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tv   ABC7 News 400PM  ABC  August 7, 2014 4:00pm-5:01pm PDT

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good afternoon, everybody. i'm larry beall. >> we begin with breaking news in iraq where an emergency humanitarian effort is under way right now. the white house released this photo of president obama meeting today with his national security team as they considered options. >> abc news has learned three u.s. military cargo planes have dropped pal elets with water an food into iraq where 40,000 people are stranded in the mountains under the threat of the militant group known as isis. in the last two months isis has made rapid advances in iraq, seizing control of cities and infrastructure. abc news has also learned the u.s. is prepared for but has not yet launched military air strikes. we will bring you any developments on the situation in iraq during this newscast and of course on twitter 24/7 at abcnewsbayar abcnewsbayarea. live doppler 7 hd is
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tracking the two hurricanes heading toward the hawaiian islands. the first is expected to make landfall tonight. the sun is beginning to disappear on the big island, and waves along this beach near hilo are growing in size. residents are scrambling to prepare while officials are urging everyone to take these storms seriously. clayton sandell is in hawaii with the latest. >> reporter: two hurricanes are barreling toward hawaii. forecasters say hurricane iselle will be the first hurricane to smash into the islands in more than two decades. experts thought it would weaken but so far is packing quite a punch. expecting to hit hawaii as a category 1 hurricane or strong tropical storm. the big island is on track to bear the brunt when iselle makes landfall later tonight. >> it's going to impact all of the hawaiian islands in the form of heavy rain, flash flooding and rough surf. >> reporter: right behind it, hurricane julio, now a category 2 storm, which may strike a
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glancing blow to hawaii's islands over the weekend. hawaii has been directly hit by hurricanes only twice in recorded history. >> we've never seen two landfalling hurricanes across the hawaiian islands in a short stretch of time. >> reporter: state officials say they are ready for the 1-2 weather punch, urging residents to be prepared but not to panic. >> i want to encourage everyone to stay calm and listen to directions from your local authorities. >> reporter: hawaiians are taking the forecast seriously, raiding shelves at grocery stores. >> got water, got food. all i really need to do now is put gas in the car and get a couple rolls of tape and i'm okay. >> reporter: hawaiian airlines is waiving reservation change fees for passengers who need to alter travel plans because of the storms. >> we thought it would probably be safer to go home so we wouldn't get stuck. >> reporter: the weather is expected to take a turn for the worse here on the big island when hurricane iselle makes a direct hit. something that hasn't happened
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here since 1958. clayton sandell, hawaii. >> spencer christian is tracking those storms. still a couple of hours before the rain really begins to fall. >> that's right, larry, just a few hours away but steaming directly towards the big island is hurricane iselle. here's a look at our radar image. you can see both storms, iselle the first one and julio the second one. iselle is expected to make landfall later this evening possibly as a strong tropical storm and hurricane julio is not far behind. this is the timeline. we expect it to make landfall 8:00 p.m. hawaii time with maximum sustained winds at 70 miles per hour and pass westward south of honolulu tomorrow. couple of days later here comes what will then be tropical storm julio passing mainly north of the islands but possibly dealing a glancing blow with strong gusty winds and heavy rain. right now we have a hurricane warning in effect for the big island, tropical storm warning in effect for the remaining
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chain of islands. you can see winds are just beginning to get a little gusty in some spots now, anywhere between 25 and 45 miles per hour. over the next few hours we'll see those gusts increase rather sharply as iselle gets closer. we'll keep watching it for you. hawaii residents are preparing for the storm today. >> in hilo, people were out boarding up their homes and businesses getting ready for the worst storm to hit the island in decades. we spoke with resident richard piva who says he's as ready as he can be. >> we're concerned, we're worried but what are you going to do? you just kind of brace for the storm. when i was here during the '60 tidal wave, it destroyed half of our city. when we have warnings, i take them seriously because i've seen the devastation. >> state officials say the islands are ready for these storms and they say people should prepare but not panic. the hurricanes are putting
