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tv   ABC7 News 430AM  ABC  March 19, 2014 4:30am-5:01am PDT

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inland. above-average temperatures. >> minimum wage workers in richmond could start making more money. the city council took a step last night to boosting the minimum hourly rate. katie marzullo is in richmond. >> pretty dramatic shows richmond minimum wage goes to $12.30 by 2013 the highest in the safety california compared to the rate which is $8 an hour and san francisco pays $10.74 an hour and san jose at $10.february. originally the mayor of richmond was to put this to public vote on a ballot but she changed her mind. >> it is clear we want a minimum wage increase why not have it
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come into effect sooner rather than later? request not -- why wait until november? >> this is phased in. there is opposition, vote was 6- 1. one member voted against it not that he doesn't support the idea but he was not happy the city council decided to rush into it and not do further study and wait. some business owners are nervous. including the c.e.o. of galaxy dessert says with this minimum wage he is not sure he that affects his business but it will keep him from expanding. a second reading on this notion is scheduled next month. when it takes effect, 30 days after it passes. no exact time dated just yet. >> someone in the bay area is weighing up a millionaire after matching five of the six numbers
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last night in mega millions. it was sold at huntington liquor in san bruno getting all but the mega number and worth $1.9 million. two tickets sold in florida and maryland match all six and will split $4 money jackpot the sixth large of the prize in history. >> more than half a dozen people and pets are without a home after a fire broke out in san francisco. it happened on monterey boulevard shortly after 9:00 last night. most of the damage was to the balcony, eight adults, four cats and a dog were displaced. one person was taken to the hospital but is expected to be okay. the cause is under investigation. >> a river is in the hospital and under arrest after being shot by an alameda county sheriff deputy in san lorenzo after he tried to run them down forcing an officer to fire.
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>> i thought it was shots. >> he heard shots and saw police swarm the area. sky 7 was over the seen moments later where a sheriff deupty opened fire on a suspect. it began at 5:30 p.m. when the deputies made a routine traffic stop. the driver took off. there was a brief chase but officers lost sight of the car and then it was spotted at a spotlight. when a deputy approached the bmw officials claim the driver tried to run him down. >> deputy feared for his safety and fired two shots. the suspect was wounded and shot once in the arm and hayward police captured the man a short time later near the san mateo bridge. >> that is it.
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i wanted to get home with my kid. >> neighbors were kept from getting home for several hours. authorities do not know what caused the suspect to run. >> developing news, the san jose city council has decided not to deem the city's 1960's era movie theater historical. several residents asked to save the theater by nominating it for landmark. the owners of the prosecute are ready to sell. it is slated to be torn down to be replace paid mixed use development. commission will make the final distinction next month. matt keller will have a report at the top of the hour. the search not missing malaysia airlines plane is focused 1,600 miles set of perth but nothing has been found. the malaysian transportation
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minister said filed were deleted from a pilot's flight similarity but nothing has been found inbound. >> reports of people claiming to see the plane are not true. in kuala lumpur there was chaos as police tried to escort relatives of the passengers for a hotel. two chinese relatives held a banner and shouted at malaysian authorities. police dragged them away. >> security weapons at san francisco international airport after a woman known for trying to sneak past check point was arrested. the 62 year old was taken into custody in the international terminal yesterday not far from the security check point where she was sneaking through. police have arrested her throw times before, twice in the screening area, for flight bound for had what and once she actually made it on to a flight without a boarding pass and was caught sitting in a seat before taking off. >> she is not supposed to be
