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tv   ABC7 News 1100PM  ABC  March 29, 2014 11:00pm-12:01am PDT

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the major delays for travellers at
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wet weather is causing problems across the bay area tonight. downed trees closing down roads and shutting off power. so much rain even the giants and a's game had to be cancelled in oakland. good evening and thank you for joining us. rain is still coming down across the bay area tonight. this is video from burlingame where you can see it was coming down pretty heavy in some spots. it was a wet day all across the bay area. these folks were braving the farmer's market at the san francisco ferry building. and wet roads on the peninsula. this video was shot in downtown redwood city. right now lingering showers in the bay area.
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you can see the bay bridge there. leigh glaser has more. >> we have light to moderate rain showers in san jose. most of it is pushing out of the bay area. we will go to the north bay heading over to petaluma. you can see that. also, a little bit of activity just to the west of the -- to the east of the livermore valley area. all of that will be swinging down through the tracy area. also south of san jose and watsonville and gilroy. santa cruz being hit with moderate rain. speaking of rainfall very nice soaking with rainfall totals in the past 24 hours, over a quarter to as much as 3/4 inch in most locations. over an inch in san rafael. we will get a break tomorrow and more heavier rain the first part
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of next week. we'll check out the timing coming up. now to lisa amin gulezian who is in live in burlingame with a look at the problems around the bay area. >> reporter: right now we have a break in the rain but it was coming down hard until a little while ago and it was causing the repair crews to unfortunately move slower than they would have liked pg&e crews are working as fast as they can in the rain. it's been coming down nonstop since they arrived tonight to remove a tree limb that fell on power lines. the massive tree is being trimmed because of the proximity to the busy roadway. as a precaution, burlingame police shut down southbound traffic in the area. the saturated soil also caused this tree to fall in san francisco's castro district today. it came crashing down on to a house and pulled power lines down along with it.
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the heavy rain is the reason that some baseball fans went home wet and disappointed after the final game in the bay bridge series was cancelled. field was soaked. >> we node the rain but we need the a's too. >> we have the family here and we are rained out. >> reporter: the coaches were also disappointed. not only because of the called off game. but because of yet another sewage leak. this cell phone video was shot by the third base coach. clear water is all over the floor. this is the fourth plumbing problem since last june. about 20 people will be in the dark for the rest of the night and this stretch of road will be open in about an hour. live in burlingame tonight, lisa amin gulezian, abc 7 news.
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viewers are sending us photos of the weather. this is flooding along international boulevard in oakland. this is from a viewer in watsonville enjoying rain at the beach. a tornado warning today. you can see that funnel cloud forming in this photograph from the national weather service. residents were warned to take shelter but the tornado never touched down. three cars hit a tree in sacramento ha had just fallen in citrus heights. one person was killed. there have been a lot of accidents in the sierra because of rain and snow. these caltrans cameras show the road conditions. chains are required on all vehicles except for four-wheel drive vehicles with snow tires on all four wheels. snow is expected to fall at
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heavenly through thursday. you can track the rain in the bay area using live doppler 7 hd. you can download the app on our website, new at 11:00, a computer glitch is causing delays and frustrations tonight. it is running on a backup system. the problems led to huge backups for arrivaling international travellers. these are pictures of the long backup at customs. one woman from germany said she stood in line for two hours. the problem is expected to be fixed by tomorrow. there have been more than 100 aftershocks following the 5.1 earthquake in southern california. it is the strongest quake in the area since 2008. the earthquake did break some water mains and damage some buildings. >> reporter: broken water mains,
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streets cracked, nerves rattled. >> i have never felt one that -- my heart is racing. >> there are cracks in the building. >> reporter: the epicenter of the 5.1 magnitude earthquake was in orange county. no one was hurt and the damage was minor. but it triggered a rock slide that flipped this car. this comes on the heels of another in downtown los angeles. >> this earthquake is ten times larger in terms of energy release than the one two weeks ago. >> reporter: the shaking could be felt for about 15 seconds and was followed by several aftershocks. >> the main thing you feel the shock, you feel the jolt. and that was a pretty sharp jolt compared to the other ones that are usually more rolling and easier. it was a little more scary. later this hour, researchers
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believe listening to small tremors could help us hear the next big one in the bay area. a family and their pets are staying elsewhere after a fire in their apartment. firefighters got the call just before 5:00 this evening. in less than a half hour the flames were out. the red cross helped the family find shelter. another fire at the same building killed a woman and injured a man back in 2008. a march for justice for a city college of san francisco student wound its way through the mission district today. marchers filled mission street as they called for justice. the 28-year-old was killed by officers who say they thought he pointed a gun at him. that gun turned out to be a taser. san francisco police are looking for the driver of this late-model honda. he left it here with a bullet hole in the driver's side door.
