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tv   ABC7 News 400PM  ABC  September 9, 2014 4:00pm-5:01pm PDT

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good afternoon, everybody. >> ray rice said today he is in good spirits and trying to be strong for his wife despite being cut by the baltimore ravens and suspended indefinitely by the nfl because of the video showing him punching his then fiancee in an elevator. >> there's a lot more fallout from that video today. nike says it is no longer working with the former ravens running back. also, redwood city based
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electronic arts is dropping rice from its recently released madden video game. the ravens have announced they are planning to offer an exchange for ray rice jerseys and also, rice's wife standing by her husband. she calls this a horrible nightmare and released a statement to defend him and attacking those who are going after him. >> here is part of janay rice's statement. to make us relive a moment in our lives that we regret every day is a horrible thing. to take something away from the man i love that he had worked for all his life to just gain ratings is horrific. this is our life. if your intentions were to hurt us, embarrass us, make us feel alone, take all happiness away, you have succeeded on so many levels. >> nfl commissioner roger goodell did an interview with cbs this afternoon and said the nfl asked for the video and anything else that was pertinent to the rice incident, but was never granted that opportunity. now, let me point out a couple of things here. when nfl teams go to and from
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stadiums in their buses, they have police escorts. on game days, the stadiums are staffed with police who handle everything from traffic to security. when we were at the super bowl in new orleans two years ago, state troopers and the fbi locked down the entire perimeter of that stadium. the nfl works hand in hand with local, state and federal law enforcement all the time, 24/7, 365. now, where was the super bowl held last year? new jersey, the same state ray rice hit his fiancee. nfl security had to be in lockstep with new jersey officials on a myriad of issues regarding the super bowl so the notion that the nfl could somehow be stonewalled by local new jersey law enforcement and denied access to a video that tmz obtained really stretches the imagination. maybe roger goodell didn't want to see the video, we don't know, but his explanations so far simply do not add up. let's move on to the 49ers and
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the ceo who today addressed ray rice's case, saying he agrees with the way the nfl is handling the situation. >> they did their due diligence. they waited for the evidence. it would have been nice if they may have maybe acted sooner, but from what i have been able to read and tell, it didn't seem like they had access to it and i don't know any of the answers to some of those questions. >> york also says rice's case should have no bearing on a domestic violence case against niners defensive tackle ray mcdonald. mcdonald is still playing with the team while facing possible criminal charges. york says he will not punish mcdonald until that investigation is complete. he also told knbr radio that the players collective barri bargai agreement makes it difficult for teams to take action against players. today, san francisco supervisor introduced a resolution denouncing the niners for allowing mcdonald to continue to play. coming up, new on abc 7 news at
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5:00, we talk to a local domestic violence clinic about the two cases and how social media is helping to push their agenda. right now, crews are searching for a missing hayward teenager who got into an argument with his dad saturday afternoon before walking off into the woods near clover road. sky 7 hd shows that searchers are looking for signs of the 16-year-old. this was taken this afternoon. his family said he's never run away before. he is a good student, good kid and they are particularly concerned that he's been missing for three full days now. a canine unit has joined in the search effort but so far, has been unable to pick up a scent. the crowd was in full rapture this morning when apple's ceo tim cook unveiled the apple watch, the new wearable device. the apple watch will be available early next year with a starting price of $349.
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apple also introduced two new larger iphones with bigger screens and new horizontal viewing mode but the new smart watch seemed to steal the show. >> the watch took very deep thinking and out of this came some truly remarkable innovations. >> apple also unveiled a system for using your phone to make credit card payments called apple pay. apple says several retailers including macy's and whole foods have already agreed to accept payments using apple pay. >> apple's big announcement did have a few hickups for fans trying to watch the large screen online. >> tiffney wilson joins us live with that part of the story. tiffany? >> reporter: well, ama and larry, thousands of people took to twitter with complaints about that livestream. my favorite was you know apple, there's a really solid way to deliver video content to a whole lot of folks at once. it's called television.
