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tv   ABC7 News 1100PM  ABC  March 1, 2014 11:00pm-12:01am PST

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around and crashing into restaurants. charles not having coverage stressed me out. i literally haven't been to a doctor in 15 years. i had a car accident when i was uninsured, and i declined medical assistance because it was gonna be too expensive. as a result, i deal with back pain on a pretty regular basis. after it had built up for so long of not having insurance, i couldn't believe that it was just that easy. it was just nice to have a plan that was a reasonable monthly premium. i'm in because i don't want to put a price on my health. [ female announcer ] everyone deserves health insurance. are you in? visit, and get covered today.
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a live look outside tonight as the rain is slowly starting to clear up for now but not before it caused a lot of problems throughout the state. amazing video from the wild surf in southern california to damage caused by the waves right here in northern california where a sinkho sinkhole opened up. we start with leigh glaser. >> we had a high surf advisory until 3:00 this afternoon. they in fact cancelled it at 3:00 this afternoon. all the flood watches have been
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discontinued as well which is a sign that things will be improving for the bay area. a few light pockets of moisture continue to migrate across the bay area. petaluma with light rain. scattered bits of moisture from belmont to san matteo and south san francisco. we will monitor another weak system that will bring the bay area more showers overnight tonight and for your sunday. we'll look at the timing coming up in the next bit. >> we will see you later. >> it will take a lot more rain to ease california's drought concerns. the governor signed a drought relief package designed to help californians in these tough times. lilian kim has more. >> reporter: we are talking about $687 million which will help everyone from farm workers
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to your water agency. the city hopes to rely on groundwater too. the plan is to drill as many as six wells on the west side. the hope is that a chunk of the project will be paid for by the drought relief money. betsey rhoads is a spokesperson for the san francisco public utilities commission. >> we're looking to diverse if i the portfolio. >> reporter: the san francisco p.u.c. will be asking that some of the money be used to fund a city program not to just give away water efficient appliances but install them too. the utility district is focusing on recycled water and will put a million dollars into the recycled water project. >> it's usual hi used in
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irrigation, household front yards and highway system irrigation and commercial buildings and we're finding that many commercial buildings want to use recycled water for building cooling. >> reporter: but it goes beyond water infrastructure projects. it will pay for food and housing for farm workers and others impacted by the drought. >> nearly two dozen pg&e customers are without power tonight. a large tree snapped a power pole in half. the downed tree blocked hutchison road before crews could remove it. power is expected to be back on by midnight tonight. high winds to blame for this overturned modular home today. it happened just before 3:00 p.m. near north greenville road. the road was closed for two hours. no one was hurt there. a portion of road in santa cruz will remain closed after a
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sinkhole opened up. public works crews shut down the street to assess the damage. one resident said that erosion has been a problem for years. >> through the years the places to park have eroded away. there are a lot of places where it is undercutting. >> eastbound west cliff drive is still closed to traffic. and the heavy surf blew a hole in a driveway. the house is vacant right now. the crews will have to figure out how safe it is for any future residents there. as heavy as the surf is here it's nothing compared to santa barbara today. a huge wave scattering glass at a restaurant. no one was hurt. the restaurant is closed tonight
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and for good reason. just as bad in golita. two work were were hurt when a wave crashed into a diner. one of the workers was swept under the pier. both are sore but okay tonight. mandatory evacuations for residents of 1200 homes in the foothills of los angeles county. rivers of mud have flowed from hillsides burned wildfires today. you can track the rain on our abc 7 news weather app. you can download it from our website. the weather causing concern for a family looking for a 93-year-old missing man tonight.
