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tv   ABC7 News 400PM  ABC  March 17, 2014 4:00pm-5:01pm PDT

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good afternoon, everyone. developing news in the search for the missing malaysia air jetliner. all aspects of the pilot's lives are now under scrutiny and the two men and the crew are the focus of the investigation. today a look at video believed to be last images of the pilots passing through airport security. the two are calm and collected just hours before they vanished >> frustration, you can understand, mounting in the search we're now talking ten days ago. >> crews are looking for any sight of the flight that vanished. >> the uss kidd is returning to
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normal duties. investigators completed background checks on passengers and no red flags so investigators now say it's the voice of the co-pilot in that final transmission to air traffic control his words, all right, good night getting a closer look. >> they'll look for stress in the voice to see did someone have a gun in his head? >> investigators say if it shut down separately it could suggest a tlib brit act. >> to vanish and make it difficult to find you. >> investigators focusing on the pilots' lives, including records
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hamid had broken safety standards. >> i cannot imagine him doing anything to hurt the passengers or property. >> satellite suggest the plane possibly flew north or south towards australia. officials say the plane likely ran out of fuel in south indian ocean. australia is now coordinating the search. >> if the plane did crash in the ocean, only lighter weight items would be seen the heavy black boxes could be more than two miles deep. >> families of the missing passengers are keeping hope up but dreading the worst because they keep getting different stories every day. >> coming up, you'll hear a
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girlfriend of one of the passengers. >> a suspect is suspected of trying to join al qaeda he was charged today and an fbi informant had been tracking him for months selecting evidence they say he discussed a plan to set off an explosion. he is a student at san joaquin delta community college. >> a fairfield father accused of fighting off his child's nose was charged with felony, aggravated mayhem and child abuse. he is being held on $750,000 bail. >> the 1-month-old had surgery to reattach his nose. doctors say the child suffered a skull fracture and a brain hemorrhage. cooper told police he bit off his son's nose out of frustration because the baby would not stop crying. his 16-year-old mother is going
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try to regain custody tomorrow. >> investigators looking into a fatal stabbing that took place in a park. >> johnedy morgan park was the site of the first homicide of the year. a person called 911 to find an injured man in the park. officers were investigating that, another call this, time, valley medical center reporting a 16-year-old boy had been dropped off with a stab wound and taken into surgery but tied at 2:55 this morning. police believe there was some type of confrontation with possibility others were involved. >> from what i'm being told it was a large hunting-type knife. like a bowie knife. >> he is claiming self-defense.
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investigators say he does not have a permanent address and stays at friends' homes in the area, officers say the boy is a san jose resident and they're looking at the possibility it could be gang related. as for the park, people in the neighborhood say it's concerning >> i would not come here at dark. you know? i have a 14-year-old i won't bring her at night. you know? >> he was treated and booked into jail for homicide. it will be up to the district attorney to decide if he acted in self-defense. in campbell, abc7 news. >> the investigation that killed two north bay women continues with police looking into whether that driver was under the influence of marijuana and driving distracted. >> wayne freedman joins us live now in santa rosa. wayne? >> they won't specify yet whether he was using marijuana. they would say it's under investigation
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the accident happened just feet away. you can imagine this time, saturday night line of cars similar to what you can see here the cars stoped and come off the freeway. now, they watched it unfold. >> we're stopped and hit. i'm watching what happened i couldn't take my eye off. just one second ladies were talking. the next as if all power to their bodies had been unfluinged. >> this evening, jay hufford only has pictures of his mother and wife. you can see her on the left of the frame. sue was a beloved music teacher in mark west union school district. she knew, and taught every single child. here is the superintendent ron callo way.
