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tv   America This Morning  ABC  September 3, 2014 4:00am-4:31am PDT

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making news in america this morning, foreign affairs. president obama lands in europe overnight with a number of international problems unfolding. another video surfaces possibly showing an american being executed by isis. and the deteriorating situation in ukraine. we're live with the latest. dramatic crash. a fighter jet shoots through the air and slams into the neighborhood. what we've learned about a possible cause and people on the ground. targeted attack. new details about what might have allowed hackers to gain access to celebrities' private pictures. what apple is saying to keep your images safe. and prize possession. back with its rightful owner, how a man's car was returned more than three decades after it was stolen.
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good wednesday morning. i'm reena ninan. >> and i'm tahman bradley. we begin with isis beheading another american journalist. >> it's the second recorded killing of a hostage in less than a month. in both videos, the executioner places the blame on president obama who landed in europe overnight there to hold talks with allies about the isis threats and crisis in ukraine. >> we have live team coverage. devin dwyer is traveling with the president. >> but we begin with gloria riviera live in washington. gloria, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, reena. the white house has said thoughts and prayers are with the family of steven sotloff. they are said to be quietly grieving. it was just recently that steven sotloff's mother released a public statement pleading with isis for her son's release. the grisly video is called a second message to america from the islamic terrorist group isis. in it 31-year-old american journalist steven sotloff on his knees and this man.
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>> i'm back, obama. >> reporter: possibly the same executioner of journalist james foley two weeks ago whom intelligence experts are working to identify. sotloff is at least the second american murdered in retaliation for u.s. air strikes on isis targets in iraq. in a statement the national security council called the video, if verified, appalling. president obama now in europe is meeting with key allies including british prime minister david cameron this week to discuss serious strategy. at home, critics say weak foreign policy is contributing to the terror group's rise. >> we have to deal with this threat comprehensively and thoroughly now, and that is what i want to hear and see from our commander in chief. >> reporter: the obama administration has carried out over 100 air strikes against isis in iraq. >> the united states has done more than any country in the world to take on this threat in iraq. >> reporter: but the concern is isis, which controls large swaths of the region, keeps growing. >> what's ironic about isis is
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they're winning hearts and minds. unfortunately, these horrible beheading videos are recruiting films for them. >> reporter: isis is holding at least one more british journalist and, it's believed, two american aid workers. reena, tahman. >> gloria riviera live in washington, thank you. and that video and the growing isis threat have many in congress demanding president obama take action. >> we get that angle from abc's devin dwyer traveling with the president right now in estonia. dev, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, reena and tahman. well, president obama left washington just as that video surfaced appearing to show yet another murder of an american journalist in syria. at a press conference here in morning in estonia, mr. obama had this to say. >> we will not be intimidated. their horrific events only unite us and stiffen our fight against these terrorists. >> reporter: the brew at of isis militants and the threat they pose is one of two major
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security crisis he is confront on his trip. here in estonia, a nato ally that borders russia there is growing concern and whether russian incurses, come calling an invasion could happen here. obama's visit only the second by a u.s. president to estonia is highly symbolic and comes with a message to russian president vladimir putin as one u.s. official put it to the russian, don't even think about messing around here. that's a theme that will be continued tomorrow at the nato summit in wales. reena and tahman. >> all right, definitely vin, thank you. breaking developments. the fighting in eastern ukraine between russian-backed militants and government forces has killed 2600 people. last week militants ambush ed groups thanks to help from russia. the administration is dealing with another hot spot ordering another 350 troops to baghdad to help protect the embassy and its personnel.
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that brings the number to more than 800 military personnel backing up the diplomatic security. most of the new troops are from the army. the rest are the marines. three people are dead after a libyan fighter jet crashed and exploded in a residential neighborhood. ironically, the jet was participating in a memorial ceremony for another pilot who had crashed a few days earlier. the plane hit buildings when it crashed about half a mile from the libyan parliament building. one of the dead was a young boy. nine other people were injured. we're hoping to learn new details today about a third american in africa now diagnosed with ebola. the first, dr. kent brantly, who was evacuated last month from liberia, is now recovering living in seclusion with his family in asheville, north carolina. the newly infected doctor is a male obstetrician working at a hospital in liberia. we expect to hear more about his condition today. well, an intense manhunt is under way after a deadly shooting rampage in kansas city, missouri. three people were killed and two others critically injured. the shootings took place at
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several homes in the same cul-de-sac of a middle class neighborhood. police cordoned off the area and went door to door to make sure there weren't any more victims. it's still not clear if the shooter knew the victims. south of the border mexico is facing double trouble from a pair of tropical storms on both coasts. tropical storm dolly hit land on mexico's gulf coast overnight with 45-mile-per-hour winds. it's expected to dump nearly a foot of rain. meantime, spinning off mexico's pacific coast, tropical storm norbert. norbert, however, is expected to turn west away from land. okay, time now for a look at your wednesday weather. a band of heavy rain extends from the northern plains and great lakes down throughout the southeast and into florida. thunderstorms along the gulf coast. >> most of the country will be hot and humid. 80s and 90s across the midwest and south. 80s in the northeast and 70s in the pacific northwest. well, there were warm regards at 30,000 feet aboard air force one for one of our
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very own. >> abc news veteran ann compton en route to estonia with the president was treated to a chocolate cake in celebration of her final flight. >> well, our ann is retiring after 41 years at abc. she was always treated to -- she was actually treated to a visit with president obama in his private quarters, which she says hasn't actually changed since president george h.w. bush gave her a tour 20 years ago. can you believe that? >> amazing. and she's just so sweet and kind, kind to young journalists starting out. wonderful woman. she will be missed. >> she has been a great, great source of help. i can tell you that from me personally. well, coming up, another major retailer investigating a credit card breach. why this could be the worst one yet. plus, new details about the celebrity photo hacking scandal. what apple is saying about safety and your pictures. and finally free, two men on death row for 30 years now cleared of charges. the new evidence that prove their innocence.
