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tv   ABC7 News 500AM  ABC  July 27, 2013 5:00am-6:01am PDT

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>> good morning. i'm kira klapper in for katie marzullo. let's start with a quick look at the weather. welcome back, lisa. >> thank you very much. we are starting out with low fog and clouds and coastal drizzle. a couple 6os around the bay, 58 in san jose with 54 in half moon bay. as we zoom on in to oakland this morning, we are still looking at the low clouds. temperatures about 68, 69 for downtown oakland today, but the clouds hanging tough along the shoreline. if you are headed out to the beaches, maybe some surfing or just beach walking, numbers in the upper 50s to low 60s with plenty of cloud.
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inland quite mild with numbers in the 80s today. plenty going on around the bay, but we are looking at a warmup. will it come in time for the weekend? i'll let you know. >> in san leandro about a dozen homes are without water because of a water main break. water officials say a six-inch main broke sending the water flowing down foothill, as you see there. crews shut off the water after 2:00. they say repairs could be expensive and take until tomorrow to complete. breaking news out of florida where seven people are dead, including a gunman, following a shooting at an apartment complex. police say the gunman was shot dead by a s.w.a.t. team after a standoff that started last night outside of miami. at least four people were found dead inside the building. another victim found dead across the street. it's unknown if that person was
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purposely targeted or if he was hit by a stray pull let. neither the suspect nor the victims have been identified. happening today, an oakland community will hold a meeting about getting private police patrols in their neighborhood. this comes as resident plea with city leaders to help put an end to the city's violence. on wednesday a 66-year-old woman whose shot and killed in car near her home and last week an 8-year-old girl was also shot and killed during a sleepover at a fend's house. oakland residents say they are fed up with the local attacks and they hope to hire private patrols to pick up the slack. >> one more set ofize, what do you have to lose? >> the residents say they would enter mitt endly patrol the neighborhood at a cost of $15 per month per household. a missing oakland girl is
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oakland is still not found. she was last seen by her dead july 10th. he told police he left a convenience store and saw she was missing from his car. witnesses say they saw a woman matching the description that same day. a man ran into bicyclists last month and killed one of them. the man turned himself in yesterday. he's accused of vehicular homicide and reckless driving. a 58-year-old woman died and her husband survived the crash. police also arrested his father during the investigation. his father, aaron hall, is a convicted felon and band from owning guns and police say they found two assault weapons while searching the home. a jury has found the chief officer guilty of possessing child pornography.
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the man arked the articles were work related. investigators said they found 470 images of minors who were naked. he faces up to three years, eight months in state prison. it's a rare honor bestowed on the bravest service members. president obama will award the medal of honor to staff sergeant ty carter who grew up in the bay area. his father spoke with our reporter. >> this isn't bragging rights. as a dad, yeah, you don't get that very often. >> mark carter has every right to brag. his son, army staff sergeant ty carter, is about to receive the medal of honor. sergeant carter was in afghanistan on october 3rd in 2009 when the arm any said his company was attacked by more than 300 taliban fighters. this video was taken by the insurgents. carter ran through enemy fire to retrieve supplies for his fellow soldiers under attack and dressed the wounds of a beverly
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wounded comrade. then while under fire he carried the wounded soldier to cover. he also risked his life to recover a radio in order to call for help. all are actions that the army said went above and beyond the call of duty. >> i don't know anybody that could have done what he did. >> carter's father, mark, and stepmother, barbara, spoke to abc news in their home. even hours after hearing he will get the medal, his father is beaming and emotional. >> there's not a lot of fathers who can claim that they have been able to go through this. >> mark showed us the soldier of the year award ty received two years ago. he has three children. he has a multitude of military medals and honors including a purple heart for his deployments in iraq and afghanistan. on august 26th he's scheduled to receive the medal of honors. he's the fifth living recipient to receive the medal for service in eye rack and afghanistan. abc7 news. >> new information from the
