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tv   ABC7 News 900AM  ABC  March 2, 2014 9:00am-9:31am PST

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good morning. thanks for joining us. i'm matt keller in for carolyn tyler. we're going to get a first look at the weather with meteorologist lisa argen. little wet out there, huh? >> maybe a little wetter than you thought waking up this morning but good reason for that. we have a moist zonal flow that will be with us not only in the day today but much of the upcoming work week. what's it mean?!di bnwtyi uhwx
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bspx firefighters are exti h extinguishing hot spots in leandro. flames were reported at a home on altamont road before 5:00 a.m. at one point while crews were battling the flames a floor partially collapsed. one firefightery&w he's okay, there are no maimericries. the cause is under investigation. officials say this is the same location of a fire back in november, an illegal pot grow was found during that fire. developing news in oakland, police are investigating a shooting that left a woman dead. around 9:30 last night around 78th and garfield avenues in eastmont. the woman was taken to the hospital where she died. no word on her identity.
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no arrests have been made. develop news, volunteers and searchers will pass out flyers in san rafael in hopes of locating a missing man, 93-year-old robert davis was last seen wednesday night and no one's heard from him since. ry@ gulezian has details from the san rafael police department. >> reporter: ryan matthews has spent hours online. >> keep an eye out for this thank you. >> reporter: uploading pictures and sharing posts, he's trying to find his grandfather. >> i'm worried. yeah. i -- it's really difficult to try to visualize where he could be. >> reporter: robert davis had just finished his weekly dinner date with his daughter at marin joe's in corte madeira when he disappeared. he was supposed to drive straight home to san rafael but never made it. >> it was a rainy night and he he is 93, and he does get somewhat confused some54b)pj emorysnáy0mkq÷d
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you don't just vanish. >> reporter: davis has no cell phone and has not used his credit card. not calling his family after this long is something he simply wouldn't do.éo; z >> reporter: volunteers and searchers will meet here at the san rafael police department at assing out flyers
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v in san rafael, lisa we1! amin gulezian, abc 7 news. new this morning a report finds the san francisco fire b÷s department's 911 response could be putting patient safety at risk.én-t "san francisco chronicle" reports the fire department responds to only 72% of 911 calls seeking medical assistance. state requires an 80% response rate. the board of supervisors says the lack of investment in ambulances and medics are to blame. fire officials say it will million next fiscal year for more medical staff, ambulances and other equipment. excitement in+ ñk> excitement in+ by theater where we find akiko fujita.
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will stars need to wear a big jacket to stay warm and dry out there? >> reporter: that's the hope, matt, people are stating to show up, the hope is that the red carpet will stay dry. we've seen crews vacuuming water out of the red carpet hours out of the red carpet hours  the skies are expected to clear in time for the big show. ♪ in the days of my youth >> reporter: it's down to a three-horse race for oscar gold with "american hustle" and "gravity" leading the pack.q i
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a transgender woman in "dallas !y[ >> why you so good to me? >> reporter: co-star matthew mcconaughey could join him if he y u8vst-time nominee chiwetel ejiofor. >> i got so much pleasure gratitude just making the film. when i was over i was full. >> reporter: familiar faces fill out the best actress at category. amy adams is the only nominee without an oscar here.kmbákh? ellen degeneres returns for her q0blb?; indication, expect plenty of o surprises to round out hollywood's biggest night. and in addition to some singing and dancing from ellen we're
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expecting big named performances tonight from t1fóadina%xñ zell,# pink, farrell and bette midler. live in hollywood, akiko fujita, abc 7 news. another big name katie marzullo is in los angeles now and will join us live with the oscar winners tonight on abc 7 news atjz ÷uw9d oscar updatrñx @ka÷ hhll% pick" ñqû91(rjjutcô)gñofr÷
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>> reporter: san francisco has been getting all of its drinking water from the hetch hetchy áúj reservoir in yosemite for years. 5:íágroundwater, too.y on the plan is to drill as many as six wells on the city's west bu ground is set to break this foul. >> reporter: the san francisco puc will also be asking some of the drought money be used to fund a city program that will not just give away water-efficient toilets, faucets and shower heads but install them, too. the east bay utility district is focusing on recycled water it plans to put $1 million of drought relief money toward its east bay shore recycled water project which will supply 2.5 million gallons of retreated úáz waste water. >> recycled water is usually
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used in irrigation, so household front yards, many highways, the ?0ó qtm c1 áitááá he recycled wattr for building cooling. >> reporter: the drought relief -m infrastructure projects. tens of millions of dollars wilç also pay for food and housing for farm workers and other people directly impacted by the drought. lillian kim, abc 7 news.n47v(júñ nearly two dozen pg&e customers in los gatos are stil; a large tree crashed to the ground yesterday afternoon snapping a power pole in half. the downed tree blockedog( hutchinson road before it could be removed. power is expected to be restored by 3:00 this afternoon.3rño coming up, the escalating situation in ukraine, what secretary of state john kerry says could happen if russia intervenes with its military.
