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tv   ABC7 News 1100PM  ABC  March 16, 2014 11:00pm-12:01am PDT

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>> i am not in the wrong. i will fight to bring home my baby. >> a mother is fighting for her child after a devastating attack. the boy's own father accused of biting off a part of the child's nose. good evening. thank you for joining us. i'm ama dates. joshua cooper will be arraigned in court tomorrow on child cruelty charges. today his mother spoke with abc news about the attack on her child. abc7 news reporter lilian kim is live in the newsroom with more. lilian? >> angelica has not left her son's side since he has been recovering at oakland children's hospital. doctors spent five hours reattaching his nose, but they are still waiting to see if the surgery was successful. >> he seemed so happy with
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us. we were a little family. >> heart broken and confused. 16-year-old angelica says she has no idea why her son was harmed. she went to the bathroom leaving the two alone and says she never heard tajon cry. >> two minutes later i come to a disgusting scene, disgusting. >> 18-year-old joshua cooper told police he bit off tajon's nose out of frustration because he couldn't get the baby to top crying, but angelica is not believing it. >> i didn't see no anger or stress that morning. he was up and play a wght baby. >> third of tejon's nose was severed. doctors say if efforts fail he could possibly need skin grafts or a new nose. there is more to the story. he is also suffering from a skull fracture and brain hemorrhage and a week and a
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half ago doctors notified child protective services for treating ta a jon for swelling or bruising to his face. an a gel caw denies -- angelica denies having anything to do with those injuries. >> he has one parent taken away from him. he deserves me in his life and god knows that. >> depending on his recovery he could spend the next two months in the hospital. she has no insurance and no money to pay for medical expenses. she is planing a fundraiser on april 5th at oakland children's hospital. lilian kim, abc7 news. >> thank you, lilian. >> police are searching for a hit-and-run driver. it happened around 8:30 on south park victoria drive. abc7 news reporter sergio quintana is live with the details. sergio? >> at the moment, mill pea dis police are still out here surveying the scene. you can see they have some of their equipment and just beyond that is the crosswalk.
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beyond that is some of the articles of clothing from the victim. let's show you some video that we took out here a little earlier. a 75 to 80-year-old man was crossing the street and that's when a truck came by and hit the man and took off. so far there is a basic description and it is described as a gold colored chevrolet pick up truck. there is a possibility it may have damage to the front end because of the collision. there was no description on the driver. police are trying to figure out what direction it went. it looks as if the vehicle was traveling southbound on south park victoria drive. coming out here back live, in having a quick conversation with the sergeant out here on scene, he actually also said that he hopes who ever was involved in this accident, that driver will come forward because at this poi ? t --
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point this is being investigated as an accident. abc7 news. >> thank you, sergio. a man is in serious condition tonight after he was hit by a tour bus in san francisco. it struck after a 8:00 this morning. the victim, a man in his 60s suffered life-threatening injuries. the driver involved has been with our company for a number of years and its driver's record is clean. the combination of drunk driving and distracted driving appear to be the cause of a crash that killed a music teacher and her mother-in-law in santa rosa. they both died instantly after a truck rear-ended their car. susan taught music. the suspected it drunk driver told them he looked at a text message moments before the collision. new details in the death of a woman from castro
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valley. detectives consider her husband a suspect in the death of 45-year-old zang. alameda county deputies found her body on friday afternoon. it appears she died of a gunshot wound. the shear riff -- the sheriff revealed they responded three times for domestic disputes in twine. it is time to check in with leigh glaser for a look at our weather and live doppler 7hd. as we head into spring this week and after the nice, warm weekend we had. >> temperatures across the bay area up as much as 10 degrees across many locations. and we will definitely have some cooling tomorrow. >> we will get back to you, leigh in a moment when we -- so we can hear you a little better. right now a high surf warning is in effect from marin county to monterey county.
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big waves like these continue to pound the coastline in many bay area communities. some surfers and swimmers brave the water and retreated after feeling the fury of the pacific. >> pretty strong, actually. i just went in for a little bit and i was gone. >> you have high surf warnings and things like rip currents and it is easy to get pulled out into the surf and it is very challenging. >> the warning will remain in effect until tomorrow morning. >> a statewide amber alert is still on for four siblings. the 5 and 7-year-old boys and their twin 1-year-old sisters have been missing since friday. police say they were forcibly taken from protective custody by their parents. the suspects are believed to be driving a dark-colored pt cruiser with paper license plates and a missing right rear hub cap.
