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tv   Jimmy Kimmel Live  ABC  December 10, 2013 11:35pm-12:36am PST

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from hollywood, it's "jimmy kimmel live." tonight tom hanks, rachel ray, and music from childish gambion, with cleto and the cletones. and now back by popular demand, here's jimmy kimmel! [ cheers and applause ] ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ >> jimmy: welcome everybody. welcome to the show. thank you for watching. thank you for coming. [ cheers and applause ]
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hi. i almost got pulled over on my way into work today. i was driving, a cop pulled up and gave me a quick hits on the siren. little woop, woop. and i just assumed he was a fan who wanted to say hi. i swear to god. so, we get to the light. and the cop, the passenger seat rolls his window down. i roll mine down. i go, hey guys, the cop leans in. next team you change lanes, use your turn signal. i said, okay. it was extra embarrassing. my wife was in the car. i made her get out and walk the rest of the way. you do what you have to. we have a very good show planned tonight. we have music from childish gambino tonight! rachel ray is here with us tonight! [ cheers and applause ] and the great tom hanks is here with us! [ cheers and applause ]
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and they say tom hanks is the nicest guy in hollywood. i have got to till you something i don't agree. he sent me a fruit basket to thank me for having him on the show. it had a lot of green melon in it. who likes green melon. nobody, that's who. so, no thanks, tom hanks, you monster. it a very cold on the east coast right now. highways, schools, government buildings shut down in philadelphia, kentucky, tennessee, ohio, washington, d.c. but here in l.a. it was 66 degrees and sunny today. but do not tell our local weather reporters about this. i don't know what is going on with these people. i don't know if they're getting bored. but they are desperate for bad weather. there was a little bit of wind last night. and here's how crystal cruz of our local channel 9 covered that. >> a piece of plastic caught in this tree was whipping around lock a flag tethered to a pole. trees fwloblowing all around. then there was this. one, two, three, four, five,
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six, and check out where the wind rolled number seven. >> jimmy: wow, almost, i till you it's almost like the carts are on wheels. [ applause ] they're daring us to make fun of them. if shopping carts rolling around a parking lot is a story. what isn't a story? anyone have an answer? this is kind of funny. speaking of the cold. organizing committee for the super bowl announced they will not allow tailgate parties at met life stadium before the game. which immediately made me wonder who is tailgating in february in new jersey. did you know, today, i looked this up, the term tailgating dates back to when gladiators would tie their horses tails to the gates around the arena so they could eat before going into battle. i made that up, actually. it couldn't be true. we have no way of knowing. as parents of young children know, there is, there is an endless number of products made specifically for babies. but there is a new one from
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fisher price that's causing some controversy. this is the newborn to toddler activity seat. it is a baby seat with a built in ipad holder. since when are we giving ipads to infants. when did that happen? pretty soon instead of crying babies will just send us a text to let us know they pooped. some people are upset about this product. because, you know if you put your baby in front of a screen starting at such a young age, experts predict your kid will grow up to look like this, sad looking fish. the fact american academy of pediatrics recommend children under 2 not be exposed to screens like that because the it can impede their brain development. although if it keeps the kid quiet while i'm at costco, let's bring that brain development to a halt. this is not the only insane technology for little kids right now. an iphone baby gym, an ipad toddler toilet, what a lesson we
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are teaching, poop anywhere you want, and watch cartoons while you are at it. we don't care. while the ipad toilet is a bit much. a targeted product for younger kids that may be worse. >>fetuses. a revolution in in-womb entertainment, igote, the tablet for neonates. with oversized buttons, and microscopic headphones when you get your ears. igote lets you send selfies, update your face book status, text your pals or play random letters with friend. don't just sit around growing arms and legs, get plugged in before you get pushed up. the igote, entertainment beyond conception. >> available at walgreen's. >> jimmy: don't know how they get it in, but they do. this is from an early morning news program in santa barbara,
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wake-up central coast. the show starts at 5:00 clock a.m. not that easy to be alert. if you want few be a pro like monica quintero, you are on your game before the sun comes up. monica is the recipient of the award for "ex-lecellence in reporting." >> way below zero. not a lot to complain about. >> on the lighter side, dave. dave gave me a mug like this. whoo. oh. >> jimmy: the first time using a mug. she didn't know it. you can do that a thousand times in a reaow and never do it that well. the greatest christmas miracle. toronto mayor rob ford who sat down for yet another interview. conrad black, newspaper publisher who want to prison for fraud. got out last year.
