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tv   ABC7 News 1100PM Repeat  ABC  July 28, 2013 2:00am-3:01am PDT

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breaking news is happening in downtown san jose. that is where police are searching for a driver who hit a police officer with a car. that officer has been rushed to the hospital. police have closed off 11th and 12th streets between santa clara and san fernando streets. we have a crew arriving on the scene and bring you a live report in a few minutes. i'm katie marzullo in for. >> it's a in a little more than a week stalks are set to resume on monday and two sides don't appear to be closer. >> with only one week in the 30-day contracted extension bart and union wrapped up
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their. talks. they still don't have sticking points like salaries. >> we have been working contract issues each day. we just have some big items to finish. >> one item is propped up is the chief negotiator who has absent because he on vacation. some union members wore hawaiian shirts. and he is also vice president of veola transportation that provided shuttle buses. unions filed a formal complaint with bart. >> he has financial interest in a strike. and perhaps his company could gain from a prolonged strike.
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>> i don't think that is big issue. i will say he had nothing to do with planning ourations orcor choosing a vendor. >> now, negotiators for both are sides are expected to meet face to face on monday. >> new at 11:00, a car sheared off a fire hydrant and let loose a guber of water. you can see the water going up to elevated tracks. fed up with crime a group of neighbors want private guards to help keep them safe. more than 150 people met in the park today to sign up for patrols provided by first alarm security. one of the key selling points, police admit the department is understaffed. >> i theiy have their hands tied because they keep cutting the budget. i do not think they are doing a good job. >> it's not a replacement for
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adequately staffed police department which is what oakland really needs but it is a supplement. i applaud the neighbors. >> today's meeting follows two shooting homicides in the area. 8-year-old was shot and killed after opening a front door on july 17th. 66-year-old woman was shot to death inside her car on wednesday. missing and scared, an 11-year-old boy from china disappeared in san francisco after his father asked him to get change for a parking metered. tears of joy when father and son are reunited. what happened? >> katie it was a stressful day for the family but it all started here on van ness. he described to go to laundromat laundromat for change but he couldn't find any there and he went to polk and that is when he disappeared.
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frantic search was on for 11-year-old. he and his father are visiting from china. to to sight see.ark on van he knows a little english. he went to get change but never returned. >> when it's a 11-year-old child here in san francisco, it's a big city to them. >> they searched the streets and left this note on his car for his son. it says don't leave here. dad is searching for you. meantime, they kept officers on overtime to help. finally hours after the boy disappeared police got a phone call. >> we decided to call the police. >> the only one who noticed the little boy as het stood at the corner. >> he was crying. i decided to take him to the
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restaurant. >> here police picked him up and brought him back. we weren't there for the emotional union about the father. >> the 11-year-old was speechless. his father was a man of few words but wanted to say this. >> i want to thank the san francisco police department for securing him and helping us find our son. >> it was a trip to san francisco this family will never forget. despite the best efforts of family and friends there are still no clues a to the whereabouts of daphne web of oakland. fliers were passed out where the girl's father lives. her grandfather says her disappearance is hacking heavy on the family. >> this has been a wait,
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almost like we're in a stalemate where we can't move forward or anything until we know where she is. we would very much like to get her back home. >> the father says he came out of a convenience store to find her missing. >> several residents have pitched tents to protest selling the downtown post office. protestors hope their campsite makes the building unattractive to prospective buyers. >> it's a loss to the people. we feel it can't be grabbed for private property by a handful of property who are only interested in something else. >> the building is on the national register of historic places. the mayor and other elected officials oppose the plan to sell it. >> four men are in custody after what police called a suspicious find on a santa
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cruz beach. this morning a state parks ranger noticed a bashing landed on beach. four men ran away. they were taken into custody a short time later. the boat contained several bundles but the ranger didn't say what was inside them. tonight the family of a saratoga girl that killed herself have added another person to the wrongful death lawsuit. she says she was sexually assaulted by three classmates after she passed out at a party. the classmates, 16-year-old boys are accused of taking pictures and sharing them online. now a 15-year-old girl who egged the boys on has been added to the lawsuit. let's go to meteorologist leigh glasser it's really picking up on the low clouds and fog.