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today marks two years since a teen disappeared walking to a bus stop. sierra lamar was last seen on march 16th, 2012. prayer balloons were released by sierra's mom and dad at her former high school in fremont. a bench on school grounds was dedicated to the teen. volunteers have searched almost every week since she disappeared. >> she has a right to feel honored and proud to be raised in this community. >> it is important to be here. she means a lot to us. she was on our cheer squad. it was hard when she left. >> garcia torres has been charged with her kidnapping and murder. now to the disappearance of the malaysia airlines jet. experts say the search may hinge on inexact satellite data that shows the plane was flying for up to five hours
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after it disappeared from radar. th as the investigation focuses on the pilot and the copilot. larry jacobs has the latest. >> they are still searching for the missing malaysia airlines passenger jet in a huge area that covers much of the indian ocean. at least 14 countries are using ships and aircraft to locate the airliner. they are using the most sophisticated airliner to find flight 270 with the people on board. the jet's disappearance was a deliberate act by changing course and intentionally shutting off the location systems. >> if you are turning off the systems, the only reason is to vanish and make it difficult to find you. >> what the person at the controls didn't know is they were communicating with a satellite. for now the investigation into who made the plane disappear is focusing on the pilot and copilot. >> we can see the premeditation a in the cockpit along the way. >> on sunday the malaysian authorities found a flight
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simulator in the home. >> we have assembled it and we are getting them to look at it. >> police searched the homes of the two men who were at the controls when the plane took off more than eight days ago. after all of this time, many are still hoping for the best. >> people around the world are hoping for the flight would come home fast and as soon as possible. >> even pope francis inviting the faithful to pray for the passengers, the crew and their families. larry jacobs, abc news, new york. >> 95% of voters in crimea say they want to leave ukraine and be ruled by moscow. russian president vladimir putin must decide whether to annex crimea which analysts say is expensive and complex. president obama told putin the u.s. does not recognize the referendum and threatened to
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impose more penalties. still to come at 11:00, the new controversy surrounding prepaid cell phones. are they really a bargain? plus, bay area crews to the rescue after a dog gets stranded on the side of a cliff. and saying goodbye to a bay area dining institution. >> and hi, everyone. i'm meteorologist leigh glaser. spring arrives this upcoming week. will it feel spring-like? a look at my
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sheriff's office released the video showing a deputy rescuing a dog stranded on the cliff of a portuguese beach. firefighters called for the helicopter after they couldn't coax the dog to climb back up the cliff. the deputies described the dog as being frightened, but unharmed. the black and white lab named oreo was returned to its owner. new details on the underage drinking sting we first told you about last night on the abc7 news at 11:00. more than 536 people were cited in the operation designed to catch people who illegally buy alcohol for teens. last year 506 people were caught statewide. women were celebrated tonight in oakland. the annual susan b anthony
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women of the year award was hosted by the alameda branch of the national women's political caucus. awards went to chris perry and sandy steer. plaintiffs in the lawsuit against prop 8 and assemblywomen nancy skinner of berkeley all advocate policies that took years to come to fruition. >> these can take decades of education and awareness building and another decade for policy reform and then there is the actual bringing people along. it is really important to give ourselves a slap on the back and raise our glass and say are you fantastic. >> past winners include attorney general kamala harris and barbara boxer. guinness is dropping its sponsorship of the new york city st. patrick's day parade. officials say it is due to the parade's rule prohibiting lgbt families and organizations. new york mayor is also sitting
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out tomorrow's parade because of organizers' anti-gay stance. and it is not just new york. boston mayor martin walsh will not march in his city's parade after talks broke down that would have allowed on gay group to march. an era ended for a neighborhood hamburger joint in san francisco. >> i want a cheese burger. >> but not before the young man and many others enjoyed one final meal at joe's cable car on mission street near silver avenue. joe's dates back to 1965. one long-time customer described what made joe stand out. >> he grinds his own fresh beef every day. and there is not a lot of fillers in it. you know what you are getting. >> people who work here take care of you. the food has been top notch. >> joe's owner says it is time to retire after nearly a half century in the hamburger business.