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union workers representing bart workers, eight days before they have a deadline to reach a deer. the union accuse bart lead labor union for profiting from the strike. he works for a bus company that provided shuttle buses during the work stoppage at a cost of more than $12,000 to the district. the union said it's not fair bart said it's a false attack and said the real amount paid was only $500. >> caltrans hopes to find out next month when the new span of the east bridge can open. they will determine if it can open before seismic repairs are finished beneath the span. original plans called for the bridge to open labor day weekend. traffic is running smoothly once again on the bay bridge this morning after being shut down for a short time yesterday because of a suspicious package. sky 7hd was on sight on the
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unusual site of an empty bay bridge. this turn out to be a small gray canister that ended up being harmless. bridge was closed about 2:45 yesterday afternoon and lasted about 30 minutes. you can see there we caught drivers going in the wrong direction in the toll plaza to turn back around. others who got stuck got out of their cars and walked around while they waited. the bridge shut down came during an already hectic commute over the bay area thanks to two major league baseball games and a concert. the of fans walked to candlestick park for the j sze and justin timer lake concert. many lost their patience in the sea of cars. >> what do you think about the traffic? >> it's a nightmare. should ask the driver, though. she's in a rage. >> other events included the giants game against the cubs, a postal service concert in
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berkeley and a john mayer concert in mountain view. for the latest traffic news, download our waze app. a santa rosa family is fighting the county over seizure of their property. sonoma county is expandth runways and that means moving a 73-year-old woman off the property she's owned 30 years. the family said the county is paying her a fraction of what the land is worth. this is a story you will only see on abc7. >> the house is what real estate agents call a tear-down. the land around it is beautiful. >> there's a bunch of vernan pools in there. >> this woman shows us the property her has been brought many years ago. she wanted us to talk to her daughter. >> she's better at this and the county is eating us bad and i don't want to mess things up. >> what napoli is talking about is the county seizing the
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property under the power of eminent domain to expand the airport runways. the airport is offering her $136,000 for the 6.5 acres. but the property is assessed at $406,000. >> it's been an emotional roller coaster. our government should be protecting us, and they aren't. they are just trying to take our property, steal it, essentially. >> the family's attorney says the constitution guarantees to let a jury decide the land's value, but in eminent domain cases tax reports are inadmissible and cannot be shown to the jury. >> they probably will never hear what, in my opinion, is the biggest injustice in the case so far. >> county attorney's office said the airport manager would be speaking for the manager. all the manager could tell us about the expansion, but he was barred from talking about the case. >> so we can't talk about price? >> no. >> we can't talk about what the property is appraised for? >> no. >> what he finally did say was
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penny was given two offers, one for her land and one for moving expenses. the family's attorney said the expense allowance was $279,000, but the issue here is the value of the land. the real estate agent who specializes in achage said $354,000 would be the low end just for the dirt. >> how about $135,000? >> i don't believe so. i don't think you can get anything for that. >> napoli is afraid. >> this is the last part of my life and instead of getting ready and just enjoying life, i'm the last few years i think every minute of the day, every hour that's in my mind. >> the trial date is tentatively set for august 6th. in santa rosa, mark matthews, abc7 news. thousands of credit union customers will receive new debit cards after a cyber attack. redwood credit union traced the problem to the supermarket
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chain. money vanished from customer accounts after they used their atm debit cards at their source. 200 preaches have been report but 18,000 cards will get replaced. meteorologist lisa argen joins us now with a preview of the weekend weather. >> hi there. we are starting out with plenty of low clouds. in san francisco just 55 degrees with some mist and drizzle along the coast. so we are trying to be cooler today. in fact, the cloud deck is going to stay with us for most of the weekend. i'll tell you about the numbers coming down for the next few days. that's next. thank you, lisa. also next, we will remember some of the heros of the forgotten war. a tribute to the men who fought and died in korea, as the country marks the 60th anniversary of the war's end. and the endangered white abalone. we will bring you the first attempt of saving it in nearly a decade.
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>> brazilian authorities say 7,000 soldiers will join please on rio de janeiro streets to protect the pope francis. the pope will lead a prayer vigil tonight and a mass tomorrow morning. his visit to brazil is his first international trip since his inauguration. today marks the 60th anniversary to the end of the korean war. here in san francisco veterans of the war will dedicate the site for the new korean war memorial. it will be completed in 2015. speakers will include a former congressman pete mckoss ski.