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it is all and down the sonoma coast down to san francisco. it's starting to move in through the golden gate bridge and over towards richmond, oakland, berkeley go starting to pick up the low cloudiness. a lot of mist and drizzle near the coast as well. that will move further inland overnight tonight. temperatures were all over the place. 62 in san francisco. 79 was the high in san jose. more cooling tomorrow. i'll tell you where it is coming from in a little bit. at least nine states flash flood watch on the east coast. north carolina got more than a foot of rain in less than 24 hours. rescuers pulled a dozen people frohe water to safety. several roads have been washed out. it's the fourth major flash flooding event in the past month. >> police in florida don't know were y a man living with his mother set their unit on fire and went on a shooting
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rampage. six people were killed. pedro vargas was shot by police after a standoff. three people were killed and 267 others injured after a bus crashed on an indiana highway. the bus was carrying 37 people many of them teenagers. witnesses say it came off the interstate too fast and hit a retaining wall. passengers were returning from a church camp in michigan. still to come at 11:00, breaking news search for a suspect accused of assaulting a police officer in san jose. and remembering the forgotten heroes, special tribute to veterans of the korean war. plus, a cat was stolen out of a car. later, want to live past a hundred?
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>> breaking news out of san jose, police are searching for a suspect that is accused of assaulting a police officer. >> they would like to get him but there is no active search. i'm on 11th street between santa clara street and san fernando and behind me is the aftermath of chase. the air bags deployed and next to it the white car belonging to the suspect they were after. we have video that was taken shortly after it happened. chase started before 9:00 tonight. a police officer on patrol noticed a parolee somebody wanted for drug violations whom he recognized. there was a short chase on 11th street for maybe two blocks that ended here. apparently the officer tried to gutted off the suspect and the officer's car went into the tree. the suspect got out of the car away. ran away.
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witnesses say he took off before police could catch him. one witness said the suspect had one eye but they did a yard to yard search but they were out of their grasp. this is an active investigation scene. this has been going on for two hours. police have not caught the suspect somebody they originally wanted on drug violations. the police officer was hg check. i said the air bag was deployed so are it was quite an impact when the car hit the palm tree. right now, there is no yard to yard search. they know who they are looking for and try to get him as soon as they possibly can. a happy reunion in san francisco. a woman has her cat home
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after somebody snar.from the ca. you can see the man pulling the cat carrier through the window. good samaritan called animal control after finding the cat yesterday. they cared for roxy until they arrived at the shelter on 15th street. >> this the best present i could ever ask for. it was all worth it to be able to find my baby >> police say this is rare but animal thieves target dogs, not cats. >> and hollywood came to san francisco's north beach today. take a look. this police car is part of the scenary for the new planet of the apes movie. they lined up along columbus avenue. filming will continue
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tomorrow and you might encounter detours tomorrow. be aware of that. what kind of weather will you encounter? >> you start talking about delays and that sort of thing, if you are having an early morning flight tomorrow, you may want to get up a little earlier. we have a lot of low clouds and fog, mist and drizzle banking up near the coast. it's already pushing rather rapidly toward the east bay. this is being pushed along by very strong winds out of south-southwest. check out fairfield, southwesterly winds with gusts up to 40 miles an hour. any time we have more of a southwesterly wind flow, alling that is going to move inland overnight. you can see from the exploratorium cam, gray skies in san francisco. generally we're in the 50s. we have 60 right now in oakland. mountain view, 61.
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another shot from the rooftop cam, temperatures in the north bay, santa 53., 53. 60 in fairfield. 61, los gatos. here is a look at the golden gate bridge. a lot of mist and drizzle coming down there. low clouds and fog and mist and drizzle will incr increase tonight. cooler air mass on sunday and expect below normal highs right through monday. as this low pressure system kicks up all of this low cloudiness, that fog layer is going to deepen to about 2,000 feet. that is going to be just enough list, those out to antioch as well as oakley and walnut creek, low overcast by friday morning. we'll keep the drizzle near the bay. san rafael, 55. we'll see 57 for livermore.