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an officer tried to stop the car. the driver sped away, the front door hit the officer's arm causing him to accidentally fire. the officer is okay. a richmond homeowner is experiencing deja vu in a bad way tonight. a car slammed into his house again just before 6:00 this morning on hill top drive. a car slammed through a fence and flipped on its side and came to rest against the house. >> this is the first time in the last two years they have hit my house. but they have hit a total of three times. and been in the front yard at least seven times. >> one person was hospitalized in unknown condition. no one inside the home was hurt. still to come on abc 7 news at 11:00. a lawmaker calls on leland yee
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to resign. and more bad news in washington state as the search for victims continues one week after that devastating mudslide. why the lights were going out all over the bay area and across the
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the political fallout continues after the arrest of leland yee. he is accused in a conspiracy of gun running and corruption. gavin newsom tonight called for his resignation.
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>> reporter: lieutenant governor gavin newsom add his voice to the chorus of politicians calling for leland yee to step down. >> i think she should step down >> reporter: the california state senate has been rattled by the arrest of yee. newsom has known yee for years. they were san francisco supervisors before newsom became mayor. >> this is an exception. this is not the rule. but fundamentally, this is a sad day for all of us. >> reporter: the fbi investigation that unravelled yee's ties to raymond chow start lead the years ago when the agents were trying to infiltrate chow's business.
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>> honestly, as mayor i will take 400 photos on any night. you do that for 17 years in local politics there will be a few folks, not just the one in question that you go boy i wish i didn't have that picture. >> reporter: leland yee is expected in federal court monday. newsom spoke to abc 7 news while attending the beyond differences fundraiser with his wife at the marin art and garden center. the marin county based spotlights bay area student leaders working to combat social isolation among teens. an east bay refinery will pay a fine for violating air quality standards. they put too much sulfur and carbon monoxide into the air in 2010. there were seven violations in a ten-day period. they will pay $183,000 to settle
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the violations. long lines of south bay residents for health insurance. the event helped with last-minute questions. you have until midnight monday to start a application and be eligible to finish it by april 15th. those who do not have insurance are subject to a tax pension of 1% of your income. lights turned off for an hour tonight in honor of earth hour. the bay bridge lights went out at 8:30. the designated time to turn out the lights. earth hour is organized by the worldwide fund for nature. the event is to raise awareness about environmental issues. and here in our environment, a lot of rain today. leigh glaser is here with if we will get more this weekend. >> really a nice rainmaker.
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as i mentioned 3/4 an inch to over 1 inch in the bay area today. here you can see that that system is winding down, pushing on out of the bay area. we have moderate rain, though. this is the leading edge of the frontal boundary right along here. this is where the heaviest precipitation is. heavy rain all the way over to santa cruz and monterey. and in the high country, boy some nice snow there. winter storm warning in effect for much of the lake tahoe area. look at incline village with heavy snow there the last 15, 20 minutes. tahoe city and blue canyon this evening they were reporting very heavy rain. since then the temperatures have dropped. now it has turned to snow. back home, looking towards the bay bridge, san francisco, 53, san jose, 52 degrees. we are reporting some clear sky
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in santa rosa. that's why the temperatures there is in the upper 40s. livermore at 52 degrees as well. here's a look at my forecast highlights. looking for the showers ending overnight with a nice dry day tomorrow for the most part with some sunshine in the forecast and thicken in the clouds and heavy rain and strong winds monday afternoon. here is a look at the pacific satellite. here is the clearing behind this front. just pushing on to the south. the clear patch is what we get into for your sunday. expect this rainy system to move on out of here. what will be our sunny breaks for sunday. maybe mist and drizzle tomorrow morning and we thicken the clouds up by early monday morning and this is going to be the next front. a very cold system and also, it will bring us a lot of wind and quite a bit of rainfall as well. here is our timing. 5:00 tomorrow morning, maybe mist and drizzle.
