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tv   ABC News Good Morning America  ABC  July 27, 2013 4:00am-5:01am PDT

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good morning, america. breaking overnight. a killing spree at an otherwise peaceful apartment complex in florida. hostages taken. people running for their lives. seven people dead. a neighborhood now on lockdown, swarmed with police. so, what happened to the gunman. bi-coastal sex scandal. two politicians refusing to bow out. calls get louder for former congressman anthony weiner to remove himself from running for mayor. >> my job would have been gone. >> and san diego's mayor says he'll get treatment for sexually harassing women. but he won't resign. toddler on the brink. look at this. a baby falls out a window on to
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an awning. what good samaritans did to save this little girl, as bystanders begged her, don't move an inch. and turning trash to treasure. a couple in real financial need makes an astonishing find in their garbage of all places. a winning $1 million scratchoff lottery ticket they had accidentally thrown out. so, what will they do with all of the new cash? good morning, everybody. let's get straight to that breaking news overnight. another shooting spree in america. this time, it's florida. what apparently started as an argument ended with a massacre. a gunman started shooting inside an apartment building in the city of hialeah. the scene is swarming with heavily-armed officers. >> here's what we know at this hours. seven people are confirmed dead. and abc's matt gutman has the latest from hialeah.
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>> reporter: good morning, dan, bianna. it was a helter skelter scene here overnight. every police officer of hialeah was brought on the scene. that building, four separate shootings, in that building. the hostage situation ending with the s.w.a.t. team moving in and killing the gunman. the people you see there, 12 hours or more since the shooting. they are still locked out of their homes. >> just happened out of nowhere. >> reporter: this morning, residents evacuated overnight, are still shaken after a terrifying shooting that left seven people dead. a series of shots shattered a quiet friday evening, along this street in hialeah, florida. a husband and wife who managed a building went to talk to a tenet, filed a complaint. minutes later, an argument, exploded into gunshots. >> i heard about 15 to 20 shots. and so, i went outside. and my neighbors were screaming that my parents had been shot. >> reporter: she identified the shooting victims as her parents.
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the landlords. police say the gunman then turned his weapon at a building across the street, shooting and killing a man who was trying to lure his children into the building. the gunman allegedly kicked the door open to another apartment, killing three there. and finally, police say, he took two hostages in another apartment, as hundreds of police officers and s.w.a.t. teams raced in. >> you all need to clear out. >> reporter: the panic, locking bystanders into shopping centers. the lockdown kept many hundreds of people from their homes most of the night. >> i don't know what happened. we live over there. that's it. >> reporter: with s.w.a.t. teams gearing up to go in, police negotiators said they spent hours trying to convince the man to surrender and give up the hostages. police are still working to unravel exactly what happened here. they are still identifying some of the victims, in trucks just down the street. and they're working to find out who the gunman was and unravel
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why he went on this rampage. >> a true massacre. matt, our thanks to you. we're going to turn, overseas, to egypt. the world's largest arab country and a crucial player in middle east politics appears to be on the brink of an all-out civil war. right now, we're seeing footage of new and deadly clashes between egyptian protesters and security forces. the level of violence is staggering. thousands are injured, dozens are dead, while protesting the country's new military government. >> reporter: here, just behind a barricade that's been made of stones, the actual front line between these two sets of protesters, it's just 100 meters or so in front of us. the canisters are flying here all the time. we can hear automatic gunfire going over our heads. that appears to be warning
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shots. but some of the shots are hitting these protesters. we've seen some very seriously injured people here. ambulances ferrying people back and forth to a field hospital, a mosque, just behind us. there -- the people are being treated there. lots of automatic gunfire now. just taking a crouching position. we haven't seen any snipers. but there's clearly people on the rooftops firing around these protesters. at the other side where the security forces are, there's also what appear to be civilians, anti-morsi supporters, way back to the mosque, where they've been demanding the return of president morsi. >> that was quentin sommerville, from the bbc. we wish him the best. thanks to quentin. now, to a true political circus here in new york city. there was a moment when anthony weiner's improbable campaign for mayor seemed to be taking flight. that moment, however, has now