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they gave him a tv show. he asked the mayor if he is at all worried about being prosecuted. here's what the mayor had to say. >> do you assert absolutely that there is no just legal problem for you looking forward in the sense of a possible prosecution? >> no. if i have done something illegal. i told the police to arrest me. >> jimmy: yeah, you did do something illegal. unless you were smoking medicinal crack. that buy the way is how polite they are in canada. you have to tell the police to arrest you. mayor ford claims he is a changed man. he says heap is eating right, exercising, sober. he offered to take a drug test. >> you are in fact saying to the crown law office and the police. put up, or shut up. if you have a charge. lay the charge. >> i want them to. a drug test. urine test. i will do one. any drugs mine in my system. >> rob, there is no need to do ape urine test right now. >> whatever test they want to do. i am willing to do it.
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>> rob, thanks for having us in. >> thank you, conrad. thank you very much. [ applause ] [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: rob ford has been, this year any way, the greatest gift any talk show host could ask for. every day he brings us something new. he has given so much. i wanted to give something back. so we worked up a little song to celebrate each one of the four days of christmas. ♪ on the 12th day of christmas toronto gave to me 12 rob fords cracking ♪ >> i do not use crack cocaine. ♪ 11 rob ford's fighting ♪ 10 rob ford's cackling ♪ 9 rob ford's yelling ♪ 8 rob ford's falling ♪ 7 rob ford's crashing
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♪ 6 drunken stupors ♪ ♪ have i tried it? probably in one of my stupors. ♪ 5 chicken wings ♪ 4 drunk drivers ♪ ♪ 3 confessions ♪ ♪ two healll's angels ♪ ♪ and rob ford knocking over a lady ♪ [ applause ] >> jimmy: we are going to take a break. when we come back, the return of the pedestrian question plus tom hanks, rachel ray and music from childish gambion. -- gambino. ♪ ♪ when francois thibault said he was going to make vodka in cognac, with spring water and the best french wheat. everyone here said... non, non!
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>> jimmy: welcome back to the show. rachel ray. music from childish gambino on the show tonight. before we get to that. everyone here knows what a selfie is, right? nothing to be proud of, by the way. a selfie is slang for when you take a photo of yourself. president obama took a selfie at nelson mandela's memorial service today. well, i didn't do it. he did. but, i thought this would make a -- a good round of our game, the pedestrian question. we asked people on the street. the following question, is your face book profile picture a selfie? what we are going to see is some one introduce him or herself. based on their appearance we together will guess if their profile picture was taken by them or some one else. you got it. all right. let's begin. >> my name is cary, a student at
11:50 pm
csu northridge. >> is your face book profile picture a selfie? >> jimmy: all right, is her -- most everyone says yes. >> yes, it is. it is a selfie. >> are you embarrassed? >> i am embarrassed. i don't know, i think it is kind of cute. >> i would hope so, you took it. all right. next up. >> steven. sanitation cleaner. >> is your facebook profile picture a selfie? almost everyone says no, interesting. oh, a few yes's. okay. >> yes. >> what are you smoking in there? >> cannibus. >> jimmy: shocking. all right. next. >> my name is anna berg, i am a dancer and singer.
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>> is your facebook profile picture a selfie? >> jimmy: a lot of noes. a lot of noes. let's find out. >> no. somebody else took it. i didn't take it myself. it is of me. so, no. >> what's happening here? >> i'm holding a picture next to my face. >> jimmy: sean johnson. in school for audio engineering and i do real estate on the side. >> jimmy: hang on a second. before we get off to the thing. commercial real estate, buildings, wigwams, et cetera. back to the question. >> is your facebook profile picture a selfie? >> is his -- we're split pretty evenly here it looks like. >> no, no, it is not.
11:52 pm
it is not. >> does the hat have it own face book page? >> no. it does not. >> jimmy: it does not, no. next up. >> elton castay, a massage therapist. >> is your facebook profile picture a selfie? >> no! >> jimmy: all right. almost everyone says no. >> yes. >> what's going on here? >> i'm in the back seat of a car, filled with pool noodles. >> what's up with your legs? >> they are what they are. i'm a big fan of dr. suess. >> jimmy: looks like he would make a great babysitter. >> my name is holly filer, an opera singer. >> is your facebook profile picture a selfie? >> i have no idea how you guys know this stuff. or don't know this stuff. but most everyone says no. let's see. >> yes.