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robert davis was last seen on wednesday night and no one has heard from him sense. lisa amin gulezian joins us with more. >> reporter: police put out this alert on thursday. still no signs or leads for robert davis. ryan matthews has uploaded pictures and sharing posts. he is trying to find his grandfather. >> i'm worried. yeah, i -- it's really difficult to try to visualize where he could be. >> reporter: robert davis just finished his weekly dinner date with his daughter when he disappeared. he was supposed to drive straight home but never made it. >> it was a rainy night and he is 93. and he does get somehow confused and has short term memory loss. >> we have no idea what he could
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have done. >> reporter: an air search thursday and ground search friday revealed nothing. davis' family has driven 400 miles searching back roads, ravines, alleys, but still no sign of the world war ii veteran. he is driving a car like this. a 2001 silver toyota camry with a license plate number 4 sey 056. >> he can't drive forever. there has to be an explanation to where he could be or, you don't just vanish. >> reporter: davis has no cell phone and has not used his credit card. >> he is a creature of habit and always on time. and he's happy. and he always said i'm going to live until i'm 100. >> reporter: volunteers and searchers will be meeting here at the san rafael police
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department at 9:30 a.m. and passing out fliers all over downtown. live tonight, lisa amin gulezian, abc 7 news. now for the latest developments in the ukraine. president obama spoke with president putin today about the crisis and expressed his concern about russia's involvement. >> reporter: violence and bloody clashes filled the streets as pro-russian demonstrators battled supporters of the new ukrainian government. flags were ripped down and russian flags raise. ukraine's acting president put the armed forces on alert. russia's parliament gave president putin the green light to use military force in the ukraine, a defiance of president obama's warning. >> there will be costs for military intervention in ukraine. >> reporter: the president
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phoned putin to express his deep concern over russia's breach of international law and cautioned his counter part to defuse tensions by withdrawing russian tours. the skusht council heard from ambassadors in an open televised session. russia's provocative actions could push it beyond the breaking point. >> reporter: if it continues to escalate, the u.s. would not attend the g-8 summit. >> a group held signs demanding moscow withdraw from the ukraine. authorities called the knife attack at a train station in china an act of terrorism. at least ten people stabbed and
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killed. 33 people and injured 130 others. the police shot and killed four of the assailants. it is home to a simmering rebellion against chinese rule. still to come on abc 7 news at 11:00. the new effects you'll see tomorrow night at the oscars. and what it takes to get red carpet ready. the secrets of the stars. and the rest of the country can't catch a break from the wild weather. the accidents we love this kitch! what's next? great! do you have measurements? yeah, i paced it off. it's about twenty by twelve of these. so, we can measure, plan and install it for you.
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we had to take just a little bit for the kitchen. because your kitchen dreams can be big. ikea has it all. the countdown is on. hollywood's big night is tomorrow. this is a live picture of the red carpet at the dolby theater hollywood. for now, katie marzullo is on the red carpet. >> reporter: two of the new things are above my head. the catch is the weather needs to clear up a ten tents need to
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come down if everything will go as planned. this camera seems to fly through the air and it's a first in the history of a red carpet. >> a different vantage point. hopefully we can use it. >> if the rain forces the tent to stay in place, the fly kam will have 20% capacity. without it it is 300 feet of the carpet. >> and we have a ticker wall and we carpeted up the grand staircase for the first time in a long time. >> reporter: spotted on saturday, robin roberts, deep into rehearsals and we met one of her biggest fans. >> we came to see some stars. >> reporter: terry will be in the bleachers sunday afternoon. she won tickets on "live with kelly and michael" will the stars be dry and tent free? >> when you get flash flood
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warnings and squalls and biblical rains in the forecast it gets your attention. >> reporter: joe lewis hopes that the tents can come town. they are ugly. he wants it to be as beautiful out here as it is inside theater. on the red carpet in l.a., katie marzullo, abc 7 news. >> katie will join us live from the red carpet talking to the winners tomorrow on abc 7 news at 11:00. one intersection drying out after someone crashed into a fire hydrant. here is the mess left behind this afternoon. this picture sent to us by an abc 7 viewer. no one was hurt. a major closure on highway 24 to tell you about. cal transis closing all westbound lanes to remove an old
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traffic sign. it will take five hours starting at midnight. leigh glaser is tracking more rain tonight with live doppler 7 hd. dry up there? >> we have experienced a few brief showers off and on. right now just a few sprinkles coming down. get ready for more showers as live doppler 7 hd taking a rest right now. but it is still picking up a few light showers all the way up over towards muir beach and san rafael as well. and we are seeing light showers on the peninsula. san matteo all the way up to san bruno. not overwith yet and a second round of showers tomorrow. i want to take you down to southern california telling you about the high surf and isolated thunderstorms and heavy rainfall. you can see that area of low pressure is pushing to the east.
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things starting to clear up and just in time for the red carpet event tomorrow at the oscars we will see breaks of sunshine and a slight chance of maybe a shower. temperature at 2:00 there, 51 degrees. rainfall here locally in the past 24 hours you'll notice not that much in the north bay but the south bay got much-needed rainfall. east bay hills looking down on the bay there with temperatures now generally in the 50s. san francisco 56, 51 in los gatos. and you can see that not a lot of fog out there but we may have to deal with that tomorrow morning. napa, 53. here's a look at the forecast for the first few days of march. scattered showers overnight. the return of the showers tomorrow. and then it looks like rain will be in our first full days of march.