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passed. take a look at the cover of "the new yorker" magazine, reacting to fresh revelations in weiner's ongoing sexting scandal. out on the complain trail, it's getting truly dicey. and susan saulny spent the day following the candidate. >> reporter: that's right. the campaign i've seen up close to far has been more about spectacle than substance. >> let me finish my thought. >> reporter: anthony weiner, facing a wrath of voters on friday. >> had i conducted myself in the manner in which you conducted yours, my job would have been gone. >> reporter: after losing control of his message at a campaign stop. >> i don't understand how you feel you would have the moral authority as the head administrator of this city. >> reporter: the embattled new york mayoral candidate had hoped to talk about hurricane sandy relief. but he was overwhelmed about questions about his escalating sexting scandal. a few vetters who turned up at
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the event, said weiner should withdraw from the race. >> i wouldn't vote for him, either. >> reporter: overnight, this "new yorker" magazine cover hit newsstands, former mocking the former congressman. his poll numbers plummeting now, erasing an early lead. and begging the question how long can he survive? weiner admitted he can't say how many explicit messages and photos are out there. three women have come forward. on thursday, the woman on the receiving end of the latest dirt sweets, sydney leathers, went public, exposing carlos danger, weiner's online alter ego. >> he was making campaign promises. but he had totally changed. he was a better man now and he learned from his mistakes. and i am proof that that is not true. >> reporter: now, weiner is reduced to playing defense. >> sooner of later we get back to the issues that people care about. >> reporter: this morning,
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weiner's uphill battle continues to captivate and more often disturb. if we look at another cover, this one from "the daily news," where eliot spitzer calls weiner a bad problem. you know this has become a circus. >> when eliot spitzer is criticizing -- >> he's running for comptroller, too. >> susan saulny, thank you for your reporting. we appreciate it. a lot of other news. and as always, for a look at the overnight headlines, we turn to mr. ron claiborne. >> good morning, everyone. a decision could come on the case of bradley manning, allegedly leaking classified documents to wikileaks. now, the military court judge has started deliberations. they will continue through the weekend. a verdict could come at any time. manning facing 21 charges and could get life in prison if he is convicted. and a new bid by the u.s. to persuade russia to return edward snowden to the united states.
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a letter to russian leaders, attorney general eric holder said the u.s. will not seek the death penalty against him and could not torture him. in an effort to undercut his grounds for political asylum in russia. snowden has been holed up in a moscow airport after leaking details of an nsa surveillance program. a massive fire at an apartment in philadelphia. the fire broke out late last night in levitt town, pennsylvania. two people have been hurt. dozens of others were forced out of their apartments. and the murder charges dropped against andrea sneiderman in the murder case of her husband. her husband, rusty, was shot and killed outside his son's day-care center in dunwoody, georgia. another man, hemy neuman, was accused of killing him. andrea sneiderman was charged originally. on friday, prosecutors said they were dropping the most serious
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charges against her, including murder, and aggravated assault. and an amazing rescue in new york city. a good samaritan rushing to save a toddler after she fell from a second-floor window, landing on an awning. the man was able to get up on the awning and save the girl. the girl is not hurt. and she is doing just fine this morning, we're happy to report. and finally, a new addition at a zoo here in new york state. a rare red baby pan do, born in june, making its debut at the binghamton zoo. he weighs two pounds. another red panda riveted the nation's attention when it escaped from the national zoo in washington back in june. i had a chance to visit one of these little animals at a conservation park in virginia. they're actually related to raccoons and not panda bears. >> it's unbelievable they're born at just two pounds when they get that big, too. >> not that big.
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>> thanks, ron. this morning, we're hearing for the first time from a man whose crimes shocked the country. ariel castro, charged with abducting three women for over a decade. castro tried to paint himself as a victim, as well. abc's alex perez has the story. >> reporter: this morning, for the first time, we are hearing from perhaps one of the most despised men in america. >> guilty, your honor. >> reporter: ariel castro accepted a plea deal, sparing him the death penalty, but guaranteeing he will spend the rest of his life behind bars. >> i knew i was going to get pretty much the book thrown at me. >> reporter: life in prison, without parole, plus 1,000 years for kidnapping, raping, beating and holding amanda berry, gina dejesus and amanda knight in this home hostage. and the 53-year-old former school bus driver, trying to explain the heinous crime.
