national transportation safety board safety board just how slow that jet was flying when
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it crash. ntsb interviewing each of the 4 pilots on board and also hearing the emotional story of the first responders on the scene. lillian is in the news room now with more for us. >> 2 68 firefighters and police officers rush to the run which after the crash landing. they knew the drill but nothing could prepare them for the chaotic scene they were about to face. >> alert 3 alert 3 plane crash plane crash. >>reporter: first responders say they knew from the sound of the dispatcher voice that the emergency they were heading to was a big one. today they gather to share the experiences. while many characterizes the action as heroic, they insist they were just doing their job. firefighters ran out inflatable chute and they pass up knives to cut them from seat belt. smoking plane was entered twice without any mvbing or protective gear. >> we didn't have anything but you can standby, see people suffer in the plane and stuff. i couldn't.
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>>reporter: 2 day since flight 214 crash landed at sf o. aviation experts say this is what a standard approach to sfo is to look like. plane stabilize on the glide path at steady speed. but for asian flight 214 the trouble began at 82 second before impact when the pilot disconnected all the computers and took over manually. the plane gradually the glide slope. although the pilot tried to speed up 7 seconds before impact by then it was too late. incorporating to the ntsb the plane should have been flying in at 137 tho thot. only going 103 knot that's about 40 miles per hour below the target speed for a safe landing. >> we look at what they were doing. and we want to understand why they were doing it. we want to understand what they knew and what they understood. >> more details have he mentaled about the pilot at the controls. he had only 43 hours of training time on a 7 77. none of whichever included landing a 7 77 at sfo.
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>> he was an experienced pilot and prior captain but he was working on getting his rating on the triple 7. getting initial operating experience on the triple 7. >> ntsb investigators finish first round of interview with all 4 pilots this evening. they resume tomorrow. lillian, abc 7 news. >> san francisco fire department has confirmed to abc 7 news that all 5 fire trucks drivers who responded to the crash pass drug and alcohol screenings. test come after the san francisco fire chief says that there is evidence fire app are the us may have struck one of the victims during the response. investigators are also lacking through airport survillains video but say so farther findings inconclusive. autopsy to determine the cause of death will take weeks. tvl the chief says they are helping out any way they possibly can. >> we work closely with the ntsb as they conduct the investigation on all aspects particularly on this aspect. >> the 2 girls were sitting in
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the back of the plane. one was found near the broken tail while the other was down the runway next to the plane main body section. they don't know which of the 2 victims were hi hit. >> terrifying moments right after the plane crashed thanks to amateur video that captured the evacuation of the passengers. take a lack at the image. taken by an 18-year-old staying at the vagabond hotel. jennifer began rolling she says when she heard a thud. turns out that was the plane crashin crashing. she pulled out camp are and caught the image of passengers going down the emergency slide. >> i medley went outside. i saw the big cloud of dirt and i started recording medley. >> jennifer continueed to record as the caben caught fire. you can see the thick black cloud of smoke here and passengers can also be seen running away from the aircraft while fire crew sprayed the fuselage. >> most of the 1 ia people hurt in the crash have now been released from local hospital. doctors say they are seeing a
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pattern of spinal injuries. the chef neurosurge on shows how violently the pwraejs shaken. despite wearing seat belts. among the worst injuries are crushed vertebra and stretched ligaments. at least 10 bay area hospitals are helping care for crash victims still tonight. 8 passengers remain in critical condition including one child exploratorium general treated another 9 patients last tonight for pain and muscle strains. they have since been rae lease leased. >> lawyer who specialize in airline crashes says each person on that plane is likely to see at least 1 million dollar settlement. he says even the uninjured passengers will see 7 figure check because of ptsd. attorney walk says many claims will be for several million dollars. payments will be the highest to the family of the 2 girls who died. he cessation will not fight the liability case because the airline will want to move on from the crash. >> the ripple effect of this disaster continues for other passengers with only 3 of the 4
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runway in operation at sfo. travelers are facing some delay and cancelled flights city. airport says runway 2 8 left will stay closed indefinitely. until they can remanufacture the asian plane wreckage after of course the ntsb investigation is finished. some passengers who were originally supposed to depart over the weekend are still stuck at sfo unable to get out. a number of flights diverted to oakland and san jose over the weekend. operation of those airport now getting back to normal. >> many passengers are asking whether they have to pay for the inconvenience caused by the asian crash. 7 news today at 4 a viewer asked michael what happened to the days of airlines honoring each other tichblingts i was flying to sf my weekend and plate rebacked much later. other carrier had space but would not honor my ticket here's what michael had to say. >> that has been over with. they don't want to do it any more of very expensive for them however that said. they sometimes do it. so you should always take your ticket. head