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low pressure checking down in southern california is pushing to the east there. you can see that massive area of clouds. this is the next cold front to move in. a weak system not well organized. it's breaking apart a little bit. it will hold together enough to bring us scattered showers. 11:00 tonight, a bit of a break. 2:00 a.m. tomorrow morning, check out 5:00 a.m. the showers start to roll back in. 9:00, 10:00, widespread shower activity and thins out. 6:00, 7:00, 8:00, 9:00, 10:00 tomorrow night. but look to the west tomorrow night, that band of showers will be here in time for the monday commute. showers are in the forecast, temperatures mild. highs tomorrow mid-60s in the east bay. 62 for san francisco, 64 for santa rosa.
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folks, here's a look at the seven-day forecast. takes us into the first full week of march. a chance of showers on monday, a break on tuesday, thickening showers wednesday night and thursday with showers. a brighter sky friday and saturday with temperatures in the 70s. a couple more rounds of rain and we need them. >> what a difference a month makes. >> you're right. >> leigh, thank you so up. many. rick quan is talking about march madness. >> or sadness for some teams. college basketball teams are saying good-bye to their seniors. that includes a stanford star
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with tournament time approaching, the cal bears were hoping to boost their resume with a win at arizona state. cal trailed by 5 at the break. but the second half but all asu. carson gets this shot to go. and the monster reverse slam. call that a shaq attack. a season high 15. asu wins 78-60. cal drops to 18-11 and 9-7 in the pac-12. now it's davis stockton going baseline. he puts it up and in. and this three puts the zags up by 30. st. mary's is blown out at home. gonzaga will be the seed in
11:25 pm
the wcc tournament. the shockers finished their regular season 31-0. ron baker from outside. later he lobs it to early. 68-45, the final. wichita state is the first team since st. joe's since 2004 to enter the tournament unbeaten. she is going to be missed next season. stanford improves to 28-2. the cougars have never beaten the cardinal women. senior night in berkeley. cal taking on washington. morning the seniors, she knocks down her game-high 24. but the huskies spoil the party. 70-65 was the final. despite the loss, cal is the
11:26 pm
number two seed in the pac-12 tournament. still to come, stanford opens spring football practice. and russell henley makes a run for the lead at
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one of the great stories for the athletics last season was the emergence of sonny gray. it's spring training. gray looked good throwing two shutout innings allowing two hits while striking out a pair. scribner had one strikeout. drew pomeranz gets this hitter swinging. stanford held the first of three open practice sessions today. the cardinal will have to replace 12 starters, six on defense and six on offense.
11:30 pm
tyler gaffney accounted for 69% of the rushing yards and had 1700 yards on the ground and 22 touchdowns. it will be tough filling his shoes but the cardinal has a number of good replacements. >> it's been good. you know, i thought wright has been steady. he's made big runs. and barry sanders and kelsey young. you know, they made some big plays. and turned short gains into long gains. i like the group right now. >> at the honda classic almost as many ducks as birdies and even an eagle from 150 yards out. russell henley with the shot of the day. he kept the pressure on rory mcilroy with this birdie on 17. a 68 today puts him two strokes off the pace.
11:31 pm
mcilroy is trying to complete a wire to wire victory. a 69 has him 12 under par. a win tomorrow would be his first in 18 months. chicago played host to pittsburg at soldier field. hard to pass the puck at times. but even in these conditions, the hawks were hot. a sweet pass for the goal. chicago wins 5-1. it was versteeg's 100 it's career goal. this abc 7 sports report brought to you tonight by river rock casino. still to come, the wild weather isn't just in california, the problem across the country as another storm moves in. and how the stars get ready
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i literally haven't been to a doctor in 15 years. i had a car accident when i was uninsured, and i declined medical assistance because it was gonna be too expensive. as a result, i deal with back pain on a pretty regular basis. after it had built up for so long of not having insurance, i couldn't believe that it was just that easy. it was just nice to have a plan that was a reasonable monthly premium.
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i'm in because i don't want to put a price on my health. [ female announcer ] everyone deserves health insurance. are you in? visit, and get covered today.
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in tonight's headlines, the family of a 93-year-old man from san rafael is fearing for his safety. the world war ii vet has short term memory loss. oakland firefighters putting out flames at an apartment complex on 34th street found a body burned beyond recognition and police are calling the death suspicious. the governor signed a drought bill designed to help everyone from farm workers to local agencies. it will provide funding to better use local water supplies. a fierce storm is moving across the country bringing heavy snow and ice and a lot of accidents. in denver more than 100 cars tangled up on i-25. >> in just seconds a saturday morning turnedo chaos in
11:36 pm
colorado. snow and ice blamed on that pile up in denver, killing at least one person as temperatures plummeted 42 degrees in just one day. in montana three people are recovering in the hospital after an avalanche came into their homes. the town digging them out, including an eight-year-old boy playing outside. and now another massive storm on the move. the winter that won't quit. >> it's not fit for man or beast. >> the new storm impacting 11 million people in 1500 miles from kansas through the ohio valley and charging eastward dumping a wintery mix on the east coast by monday. not each niagara falls a match for the biting cold. 60% of the waters frozen.