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>> there's some things that i don't comprehend because of my sexual problems. >> reporter: and blaming his own past, until the judge cut him off. >> i was also a victim as a child. and it just kept -- >> that's certainly something you can bring up at your sentencing hearing. >> help me. i'm amanda berry. >> reporter: it was that 911 call that put their cold cases back in the spotlight. and led police to the home where they and a child castro fathered with berry, were held prisoners. castro has said in court, he wants to see that child again. >> i miss my daughter very much. >> reporter: but prosecutors insist they will fight to make sure that never happens. for "good morning america," alex perez, abc news, cleveland. >> that plea deal, a huge relief for those three young women. we move on a very different story involving fedex, the delivery company that prides itself, as we know, on its speed. this morning, the company moving very quickly to nip in the budd
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a major potential p.r. problem. it's about this video of a fedex worker and another person hurling packages like they're in the ball pit at chuck e. cheese. now, fedex is releasing a video in response. and aditi roy is on the story. >> reporter: for more than a minute, a fedex worker hurls stack after stack of boxes in the back of the truck, in plain view, on a busy city street. she even has a helper, giving him the thumbs up. and he, too, makes a sport out of box-throwing. all of it caught on tape. >> everything we do nowadays is on tape. you're going to get caught. >> reporter: she did get caught. after the video was uploaded to youtube. and now, fedex has responded with its own youtube video. >> i want you to know that this situation is completely unacceptable to us. and this driver is no longer working for fedex. >> reporter: as for the man in the video, the company tells us, he's not even a fedex employee.
4:14 am
abc news consultant howard bragman says while the video may be troubling, fedex handled the situation the right way. >> they didn't say we're conducting an investigation. they didn't beat around the bush. you're canned. you're out of here. >> reporter: what's more, he says the company can also use the experience as a cautionary tale to other employees. if you behave badly on the job, you, too, will get caught and punished. and he adds, this may actually be the safest time to send something through fedex. they're going to treat every package, dan and bianna, like a museum treasure. >> i don't know what's more jarring? the thumbs-up or the guy didn't work for the company. aditi, thank you. as one of america's favorite attractions. every day, thousands of people flock to seaworld to see their favorite marine life animals at play. but this morning, a new documentary exposing the darker side of the theme park is making waves of its own. the film digs deep into how
4:15 am
whales are treated at seaworld. and it comes as a family is talking about the video they took of a beached pilot whale struggling to get back in the water. abc's rob nelson is here with the story. another p.r. problem for this company. >> it crescendos. the real show at seaworld, in orlando, didn't happen in the water. but in the crowd. an audience member gets furious when a dolphin gets stuck in the water. that dolphin and all of the uproar, caught on camera. >> the dolphin. >> reporter: this is the moment that the crowd at seaworld in orlando, went from entertained to downright angry last weekend. >> jerk. >> reporter: in this video, captured, a pilot whale, a type of dolphin, appears to be trapped on a ledge, struggling to get back into the water. the crowd gets angry when the trainers don't offer help. >> you can hear the crowd
4:16 am
uproar. they're furious. they're stomping their feet. >> reporter: the video, posted to youtube, has over 35,000 views. this man and his family were at the park last saturday, to celebrate the 11th birthday of his daughter, who wants to be a dolphin trainer. according to witnesses, the animal appeared to be helpless for about 20 minutes. the family walked out, vowing never to return. >> she was heartbroken. she loves dolphins. and she used to love seaworld. after what she saw, she no longer wants to work there. >> reporter: but in a statement to abc news, seaworld says the animal was never in any danger at all. and that, quote, the pilot whales come out on the ledge all the time. and the animals seem to enjoy it. and it has no effect on their health or well-being. according to the park, this is the same pilot whale rescued by sea world on an episode of sam champion's "sea rescue" from may. this incident comes just as seaworld is on the defensive
4:17 am
over the newly-released documentary, "blackfish," that argues that years of captivity make these animals more aggressive and even deadly. the movie tells the story of a killer whale, tilikum, who was soeshlted with the deaths of three people, during his 30 years of captivity, including a seaworld trainer in 2010. now, seaworld has fought back against the documentary, writing to 50 movie critics around the country, blasting what it describes as egregious and untrue allegations. calls it shamefully dishonest, and misleading and scientifically inaccurate. harsh words. >> that video, it's unclear what we're seeing, given the seaworld statement. but interesting. >> reporter: there's a lot of questions whether the dolphin or whale was unsafe. let's check the forecast now. ginger zee, here, with that. and i'm surprised to be saying this in july. but it's cold in much of the country. >> it is. it's cold in the midwest, the great lakes, and parts of the northeast.
4:18 am
we have to head into the stormy southwest. this is from albuquerque, new mexico. lots of spectacular lightning. and from the spectacular storms. look at what happened to the albuquerque zoo. that tree, people running at it, cams right down. it wasn't just albuquerque that dealt with that craziness. it was tucson, too. and 7,000 people likely waking up without power there. up to two inches fell in some spots around tucson. a look of the southwest. 98 for tucson. as i put this into motion, i get that flow. we're going to see more showers and thunderstorms. some of it could become in that severe category. be on alert for that as you go through the day here on the beginning of the weekend. we have to talk about the tropics. you may have been hearing about dorian. it weakened overnight. and doesn't look like it will be a huge threat. i want to focus on something that would be a threat, flossie, on the big island. mudslides, possibly big rain.
