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tv   ABC7 News 500PM  ABC  May 13, 2014 5:00pm-5:31pm PDT

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year, people walk dogs or sought out a breeze on the bay or water. the high is 90 degrees, steamy in the city. and just as hot as phoenix. abc7 news is outside with records we're setting. >> we're in record territory today for some cities let's take a look at live doppler 7 hd. clear skies now. heat pushing us to levels we're not used to. from our santa cruz camera, this is the place to be if you want to get relief. san rafael, 92. did not get to record level buzz oakland, 93. tied so far. 90s in san francisco. shattered previous records of 87 back in 1927. and sfo new record, nine #. moffett field, 92. 95 san jose. those are not records but we're still getting those high
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temperatures so far. a heat advisory remains up foremost of the bay area until tomorrow night at 8:00 p.m . there is a risk of heat related illness. if you think it's hot today, i'll be back with temperatures in a few minutes >> thank you very much. as thermometer readings went up, clothes came off today. plenty of sun bathers taking advantage of the noon sun at alamo square. >> people hit the beach. it's been cool and into the 70s this is a live picture that is refreshing. >> yes. it does. the heat has been a big concern and they climb two bay area mountains we're live now, i can't imagine how tough that was in this heat. >> standing here at junction ranger station, dan. this is a key point of the race.
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folks who hundreds of them we saw ride up to they can watch action. as far as we know, there are no problems. >> the threat of 90 degree temperatures and a gruelling climb couldn't keep them from making the trek up mount diablo. >> the key is stay hydrated. >> you need a bottle here >> just going to go and lay under a tree. >> swamp cooler. >> a spray in the face. does that help? >> yes.
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it's hot here. two years r years ago we camped here. it was fun. >> in the end seeing some of the best riders in the world kaling was worth wedgering the heat. >> heat and fire danger brings state, making things intense state wide a red flag warning is in place. in los angeles including parking restrictions. >> water released for the first time ever. it's drawn to fulfill obligations not met because of the drought. >> livermore is served by two different utilities and now apply to customers of both. lawn watering limited to twice per week >> we want to welcome home
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members of the california national guard. wayne freedman joins us with more. wayne? >> looks normal now a typical tuesday afternoon. passengers waiting to be picked up. you should see this place an hour ago. we're going to let pictures do the talking on this one. in any airport observers can find readings days before thanksgiving and christmas. not to say it doesn't happen other times. two elements soldiers coming home, families waited almost a year for them. >> williams making a big fuss over her son, his fiancee making a fuss, too. multiply those times 75, then times loved one that's gathered
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and exploded with joy as california national guard quarter master company returned home from afghanistan. fathers, sons, mothers and daughters, brothers and sisters, uncles and aunts, nieces and revenues. one big tangled crying and screaming mess. every soldier who left home in july returned safe, and sound. finally. >> they've been painted and photographed. but to appreciate a moment like this, one must live it. >> wayne freedman abc7 news. >> patrol says it will recommend two teenagers be charged with assault with a deadly weapon for throwing plastic water bottles into oncoming traffic.
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nine vehicles were hit in february, several cars had windshields shattered. the 16-year-old has been issued a license, now restricted from driving anyone under age 20. the two face additional felony charges >> an suv went up in flames today forced closure of part of highway 87. take a look at the smoky scene in this picture the fire shut down southbound 87 briefly at interstate 280. >> and a rough day on the road in san jose. a second vehicle somehow flipped over and downtown. it was quite a sight a tow truck had to come in to set that car up right. it appears it flipped. >> a fish and wildlife investigation found no evidence federally protected birds were killed outside of a post office in oakland
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there are reports some black crowned herrons were killed during tree trimming may three and may have been put into wood chipper. u.s. fish and wildlife investigated by checking video, talking to witnesses and inspecting the wood chipper. today agency released a record saying there is no indication that the birds were killed but the investigation goes on. >> governor brown released his latest revisions to the state budget showing state spending hitting a record $107.8 combrinl saying the plan would pay down $11 billion in debt and increased payment to medical. and >> you can't fool people into saying oh, we're paying salary we have health benefits you have a pension in 30 years. you only have a pension in 30 years if we start laying aside money.
