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tv   ABC7 News 400PM  ABC  July 29, 2013 4:00pm-5:01pm PDT

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good afternoon, everybody, i'm layer eye beal. >> i'm carolyn johnson. 150 people, several here in the bay area, now facing possible charges in the largest nationwide sting to date focused on child sex slavery. >> abc 7 news went along on a local raid yurl see only on abc 7 news, you can see police here, officers searching a
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hotel room where several people were arrested. >> 76 cities were targeted in the three-day sweep. officials say the largest number of children, 12, were rescued in san francisco. >> this remains one of the most violent crimes in the country. despite our challenges those who exploit children should know that we, this team, will continue to seek them out and bring them to justice. >> a total of 230 law enforcement agencies took part in the sweep. vic lee will have more coming up at 5:00 and 6:00. >> we are now six days away from another possible bart strike. labor negotiations continue today. main discussions over wages won't take place until tomorrow. >> those have been major sticking points. >> bart management warns if they comply, fares will have to go up. abc 7 news joins us live now from oakland where
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negotiations are taking place. leanne? >> unions say they've very little progress with regard to the big issues like salaries, benefits blaming bart's main lead negotiator for not being here and present. he returned to a bart building headquarters today, monday, bart now says he will be there and resume talks with union members. here is the take on progress made so far. >> we're make prog gres there. that is good. >> here is what the lead negotiator had to say about that. >> we've made minor progress on the supplement yalz, i would say. >> with that degree of separation some are wondering if both sides will come to an
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agreement before sunday's deadline. bart main negotiator was not there because of a prior commitment. the unions insist absence has delayed things. >> the directors need to order chief negotiators to the table. >> he will be back tomorrow, just six days before the looming deadline. >> the discussions start going into the right direction, they'll move quickly. >> bart is warning passengers if unions get a pay increase they're demanding [ loves audio ] >> we do apologize for that. we had technology there in the middle of the piece, we'll have more coming up at 5:00 and 6:00. >> yes. and the gist of the story is that they're talking about stuff that hasn't been discussed yet. once they sit down hopefully things will get rolling. >> new landing rules now in place for foreign pilots in san francisco international airport.
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three weeks after the dead lynn asiana airlines crash. >> faa advising all foreign airlines to use a gps system instead of visual to land at the airport. >> they're talking about the new rules referring to us faa we know that the ruling came out of concern for a number of aborted landings. >> go arounds happen when the plane is not lined up correctly and the pilot has to go around a second time. asiana flight 214 requested a go around just seconds after slamming into the sea wall. a check shows the pilots do go arounds more often than would be considered normal. faa checked and found other foreign carriers also aborted
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landings at higher than average rate. visual approaches will no longer be approved they will have to fly instrument landings. >> there is caution on what has been going on lately. >> aviation consultant says the faa wants to make sure every pilot is on the same page but in southern california a well known safety consultant and retired twa pilot has a different view. >> they're establishing a double standard saying some pilots are not as good as others that is not a good thing for those who buy tickets. >> i says a fair approach would be for faa and foreign carriers to make sure all pilots can fly to the same standard autos i think it's a matter of training if they aren't good enough, they shouldn't be flying those airlines. >> stay r.saying rapid expansion of some foreign carriers have strained limits
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of their training. faa isn't naming names but the decision does come just three weeks after the asiana crash. a united airlines employee and his wife are accused of stealing luggage from flights that were diverted from the crash. they are charged with grand theft and burglary. prosecutor says they have surveillance video showing him stealing bags and handing them to her. >> a bay area man died while snorkling in a popular beach saying he was pulled from waters off black rock saturday morning. he was a reporter for bay area news group from 2000 to 2012 when appointed assistant deputy director of communications for department of fish and game. police say foul play is not suspected. >> hawaii bracing for tropical storm flossie, which could
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bring 60 miles per hour wind gusts and waves as high as 18 feet. coming up at 4:30 we'll see how residents there are preparing for the storm and how it might affect travelers. >> police arrest aid woman at washington national cathedral for angts of violence there. green paint splattered on the cathedral today. police have not determined if they're connected. cruise are working to remove the paint. >> rez obama welcomed to san francisco giants. the champs back to the white house today. >> the president jokes giants are making a habit of dropping in at the white house. they have won two of the last three world series titles. >> mr. obama mentioned several players by name and referred to pitcher sergio romo noting his trademark whiskers. >> giants still won behind
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stellar pitching and smothering defense and timely hitting. and even though they used a different closer down the stretch this one still had a beard to fear. >> giants hope this will change their fort yunz for this season, they've lost 22 of the last 30 games, currently in last place in national league west. >> president mentions organic garden plan for at and t park. the vegetables will be used for restaurants around the stadium and the president said should encourage children to eat healthy foods. >> michelle would say it's okay to have a hot dog once in a whi. i don't want everybody to get carry wade and think they have to have kale every time they got go to the ballpark. >> take a look at this shot showing area from a different perspective. it will be available for demonstrations and private