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he was awarded the navy cross and silver star and two purple hearts for wounds he received during the war. 60 years later he still is they are remained divided. >> they are one people. and they were divided by mistake. probably the dumbest mistake of made. invite the russians to come to the north half and the u.s. occupied the south half but they are one people. they aren't two people. korean and american war veterans will gather at the presidio at 10:00 this morning to mark the signing of the armisist. >> a local hero from the korean war is finally coming home next week. specialist first class joseph david steinberg was captured and killed in korea in february,
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1951. his remains were discovered in may of this year. they will be buried with full honors on wednesday at san bruno cemetery. one veteran got long-awaited recognition. >> ready. [applause] >> wow. a life-size monument of staff sergeant was installed yesterday in the marine corps in virginia. in 1952 a careen boy sold it to the marines to pay for an artificial leg for his sister. during a battle he made 51 trips in one day alongside a mountain side to reach the marines firing positions. she brought injured troops down to safety and returned reloaded to ammunition. marines loved her. they would feed her rations and
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reckless was wounded twice. a southern california group angels without wings organized the monument to the horse. yesterday's ceremony included the laying of taps to honor reckless and the men who served with her. one of the bison living at golden gate park for three decades has died. she was put down by the zoo staff yesterday morning after lets noticed she was no longer able to move. she lived to be more than 30 years old. she was one of the only descendents after 1984 birthday present to former san francisco mayor dianne feinstein from her husband, richard blum. an effort is underway to save an endangered species to the south and bringing it to the north bay. wayne freedman is in the north bay with a story of hope for the white abalone. >> scientific achievements are miracles and can come in small sizes. the abalone are still young and
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some day will agree to be like this. >> let's see if i can get this here. >> big, healthy, and hopefully no longer an endangered delicacy. >> they are delicious. i have never tasted one. >> but tasting success will be another matter for this scientist at uc davis. she and colleagues showed off after how after ten years of trying they successfully bread white abalone. no small task. >> the challenge is getting them to reproduce in captivity, to create babies in captivity. >> what's so hard about that? >> they didn't want to. >> what causes these abalone to reproduce? they know the tryinger is a combination of food and light and temperature. but in what amount? >> we have enough of these young that we can experiment with. we will put them in and manipulate each one of those individually and see which one has an effect on reproduction. >> as of now the lab has 125
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specimens from these. one is as large as a tip of a pen and one that is a fully grown. sport diving has left abalone so few and far between in the waters of california that reproduction has become next to impossible. to survive the white abalone needs numbers, and once they get the process down to a more efficient science this, lab can produce them. >> i think the vision is within the next, say, five years, to be able to start producing tens of thousands of these young animals to repopulate the ocean of southern california. >> imagine that, saving an endangered ocean species by breeding them in tanks. from the bodega marine lab, wayne freedman, abc7 news. a training exercise turned into the real thing for a marine mammal rescue team in the bay area. this youtube video was posted by the marine mammal center. its crews were training in monterey when they came across an adult sea lyon at the wharf
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with a rubberband around its neck. they captured him and pulled him on to a boat. they nicknamed him hc. veterinarians cut the bands off and after a few days of recovery, look at that, they released the sea lion back into the ocean wednesday. it might not be the best day to go into the ocean today. we have low clouds and fog. >> if you have a wet suit maybe. but as we look at our live doppler 7hd, plenty of low clouds and fog along the shoreline. that's where it will stay put for the most part. half moon bay, ocean beach and montero look at the cloudy conditions. we will see sunshine once the fog burns back. here's the exploratorium camera. mist and drizzle. oakland at at. san francisco 56. low 60s in mountain view. 57 in san jose and 58 in santa cruz. going for a high today in the low 70s. this is emeryville right now.
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we have a little mist out there. a cool 54 in the north bay, napa 55 with no -- novato here. we are beginning to look at the clouds moving into the inland east bay. golden gate bridge, nobody is there, but we are looking at the fog to hang here for a good portion of the morning hours. so low clouds, fog, drizzle this morning. we are looking cooler this weekend and that trend continues into monday before things turn around and the marine layer shaw rinks. we will warm up by the middle of next week. but the opposite is happening right now as the fog player deepens. we are looking at the fog moving across the bay and allowing for much of the fog to stay with us throughout the coastline today. but it's all because of this area of low pressure. so in response to this low moving close to the southeast portion of the coast, we are looking more of a sea breeze. in fact, temperatures right around normal, but slightly below in spots. so we will look for the weak low
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to continue to move to the south, and a few areas of showers and thunderstorms along the sierra nevada once again today. otherwise we will be looking at pleasant temperatures, although it will be cool. here's a look at san jose for the weekend. in fact, monday we are still cool. but look what happens. a steady climb, and by next week we are talking about low 80s. so slow increments from day-to-day. back home in the south bay look for 84 today in morgan hill. and the garlic festival featuring cooler temperatures in gilroy at 80 degrees. 79 palo alto, 68 in milbrae. we have the giants today. actually that's tonight at 6:00. temperatures will be dropping through the 50s, but 64 for a high today. drag races in sonoma this morning will be cloudy. then this afternoon we are looking at temperatures in the mid-70s. the berkeley kite festival in
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the 60s. you head inland and the numbers will be pleasant. in the mid-80s today. 85 in livermore with sunshine coming your way by early morning. here's the accuweather seven-day forecast. even a little cooler tomorrow. a look at the low clouds and fog at our coast. little change on monday and tuesday we begin the warming trend inland. we will see some more 90s return wednesday and thursday inland but the coast clears up with numbers in the mid-60ths. a little cool down out there. >> that's good because it got warm last week. >> i think so. >> coming up, a meeting of the vips of the social and media world. they came face-to-face yesterday in the bay area. we will show you. and a discovery behind a basement wall in san francisco leads to something that will comfort pet owners for generations.