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vacation plans in limbo. only a few flights have been cancelled because of the storm and many airlines have waived change fees for passengers who do not want to travel to the islands before the expected landfall. travelers coming into san francisco international airport from the islands said they saw the weather begin to change and were happy to get out. >> we went into target and this is the first time i've ever seen this. the water, panels and panels of water just completely gone of the and i mean no water in the entire store except up at the cash registers. there was barely any of that left. barely any soda even. >> united, alaska, delta and hawaiian airlines are waiving change fees for today's and tomorrow's flights. >> basically over the last 48 hours, people have swamped stores. as that young man was saying, cleaned out everything. batteries, flashlights, water. they're all ready and we'll see what the storms bring. hopefully it's not too bad. the bay area woman known as the serial stowaway did it
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again. >> marilyn hartman was taken into custody today at l.a.x. jonathan bloom is in the newsroom monitoring these developments. >> reporter: well, it's becoming a bit of a sad story. marilyn hartman was given a stern warning by a judge just yesterday. let's listen. >> there's jail time riding on this. >> i certainly don't want to do it again because -- i certainly don't want to do any jail time. >> less than 24 hours later, hartman was arrested again down there in los angeles. police say she was seen lingering at the airport for about an hour this morning and appeared to be scouting the terminals. remember, she is the subject of multiple stay away orders at the los angeles airport and here in san francisco. without a valid ticket she can be arrested for just showing up on airport property. it turns out that may be a problem because hartman doesn't really have a place to go. she told reporters she's homeless with only a few dollars to her name. >> how are you getting home tonight?
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>> i don't know. i have some money and someone told me what bus i can take, so i will follow whatever instructions i was given. >> where is home? >> i'm not sure actually. >> is it the bay area? >> it's -- it's called homeless shelter. so i'll just deal with it from there. >> hartman it turns out didn't have enough for a bus ticket back to the bay area. she only had $4.25. having no place else to go might explain why she's been spotted so often at the san francisco airport. the last time bay area police arrested her, she wasn't trying to get on a flight, she was just hanging out in the food court. that was in violation of her previous court order in san mateo county. the court did try to offer her some help, placing her in a group home for people with mental illness. she accepted the offer but later left saying she didn't like the people. jonathan bloom, abc 7 news. a federal grand jury has charged a 32-year-old man with
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starting the 250,000 acre rim fire that decimated parts of yosemite national park last year. he is accused of setting an illy fire during a sierra nevada hunting trip that grew out of his control. temporary fire restrictions were in place at the time that prohibited fires. the blaze grew to the third largest wildfire in the state's recorded history. he could spend five years in federal prison if convicted. the state assembly overwhelmingly passed a bill that would require new smartphones to have kill switch technology. that would enable the phone's rightful owner to disable it if it gets stolen or lost. police support the kill switches. more than half of the robberies in san francisco and oakland do involve cell phones. today's vote clears the way for governor jerry brown to sign that bill into law. the doctors medical center in san pablo is no longer accepting emergency ambulances. the hospital has one of the only emergency rooms in east contra costa county and advocates say
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the move is a blow to low income residents and seniors who make up many of its patients. this is five days earlier than planned because of a staffing shortage and the hospital is running out of money. the e.r. will serve walk-in patients. the seven stages are just about set at san francisco's golden gate park for the start of the outside lands music festival for this weekend's seventh edition. there are some new attractions featuring food paired with music. there will be 75 local food vendors setting up for a taste of the bay area. one chef says just like the performers, he too gets anxious before a big show. >> my nervousness always is each year we go bigger. this is our fourth year out here. each year we've brought more product, offered more items and this year we're adding a whole additional item and a couple other options for our sandwiches. i'm a little nervous to take that on but super excited f how large and how fun the festival will be this year.
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>> they have some a-list performers, kanye west, tom petty and the heart breakers, plus maclemore and ryan lewis will headline on saturday. the major today to save a rare albino redwood tree in marin county. plus -- >> i felt some leaking going down and i saw my t-shirt was full of blood. >> he was shot while driving along the freeway. what he did next that helped police catch the gunman. new at 4:30, the interfaith effort to help the immigrant children being held along the u.s. border, only on abc 7 news. hear the story of one of those families. checking traffic now, this is san rafael, highway 101. on the left side of your screen is the northbound traffic. usually heavier at this hour, but actually moving nicely in both directions. back with more on abc 7 news at 4:00 in just a moment.
