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tv   ABC7 News 600AM  ABC  March 13, 2014 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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and what is happening. >> a driver plowed through a crowd of people at the texas festival bringing together the biggest name in music, art, and technical. >> the heartache is growing after several new victims were discovered overnight following a building collapse in new york city. >> it is 6:00. thanks for joining us on thursday. i am kristen sze. >> windy morning yesterday, today, totally different story. >> it was just 24 hours earlier. what is going on? >> it is calm in here. calm in novato, hair, livermore, san jose, sap car -- san carlo, at three to five minute wind in mountain view, oakland, and concord at six and fairfield at five and santa rosa at eight. that is as fast as it gets. for the bay, calmer, 51 degrees,
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hanging out in the mid-to-upper 60's the afternoon, and a few areas spike into the low 70's and nice evening at 61 at 7:00. inland, significantly cooler up to 15 degrees cooler. mid-40's here. upper 60's at noon and low-to-mid 70's in the afternoon, you will enjoy home 60's in the evening with haze this morning at the coast and 54 but sunshine and low-to-mid 60's and a few cloud could gather in the afternoon and into the evening hours. >> we are starting off quiet and now it is getting busy in fremont a serious crash a car was trying to avoid hitting another vehicle and went down an embankment and rolled. southbound 680 at the parkway with peopling leaving the cars to see if the person is okay. the person is unresponsive. it could an active scene southbound 680. give yourself extra time.
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87 beyond the julian street ranch you can see the traffic is building. 101 to san jose airport, terrorism is clear and that is the nimitz. the metering lights have been turned on at the bay bridge. breaking news in san francisco the s.w.a.t. team officers with guns drawn are at the scene of shooting in the outer mission. the search for the gunman is underway. one person was taken away by ambulance. he is said to be in his 30 shot in the leg. the area is shut doing in both directions. this could become a problem because that is a major thoroughfare in san francisco. the stand off between the police and the suspect who could holed up in a mobile home is what we are looking at right now but we will monitor the breaking news and keep you updated. >> now the coverage of the massive construction site fire
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in mission bay. firefighters are still pouring water on what was left of the building late year. crews are still there this morning standing guard. >> katie marzullo? >> firefighters cannot go inside right now. they are keeping an eye on things, watching, but they are going up the lards every 15 minutes. gone up the had are every 15 minutes to spray down with the hoses anything they could see flaring up inside. the chief who is on the scene says there is not much burning right new and there is no demolition going on right now. when that resumes, they could uncover more fire. >> we do not know what we will stir up. we will see. what we could see before from the top was the none most and southern most corners were the tallest and had not collapsed. that is where the trapped fire
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was. >> tear down uncovered hot spots. no one has been allowed to go inside including arson investigators. they have talked about a possible cause which is welding happening in the corner where the fire started early in the work day the day before yesterday. current concern right now is fuel. the chief telling me that engines running here on diesel are low on fuel so we watched the fuel truck pull up and you are watching the guys refuel their trucks as they run up here. they are working to conserve water so they don't have the need to spray down the building and they have stopped doing that. >> thanks, toive good you perspective what of all the firefighters in san francisco responded to the fire and the first crews on the scene were surprised to see how intend the train flames were. >> i hoped it would not be the
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huge big monster i thought. it was intensely hot and the flames came out all the ones and moving down with black smoke pouring out. >> it was enough to turn my head down to have my helmet shield me from the heat. >> two firefighters were injured in the blaze the both are expected to recover. >> insurance is expected to cover the cost of rebuilding the develop president. 172 apartments were slated to be completed by the end 69 year. a c.e.o.'s worth of discussion work was destroyed. it could take 30 minutes including six months to demolish the burned building and another 24 months of construction. we continue to follow this story on air and online with our reporting continues on twitter at abc7 news. in austin, texas, two emif are dead after a suspected drunk driver crashed into a crowd people at the south by southwest festival. the driver was trying to get
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away from police and he hit a man and a woman on a moped. 23 others were injured. five are critical. it happened at 12:30 a.m. much of the crud left the concert at a near by club. the suspect also hit a cab's -- hit a cab before jumping from the car. this is a 10 day music, film, and together festival, the largest of its kind. >> in new york city in harlem, the toll is rising with seven now confirmed dead. the search continues for more victims. >> a full day after the explosion the search for crews and the missing goes on. it is a tough battle against rain and plunging temperatures, heavy equipment is working now moving beams and bricks that made two buildings. >> go, go, go.