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over to the other guy and say will you accept it. here's the key. this is what will really help you. you have the star alliance as one. look for an airline that is part of that alliance. then if they have a matching code which very fortunate they migh might, then you will get on out of there even if they don't have a matching code they sometimes go for it. >> one more note on all of this. when natural disaster or inclement weather closes an airport seats doled out based on customer stt us on that air loon not how far they have come or how long struggling to get to the if a passenger uses frequent flier miles to buy tickets the value is very low and he will likely have to wait days after getting bumped. passenger who pace full price will likely get reback more promptly and person with the highest priority those frequent business travelers generate a lot of money for the air loans. they get rerouted first. even bumping confirmed passengers off a flight. >> so there's reel real network 30. coverage of the crash at sfo does not stop here. you are about to hear about the
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last person to get off the plane alive. brave flight attendant whose super human strength saved lives. >> also. bridge delay. labor day opening has been cancelled. why it could take awhiletor cal-trans to open the new span of the bay pwrichblingt top of coyote tower in the fog as you can see. temperatures rate now in the 50's and 60's. we are heading towards a foggy mornin morning. wa
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>> following breaking news happening right now this is the front entrance of the crown plaza hotel in burlingame. >> within the hour the families of the victims are expected to arrive. they apparently just touched down at sfo just moments ago. well continue to keep you updated. >> we are learning much more tonight about the flight crew on board asian flight 214 and specifically the last night attendant to leave that plane. her quick thinking and fea fearlessness is creditd with saving countless lives. here's cecelia with her story. >> she was the very last person to make it out alive. assis assisting as terrified passengers slid down the evacuation chute then trying to make one final run to the back of the burning plane to be sure she left no one behind. hi to
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hurry i couldn't think of the danger to myself. that lead plate attendant with child cling to go her back. running as fast and as far away as she could from the wreckage. other survivors say she carried people twice her size to safet safety. >> so tiny and skinny. i couldn't believe how powerful how strong she was. she was helping other flight attend ants and even outside the plane. after she got off the plane just running around the plane like without any fear. she was really brave sorry, brave she stayed to make sure everyone was okay. watching over as paramedic treated the passengers she had just saved. >> she was so composed i thought she came from the terminal. she mentioned she was on the plane. she was a hero in my mind. >>reporter: the sully of flight 214. this child was afraid to go down the slade so i tried to encourage the child put him on my back and slid
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down. through it all she says the only thing on her mind was rescuing the next passenger. what lee didn't know she rescued all the passengers one by one with she too was hurt. she broke her tailbone. she thinks during the crash landing. only found out later that day when she wept to the hospital and was told by doctors. true hero. this is abc news san francisco. >> nature line will have much more on the crash at sfo. hear from san francisco fire department chief and lieutenant chris nature line begins at 1 12:35. some other news. new eastern span of the bay bridge will not open on labor day weekend as originally planned and promised. contractors say they will need at least until december to fix the bridge system that was designed to protect against earthquake. need to repair and reinforce steel bolt that cracked early this year. once that work is done cal-trans says engineers will need a 4 day period to make the transition from the old bridge to the new one. >> man died today struggling with oakland police. it
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happened early this morning on east 21 street at 23rd avenue. police were taking the man into custody for a psychiatric evaluation when they say he began to fight back. they say he struggled with the officers and then fell to the ground unresponsive. officers say they performed cpr but could not revive him. investigation is now upped way to determine how he died. >> grammy award winning country music star randy travis is in the hospital in critical condition. 54-year-old singer was rushed to texas hospital sunday because of complications involving his illness viral cardio my open think innaex weaken the heart that can be caused, can be caused by chronic alcohol use. travis has been arrested several times for alcohol related crimes. he was scheduled to perform in tracy and santa rosa next month. >> wildfire burning in el dorado county has grown to 600 acres. burning in highway 50. authorities shut down a section of the highway earlier today. it is now back open tonight. kaminer by had to be evacuated
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though no homes in the area are in danger. apparently it was all started when a tire on a passing vehicle blew out and sparked the fire. >> all right let's talk about the weather. up and down a little bit but has moderated. >> sandhya is here now with look at live doppler 7hd. >> yes we are on a miniroller coaster. fog like what we saw last week where we had the heat wave then dramatic shift in the temperatures. here's live doppler 7hd with coastal area socked in by the fog. see from the high definition emeryville camera look towards the west we have the low clouds and the fo fog. temperatures rate now 55 in san francisco. 58 oakland. it is currently low 60's mountain have you san jose. half machine bay cool 55 degrees. this is what you may face for the morning commute you can see the golden gate bridge camera. the bridge is in the fog tonight so very obscured. foggy area for morning dry. warmer afternoon and cooling trend starts on wednesday. so tonight we have the fog around. locally inland