11:37 pm
from arkansas to west virginia they are watching power lines. the heavy ice could lead to widespread power outages. >> and the system is expected to hit the east coast on monday. here the snow is welcome of course. back to back storms have graced lake tahoe with three and a half feet this week. the skiers taking advantage of the fresh powder as you can see from this video. more than two dozen people were hurt after a truck plowed into a las vegas food for less. the driver an 88-year-old woman who lost control of the truck and drove 80 yards into the store's frozen food section. nine people were hospitalized. hollywood's most glamorous awards show happens tomorrow night on abc 7. here is a live look at the red carpet where the crew is getting ready for tomorrow's show.
11:38 pm
here is cynthia mcfadden with a look at what it takes for the stars to get ready. >> the awards may be presented inside but these days, outside on the red carpet, winners and losers are also crowned. the stages are a make or break high. >> and the dress can change things for girls. >> reporter: a fashion fail can hurt more than feelings. it can harm a career. two of the biggest stylists pull back the curtain of that secret world for us. >> are these the oscar dresses? >> they are. >> this must weigh ten pounds. >> reporter: to snag one requires negotiations and sometimes sharp elbows. it helps when you have clients like she does, scarlet
11:39 pm
johansson. >> this is an old dress that got mix red views but i loved it. >> reporter: this dress was largely panned. >> when you hear it is less than successful? >> you call her and say are you okay? i'm fine. next time will be a home run. >> reporter: which brings you to this year. >> i assume the dress is made at this point? >> reporter: i wouldn't assume that. is it being made as we speak. >> can you tell me who you are dressing? >> no. top secret. >> reporter: it's not just oscar season. if you put a star in a dress that someone had once worn? >> that is a death of a stylist. >> it has to be fun. you are walking down the red carpet and everyone is screaming
11:40 pm
your name. >> serious business for sure. for the first time you can watch thes the oscars on your smartphone or tablet. you can download the app at we are giving away movie tickets for an survive yeentire year. to enter like us at and fill out the entry form so we can get in touch if you win. one of the guests at the academy awards is toronto mayor rob ford. who was there tonight? that is abc's jimmy kimmel dressed as a
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local coast guard auxiliary commander has resigned. coming up, what happened when dan noyes sat down with a man who has been pretending to be a war hero for years? and i'm leigh glaser we'll look ahead to our first w
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tonight we're hearing more tall tales from a commander in the u.s. coast guard auxiliary who was forced to resign after it was found he exaggerated his prior military service. he pretended to be a navy seal. dan noyes has the story. >> reporter: the u.s. coast guard auxiliary is comprised of civilian volunteers. they perform harbor patrols and keeping boats safely away from events like the america's cup. for the past 20 years, jim van fleet has been a major figure. >> what is your title? >> currently i'm a commander. >> reporter: like many in the auxiliary he has prior military service in the navy and, boy, he has some stories.
11:45 pm
van fleet told me he had two purple hearts in vietnam. >> i got tossed in the air by a mortar round that landed near to me. you go straight up and come back down on your neck and shoulder. >> reporter: and two bronze stars. >> i don't usually talk about my medals and actions i was in until after midnight and half a bottle of tequila. >> reporter: and a gold trident. he said he went on seal patrols in vietnam and carried out a secret seal mission after they captured a u.s. intelligence ship. >> that was frightening. we thought we were going to be vaporized. >> reporter: the tall tales have caught up to him because of a push by military veterans to
11:46 pm
expose the phonies. someone snapped this picture in monterey last year and posted it to the fake warriors website for identification and a member of the auxiliary recognized van fleet. he called a retired navy seal who verified he is a fake using the seal database. >> i'll check your name. just like that, i'll tell you if he was a seal or not. it's that easy. >> reporter: i filed a freedom of information act request and received van fleet's records. he serve lead the years as a radar man, no purple hearts, bronze stars or navy seal. >> those are not real, right, correct? >> if you wish, you can expose me. go ahead. am i telling the truth or not? yes. >> reporter: van fleet told me he figured this day would come eventually and he would simply stop wearing the medals.