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otherwise look for nice sunshine tomorrow afternoon. and as we head into the overnight hours on monday look for a monday morning 5:00 a.m. clouds thickening up. but by 1:00 monday afternoon, heavy rain starting to make its way into the bay area. by 5:00 commute time on monday, very heavy precipitation. slight break monday night and then a secondary system just plows in here by tuesday morning to keep those rainfall amounts still within us right on through tuesday night. in the high country, winter storm warning until early tomorrow morning with 8 inches of new snow below the 7,000 foot level area. tonight we look for the clearing in the north bay to the south bay. lingering showers. temperatures in the 40s. tomorrow bring on the sunshine. enjoy it out there. low 60s in the east bay as well as the north bay. 59 for half-moon bay and san francisco, 59 degrees. enjoy the break tomorrow. a stormy day is on tap for us on
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monday. tuesday, april showers. isolated thunderstorms. we really are getting down to it in march madness. >> here we go. two teams in, two more to go. two coaching brothers, both one win away from the final four. would either make it? would the refs play a factor? since i had had health insurance --
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a bad call, a makeup call and ultimately, a bad decision. that's how tonight's elite match-up ended. zona trailing by two. aaron gordon, the flush tied at 59. frank kaminsky was unstoppable.
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he had 28. closing seconds. wildcats down one. the ref calls a pushoff. gordon and the head coach stunned. but the inbounds goes off jackson. johnson three dribbles? bad clock management. the badgers going to the semifinals. dayton head coach and the fliers looking good against florida. loving it in dayton. the gators with a 14-point lead at the half. right to left off glass and wide open for the three. 62-52, gators steal the set. still to come, own goals are never a good thing especially when they are the difference in
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the outcome of the game.
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in two previous meetings between the sharks and avalanche, one goal has been the difference. same tonight. they give up a shorty later in the period. dan boyle hasn't made a mistake like this in 20 years. and it's a 2-1 game. 3-1 avs. he stopped all 20 shots in the
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third. 47 saves for him in the game. the avs win 3-2. the kind of goal rarely seen in hockey happened tonight. a pass ricochets off the board down the ice into his own net. this is a delayed penalty. tampa's goalie left the ice. despite scoring on themselves, the lightning won 4-3 in overtime. earthquakes and revolution. jordan stuart and it is cleared into their own net. that hurts. it means nothing if san jose can win. foul here. whistle blown but the ball is still moving from the free kick. new england plays on. lee nguyen takes advantage.
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tough loss for san jose. the rainout meant that the managers had to administer good and bad news to players earlier than expected. a couple notable moves by the a's. michael taylor was designated for assignment. his days with oakland are over. and steven boat will begin in aaa sacramento which allows daric barton to make the opening day roster. >> it was a good conversation just not fun. you know i believe in myself and i know at some point this year i'm going to be back up to help. but it's just a tough day to get that news. >> that was one of the more -- maybe the most difficult one i've ever had to do, not only what he's meant to this team in the time he's been here, come into spring trying to make a team. proving he belongs here and he did. so that was -- that's a tough one on everybody. >> high school hoops and women's
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college basketball in the second half hour. this abc 7 sports report brought to you by river rock casino. still to come, the tribute held after that devastating mudslide in washington state and the latest on the search for victims. the local efforts to figure out when the next earthquake will hit. and days after revealing that more children than ever live with autism, a new study could hold the key to the cause of the disorder. stay with us. we will be coming right back after this quick break.
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good evening. i'm ama daetz. rain is still coming down across the bay area. this video is from burlingame where the road just reopened after a tree fell on the road. oakland athletics coaches were sent scrambling after toilets backed up and overflowed just before the rain cancelled the game against the giants. a computer glitch cause dead lays for international travellers at sfo. the problem is expected to be fixed by tomorrow. gavin newsom spoke tonight about leland yee's arrest. he says he should resign not only for the benefit of focusing on his problems but for the institution. one week after that devastating mudslide in washington state the death toll continues to climb. 18 people are confirmed dead.