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officials are working to identify the cremated remains of nine victims of the jonestown guy anna murder-suicide. they were found in a former funeral home in dover, delaware. authorities were called to the funeral home after 38 containers of remains were discovered there last week. officials will notify family members once the remains are identified. the bodies of the jonestown victims were brought to dover air force base back in 1978. more than 900 men, women and children, followers of people's temple leader jim jones died after drinking cyanide-laced fruit drink. many of them were from the bay area. strange things often happen
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on southern california freeways. this one ranks pretty far up there. on monday kenneth baker was merging onto the 91 freeway in fullerton when another driver shot at him several times and actually hit him in the arm. instead of pulling over, baker chased after the driver, hitting speeds of 95 miles an hour and then he called 911. >> what are you reporting? >> i just got shot at eastbound 91 at harvard boulevard. i just got shot at. >> are you hit? >> yes, i'm hit. they took out my window and i think my arm is shot. >> what kind is the car. >> it is a ford. i'm trying to catch up with him now. >> that's probably not the best idea. >> i'm not going to let this man go. if i let him go, i'll never see him again. >> the chp quickly join the chase. they pulled the other driver over and arrested him. bashe, who is expected to fully recover, says it gives him great pleasure to know that man is off the street. a very rare redwood that
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might have fallen victim to a railroad project is being spared. >> wayne frieden has been following the efforts to move that giant tree to safety and joins us live now. wayne, they got it done? >> reporter: this is the day many thought would never come, that rare albino redwood tree is now 500 yards south of where it used to live. that's it behind me here. what a relief. >> you're always afraid something is going to go wrong. >> reporter: what can go wrong, people transplant trees all the time. but this one is 50 feet tall, weighs 45 tons and has sentimental value. both it and the city enter new ground. >> no, it's not just a tree. it's a very rare albino redwood. >> reporter: translated j edtra >> it's got male and female both on the same tree. >> reporter: that's two sets of
4:16 pm
dna has evidenced by the multicolored leaves. when residents found it laid in the path of the smart train route, it cobbled together $150,000 to make the move 500 yards south. >> why that spot over there? >> because, a, it's our property and we didn't need to go through any purchase of property. second, it was the least disturbance. >> reporter: the setup took weeks, but finally this is what residents came to see. 45 tons of rare dna hoisted above a power line and set down on a flatbed truck. >> it was just floating right up and over those wires. it was just beautiful. i loved it. and i'm not a tree lover. >> she is now. if you spent most of the day watching a freaky, floating tree, you might be too. wayne friedman, abc 7 news. >> it's crazy to see. it's going to be an exciting day here tomorrow. we're teaming up with our parent
4:17 pm
company, disney and a national nonprofit and the local residents of oakland to willed a new playground. this is footage from yesterday of the volunteers unloading all the play equipment that will be installed at concordia park. the big build takes place tomorrow. it will take about six hours. >> and that's the speed you and i are going to be moving at tomorrow as we build that thing. >> we'll be all over that, larry. >> here's where the new playground will be opened. right by frick middle school. it's going to be fun. everybody will be out there, including, i imagine, spencer christian. >> absolutely, are you kidding? even if i can't work at that speed, i'll talk at that speed. we're going to get it done and have fun as well. here's a look at live doppler 7 hd. sunny skies, a few clouds around and most of the clouds are near the coastline right now, as you can see. that cloudiness will increase during the overnight hours and spread locally out over the bay. we have some clouds already
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spreading over the bay. there's emeryville looking at the western sky. off in the distance you can see low clouds stacking up near the coast but there are a few high clouds around as well. current temperature readings are 62 in san francisco, oakland 68, 75 at san carlos and san jose. gilroy the warm spot on this panel at least, this panel of temperatures at 80 degrees. 59 at half moon bay. here's a live view of the golden gate bridge. you can see clouds hovering just above the golden gate. it's 82 at santa rosa, here are some warm readings for you. fairfield 88, 87 concord and 85 at livermore. and one final live view, we'll show you some blue sky this time, looking southeastward from our exploratory yum camera. we'll see fog overnight near the coast and the way. there may be some spotty drizzle during the overnight hours. a lot of moisture content in those low clouds and the fog. we'll have a steady pattern into