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he refused to sell the restaurant because he feared new owners wouldn't uphold the high standards for quality. uc davis researchers will send a collection of microbes to the spacestation to learn more about the earth's tiniest living things. the website shows some of the places volunteer scientists collected microbes like second base at at&t park. one of the 49ers' gold rush cheerleaders swabbed at seat at candle stick park while one of her teammates looked on the 50 yard line. and you never know what tiny living things may share a home court with the nba's sacramento kings. it is time for a check on our weather. spring is coming. leigh? >> it arrives on on thursday evening at 9:57. you know, we end this last full weekend of winter on on a pretty good note with temperatures in the 70s and the 80s.
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gilroy reached a record of 86 degrees. here is a look at our live doppler 7hd, and we are doing pretty good. it does not look like we will get any rain, although it will increase the on shore winds and that is going mean more mist and drizzle for the monday morning commute. we are all pretty much in the 50s, 53 half moon bay and you will notice in the north bay the temperatures are -- one location is already in the 40s. santa rosa 46 and the rest of the locations, nava dough 50 and east bacon cord 58. bay concord 58. our forecast includes low clouds and the mist and drizzle returning to the bay area overnight. tomorrow night get ready for a cooler day. it will be breezy as well. after that get ready for mild conditions now, here is a look at the radar satellite
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composite. low clouds are sitting off the coast. all of this will start to move in overnight tonight in advance of the cold front that is already bringing in some rain. as it does usher in, the temperatures will be cooler. the wind will pick up as we get on the backside of the frontal system tomorrow afternoon. definitely it will generate some high surf. already check them out, 14 feet at monterey bay and 12 feet at bodega bay. breakers up to 18 feet. they had some near mavericks and anytime we see this we see rip currents and sneaker waves. keep that a in mind tomorrow. 11:00 tonight is spot on. we are seeing clear skies here, but the rain has started to move up along the north coast. by 5:00 tomorrow the forecast wants to ring out a little moisture for san francisco and
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the coast, but definitely you will have to deal with the low clouds and fog. by tomorrow afternoon we will see clearing. get ready for temperatures to come down a bit. we will go from low 60s at the coast and 68 at livermore and 66 san rafael. the seven-day forecast, the irish will be a little on the cool side tomorrow as temperatures drop and then we will warm things up. wednesday and thursday back up into the 70s. as i mentioned hello spring on thursday. >> perfect. thank you so much, leigh. shu is here with sports and it was a big day for basketball. >> it was. stanford got into the ncaa tournament. down 18 to the trailblazers. lights out in the second half. what a finish. we have it next in sports.
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huge wins on the road. portland ranks at the top. the warriors are two and a half above the blazers. they went up 18 in the third. easy dunk. he had 37. klay thompson and curry combine for 51 in the second half. he missed the second part of the game due to his grandfather's funeral. lillard had 21 points and warriors' lead cut to one. thompson again, 11 seconds left. the warriors up two. he could tie it with the free throw. he misses and eventually gets it back. the warriors come from 18 down to win it 113-112. it ends a two-game stride.
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what a finish. now if that wasn't hard enough to watch, there is no more nerve-wracking day than selection sunday. teams that didn't win their conference looking for at large bids. today they got their invite to the big dance. cardinals celebrating down on the farm getting the nod for the ncaa tournament for the first time and the first time since 2008. they are heading to st. louis as the 10th seed to face the 7th seed new mexico on friday. new mexico is 27-sex and play >> new mexico is 27-6 upsetting san diego state to win the mountain west last night. dawkins could not be happier. >> we were a good team and we believed we could compete against everyone. our preparation of how we wanted to approach the season, they were on point right
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away. >> we were excited and ready to go for friday. >> it is a big deal for us. it is something every player dreams about. it has been one of our goals for a longtime. it feels great to accomplish that and we are excited to get started. >> game set for friday in st. louis. meanwhile, cal usf all got invites to the nit tournament. florida is a top seed. arizona is number one in the west. top seed in the midwest. number one in the east and get your brackets filled out. we will take a brief timeout before we hit the ice and madison square garden. they were lights out against the rangers. we'll explain as we continue.