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. lie is aargen is on the rooftop of the abc 7 broadcast center. >> i am enjoying a little shower as we speak. they're out there and will) b out there for the first half of the day. sfo right now also light rain showers, 53 degrees and[ñh del of about 30 minutes so we're talking about a wet second halj of the weekend./e$) i'll tell you how wet and what to expect for the week ahead when wep=-l return. also next encouraging newsg÷ for the%/ coho salmon popul
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abc 7 is the only place with where you can see the oscars live today.yn we'll give away free movie tickets for a whole year to celebrate the academy awards. there will be seven winners of all and today's winner is natalie v. from fremont. you have one more chance, to enter like us at and fill out the entry form so we know how to get in touch with you if you win. the latest rain has helped rally marin's endangered coho salmon.!u the marin independent journal
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rains last month helped facilitate the fish from the seed of the spawning grounds. it was said to be in danger after its population dipped to all-time lows four years ago but with enough good rainfall officials believe 2014 could be a strong year for the species. the fish enjoying the wet weather and some people who are standing outside on rooftops enjoying the wet weather as well,óñ0gu sure have a sunny demeanor to you this morning, lisa. >> just this morning, matt? thanks. >> all the time, of course. >> you're right, it's not really a big deal. it is some light rain with us throughout the day today but throughout the next couple of days and that's a good reason for it. the model is not picking this up but you know what? we like it just the same. in fact, petaluma has picked up over a half inch of rain in the last six hours. the higher elevations it's coming town. live doppler 7 hd 2,500 feet in the santa cruz mountains a quarter inch of rain. look at san jose, you are
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looking at wet weather from çarea, and we g bit further to the north, 580 toward tracy, fremont, mist and drizzle. further in the north bay, not all of this is being picked up by the radar. you likely could have drizzle at your house not showing here. napa a little shower there and marin county you can see here ta. in fact it's breezy, there's fog around the bay. it's mild, though, 59 in oakland. 56 in san jose with 55 half moon bay and some pretty good fog there along the coast. here's a look at san jose where you can see the cloudy skies, 55 up in the north bay, with concord and livermore coming in, in the low 50s. we have picked up a couple 0.01 here and there this morning and half moon bay down to three-quarters of a mile and november toe one-mile visibility and delays at sfo. breezy winds in higher8?ugíiy7ñ
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it's raining in mt. shasta so this is a moist air mass that brings pretty mild conditions all the way as well. so scattered showers throughout the day today and we'll see them for the next couple of days, here's y the water vapor imagery shows the cloudiness off the coast and with the moist flow from west to east in the next couple days, and some embedded disturbances, we'll be able to wring out a couple hundredths, maybe a tenth here or there throughout the day not only today but into late tomorrow as well. so we're going to take you through the next several hours, by 5:00 notice just a lot of cloud cover around the bay, into monday the early morning commute, maybe some wet pavement in the north bay. the bulk of the day should be dry but north bay once again coastal hills looking at perhaps some wet weather but by monday night, we could see more
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e shower ay and into tuesday that's our dry day, another opportunity coming our way wednesday into thursday. high temperatures today in the low 60s to mid-60s around the bay, so it really is quite mild here and for southern california, possibility still of a shower, low 60s. the seven-day forecast shows spotty light on and off rain showers today, tomorrow, a break tuesday, stronger well wednesday, thursday, and high pressure builds back stronger on friday for dry weather. abc 7 news is another great weather resource for you to follow, live doppler 7 hd on twitter for the latest conditions rain or shine and video forecasts, three-day c#b9 allh÷z ofd:l)vmusx5 us. so san francisco 44% of normal, picking up a couple hundredths last night, adding to it bit by bit. it's good news. >> it is, all right, thank you so much, lisa. next the amazing fund-raising effort to build a bay area middle school a new
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here are the winning numbero from last night's $60 powerball draw -- another ticket bought in northern california matched all
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six numbers. the only ticket to hit the =r!6 jackpot was purchased in eiñ mcclellan at tulle oil north of sacramento. wednesday's jackpot restarts at $40 million. new this morning, middle school students are ((r&d their oow 3,000 book oow 3,000 according to our media partner "the mercury news" the students at realm charter school raised $40,000 in just three days using the crowd funding site kickstarter. the 108 students hoped to raise $75,000. school officials say once they ñ meet that goal a foundation will provide an additional $30,000 in matching funds. good day to curlf> ñah out on the rooftop. how is it looking? >> it's wet out here, matt. you know what? we're enjoying it and more wet weather very light on and off mist and drizzle throughout the day today. san jose lookingxtu a little b damp as well as fremont, toward
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580, the north bay as well. look for on and off light rain showers for the beginning of the week. we're dry tuesday. better chance of rain with heavier showers into thursday and warmer by the end of the s6 e!-9ñ thanks for joining us on the abc 7 sunday news. we're off early this morning jth bas. next the new york knicks meet the bulls at the united center and oscar coverage begins at 2:00 p.m. with on the red carpet yhc
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the following is a presentation of espn on abc. you know what time it is. >> straight out of l.a., tantalizing all-stars. this is nba countdown. ♪


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