4:19 pm
next week. to give you a look at what we expect to happen overnight, again fog will thicken at the coast and become more widespread. it will move out into the bay and some inland areas. low temperatures will be mild again as they have been for weeks now. overnight lows generally in the upper 50s to right around 60. although one warm spot, antioch, a low of only 65 degrees. that's a pretty mild overnight low. then tomorrow is our forecast animation starting at 5:00 tomorrow morning. there may be a few patches of fog around that could slow down the commute in some spots. we don't expect it to be very widespread. as we put the animation in movement here, you can see that the fog will pull back to the coastline. in fact away from the coastline in some spots leaving us sunny conditions at some coastal locations. highs ranging from 60s at the coast to low 90s in the warmest inland areas. in the south bay we'll see highs in the low 80s. 81 san jose, 83 at morgan hill. over on the peninsula look for highs from 68 at san mateo to
4:20 pm
mid-70s. low 60s on the coast at pacifica and half moon bay. a high of 66 in downtown san francisco tomorrow. up in the north bay, 86 the high at santa rosa, 78 sonoma, 80 napa. east bay high, 77 at castro valley and the inland east bay will see highs in the mid to upper 80s, perhaps about 90 at antioch. here's the accuweather seven-day forecast. we'll have a pretty steady pattern beginning on saturday actually. high temperatures inland, upper 80s to right around 90. upper 70s to just above 80 around the bay and mid-60s on the coast without much change in the temperature range for the next seven days. >> thank you, spencer. nice weather, we'll take that. up next, a surprise visit by new warriors head coach steve kirk. the lessons he gave to these young basketball players today. and new after 4:30, michael and new after 4:30, michael finney with some smart ways ton]
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150 young basketball players welcomed a surprise visitor today in walnut creek. steve kerr made a guest appearance at one of the basketball camps that's run by the nba franchise. he talked to the kids with some of the secrets of succeeding on and off the court. of course he had a lethal jump shot during his nba playing days and he shared his passion for the game. >> i mean it's a good way to learn some of the basics of the game, but a lot of kids just come in here without much experience and this is where they fall in love with the game. so it's a good environment. >> the campers heard kerr tell them he often attended basketball camps just like this one when he was growing up. his devotion to the game took him to the university of arizona, the nba and five nba championship rings. >> wow, that's impressive. >> yes. from concerts to car shows, there is a lot to do this weekend. >> leyla is here to help you
4:24 pm
explore where you live. >> what do you get when you get some of the biggest music names in every genre? it's tomorrow through sunday and your ear drums aren't the only things to get stimulated. festival goers can treat their own palates to a wide selection of wine and food. san francisco's music scene is abuzz, so too is silicon valley when it hosts a milestone 25th annual san jose summerfest this weekend. jazz-related genres and it's one of the biggest latin festivals in the country. this year the festival will also feature its next gen stage highlighting the best of the bay area's up and coming talents. if you're hoping to get there in style, make sure you stop at the san jose convention center for a car show geared for enthusiasts who like all kinds of makes and models. these rides are souped up to the nines and applied with that special personal touch. for good ole country fun sink your teeth into the graichbenstein apple fair in
4:25 pm
sonoma county. while it's best known for applesauce and sider, they also make a pretty delicious apple pie. music, cooking demonstrations, crafts and a petting zoo are a few things the family can enjoy this weekend. for more information visit our website at leyla gulen, abc 7 news. just ahead on abc 7 news, gathering for hope and a prayer. the local effort to help the young immigrants being held at the u.s. border. only on abc 7 news we'll hear from a mother and daughter who came across the border. also the army's two days of questioning of former taliban captive bowe bergdahl. his attorney explains how it went. and would you believe a facebook boot camp? later the purpose behind this gathering in menlo park. tands you got to make every dollar count these days.hey have l thou to savehey have lots of ways for you to save. real big club card deals, the safeway app and gas rewards.