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inside tech hot spots, apple devices are as common as the coffee. >> i'm one of the original mac fans. >> reporter: like thousands of other fans around the world, steve phillips tried to watch it live, failed. the stream started late, then he heard a foreign translator dubbed over tim cook. consider him lucky. others saw the black screen of doom. >> it was a little ironic that this technological giant was having technological issues with their livestream. >> reporter: on twitter, the reaction wasn't as kind. we live in a world where taylor swift can deliver a more reliable livestream than apple. and quite possibly the worst stream i have ever seen apple produce. this is an absolute train wreck. and well, in 1969, nasa managed to livestream the moon landing. maybe apple live should have prerecorded. actually, nasa used a satellite and apple eventually got its stream working. >> i think people forget it
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pretty quickly. it's kind of a minor blip on the radar. >> reporter: brian jager turned to the liveblog for more information on the iphone 6. he's planning to upgrade. >> i just need the next version. >> reporter: he won't have to wait long. the new phone will be released at stores september 19th. danny is more excited about the latest entry into wearable technology, the apple watch. >> it's apple, right? they do everything better. >> reporter: just consider him an unpaid company spokesperson. his friend will be right next to him in line. >> i always buy the latest and greatest and apple always seems to deliver beyond your expectations. >> reporter: part of that delivery, the new apple pay. expect the digital wallet to go live next month. tiffany wilson, abc 7 news. >> join us for abc's world news tonight. david muir will be in cupertino for an apple exclusive. the family of a half moon
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bay teenager killed by a san mateo sheriff's deputy filed a civil lawsuit against the county. the 18-year-old seen in this family video was struck last june when officers responded to a disturbance. the family says they called 911 because she hadn't taken her medicine for schizophrenia. she was found outside her home holding a knife. she was shot and killed. the family says she had already calmed down. >> there was nobody in the immediate vicinity. there was nobody he was protecting. he created the threat, he created the emergency, he created the danger. >> the deputy says he feared for his life. the san mateo county district attorney chose not to file any charges. the mexican consulate in san francisco will also file a federal civil rights complaint against the county. service on san francisco's popular f line was suspended
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temporarily today after a streetcar crashed into a tour bus. this happened right where the tracks curve from stewart street on to market. apparently the tour bus stopped too close to those tracks. the driver of the streetcar tried to get through but as it hit the curb, the rear scraped against the tour bus, jamming those two vehicles together. nobody was hurt from the impact. a napa man is paying it forward, traveling to another state to rebuild homes for those who lost everything to a natural disaster. >> but for gary pierce, this is an even more extraordinary effort given the damage his own home suffered in last month's 6.0 earthquake. >> abc 7 news reporter laura anthony is live in napa. laura? >> reporter: this is one of about 150 homes or buildings actually that were red-tagged after last month's quake and each has its own story. in this case, it involves a man who clearly lost so much but is still honoring his commitment to go to another state to help others.
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>> it's how far the house fell down. >> reporter: it's been a little more than two weeks. since gary pierce's napa home was knocked off its foundation by an earthquake. unfortunately, not much has changed since. the house is still in shambles, a red tag ablaze near the front door. while engineers say the late 19th century structure can be saved, it may be too expensive for pierce and his father. >> we are still investigating the possibility of getting it razed and put back on its foundation or building a new foundation under it. we have had people here today that told us anything is possible depending how much money you want to spend. >> reporter: if they can't save the house, it will have to be demolished. >> you see where the floods slid apart. >> reporter: the 60-year-old plans to keep a commitment he made before the quake. to go to colorado this weekend, where he will spend two weeks rebuilding homes for those who lost theirs to last year's devastating floods.
