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tv   ABC7 News 500PM  ABC  August 7, 2013 5:00pm-5:31pm PDT

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youth uprising to engage the youth to see how to talk to young people in the community and ask them offer suggestions on how to curve violence. the shots rang out when someone came into the backyard on the heels an 8-year-old who was shot and killed in east oakland. now i want to you know who years ago tomorrow a 3-year-old was murdered here in east oakland. take a look. two latest victims, this is a 20-year-old and his 1-year-old son, drew. thomas andmc. his son were both here from visiting from fresno. they were here for a family birthday party staying for the funeral of a cousin who was shot and killed last weekend. no now the aunt says it was late, everyone was asleep someone started shooting into the house. bullets hit the 20-year-old and the baby he was still breathing when they took him out of here. i called 911. then she was tell meeg stay on
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the phone. and then, he -- he was still kind of breathing then, he turned over and laid down and blood started to come out of his mouth. >> oakland police department is going to dedicate every resource available to bringing resolution to this and catching people responsible for this. >> police declared the home a crime scene and have not confirmed a motive of the murder of thomas but they believe one gunman came into the back of the house firing shots that hit thomas and his infant son. his aunt describes her nephew as a family man who did avoid trouble z she says that baby drew was the light of everyone's eye. he turned one on march 29th and sedz now sneeze a difficult position of being tough for the rest of the family simply falling to pieces. in east oakland abc 7 news. >> nick, thank you very much we know oakland police have been dealing with two other high profile unsolved murders over the past month. nick just
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told but an 8-year-old killed when opening the front door of a friend's house july 17th.1).ç someone outside oakland fire a beloved oakland dog walker killed. the 66-year-old shot as she drove near her home ash 1:30 in the afternoon. police have not made arrests neither case. >> we'll stay in oakland efforts intensifying to find a 50-year-old woman, sandra coke. family friends and co-workers began leafletting in areas where coke may have gone the night she disappeared she told her daughter she was go tg talk with someone about her dog. >> she told her daughter she planned to stop as a wall greens and that was the last she was heard from. >> coke works as a death penalty appeals investigator her boss doesn't think anyone connected to the cases were
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kidnap her. another theory is that it may have been something to do with a recent internet date. >> the threat of another bart strike is intensifying this afternoon. bart claims the transit agencies proposal and union proposal are nearly $100 million apart. there is the number. abc 7 news joins us now live from oakland. bart ask unions went before a panel appointed by the governor to talk about hurdles to a deal. laura? >> that is the figure presented by bart this morning they're saying that is how far two sides are over four years. the unions want a three-year deal coming out and said they're about $56 million abart. they can tell there is a lot of disagreement in numbers either way, it appears both sides need to make significant movements to get a deal. >> we intend by the way to have the bay area rapid transit go go first because
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they requested the hear oogt governor's board began with bart's general manager telling the three-member panel the district's position on its stalled negotiation was unions. >> average bart employee makes 79,500s ndz salary. our benefit packagegdó[ costses $50,800 per employee, per year. >> among other claims the average train operator operates a train just four and a half hours per eight hours and the last strike caused commuters to waste 800,000 gallons per day. >> public health and safety consequences of shutting down the reek on's largest provider are serious. >> they violated bargaining protocols and laws. >> fdi local 1021 president
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countered bart negotiators have been using hard ball to force the union. >> they have confidently and unapologeticly referred to their bargaining style as hard bargaining. >> contemporary to bart figures fdiu says 1400 workers make less than the district claims. >> a system service worker at bart under the contract begins út $39,000 a year.g average worker in our unit does not make $79,500 they make $66,000 a year. >> we're back live here, these union leaders just came out of the hearing. you heard two sides have different sets of numbers they're working from. it may explain why they can't agree on the big issues.
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it will be up to the governor to decide whether to grant the 60 day cooling off that bart wants. the union do not want it. we'll explain that, tonight on abc 7 news at 6:00. >> we know there will not be a strike at a kru. transit. union officials management reached a deal at 11:00 last night. the right as we went on the air. the agreement gives 1800 bus drivers and dispatchers a 9.5% pay raise over three years but swril to contribute to medical benefits. union members have to approve the deal and are expected to vote later this month. more than 180 thu riders use that system on a daily basis. >> we have good news for you. target opening a new store in san rafael today began hiring nearly 400 people.