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culprit, area of low pressure sitting off the coast. you can see the light gray shading on the map there. circulation around the low at counterclockwise the winds are driving this all inland. this will bring us a cooler air mass especially sunday afternoon. coolest day will be on monday. heading to the gilroy garlic festival late tomorrow afternoon, temperatures will rise into the mid to upper 70s. you'll have a pretty good breeze, as well. we'll shave a couple more degrees than what we had today. 75 in san jose. peninsula will be in the low 70s. upper 50s and fog and mist and drizzle for downtown san francisco. novato, 77. temperatures come down for you in oakland. morning overcast, 68 degrees. 71 castro valley. in the east bay, temperatures, brentwood 85. 81 in pittsburgh.
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80 in concord. coolest day yet to come on monday, temperatures only in the mid to upper 70s. on monday and then high pressure builds back in and warms things up. watch abc live stream is available in the bay area. it's new way to experience abc any time, anywhere. you can enjoy your favorite abc newscast tv on your smart phone live on demand. go to to find out how to access watch abc. enter your tv account information and watch the live abc stream. .
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>> a's continued to find ways to win with a different hero every game. san francisco continues to find the loss colum
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giants can't get out of their own way. leaving a runner stranded on the base led to another loss to the cubs. giants now lead all major league baseball with 76 errors. two of them because pablo sandoval but matt gets seven strikeouts. gets himself out of a jam. striking out hunter pence but no score in the ninth. nate, see ya! had to be the best home run of his career and one
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without. tony grounds to first. anthony fires to home back to first, db play game over. giants left ten run others base. they lose 1-0 is your final. >> hosting the angels, turn back the clock day, 1969 uniforms. i like the look. angels -- step out to 1-0 lead. he serves it up to jack hamilton who finds the sweet spot on that one. he goes seven innings. a's offense is struggling until the seventh. it's out of here. two-run shot and one more run in the inning. they win it 3-1 and now have a five game lead over the rangers who lost to cleveland. >> let's take a brief timeout before we go to sonoma.
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the thunder you heard from sonoma was not from above but down on the ground in time for the sonoma nationals. always a popular event when they are going over 300 miles an hour. matt hagen is number one qualifier thanks to his track record, 320 miles an hour. also 3.seconds and second quickest time in funny car history. matt smith is pro motorcycle toppling out 195 miles an hour. finals are set for sunday. star of the day and huter, he was waiting through the
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canadian but took off after his wife went into labor in texas. he got the phone call. wife went into labor three weeks early. he gets hit within a few feet. he is three back at 11:00 under. our leader, he shot a 63, birdie on 11. then another on 16. nine birdies and no bogeys on the day. leads by 1 heading into the sunday's final round. and there is nice shot there. langer has a three-shot lead, 4 under 66 on the day. he is nine under for the tournament. let's go down to stanford, she beat jamie in straight sets. then on match point, hampton
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finds the return. >> earth quakes hosting the portland timber. 1-nil san jose and here is some insurance. gets behind the defense. capitalizes on the seed. 2-1 and quakes are at 7-9 had been 6 on the year. stick around if you are ready for some football, can you imagine 320 miles an hour. i was kidding. >> all right. >> thanks, shu. >> and still to come, a pivotal moment underway in egypt. turmoil still going on. and millions turn out to see the pope in brazil.
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plus the country where most people live past hundred. how they do it. next. >> i'm the morning news traffic reporter. check out now and you could drive away with a new smarted car. we'll announce it on the morning news. be smart and enter now.