4:19 am
we're going to be watching that. that has strengthened overnight, actually. there's that chill you were talking about, dan. fargo, 70 today. marquette in the 50s. this is way colder than it's been. chicago, you get to 68 degrees today. >> we're going to san diego for the kid forecaster today. 9-year-old. >> hi. i'm "good morning america's" junior forecaster.
4:20 am
another perfect, sunny day. with high 70s and low 66. it's a nice day to go to the beach. hope to see everyone there. >> very nice. san diego, i always thought that would be the place to retire as a meteorologist because -- everybody works hard. but it would be good. >> not much to report. >> what's the age cutoff on the kid forecaster thing? >> you can't do it, dan. >> yesterday was dan's birthday, by the way. just missed the cutoff. >> i'm now 17. moving on, a family was in a real financial pinch. a funeral, a wedding and a new grandkid on their hands. that's when they made an astonishing discovery in the trash. a lottery ticket. they almost threw it away. there it is. abc's reena ninan is here with the rest of the story. good morning. >> reporter: good morning and happy birthday, dan. >> thank you. >> reporter: a family fortune that almost slipped through their fingers. luckily, they remembered something they forgot. and that would eventually lead to one of the biggest surprises
4:21 am
of their life. winning the lottery can change your life when you least expect it. a as showcased on abc's new show, "lucky seven." that's what happened to one massachusetts couple. and they almost threw it all away. >> i had forgotten about it. >> reporter: joanne and her husband, joe, were supposed to be on vacation. but ended up stuck at home when they're refrigerator broke. >> i had sent him to the store, and pick up lottery tickets. >> reporter: but the ticket slipped their mind. and they headed to the casino, to try their luck there. >> before going in, my husband said to me, where are the lottery tickets? and i said, what lottery tickets? he said, oh, my gosh. i must have thrown them away. >> next morning, i got up. and i remembered that i cleaned the counters off. that's where i left the bag, with tickets in it. the one with the lottery ticket was in the bottom one. >> reporter: joe dug through the
4:22 am
garbage to find his scratchoff. it was a $1 million ticket. >> i scratched the ticket. i ran into the bedroom. i woke joanne up. and i said, check this tick it out, please. she read it, oh, my god. like, wow. >> reporter: turning trash to treasure is just one part of their busy summer. >> we've gone through a death. we're going thaw wedding. we're going through a child being born. >> reporter: and what do they plan to do with their newly-found wealth. support the children. pay off the mortgage. >> and party. >> reporter: the couple took a lump sum payment. after taxes, their walking away with $450,000. >> they can afford a new refrigerator, too. >> and a new freezer. >> going to that party, by the way. i'm headed up there for that party they throw. thank you, reena. coming up on the broadcast. entering therapy but not exiting city hall. the mayor of san diego involved
4:23 am
in that sex scandal, with new accusers surfacing almost daily. can he survive this thing? also ahead, designing women. find out what a stunning, new study says about women who love the luxury handbags and shoes. and what message they're sending to others. and ginger zee and rachel smith, testing out some of the scariest rollercoasters in america. these are two of the toughest women we know. are any of these rides simply too much? ginger, for the first time, looks a little scared there. >> she does. >> coming up on "gma." keep it here.
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the fearless ginger zee and rachel smith, braving some of the wildest rides in the country. rollercoasters barreling down at 70 miles per hour. what have they found out about the nation's most impressive coasters? and who was left smiling? who was left staggered by the experience. good morning, america. i'm bianna golodryga. i don't know if i could have done that. >> i got scolded. because i said ginger looked a little scared. she said, i was acting. >> ginger. >> i was acting scared. she wasn't actually scared. i'm dan harris. it's saturday, july 27th. also coming up, it sounds like the setup of a bad joke. what do you get when you cross a
4:31 am
zebra and a donkey. the answer is cute. and i'm not sure how this fits into the "pop news" category. >> stay tuned. we're going to start here with the allegedly handsy mayor of san diego, who is in a profound political mess. 70% of his constituents want him to go. the cops have set up a hot line for alleged new victims of his sexual harassment. and yet, the mayor is holding fast. >> you see video, he did hold a news conference yesterday, saying he's going into, quote, intensive therapy. the question this morning, is that enough? abc's linzie janis is on the story. >> reporter: guys, another bizarre twist in this scandal. the city attorney said it took several days to find the mayor to serve him a subpoena, in a case filed by one of his victims. san diego mayor bob filner is giving himself a second chance, whether people like it or not.