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where the goalie was dealing out heavy denial. the sharks sweep the three-game road trip. logan scored the only goal. back hands it and 19h of the
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year. it was a beauty. he had 20 saves in the first period alone. the fourth shutout of the year. 41 stops. 1-0 the final. let's go to tampa, the final round and tied for the lead. on 16 from 70 feet. a little chip on-line and got if and takes the one-stroke lead. drops it and gets to seven under . he needs the birdie putt to have any chance and he drains it. he is at six under. he needs a 40-foot birdie to force a playoff. 42-year-old wins his second career pga event. nascar and bristol where the rain caused three hours of delays. two laps to go and somebody flipped the caution lights on
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around the track. the caution flag never came out. after confusing drivers they did bring out the pace car setting up a green and white chick -- checkered finish. this report is brought to you by riverwalk casino. i would be remiss if i didn't wish a certain ama dates a happy birthday on st. patrick's day. i won't say what year. >> i appreciate that. ahead, how march madness could land you in the billionaires club. your odds and who is footing that bill? and speaking of bills, the new controversy over those prepaid cell phones. and some of the big changes taking place on the road in paris, france. stay with us. we will be right back with more news and weather and sports coming up after this break.
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i'm ama dates. 234* tonight's headlines, developing news in milpidis. police want to find a driver who sped away after hitting a pedestrian. the victim suffered serious injuries. a gold chevy silverado hit the man. a tour bus hit and injured a man this morning. this happened at seventh and mission streets. the bus' owner, gray line tours of san francisco says they -- says he has a safe driving record. a teen will be in court to answer to charges he bit off his son's nose. joshua cooper said he did it out of frustration because he couldn't get the baby to stop crying. arson investigators are calling a series of car fires suspicious. they all burned within a one-hour period and they started a few blocks from each other. breaking news tonight out of san jose where firefighters
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discovered what appears to be a marijuana grow while fighting a house fire. the fire began at 10:30 in san jose. the residents were home at the time, but no injuries have been reported. now to a consumer alert involving your cell phone. millions of americans use prepaid cell phones, but tonight a technology reporter with the "washington post" says customers are being charged for calls much longer than the calls they made. a a bc news reporter lyndsay janice is crunching the numbers tonight. >> "washington post" reporter began investigating when a customer of at&t wrote to him saying he was being ripped off. he decided to do his own experiments. >> i got prepaid phones from each of the three networks and decided to place sample calls to my own phone. i put the prepaid phone and my own phone right next to each other. >> he made a 49-second phone call on his at&t phone. the provider logged it at one
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minute and two seconds allowing it to round up to two minutes. a similar result on t-mobile after he made a 54-second call and he expected to be charged for one minute. his new balance revealed he had been charged for two. on verizon, there was no discrepancy. t-mobile said a customer is charged from the start of the transaction to the end of the transaction, hanging up. not just the actual talk time. at&t says the time displayed on the phone does not reflect the start and end periods. experts say set up an on-line account to monitor usage and charges and then compare it with the length of the call you made. if there is a discrepancy, call your carrier. a veteran who defied the odds by talking and walking again took another giant step in livermore. she suffered severe head trauma in could kuwait 10 years ago. she misses driving, but she can't do it on the street.
11:38 pm
four years in hospitals and six years in rehab lead to the big moment, her first time back behind the wheel. >> it was fun to drive again, but it was harder than i thought it would have been. and because it takes so much of your body. >> mary ellen is capable of doing anything. she has been on a long journey of recovery and this is just another step in that recovery and getting more independent living schools. i just see so many good things for her in the future. >> she says she can't wait to drive again. people in paris won't be able to drive as often as they used to. starting tomorrow drivers will only be able to use their cars every other day. it is an attempt to tackle growing air pollution in the city. now to quite an offer from billionaire warren buffet. a billion dollars if you predict march madness with perfection. here are those odds.
