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tv   ABC World News With Diane Sawyer  ABC  February 17, 2014 5:30pm-6:01pm PST

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from all of us here, thanks for watching see you again at 6:00. welcome to "world news." tonight, hijacked. new video from a passenger on a big commercial plane when the co-pilot hijacks the plane in mid-flight. what did the pilot threaten as the plane lunged. no break in this new week with another new storm. a weather alert for 18 states and the danger to your home that is hanging over your head. and tempting fate. big news tonight the famous preacher killed by a lethal bite. see the video as we take you into the hidden world behind church doors. good evening, on this monday night, this presidents' day. as new details and new video are
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streaming in, capturing 90 minutes of terror aboard a passenger plane. some 200 passengers hijacked by their co-pilot who was locked inside the cockpit. tonight we're talking to the ainges flying from ethiopia to rome. 11 were americans, and abc's chief foreign correspondent, terry moran, walks us through the new video coming in right now. >> reporter: cell phone video shows how the terrified ordeal ended, shaken passengers just as the flight has landed. police taking over. >> this is a police operation. please don't move. >> reporter: their hands over their heads they get off the plane under guard in geneva. it began hours earlier, in the middle of the night, when flight 702 left ethiopia's capital at 12:30 a.m. bound for rome.
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a boeing 757 with 200 crpassengs and crew members aboard. all was quiet until the captain went to the bathroom about an hour before landing and the copilot locked the bathroom door and took over the plane. within minutes the passengers were jolted awake as the plane began to careen. and bounce threw the air. the captain trying to get back into the cockpit. the co-pilot came over the loud speaker and threatened to scare the airplane. another passenger said oxygen masks fell os the plane seemed like it was falling from the sky. flight 702 taken over by a trusted insider, a threat around the world, aviation experts say. >> what we do in the united states, at least, when a pilot goes out to use one of the facilities, a flight attendant steps in. it's a no lone zone. apparently they're not following that. >> reporter: the co-pilot, hailemedhin abera flew past rome
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to seek asylum. for 90 minutes a tense standoff. you can actually see on this flight how flight 702 circled back and forth over geneva, the co-pilot warning that fuel was now running dangerously low. italian and french fighter jets were scrambled and finally flight 702 landed in general eve have, the co-pilot exiting the cockpit through the window and down a rope. he was promptly arrested. that co-pilot had worked for the airline for five years. no criminal record, but looking at 20 years if convicted. the cockpit doors keep people outside for sure and keep people inside, too. >> you're saying, terry, no pilot or co-pilot is allowed to be alone in the cockpit on american planes? >> reporter: absolutely. that's the protocol on american planes. that cockpit no one is allowed in there. >> reporter: thank you for reporting on this fast-moving story.
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and back home millions of americans suffering through the winter of our discontent as old shakespeare would have said. eight storms in seven weeks and another one is descending. abc's alex perez on the mounting danger on the ground and on your roof. >> reporter: tonight a new storm pounding the midwest with snow and howling winds. in minneapolis, plows working nonstop. >> i'm ready to move. >> reporter: des moines, whiteout conditions. in chicago, thundersnow. snow already piled so high here, just running an errand is like zigzags through an obstacle course. everywhere you look there's massive icicles. >> how crazy has this been for you as a home owner? >> i lived here 20 years. i've nerve seen anything like this. >> reporter: it also has roof repair crews stretched thin as they work to melt home wrecking
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ice dams formed when the heat from the inside melts snow that piles up on the inside and that creates extensive problems. >> reporter: when you see the huge icicles what does that mean? >> water will get in the house and start damaging the house. >> reporter: in some cases, tens of thousands of dollars? >> tens of thousands of floors, floor, ceiling, electrical. all kinds of stuff. >> reporter: and in some areas, the ground is frozen 20 inches below the surface meaning even when the snow melts the ground can't absorb the water from those massive mountains. and in some areas, there's so much snow piling up they can't plow it out. in many cases they're using huge trucks to haul it out to empty parking lots. and mother nature not done yet. the big concern now, flooding, and the warm-up expected later this week. diane. >> alex, thanks to you. and abc's meteorologist ginger
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zee with the records shattered and the countdown to relief. >> diane, if it feels it's been the worst winter ever, in some places it has. look at chicago, the third snowiest and now tied for the most sub-zero days on record and in indianapolis, their snowiest season on record. detroit, a little both of fifth snowiest and sixth coldest. all of those ranking, here in new york city, eighth snowiest. and more to come. tomorrow morning it happens. we'll have a messy commute from eastern pennsylvania to connecticut, eventually into parts of massachusetts. and some number, 2 to 4 inches overall, six-plus in pink there. it's all part of the pattern we're struck on. the jet stream. the record warmth to the west. the snow and cold to the east. the jet stream buckles enough to give mid-atlantic and southern northeast a little break. at least late week. when it comes to spring, we're all counting down and now the number is 29 days. 29 days until the spring equinox. diane?