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>> a very hard situation for not all of us but for me, personally. i knew her she taught my son. >> the family had been going to dinner when the driver barrelled into them. the driver admitted he had been texting. they arrested him on suspicion of driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs, possibly marijuana. he was not at his apartment. >> not going to do good to hate on someone. doesn't bring my people back. very to remember the good times with them the great 35 years i had with my wife. >> concord police are asking for the public's help in finding a driver involved in a fatal hit and run last night. surveillance video shows a victim leaving a convenience store before being hit on willow pass road. police say the struck her might
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be a pickup truck. accounts have not given strong leads. police say it's possible the driver was impaired. >> a man walking open the railroad tracks in berkeley was struck and killed by a train this morning. sky 7 flew over the scene of the accident. the crew sounded a horn to get attention but they couldn't stop the train in time. union pacific said the only time anyone should be near tracks is in a decemb crossing. >> looks like it's cooler >> it's breezy out here on this st. patrick's day. pleasant weather. we'll be seeing a lot more sunshine in the days ahead. as you look here, clear skies. the low clouds we've had today, drizzle is long gone from our camera. this is what i'm looking at.
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beautiful day and gale warnings on the coast and small craft advisories going up late tonight through tuesday afternoon for coastline as well. san francisco bay not under a small craft advisory. mount tam cam is clear looking at the coast. low # 0s in santa rosa and napa. different from yesterday livermore, 68 degrees. beautiful blue skies in san jose. this evening, count on breezy conditions. tomorrow afternoon, going to be a milder day with numbers coming up low 60s to mid-70s. larry? carolyn? >> still ahead at 4:00 the moment a southern california earthquake hit captured on live tv. how you can prepare for the next big quake. >> plus, out of tragedy the story of kindness at south
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by southwest festival. >> and it's a major victory for the disabled. how they'll get access to major parks in the bay area. >> taking a look at traffic now this is san francisco skyway. for drivers heading out of san francisco, southbound, they're moving just fine but it is a delay as unusual for drivers heading east. abc7 news at 4:00 continues right after this.
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faa checking out a delta airlines jet that made an emergency land landing because part of a wing came off during flight this, is a picture showing the missing panel. the plane bound for atlanta from owe orlando the problem did not affect at built to fly. >> that is remarkable. >> a third person hit by a car hit by a suspected drunken driver last thursday has died the 26-year-old woman injured when a 21-year-old man plowed his car through a barricade. two people died at the scene. >> one of the bands from that
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festival gave a private concert to one of the injured victims in her hospital room. she's been friends with the band since last year. >> a rude awakening for people in los angeles. a 4.4 earthquake struck this morning centered between westwood and encino. initially register as a 4.7 then down graded it rattled nerves of the of people including anchors in one l.a. tv station. >> coming up, more problems for a -- >> we're having an earthquake! >> that is the morning news team on ktla ducking for cover. no reports of any injuries. >> the california emergency management agency reminding people to be ready for disasters
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>> it's good to remind people are we all prepared? everybody is encouraged to have emergency kits stocked with battery operated radios, a three day supply of food and water for everybody in the family, and a manual can opener. >> you'll find the guidelines for stocking your kit and developing an emergency plan by going to our web site abc7 you'll find that under see it on tv. >> if you're to take a poll of every 0 people, how many are really ready? i'm not sure what the number would be. i don't think close to ten. it's a good reminder. >> yes. >> let's check on the forecast right now. >> a brief cool down today but we're about to see changes tomorrow. right now it's clear. so any gray skies are hong gone. looking from our east bay hills
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camera, high, thin clouds. clear, breezy tonight. sunny, warmer and spring starts thursday at 9:57 in the morning. so we're going to feel the warmth. cold front ask a breeze kicked up. so a quiet pattern is in store this week. i know some of you like the weather but we need the rain. it doesn't look like the next chance of rain until march 26th or 27. and that is just a chance. tomorrow morning 38 in napa. low 40s in livermore and fairfield. 50 degrees in san francisco. expecting clear skies in the morning tomorrow afternoon, milder
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weather. low 70s for mountain view. keeping temperatures into low to mid-60s there. 74 in santa rosa. east bay, temperatures running higher. 71 in oakland and newark. inland spots 73. looking at the accu-weather forecast, temperatures coming up tuesday, wednesday, thursday. coast not changing a lot. then, a little bit cooler friday through the weekend. temperatures still well above normal for this time of the year. and as mentioned thursday spring starts and it's going to feel
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like it here. >> thank you sandhya. >> up next "dancing with the stars" premiers tonight. how you, the viewer will play a bigger role in the competition then, after 4:30... >> we know how important hugs are. but for this family in egypt this hug is meaningful because of the support received from the bay area, we'll have their story still to come. >> taking a look live at walnut creek right now. it's extremely heavy on northbound 680 now. the passat tdi clean diesell des gets up to 795 highway miles per tank. , we're th salesperson #2: actually, we're throwing in a $1,000 fuel reward card. we've never done that. that's why there's never been a better time to buy a passat tdi clean diesel. husband: so it's like two deals in one? avo: during the salesperson #2: first ever exactly. volkswagen tdi clean diesel event, get a great deal on a passat tdi, that gets up to 795 highway miles per tank. and get a $1000 dollar fuel reward card.