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any thought of canceling and staying here? >> no. no. i made a commitment. i made a commitment to my church and the my people and to god and i will follow through. this happened, why, i don't know, but god has a reason for that, too. >> reporter: besides, pierce told us, there isn't a whole lot he can do here until he and his brother, brian, decide the fate of their old house. laura anthony, abc 7 news. still ahead on abc 7 news at 4:00, a woman screams and shoves a man off his scooter and then runs over him twice. why the man says the video doesn't tell the whole story. also remembering the bay area stunt pilot killed at the reno air races. he was an undersea adventurer as well. and san jose planned to enlist local businesses to help police fight crime. at 4:11, our first check of the afternoon traffic. this is 680 in walnut creek. oncoming traffic heading towards
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concord. moving pretty smoothly in both directions.
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a huntington beach woman faces criminal charges for attacker had common law husband in an incident that was recorded by a neighbor. that is 47-year-old laura cox screaming in the face of a man, banging on her suv, then pushing him over. then she backs up over the motorized scooter not once, but twice. the man who did not want his name given says cox suffers from
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mental illness but stopped taking her medication and then started drinking. he did not want her arrested. >> i wasn't hit and it was a thing of just trying to stop someone from drinking and driving. >> the woman who recorded this incident called the police. they arrested cox on charges of driving while intoxicated. reports say she was high on meth. a san jose stunt pilot is being remembered today as more than a daredevil but rather, a true explorer. >> lee biel was killed when his plane crashed at the reno air races yesterday. as abc 7 news reporter nick smith found out, he embraced living on the edge beneath the sea as well. >> he's the kind of character they make movies about. but he's the real thing. >> reporter: the real thing and a good friend. graham is struggling with the loss of his friend and colleague, 64-year-old retired air force fighter pilot, lee biel. lee was killed when his plane,
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this osprey gp-5 sweet dreams crashed during a qualifying event for the national championship air races in reno. >> i can tell you he loved that stuff. he was built for that. he was made for it. he was doing what he wanted to do for sure. >> reporter: they had a friendship rooted in a shared love of flight and exploration. it was graham that introduced the veteran pilot to the adventures of taking his sky high flying skills below the surface. >> he signed up to learn to fly under water. >> reporter: this is lee at the controls of the deep flight personal submarine designed and built by graham. lee was one of three people trained as pilot and command. graham recalled the moment when student became teacher. >> i didn't know he could fly that well. just perfect. and i remember thinking what the heck do i do, i can't teach this guy anything. >> reporter: the plane piloted by lee biel went down in an area of the reno race course called high g ridge. the cause of the accident is
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being investigated by the federal aviation administration and the national transportation safety board. lee was a former aerial champion who founded the sport class division. >> i mean, he was a big part of our lives. it's a huge loss. it's a huge loss to so many people. he was a great guy. >> reporter: lee owned stevens creek porsche audi which he sold two years ago. he was the 19th pilot to die in the 51-year history of the races. >> aviation is dangerous and all of us doing any flight testing, somebody has to go to the edge. >> reporter: life on the edge by a man friends say enjoyed charting his own course. nick smith, abc 7 news. there has been a new mountain lion sighting in the bay area today, in woodside. the san mateo county sheriff's office says the adult mountain lion and three cubs were seen in popular wunderlich county park this morning. the big cats are often the most
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dangerous when when their young. the sheriff and park rangers say avoid hiking or jogging at dusk and dawn. despite a sighting less than 20 miles from where another mountain lion attacked a 6-year-old boy on sunday. >> game wardens stepped up their search for that aggressive animal today. abc 7 news reporter amy hollyfield has more. >> reporter: a new trap was brought in this morning to try to capture the mountain lion. they now have four traps set. they also moved one to another hopefully better location but say it's hard to guess where he will be or if he is even still in the area. they also added four more dogs to the hunt this morning. so with seven dogs and four traps, they are trying to close in on the mountain lion. >> there are certainly tracks, scents that the dogs are following, but lions don't move in a linear fashion. they crisscross and the path goes back and forth over itself. sometimes the dogs are going in circles following the path and we just don't know at this point if it's still in the area or
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not. all we can do is keep looking. >> reporter: the mountain lion attacked a 6-year-old boy sunday afternoon as he hiked with family and friends. the boy suffered from bite wounds and scratches but has been released from the hospital. his family is seclusion and do not want to speak publicly. experts say this kind of attack is unusual and they are determined to find the animal. they involved the california department of fish and wildlife lab in sacramento to help. >> saliva and hair samples from the animal so they can extract the dna and if we do catch the cat down here, they can match it and make sure it is the right one. it's highly unlikely we would get the wrong one because these dogs are tracking a particular scent and the dogs will be able to let us know if it's the right cat. but still, we want to double-check and make sure. >> reporter: no word yet on when they will call off the search. the last mountain lion attack in california was two years ago and that time, they looked for six days but never found the animal. amy hollyfield, abc 7 news.