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well, border crossing children are overwhelming the legal system in san francisco. >> so much so that the federal judges have been instructed to expedite those cases of children. clergy and advocates are participating in a vigil to draw attention to this issue. >> lyanne melendez is live at the federal build. >> reporter: as you can see behind me, the vigil is meant to
4:29 pm
draw attention to the children who are crossing the border, which is expected to reach 70,000 this year here in the united states. san francisco of course one of those cities affected, a city which doesn't have enough attorneys to represent them. meet 10-year-old brenda rivera santos. she and her mother spent 20 days walking alone from el salvador to the u.s. border. she told us it's very dangerous in el salvador. in fact her mom left four other children behind and now they too face danger. we caught up with them outside the federal court building where brenda had a deportation hearing. jose marin is her attorney. he represents about 20 children who crossed the border. >> i've been receiving a lot of clients coming in asking for help. it's typically single women with children. >> reporter: they come mainly from el salvador, guatemala and honduras, escaping poverty and
4:30 pm
violence. honduras has the highest murder rate in the world. [ speaking foreign language ] she says gang members demanded money, which her mom doesn't have. a 2008 law says minors who cross the border from these central american countries have the right to a hearing after they have been detained. something republicans now want to do away with. but the law doesn't guarantee legal representation, and that's something most children can't afford. >> in san francisco as of today, we have 840 children who are in immigration court. >> reporter: without representation they will most likely be sent back home immediately. that's why local san francisco organizations that provide free legal services met today to discuss this crisis. >> even with the wealth of nonprofit organizations that we have, there's just simply not enough to go around. >> sending these kids back without due process not only is
4:31 pm
illegal and goes against our constitution, but it's also going to make the situation worse. >> reporter: now, even with an attorney, brenda and her mother aren't sure they have a strong enough case to be able to remain in the united states. i'm live in san francisco, lyanne melendez, abc 7 news. the body of a two-star army general arrived in delaware this morning. major general harold green tied after being shot after an insider attack in afghanistan. the army believes an afghan soldier opened fire into a meeting at a military academy near kabul on tuesday. 15 others were wounded. american troops then shot and killed that attacker. greene served in the army for 34 years. he's the highest ranking officer to die in combat since 1970. former taliban captive bowe bergdahl is under a microscope after they wrapped up two days of questioning. they are looking into his
4:32 pm
possible desertion in 2009. karen travers has the latest. >> reporter: two days, more than ten hours of questioning for bowe bergdahl. army investigators want to know exactly what happened in 2009. why did the army sergeant leave his post in afghanistan, and what happened to him during his five years in taliban captivity. >> the atmosphere was cordial, casual. we all know one another pretty well by now. >> reporter: bergdahl's attorney described the interview as probing but thoughtful. there were questions but not have an adversarial nature. but some of bergdahl's fellow soldiers say he's no hero and accuse him of desertion. kenneth dahl interviewed him and will report up the army chain of command. >> it's clear that although his word is going to be very important, it's obviously not the last word. >> reporter: bergdahl was released by the taliban in june in a controversial prisoner swap. the taliban gave up bergdahl in
4:33 pm
exchange for the u.s. turning over five taliban who were being held at guantanamo bay. >> he's very aware of his debt to president obama for saving his life. it was a matter of saving his life. >> reporter: bergdahl is still active duty, working an administrative job at ft. sam houston. his attorney says he's very eager to move on to the next stage of life. >> get a proper education, get a college education. he's -- that's a work in progress. >> reporter: this phase of the investigation is over, but it could still be a lengthy process before the military reaches any conclusions. karen travers, abc news, washington. we want to give you some breaking news now and this comes to us from terrance, texas, where a fire is raging out of control here. this started out as a brush fire in the city of terrance, texas. quickly spread to a salvage yard. you see all these aband onned vehicles here. in the upper left of your screen
4:34 pm
there's some crews trying to get water on this fire to try to prevent it from spreading and maybe some from the right side of the screen now as well. we'll keep you posted on this and follow it as well on twitter @abc7newsbayarea. the $16 billion overhaul of the veterans affairs department is now law. president obama signed the bipartisan bill passed last week by congress at a ceremony at ft. belvoir. the legislation came in response to reports of veterans dying while waiting to see doctors and of a widespread practice of employees covering up long wait times. >> as a country, we have a sacred obligation to serve you as well as you've served us, an obligation that doesn't end with your tour of duty. >> the bill allows the va to hire thousands of doctors, nurses and other health professionals at nearly a thousand hospitals and outpatient clinics.