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events. >> i don't think we're ready forgive me peanuts, cracker jack and a side order of kale. >> we're not quite there yet. spencer would welcome the kale. what, no kale? then, i'll watch from home. we've got low clouds and fog and we have smoke in the air as well. there are wildfires burning in southwestern oregon and smoke hooking inland throughout the bay area. we have a health advisory this afternoon. so if smoke is apparent in the air limit your outdoor activity that is important for people with respiratory ailments. here is a look at haze and smoke and fog. 62 in san francisco. we do expect air quality to
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improve. 76 in san jose. another view from mount tam, other temperatures at this hour 69 in santa rosa and napa. from our roof camera, here is the first forecast. a mix of low clouds and fog tonight and tomorrow morning by afternoon, cool conditions from the coast. highs from 58 at low 80s inland. i'll have the accu-weather forecast coming up later. >> thank you. >> still aheads at 4:00 a serving competition turns into a near riot in southern california. damage done, next. >> plus, yam skon's major hire blitz. where jobs are and how many are available now. >> and michael finney will answer your questions live and
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you can contact michael here and on twitter. >> taking a look at traffic right now. you can see it's slow going for drivers heading east on 80 towards berkeley. sticky for drivers on the righthand side of the screen.
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this is a wild scene. there could be more arrests
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from last night's riot involving surfing fans in huntington beach. police say this started with a fight at the u.s. open of surfing. the crowd surged through downtown, fighting loolting and damaging property. huntington police had to call for help in nearby cities. one person was arrestsed. >> ama consays it tried to fill,000 jobs and announced it's created 5,000 new jobs in 10 states and another 2,000 people will be hired for the customer service network. apple announced it would make mac computers domesticry as well. >> in other business news bmw unveiling a new electric car. >> emily chang is here now with this afternoon's after
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the bell report. hi, emily. >> good afternoon. well, apple says it will investigate allegations it's subcontractors are violating labor rights. china labor watch claims dozens of labor violations occurred including forced overtime and poor living conditions. both say they'll get immediately in a statement, apple says it will ensure, quote, corrective actions are taken. >> the deal which is worth $35 billion still faces regulatory hurdles here and in europe but if approved it will create the world's largest ad company. watch out tesla. bmw unveiled i 3 at events in beijing, london and new york
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and will begin selling the new car in the united states next sprik. the price tag for the i 3 will start around $40,000. u.s. stock fell today, your bloomberg silicon valley index closing slightly higher after a gain in apple shares and net flix may make couch potatoes worse a cording to a study a study took place before arrested development the data suggests it does not substitute for traditional television. in san francisco, back to you. >> we want to take you back now to the story on board bart. just six days from another possible strike. >> still, major issues have not been dealt w here is
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leanne melendex. >> we're make prog gres there that. is good. >> now, here is what the lead negotiator had to say about that. >> what we have made very minor progress on the sup memts boy say. >> meaning small yesh issues being separated some wondering if both sides will come to an agreement before sunday's deadline. bart's main negotiator was not there because of a prior commitment. >> directors need to order chief negotiate torz the table. >> just six days before the looming deadline. >> discussions start going into the right direction they'll move quickly. >> bart warning passengers if unions get a pay increase, expect to see a large fare hike.
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dedication is an attempt to turn public against unions. >> it's a side show well. need to be talking about bigger issues. >> andrew rodriguez just moved to oakland. >> i in san francisco. so it's directly affecting my transportation. >> i worked from home for the first two days of the week before the holiday. >> can you do that now? >> i probably won't have that option and so i can't really work from home. >> they will meet to discuss how they will fill in the void. >> let's hope they make progress yes. >> it's hazy outside. smoke from wildfires i
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mentioned have been working its way into the bay area. we have low clouds and fog. cooler here, not only for the coast but across the bay area, pleasantly mild inland but not your typical mid summer day. here is a live view here in abc 7 news our forecast are these, areas of low clouds and fog tonight. cool to mild again tomorrow. warmer pattern continues tlult the weekend. a pool of cool air being guided in by the jet stream. and we'll continue to have tomorrow perhaps on wednesday. we'll see wide spread areas of skploudz fog. low temperatures in a uniform
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range with 55 around the bay. we'll start at 5:00 tomorrow morning at which point there will be wide spread fog and low clouds. so you might want to bear bear that in mind. will be mainly sunny skies inlchbltd maybe patches of fog near the bay and certainly lay long the coast. low 80s inland. south bay, partly to mainly sunny skies. to 78 in san jose. mid-70s in redwood city. upper 50s to low 60s on the coast. 64 downtown and mid 70s in the north bay. east bay highs 69 in oakland.