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>> the buildings were thought to rip apart by natural gas what built up and exploded. there is a century old cast iron pipeline that provides the gas. several families smelled gas but when con-eds with called at 9:13, bun when teams reached the scene the buildings were gone. >> we will look to see weapon the first calls came in to con-ed. >> john patterson lived behind the building and was about to start work at the by nano show room and the store flew apart and the pianos created a cocoom and saved him. >> i was surrounded and saved by the pianos. >> a campaign shakeup in the
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race if governor. the campaign manager for southern california assembly man has resigned, according to the report she announced her departure after disagreement over the campaign strategy including the decision to post an online video of him firing a borrowed gun. now a check with mike nicco. calm this morning. warm this afternoon. >> not this warm but we will be close, in oakland. the old record is 76 in 2007. we tied the record of 2007. right now in the south bay, san jose 50. los gatos 55. mountain view at 51. those are the warm spots. everyone else is in the mid-to-upper 40's and cupertino is 44 and santa clara is 47 and danville is a cool spot at 41 degrees, and lafayette is tricks, -- 46, and 53 in san
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francisco. alameda is looking at 57 degrees. the three day forecast is the same tomorrow, maybe a degree or two cooler and the records on saturday and sunday, it is going to be warm. leyla gulen? >> we are going to talk about that closure and we will see where that is located, but we have a problem, in fremont, southbound 680 at the parkway, drivers are reporting this is where an accident took place, a car trying to avoid hitting something that flipped and rolled down an embankment and c.h.p. is trying to locate it. we are not seeing delays northbound and. nimitz is slowing down as you make it to mission. headed into san francisco, this is where shooting took place. the intersection will be shut down. it is not affecting 280 in and
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out of the dallas city. in the outer mission district avoid that. to the north, 4th is shut down. it will be until further notice because of the massive construction fire that happened in china basin. >> we have a new twist on a prescription: what a drugmaker is doing to make sure people do not abuse a popular painkiller. >> pope francis celebrating one year as heard of the catholic church. >> a city spent $400,000 on new packing meters but there is something not quite right. >> breaking news in san francisco, with a s.w.a.t. team and officers guns drawns arrest the seen of a shooting in outer mission.
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palo alto, north bay and all the bay area this is abc7 news. >> breaking news in the out are mission, this is a picture of the scene where there is a possible stand off going on after a shooting with a s.w.a.t. team there and officers have guns drawn and more and more police vehicles are arriving. we know one man was taken away by ambulance, shot in the leg, and there is an active search for the possible suspect in the area, obviously, some streets are closed and you will want to avoid that area if you don't have to be there. >> pope francis is marking the first anniversary sending a tweet and i quote, "please pray for me." the church is asking catholics to send prayers and greetings
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using #thankyoufrancis. din is -- oxycontin is trying to put a dent in the drug abuse and will submit this pill to the f.d.a. so users can not crush them to senator or inject. if approves it could end the sales of the controversial sale of a new drug which is 5 to 10 times more powerful that vicodin >> company behind the popular randy crush -- candy crush game is ready to go public and they expect to price shares at $24 each so the company could be would the up to $7.6 billion.