4:35 pm
it also makes it easier to fire officials judged to be negligent or performing poorly. final arguments are under way in the murder trial of oscar pistorius. today the chief prosecutor called him an appalling witness who lied in his testimony about the night he shot an killed his girlfriend, reeva steenkamp. the defense will present its closing arguments tomorrow. they are expected to claim he fired by mistake thinking steenkamp was an intruder. south africa has no trial by jury so the judge will decide pistorius' fate. he faces 25 years to life in prison if convicted of premed katd murder. an east bay man whose children were tragically killed by a drugged driver is hoping to change the law this year. the driver was high on drugs prescribed by several doctors at the same hospital. today he said proposition 46 would require mandatory drug testing of doctors and force them to use a database before
4:36 pm
prescribing narcotics. >> it's not about the 90% or so of great doctors, of diligent doctors, it's those smaller percentage of bad apples that need to be identified. >> opponents say this is really all about trial lawyers wanting to raise the cap on malpractice suits to make more money. >> what's really going on here is that this proposition will increase the cost of health care in california by over $9.9 billion according to a state legislative analyst study. and that's going to translate into about $1,000 per year per family of four. >> the california medical association as well as insurance and hospital groups have raised more than $40 million to oppose prop 46. coming up on abc 7 news at 4:00, a real-life butterfly kiss. what happens when a little boy tries to free the insect. i'm spencer christian looking out over lake tahoe from our lake tahoe cam.
4:37 pm
look at these scary thunderstorm clouds. there have been powerful storms rumbling around that region today. nothing like that here in the bay area. i'll have our local forecast and the storms approaching hawaii in just a moment. >> that looked rather ominous. at 4:36, a check of the afternoon commute. not ominous but not promising on the skyway in downtown san francisco. it's the usual backup if you're heading into oncoming traffic heading to the east bay and also pretty slow going on the right-hand side for those folks heading toward 101 south. back with more in just a moment.
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an american visiting japan captured this video of a little monkeying around. watch as this monkey climbs up a pair of stilts. >> whoa! >> and starts just walking around. pretty amazing. the american, nick padula was staying at the same hostel of the woman who owned the monkey. he said he's never seen a person with such a strong, loving bond with an animal. >> well, monkeys, climb, right? that was easy for him. a family summer science project has gone viral on youtube. >> watch what happened when a minnesota family wanted to teach their sons about how caterpillars morph into butterflies. he can't fly because he can't climb up the sides of the cage. just turn it sideways. there we go.
4:41 pm
>> go! >> just leave him be. just leave him be. >> he hit my nose. >> that is cute. >> it's science gone wild. animals attack! gunner thompson got eye to eye with a butterfly. this is an unexpected extreme close-up. his brother, harley, provided the lafz in the background. the boys spent weeks tending to that butterfly when it was still a caterpillar. >> now let's take a look at what's trending on abc 7 and on our facebook and twitter feeds. >> everyone is talking about the twin hurricanes heading straight for hawaii. people are preparing for the worst but still trying to make the best of it. >> kelly posted on twitter, clouds moving in, beach parking lots closed but people enjoying last sun. and danny wrote they just delivered emergency light sticks
4:42 pm
so either we're having a hurricane or a party. a lot of times we'd get scares from tropical storms and tsunamis and we'll show you a live scene at the turtle bay hilton. a lot of people will have hurricane parties. it ends up not being much of a party if your house is destroyed or underwater. one thing that's important to note, we talk about for iselle heading to the big island of hawaii. that is the biggest island in land mass but not in population. >> right. >> the biggest island in terms of population and numbers of residents, about a million people, is on oahu and that's not in the direct path of iselle at this point, so something to keep note of here. >> experience has been tracking -- spencer has been tracking it all. >> that's very important what you pointed out about the population being in oahu but it's the big island that's directly in the path of the storm. let me give you a look at local conditions first.