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>> facebook ceo mark zuckerberg will make his first public comments on immigration reform next month. zuckerberg already has length considerable support to political advocacy group that lobbies for more h1v worker visas. some say his public address august 5th could dramatically reshape the conversation on immigration reform. before he hit the stage with justin testimonier lake last
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night, j-zee had other things to attend to. here he is with mark zuckerberg during a meet and greet. it's hard to tell who is more impressed there. and the j pop summit festival provided us with highlights of last year's celebration. this year's festival runs today and tomorrow in japan town. it will feature the taste of japan. it includes a live concert by one of asia's most popular music acts right in union square. straight ahead, a new follow-up to the us davis pepper spray incident and why the police officer fired for his actions is now seeking disability. and this weekend's annual gilroy garlic festival is
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>> welcome back at 5:30 on the nose. we are starting this half-hour with a quick look at the weather. here's meteorologist lisa argen. >> hi, kira. good morning to you. >> there are low clouds and fog intruding through the delta this morning with some winds, up to near 40 miles an hour. it's cloudy in livermore. here's the plan for the rest of the day. you will notice that this morning still the cloud cover. in fact, we could see a few clouds toward concord, but then by 9:00 it begins to pull out of the east bay and we will be look at temperatures recovering just to around normal readings. we will keep the clouds at the coast so only upper 50s to low 60s from ocean beach and half moon bay, even pacifica on the cool sides up wart point reyes. but with the afternoon highs we will manage some mid-80s. about 80 degrees around gilroy for the garlic festival.
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we are looking at pleasant temperatures for today. tomorrow we are trending even a little cooler. the details coming up. kira. >> lisa, thank you. new this morning crews have contained a brush fire that contained three acres in pittsburgh. the fire broke out just befored:00 last night near john henry johnson parkway near fire station 87. it's the same station that was closed last month because of budget cuts. crews were able to get the fire under control in about half an hour. a former police officer who pepper sprayed students at a uc davis protest is now seeking payment from the state. he was fired for his actions, but now he's filed a worker's compensation claim. abc7 news capitol corresponden nannette miranda has the story. >> john drew worldwide criticism in 2011 for dousing peacefully sitting nonstraytors in pepper stray and now wants worker compensation for psychiatric
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injury. he received death threats after the video went viral. he was fired a year ago after an investigation found his action was unwarranted. >> i think it's wrong what he's trying to do. >> he and lee were one of the protesters pepper sprayed. he and others shared in a million dollars settlement from the action last year. he hopes his claim is denied. >> when you reward him with benefits, you tell people it's okay to hurt students and that's a message we absolutely cannot send. >> melissa brown specializes in workers's comp cases and is not connected with this case. she said they must have thought the case through very carefully because more public scrutiny lies ahead. >> a psychiatric claim not easy. they give up their rights to privacy, your whole life is an open book. >> they will look at the claim august 13th. if no settlement is reached, his case will move forward to trial
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or move on for further hearing. organizers are already planning a demonstration outside the state building in the hopes of swaying the panel to reject the former cop's claim. >> this is outrageous. while he might be entitled to receive worker's compensation, the idea that his own actions of brutality would entitle him to a payout is absolutely unjust. it's crazy. >> he made nearly $122,000 a year. brown, the worker's comp attorney, says because of recent cutbacks made by the legislature, a 50% permanent disability, for instance, would entitle pike to $62,000 in life time cash benefits, but medical treatment for life. in sacramento, nannette miranda, abc7 news. new this morning, president obama says choices that are made now will govern the future economy, but that washington has lost sight of what needs to be ton due to political posturing. in his weekly internet and radio address, obama said washington's top priority must be to reverse