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some people were hired on the spot. >> we're excite asked can't wait to start in october. >> that event continue tluz saturday. target will be holding job fairs soon to staff other bay area stores. >> breaking news a wildfire in riverside county. we want to show you live pictures of the fire burning south of banning. dozens of homes have been evacuated and roads are closed. the fire has grown to 2500 acres. three structures have burned. it's beeng2síb spreading quickl. 450 firefighters are watt watt kbreling the flames. >> a big warning criminals posing as pg&e workers tied up
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three people today and robbed them. one of the people they tied up was a 6-year-old girl. police say victims left the two men into the home because they were wearing hats and skprefts appeared to be utility workers. robbers then pistol whipped one of them and got away with items from the home. a psychiatrist convicted of molesting patients is finally in prison tonight. he pleaded no contest to eight felony molestation charges in may. sentencing scheduled for august 26th but a judge ordered him into custody today. >> this gsg=ñç a monster needs to be put behind bars i'm glad they remanded him today. it is bittersweet. due to the fact it is a second anniversary of the suicide of one of his victims. >> outside court victims hugged, relieved justice has
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been served. he is now 81 facing eight years and a maximum of 25 years. >> the family of a camp counselor killed when a tree fell on her in a summer camp filed a wrongful death lawsuit. the oak tree fell on the camp fire circle outside of a dining hall. the lawsuit blames pg&e and tree inspection companies as well as an arborist for the camp. pg&e was responsible for checking the tree because it was within 15 feet of power lines. the 21-year-old uc student was killed. four other adults were hurt. none of the defendants has commented on the lawsuit. >> firefighters pinpointed a cause of yesterday's nir san francisco presidio to spontaneous come bulgs ask says decomposing grass and vegetation somehow just broke out into flames. the fire burned grass damaging eucalyptus trees.
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crews were able to keep flames from nearby homes and the cemetery. it has grave sites dating back to civil war. >> a farewell to barry bell elected to city council who never took office. family and friends attended a funeral for bell. i won a seat on the counsel but came down with a severe bacterial infection, never sworn n he slipped into a domea after having two neurosurgeries. gary bell was just 54 a long time community leader in richmond. >> george w. bush is back hem tonight. the 67-year-old former president left the hospital this morning a day after doctors inserted a stent to clear a clogged artery in his heart. officials say he is doing just great at home and he is quiteoyw physically active. >> still to come how facebook
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news feed posts are becoming a popularity contest. >> hollywood break upturned into a custody battle over a baby conceived through artificial insemination. why the father took his plea to lawmaker autos life on the roof of the broadcast center summer micro climates about to make a return. >> sandhya, thank you. you've heard having the memory of an elephant? that could be replaced by the memory of a dolphin. one of the mammals scored big
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take a look at this before and after video that. house where treated and released women were held captive and raped more than a decade. it has been torn down. it's destruction part of the kidnapper's plea deal.
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one women imprisoned there released balloons into the air to honor missing children who have never been n found. she and two others escaped in may. >> an intruder on the peninsula has been arrested a second time for breaking into a home wearing nothing but under wear. police say he exposed him stofl a woman and her children on saturday. police arrested him and he had just finished a jill sentence for a similar crime last month. >> an unusual battle in the state kmol a hollywood weather fights for rights. the dad says he was more than just a sperm donor but hasn't seen the dad in months. we're live from sacramento with the story. nannette? >> well, men who sell their sform a sperm bank lose rights
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but what if he gives to it someone he knows? is he a donor or a dad? you may know him from 1987 teen vampire film lost boy autos my son was stolen. taken away. >> today, jason patrick has a starring role in what could be a reality shochl the 47-year-old is in sacramento lobbying politicians for a proposal that allows the law to define him as a dad, a court ruled he is just a sperm donor. >> because you're a donor you're not allowed to prove in other statute or other way your parentage. >> patrick's drama started when he and his former gifl friend agreed to have a child through artificial insemination. he was part of his son's life more than two years and could have been considered a legal father if a signed agreement granting him that status was in place prior to conception. after a split, and no legally binding contract in place, he lost custody, and hasn't seen
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the now 3-year-old for months. state senator jerry hill just wants to help men and same-sex couples in that situation. >> because of the pr, it lost focus. to me the focus is parenting what. is in the best interest of the child? >> calls were not burned by the cryo bank is opposed to changing the law protecting birth mothers from custody battles. this woman says she shouldn't get in the middle of a court battle. >> reality is that he's seeking to impact a few number of men but disrupts tens of thousand of families that seems like an irresponsible use of creating laws. >> patrick insists senator hill's po poseal gives him, and others a fighting chance
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to be part of their child's life. >> this doesn't give you your son or daughter back. it gives the opportunity to go to court to present your sefdz. >> shriver's attorney told abc news they hope lawmakers do not interfere with the rights they were promised. >> thank you. >> face book users start posting interesting feed or else. the site is changing its system to push more exciting content. boring content will be pushed to the bottom. this may be a nuisance but could be a business killer for advertisers they're going to have to create super interesting facebook pages or pay to run ad autos san jose celebrating 5th anniversary of the city's first electric charging station. teeming up to become the very first city. the first one across from stay
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hall today the 50th city maintained station was installed and the mayor said it's part of the green vision. >> to reduce our electricity conception ask to save money. we're doing that with charge point stations. >> more than 12,000 nationwide. >> recycling workers are protesting what they say is a rat infest vacation in the work place. waste management employees say they're coming in contact with rodents every day saying one employee has been bitten so they notified cal osha. >> a woman has become the first person from santa clara county to test positive for west nile virus this year. health officials say the woman became ill and was
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hospitalized now recovering at home this, is the 14th human case this year. west nile transmitted through the bite of an infected mosquito. >> turns out dolphins not only have names for each other but can remember long lost friends but just sound of their voichls a study found dolphins responlded faster to the whistles of other dolphins they once shared tanks with, even after 20 years. than the calls of strangers. it's the longest recorded social memory in the animal kingdom. researchers believe it helps dolphins join and leave many different groups over a lifetime. they are remarkable creatures very smart. >> they are. >> hi, sandhya. >> my. cheryl and dan. looking for the sun? a lot of cloud cover here. but clouds are sort of insulating us andññ7ó only peaks of blue towards treasure island but there is a lot of sun elsewhere.