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>> put it on the calendar and hope. and now the olympic games. two americans blaze their way into history with their speed, their strength, and, yes, their twizzles. matt gutman is right there. >> reporter: perhaps no athletes shattered an olympic record while appearing as joyous as meryl davis and charlie white. >> it's incredible. i can't imagine being up here with anyone else. >> reporter: the fred astaire and ginger rogers of ice dancing, becoming the first pair to win gold for the u.s. in the event. >> watch the twizzle coming up here. >> reporter: there's the twizzle, spinning in unison, holding one of their blades. timing must be precise. watch again, davis and white complete five turns in three seconds, their skates hitting the ice at the same time with the precision of atomic clocks. and there's the required fast-paced finnstep, a precise sequence of 70 steps. they dance as a single body. look how close their blades are to each other.
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it's ballroom dancing on ice. >> we felt we had the opportunity to prove to the world that we were the best, beyond a doubt. >> reporter: on another stretch of ice, more history for the u.s. steve holcomb and steve langdon bringing home the first american medal in the two-man bobsled since 1952, a bronze. the bobsledders pushed a 400-pound sled going from zero to 30 miles an hour in 5 seconds. and then the hard part -- getting in. >> that's a lot of running. ah, my foot. all right. go! >> reporter: but on the slopes today, soupy fog forced the cancellation of two events where nick baumgartner hoped to compete in the snowboard cross. >> here i am at the bottom. we are not racing, obviously, because we can't see anything. >> reporter: weather has been an problem since the start of the games, first it was the heat, with skiing and snowboarding events postponed and athletes
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saying the snow had the consistency of mashed potatoes. and tomorrow we could see temperatures in the 60s. diane? >> matt gutman reporting from sochi. and now, to kim jong-un is put on notice. he could be put on trial for crimes against humanity in his country. tonight we have an unprecedented investigation by the united nations comparing the north koreans to the nazi, and even the tiniest koreans are not safe. bob woodruff has traveled to korea five times and has our story. >> reporter: allegiance to the regime begins here, childhood, according to today's u.n. report. >> we saw it firsthand in their crisp uniforms, singing a song of praise to regime's brutal leader, kim jong-un. today, the u.n. panel saying he and his government is responsible for crimes against humanity.