11:53 pm
>> you are an opera singer. sing us what is going on in the picture? ♪ i'm at the beach with my dog >> bravo. [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: i think we have one more. >> kevin daisy, a software engineer, bell helicopter. >> is your facebook profile picture a selfie? >> yes! yes! >> jimmy: uh, uh, all right. okay mostly yes's. how many knows? not too many noes. mostly yes's. let's find out. >> yes. >> be honest. how many of these have you posted? >> i lost count. i didn't know what a selfie was. once i figured it out. i did it all the time. >> jimmy: i went through a similar thing. and we have music from childish gambino. we will be right back with tom hanks!
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ed lg mego ken e 's
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>> jimmy: welcome back.
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her new cookbook looks just like this. it is called "week in a day" five dishes. the one and only, rachel ray is here with us. and then a young man who -- accomplishes whatever he sets his mind on. this is his new album because the internet had just came out today. childish gambino from the sony outdoor theater. tomorrow night, ryan seacrest. bradley whitford. music from matt miller. thursday, music from jeff campbell. join us then. our first guest needs no introduction. a multiple oscar, golden globe winning actor, brings walt disney to life in "saving mr. banks" opens december 20th. please welcome tom hanks.
12:00 am
>> thank you. thank you very much. thank you for coming. so, you know, i got a name for guys like you. >> jimmy: what is it? >> guys that don't signal when they change lines. i'm behind you. you slide over without a signal. i say, hey, thanks for the signal, [ bleep ]. like, like the world knows what you are going to do in that car. like you send out an espnessage th -- esp message, i pick it up like a degree or something. use the signal, [ bleep ], that any what it is there for. >> jimmy: tom hanks! >> don't know if you can use the word on your tv show. >> jimmy: of all the people that would get under your skin. >> yeah, yeah. the worst thing they're coming toward you. turn left in front of you.
12:01 am
signal, man. >> jimmy: i always signal. >> looking for somebody that can support this. trying to crack up your wife. she is bored with you already. >> jimmy: am i wrong? >> not entirely. >> jimmy: in l.a. if you signal people will use it against you. >> you are so wrong. if you are in l.a., traffic flows normally. we do not have jams. you know traffic is so bad, because [ bleep ] like you don't signal, don't signal when you turn. i know it is a fact. >> jimmy: bob iger just called. you can't be walt disney anymore. >> it's the one thing that send me over the edge. >> jimmy: do you ever get, you hatch this reputation, you are a very, in fact, my cousin texted me. backstage. i love tom so much. >> sweet.
12:02 am
>> jimmy: i wish he was my uncle. which is a weird insult to my dad who is her uncome. -- uncle. >> she wishes i was married to her mom's brother or something like that? >> jimmy: she does. >> i would make a lovely uncle. would have treated her nice. >> jimmy: do you ever lose it. hit any bed in or about the face? >> you mean like, come to blows, fisticuffs, no, no, no. i am, i am a lover, not a fighter. >> jimmy: when i was a kid i distinctly remember you fighting fonzi and starting a problem. >> a big deal. i was evidently the first guy in the 19 years that ritchie was in high school to -- to -- to, to, strike the fonz. i kicked him. and knocked him through the oddly, easily breakable plate glass window at arnold's. guess who wound up winning in the end. the fonz. that's right.
12:03 am
>> i had a feeling it always happened on the show. some times wave his thumb at people. >> hey. >> they fell down. >> jimmy: your big premiere last night on the disney lot. >> on the disney lot. walt the disney studios is the most, most, mostly like it was in the old days. because there is parts of it where you stand in 360 degrees, it could be 1957. >> jimmy: for me it represents something very different. because whenever i go there, of course, abc is owned, to be yelled at by someone. >> yes, yeah, yeah. >> jimmy: it looks like you guys were having a lot of fun. >> check that out. you see, there is bradley whitford on the show tomorrow night. that, is kelly marcel wrote the screen play. kathy baker. dick van dyke from the original. >> mary poppins. >> julie andrews. [ applause ] >> there is me.