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because... well, welcome back. home depot says it's investigating whether customer credit and debit card data was stolen from its systems and put up for sale online. this could be the work of the same group that hit target and other retailers but much larger. as many as 40 million accounts. well, get this. your next car may know when you're not paying attention to your driving. general notes reportedly is getting ready to produce cars that tracked eye and head movement and tells "the financial times" cars with this will go on seam in the next
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three to five years. under armour signed a deal with gisele bupdz chen and their stock shot up adding nearly $650 million. she is married to tom brady. another pitchman for under armour. >> next pictured her as an underarmour gal. who knew. dunkin' donuts says almond milk is more popular than soy and starbucks says it does not offer it because some may be allergic to nuts. wait until you hear the array of tools the thieves used to try to steal an atm. a snorkeler rescued. all of it caught on camera. [ male announcer ] if you had a dollar for every dollar car insurance companies say they'll save you by switching, you'd have, like, a ton of dollars. but how are they saving you those dollars?
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camera of a storm chasing team as the father is struck by a bolt of lightning. danny murphy was hit directly in the leg. his son thrown back in the car. both are okay. danny is expected to mac a full recove recovery. nour morning road conditions. wet and flooding will stretch to the midwest and into the southeast and florida. wet conditions in extreme texas. flying airport delays are possible in minneapolis, atlanta and charlotte. back to the news, a new development in the celebrity photo hacking scandal. michaela maroney tweeted those photos of her are fake. >> her attorney says she was under age when the pictures were taken and they must be taken down from the porn site showing them according to tmz. >> the gymnast owns the copyrights. apple says the icloud celebrity hacks were not the result of a technical glitch. the hackers instead figured out
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the user names and passwords and urges everyone to use stronger passwords. initially the hack of celebrity photos was reported as a flaw in the system. the fbi is looking into the hacks. joan rivers' daughter says her mom remains on life support. doctors had been keeping her so dated and under close super vision since she went into cardiac arrest during a procedure thursday. the e! network show "fgs police" has been put on hold for two weeks. two expected to walk out of prison after 13e7dzing 30 years behind bars for a crime they didn't commit. they were teenagers when they were convicted of rape and murder of an 11-year-olds girl. the mentally disabled half brothers say their confessioned were coerced. dna tests im34ri indicated another man overlooked despite a history of sex assault convictions. so if at first you don't succeed maybe you should just
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give up. watch as these would-be thieves try to smash into a tennessee atm. they whack it with an ax and pry it with a crowbar. but they don't get a cent. a day later they try to rob another bank and this time show showed up with a bobcat that tipped over as far as we know they did not try again in maybe they learned their lesson. a body surfer sure was at the right place at the right time. darren jenner was wearing a gopro camera when he saw a snorkeler struggling. he told him to calm down and started dragging him to shore. when they got close to a beach, a snorkeler rode his board and six minutes after jenner came to the rescue he was being attended to by paramedics. a remarkable tale of survival playing out in texas. conjoined twin sisters named hope and faith born back in april. each weighing three pounds share a liver, diaphragm and intestines. today they're tipping the scale at 11 pounds today.