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trends like economic inequality, weak middle class secured and global competition. >> if we don't make the investments necessary to make america a magnet for good jobs first we don't invest in education, manufacturing and research, and the transportation network. we might as well hit the pause button while the rest of the world forges ahead in a global economy. that's certainly not going to fix what ails the middle class. >> the president is pressing economic ideas he's been promoting in an ongoing series of speeches, including better access to education, home ownership, healthcare and secure retirement. in livermore, police are looking for more victims of a craigslist condo fraud. they arrested this man, an 18-year-old, for listing his condominium for rent, and then renting it out to 16 different people. police say he collected $2,600 electric each of them. a security deposit and first month's rent and told his
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would-be tenants he could move in after he made repairs. condo is owned by his family and said they were unaware he was advertising it for rent. an unexpected discovery behind a church wall is being transformed into a resting place for pets in san francisco. crews found this big space behind a basement wall at this church in north beach. church leaders decided to refurbish it and build a pet column burium. people will be able to place ashes of their birds and pets there. it will have high-tech features. >> they can incorporate snapshots or videos of themselves and the pets and there will be a directory where they can look through the lives of these pets. >> there will also be a wall to honor service animals like police and seeing eye dogs. the 850 square put columnbureum will have paintings and the saint of animals. the bib sell having his
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i-moment. an app that's changing where, when and how people are reading the bible. it's called u version. the app has more than 600 bible translations in more than 400 languages. the app is nondenominational, including versions embraced by agent licks, russian orthodox and jews. this week it reached 100,000 downloads. over the past three years apple has continued to list u version was one of its top 100 free apps. happening today advocates hold a rally in an effort to keep a historic post office from closing in perkily. the postal service has approved the sale of the downtown berkeley building as part after series of cutbacks to reduce costs and generate revenue. nearby 4500 offices across the
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russell have been slated for closure or sale. >> this is a special year for the gilroy garlic festival that kicked off yesterday. this weekend its celebrating its 35th anniversary. david lilly spoke with the volunteers who have been on board from the beginning. >> reporter: 35 years ago maybe 300 people turned out for the first garlic festival. now 100,000 show up from all over the u.s. and beyond. it's the garlic capital of the world. rich has been here all 35 years. >> will rogers said it's the only town in the world you can hang your stick on the clothe line and it will be marinaded the next day. >> these people are called pyrochefs. his father was one of the founders of the festival. 1979 seems like only yesterday. >> that very first year was just my father and i. we did all the cooking and then the second year and the third
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year we created to accrue of about maybe six. and one stove, went to two stoves, now up to four double stoves and we have eight pyrochefs going at a time. >> this is a major food' other vent will every food reeks of garlic. the profits go to a wide variety of groups. they have given back over $9.7 million to sports teams, hospitals and even food banks. it takes 4,000 volunteers to make it happen. >> it just happens over and over every year and the volunteer congregation has grown so much it's made it successful. no, it's just a lot of fun. it's a real family atmosphere. >> this is a serious food show. carla from the abc show the "the chew" will be here sunday. abc7 news. next on the abc7 saturday morning news, the middle school girls getting a hands- on
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lesson about robots. it's a summer camp with a unique vision. here's a live look from our emeryville camera where temperatures will be in the mid-to upper 60s today. despite the fog right any, it will become sunny.