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they account for 80 percent of the earnings of the company, and 97 million play the game each day. >> the city of reno is cutting irans off parking meters have people complained because the meters were too tall. this news reporter had to stand on his to empties to feed the meter. they installed the meters last month and most are at 5' and the screen is angled up so you have to be above it to get a clear crew. crews shortening the meters to a max of 48" a foot shooter than before. >> i was going to say people like me would have an excuse for not pay the meter. >> or to wear really high he will, right, leyla gulen? >> we have heavy traffic along the altamont pass and the real problem, then, is in fremont where we have an accident and still trying to find it and it
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could be southbound 680 at the parkway we are seeing slowing, as we approach mission boulevard and looking at the waze app and trying to get clarification. it does not appear to be too terribly snarled from fremont to milpitas. 880 traffic is coming and going so not too bad. the parking lot at 44 minutes, tracy to dublin, westbound 580, highway 4 westbound antioch to concord is 22 minutes and to san francisco it is a short 18 minutes. you do not have to white knuckle it. mike nicco has the warm forecast. we will start by showing you visibility at live doppler 7 hd how cheer it is out this morning. all of our wind speeds are less than ten miles per hour. if you are taking bart it is coolest around dublin and walnut creek so take a heavier coat at
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42. and 44 in concord and lafayette and fremont at 46. oakland is 47. 48 in san leandro and el cerrito is 56 and sfo is 54 and daly city is 55 and downtown san francisco is 59. from mount tamalpais you can see how calm it is compared to yesterday and how clean the air still is as we look to the san mateo bridge. sunshine, grab the sunglasses, and it will be warm without the winds and temperatures could be a degree or two cooler but it will feel warmer than yesterday because we will not have the winds. we the have record highs saturday and sunday and cooler with a slight chance of light rain. a few clouds could gather this afternoon but mostly sunshine and mid-to-upper 60's and low-to-mid 70's around the bay shore and inland neighborhoods and run well above average it is
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cool again. low-to-mid 40's inland and money 40's around most of the bay shore and the south bay and 52 in oakland and san francisco. low clouds are gathering and they could cross san francisco and try to hid over to the east bay but they will be short-lived weapon the sun comes up tomorrow because we have low pressure dominating our forecast. last night it took total control and the wind is out of the way. with the highs away from us to the east it will bring us light offshore wind and it is not so fast as yesterday it is bringing temperatures above average. the high pressure comes over us and the core of warm air is there so we are in the low-to-mid 70's and low-to-mid 80's saturday and sunday. saturday is the better day to reach record highs because it is cooler than sunday and the the transition day is st. patrick's monday, and slight chance of
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rain on wednesday. have a great day. now, skiing... >> if you are thinking of cooling off it is the toyota lake tahoe report at 25 degrees. squall value is a base of 6' and same for alpine meadows and 5.5' at heavenly taking three to 3 1/2 hours to make the resorts. no chains are required. it has been dry. sierra at lake tahoe is 6.5' base and 5' bear for -- base for >> 6:20. a popular chain for surf and skate clothes is at the center of a protest with an item of clothing that is stirring up controversy and what parents say i has no business inside stores
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"consumer reports" has a caution of the other root touchups with spray applications can make the scalp extremely cold so follow the instructions carefully. do not use them too long or too close. the morning news continues at 6:30 with the top stories. >> we are following breaking news, the s.w.a.t. team is searching if a gunman in the out are mission and these are live birds of scene where police have the guns drawn. we will have an update ahead. >> here is a look at the winds on live doppler 7 hd, or lack thereafter, a much easier commute this morning weather-wise. leyla gulen? >> the bay bridge toll plaza is looking busy and the real problem is in fremont where they have located the accident involving an overturned vehicle southbound 680 and you can see how it is impacting the commu
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live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. >> good morning at 6:29. thanks for joining us on this thursday.
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we had a very windy start to the day year. today, not so windy. >> different story. mike nicco? >> great news. good morning, both. nice to see you. probably nice seeing this: no white knuckles this morning. no reason to hold on to the hats or worry about kids being blown away with winds less than ten miles per hour. calm to san carlos and slow and livermore. it is cooler this morning up to 16 decooler with 40's and low-to-mid 50's around the bay and the coast. headed to noon, total sunshine and mid-to-upper 60's from the coast inland and a few clouds gathered at the coast and temperatures hang out in the low-to-mid 60's this afternoon and the rest of us are in the upper 60's to 70's and in the evening, delightful and upper 50's at the coast. leyla gulen? >> the accident i reported at fremont southbound 680 although it sounded serious is a noninjury accident.