11:36 pm
the number of missing has been reduced to 30 after some have been accounted for. abc news reporter michelle franzen has the latest. >> reporter: people across washington paused and for the first time since that mountain loosed an avalanche of mud and debris on the community below, at 10:37 a.m. all activity at the site halted. >> they have identified one more victim bringing the confirmed total of fatalities to 18. and we know rescuers discovered one additional victim in the debris field. that victim has not been identified. >> reporter: brenda neil got the news she had been dreading about her husband steve. >> i screamed and i cried. and my daughter, we wrapped ourselves up together and just -- cried about how it's not fair. >> reporter: families side by side with search crews, sifting
11:37 pm
through mounds of mud again and again. >> there is no one out here that hasn't been touched by the magnitude of what is going on. >> reporter: they are filling black bags with personal items, wallets, saves and taking them to centers for processing. friday's rain continued into the weekend turning the mud on the ground into more of a quagmire. the search and rescue presses on. but after seven days, the hopes of finding anyone alive are fading. >> we want to hold out hope but we have to expect the worst at some point. southern california has experienced more than 100 aftershocks since last night's 5.1 magnitude quake. a magnitude 4.1 hit this afternoon. it was the strongest to strike the area since 2008. no major injuries or damage have
11:38 pm
been reported. researchers may be getting close to the key to predicting when, where, and how strongly earthquakes will occur. east wayne freedman with the latest on detecting tremors that could lead to a warning system some day. >> reporter: it is one of the stranger things in science. look up there high on the hills. it's more than wine coming from the soil. it's a deeper quest. >> at other sites we hit granite. we hit limestone. >> reporter: you will find many materials in the san andreas earthquake fault which has a history of striking without warning. but maybe not in the future if a new discovery is found. tremor waves. >> tremors happen at the edge of where earthquakes happen. and if we find out more about
11:39 pm
them we might find out more about how big earthquakes happen. >> reporter: tremor waves are about as strong as the impact of a drop of water falling on land. these scientists have dug down to a quiet level where microphones can listen without interference. >> it would sound like noise. it would sound like rumble, rumble, rumble or whisper, whisper, whisper like the wind in the trees. but it's the ground wiggling in the earth. >> reporter: learn how they turn into squiggles and we could predict earthquakes like the weather. earthquake predictions matter. the hayward fault is locked and loaded ready to spring a 7.0 quake any time in the next 50 years. but when and what kind of damage will it cause? >> the east bay will be terribly
11:40 pm
shaken. there be a lot of houses off their foundations and damage. the infrastructure is going to have serious problems. the water mains, water towers, sewer systems, electricity. >> this is not an if but a when? >> this is a when. >> reporter: all the more reason to keep listening for that pattern. wayne freedman, abc 7 news. a new class of drugs brings fresh hope to 70 million americans dealing with high cholesterol. a study shows that new medicines can lower ldl levels up to 66%. millions currently take staten drugs to block the absorption of cholesterol. the new drugs interfere with the ability to remove the cholesterol from the blood. researchers say that autism is a neurological disorder. they found patches of abnormal
11:41 pm
cells deep in the brains of autistic children that can only form in the second and third trimodestoers of pregnancy. they are now trying to figure out if they are genetic, environmental or both. a new photograph is out of the royals. the new photograph of the duke and duchess of cambridge and george were released today. it's the first picture of the prince since his christening in october. it comes ahead of their tour of australia and new zealand. still to come, honoring caesar chavez days ahead of the new movie. everything is coming up rosie. the big send off to the white house for five women who played a role in world war ii. i'm meteorologist leigh glaser. we get a break tomorrow before another stronger storm hits the bay area on monday. we'll look at the
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five original rosie the riveters from our area headed to the capital to meet vice president joe biden. they had a free flight for their contributions. rosie the riveter represented american women who worked in
11:45 pm
factories during world war ii. for the first time the life and legacy of caesar chavez is being celebrated in a hollywood movie. we have a look at the film and what it took to get it made. >> i'm angry too. i'm angry that -- >> cease star chavez tells the story of the labor rights leader who made life better for american farm workers. his own parents came from mexico. he believes that it is a lesson that all students should learn. >> here is a man who led one of the greatest nonviolent movements in the history of america. >> reporter: the film was hard to finance and had difficult moments. but the director was on a
11:46 pm
mission. >> it took four years. it's been the toughest project ever. the most intense one, for sure. it was a rough journey. but i had the right people around. i had a fantastic cast and crew. and they treated us nicely in sonora where we shot. and i was -- yeah, i was very lucky. and to be part of such an amazing project. >> reporter: the cast felt the same way working with such a passionate director. >> i love his intention was to humanize the icon and the hero and to make him just a person. because i think that's an incredibly inspiring message for the rest of us mere mortals that you are not born a hero. we all make sacrifices to achieve change. >> the stars signed on for the message, not the money. >> we had no check to convince anyone. but we had a beautiful story that convinced everyone. >> the movie premiered this week
11:47 pm
in the central valley farm town of delano. that is where the first farm worker union contracts were signed. the courts and most state offices will be closed. many public schools will be closed. banks, federal offices and the post office will be open. the bay bridge bike and pederson path reopened this morning 48 hours ahead of schedule in time for a wet weekend walk or bike ride. the trail has been closed since last weekend as crews put in a permanent oakland segment into service. as for a check on the weather, leigh glaser? >> we are going to get a break tomorrow. you can see the live doppler 7 hd the last parts of the cold front to the south of us. we may still see isolated
11:48 pm
showers off and on tonight. but most of this cold front, the first storm system has moved on out of the area. i tell you tomorrow is a great travel day. dallas, 77, plenty of sunshine in the midsection of the country. atlanta warms up with a mixture of sun and clouds. we will look for heavy rain near new york city tomorrow morning. 49 degrees there. if you are going to southern california, the heat is on, palm springs, 81, los angeles, 70 degrees. and we'll see higher elevation snow showers near the lake tahoe area. a dry day tomorrow. heavy wind and rain return, stormy monday, thunderstorms on tuesday, a break on wednesday, more rain thursday night and friday. follow at live doppler 7 hd for the latest bay area weather conditions. and get power outage information and weather tweets. you have a break tomorrow.