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>> one of the wealthiest men in america is betting you can't beat the odds. warren buffet is promising to hand over $1 billion to who ever picks the perfect march madness bracket. >> it can definitely be done. >> the perfect bracket would be historic. choosing the winner of 63 games in a row. >> no one knows the exact odds. if there is an upset, all bets are off. >> number crunching professor shows us the mind boggling math formula, two times two times two times two. you get the two. >> giving us the number we call two to the 63rd. >> that means if you are just guessing, the odds are about one in 9quintillion, nine with 18 zero's. even winning the powerball is easier. >> if you are just guessing you basically have no chance. >> it is not impossible. there are 63 games played and a good many of those are pretty predictable. >> and starting tonight quicken loans will allow 15 million people to make their picks on yahoo!. the 20 most accurate brackets
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get $100,000 each. for anyone wondering, the billion dollar give away won't make a dent in buffet's bank account where he has 57 billion more. abc news, new york. just ahead, good intentions gone bad. the abc7 news i team reveals how a san francisco mini park has backfired for one neighborhood. >> and i'm meteorologist leigh glaser. the snow is coming down in washington, d.c. travel there tomorrow could find some delays. staying close to home, we will look at our california state forecast coming up.
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investigating complaints from people living in one san francisco neighborhood. they say a parklet the city installed has had the opposite affect attracting drugs, prostitution 1k3* other crimes. here is that report on abc news. >> one morning i watched his dogs get scared a by a dog nicknamed needles. and then he takes out syringes to use them. he has warned needles to stay out of the area and tries again. >> you need to go. >> you need to go. >> i will tear your whole head off.
11:44 pm
>> to calm the situation i told hornby to take off and needles continued to rage. >> i will tear your [bleep] off. you are on private property. >> i saw others smoking pot. what appear to be middle school students lit up before they saw my camera and took off. i found discarded needles and talked to regulars such as parolee james simms who is willing to describe the scene. >> pot, crack, whatever it is. it is a stomping ground or whatever. >> all right here. >> the neighbors tell me it hasn't always been that way. >> before the park was there it was a relatively safe area. people didn't hang out there. since they put it in there was all kinds of trouble. >> they spent $100,000 to create the plaza by blocking off this part of the street. hiring an artist to stamp and paint a mural on to the
11:45 pm
pavement. the san francisco arts commission put out this video in 2011 to celebrate. >> there is this bird hanging out on the side of the weather van. >> no question everyone involved had good intentions, but the 2b plaza neighbors tell us the project soured jie. there is a saying the road to hell is paved to good intentions and the park that should have been named the road to hell. >> one of his art piece robot cut the ribbon to open the plaza. his studio is next to it. i asked neighbors to meet me there one recent rain knee weekend. >> i have seen gangs sit there. i have seen drug users there. i have seen people selling drugs. >> i will go out of my way and i tell people to not go through that area. >> it attracts a bad el meant from 6th street.
11:46 pm
there were porn shops and a needle exchange. they were taking pictures documenting the problems. there were hyperdermic needles too numerous to count. people sleeping there day and night. it is so bad that the neighborhood children have stopped using the adjoining playground. >> the most shocking thing is when i saw an elderly man with his pants down defecating near the playground. >> blai -- blatantly having sex in the afternoon. >> a surveillance camera caught a couple in the act. it is too graphic to show. the neighbors want it to stop and for the city to rip out the parklet. >> the park destroyed the potential for us to feel like we are in a community because there is so much fear. >> i never felt fearful. >> neighbors tell me their supervisor has not been responsive enough. they have will be -- they have been peppering her office, but
11:47 pm
she wants to give the plaza another shot. >> there are so many resources making it a nice plaza. >> he heads the department of public works which designed and installed the 2b plaza. he wants to try the better lighting and the surveillance cameras and the fencing to discourage the bad behavior. only after those fail would he consider ripping out the parklet. >> opening up the street will not solve the problem. we need to give it a chance before we take that step. if we all meet and that's the consensus, then that's the discussion we should have. >> the neighbors presented this petition to remove the parklet. police tell me for now it is up to the neighbors to reclaim the plaza. the more they use it, the better it will be. for the i team, dan noyes, abc7 news. >> it is time for one last check on our weather as we
11:48 pm
head into the workweek. >> we do have a little weak disturbance to the north. live doppler 7hd and you can see it right here. some will start to spill toward the bay area. it can bring us mist and drizzle tomorrow morning and also some clouds. this cold front, not a lot of rain involved. maybe some clouds tomorrow morning and then a cooler day by tomorrow afternoon. let me take you back east. it is snowing in washington, d.c. and you are going to find all kinds of travel delays up along the new england -- from washington toward new york city and boston. look for inclement weather there. look for 90 for palm springs and 76 los angeles. a terrific day for sacramento and 70 degrees and 65 in yosemite. my accu-weather seven-day forecast for st. patrick's day, we cool it down a bit. morning mist and drizzle and afternoon sunshine. it will be breezy on tuesday. and then by wednesday and the
11:49 pm
first day of spring on thursday, the temperatures will warm back up into the 70s. have a great week. >> thank you. >> shu is here with sports. >> a big day. golden state with a big a day. the stanford mens' hoops are not making it to the ncaa tournament. their reaction is next in sports.