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>> you know watching beta breakers is almost as fun as running it. for some, it's more so. this year a popular spot to do that is going to be closed thachl story, ahead. >> plus, people leaving a southwest airlines flight plunged to the ground. we'll explain what happened. >> women in business. it's not just about climbing to the top but what to do when you get there. >> and how to get that perfect fit when ordering online. michael finney checks out technology and whether it works >> stay right here. abc # news at 5:00 continues in 60 seconds
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seattle tacoma airport today, a jet bridge to the terminal plunged to the ground. nobody was hurt but it's not
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clear how many might been on it at the time. cdc worried about the m.e.r.s.illness it's posting signs and warning about it at major airports asking people this they're going to the arabian peninsula and telling them to avoid touching the face or having close contact with people. two health care workers are being tested to see whether they've caught the virus on the patient. >> organizers hoping folks will turn out in force again tomorrow to try to save a live. he needs a biracial bone marrow donor his parents are japanese and german. so far, a marrow match has come up empty. drives have been held over the weekend and another drive held tomorrow from noon until 2:00 on
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fourth street. joining is easy and painless, all have you to do is is your cheek swabbed. that is simple. >> nfl is considering changes to its marijuana policy. espn reports the league and player association considering changes that would significantly increase threshold for what call fis as a confident marijuana test. and reduce punishments for violations both groups have been negotiating that policy since 2011. >> 49ers released ticket prices for up coming games at levis stadium dividing games into three categories. prime tickets selling between $110 to $475. games costing between 131 to 568
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$69 a ticket. >> well, a popular resting spot for runners will be off limits during beta breakers case. it's become a hang out for revellers. neighbors complained about lawlessness so organizers asked it be fenced off. >> public urination, overdrinking. and prevented neighbors from using the park anyway. >> police will be keeping an eye out. there will be 20% officers on the floor as is nudity. . >> today was a momentous day for jackie speier, marking 25th
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anniversary of a event she created to empower women. carolyn tyler brings us some of the excitement. >> the theme is standing together rising above. and acknowledging how far women have come and the challenges still ahead. 5,000 women are celebrating silver anniversary of the professional business women of california conference. there are seminars, work shops and an expo. congress woman jackie spe ef ir says she followed her instiblths in creating an event. it's a special day of empowerment. >> i think developing confidence, security, doing the networking opportunities. learning how to be better positioned in a corporation. sticking with it. >> many of those we talked to called it inspirational and say
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it showcases the growing camaraderie around women in the work place. >> i'm in a man's world. and when you start working with women, you realize have you to unite. and support one another. >> i find it easier now. than it was. we can see more women engineers and doctors. but i still think numbers could be better. >> while women are still struggling, key note speaker arianna huffington suggested ways to rise above. hundreds stood in line for autographed copy of the book "thrive". >> women should no longer aspire to be on top of the world. the way the world is designed at the moment is not working.
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>> it was a sellout crowd that heard messages this year. >> what a great event i know you enjoy dinner. >> yes. pretty cool. >> you know ordering clothes or shoes online arrive but don't fit? >> this is amazing. it offers a limitless selection but there is a problem. clothes don't often fit once you get them. that is the reason for 70% of the return buzz now, shop smart checked out new tools to help you nail the right size the first time. from shoes to jeans to black dresses there is no substitute.
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if you want to skimp cramped dressing rooms and shop online, shop smart says some new tools can help you pick. >> favorite tool is tru fit. you answer questions and it gives you fit tips about how it will fit your body. >> true fit is available on 15 sites including nordstrom and lord & taylor. other retailers are trying out tools. >> we felt it's time to take a look at the technology to see what is out there we think there is a lot of promise here we hope it will continue to grow. >> a useful tool consumer reports looked at that worked on apple devices you plug in the size in your brand. app will tell you the best size in 500 brands the tool shoe fitter helps you compare sizes.
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>> we like that it does a scan so it has a good, almost like a three d replica of the shoe. it can tell you >> when it comes to jean, that might be easier than trying on multiple pairs in the store. there is a scanner that gives you right sizes and best fits. and that is unbelievable. >> love. that >> yes. >> you'll also get it printed for you. >> thank you. >> let's talk about the heat. >> oh, goodness. is it sfil out out there? >> it's hot.