6:31 am
happy to report that. a car slipped down an embankment and landed on the roof but the person is not showing any injuries. >> southbound 880 we have another accident that is blocking a lane and you have a little bit of slowing in the area and slow-and-go traffic in that southbound direction. to walnut creek southbound 680 at highway 24 an accident blocking a slow lane and we are seeing delay coming through pleasant hill to walnut creek from highway 4 to the 24 junction it will take you 14 minutes. >> we continue to follow protecting news in friend, a stand off between police and a shooting suspect has forced investigators to shut down the intersection if both directions. leyla gulen has been talking about it all morning going on since 3:00 this morning. police say a man was shot in the leg this morning and the suspect took off. here is the seen right now, police appear to focus on an r.v. where the suspect is
6:32 am
believed holed. we will monitor the agreeing news and keep you updated throughout the morning. >> mission bay residents were lived across the street in apartments after a massive construction fire are still being kept from their homes. a woman returned home and her bicycle tires melted in the heat. the ones were cracked. most damage was in the hall where the crews came through. other residents saw similar damage. >> lots of glass. lots of water. elevators closed. stare access. all of the above. >> you can see more broken windows and damage to the outside of the apartment building. we will follow the story online and online and katie marzullo is going to check in with us.
6:33 am
our reporting continues on twit ter. san francisco police are investigating an overnight shooting in the bayview district that happened before 11:00 when police say officers at seen found the victim suffering from sell gunshot winds. he was rushed to san francisco general hospital. there is in word on his condition. police do not have then in custody and investigators are still, into the circumstances surrounding the circumstances. in next telling, two -- in texas, two were killed when a suspected drunken driver crashed into two people at the south by southwest festival in austin. the driver was running from police and he hit a man and woman riding a moped. 23 others were injured on the crowded street, five critically at 12:30 a.m. much of the crowd left the concert at a club. police say the suspect hit a cab before jumping out of his car and trying to run.
6:34 am
officers used a stun gun to take him down. >> in new york city, three more bodies were phone in the rubble from an explosion that flattened two apartment building. the death toll is at seven as the search continues for several more people who are still missing. the search was halted last night after a sinkhole opened up. the blast injured 60 others and was triggered by a gas leak. >> new details surrounding the malaysia airlines jet that disappeared on the way to beijing. authorities are denying reports the missing jet transmitted technical data hours after losing contact with ground control. the "wall street journal" says rolls royce, maker of the engine, get transmissions under a routine maintenance schedule hours after contact was host. the head of malaysia airlines said the last data receiveed from malaysia airlines flight mh370 on friday was half an hour after take off indicated though trouble. the airline retired the flight
6:35 am
number out of respect to those on the flight. our top local story in san francisco: firefighters are standing guard at the high-rise apartment building that caught fire in mission bay. demolition is underway but it looks like the process will take a while. our reporter is at the site. katie marzullo? >> in the last 30 minutes we watched a fuel truck arrive and firefighters still here a full day and a half after. we are watch the four fighters go up-and-down the ladders every 15 minutes when they check for hotspots but no longer continuously pouring water on the fire amount very dangerous situation and no one can go inside. it is quiet if you were here you could tell no demolition but that will resume and when it does, more flames could pop out. this uncertainly begs the question: how long are fire
6:36 am
crews and demolition crews going to be out here? here is what the chief said. >> it could be four more stories and we could be here for quite a long time. the fire chief is only giving us the possible cause of what was occurring before the fire broke out. tear down will continue after sun up today giving firefighters a look at what is going on. we understand there will be a meeting and the authorities will try to figure out what they can do with all of the debris that is left behind by the fire. >> thank you, katie. new details in the case of a san
6:37 am