4:43 pm
we see thunderstorms over in the sierra, a big cluster of them. i showed you thunderstorm clouds earlier over lake tahoe. we have had over 200 lightning strikes this afternoon. let's talk about a more serious storm, that is hurricane iselle bearing down on the big island right now. it's expected to make landfall as probably a strong tropical storm, not quite a category 1 hurricane, but will produce wind gusts of 50 miles an hour. as it continues its eastward path we'll see various locations experiencing gusts. in the islands to the north of the storm over 50 miles per hour. of course heavy rain and potential flooding are big concerns. warm to a hot day in interior parts of the state and here in the bay area we'll see a mild to warm day but not a hot day. highs ranging from low 60s at the coast to upper 70s around the bay to upper 80s to maybe 90 in the warmest inland spots. >> thank you, spencer. still ahead on abc 7 news at 4:00, britain's prince william
4:44 pm
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a san antonio billionaire says he's ready to buy a stake in the oakland raiders if that's what it would get to move them to san antonio, texas. red mccombs is one of the businessmen to meet with the raiders owner last month. he said the meeting could not have gone any better and he does not think davis was using the visit as leverage against oakland, which of course he is. but mccombs did acknowledge that a raiders move to san antonio is kind of a long shot. the raiders lease at the coliseum ends after this season. prince william is about to do something no other english royal has done before, take a civilian job. a spokesman for the prince says william will work as an air ambulance pilot starting next spring. he'll be flying both day and night shifts and donate his wages to charity.
4:48 pm
the spokesman says william seized the job as a true form of public service, helping people in their most difficult times. he left his role as a royal air force search and rescue pilot last year. it will coincide with his duties as the duke of cambridge. a west virginia woman is looking for help to find the rightful owner of a purple heart that she found in a purse she bought at a thrift store. carrie meyers discovered it almost two years ago. the name on the back of the medal reads james f. sneed. meyers has been diligently trying to track down sneed or his family but hasn't had any luck. >> i've tried going locally through a phone book and through personal -- nobody seems to know. >> meyers has started a facebook page and also notified the west virginia department of veterans assistance. she says it's a mission that she is determined to accomplish because her cousin is jessica lynch, the soldier who was captured by iraqi forces and then later rescued by u.s. troops.
4:49 pm
>> wow, that's interesting. ask any smartphone owner and they'll tell you short battery life is a huge frustration. >> so how do you power up that gadget when you're on the go? consumer reports has partnered with 7 on your side's michael finney to find out. this was really important last night at the beyonce/jay z concert when all of us are sitting there with phones that were dead. >> do you know why they were dead for a lot of reason? because your phone kept trying to connect and there weren't enough connections. now we're going to tell you how not to have that happen. if you're on the road and your phone goes dead, sound familiar there, larry? dead phone batteries are a problem. for those times when you can't plug in, consumer reports checked out some smart new ways to keep your phone alive. phone batteries always seem to run out just when you need them. >> i'd like something that would last a little longer. >> after an hour it ends up dying. >> reporter: to the rescue, smartphone cases with a built-in battery. consumer reports tested four made for popular phones.
4:50 pm
>> the cases promise to protect your phone and add extra battery life. they all do that. >> reporter: for the iphone 5 or 5s testers found the $180 case almost doubled battery life and added extra memory. f samsung's galaxy 4, it nearly doubled the phone's battery life. >> it is a little awkward to set up but you never have to do it again. that double battery life is there forever. >> reporter: if you can't find a case to fit your phone, the portable battery pack can charge any phone that uses a usb cable, as long as you remember to power up the pack ahead of time. it costs $100. and if you can't get an outlet or don't have electricity, consumer reports also tested some gadgets that actually generate power, like this solar panel with a usb port. unfold it in the sun to restore power to your phone. it's the goal zero no man 7 for
4:51 pm
$80. also $80, the light house 250 lantern. besides being a lantern and emergency light, it has a large internal battery to charge your phone. when that battery is spent, you can use the hand cranked to power up your phone. >> pretty cool. consumer reports also has some tips for conserving battery life when you're far from power or at a big concert. first, try lowering your phone's screen brightness. then turn off auto updates. use the gps very sparingly. and when there's no signal, put your phone in airplane mode. that stops it from trying to connect and also turns off wi-fi, bluetooth and mobile connections. >> where were you yesterday when i needed you, okay? beyonce was this far away from me, michael. >> see, no picture. >> thank you. well, up next, an inside look from facebook silicon valley headquarters. >> what the social media giant is teaching small businesses about you.
4:52 pm
i'm dan ashley in the abc 7 newsroom. coming up new at 5:00, back with a vengeance. what experts are saying about the return of one of san francisco's most famous tourist attractions. plus why richmond students are getting millions of dollars and who is behind the big bankroll, when cheryl and i see you for abc 7 news at 5:00. stay here with u utes could save you fifteen percent or huh, more on car insurance. everybody knows that. well, did you know the great wall of china wasn't always so great?