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>> i walk in every day and i just -- i can't get over, you know, how blessed a many that they are still healthy, still rambunctious and just a miracle. >> the girls still need help breathing but the good news is they're raising their heads and sitting up on their own and exhibiting their own personalities. deers at texas children's hospital are preparing to separate them by the end of the year. stay tuned to "good morning america." we'll hear much more from the conjoined twins' mother in an abc news exclusive. now to some sports starting with michael sam. he appeared to be making a phone call as he got off a plane in dallas. there he is right there. >> sam is taking a physical today with the cowboys. if he passes he'll be signed to their practice squad. when he signed with the rams he game the first openly gay player to join a team but cut this past weekend. now baseball. >> welcome to our "sportscenter"
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studio in beautiful los angeles. along with neil everett i'm stan verrett. >> recognize clayton kershaw, dodger stadium. nationals did. his numbers are off the hook as the kids would say. bryce harper swinging at a curveball in the dirt. bottom six, dodgers up 2-0. juan uribe. two-run shot. dodgers. clayton kershaw, 62-0 when he has four runs and still has four. three-run lead as harper gets him there. his 11th of the season but kershaw top eight tyler moore swinger. eight innings, eight strikeouts. his 17th win. tigers and indians. tigers had a tough time bringing runners home tuesday. top of the sixth they got two on, torii hunter at the plate forcing this double play. left 12 men on base. that was through eight. top nine, they're still down
4:19 am
2-1. got two on for j.d. martinez. facing cody allen. going to let the drama build here. martinez with a three-run home run. how about bartender. >> j.d. his 19th of the season. i know that's proprietary. your thing. tigers go on to win it 4-. >> fabulous. i mean it. >> it's all we got. >> everything. >> which you probably knew that. back to you. here's one more highlight from that game featuring a young star in there's phillies own mo'ne davis in the l.a. dugout signing an autograph for dodgers all-star yasiel puig. you'll remember her from her pitching at the little league world series. >> it led to nationwide fame and cover of "sports illustrated." >> everybody wants to get her autograph. >> there you go. >> even the big leaguers. up next in "the pulse," special memento. the world's most famous wedding
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icon's icon passed down from mother to son. >> princess diana's wedding gown will soon be handed down to her princes. the boys will inherit other dresses, priceless family jewels and home movies from their late movie. >> harry will inherit his trust, $16 million just -- yeah, that's right. his brother william did when he turned 30. >> i didn't get that when i turned 30. >> do you think they'll have a yard sale? >> no. kim kardashian is enjoying another impressive new title. you can now call her woman of the year. >> "gq" bestowed it last night and she quickly corrected the presenter who left out her new married name. kim kardashian-west. then thanked her husband kanye for making her feel like woman of the year every day >> that's special but if you think that dress was jaw-dropping wait until you see kardashian, what she's bearing on the cover of british "gq."
4:24 am
absolutely nothing. that's why we're not showing the photo. got to show the ugly dress. >> that boy -- >> where is the british "gq." >> put it up there. finally the most unlikely reunion, '64 thunderbird on that trailer was stolen from a guy in sacramento in 19 1. >> now gary has it back. he bought it 33 years ago then it was stolen one night while he was at work but the other day police called him and told him it had been found, get this, 750 miles north in washington state. >> wow. and apparently he has no idea where it's been all these years or even who stole it. but that's right. he's actually just happy to have it back. >> that's great. i mean i'm sure he brought probably several other cars in his life. >> i bet. do the parts still like easy to find? >> no. no. it's going to be hard. >> okay. all right. i'd upgrade but that's okay.
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live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. good wednesday morning. it is 4:28. thanks for joining us. >> we will see what the wet will look like. are the summer like temperatures coming back? >> maybe this weekend but not any time soon. the marine layer is deeper. want out for drizzle. most neighbors are covered in clouds. the lowest visibility is five miles after half moon bay and nine in santa rosa. the first forecast headed out the door is what you can expect breezy conditions at 72 to 82. inland is the warmest up to 90. coast interest san francisco is 63 to 69. leyla gulen? this is what we are looking at now, the bay bridge toward
4:29 am
the east were span traffic is very light. the rest of the bay area is nothing but green. we have a couple of areas with construction. we had an early sig-alert in santa rosa. it cleared. over the altamont pass, tracy to dublin is 23 minutes westbound along 580 westbound antioch to concord is 14 minutes. san rafael to san francisco is 18 minutes. >> from san jose the fire department is on the scene of a commercial structure fire and gas leak. matt is on the scene. there were a couple of 9-1-1 calls said the side of the building was on fire. there was a gas meter that exoded. it started shooting out flames. there were flames coming from the gas meter the fire department arrived and isolated the fire to the outside.
4:30 am
it never spread inside the building. the biggest concern is next door. our photographer will pan the apartment complex next door which is where several of the call would have come from. they have a perfect vow of what was taking place. you can see pg&e is on the scene making sure the gas line is off. firefighters were able to shut off the gas line and cut out the fire. when they turned off the gas the fire was out. issues this morning include road closing this morning and right here the area is blocked out as the fire department is cloning up. san jose police are blocking the road. we expect it to be cleared as the firefighters children up and lebanon -- clean up and leave now that pg&e is here.


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