jose police officer accused of rape. d.n.a. of the victim was found on the vest of the officer jeff graves. that gives credibility to the alleges. braves is accused of attacking the woman at a hotel. police took her there after she had a fight with her news september. she not come forward until three weeks later because slow is in the country illegally and was afraid. graves will appear in court later this month. >> coming up, through details after brain dead oakland girl and what a just released report says of how children's hospital oakland handled the case. >> first, we have breaking news in san francisco, the s.w.a.t. team is out as officers search for a gunman. these pictures focusing on an r.v. on the scene. >> from the camera both sides of the bay looking good with the camera not bouncing around
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check out our figure. no white caps this morning. it is calmer. temperatures today in san mateo are a degree warmer at 72. san rafael is one or two degreer
6:41 am
cooler and oakland will relax. high suffer surf to the south where it will remain. most of the state is quiet, other than showers around san diego at 63 and 71 in los angeles and upper 70's through the central valley. and 55 in lake tahoe and here is the seven-day forecast, no snow, near record high temperatures in the 60's on saturday, sunday, and st. patrick's difficult on monday. >> as we take you to san francisco, outer mission, we have been talking about the shooting so the intersection is still shut down because of police activity. as we take you to fremont, southbound 680 at the parkway a noninjury accident involving an overturned vehicle and traffic is running smoothly. 880 accident is cleared but the backup remains. in san jose, 37 miles per hour between 280/680 supply to the nimitz. it is moving look fine on 80 and not too bad. this is walnut creek southbound
6:42 am
come up to main we have three lanes blocked off because of an accident. traffic is very heavy coming away from highway 4. kristen and matt? >> 6:42. the bay area city saying thanks but no thanks to starbucks and why the chain cannot allowed to set up shop. >> a mall retailer under fire from parents. >> first, breaking news in san francisco, the s.w.a.t. team responds to a by difficult situation in an overnight situation with the seven if
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covering los altos, petaluma and all the bay area, this is abc7 news. >> back to the breaking news story if san francisco, the s.w.a.t. team has surrounded an r.v. in the outer mission district after an early morning shooting sent a man to the hospital. this is a look at scene at the intersection where this are so man police vehicles. we will zoom in on the r.v. with a stand off right now between officers and the suspect would they believe is hole up in the r.v. the victim is in the hospital.
6:46 am
here is a map where this is happening. you may want to avoid the area. this area is shut down if both directions in the area and that is a crime seen that -- scene that is established. you can follow us at abc7 news bay area. >> new details in the medical battle of jahi mcmath with in fault in the way the hospital handled the case come ploying with medical standards. doctors declared jahi mcmath brain dead after tonsil surgery. the family fought to keep her on a vice president late -- on a ventilator and feeding tube. >> police if a neighborhood in berkeley are celebrating after persuading the city council to say in to another starbucks that was supposed to go up open telegraph. the zoning board approved the
6:47 am
original application a year ago. that has changed. on tuesday the city council voted to deny the permit after dozens of local residents complained of the lack of parking and a new starbucks increased traffic congestion. >> in son kim retailer to remove an item with pictures of marijuana leaves saying this could desensitize children about pop use and the company is willing to remove the apparel from the clothes in orange and riverside county. >> trading is underway on wall street and the dow is up 46 minutes to 16386. amazon is raising the price of amazon prime.
6:48 am
the costs will jump to $99 for new and returning customers. that is $20 increase from the current price. amazon prime office free two day shipping for members, streaming video service and access to kindle books and is sending an e-mail to individual subscribeers telling them when the increase kicks in. >> americans on track to spend $60 billion on pets surpassing last year's record high of $55 billion. the american pet products association says the food accounts for 40 percent and the other 60 percent goes to beds, clothes, toys, and everything else. >> women may have their shoes but men have their shirts. the "wall street journal" reports that more and more stores give women shirts more prominent placement in the stores including barney's of new york, they are going to --y designs for men with sales back up this year. dress shirt sales jumped 9 percent to $2.9 billion.