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breaking news out of san jose. police need to find the suspect accused of assaulting police officer. john alston is live in san jose. you have the latest. >> san jose police car is in
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the process of being halted away on a flatbed truck here on 11th street between san fernando and santa clara. you may be able to see the air bag that was deployed where the squad car hit a palm tree. you have video earlier in the evening shortly before 9:00. officer noticed a man, they were looking for a parolee wanted for drug violation. there was a car chase probably two blocks. police say the officer tried to cut off the suspect and in property says, the officer went into the tree. suspect who they know judged out of car and ran away. we spoke to a witness who saw that earlier tonight. >> it hit the white car and cop car went into the tree then we saw the guy speed off on foot. >> suspect got out and fled on feet. he has a history of violence. so we did a yard to yard
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search for him and we did not find him. at this point in time we are going to get a warrant for his arrest. >> back live on 11th street where the police car is in the process of being hauled away. the officer was hurt to some degree and taken to the hospital where he is being looked at right now. they did have the search for this man. they did not find him. a warrant has been issued for his arrest and in the process of trying to get him that was also wanted on drug violations. we have learned the families of three girls who died in the crash at sfo are on their way back home to china. they were killed in the july accident. they left around noon in a
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flight shanghai with the ashes of their daughters. they have retained a new york law firm to represent them. dozens of people were seriously injured in the flight. there were 307 people aboard when the plane hit a seawall and caught fire. >> president obama urged americans to take time to listen to the historic stories of veterans. president made his remarks on the national mall at the korean veterans memorial on the 60th anniversary of the signing of the armistice that suspended the korean war. in san francisco, officials broke gound at a memorial. memorial will be built in the presidio. several korean veterans attended and former congressman told the crowd the power to prevent a war with north korea resides in the nation's capitol. >> if president obama should go to pyongyang he might well be able to stop such a war
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and begin the process toward a meaningful peace. >> it was quite a different scene in capital city where it was vic they consider it a great win over the u.s. at least65 people have been killed in clashes in egypt. highest death toll in incident in the country since the military ousted president mohammed morsi earlier this month. nearly 750 people were wounded in violence nationwide. pope francis is wrapping up his visit to brazil in style in rio de janeiro. he attracted three million people to the vigil. pope francis will cap his first international visit tomorrow with a sunday mass. >> a tiny island in greece is getting a lot of attention because the people there live
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a long time. the island residents live well into the 90s. one clue, the island has no elevators or shuttle buses. >> our grandparents burned about five times as many calories in activity. they burn a thousand calories a day just doing every day chores, gardening, walking to their friend's house and i think that is big secret for americans. >> the 8,000 islanders eat a standard mediterranean diet. they also drink lots of local herbal tea. >> great reason to shop is plus, thraise money for plus, the landlord from hell, his firstwith theterview with the i-team and why his parents may have been his biggest victims.
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>> i'm meteorologist leigh glaser. we'll a take you to southern california and check out the forecast for tomorrow, plus the east coast
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prosecutors call him the landlord from hell. he is giving his first interview from san francisco county jail to the i-team.
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he and his wife, they say harass residents before escaping to europe. dan noyes reports his biggest victims turned out to be his own parents. 38-year-old kid macy told me at the jail that the landlord from hell label doesn't bother him. he and his wife bought the building to rehab and sell but couldn't get the tenants out. >> lost all other options for selling the property. so its civil matter. >> so you were trying to get the building red-tagged to be actually take control over the building. >> that is correct. >> he said he was ready to walk away from the project but his wife was too emotionally invested. so they did a campaign of harassment. the couple changed locks and
2:44 am
cut telephone lines, shut off gas, sawed through floors. directed workers to cut beams in the building and threaten the tenants. >> i don't remember what i said. >> was it meant as joke or actually trying to get them to feel pressure? >> given the amount of cleverness it was more that. >> prosecutors charged them with residential burglary, felony stalking, conspiracy and vandalism and more. his parents posted $500,000 to bail the couple out of jail. they went to court but it didn't go well. >> tell me about that decision. it's going so badly that i have to take off. >> kip and nicole went on the
2:45 am
run landing in italy. the checks cut last week to superior court. >> you understand the pressure that your parents are under now having to write that check? >> yes, certainly. >> how important was that $500,000. >> it's the all your savings? >> yes. >> the mother says she is not angry at her son but it's sad and pathetic. she has the strongest words for the san francisco's district attorney's office. >> my son is just a person, the d.a. misused his power. he refused to extra date them from italy so she could keep her $500,000. >> they followed them all the way. >> the bail agent found them in italy but could not have
2:46 am
them arrested because the d.a. had not filled out a red notice, alerting italian authorities were fugitives. >> i did call the d.a.'s office. i told them we have them in custody. issue the red notice. they said they were not interested. >> they tried it a second time returning to italy. again the d.a. declined to extradite the couple only if it was too late for her to keep $500,000. did the d.a. decide to have them arrested. >> these are the people who are upholding the law. these are people who are supposed to be defending me. they have robbed me. >> lawyers for the macy'ss took the issue to court, lost and appealed and lost again. the court found that the d.a.'s office can change its mind at any time. a spokesman for district attorney, nobody would be interviewed about the case but provided a statement that
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reads in part, the reason bail was forfeited was because the dechtsd fled. -- because the defendants fled. >> they agreed to four years and four months in state prison. they could be out in a year with time served. he plans on spending six months parole living with parents and returning to work as software developer to pay them back. >> do you still plan on that? >> yes. >> 67 years old and planning to retiring but she has to keep working as nurse after losing her life savings. she can't go see him in jail because it's too painful. bargain hunting brides to be raised money in emeryville.