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and the first thing that came to mind is, "can i afford to go to the hospital?" now that i've got covered california, i know that if something happens to me that i'm covered. i'm in. [ female announcer ] everyone deserves health insurance. are you in? find free, confidential, local help at a new crop of celebrities
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will vie for the coveted mirror-ball trophies there is a new rule change. >> i'm curious how this is going to work the stars and their partners will switch up during the competition. and you, the viewer will get to decide the pairings. >> that switch up is probably only going to be for one week. in this audience you're going to see kristi yamaguchi rooting on skater marl davis. they're all excited to get season 18 underway we've got stars and partners to
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give me evaluations of the work. >> number one thing you want is someone will, and determined. she understands music very well. here is the rhythm. and you can't teach that. >> personality, this woman has enough for both of us i love working with her. her enthusiasm just takes over. >> he's got incredible timing. so i know i can throw anything at him. he's going to get it pretty much immediately. >> derek hough began his practice with his partner.
4:23 pm
>> she's just about defying odds she told me when she woke up out of a coma, she made two decisions. one she wasn't going to feel sorry for herself and she was going to work again. >> i got a good one. to be back on the circumstances, you know, it's pretty interesting. grandma is going to be happy. even i know drew cary. that says a lot. out of all 17 partners he's the third person i didn't have to google. it's a good sign.
4:24 pm
>> a couple hints, one team will be dancing to the theme from "star wars". and last dancer of the evening will perform to a song called "let her go". >> george, just curious the cast was first announce owed everybody is saying look out for drew cary we think of him as a great comedian. now this talk shows and game shows but can he dance? is he a great dancer? >> once upon a time, he performed in big production numbers on the show. i don't know how well he can dance but i know he likes to dance. people are telling me i think you can be impressed by drew cary tonight. it's going to be a tough season >> when you look at maryl
4:25 pm
seems like she has it nailed. >> her partner on the ice is supposed to be very good. people are wondering will it come down to these two? will the audience say wait a minute, these two have too much experience dancing on ice and we don't know. it's going to be toing. then, amy purredy is going to be an emotional favorite. >> of course. >> shoulding fun. yes. new season kicks off tonight at 8:00 followed by castle then abc7 news at 11:00. >> just ahead here at 4:00 a break through. both sides calling it the most comprehensive agreement to improve access to a national park system for people with disabilities. >> also, president obama delivering on promised sanctions against russia after crimia
4:26 pm
votes to leave ukraine. >> and why the pair is so bad in pa announcer: babies who are talked to from the time they're born.. are more likely to have a successful future. talking and reading to children in their first years has a huge impact on what they do with the rest of their lives. the fewer words they hear, the greater their chances ofool and getting into trouble. talk. read. sing.