4:32 am
>> i will be entering a behavior counseling clinic, to undergo two weeks of intensive therapy. >> reporter: he's refusing to resign, despite seven women coming forward, with accusations of sexual harassment. one of them, speaking to abc news. >> at the table made a joke and said worked her behind off for you. he told me to turn around. he patted me on the behind and proceeded to laugh. >> reporter: when the scandal erupted two weeks ago, the mayor reacted immediately byishying an apology on youtube. then, a day later, said he was innocent of sexual harassment. since then, husbais alleged vic have come forward. >> he would try to kiss me on the lips. i'd have to squirm to get away. >> to work without my underwear on. >> reporter: police have set up a hotline for other victims of the 70-year-old mayor. >> it's not acceptable for me to
4:33 am
try to explain away my conduct, as the product of the standards of a different generation. >> i think therapy is what you do when you have a personal problem. when you're the mayor of san diego, and you have a problem of that degree, you resign. >> reporter: as for running the city of san diego while all this is going on, the mayor has appointed an interim chief operating officer to help with his duties. and the city attorney said no woman can meet with the mayor one-on-one. he also lost his 43-year-old fiancee. she broke it off. saying he was sending explicit text messages. >> which is weirder? san diego or new york? >> bicoastal. for the news, we go back to ron claiborne. >> breaking news right now. two people are missing following a boating accident on the hudson river. it happened when a boat hit a barge just north of new york
4:34 am
city. wabc is reporting that the two missing are a bride and the best man from her wedding. a gunman in hialeah, florida, went on a rampage, shooting and killing six people. the episode ended when the gunman was shot to death by a police s.w.a.t. team. and a show of strength in north korea, as that country celebrates the end of the korean war. a huge parade through the capital of pyongyang. giant rockets on display there. and a wild scene in a beverly hills restaurant, when a man goes out of control and trashes the joint. look at this. the man wearing only his underwear. and he is seen throwing things. smashing bottles and plates. meanwhile, customers try to rush out to safety. police had to taser him to get him under control so they can arrest him. no word on what sparked his rampage. although, i have theories about that. time, now, for the weather. >> i want to hear more.
4:35 am
>> i do, too. >> that's a good guess, ron. let's start in atlanta. i'm going to tell you they have been so wet for the entire year. almost 16 inches above average is where we start. i'm going to show you a live look this morning. very foggy. and i've got some unfortunate news. you have a series of fronts to deal with this weekend. and, yes, even though you have an inch yesterday, or close to it. squeezing in the moisture. 88 for atlanta. nashville, 86. jackson, mississippi, will go to 92. it's rainy and stormy in the southeast. but in the northwest, it's comfortable next to the coast. 77 portland. if you go there, there are red flag warnings, interior. washington has seen some record highs. hot on the inland areas. and dangerous storms. we have a risk area. eastern colorado and parts of western kansas. that's who has to be on alert late this afternoon and evening.
4:36 am
>> this weather report has been brought to you by pronamel. you notice i didn't say anything about the northeast because it's a nice day. that's for your birthday, dan. >> the power of ginger zee. >> dan's two-day birthday. it goes on and on. >> jealousy is not a good look on you. coming up on "good morning america," it's summer. that means rollercoasters. we decided to take two of the gutsiest women we know, ginger zee and rachel smith. and see how they handle some of america's biggest thrill rides. >> and for the record, ginger not scared. also coming up, prince george is not the only baby in
4:37 am
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bianna and i are deathly afraid of rollercoasters. i'm also afraid of the dark. but that's a completely different story. >> revelations from dan. this story is about other people. >> i want to hear more about this. >> ginger, you want to talk. >> we took a trip around america, rachel and i, not dan and i, to get a taste of the twistiest, scariest rollercoasters. >> reporter: from coast-to-coast, thrill-seekers are flocking to a brand-new crop of coasters this summer, bringing adrenaline levels sky-high. >> we're getting interesting coasters. >> reporter: we're taking on three of the interesting rides. extreme coasters with record-breaking features. first up, six flags magic mountain, full throttle. this bad boy has the world's
4:42 am
tallest loop. and i need some backup. i don't know about this. will you hold my hand? >> absolutely. >> reporter: kurt assures us he has a real job. but he is known as the coaster guy. a theme park critic and devotee. >> 160-foot vertical loop. it's the world's tallest loop. >> reporter: that bad boy roigt there. i had no problem passing the height check. so, we strapped in and took off. i think i handled it pretty well. immediately, we rocket through that massive loop. at the top, we're hanging upside down at almost 20 stories high. full throttle doesn't slack from there. we plunge into parkness, got blasted backwards through the track. and then, came into for the final heart-stopping drop. oh, my gosh. >> that's the excitement. >> reporter: yeah.