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and tomorrow morning at 5:00 a.m. could be some pockets of dense fog so give yourself plenty of time for the morning commute. it's not working its way while inland just locally inland so coast parts of the bay socked in first thing tomorrow morning. also going to feel cool out there. temperatures mainly in the 50's by morning so bundle up. as you head out the door. if you take the kids off to summer camp or anything like that make sure they have an extra layer on as well. high pressure will provide warmer conditions bay inland tomorrow and then we start to any some changes cooler pocket of air from the gulf of alaska drops down it will bring us cooler weather wednesday more noticeable as we head into your thursday when temperatures will only be in the mid 80's. here's look at the temperature trend for liver mir. tomorrow 96 degrees. cooler wednesday. see the sharp cooling on thursday. it's about 10 degree drop in the mid 80's before we see recovery for the weekend. so high for your tuesday in the south bay 86 sap oh, say. 85 cupertino. nice day in
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milpitas. 81 on the peninsula. 80 redwood city. low 60's here along the coast downtown san francisco. south san francisco upper 60's and in the north bay you see temperatures in the low 80's. santa rosa sonoma 80 degrees in san rafae rafael. head out to the east bay. nice looking day. 77 hayward. 82 castro valley. inland community this is where it is going to get a little bit warmer. phoenix degrees in livermore. 94 walnut creek. please anton fairfield mid 90' 90's. hears lack at the accu-weather 7 day forecast. we see those numbers going south on wednesday. even cooler on thursday. mid 80's inland. temperatures will recover just a little bit on friday. but by the weekend we bump you back up to average. low 90's inland low 60's coast. something for everyone as we head into the weekend. >> looks like it thanks sandhy sandhya. >> all right giants playing well tonight. >> nice to hear for a change. larry has sports. >> they are desperate. desperate for win right now
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t.buster doing all he can in the midst of 4 hit night and the midst of 4 hit night and extras
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>> good evening. giants have been free falling in the nl west. looking for any kind of momentum before the all star break. hoping to get something if tim and the mets. game still going in extra. catch of the night. foul ball and this is snagged. one handed. of course hand is broken. bottom 1. nobody is catching this. buster. hay deep and aloha. 13th of the year. 2 run blast off matt harvey now for tim. 11 streak out in 7 innings. ike davis get nothing and like it. today no hitter threw 4 but mets good to him in the fifth after the no no. to the
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gap in right center. now to 2-1 game. mets were up 3-2 in the seventh. crawford follows a triple with a sharp sing toll center. so we are tied again at 3 appease on to the 11th and duane with the call. >> 49er days. mig was here today. looks good. yes. >>reporter: that is the secre secret. game saving play to get bird with two open. bottom of the 13. giants have the bases loaded and still tied at 3 appease any time you are pitching accomplishment are mentioned in the same sentence with dennis you have done something. a's closer broke one of the record tonight in pittsburgh. pitcher dual with them locking up. ends the third. up in the seventh.
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bases load and he walks norris. trot home. 2 zip. bottom 7. runners at the corner. jose with the dribble. donaldson charging on the play. but he has none. the score and lack at the drive to center field. cocoa crisp. full extension to end the inning. otherwise disaster in the maybeing. 7 strike out 5. we know the 12th with help from him and a close with 40 straight saves. tied for the franchise rohr. 3 up 3 down in the "newsnight"th and this ends it 2 on the final. 41 in a row for him. new a's record. >> that's a great fete. like i said i never set out to do thi this. it happened this way. i feel in like i can continue to close-out ball game. try to win game so a lot of fun doing it. >> and finish of the night in milwaukee. reds facing the brewers down 4-3. map on look like the game winning 2 run
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homer but no. carlos gomez says you want me open the wall you need me on the wall. gomez and brewers get the 4-3 victor victory. sports brought to you by river rock casino. giants mets still tied in the 13th. >> thanks. >> thanks. >> update the crash at
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>> this is a live picture now where the families of 13 asian flight 214 victims have just arrived at this hotel in burlingame after touching down at sfo few minutes ago. >> parents of the 2 girls killed in the crash are among those arriving here at the crown plaza hotel this evening. also federal investigators started enter vawing the plate pilot today with the help of translators. >> they will continue this process tomorrow and probably over the next several days. ntsb also promised to brief the media latest on the
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investigation and then we'll brief you. >> you can express support for the victims of asian flight 214 by sharing the badge on our facebook page. and on google that the site. >> here's a lack at the wake up weather. first they think in the morning watch out for the fog. we expect areas of fog could be dense clear inland temperatures in the 50's, 60's, mike will be here starting at 4:30 continuing until 7:00 a.m. >> all right sandhya thank you. >> that's our report. thanks for watching i'm dan. >> i'm carolyn. abc 7 news continues now on line on twitter and facebook and all the mobile did he swrais new abc 7 news app. >> of course news newscast morning news at if you are:30 tomorrow morning. we pressure time. time. >> have a good night
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