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your words have the power to shape their world. learn more at
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the first settlement in the country that increases access for the disabled and it's here
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in our own backyard >> talking about golden gate national recreation area. we're live with the story. vick? >> well, it's been a long fight for the lawyers who represent the disabled community. they filed a lawsuit six years ago and finally this settlement in federal court. lawyers say it could be a model for parks around the country. >> it sits on 75,000 acres. encompassing 59 miles of bay, and ocean shore line. 15 million people visit every year the settlement will now make it possible for more to enjoy the beauty of the country's largest urban national park.
4:30 pm
people like peter mend yoeza. >> we enjoy peace, quiet and beauty like everybody else. >> under the settlement ggnra will be required to launch specific projects. disability rights lawyer lists some of them >> making portions of trails accessible. providing beach wheelchairs on certain beaches. >> some improve manies have been completed like this access trail to the beach for wheelchair users but many more are planned. rangers and volunteers will be taught how to guide people with disabilities. >> volunteers will be trained to ex-plane different exhibits to people. if for example, they can't see or hear.
4:31 pm
>> ggnra will dedicate $3 million to finish the list of improvements over the seven-year span. >> there is a developing news in the search for a missing malaysia airlines flight now spans two hemispheres including very deep oceans and 11 countries. malaysian authorities acknowledging they do not know when the flight data system make dark. making it harder to pinpoint when the suspected act of sabotage took place. anxiety grows for family members the girlfriend of an american passenger phillip wood is ready for any word at any moment. >> my bag is packed and ready to go. it has been since saturday morning. my son helped me pick out clothes to bring for him i have an outfit for him in my
4:32 pm
backpack. >> so difficult, the waiting. 239 passengers were on the flight. u.s. officials have examined the names of the passengers and crew members for possible connections to terror groups. no such links have been disclosed. >> now, to the crisis in ukraine. rush president putin signed a decree and the white house says it's prepared for further sanctions. >> today, the president says there will be consequences for russia's actions on ukraine. we're imposing actions for individuals responsible for undermining the government of ukraine. >> several russians are targeted, part part of vladimir putin's circle. today, the president said this isn't the final step.
4:33 pm
>> if russia continues to interfere, we stand ready to impose further sanctions >> the european union agreed to travel and final restrictions on 21 people. >> if it's possible to add to these measures this is not a, this is not a list set in stone for the future. >> the sanctions come a day after residents voted to separate from ukraine and join russia. >> the u.s. and allies have been saying for weeks the votes would be a referendum of international law. threats from washington and europe had little sway over putin. russian forces already control crimia. today the spokesman spoke
4:34 pm
whether future sanctions could be applied >> i'm in the putting on or off any individual. >> president bidin will emphasize u.s. commitment to native allies within the region. >> worst air pollution in years is prompting paris to temporarily ban cars and trucks from city streets. car was even numbed plates mraits prohibited in paris and suburbs. hundreds of police officers are enforcing this ban pollution levels are intense because of warm days and cool nights with little wind >> we have developing news from bart. there is a power outage at sfo bart station meaning major delays for commuters. third week of testimony now underway in a murder trial of
4:35 pm
track star oscar pistorious. a gun dealer says he had drawn a gun and went into quote, combat mode when he heard a noise in his home that he thought was an intruder. also that pistorious had a great love and enthusism for guns. he is accused of murdering his girlfriend he claims he mistook her for an intruder. >> general motors announced three new recalls today a million suvs are being recalled for defective air bags gm announced recalls of commercial vans including chevolet express and gmc savannah. material does not meet federal standards the third recall involves cadillac sedans where a plug in the brake system can come loose.
4:36 pm
gm faces multiple investigations for defective ignition switches. for a full list go to abc7 we'll have it posted under see it on tv. >> coming up at 4:00 is there another royal baby on the way? what britain's prince william says about the possible expansion of his family. >> like grand farther like grandson. this 4-year-old is getting his coaching moves down. >> winter is winding down. i'll be back with tomorrow's numbers coming up. >> another live check of the afternoon commute. this is 101, traffic coming towards us heading back towards san francisco moving nicely in both directions stay with us, more still to come at 4:00.