11:47 pm
>> this would not have happened on my part if i like other vets had received the respect due for the job they had done. >> reporter: that's no excuse for these five retired navy seals who paid a heavy price during a combined 100 years of military service. some of their injuries are apparent and some are not. the experts believe there are as many as one thousand phonies for every living navy seals. >> i would like to turn their birthdays off. but it's against the law. >> reporter: the current version of the stolen valor act makes it a federal crime to lie about former military awards. his website said he was trained by the cia during three years in vietnam. after our have view he removed the picture with all the medals
11:48 pm
and replacing it with this. he had a hard time apologizing to the real seals who earned their medals or to the families of those who fought and died. >> you aren't apologetic at all? >> no. >> reporter: you aren't? >> oh, yes, i am. of course i am. but i'm a little bit distraught with -- >> with being exposed. >> yes, of course. >> reporter: i contacted the u.s. coast guard and they launched an investigation. after they called van fleet, he resigned last week. case closed. for the eye team, dan noyes, abc 7 news. leigh glaser is live on the roof with live doppler 7 hd we're not done with the rain yet, are we? >> we still are a lot of rain to make up for. but live doppler 7 hd is taking a bit of a break. a few scattered showers here and there. we had two hours ago we had a
11:49 pm
pretty big plume of moisture make its way across the bay area. but we are seeing scattered showers in san francisco, san matteo and this will continue overnight this evening. let's do some traveling. you heard about the winter storm. st. louis to dallas it's going to be heavy icing, a lot of snow expected there. thunderstorms ahead of the cold front but it's the icing will move into middle tennessee and head to washington and new york city with heavy snowfall on monday. 72 for atlanta. 58 for dallas. the temperature will be dropping though. in california in particular, in southern california, los angeles it looks like the showers will be moving out. the red carpet looks like it will be dry tomorrow. monterey, 62 and my seven-day forecast, a few showers on monday, clear tuesday and more showers wednesday and thursday. so there you have it. all eyes on the red carpet
11:50 pm
tomorrow afternoon and hopefully they'll see blue sky above. >> we can't get those dresses wet. >> you're right. >> thank you so much. rick quan is talking march madness. >> hooping it up tonight. a lot of a college basketball to talk about as the regular season starts to wind down. senior night at st. mary's but
11:51 pm
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♪ [ male announcer ] spring is calling. get sta-green fertilizer now just $8 at lowe's. ♪
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if the cal bears want to go to the ncaa tournament they need to get hot. today they were not against arizona state. senior day for the sun devils. justin kobbs led the bears with 15 points. the second half was all asu. carson gets the shot to fall. check out this shaq attack with the monster reverse slam. that is worth one more look. asu wins 78-60. cal falls to 18-11, 9-7 in the pac-12. the st. mary's seniors had a chance to knock off gonzaga but were blown out. stockton going baseline. the rout was on. the zags led by as many as 34.
11:54 pm
it was the gales worst loss of the season. wichita state stayed unbeaten. they finished 31-0. ron baker from outside and baker lobs it to early. he scored 19. 68-45 was the final. the last missouri valley team to start this well, indiana state and larry bird. they won 33 straight games in 1979. a stanford star made her final home game a great one against washington state. she scored 37 points. and pulled down 13 rebounds. she is going to be missed next season. stanford improves to 28-2. the cardinal is an amazing 57-0 against the cougars. it was senior night in berkeley. the cal women hosting washington. she knocks down three of her game-high
11:55 pm
24. but the huskies spoiled the party. 70-65 the final. despite the loss, cal is the number two seed in the pac-12 tournament. sonny gray was so hot last season, bob melvin went with him instead of bartolo an a's hall of famer threw out the first pitch. gray allowed just two hits. scribner had two strikeouts in his one inning of relief. they combined for 13 strikeouts. drew pomeranz gets this batter swinging. the game ended in a 2-2 tie. the cubs and giants were rained out. stanford held the first of three open practice sessions today. the cardinal will try to replace 12 starters, six on defense and
11:56 pm
six on offense. tyler gaffney accounted for 69% of all rushing yards. he finished with 1700 yards on the ground and 22 touchdowns. the coach says the cardinal has a number of good replacements. >> it's been good. it's been good, you know, i thought wright has been very steady. we have a couple of big play run guys today. they made great plays. i really like the group right now and we'll see how it plays out the rest of spring. >> at the honda classic, this duck and her ducklings were in foul territory. get it? it's late. rory mcilroy is in the lead but russe russell henley keeping the pressure on. it carded a 68 today. with this birdie after three rounds he is two strokes off the
11:57 pm
pace. mcilroy is trying to complete a wire to wire victory. he is 12 under par. a win tomorrow would be his first on the pga tour in 18 months. and i have been told i think the oscars are going to be on abc 7 tomorrow. >> they will be here. >> we hope to see you for the oscars. that's it for us. thank you for joining us.
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