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you'll see clouds lingering near the coast in the north bay and towards east bay. believe it or not we're seeing a lot more air. half moon bay, 67. area of low pressure off the california coast bringing in some of the mild air to the coastal areas but elsewhere, the high enl 77 today. so certainly cooler. the low pressure may trigger thunderstorms into thursday and friday. so high fire danger for northern california mountains. h to friday, 8:00 p.m. so dry lightning and increasing fire danger into that time period.
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taking a look at the view, beautiful view there. a few high clouds coming in. 64 in san francisco. 69 in oakland, still mild in los gatos. 75 half moon bay. this view is cloud]1dey. 68 degrees in santa rosa. 66 north bay was cooler today. 70 in concord. exploratorium camera, those are the peaks of blue out towards treasure island. warming begins this week in time for all plans. that system has been keeping us cooler than average. it's going to lift on up to the north. and into oregon we'll be getting back to normal as we
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head into the middle of the week. take a look at average high for livermore, tomorrow only 78. and by wednesday, we'll get you up to 86 degrees. tomorrow morning light this morning drizzly again. temperatures low to upper 50s. a cool start and we'll see highs looking like it's pleasant. 74 san jose. high clouds, 72 in sunny yale. -- sunnyvale. along the coast cloudy possibly drizzle into the afternoon. 63 downtown san francisco towards east bay 66 oakland. 67 san leandro. temperatures well below normal. 77 in fairfield. 73 walnut creek. check out the accu-weather forecast, give yourself plenty
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of time for morning commute that will be damp in spots with drizzle. temperatures will recover in time for weekend plans. low 60s coastside. mid-80s inland. into monday, tuesday, wednesday, we're going get knew upper 80s to low 90s inland. back to you in the studio you sound good. >> thank you very much. >> just ahead changing one of the most recognizable logos in skaly. yahoo gears up for 30 days of new designs. >> you know that giant wad of fat clogging a london sewer system? a problem that strikes closer to home than you might realize at 6:00.
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yahoo released this video to announce its changing the purple logo it had nearly two
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decades and plans to post 30 different logos on its home page showing a variety of new looks. the company's favorite will be then revealed. yahoo says it decided to pick a logo because the company is evolving and the logo should do the same you have another chance to win a giant power ball jackpot today. going to show you a live picture now. more tickets have been sold there that have been winning than any other retailer in the state. four winners so far this afternoon. power ball estimates the jackpot will reach, there it is. $425 million. based owe n that number the cash payout would be $244 million. the retailer will get $1 million. keep in mind your odds are about one in 175 million so we'll not quit our day jobs
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yet. we're streaming the drawing for you tonight on our web site abc 7 >> think i can get that letter of resignation back? >> you better. >> coming up next, belmont redwood shores little leaguers at bat again, tonight. >> the eblg,
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coming up at 6:00 taking you in for a look inside california's toughest maximum security prisons. also, at 6:00 you'll hear from a former model telling the i team how chicken soup may have saved her from a suspected serial killer. >> and the bill board gone up in san francisco, paid for through a crowd-funded grass roots campaign. those stories and more coming up tonight at 6:00 right here on abc 7. now back to cheryl and dan. >> thank you. see you then. belmont shores all stars are looking to keep their perfect record going at the little
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league west reek onal autos they're red hot. the kids are three and 0 but face a tough challenge from a team from chula vista. >> the semi finals begin on friday. >> a win would assure bell mochbt being the number one seed being just two wine wins away from the series in williams port, pennsylvania. >> they've beaten arizona, maui and utah. they've bot a streak going.1x.x >> good luck. >> world news is up next. >> from all of us here, thanks for watching. ourojveñ next newscast at 6:00. >> bye bye.
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this is "world news." tonight raging water, dangerous floods after torrents of rain. rescuers out in force hauling out cars, even man's best friend. tear it down, the house of horrors in cleveland demolished today as one of the former captives issues a call to action. last man standing. for the first time the surviving member of the hot shots fire fighting team tells of the story of the fight waged by his 19 friends who were lost. >> i asked a million times why am i sitting here. >> brian ross with an abc news exclusive. and another record powerball jackpot looming. so where are the luckiest stores in america?


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