4:43 am
sure does. that's an understatement. next up, outlaw run. >> it's the second-fastest wood coaster on the planet. the world's steep et drop and an 81-degree drop. and we're going to take you upside down, not once, not device, but three times on a wood coaster. >> reporter: pass. luckily, we can count on ginger zee's absolute fearlessness. >> we're about to ride the biggest, baddest wooden rollercoaster. >> outlaw run. >> reporter: what am i going to experience? >> you're going to hit this first drop. and there's just woods below. >> reporter: the ride snake plus the ozark mountains. i get squeeze si watching ginger take that plunge. >> i don't remember half of it. i saw the flash from the picture. and i think i'm like this -- that's what my guess is.
4:44 am
>> reporter: sorry, girl. thanks for taking one for the team. last but not least, the texas sky screamer. over 400 feet in the air. >> you're going to be the first to ride it with its new title as the guinness world record holder. >> reporter: lucky me. to make up for missing outlaw run, i road this merry-go-round not once, but twice. for "good morning america," rachel smith, abc news, los angeles. >> i think my favorite moment is when she asks the guy, would you hold my hand? yes. i will told your hand. >> i love that ginger is smiling, even when she's screaming. >> yeah. >> i was having a lot of fun. and not not at all acting. >> nothing scares her. we are clearly not related. coming up here on "gma," an unlikely love child. who are this creature's parents? a little news of the weird coming up in the news that goes pop, after a quick break.
4:45 am
by the way, we have special hosts for "pop news" this morning.
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all right. it's time for a little "pop news." rachel smith is off this morning. we have a "gma" exclusive. a "gma" first, bianna and ginger, taking the reins together. >> we color-coordinated today. >> i'll start it off. here we go. it's a big weekend for fergie. the black eyed peas singer is gearing up for her baby shower tomorrow. and it's going to be a coed affair. the guest list includes kelly osbourne, neil patrick harris and julianne hough.
4:50 am
ron, are you going? >> what weekend? >> it's tomorrow. >> he's going to be off. >> all of a sudden, he's not going to show up tomorrow. another wedding to tell everyone about. john legend is getting married. and we have the details. we loved having the piano-playing pop star on "gma" earlier this summer. but his supermodel is now dishing on their wedding details. engaged since 2011, she told reporters at a las vegas event, that the invites have been sent out. it will be an intimate september wedding, in lake como, italy. moving on, gucci, chanel, louis vuitton. your handbag may say more about you than you think. it sends a signal, quote, stay away from my man. researchers at the university of minnesota -- >> that voice. >> a woman with luxury items, thinking she has more devoted
4:51 am
partner. call it a way of spending off the competition. >> fending off. time for a "pop news" first. stay with me on this. we're going to bring you this with a little dr. seuss flair because there's no better way to report the next one. this little darling looks a little bit funky, blame her parents, a zebra and a donkey. it's a creature straight out of a dr. seuss book. created when a zebra got loose. he jumped the fence in italy. that's no lie. setting sights on a donkey that caught his eye. their love may have been a little bit clunky. but look at the results, a beautiful baby zonkey. >> she can do the forecast. she can do rhymes. rides rollercoasters. we'll be right back. keep it here.
4:52 am
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because we couldn't get enough of the zonkey, the forbidden love. more zonkey, as we leave. thanks for watching abc news. on yahoo! watch "world news" with david muir tonight.
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>> good morning. i'm kira klapper in for katie marzullo. let's start with a quick look at the weather. welcome back, lisa. >> thank you very much. we are starting out with low fog and clouds and coastal drizzle. a couple 6os around the bay, 58 in san jose with 54 in half moon bay. as we zoom on in to oakland this morning, we are still looking at the low clouds. temperatures about 68, 69 for downtown oakland today, but the clouds hanging tough along the shoreline. if you are headed out to the beaches, maybe some surfing or just beach walking, numbers in the upper 50s to low 60s


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