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>> you can see an astronaut using a computer in the international space station in this video provided by n.a.s.a.. back on earth they moved around an obstacle course at a research
5:42 am
center for robots. they hope it will pave the way for robots to research places too dangerous for humans. >> a lot of what we are doing with the space station work is to reduce risk for astronauts as we do planetary exploration. similarly we want to reduce risks for humans doing jobs on the earth. >> the robots can even make decisions on their own. they believe smart robot technology may reduce the price taking of future space missions. a summer camp is teaching middle school girls all about robots. as johnathan bloom explains, it's part of a plan to inspire tomorrow's engineers. >> reporter: what do you want to be when you grow up? >> i want to be an engineer. >> this eighth grader is well on her way. at this lab at uc davis she's among 15 middle school girls learning to assemble and row pots at a camp. >> it's really fun. >> what have you learned? >> i learn how to program a
5:43 am
computer. >> before this week hardly any of them have written code. now they are bringing robots to life and learning the joy of debugging. >> no, no! no! >> it's really frustrating because sometimes it's hard to find out what the error is. >> but that frustration is where learning happens. >> they just hit all these roadblocks and they, one by one, they knock them down and then they just hit this moment where everything works. >> all right! yes! yes! >> solving problems together is key, and it's a little easier without boys around >> i think boys naturally think that they are better on computers than girls, so they think that they know how to do it right so they try to teach the girls, of or command the girls. >> instead the only ones taking orders are the robots. >> you are telling it what to do and it looks at you. and you get to learn how to put different robots together and you can make them like do anything. >> the robots they are using are
5:44 am
called link box, designed here at uc davis to teach the same problem solving kids need in their science and math classes. >> they engage them and personalize the learning. >> it offers different ways to solve a problem and it's that critical thinking that uc davis hopes will help the girls succeed in engineering and in life. >> the logical thinking of programming can help you solve the problem. >> abc7 news. >> they make me proud to be a woman. >> seriously. yes. >> meteorologist lisa argen joins us now with the forecast. >> we are look at low clouds and fog pretty much all across the bay except for concord. here's a look from vollmer peak. very pretty, but we look for the clouds to slowly clear today. that will mean cooler afternoon highs. i'll tell you how much cooler and if it lasts throughout the entire weekend. that's coming up. >> also next a new low for the giants season. just a strike away in the ninth from a much-needed win.
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larry beil has the highlights after disa
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>> welcome back. lisa argen joins us now with a cooler forecast, which i think is fitting. it's been a hot week. >> it has. sometimes the garlic festival can be really, really hot. and the accident and aroma, even though i love it. >> i do, too. >> 80 degrees in gilroy. yesterday was in the mid-80s. that will be a treat with cooler temperatures today so you can enjoy all afternoon without feeling kind of oppressed because this time of year usually is the hottest all summer long except for san francisco where we peak our heat in september. another couple months away before we see the mildest numbers of the year in
5:48 am
san francisco. here's a look at mt. tam right now. you see the low fog and clouds very generous. 56 in san francisco, 59 oakland. mountain view coming in still in the low 60s. that's the mild spot. 54 half moon bay. numbers here today are hard to make it to 60 degrees. elsewhere we are talking about more low clouds and fog all the way into livermore this morning. but by the delta in fairfield we have wind gusts near 40 miles an hour. so the delta breeze tells us that it will be cooler today in our inland east bay. and numbers coming down into the mid-80s. we are looking at los gatos at 61. 54 santa rosa with 55 novato and napa. the gold gate bridge right now, plenty of clouds out there. you may need your wipers with mist and drizzle as you head on into the city. also over in the east bay as well. the low cloud, the drizzle will be confined to the coast for the most part for the morning hours. we are looking at more sunshine, cooler weather ahead for the
5:49 am
weekend that includes, of course, tomorrow and even monday. it's not going to be until tuesday where we see the air mass begin to moderate and then the changes come and mainly with this. the low clouds and fog. the ebb and flow of the low clouds and fog allow for the stronger sea breeze and cool down. that's what is happening today. the marine layer continues to deep spend we will look for the culprit, the area of low pressure as it gets closer to the coast, in response to that the low clouds and fog head inland and the sea breeze kicks up. we will see some cooling in the sacramento valley, which is some good news. about you but -- showers and thunderstorms around yosemite today. it will be partly cloudy in and around lake tahoe. we will look for more sunshine there but numbers cooler. 84. look for 95 in yosemite. just isolated showers today. there's the trade-off. in southern california that monsoonal moisture by big bear.