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and here is the accu-weather forecast. we'll have this pattern we have now throughout thursday but will warm up nicely on friday. upper 80s inland. the pattern continues throughout the weekend. so warmer weather coming our way. sunny skies as well. >> thank you. >> up next actor tom cruise gets a ride during a visit to san francisco. >> and unprecedented comments about gays and lesbians. could this be a change in policy? >> hi, everybody. if you have to commute why not be smart and enjoy the drive? check out abc 7 right now and you can drive away with a brand new smart car we'll have nouns the winner friday on abc 7 morning news.
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we have video of actor tom cruise sailing on the bay during this weekend's american cup raises that. is cruise and connor boarding team new zealand's catamaran after they beat their
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competitors yesterday afternoon. the actor says the tour was a real privilege. >> we thought we're going to get on and just cruising to the slip and make sure we know, and you're on this, that, go, go, go! stop! faster, stop sclam, slow. pretty crazy, fun. >> what an experiences. they were the first gets to board a competitive vessel since may when a deadly accident killed a member of the swedish racing team. >> one of the perks of being tom cruise. >> it's exhausting. >> that looks like a lot of work. >> it is. absolutely. >> a nasa scientist pointing a telescope at the sun discovered a gigantic hole. >> take a look. they were taken two weeks ago. >> the dark spot covered nearly a quarter of the star
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they can influence space weather by shooting solar material and gas out into space. >> still ahead on abc 7 news at 4:00 tropical storm flossie. spencer christian is tracking it for use plus, it's west coast williams port. young players coming to one east bay city for a major championship. >> and later a scene out of a movie. a brazen heist of jewels turned out to be larger than first estimated.
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is. paradise taking a direct hit from tropical storm flossie. >> all islands are under a tropical storm warning now. the storm system makes its way towards the big island and maui. >> you can see a lot of rain
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hitting big island now. there is more still to come. families wasting no time stocking up on supplies. >> residents and tourists in hawaii are bracing for tropical storm close flosy. >> pounding surf arrived on the big. >> island headed towards maui. >> biggest storm to strike in 20 years is packing sustained 25 miles per hour winds ask could dump more than a foot of rain. propane tanks, food and emergency supplies have been flying off shelf autos we sold out on generators. >> and this massive satellite image shows flossie just before it's direct hit on the big island. >> it's important to prepare for the worst. >> the last large storm was in 1992. seven people were killed with winds reaching 145 miles per hour. but forecasters say flossie is
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nowhere near that strength. >> it's going to be weakening moving through east of the islands where waters are cooler. let's say a system like aniki just south clips back around. waters warmer. >> still there is a thread of mudslides and flooding. the coast guard is warning tourists. >> we're not going to be able to respond. sometimes, weather is our enemy. >> u.s. coast guard has shut down three ports with waves expected to reach up to 18 feet. >> some travelers in the bay area had to change plns because of cancellations and delays. people told us they'll adapt. >> does it make you nervous to hear about a snorm. >> not really. no.
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better waves for surfing. >> surngs sand, good weather z tanning. you know, playing on the kindel. >> yes. >> at sfo today united airlines cancelled 12 fights to hawaii. they were connecting with kona,, and honolulu. two more flights were delayed. let's check in now with spencer christian who is tracking the path. >> you can see the moisture from this story headed towards big island. it looks like storm is splitting into two. it is a weakening storm which is good news. and there is enough rainfall
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here and here is a look at conditions, strongest wind gusts only 31 miles per hour. so certainly a messy storm is possible across the island. a picture of the beach there you can see how gray and dreary looking it s we expect the path of the storm around maui going to weaken to a tropical depression and head towards honolulu. continuing weakening. and wide spread flooding delays and unpleasant conditions for travelers. >> spencer, thank you. >> at least 35 people have been hurt, five seriously in a head on collision in two trains in switzerland. the crash happened southwest of the capitol it's not known what caused the accident. crews trying to remove a
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person who is reportedly one of the drivers. >> president obama says the meeting between israeli and palestinian leaders in washington, d.c. is a promsing step forward but a civil work is still to come. senor negotiators are holding talks right now towards a formal reopening of negotiations after years of steal mate. secretary of state john kerry agreed saying if reaching a deal was easy would it have happened a long timing ayes. >> it's no secret. therefore, many difficult choices lie ahead. and for leaders. and as we seek reasonable compromises on tough issues. >> today mr. kerry appointed martin inditk.