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. here's a look at tonight's primetime lineup. at 8:00 it's "the quest" followed by "rookie blue" followed by "new york med." everything you like in the photos you post helps facebook figure out if advertisers should be targeting you. >> millions of small businesses are now using the social network to engage with you. david louie got an inside look at facebook headquarters today in menlo park. >> reporter: more than one in a quarter billion people use facebook every month. 30 million of them are small
4:56 pm
businesses looking to sell to you, but they're doing so very strategically based on your likes and interest. this is what they have put on to attract even more small business advertisers. facebook invited abc 7 news to cover the boot camp but would not allow us to record our own video of the event. facebook provided this video. these entrepreneurs are being coached to be authentic when they create a page. dan levy is facebook's director of small business. >> what business owners tell me is the more they have been able to uniquely identify and talk about who they are, the more successful they have been on facebook of the it helps their stuff stand out as opposed to looking like another piece of content in a sea of content we see more and more of every day. >> reporter: andrew has been on facebook since college. when he and his business partner started mobile guys, he knew facebook would help not just to sell but to interact with them. >> we even like replying. so we were trying to figure out what recipe or what drink to do next. people say all these answers and
4:57 pm
they think it's in a vacuum. but we try to get back to every single person who gave us a suggestion. especially the one that say we may use. >> reporter: facebook can guide advertisers which of its users to target. its passport sends kids a monthly package to teach them about a new country. >> in 2014 already spent over $1 million advertising on facebook. we're a multimillion dollar business at this point and facebook is our number one sales channel. it's directly the result of facebook. >> reporter: we call facebook the social network but it's fast becoming the selling network because of what it knows about you. in san jose, david louie, abc 7 news. >> and that is it for this edition of abc 7 news at 4:00. thank you for joining us. >> abc 7 news at 5:00 begins right now with cheryl and dan. winds are strong enough to do damage to homes. >> we are on storm watch tonight
4:58 pm
as not one, but two storms bear down on hawaii. also tonight, indictment. the man charged for deliberately starting one of the state's worst fires. plus the bay area stowaway arrested again today at another airport. we'll tell you where. and you don't see this every day. it is moving day in the north bay. find out why this huge tree is getting a major transplant. this storm is anticipated to hold together and make landfall. >> hawaii braces for back-to-back storms. people are stocking up on supplies. the white house says it is ready to help if needed in the aftermath. >> in anticipation of hurricane iselle making landfall, fema has personnel on the ground. there's also a management assistance team. >> hawaii has not had a hurricane hit in 22 years and it is getting one and possibly two of them. good evening, i'm dan ashley.
4:59 pm
>> and i'm cheryl jennings. landfall is just hours away. the big island of hawaii expected to get a direct hit. spencer christian is outside tracking the system for us tonight. spencer. >> okay, cheryl, let's go right to live doppler 7 hd. i'll show you the positions of the two storms out here just east of the hawaiian islands right now. here comes the first storm, hurricane iselle which is just hours away from making landfall as a category 1 or perhaps a strong tropical storm. it's packing high sustained winds of 80 miles per hour. hurricane julio is stronger but that's farther out to sea so let's track the path of iselle which is likely to make landfall at 8:00 p.m. this evening with maximum sustained winds 70 miles per hour. that's tropical storm strength. passing directly over the island and moving westward over the remashd of the chain of islands and julio is expected to pass north of the islands sometime on monday, perhaps deal only a glancing blow. i'll have more details coming up
5:00 pm
a little later. abc 7 news meteorologist sandhya patel is in oahu right now. she sent us these pictures of the beautiful weather she's had up till today. she said people there are worried. >> there are a lot of people who -- locals who have been panicking with the approach of hurricane iselle. they have started to buy so much water that the stores have run out of water completely. and now the actual bottling companies that sell the water just to the stores is now opening up their stock to customers. >> sandhya says she saw a lot of people packing their bags and trying to leave the island a day or two early today. tiffany wilson is talking with people here worried about their flights to hawaii. she's live tonight at san francisco international airport with that part of the story. >> reporter: well, dan, there is some good news. some flights are still getting out. one left just about a half an hour ago, but we've certainly seen a couple of


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