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tv   America This Morning  ABC  July 26, 2013 4:00am-4:31am PDT

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>> "gma's" next. making news in america this morning. regret after the verdict. another juror in the george zimmerman trial coming forward, speaking exclusively to abc news. >> i mean, it's hard for me to sleep. it's hard for me to eat. >> why she's struggling with acquittal. and offering trayvon martin's family an apology. under pressure. anthony weiner remains defiant as the new woman at the center of the latest sex scandal comes forward. dr. doom? a doctor accused in his wife's death. how investigators say he tricked her into swallowing poison. a 4-year-old boy has a priceless reaction to his high-five with the commander in chief. good friday morning to you.
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another juror in the george zimmerman trial, murder trial, is talking about that controversial acquittal. >> in an exclusive interview with our own robin roberts, the woman claims zimmerman got away with murder. but in the end, she says the c6ñ jury's only option was to find zimmerman not guilty. >> reporter: some people have said, george zimmerman got away with murder. how do you respond to those people who say that? >> george zimmerman got away with murder. but you can't get away from god. >> reporter: juror b-29, maddie, came forward in an abc news exclusive interview. she said it wasn't an easy decision. >> it's hard for me to eat. it's hard for me to sleep. >> reporter: you haven't asked for money. you haven't asked for a book deal. you haven't asked for anything other than a forum to be able to tell your story. >> i don't need money. no money in this world could pay me to forget the pain that i'm going through. trayvon martin will always be in
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my heart. >> reporter: but she wanted to talk about the verdict, how the jury reached it. and about what she sees as, perhaps, a higher justice. >> at the end of the day, he's going to have a lot of questions and answers he has to deal with. the law couldn't prove it. we just have to believe in the lord that he's -- if he has to pay, he will pay. >> reporter: maddie says, putting her emotions aside, and only considering the law was not easy. >> i stand by the decision because of the law. if i stand by the decision because of my heart, he would have been guilty. >> reporter: a 36-year-old mother of eight, who calls herself a black-hispanic, was the only minority on the jury. since the verdict and the public backlash, she says she has been ridden with guilt. >> what's hurtful for me is that, i walk in a room. and as i'm -- even when i went home, i mean, it's hard for me to sleep.
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it's hard for me to eat because i feel that i was forcefully included in trayvon martin's death. and i carry him on my back. >> now, you can see much more of robin's interview with juror b-29, coming up a little later on "good morning america." this is the scandal that just won't go away. new revelations are now rocking anthony weiner's run for mayor of new york city. a woman named sydney leathers has come forward with a salacious story. she tells "inside edition" that she engaged in online phone sex with weiner after he resigned from congress. and she says that weiner consulted her before launching his latest political campaign. >> obviously, i knew he wanted me to erase any evidence of our conversations because that was around the time i knew that he was going to run for mayor. >> so far, weiner is resisting calls that he drop out of the race. during a campaign stop at a soup kitchen, weiner may have stuck his foot even further inside.
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saying that he may have sexted three women since he resigned from congress. but then, he kept talking. >> it's not dozens and dozens. it's six to ten, i suppose. i can't tell you what someone else is going to consider inappropriate or not. >> just last month, weiner was leading in the mayor's race. but polling done this week before these new revelations, show his numbers have plunged nearly 10 percentage points. there's growing pressure on the mayor of san diego to resign amid sexual harassment claims. a committee of filner's democrats voted overwhelmingly last night to ask him to resign. seven women have now identified themselves as targets of filner's alleged sexual advances. last week before the women came forward, that same committee deadlocked on whether filner should step down. the american killed in the train crash in spain has been identified as anna maria cordova. an employee of the catholic diocese of arlington, virginia. her family was among five americans injured. the death toll has climbed to 80, as investigators questioned the driver. he admitted going 110 miles per
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hour, double the speed limit for that stretch of track. federal investigators are already out with their preliminary findings about monday's hard landing by a southwest airlines jet here in new york. they say it appears that the plane came in nose-first. that could explain why the front landing gear collapsed. passenger jets are supposed to touch down with their rear landing gear hitting the ground first. new this morning, four tourists from texas vacationing in hawaii say they're happy to be standing on solid ground this morning. while flying over volcanoes, the pilot noticed the gas gauge was dangerously low. and so, they turned back. they were just about to land at the airport when the chopper turned over and crashed. amazingly, everyone onboard came away unharmed. also new this morning, a guilty plea in connection with the 2010 gulf oil spill. it comes from a subsidiary of halliburton which says it's guilty of destroying evidence after the rig explosion. the company will pay a $200,000 fine and accept three years probation. it has also made a $55 million
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contributions to a conservation group. and the guilty plea must be approved by a judge. some youngsters at the catholic church's world youth celebration in brazil will have their confessions heard by pope francis. pope francis was the star of a big rally on copacabana beach. as he made his way to the stage, he was cranking up the crowd from the popemobile. he also visited a real slum. in addition to hearing confessions today francis meets with some prison inmates. and prince harry says he's thrilled about the arrival of his brand-new nephew. uncle prince harry says their first meeting with prince george alexander louis cambridge was the baby crying his eyes out. that's what babies do. and he adds he is looking forward to spending lots of quality time with the royal baby. >> he's about that long. about that wide. fantastic to have another addition to the family. i only hope my brother knows how expensive my baby sitting charges are. >> and harry says part of his
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job will be to see that the future king stays out of harm's way and of course, make sure he has fun. an area that we know that harry has plenty of expertise. >> just stay away from vegas. uncle harry and aunt pippa. that's a good combo. >> it really is. >> lucky kid. now, some weather. starting with the tropical storm, dorian, spinning out in the atlantic right now. forecasters say it's weakened a bit as it moves across the ocean. >> they predict that by tuesday dorian will be near the southern bahamas. at that point, it's expected to just -- to just short of hurricane strength. >> we're going to be watching dorian all weekend. as for today's forecast, some showers with heavy rain across the middle of the nation. there will be thunderstorms in the rockies. rain also in florida. and most of the rest of the east coast will be dry and clear along the pacific coast. >> seattle reaches high 70s today. it will be warmer, south of there, in the 90s for most of the south. low to mid-80s for the northeast corner of the country. talk about a bad investment. how an obsession with beanie babies turned into a serious situation for one family. and a doctor under arrest accused of killing his wife.