12:04 am
[ applause ] that is the -- ambassador to ghana. i don't know why he was there. but i am not sure what he was doing there. >> jimmy: are you singing? >> singing "let's go fly a kite." it's the ultimate moment in the movie, mary poppins. a huge moment in our movie. the perfect song to sing in order to either cement the mood or change it. because you can get through anything good or bad by breaking out into "let's go fly a kite." if you come home and say, you are not going to believe this, you have been named camper of the year. ♪ let's go fly a kite and likely so. it can also happen, bad news, we had to put the dog down ♪ let's go fly a kite it always. everybody breaks out. >> jimmy: you would be a great uncle. >> everybody smiles after it. >> jimmy: one of few movies that
12:05 am
was shot at disneyland in the, in the park. >> yeah, yeah, we did. one long time ago with tony curtis. i made a movie. that thing you do. that we did a million years ago. when you are there. not open. before they let the crowd in. it is so small. like right there. you've real i that's how easy it is to get a churro. get off, off the -- off the tobogan ride, buy a churro in autopia. right there. 20 feet. crowded. on the other side of the world. >> jimmy: did you go on the ride? >> we were there, and we took my not quite 2-year-old daughter on the nightmare ride of her life. >> jimmy: you have a 2-year-old daught
12:06 am
daught daughter? >> granddaughter. did i say that. rita and i are not once a weekers. we took my granddaughter. we took her on one ride. it was a nightmare. never should have done it. it terrified her. she is now scarred forever. we took her on, took her on winnie the pooh's honey adventure. it's like she was too young. we are in a herky-jerky car going through, doors open up, it gets dark. big bears spinning around. and it is, ooh-ooh-ah. and winnie the pooh is coming out in your face like this. and then, coming out, it was like, horrible. i had the feeling it reminded her of her journey through the birth canal. it was like, it was dark. and it was, you know. the light came out. and oh, she is not, not recovered. >> you know, i told him he was fired. he didn't respond. everybody is going to go on
12:07 am
winnie the pooh's honey adventure. >> the movie is terrific. see a clip when we come back. it's called "saving mr. banks." top hanks, everyone. -- tom hanks, everyone. you don't want to wait to eat your raisins? no! why not? because they will turn into grapes. not sure that's the way it works. yes! are you competing for cutest kid right now? yes. and what place are you in? kindergarten! that's adorable. [ male announcer ] it's not complicated. now is better. and at&t is the nation's fastest and now most reliable 4g lte network. ♪ a small amount evaporates. this is the angel's share, gone forever. but some liquid stays trapped deep inside the wood. this is the devil's cut.
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>> no greater joy than seen through the eyes of a child. a child in all of us. >> maybe in you, mr. disney.
12:13 am
certainly not me. >> get on the horse, pamela. now, when weep first met. you said to me. you're family. >> the biz have come up with an idea through mr. banks that will make you happy. >> you didn't come all the way to tell me just that. >> no, i brought you all the way out here for monetary gain. i had a wager with the boys. i couldn't get you on a ride. i just won $20. yeah! [ cheers and applause ] saving mr. banks. the idea, these people don't know. this is walt disney. very difficult for him to get "mary poppins" made. >> she hated walt disney. didn't want the movie to be made. it was a cantankerous for two weeks.
12:14 am
>> jimmy: came out great. in fact a true story. really kind of crazy. >> pretty crazy. >> jimmy: well, obviously a fun thing to make. i'm saying i watched the film with my family at thanksgiving, thanksgiving dinner. >> yeah, yeah. >> jimmy: we have thanksgiving at the multiplex across the street. popcorn tradition. >>. corn with gravy on it. >> jimmy: we loved it. just loved it. what do you do for christmas time? >> well, we have, the obstacles we have to get over. one is, lately the christmas lights for the tree. it's, the christmas lights are always in a box. they sort of like accumulate over the years. so now there is like -- 19 ropes of christmas lights in the box. truly 2/3 don't work anymore. like you have a 20-yard strand. 10 yards of it actually work. the rest are dead lights. >> jimmy: would think you have a staff to handle something like that. >> yeah, listen. you fry to get them to respect me around the house.
12:15 am
we did when the kids were little. back when we could, collect them and agree on a theme. you know, american flags or waving candy canes or something like that. we haven't done it for years. >> oh, wow. >> we ended up having arguments about it. >> jimmy: really? >> should we dupe it? what should it be? when can we do it? >> jimmy: pain to do. >> pain in the -- i almost said a bad word. >> jimmy: it is okay you. have done enough of that already. >> yeah, yeah, yeah. would like to do it again. we can't get everybody. >> jimmy: you have come up with an idea. >> yes. >> jimmy: wonderful idea. >> in order to get past the family thing. if there is anybody here in need of a -- of a holiday christmas card, let's take one right now together. join the audience. >> anybody? any body? the nice lady in the white
12:16 am
sweater. come of on up. you're the winner. come of on up. >> all right. all right. >> come here. come here. what is your name? >> hi. speak into the microphone. this is show business. >> what is your name? >> rebecca? >> from? >> richmond, virginia. >> you have won the prize. >> let's go over here. >> jimmy: well. >> are you ready? i'm going to sit. you don't do that. are you excited. have you been out to hollywood very often. >> this is my first visit? awe tau >> do you've celebrate christmas in virginia? >> like everyone else. >> you know what we need? we need one of santa's helpers. so, why don't we -- why don't we bring out my good friend wiz khalifa as my elf. where is wiz khalifa.