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straight coming into tonight's game. it looked like they were about to lose their third until they kicked in gear in the second half. they were two and a half games behind. former warrior and that is way too easy. the warriors chip away the three and it gives them the four-point lead. klay thompson and curry combine for 51 in the second half. it makes it 110-107. oakland native with two of his 26. warriors are up by one. they get the one point lead and three ball and 11 seconds left. he misses and eventually gets it back, but throws up an air ball. warriors come from 18 down to win it 113-112 ending a two-game slide. what a game. all right, selection sunday in college hoops. very nerve-wracking.
11:53 pm
teams that didn't win their conference were looking forbids. forbids. exr la. today -- ucla. today they got the big dance invite. cardinals celebrating at the farm. getting the nod for the ncaa tournament under coach dawkins. they are heading to st. louis. they face new mexico on friday. new mexico is a good team. 27-6. upset san diego state to win the mountain wets -- west title last night. >> it is a big deal for us. it is something every player dreams about. they do great to accomplish that a and we are excited to get started. >> the game set for friday in st. louis. cal, usf and saint mary's got invites to the tournament. florida taking on kentucky. the sec tate tell game and two of his 11 and gators have 16
11:54 pm
and not happy. the wild cats bounce back. he slips and florida holds on for a 61-60 victory. usfrustrating day for the duke bluedevils. he was teed up for throwing a pin on the court. parker had 23. duke was down one and tournament mvp had 15 from virginia. cavaliers win the acc for the first time since 1976, 72-63 the final. big 10 championship, michigan at michigan state. harris throws it down. state up 9 at the half. the second half and watch brandon dawson. michigan state wins big. 69-55 the final. louisiana and lafayette and the ragin cajun. he tie -- ties it with one second left. going to the big dance 82-81 the final.
11:55 pm
florida the top seed in the tournament. they will be in the south region. arizona is number one in the west. wichita state is undefeated at 34-0 and virginia is number one in the east region. let the games begin. let's move over to the ice. madison square garden to be exact. sharks and rangers and they beat them at the tank 9-2. madison square garden. he scored the only goal on the breakaway. a little back end flip, his 19th of the year. on his game and a beauty. 20 saves in the first period alone. he is setting a franchise record with the most saves in a shutout . 41. sharks shut out the rangers for the first time in franchise history. to tampa and the final round and he is tied for the lead. a chip on on 16. 70 feet on-line and got it.
11:56 pm
a 20-foot birdie. drops it and gets the lead in the clubhouse. he needs the birdie putt to get the chance. it went in, trust me. he needs a 40-footer to force a playoff. 42-year-old johnson wins his secondpga event by one stroke and a spot in the masters. to end yen wells and roger federer and djokovic. roger won it in 31 minutes. roger was now 3-5 and a third and forced a tiebreaker and too many mistakes. djokovic takes it in three sets. it is a a $1 million check for his first title of the year. this abc7 sports report is brought to you by riverwalk casino. hope you have a happy birthday tomorrow. >> thank you very much, you guys. well, by the way, did you fill out your bracket? >> mine is done. i am not in the quicken loan
11:57 pm
event. >> you don't need the billion? >> i don't need the billion. but then i saw that you could win $100,000 for the top 20 so i may have to get in there tomorrow. >> are you rethinking that one. >> i would rather have $100,000 than a billion. >> all right, well that is it for tonight. i'm ama dates and for mike shumann and leigh glaser, thank you for joining us. abc7 news continues tomorrow morning at 4:30. have a great night and a wonderful week.
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