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there and she has a court order for preventing her from being at the airport unless she has lawful business like a ticket. >> may not be the woman who wants to go to hawaii but someone who wants to cause trouble. >> she lives in a san francisco homeless shelter and has cancer and wants to go someplace where it is warm. she is if jail on $,500 bail. >> new safe conditions for residents in a san jose neighborhood after the delegate of a young man. police are looking for whoever shot a man in his 20's inside a home in coyote creek neighborhood on monday. people would live nearby say this crime is unusual if the area. several marijuana plants were found inside the home. they would not say if the pot was connected to the homicide. >> oakland is limiting what landlords can pass on to tenants with upgrades. only 70 percent can be passed on
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and residents cannot be raced month are than 10 percent in any given year. oakland landlords landlords can0 percent of capital improvement costs to tenant over five years. activists say that has pushed out long time residents. the city council will ratify the deal in the coming weeks. >> tomorrow, spring will "spring." mike? >> absolutely, 9:57 tomorrow morning. spring will come heading toward us. live doppler 7 hd picking up unlimited visibility everywhere. no real weather worries this morning. it is slightly cooler than yesterday. low-to-upper 40's and look how quickly it is mild in upper 60's by noon with a few high clouds this afternoon and we will make the mid-to-upper 60's at the coast and low-to-mid 70's around the bay. at 7:00 we pull into the upper 50's at the coast and money 50's
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for the rest of us. spring comes in tomorrow and temperatures will drop two to four degrees and another two to four degrees on friday and back where they should be and saturday the marine layer is back and you can see how much cooler it will be at the coast, 58 on saturday, and 72 inland. she is back with the traffic. leyla gulen? >> good morning, everyone, it is 4:38 and quiet. we have a couple issues in terms of fire hydrants that was sheared off in san lenadro that caused quite a bit of flooding an the on-ramp to northbound 880 so we are trying to find out if the on-ramp is still shut down. if it is we can use davis as an alternate. we have 22 bart trains running on time and muni, no delays. in other parts of the bay area like san jose, can you see traffic is moving smoothly at continue speeds arm from the nimitz and toward the san jose airport along 10167 miles per hour and 280 looking clear
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through cupertino and 65 miles per hour and 65 on highway 85 into cupertino up to mountain view. we have construction at the bay bridge toll plaza as you move to the first tower and you can see traffic is running smoothly so, obviously, the metering lights are not turned on justity -- just yet. >> a bay area teen gets his wish fulfilled with help from the san jose sharks. >> more on the deadly shooting at l.a.x. and where authorities say airport officials dropped the ball. >> swift motion forking the deadly helicopter crash in seattle with changes in store for pilot whose fly through that
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covering santa rosa, berkeley, san jose, and all the bay area, this is abc7 news. >> good morning. seattle mayor says rules for helicopter pads in the still be
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reviewed after two people were killed when a crash of the news chopper. the helicopter went down feet from the space needle yesterday and a pilot and long time journalists with the abc station komo were killed. a driver on the ground was seriously burned when the chopper dropped from the sky and landed on his car setting it and two other vehicle on fire. the crew stopped at the station to refuel. the ntsb removed the wreckage to figure out what happened. >> four children the focus of a statewide amber alert have been found unhappened near the mexican border. the five and seven-year-old boy and one-year-old twin girls were found he days after being taken by their parents from their grandmother's home. the parents are still on the run and believed to be in mexico. warrants have been should. >> a report finds los angeles international airport was not prepared for a contribution when a gunman am bucked security
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officers last november. the report finds emergency responders were hindered by communication problems and poor coordination and firefighters and paramedics did not know where to go and there was delay setting up a central command center. a t.s.a. officer was shot and killed and people were injured before paul ciancia was arrested. a hearing is scheduled next week in congress. >> an appeals court is considering a request to strike down the arizona law that denies bail to immigrants here illegally. a special panel is urged of the circuit court of appeals to fine the law unconstitutional. it is claims that it singles out immigrants as flight ring -- risks. the decision will likely be appealed to the united states supreme court. >> a dream came true for a pleasant hill teen who spent his childhood suffering from heart surgeries.