12:17 am
[ cheers and applause ] i'm going to sit. there you go. oh, yeah. silt right here, rebecca. do this here. >> smile. there you go. smiling. everybody say merry christmas. >> merry christmas. there we go. yeah, that's really good. how you doing, man? >> did you meet rebecca. >> hi, rebecca. >> hi, into is to meet you, wiz. >> you got any cds dropping or anything like that. >> i got black hollywood coming out pretty soon. maybe we should drop her off one
12:18 am
of those. >> let halet's do that. >> merry christmas. >> tom hanks, everybody. and we'll be right back with rachel ray! ♪ ♪
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>> jimmy: my next guest has her own television show, magazine, website, cookware, snow tires, throwing stars, you name it. she still makes dinner every night. her new cookbook "week in a day." please say hello to rachel ray! [ cheers and applause ] ♪ ♪
12:24 am
>> i am so excited to see you. such an amazing episode. i have enjoyed it. >> jimmy: excited to see you. how nice to bring me food. how rude was tom hanks not to bring you food. >> tom did bring you food, the fruit basket. you don't care for green melon. never thought i would hear tom hangs say [ bleep ] so much. you need to use the signal. >> jimmy: all right. i heard it from him. >> i brought you a week on a plate. >> jimmy: whole week of food. >> a whole week's worth? >> sampling of a week's worth of food. the idea of week and a day. if you are going to cook, you might as well cook, two meals. three multiple. >> jimmy: can i eat it? >> week before and after a holiday. >> i love this idea. really great idea. >> delicious. this is before after a holiday. you are making a roast turkey. this is a sweet potato carrot
12:25 am
soup. one night's meal. starter for a holiday meal. mac and cheese, brussel sprouts. wasn't that good? >> jimmy: really good. >> i love that. >> sides/starters. left over turkey. three turkey dishes. barbecue turkey gumbo. turkey, fennel, pine nuts. egg noodle. a turkey casserole with corn and tomatillo and sauteed mushroom. >> jimmy: really good. sorry i am being rude and eating. it is good. >> i come bearing snacks. >> jimmy: you are on a book tour? >> i am on a book tour. it's great. >> jimmy: i should stop eating. when you are on a book tour. do people make you things say try my this, that, whatever? >> when i am on book tour. i think it is like a big block party. so much fun. you get to see all the christmas decorations. this time of year. cross the country. what's great is people do, they, think that, that we really know each other. >> jimmy: is that good. you want that? >> great.
12:26 am
they bring cookies. some make scarves. my favorite. just, talking aboulgt aing abo line on a book tour. the couple came up, from pittsburgh. love your show. watch it every morning. we brought you snack mix. you see i put our label on it. i said, look at the label. mr. and mrs. john elgers. i said, oh, thank you for labelling it. is this a thank you card. that's so you know it is not poisoned. ha-ha. >> jimmy: that's what you want to hear the word poison in that situation. >> we ate it in the car. thank you, mr. and mrs. john elger. >> jimmy: you chucked that in the garbage. >> we had to try it at that point. it was look a challenge. >> jimmy: as soon as the johnsons were out of sight it was in the garbage. >> it is really heart warming. that's how i find out what to do next on the show. >> jimmy: you do, really? >> from the feedback. a lot of people this year want books that include, a meat version and meat free, a lot of
12:27 am
families. have people. a lot of families are mixtures. >> jimmy: bunch of [ bleep ] is what they are. i mean to tell you -- i don't even believe gluten exists. >> i know. >> jimmy: i have never seen it. >> it didn't when we were kids. some people got cramps after dinner. >> jimmy: you got uncomfortable, you went away, 45 minutes. >> you were fine. have pasta. >> jimmy: do you cook a huge meal on holidays. you are italian. >> you do seven fishes. >> i do 13. >> i am lucky. my family each of them only like two of the seven. or three of the seven. so i make, my grandpa's stuffed artichoke with anchovy bread crumbs and sardines for my husband and then a big fish stew base.