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>> the commission of inquiry has unanimously come to the conclusion that there is abundant evidence of great wrongs of this kind. >> reporter: the scathing report highlights some of the worst abuses the world has ever seen. it says the regime seeks to dominate every aspect of its citizens' lives and terrorizes them from within, uses food as an important means to enforce political loyalty, and probably the most searing describes horror inside the regime's infamous prison camps, saying they are rampant with torture, rape, forced abortion and execution. one woman testifying that her four children and parents were killed simply because she gossiped about the leader. this former police officer, who did not want to be identified, describing what every-day north koreans face. people might resist the regime with their lives if it is only themselves who might be killed, this man says, but it's not only one man being put to
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death, it's three generations of his family, too. >> just unprecedented crimes against humanity and the world can't close its eyes to that and pretend it's not there because there's a nuclear problem. >> reporter: of course north korea denies all of these charges. as for holding them accountable, it will be very difficult because their powerful ally, china, will probably resist any prosecution and will north koreans in the country actually learn anything about this report? diane, in the recent trips i've made there we've seen cell phones on the streets. maybe there will be messages passed in and out. and they can learn about this report from inside. >> nonetheless it's very closed. >> it's still isolated, yes. >> thank you very much. at least put on notice tonight. back here at home a sign of the changing modern american family. tonight, 35 years after the first test-tube baby, in vitro fertilization skyrocketed. more than 1.5% of all babies and new evidence women are waiting longer to have children. the average age women have now
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their first child, 26. that's up from 21 in 1970. now tonight a consumer watch dog investigation into the confusing labels at the grocery store, organic, natural, cage-free? new answers to that question. are we buying what we think? here's abc's david kerley. >> reporter: head down the grocery aisle and you are bombarded with labels. natural, whole grains -- but do you really know what it all means? look at this cereal box. pictures of berries. are there any inside? >> the only fruit in this cereal is dried apples. >> that's right. >> reporter: that's michael jake onson, head of the center for science and public interest, who has been battling misleading labels for decades. >> the food industry thinks this is a war and their livelihoods depend on your buying their product, >> reporter: jacobson says that cereal has red and blue food coloring added to look like berries. how are they able to do that?
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even though the fda says labels can't be false or misleading, it also says just because there's a picture of berries that doesn't mean you're actually getting pieces of berries. kellogg's says this picture just depicts the flavor of the product. a recent consumer reports survey found that a third of those questioned think that natural is the same as organic, which it's not. the term "organic" is tightly regulated, but the f.d.a. has no definition for the use of the word "natural." and a lot of products use that term. but that doesn't mean there isn't a lot of non-natural stuff inside. this drink mix says, "natural lemonade flavor." you may envision a lemonade stand, but look at the ingredients. they include artificial sweeteners, and a list of hard-to-pronounce synthetic substances. >> but it's one of those buzz words you put on a product. more people will grab it, people will grab it. >> reporter: kraft puts less than 2% of anything natural, part of which is lemon flavor. how about cage-free eggs, that can cost as much as 60% more.
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you may be thinking chickens out in a pasture, but if it doesn't say "pasture raised," it may look more like inside this building. the chickens certainly aren't caged, but they aren't ranging far. >> it's better than if they were in a cage, that's for sure. >> reporter: and one more thing, on poultry products, you might see labels touting no hormones. well guess what? >> federal regulations prohibit the use of hormones or steroids. >> you can't put them in chickens by law, therefore we're not doing it? >> that's right >> reporter: so where will you find the real answers? our expert says it's in the fine print, the ingredient list. so don't forget your glasses the next time you shop. david kerley, abc news, washington. and here tonight, tempting fate. we're talking about the dangerous religious ritual that cost a small-town preacher his life and tonight our cameras take you behind the church doors into the rarely seen world. we're back in two minutes.
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oh what a relief it is. next here, tonight, the death of a famous preacher whose faith centered on a passage from the bible promising protection from snakes. a rattlesnake took his life. we've been reporting on this church for a long time. now we'll show you images from behind closed doors. here's abc's steve osunsami. >> reporter: pastor jamie coots was always ready to meet jesus and the bite that killed him happened in the church with his son and family watching. >> the snake that bit him, we've been caring for at the coach for about four months. >> he told me you get bit you die at home or god bring us through. >> reporter: the preacher himself walked us through his world last year where believers speak in tongues. to many outsiders it doesn't make sense using poisonous snakes to worship god. >> that's the singing of a rattlesnake. >> reporter: the pentecostal
5:48 pm
families and their hit reality season "snake salvation" from "national geographic." there's more than 100 of these churches across appalachia, all fighting with state and local authorities. pastors arrested for using deadly snakes in worship. >> the snake is nothing more to me. it's a tool used in the bible. >> reporter: a verse from the book of mark defines their faith. >> they shall take up serpents. and if they drink any deadly, it shall not hurt them. and they shall lay hands on and shall recover. >> reporter: true believers like coots refuse treatment when the snake bites. for the pastor was eight times. >> we got a call that he had passed away. >> reporter: doctors say bite victims must always survive when they get medical help immediately. steve osunsami. atlanta.