5:50 am
and 71 in san diego. taking you back home today, numbers around the bay will be guilty pleasant with numbers ranking from the upper 50s at the coast, about 60 half moon bay, 64 san francisco. look for upper 60s across the bay. a couple degrees below average. drag races up in the north bay. it could be hot for this time of year in sonoma, but instead we are looking at mild condition was upper 70s there, and mid-80ths in antioch today with 85 in livermore. we talk about gilroy, 84 morgan hill and 72 in santa cruz. so if you are headed down around san martin today, temperatures starting out in the lower 60s and by 1:00 this afternoon look for mid-70s. notice the afternoon at about 4:00, still very pleasant with upper 70s around the bay. the accuweather seven-day forecast, we have the giants 6:05 this afternoon with temperatures dropping through the 60s. it will be cool and breezy. bring the jacket. of course, the a's, playing as
5:51 am
well. as we look through the next several days, the cooling trend right through monday, then we warm it up slowly. by wednesday, thursday, friday getting hot again inland and finally sunshine at the coast. >> a little bit of engine. >> yeah. >> as lisa mentioned, the a's in sports this morning, the a.l. west leading a's find themselves four games ahead of the second place rangers. they have an early is it 11:05 first pitch this afternoon begins the angels at the coliseum. last night the a's beat the angels around another brilliant performance by their ace. here's sports director larry beil with the highlights in this morning's sports. good morning. the a's are hoping that bar tolocolon is there. the wives and girlfriends on the tread mills raising money, a miles for smiles charity event. colon going for lead time. mike trout, a two-run bomb and in a flash it's 2-10 angels.
5:52 am
a's get it back the bottom half of the first. jed lowry, his eighth of the year against williams. 2-1 l.a. a's take the lead in the second. lowry doubles down the line. cocoa crisp scores. lowry, 3 for 4 with 3 rbis and the a's hold on 6-46789 they have a four-game lead in the a.l. west. giants and cubs and this is the way to get to the park. a lost traffic in the city last night. the seventh inning, he expand and deserved to get the win. but the ex-giant scores, 1-0 cubs. giants offense quiet until the seventh. jeff fran cure, a bloop single, two runs score and 2-1 giants. runners at the corner, sergio romo in. gets a ground ball from anton any rizzo, through the legs of brandon belt, who made a costly base running mistake early in the game. two runs score on the airer and that turns out to be the game winner, 3-2 cubs.
5:53 am
the raiders open training camp in napa. the silver and black had to be happy seeing the man in red on the field, that would being rookie dh hayden who was clear to practice. he had life-saving surgery back in november on a vein near his hurt and then an abdominal procedure in may. hayden in red, a no contact jersey. he will learn electric defensive back charles woo son, who is back for his second stint with the raiders. >> i played the game now going on 16 years. you know, the great thing about it is that it's still fun. i still love t -- love it. i plan to have a great deal of fun this season with the guys going for the first game. >> with the absence of michael crabtree. they have to be thrilled to have antwan bolden in their camp for the 49ers. it has to be a little awkward joining your super bowl opponent, the team you beat.
5:54 am
bolden is expected to be tested in the training camp. >> you want guys who will make you work because in the end it makes you better as an offense. you know, offensively here we don't have it easy going against this defense. they have a lot of studs on the other side of the ball. i think that's a stud for us >> he could be a very valuable acquisition this season. that's a wrap on morning sports. have a great weekend, everybody. i'm larry beil. the watch abc live stream is now available in the bay area. a about. c7 is the first local station and abc is the first broadcast network to bringa live stream of your local news and all your favorite abc tv shows. now you never have to miss a minute of the news and shows you love. watch abc allows to you bring abc7 along with you wherever you want to be. it's a special new benefit brought to you by abc comcast, charter communications and at&t u verse at no additional cost. go to to find out how to access watch abc.
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you can just enter your tv provider account information to log in. and then get the watch abc live stream or search watch abc to download the app. next, the annual march of the penguins is just hours away. how you can help name the new chicks at the san francisco zoo.
5:56 am
5:57 am
>> it's the par of the penguins. it's only open to zoo members. they are so cute. after having graduated from fish school where they were taught to swim and fish, the penguin chicks will join a successful colony of other penguins on the island. next on abc7 news at six, we continue to follow break news in the east bay where an early morning water main break cuts off service to a dozen homes.
5:58 am
the latest on how long east bay mud said it will take to repair the pipe. and a proud bay area family whose son is receiving the nation's highest military honor.
5:59 am
6:00 am
>> good morning. i'm kira klapper in for katie marzullo. let's start with a quick look at the weather. hi lisa. >> good morning. official sunrise 6:to 9. from our east bay cam way you can see plenty of low clouds and fog. this as intruded from the east bay valley. this will begin the cooler changes for your afternoon high today and tomorrow. i should say continue the changes because it cooled down yesterday in spots. 54 with a healthy delta breeze out by fairfield. cloudy in livermore, 57 degrees. up in the north bay 53 degrees. here's the way it will plan on out today with the low clouds and fog


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