12:28 am
but then i break it into four pots. because mama will only eat cod. my husband likes everything. brother only eats these. i got to, i got to make four different pots. >> jimmy: sound like your family is a pain in the ass. >> and the feast of the seven fishes, the feast of the seven pots and one dish. >> jimmy: you have to eat seven, dudsn doesn't count. >> dirty seven dishes a person. >> jimmy: this book, explain what is going on with the book. this is for people who, this is what i do. i will cook sunday. some times prepare things for the week. >> exactly. the whole idea. >> the whole idea. >> different alternative to 30 minute meals. that works for a lot of people. this is alternative for people who look to make ahead meals. john and i do sort of combination of both. sunday is our day off. so, john will be like my little donkey. and go to the markets. carry all of the heavy bags for me. power grocery shop. he will carry everything. you know back up into the apartment. he goes and works on his music for the day. i hang in the kitchen.
12:29 am
i drink tea early. wine later. and cook through the day. the idea is, that if you are going to make dinner any way. make a couple of dinner, you can get a leg up on it. >> jimmy: i would eat all the dinner that night. that's what would happen. >> that's what italians do. we spend all dayen the kitchen. mom, sister, brother. guilty of this. not just the women. at the dinner table , the women who cooked all day. they are stuffed. eating everything out of the pot with their bare hand. >> jimmy: you are known for 30 minute meals. you are working on a quicker, shorter form of recipe. >> you know, i think that if you, itch you are lucky enough to have a job after, 12, 13 years, in food tv, you have to keep setting your bar a liftle higher. 30 minutes meals. everybody gets their information so quickly now. people don't have 30 minutes. you know, everybody is into like the vine videos. six second or less.
12:30 am
so we are frying to come up with a concept that fits. that gets a recipe across, just that short, short -- >> jimmy: let's see how it went. >> may not have been a great idea. >> slice your vegetables. cheese. cook it. vegetable lasagna. >> jimmy: that works! the book is called week in a day. available now. rachel ray, everybody. we'll be right back! ♪ ♪ [ cheers and applause ]
12:31 am
ed lg meo ken e 's
12:32 am
>> jimmy: thank tom hanks, rachel ray, wiz khalifa. and "nightline" is next. this is his brand new album. came out today. it is the song "3005" and
12:33 am
childish gambino! [ cheers and applause ] ♪ ♪ ♪ no matter what you say or what you do when i'm alone i'd rather be with you ♪ ♪ these other i'll be right by your side ♪ ♪ till 3005 hold up ♪ ♪ hold up wait a minute all good just a week ago ♪ ♪ crew at my house and we party every weekend so on the radio ♪ ♪ that's my favorite song made me bounce around ♪ ♪ like i don't know like i won't be here long ♪ ♪ now the thrill is gone got no patience 'cause i'm not a doctor ♪ ♪ girl why is you lying girl why you mufasa ♪ ♪ yeah mi casa su casa got a stripper like gaza got so high off volcanoes now the flow is so lava ♪ ♪ yeah we spit that saliva iphone got message from viber ♪ ♪ either the head is so hydra or we let bygones be bygones ♪
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♪ my god you pay for your friends i'll take that as a compliment ♪ ♪ got a house full of homies why i feel so the opposite incompetent ain't the half of it ♪ ♪ saturdays we young lavishing saddest is i'm bad as it ♪ ♪ beans they took from the cabinet sorry i'm just scared of the future ♪ ♪ till 3005 i got your back we can do this hold up ♪ ♪ no matter what you say or what you do when i'm alone i'd rather be with you ♪ ♪ these other i'll be right by your side ♪ ♪ till 3005 ♪ hold up hold up hold up hold up ♪ ♪ hold up hold up hold up hold up ♪ s
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hold up up ♪ hold up ho hold up ♪ we in here like rogain or leave it like cobain and when i'm long gone ♪ ♪ whole crew sing a swan song ♪ ♪ 'cause we all just ticking time bombs got a lambo like lebron's mom ♪ ♪ and no matter where all of my friends go emily, fam and lorenzo ♪ ♪ all of them people my kinfolk at least i think so ♪ ♪ can't tell 'cause when them checks clear they're not here 'cause they don't care ♪ ♪ it's kinda sad but i'm laughing whatever happens ♪ ♪ assassins are stabbed in the back of my cabin ♪ ♪ labrador yapping i'm glad that it happened i mean it ♪ ♪ between us i think there's something special ♪ ♪ and if i lose my mental just hold my hand even if you don't understand hold up ♪ ♪ no matter what you say or what you do when i'm alone i'd


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