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dulcolax. predictable over-night relief you can count on. our "instant index" begins with a little mistake from the popular site groupon. for president's day they honored a $10 discount in honor of the man on the $10 bill. quote, president alexander hamilton undeniably one of our greatest presidents, end quote. one problem, hamilton was never president. he is on the bill but he is the nation's treasury secretary. groupon may have openings for fact-checkers tonight. and a supreme court ruling on the vital national debate about pizza, finally. does deep-dish truly qualify? supreme court justice antonin scalia, told chicago, home of the deep dish it should not be called pizza. it's very tasty, but it's not pizza. he said it really is tomato pie. scalia believes pizza should be
5:53 pm
thin and crusty, have a crunch like the pizza in his old home, new york. and tonight, mystery solved. ♪ mama mia now i really know >> reporter: how did abba really come up with those costume, spandex, sparkle? fashion or a tax write-off? a former band member revealed under swedish law, wild costumes are tax deductible because they can never be confused with street clothes, hence the flashy suits which ensured a nice tax-savings for the group. and up next tonight, ticklish best friends. >> it tickles. >> the magical boy, the magical dog who never leaves his side, changing both their lives, coming up. coming up.
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ask your doctor if you live in or have been to a region where certain fungal infections are common. tell your doctor if you have had tb, hepatitis b, are prone to infections, or have symptoms such as fever, fatigue, cough, or sores. you should not start humira if you have any kind of infection. ask your doctor if humira can work for you. this is humira at work. and, finally, tonight, they are best friends, an enchanting boy and a mystically devoted dog. separately, they've struggled, but together, they are unbreakable. and here's abc's linsey davis. >> reporter: not just man's best friend. >> it tickles.
5:57 pm
>> reporter: you can tell by this little boy's spirit, haatchi is so much more than that. own is 7 years old and suffers from a genetic disorder so rare, only about 30 people are currently living with it in the world. it's called schwartz-jamel syndrome and it causes his muscles to permanently tense. >> he's used to living with pain all his life. >> reporter: also painful, his constant struggle to make friends, until one day -- >> haatchi got hit by a train. >> reporter: he lost one of his legs and part of his tail. a special dog, given a home by a special family. >> just a pair of eyes just staring at me, and i never felt like that about any dog. >> reporter: it made this once-shy boy thrilled to be in the spotlight at britain's biggest dog show. >> how much does it mean for you to be here in the final of
5:58 pm
"friends for life"? >> reporter: needless to say, owen's love for haatchi is, well, needless to say. >> it's owen and haatchi. >> i was amazed! that is happy, but that is amazing. >> reporter: linsey davis, abc news, new york. and we thank you so much for watching. we're always here at "nightline" later. see you tomorrow. >> two chp officers killed,ç have live team coverage tonight >> duz yebz demand answers inym the death of a n+p bay teenage. looking into the struggle for survival in a horse ranch. one of the manyfá impacts of th
5:59 pm
california drought )b% >> color controversy at a local ice cream ñ/7shop. digging intoe disputeç now going on behindñrs >> california mourns the loisñof two patrol officers tonight, killed in the line of duty in san joaquin valley.t( good evening. >> we're broadcasting another week while we switch to energy efficient lighting in our main studios. officer juan gonzales worked for chp office .ñ(qú sa jose.fá officer law began his career with chp in oakland the two men killed responding to a crash just souvenlg fresno before dawn. and they were told it was on the north side of the highway but it was on the south side and they realized they were headed for it. >> officers took action to avoid
6:00 pm
striking any parties from the collision, lost control of the guardrail. >> no one else was hurt. the chp accident reconstruction team was at the crash siteok recovering evidence. >> governor brown and his wife offered condolences and sympathies. we join all californians, the statement says in honoring officers for courage and service. the flag at the capitol lowered to half staff v: today. the two officers both had roots if the bay area zechlt team coverage tonight. abc7 news reporter vick slee in oakland where officer law began his career. and david lieu gee in san jose. >> juan gonzales came to work here in 2008. we


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