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new information about how investigators claim he tricked his wife into taking a poisonous pill. also, a pint-sized hero. and how a 10-year-old girl with soft hands saved the life of a newborn baby. orange juice...tomato sauce... can cause acid erosion.
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american brands are thriving, as well. profits and hiring are up. yesterday, gm beat earning expectations. and the 2014 chevy impala has been named the best sedan by america -- in america by
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"consumer reports." it's the first time in two decades that an american car has taken that top spot. a major operation that hacked 160 million credit card numbers. it was run by four russians and a man from the ukraine. the men allegedly got the numbers off computer networks of 17 major retailers and financial institutions. listen to these names. nasdaq stock exchange, 7-eleven, jcpenney and jet blue. this week was especially good for mark zuckerberg. the facebook founder made $4 billion this week, as the stock price soared. he's worth about 16.8 billion bucks. and there was outcry earlier this week that hasbro was removing the jail spaces from the new edition of monopoly to speed up the game. the report says that the american families needed a shorted game. "the atlantic" reports that that's just not true. that the jail spaces will remain
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where they've been since 1935. >> i don't know if i've ever finished a game of monopoly. have you? >> thank goodness for the jail spaces. >> no. unless it's the online one on my phone, where i can speed through it. a traditional game of monopoly, takes all day long. >> the first hour's fun. >> how many properties do you really need? when we come back, stress, too much caffeine. now, something to place the blame on. the mourning connection between the moon and your look of sleep. and the president's high-five that made a 4-year-old quite famous. we'll be right back. ♪ [ male announcer ] after pushing the limits of pushing buttons, introducing the button to end all buttons. siri, do i have any text messages? [ siri ] you have a new message from chad -- "are you wearing my scarf?" ♪ tell me a joke. two iphones walk into a bar. [ male announcer ] the chevrolet sonic. the world's first car available with
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welcome back, everyone. here's a check of your friday road conditions. expect some wet pavement across the middle of the country. flooding is possible across roadways in the rockies and the sierra nevada. and i-95 in florida is going to get a soaking. >> if you're flying, airport
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delays are possible in miami, chicago and denver. back to the news. the leading research on lou gehrig's disease under arrest this morning, charged with killing his neurologist wife. >> dr. robert ferrante is accused of lacing a supplement with cyanide and giving it to his wife last april. but just hours later, she collapsed and died. ferrante denies any involvement with his wife's death. a cleveland man accused of holding three women captive for a decade is due in court today. sources say that the deal that could spare aerial castro the death penalty could spare him life in prison. castro is facing nearly 1,000 charges, including kidnapping, rape, as well as murder. new images have been released of former nfl star, aaron hernandez, captured by his own home surveillance cameras. pictures taken before and after the death of odin lloyd, shows
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hernandez with a gun. and it shows the patriots tight end getting in and out of a rental car linked to lloyd's murder. and o.j. simpson via a link from a prison in nevada. he is seeking leniency. he told the board he regrets and has apologized for the incident that got him put away. a decision is expected in ex-week. if the board rules in his favor, simpson is still has to spend another four years in prison. a little girl in atlanta is enjoying hero status after saving a baby from a burning building. 10-year-old renee had just escaped the fire herself, when she heard her neighbor skriming for help. her desperate mother tossed her two toddlers and 1-month-old baby from the building. renee was in the right place at the right time. >> the lady from upstairs, she was dropping her babies. and she asked me and my sisters, can she get the babies for her. and our family, we take care of
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our neighbors, no matter what. >> she did not hesitate because she didn't want anyone to get hurt. an alarming trend with the hpb vaccine. fewer girls are getting them, despite the effectiveness in getting cervical cancer. by contrast, the vaccination rate in rwanda, 80%. hpv is the most cause of serve call cancer. if you have trouble sleeping, you're probably blaming noise or stress. maybe it's darkness, you name it. the moon may be causing insomnia. during a full moon, volunteers fell asleep five minutes later. and had 30% less deep sleep. >> now, we know the reason. >> and what's amazing about the study, it happens even if you don't know it's a full moon and you can't see the moon.