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the nasa hubble space telescope launched 20 years ago last month and showing off images of stars being born the pictures come from inside what is called monkey head nebulous. >> those are mesmerizing.
4:40 pm
>> a lot of rumors about this. will there be another royal baby soon? >> britain's prince william says no thanks not for the time being. the royal couple presented shamrocks to 200 soldiers from the irish guard the duchess dressed in a emerald green trench coat and matching hat and heels a soldier asked whether they're planning to expand the family and william says maybe one day but one is enough at the moment. >> kind of bold for the soldier to ask. you know? just wondering. there are a million tabloids want to know. >> i love the reaction. we're doing fine right now thank you, with the one. >> one is plenty. >> we've heard of like father, like son. this is a case of like grandfather, like grandson. check it out >> look at this. he's one of the five grandchildren of phil and judy
4:41 pm
martelli. >> it's the basketball coach at st. joseph's university in philadelphia. he stood just feet from grandpa clad in a similar suit tie, copying every gesture. he's got his own white board to draw plays i don't think the elder martelli is dancing like that. so much fun he's one of five grandkids. >> so cute. >> phil martelli is almost a god-like figure in coaching. and for sure, a little grandson going to be there for the games. >> yes. >> exactly. loving it, too. i love it. >> yes. yes. >> spencer christian is off but sandhya patel tracking the accu-weather forecast.
4:42 pm
yes. it's clear still no moisture around. if you're traveling 34 in boston. 35 fargo. low to mid-60s there. low to mid-70s. los angeles in the 70s. tahoe, it's sunshine and nine degrees still no rain or snow. looking at high temperatures they're coming up a little bit. 67 in san francisco. and these temperatures are well above where we should be at this time of the year. but spring is just around the corner starting this thursday.
4:43 pm
at 9:57 in the morning. carolyn? larry? >> still ahead a battle to study marijuana as a treatment for post traumatic stress disorder is the government ready to let it move forward? >> somewhat devastating because this is what i do. >> from gym to courtroom a transgender woman files suit for a right to compete as a female in a tournament. >> and
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4:46 pm
lauren scott, celebrity stylist has been found dead in manhattan of an apparent suicide officials say an assistant found scott hanging by a scarf. scott began dating mick jagger in 2001. no note has been found a spokesman for the jagger says
4:47 pm
the singer is shocked and devastated by the news. >> a transgender woman from northern california suing a fitness company that will not let her participate as a female in their competition. chloe johnson is filing a lawsuit against cross fit. johnson underwent reassignment surgery and says she no longer has biological physique of a man. . >> i only have female hormones so i take estrogen. i no longer produce testosterone. >> if competing for olympics she'd qualify because of the changes she's undergone. abc7 musts contacted cross fit and did not get a reply but the company claims johnson has an unfair advantage of because of her genetic makeup. >> next hot stock in the u.s. may be e commerce giant alibaba saying it's starting the process
4:48 pm
governoring public this year. it's kind of a combination of ebay, google and pay pal. it attempted to go public last year but that deal fell apart. analysts estimate an ipo could raise up to $15 billion. >> a new push to get tobacco out of the biggest stores in the country. attorneys general from 28 states sent letters to ceos of five major retailers. the letter states it's contradiction to carry the products in store that's also provide health care services companies are safeway, walmart, walgreens, rite aid and >> cannibis supporters the university of arizona proposal had been cleared by fda but
4:49 pm
researchers unable to push chas marijuana from the national institute on drug abuse the mississippi research farm is the only federally sanctioned source of the drug. >> knew trents in dark chocolate have been shown to improve blood pressure, cholesterol and other risk factors. the pills being studied are packed with nutrients. the study being partially sponsored by candy company mars. pills do not taste like chocolate. >> that kills it. >> yes. >> this is st. patrick's day millions of irish americans celebrate with famous parades. the wearing of the green meant ethnic pride colored with a mill
4:50 pm