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the 17-year-old is an avid shark span spending the day with the team and was the first non-player to skate before the game last night against the panthers and got a standing ovation from the crowd. this is part of a day long make a wish dream come true for a young man with a passion for hockey. here is our reporter with more on that story. >> giving the ice at the shacks' sprack tits is the stuff of dreams. sam has been a sharks fan the entire his life. everything is hockey, eat, sleeping, playing, and the stats. >> he was born with a defective heart with only two chambers rather than four. he had three surgeries the first when he was only seven days old. he played hockey at four and switched to roller hockey at six and never tired. he was on the bench with jumbo
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joe thornton. >> he said to scoot over, and slid in the spot and he said he has to practice. >> sam scored a couple times during practice. >> i come to a lot of games. nemo is my favorite. the goalie. >> did you talk to him? >> not yet. >> he is in the element and the sharks management sees something in him giving him a hat and jersey and a contract making him an official member of the team. >> this was a dream hard to, tract from sam during an interview with make-a-wish foundation. >> he is humbled. he knew what he wanted but he was quiet. >> sam confided that he has another wish: a job with the sharks when he graduates from high school. we are not sure that will happen but they love how happy it is. >> it is a credit to our players
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and the organization that this is our pleasure to be able to do this and see the smile on his face. >> if san jose for abc7 news. >> new details now on how the drought we are having will affect the prices you pay for grocery and restaurant food which are starting to go up items like beef. a restaurant own are is paying an extra dollar a pound for ribeye so that means less pay and grass for the cows. >> they will have to feed grain and con fed to the cattle drive up the prices. >> milk prices have gone up and one supermarket had to raise prices by 80 cent a gallon. experts warn that produce prices will not see the drop during the spring and summer with farmers planting fewer acres so that means less fruits and vegetables on the market in the coming
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months. >> now, the weather forecast. are the temperatures rising? >> temperatures rising. no rain until next week the on twitter i tweeted a picture of all the different crops that come from california and how our drought will affect the temperature. or the prices of the crops across the country waiting for the east cost price to pick up. >> here is a look at our winds on live doppler 7 hd, they light and variable at these to six miles per hour, if not couple. here is a look at what is going on as far as our temperatures: 39 in guerneville, american canyon is 36 and petaluma is 38 and 41 in napa and 40 in novato and 41 in mill valley. 48 in san rafael and calistoga. lafayette is 42 and 43 in sap ramon and mid-40's around cupertino, and san jose is
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friction. 48 in new newark. low-to-mid 50's around san francisco, alameda and brentwood. the temperatures are cooler than they were yesterday, beautiful picture from exploritorium camera to san francisco and this is the backdrop to talk about building warmth with high clouds today and spring begins at 9:57 a.m. tomorrow with a week away from the next possible chance of rain. temperatures today will hit the low-to-upper circuit along the coast and low 60's around bodega bay to upper 60 at half moon bay and 67, and low-to-mid 70's else with with san jose and napa and santa rosa hitting 75, the warmer spots. tonight it is milder with high clouds rolling in keeping the temperatures up and mid-40's around santa rosa and napa and inelse in the upper 40's to low 50's until oakland and san francisco, mid-50's tomorrow morning. high pressure to our east, and that is the offshore breeze that will bring us warmer-than-average temperatures and the front to the north is
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going to stop that although the storms are staying to the north with the rain the front. induce a sea breeze starting tomorrow and with high clouds starting to come in late today and hanging around tomorrow it is the warm of the day and the seven seven is two to four degrees cooler tomorrow and same on friday and steady through saturday and a slight bump up on sunday into monday and another area of high pressure builds, and tuesday evening, through when, that is when we get our next chance of rain. >> we started off with construction and it will end at 5:00 this morning as we take you to pinole we have lanes blocked off. westbound 80 between pinole valley east to pinole valley west with traffic smooth away from highway four and to the south, we get closer to the hoffman split we are at top speeds and eastbound traffic through albany is a little bit of a slow down. it is reasonable just one or two cars up the speed limit as we continue through berkeley to the