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let's get a check of the forecast. >> spencer christian is outside with the forecast. hey, spencer. >> lovely day in the bay area. as we have had for the last couple days. it is going to get really hot towards the end of the week. here's a look at live doppler 7 hd. sunny skies from coast to inland, a few clouds in some locations along the coastline but it's mainly sunny. i'm going to go take a look at the golden gate bridge right now. a few clouds overhead there but it's bright and mainly clear at the golden gate. we don't have the usual push of low clouds and fog. these are the forecast pictures. warming trend begins tomorrow, continues thursday and into the weekend. actually, we will have a string of hot days inland and a light sea breeze will be present near the coastline. up in northernmost part of the state, wildfires continue to burn and along with that smoke, it's being carried down through the sacramento valley into parts of the bay area, particularly into the east bay, where smoke advisory is in effect for wednesday and thursday. if you smell smoke in the air, it might be a good idea to limit
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your outdoor activity as there will be an increase in particulate matter in the air. although at the moment, we don't expect it to be at dangerous levels. the satellite image shows a large area of high pressure that is just going to dominate our weather picture. it's settling in right now. it is assisting the flow of that smoke from the northern california fires down in our direction, and on we go to overnight conditions. look for some areas of fog near the coast but it won't be very foggy. we don't expect much of it to travel inland overnight. low temperatures will be pleasantly cool, mainly mid 50s, some upper 50s closer to the bay. then tomorrow, lots of sunshine, a nice warm to hot day in the south bay where we will see high temperatures ranging from mid 80s at santa clara and san jose, cupertino, up to low to mid 90s at morgan hill and gilroy. on the peninsula, you will be warm to hot as well with mostly mid 80s, 84 in redwood city, 83, mountain view. mid to upper 60s on the coast to near 70 at half moon bay tomorrow.
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downtown san francisco will have a high of 71. look for 67 in the sunset district. up in the north bay, sunny, warm, mid to upper 80s in the north bay valleys of santa rosa sonoma. 81 at union city, 82 at fremont and inland east bay will be quite warm to hot with highs in the mid 90s generally, 94 and livermore, antioch and fairfield. check out thursday, friday and saturday. inland highs in the mid to upper 90s, mid 80s around the bay and low 70s on the coast. friday, saturday and sunday, temperatures will begin to moderate early next week. so it's not one of those triple digit heat waves coming our way but when it's 96, 97, 98 degrees, what's another couple degrees. might as well be 100. >> thank you, spencer. ♪
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up next, u2 rocked at today's apple event. there is always an element of risk but i suppose it was worth the risk. >> whoa. are you kidding? a bay area man's daring act only inches away from a boiling pit of lava.