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100 wedding gowns went on sale. the event raised $2 million to help cancer patients and their families. sale continues tomorrow at hilton on powell street. let's check with the weather with leigh glaser. >> showing you all the low clouds and fog. we have reports of mist and drizzle near the golden gate bridge. that is what you are going to have to deal with tomorrow morning. if you are traveling across the state, hit and miss afternoon thunderstorms in new york city. new york 78. 84 for atlanta but heavier rain is wrapping around chicago. st. louis, 80 degrees. salt lake city, 90. phoenix, 107. southern california looks like there will be mild 72 in l.a. palm springs, 103. isolated thunderstorms, yosemite all the way up towards reno. monterey will be overcast. numbers around the bay area will range from 84 in antioch. to 62.
2:49 am
overcast conditions, mist and drizzle with san francisco, 76 for santa rosa and san jose, 75 degrees. accu-weather seven-day forecast. one more cool day. that will be monday with inland temperatures really in the 70s. high pressure build in wednesday, thursday and friday and back to summertime heat with low 90s inland and 60s at the coast. >> grin and bear it for the cooldown. shu how it is looking for sports. >> ready for football? 49ers would like to return to the superbowl as who will replace the injured michael
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49ers put on the pads for the first time in training camp. always an exciting day. big question mark this season, who will replace michael
2:53 am
crabtree as kaepernick's to guy. he was a big part of the victory and veteran impressed. >> first time antoin lit it up. it's a combination of things. i don't think you can get it down to one thing. he has opportunity to do his job and help his team. that goes a long way. >> giants are developing a self-destructive pattern for a lack of offense for runners on base led to another loss, who else? the cubs. you, giants now lead the league with 76 errors, two of them tonight. madison bumgarner hits solid.
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eight scoreless innings and giants loaded the bases with no outs. he gets himself out of a jam and strikes out hunter pence. sergio romo, that ball is out of here. that had to be the one of the most enjoyable hum runs of his career. one out. he fires back to home and first, double play. giants left ten runners on the base, lose to the cubs 1-0 the final. >> first place dodgers facing the reds. they can't figure out l.a. here is a double. 1-0 dodgers. then in the fifth, he goes to dead center of the park, two-run shot. dodgers win 4-1 and nine games ahead of san francisco and national league west. a's tightening their lead, hosting the angels going back
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to 1969 look with the uniforms. angels step out to 1-0 lead. and tommy serves up a big one to jack hamilton and that a and that is 15th of the year. he struck out six. catch see ya! two-run shot. oakland added one more, 3-1 and now a five game lead over the rangers. david ortiz and red sox, he tried calling time out but the pitch appeared high but it was called a strike. officer tiz struck out on the next pitch. wasn't happy. takes out his frustration on the dugout phone. a little thunder up in sonoma. it was the national hot rod
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association, always a popular event. over 300 miles an hour. matt hagen number one qualifier, track record, 320 miles an hour. 3.98 seconds is second fastest time in history. finals are set for sunday. down stanford, aggie bottom of your screen, she won her opponent by n straight sets. go to match point. the return will find the bottom of net. this sports report brought to you by river rock casino. busy day. >> thanks for watching. that is it for this edition
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of of "abc 7 news." i'm katie marzullo. thanks for joining us. we'll continue tomorrow morning at 5:00 a.m. we'll continue online, twitter and all your mobile devices.
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