side. it's a time honored tradition. marching and this year, caught up in a clash over gay rights. parades in boston and new york city losing sponsors because organizers ban openly gay groups. >> this will be the 23 year in new york city it's not over until they can march down the street >> critics saying no other groups are told to march unidentified. new york city mayor sat out in protest. boston mayor stayed home. but catholic groups deny discrimination against gays. they cannot march under their own banners the parade has one cause,
4:51 pm
honoring saint patrick. >> people with watch without political signs i think it's appropriate. >> that is not happening ireland. i think they'd find it to be shocking and embarrassing. >> still, controversy put a damper on the today is the favorite for a local bar getting impacted during lunch and happy hour. lots of green the band there keeping everybody entertained with traditional and modern irish music. >> you have a kelly green track suit like the one that guy was
4:52 pm
dancing in. >> he and i have similar moves. >> coming up a woman travels across the globe for help and a community responds in a big way. her story up next. >> abc7 newsroom scathing response by a lawmaker to a plea deal in a sexual assault case. plus... >> we'll wait for the mic. also one student is hoping to bring to uc berkeley that has in the happened in more than 50 years. those tri stories and more at 5:00 the news at
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4:55 pm
it's a story of hope we want to share with you showing what an accident victim can do when good hearted people help out. this story is about an egyptian
4:56 pm
woman come here to get outfitted with two new prosthetic arms her determination will move you here. david louie has more from palo alto. >> occupational therapists say you're seeing here remarkable progress the 37-year-old was outfitted with two full-arm prosthetics she lost her limbs in a bus accident. >> i have many hopes one is to comb my daughter's hair i know it will take time and hard work from me to get to my goals. and i'm ready to do it. >> members of the orthodox church arranged for her to receive care. stanford and valley medical sent center also helped. >> everything is just like a huge puzzle. all of the pieces fit together.
4:57 pm
>> as challenging as it is, jihan embodies hope. >> you need to wear them just two hours, then take them off. another two hours she wants to keep go asking wear them all day i have to reign her back a little bit. >> her progress brings joy to her husband and 5-year-old daughter. the couple's 2-year-old daughter was killed in the bus accident. >> after the accident we have a new life. he intended for us to do something for him i don't know what it is going to be but i know after i finish therapy, i will be able to do what god wants me to do. >> they will be leaving the bay area with a gift. because of the prosthetics and medical care were provided at little, or no, cost.
4:58 pm
>> thanks for joining us. i'm larry beil. >> we see him in court the first time. >> the man accused of threatening >> it's more of a question of how. >> dreaming big. what one student is hoping to bring in after more than 50 years. >> i'll let you know when the weather will relate to the season. >> we're getting a look at the bay area father accused of biting off his son's nose
4:59 pm
because the baby wouldn't stop crying. this case has drawn national attention. good evening, everyone i'm carolyn johnson. >> the father is getting support from the family the public is horrified but what he is accused of. care yes lynn tyler is where that little boy is being treated. >> he is in the custody of custody of child protective services. >> i want to do back flips and run. >> fairfield police say the 18-year-old joshua cooper confessed to the crime telling them he bit off part of his month-old's nose frustrated by the crying the 16-year-old mother told us
5:00 pm
this weekend that there were no previous signs of violence i >> would not have stayed with this man while being pregnant if i knew what he was capable of. >> today a judge listed charges against cooper. including felony aggravated mayhem and child cruelty. the baby's mother told us her son is suffering from a skull fracture, brain hemorrhage and days before his know nose was injured doctors noticed bruises and swelling. riggens says the family life she wanted is now gone. >> i wanted it back. i can't. it will never be the same. >> cooper told the judge is he working, making $700 a month and wants to hire his own attorney. bail set at $750,000. outside of the court, the family of the teen-aged dad declined to speak but his friend did >> my love goes out to the family and baby the baby


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