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kerery's predecessor sat down for a private lunch with president obama. this wasn't the first time the pair have been sneen each other's company since clinton left the administration this year but the get togethers are closely analyzed as clinton is considered a leading contender to replace mr. obama. >> a military judge expect ntd court marshal of army privately bradley manning. manning admitted to send something videos to the antisecrecy web site. his lawyers portrayed him as a naive whistle blower who wanted to expose war crimes. >> here in the bay area, liver smor all about baseball now.
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the east bay city hoping to become a west coast williamsport. >> teams in the little league world series will be playing tomorrow but right now are getting ready for a 6:00 p.m. par wraid going down first street and wend a rally. >> abc 7 news wayne freedman joins us live with the story. wayne? >> livermore has been a wholesome family-oriented community continuing this week a cross the street people already in place for that parade that begins at 6:00 p.m. this week is all about baseball. get used to this sound in livermore them say a world series has come to town, they mean it. >> there is one team from as close as pleasanton. another from as far as japan in, livermore they're hoping
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to make this an every year event. >> welcome to port williamsportera. same organization, same format but a bigger game on bigger diamonds for some of these 13-year-olds. >> we're going to try to redeem ourselves. they barely missed williams port last year. this gives these kids who have played together since eight years old another shot. >> i did myself, sir. >> it is that clean, that whole some. there is no money here no, agents just good, clean baseball beginning tomorrow through next monday. >> what do you like about this?
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>> everything. >> what is there not to like. >> everything. >> our sister network will air next monday's championship game live from livermore so you can see who wins the intermediate little league world series. >> still ahead michael finney will be answering questions. >> first a new charity auction with warren buffet that will satisfy anyone's sweet tooth. >> taking a look at traffic right now moving nicely in both directions. stay w
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first time ever, zagat is sharing it's restaurant rating on line, for free. >> google launched an app including stores and has integrated information into google maps that is pretty cool. >> warren buffet has come up with a sweet way to raise money for charity auctioning off a tour of his see's candy factory in los angeles. i didn't know he owned sees. i guess he owns everything. >> the winner will get to meet buffet saying we'll eel demonstrate the only acceptable way to eat a bonbon.
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the auction happen noug with a bid of $35,000. the annual lunch and auctions usually bring in $1 million for glide foundation. >> i didn't know there were rules for bonbon consumption. >> i don't know. >> pony up, and you can find out. >> spencer christian here now. >> here is a look at the day near the coast. low clouds and fog near the coast. tomorrow sort of a mixed weather picture, mild to warm on the east coast. hot down in the desert and southwest tomorrow. state wide and california tomorrow, we expect warm weather down throughout the central valley. highs 89 in sacramento. 99 fresno. palm springs hot with a high of 104. los angeles mild and here in the bay area tomorrow we'll have sunny skies into
4:43 pm
afternoon. fog hovers near the coastline. 60s to 70s around the bay. and we'll see low 80s into warmest inland locations. high temperatures remain below the average tomorrow is wednesday but will start to warm up towards the end of the week. >> thank you. >> still ahead on abc 7 news at 4:00 new health recommendations for long time shockers what they should be doing every year. >> choking hazards. one food that sends more kids to the emergency room than any other. >> do you have to pay extra if you want to add your spouse to a car rental contract?
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authorities in france today more than doubled estimated value of the jewelry stolen in a brazen weekend heist in a luxury hotel on the
4:47 pm
french rivera. authorities say a loen gunman got away with millions of dollars worth of diamonds and jewels yesterday. this is the latest in a series of bold robberies in europe in recent years including a heist in may. >> officials in new zealand have told a south african chef he's too fat to live this their country. they have lived in new zealand six years but in may they have been told their work visas have been declined because he weighs 286 pounds. officials say my grants must have an acceptable standard of health to minimize the demand on new zealand health service autos turning to healthy living news he experts recommendsing people at high risk for lung cancer should undergo screenings every year.