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you know? this doesn't do it. it's so uncomfortable. i have a personal fan. way too hot i know temperatures are falling. with live doppler seven showing you clear skies there flow of rip currents. watch out tomorrow, just don't turn your back on the waves. hazy skies, a third spare the air has been declared for tomorrow. and here is a view from our
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camera. 72 in san francisco. 89 oakland. 93 in redwood city. it's 96 degrees in half moon bay. these people have right idea here. 88 in napa. some locations 99 the high so far. it's getting hot from our camera. beautiful view. heat advisory remains in effect for tomorrow. records with triple digits inland. and coastal cooling on thursday. satellite radar showing you this high pressure still in charge. heat peaks tomorrow, taking a look at wind graphic here. a light land breeze. the reversal will happen for
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afternoon. so we'll get into hot territories before seeing that happen. 75, you're well above average tomorrow, so hot thursday but down to average or below by this weekend. tomorrow morning starting out mild. low 50s to mid-60s. some homes not equipped with that. 103 in the south bay. 97 san jose. 95 santa cruz. those are expected to be records. so mountain view 88 district.
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mid-90s in oakland, richmond triple digits. 102 in antioch. accu-weather forecast, fog returns, temperatures fall, noticeable at the coast thursday. then, we'll see dog down to mid eight owes by weekend, back down to normal. low 60s coast side sea breeze coming back. feels great now. >> to help your fans a little bit? >> right. >> you can track heat wave and temperatures where you live with abc7 news weather app. we have information on how to down load on abc7 >> president obama awards highest military honor to a former army sargeant. what a 20-year-old did to receive the medal of honor. >> then at 11:00 a new underground method of keeping
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your water flowing in the event of an earthquake. we'll be right back here.
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>> 151 miners are dead ask scores of others may be trapped in western turkey the blast happened during a shift change in a mine in the town of soma. about 150 miles south of is stan bull. cruise are now pumping fresh air into the mine and rescuers go searching for survivors. this photo shows he megsal greeting. saying it's being hampered and that is elaborate. >> a close friend of the bay area soldier received the nation's highest military honor today. to former army sargeant kyle
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white. afterwards, he spoke of a piece of medal given to him by a survivor. >> this is maybe more precious than the met cal symbol around my membering. on it are the names of six fallen brothers they're my just weeks before the ambush they promised to take care of the other's family if something hud happen to either. >> the highest kourp in the european union is forcing google to amend search results giving internet users more power to conceal unflatering information. saying when users request google remove links the company must do so the court ruling impacts all
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search injens in europe. >> the castle tell us two hours ago an american was on board making several space walks yesterday, he delivered a graduation address. astronauts expected to land in about an hour and a half. >> wow. glad to get home. >> still head what happens when you mix money and sports?
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>> coming up, efforts to help bridge the digital divide for san francisco neediest families. >> it's like an amazon for
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contraband. >> i team takes us inside of the dark net. just about anything illegal can be found and get this, your tax dollars are paying for it. >> you should see that report. it's fascinating those stories and more coming up at 6:00. we'll see you with that. >> several bay area sports greats became stock brokers for a day for a good cause >> they did. and he wasn't the only one. >> barry bonds and former athletics great vida blue also took orders they raised $30 million for charity during that time. >> ronnie lott took a turn as a reporter. >> wall street gets a bad rap they think it's all about money but there are chairitable people here here. >> theys included btig employees donating salaries >> yes. they expect to raise 4 million to $5 million.
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>> thanks a lot thanks for joining us i'm cheryl jennings >> see you again at 6:00. tonight health alert for every major airport in america about the dangerous virus overseas. and the search is on for hundreds of people who may be exposed. magic johnson firing back at donald sterling after his random rant about his battle with hiv. real money. the family that owes more than $100,000 and the expert who gives them a trick to cut that debt way down. and cinderella story, a young girl with her emotional song touches millions of people today. a good evening to you on this tuesday night as the united states is trying to stop an invisible enemy from spreading into american cities.


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