11:49 pm
and it will be wet for that opener. >> that's right. >> the home opener for the a's. >> that was my concern. >> colin has all the sports highlights tonight. >> we will talk about the a's again. if only arizona had stanley johnson on their team today. he was busy winning
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let's talk warriors. no david lee or andrew bogut for the majority of the game. no problem for golden state last night. they beat memphis by 7. bogut's status is unclear tomorrow night against the knicks. he had an mri for a pelvic contusion. the warriors are talking about finding a way to win. >> getting a win like that not only a great win for playoff positioning but helps build character. the team has struggled against memphis in the last three or four years. to beat them twice this year especially in the way we beat them with guys being out says a lot about the guys on this team and about our coach and how he leads us. >> the sixers michael carter williams able a to smile despite
11:53 pm
26 straight losses. the streak ended tonight with a blowout win over detroit. thaddeus young, philly rolls, 123-98. high school hoops. stanley johnson. look at that reverse. he is heading to arizona in the fall. michael cage, two hands. modern day wins the open division championship for a fourth straight year. women's open championship. a 16-0 run in the third quarter to take a 39-36 lead. the jack rabbits pull away in the fourth. the 6'3" freshman, long beach poly wins. the stanford cardinal are 31-3 but few are talking about
11:54 pm
them as legitimate tournament contenders. a final four trip, that will help her cause. the quest begins tomorrow against penn state. >> a senior next to your name doesn't mean doodle unless you are a great player. just because the team has a lot of seniors, you got to get the job done. we are excited about some of our freshman. leelee coming in, she is as important as our seniors. for a while it looked as though byu might pull off the biggest upsets. but uconn finished the game outscoring the cougars. like uconn, notre dame is undefeated. taking it to oklahoma state.
11:55 pm
89-72, irish. let's check out odyssey, baylor, they took care of kentucky. simms outruns everyone. she had 25 and 7 assists. this one to nina davis. as we reported earlier, the exhibition series finale between the a's and giants was cancelled due to rain but the embarrassing story is the return of the plumbing problems. the third base coach took this cell phone video of a backed up toilet. players tweeting about it, making fun of it. drainage on the field. it was terrible. tim lincecum and hudson the soggy pre-game catch. >> the field was bad. and we have new turf down too, which probably the water stands on that a little bit more. you are putting guys at risk injury wise.
11:56 pm
both teams open on monday. madison bumgarner against mccarthy in arizona. the a's begin at home weather permitting. 7:07 first pitch if they play. in the arena league, the sabercats. reggie gray caught this ball with three seconds left. let's go for the win on the road. stanley to willis. does he catch it? no. san jose's first loss of the season. with the masters two weeks away, tiger woods battling back problems. lefty forced to withdraw after ten holes today. the leader just move the boulder and give yourself a clean look at the green. why not? he would two-putt for par. he leads by 3 heading into
11:57 pm
tomorrow's final round. that's all you have to do in golf. if an impediment is in your way just move it. >> just move it. get it out of the way. that is it for tonight. abc 7 news continues tomorrow morning at 5:00 a.m. i'm ama daetz. for all of us here thank you for joining us. have a great night.
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