4:48 pm
recommends those who smoked more than a pack a day for 30 years have screenings every year. a study revealed kinds of foods that pose the greatest choking hazards to children and hard candy is at the top of the list. researchers looked at eight years of data to emergency room visits. hard candy came in first, next other candy such as gum followed by meat, bones and fruits and vegetables. hot dogs were not in the top five. >> consumer news now, mike finney here now. we'll start with jme mailing what does golden the gate bridge do that don't require the front end of the license plate. >> they take a picture of the
4:49 pm
front and back you can't get by with just one so if you park in san francisco, they go by with, you need to go down a toll road they take a front and back. they show guys hanging off the in the back of a pickup truck. it work. >> gloria wants to know if something can be washed and not dry cleaned with the manufacturer put a dry clean only label on it just to pr prodetective them selfs? >> the federal trade commission says they have to tell whaut truth is for that garment. if you can wash it they have
4:50 pm
to let you know if that. if you hand wash it, they have to let you know that. if they can't clean it, and protect it, then ve the have to tell you that. they have a label that says no washing no, dry cleaning. who would buy that? not sure. so you believe you can hand wash yours, and it says only dry cleaning. >> so do very to pay to add my wife to the car rental contract. i thought spouses were included. >> they are in california but most states dmot have that rule wh. signing up in another state they'll go do you want your spouse on this? you go, yeah, sure, because they say it casually.
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sometimes they're doubling costs of the rental. and so you have to say i'll just have the contract. texas and florida, new york change extra. be care oofl wow, interesting. >> thank you. >> sure. >> watch abc live stream now baseball vaibl in the bay area. >> yes. a in you way to exper eens- -- experience abc programs anywhere. it's a special new benefit at no additional cost. go to find out how to access watch abc. and then get the live stream or down load the app. >> reaction from bay area
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catholics after pope francis says he won't judge gays and lesbians including gay priests coming up how opponents are hustling to put restrictions in place at a new gentleman's club. >> health risk of not being able
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taking a look at what is coming up this evening on abc 7. well, catholic as cross the nation and world and here in the bay area debating comments pope francis made today about gays. the pontiff took a different tone than pontiffs in the past have. carolyn? >> yes. pope francis becoming known as
4:56 pm
the peoples' hope poep because of his humility and out reach to the poor, today, he talked about homosexuality during a news conference. it happened on a flight home from brazil and said to be the first time any pope has used the word gay to refer owe to homosexuals. not just the term but what pope trancis had to say about homosexuals in the catholic clergy that is making headlines. >> if someone is gay and searches for the lord and has goodwill, who am i to judge? a gay rights activist says it sets a new tone. >> for gay catholics it's been a difficult situation to love a church that doesn't always seem to love them. the comments today are a good initial step towards healing that divide. >> catholics we talked to leaving mass praised francis
4:57 pm
as a loving pope. >> yes. i support what the pope sechld i grew up here and try not to have prejudice autos the archbishop in san francisco has been the target of protest for his stance on same-sex marriage, not available for comment today. but one of his flocks supports the pope's remarks believing they don't mark a shift in church doctrine or break new ground but are significant. >> i think that this is in line with pope francis. his very human, very compassionate open armed embrace of the world. >> pope francis talked about the role of women in the church coming up at 6:00 what he thood say and reaction from one member of an organization known as roman catholic
4:58 pm
womens' priest autos thanks for joining us for abc 7 news at 4:00. abc 7 news at 5:00 begins right now. >> thank you. fbi sweeps into the bay area to bust one of the world's biggest child prostitution rings. >> how much tickets could go up if workers get everything they're demanding. >> i'm sandhya patel. fwheer a cold summer pattern right now and latest look at tropical storm flossie. >> our kids are able to recruit girls throughout california this, is a easy place to transport them to. >> in video fbi moves in and bufrts child prostitution rings nationwide, 105 children
4:59 pm
were rescued including a dozen here in, the bay area. good evening, everybody. >> more than half of the people arrested were right here in the bay area, 91 out of 150 across the country. abc 7 news vic lee went along with the operation and has video we'll only see on abc 7. >> that is right. 12 children were taken into custody. there were more juveniles rescued here during this sweep than any other area in the nation we were embedded with a task force including local law enforcement agencies. >> this 13-year-old girl was so scared she began hyper vent lating. an officer tried calming her down with breathing exercises
5:00 pm
assuring her she'd be helped we're told she ran away from a group home. patrick is with an advocacy group that helps girls like susan. >> foster homes and group homes they're leaving these places as fast as they're sent to them. >> this 15-year-old was scared and asked if she can call her mother this, 17-year-old was the third rescuesed -- rescue that had night. she told them she was from galt. >> what did you come wheer intention of doing? >> conversing. >> in addition to three juveniles they arrested six female adults and two pimps at the hotel friday night. there were operations in other hotels and on the streets of city as cross the bay area. one person monitored camer


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