6:49 am
sales are suits have been falling. mike joins us now with >> we don't need a fashion sense, our wives just need the fashion sense. >> that is all it takes. outside, right now, we have a look at live doppler 7 hd showing it is quiet. dry air is over us. no clouds. no radar returns. we could have a few clouds loan the coast today. danville is coolest at 40 not far behind san ramon and pleasanton and walnut creek at 42 and everyone else in the mid-to-upper 40's but for pittsburg and antioch in the home 50's and brentwood at 47
6:50 am
degrees. nearly 50 at san jose and san carlos and low-to-mid 40's around santa rosa and napa and novato and san francisco is the warm spot and 59 degrees. we are cooler and up to 21 degrees cooler in napa and 14 in novato and seven in santa rosa and ten degree cooler in concord and oakland and five to eight elsewhere in the south bay. this is how it looks from mount tamalpais, it is not bouncing around and beautiful blues of the calm are bay water and the oranges of the impending sunrise makes if a great picture this morning. sunshine, warm again without the wind, running at records and warmest open saturday saturday and sunday. there could be a stray sure -- shower or two. if san francisco a few clouds will try to gather and low-to-mid 70's. the clouds will spill across san
6:51 am
francisco to the gap. most of us will be clear. low-to-mid 40's inland and mid-to-upper 40's elsewhere but observe land and san francisco will stay in the 50's tonight. area of low pressure that brought the wind is moving away and high pressure took control of our forecast last night so it is so quiet in morning. we still have an offshore flow but it is weaker than yesterday. tomorrow we will be weaker. we will drop a couple of degrees today and tomorrow. still above average, but, look at the warmest air, saturday and sunday, low-to-mid 70's at the coast and the bay and we transition monday back to cooler weather and back to a on tuesday and with the slight chance of rain on wednesday it will be coolest. have a great day. >> bart trains erupting on time and ace trains three, five and seven are on time and no delays. the bay area shows congestion in the east bay as you travel southbound along the nimitz into fremont we have heavy
6:52 am
bumper-to-bumper traffic and the altamont pass is nasty. the real problem is southbound 680 at main street with three lanes reported blocked because of an accident involving a cable stretched across the lane. c.h.p. is lying to mop it up. we have bumper-to-bumper ride from concord into walnut creek through pleasant hill so give yourself extra time. in san francisco, 4th treat is shut down at mission bay and that is because of massive construction fire in china basin . >> the reign of arthur chu has closed. >> you were in third place and you where down who is george ii. >> wrong. that will cost you $6,400 dropping to you zero. >> he won for 11 consecutive "jeopardy" episodes. many despise him for the
6:53 am
unorthodox style. he studied game theory to increase the odds of winning. this is not the last time you will see arthur, he will be back if the tournament of champions and you can see jeopardy right here weeknights at 7:00 p.m. whether you like him or hate him you have to watch, right? >> ahead, seven things to know.
6:54 am
here are seven things to know: breaking news in san francisco a stand off between police and a shooting suspect and forced the closure of the intersection. the s.w.a.t. team is surrounding an r.v. where police believe the sun man is holed up. the shooting victim is expected to survive. >> firefighters are still pouring water on hotspots in san francisco's mission bay neighbor after a massive five alarm fire on tuesday. crews started depoll --
6:55 am
demolishing the building and discovered areas still burning. >> two people are dead after a suspected drunk driver plowed into a crowd people at the south by southwest festival in austin, texas. this is amateur video from the scene. the driver was running from police when he hit the man and woman, 23 others were injured. >> the death toll is jumped to 7 in new york city from the gas explosion that flattened two apartment oldings. three more bodies were found over night. 60 people were injured in the blast. >> oakland's seven month search if a permanent police chief is now on hold. the city was considering hiring a virginia-based organization to find a new chief but negotiations broke off after learning the group does not offer benefits for participates of gay employees. check out how calm it is less than ten miles per hour wind. the bay area is smooth. temperatures are above average,
6:56 am
mid-to-upper 60's at the coast and upper 60's to mid-70's around the bay and low-to-mid 70's inland. enjoy. >> it is a parking lot at the bay bridge toll plaza and busy from the maze to san francisco taking you 17 minutes. the real problem is in walnut creek where there are three lanes blocked off at main street and that is where the cars ran into a cable that was stretched across the lanes. you can get off at willow pass road from concord and take taylor down to 24. >> see you in 25 minutes.
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good morning, america. what really happened to flight 370? six days in, confusion reigns. the most promising lead yet from these satellite images dashed overnight as a scary new theory emerges. did the plane keep flying for more than four hours to a mysterious location? could it have been hijacked? our own reporter on the search from the air this morning as the u.s. navy races to help. breaking overnight. deadly crash in austin. big movie tech festival. two people killed and at least 23 are injured at south by southwest. what caused a driver to crash through barricades and right into a crowd? developing now. rescue workers searching the rubble in new york city after a powerful blast leveled two buildings in a heartbeat. at least seven dead, more than 60 injured. look at the as


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