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maze through emeryville, it is a cheer commute with the nimitz away from 98062 miles per hour. good news, as we take you to san leandro we had an fire hydrant that was sheared off block the on-ramp to northbound 880 and now all is re-opened. across the san mateo bridge over the water to the peninsula, traffic is clear up to the peninsula and it will only take you nine minutes. >> happening today the 29th annual san francisco home and garden show kickoff in san mateo rated one of the top ten garden shows in the world and features 200,000 square feet of space filled with thousands of plants and flowers and displays with flowers and plans for sale, hands on children's activity and cook, demonstrations. the flower and garden show opens at 10:00 this morning at san mateo county events center in san mateo and runs through sunday. >> a stanford professor received
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life change news on the big bang theory, he got the good news. with two million views on youtube since the release on monday. >> i have a surprise. >> what? just a second. after the physicist celebrated with bubbly back in the 80's he devised models showing how the universe expanded and he needed another of proof of evidence to prove it and it was confirmed when his team discovered waves in space time a theory that could around him a nobel prize. >> what is the most expensive
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disease in america to treat? the answer is out and women are impacted by it most and twice as much as men. >> president obama gearing up for the ncaa championship with his picks for the final
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a new report fines alzheimer's disease is a bigger health issue than breast cancer for women. new numbers show that women over the age of 60 have a 1 in 6 chance of getting alzheimer's disease compared to men and are twice as likely to get alzheimer's disease compared to blest cancer. >> there is a breathalyzer that can tell if you have a disease in just 30 seconds. the machine was unveiled in tokyo. here is a photo.
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just blow several times into a nozzle and it analyzes for traces of certain gases this can signal health problems such as diabetes, hangover or stomach ailments. they will begin cheryl production next year. >> i don't know if you need a bothizer to detect a hangover. mike? >> good point. the calm conditions overspreading the bay this morning. the temperature is 73 in oakland, and novato is 73, a degree warmer than yesterday, and san francisco is 70, and antioch is 74, and three degrees warmer in oakland three degrees warmer. radar is quiet other than a few high clouds we have total sunshine and mid-70's to 80 around fresno and nearly accident in san diego and 84 in palm springs and 57 in lake tahoe today to 67 in monterey. enjoy. safe travels.
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>> it is quiet with hot spots and over the altamont pass, but, first, as we look at highway four in the westbound direction where top speeds are 70 miles per hour and headed out of antioch to pittsburg through bay point and concord, wide open spaces, and the altamont pass along 580 westbound, 40 miles per hour, and a buildup as you leave 205 and over the pass the traffic dissipates. 680 walnut creek southbound to dublin is 14 minutes and 101 southbound from santa rosa to san francisco is 50 minutes through the santa cruz mountains to los gatos 25 minutes gets you there. >> in an hour, basketball fans will be able to compare their march madness brackets again the nation's first hoop span. president obama's complete ncaa tournament bracket is reveals on
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espn sports center from the white house. espn revealed the president's final four predictions including defending champion louisville and florida and arizona and michigan state. espn and abc7 news are owned by disney. >> next, an emotional meeting in san jose, the push by residents to keep special theaters protected for years to come. >> the latest in the malaysian airlines mystery over claims it may have been the spot off of the indian coast.
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live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. good wednesday morning at 5:00. i am kristen sze. >> i am eric thomas. we are halfway there. a warm-up is coming. >> we do. good morning, everyone. the day before spring begins is the warmest in the forecast. this morning, check out live doppler 7 hd, it is bone dry. a lack of clouds. lack of winds. it is cooler. you can use the same coat you used yesterday. by the afternoon, 67 to 74 degrees. inland is around 70 to 75. at the coast we will be in the low pressure 60's and a few high clouds in the afternoon. >> good morning, mike, at 5:00 we had a problem in san jose and i will get you the drive time traffic in a second. light rail is not


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