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it still happens. >> what's the story that i can't sleep during the day? >> there must be a full moon during the daytime. i suffer from that, too. a fan favorite is putting pinstripes on and returning to the bronx. here's our friends at espn with all of the details. >> good morning, america. this is your "sportscenter" update from our studios in los angeles. he's stan verretts. i'm jay harris. top six. jay bruce says keep looking. two-run home run left center off of greinke. bruce's first homer of the year. reds up 4-1. bottom nine, carl crawford. two outs, tying run at the plate. and he lines out to left. the reds win it, 5-2. yankees and rangers. mariano rivera, last appearance in arlington. got some boots and a cowboy hat from former teammates. go to the ninth inning.
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mitch moreland. loyal overbay handles that one. kuroda with seven shutout innings as well. alfonso soriano could be on his way to new york. and derek jeter could be ready to go as early as saturday. >> things may be looking up for -- still a lot of injuries to deal with. >> yeah. >> and there's the alex rodriguez thing. we don't have time for that. that's it from here. back to you. >> thanks, guys. coming up next in "the pulse," bankrupt over beanies. a family explains how they lost everything because of an obsession with stuffed animals. and a new video going viral. behaving badly on the job.
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time to check "the pulse," stories you'll be talk about today. starting with the -- >> this is really bad. cliff robinson thought that beanie babies were such a sure thing, he invested $90,000 in the stuffed toys. his son made a documentary about the family's road to ruin. one toy turned into 20,000 toys. >> i figured in ten years, it would be a good college fund. each one had his own collection. >> we were able to realize that we could buy them and turn around and make a profit. although, that was the plan. it never happened because we never sold them once we bought
4:23 am
them. >> robinson, said his family bonded and it was fun while it lasted. >> and now, they're broke. a couple of fedex workers had the bad luck of being caught on camera while doing their job. >> the two tossing boxes into the truck, seemingly to make a game of it all. appropriate corrective action will be taken in light of this. >> they were being naughty. finally, a little fella didn't realize the magnitude of what he was doing. and how could he when he's only 4 years old. >> we're talking about 4-year-old gauge maska. he was at the airport in illinois yesterday, when president obama came flew in. his attention was waning a little bit. that's when president obama called gauge, bud. the two exchanged a high-five. for gauge, it's no big deal. >> there's some cooler things, too. >> like what?
4:24 am
>> just doing like boat riding or just doing, like, in an airplane. >> gauge and his family were at the airport because gage's aunt works at the white house. he will look back fondly when he gets a little older. and he realizes, i just met the big man. >> i don't think he'll be able to high-five with a president ever again. this is a big deal. >> he said a plane ride was more fun. talking about air force one. he wanted to get on air force one and do a high-five. >> and he was there to see the plane land. when this guy came over and gave him a high-five, he was like, whatever. >> when my daughter was 5, she wrote a letter to president obama. she got it back in the mail with a signed picture. >> you know what's better than a high-five from bt president obama? >> what? >> a high-five from you. we're coming right back, with your late-night laughs
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>> live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. >> good friday morning. it is 4:28. thank you for ending your week with us. >> i saw the full moon yesterday driving to work. today i saw the fog. >> i didn't see the top of the buildings. >> mike nicco is here to explain what is happening. mike? >> there is more moisture in the boundary layer this morning. across the bay bridge i saw mist hitting the windshield. that will be along the coast and bay. we have fog trying to form in the north bay but the visibility is unlimited. we have a low ceiling but we can see at embarcadero center you cannot see the top of that and it is haze toward the ferry building. 82 to 90 from the south bay to
4:29 am
east bay. sunny at the bay from 68 to 78 and cooler at the coast with less sunshine at 58 to 66 in san francisco. leyla gulen? >> the commute is busy because of an overturned big rig highway 29 to eastbound 37. it is a big rig on its side. it will cause delays eastbound along highway 37. it is reported fuel is leaking in the area. be careful in that area. give yourself extra time. the bay bridge toll plaza shows it is backed up because of construction on the toll plaza. the folks got stuck there. kristen? >> breaking news from contra costa county, a high-speed chase involving a suspect and a c.h.p. ended with a major crash. it happened on highway four in martinez at 1:00 o'clock a.m.
4:30 am
investigators say the driver of a toyota crashed when it took the exit going too fast and two people were in the car were hurt including a passenger who was airlifted to the hospital. the driver was taken by ambulance. according to c.h.p. the chase began when officers tried to pull the car over for driving recklessly. >> in washington, dc, the lincoln memorial is closed after the discovery that someone vandalized the national monument. this is a picture but you cannot see the vandalism but you can see the suspect splattered green payment on the statue of president abraham lincoln and happened before 11:00 our time and they are checking surveillance video to get a description on the vandal. the memorial will be closed until it can be cleaned up this morning. >> roads are open in fremont after a police stand off


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