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at safeway. ingredients for life. ♪ that is legendary rock band u2 rocking out and closing out today's apple event with a performance of their new song "the miracle." turns out the band's appearance was part of a new product announcement. >> let me just get this straight. u2's new album "songs of innocence" is going out for free to a half a billion people in
4:26 pm
the next five seconds. five. four. three. two. one. [ cheers and applause ] >> how are they ever going to make any money off of it? apple is making the album available free until october 13th exclusively to current itunes users and those who create an account in the next five weeks. a new video of a young woman singing a michael jackson song is taking off on social media. >> she uses nothing but her voice to create an intricate version of "the way you make me feel." ♪ >> she is a kansas-based musician who doesn't use instruments. she entertain fans with three pieces of machinery, cleverly
4:27 pm
looping her own voice and every track is made from scratch. sounds pretty good. just ahead on abc 7 news at 4:00, san jose's plan to use private surveillance cameras to help fight crime. are business owners ready to buy in? also, what president obama told congressional leaders today about his plan to stop islamic state extremists. plus -- donating a $1 million prize to hack the underlying code of aging. >> later, a bay area doctor's big money contest to figure out how to not only end aging but even reverse it. want to know how hard it can be... breathe with copd? it can feel like this. copd includes chronic bronchitis and emphysema. spiriva is a once-daily inhaled... ...copd maintenance treatment... ...that helps open my airways for a full 24 hours. you know, spiriva helps me breathe easier. spiriva handihaler tiotropium bromide inhalation powder does not replace rescue inhalers for sudden symptoms. tell your doctor if you have
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sky 7 hd is live right now over hammond park in san jose where a teenager has been critically stabbed. police are on the scene right now trying to figure out what happened. there are backpacks on the sidewalk right there where we're looking. they say a 16-year-old boy was stabbed at least once and taken to the hospital with what they call life-threatening injuries. this is just off highway 17 several blocks south of interstate 280. the attacker ran off before police got there so they are looking for him now. we will bring you more information as we get it and you can get breaking news 24/7 by following us on twitter. in other headlines, the announcement of the highly
4:31 pm
anticipated apple watch. apple calling it their most personal device yet. abc news anchor david muir spoke exclusively with tim cook today in cupertino. that conversation is coming up on world news tonight at 5:30. also, the wife of former baltimore ravens running back ray rice is defending her husband who has been released by the nfl because of video showing him abusing her. in response, the twitter hash tags why i stayed and why i left are now being used by people who left abusive relationships and here's an example as this one woman says, she says my girls needed a father. why i stayed, my girls needed a mother, why i left. in connection with that story, frozen pizza maker diogiorno is being criticized for this tweet. why i stayed, you had pizza. they have since deleted that tweet and apologized profusely, saying no one read what the hash tags were about before they sent out that tweet. back locally in san jose today,
4:32 pm
city council members voted to let police officers tap into residents' home surveillance cameras to keep an eye out on what's happening in the city. abc 7 news reporter vic lee joins us at city hall with the story. vic? >> reporter: well, the vote was a given. no real opposition here at city hall. some privacy groups, of course, concerned about the big brother issue. but the most significant questions raised about this registry came not from them, but from the police union. the program seemed simple enough. property and business owners voluntarily register their security cameras on a new san jose police data base. >> when a burglary or robbery occurs in the neighborhood, the police will know by simply looking at a google map who they can call in the neighborhood to ask for permission to look at videotape. >> reporter: supporters look to the string of arson attacks that terrorized downtown san jose in january. this video identified and led to the arrest of the suspected arsonist.
4:33 pm
jeff levine is the resident who owns that security system. >> there were many video systems in use. this investigation could have been sped up had the location of these systems been known ahead of time. >> reporter: city councilman sasam lacardo says it's worked in other cities that have the program. >> we have seen in philadelphia in a period of less than two years over 200 arrests resulted from the use of a video camera registry like this one. >> reporter: but the police officers association asks with 400 fewer cops and an exodus of officers, where are the resources to make the arrests quickly once the camera has identified the criminals. >> this policy does nothing to address response times that have doubled, arrests that have gone in half, solve rate for crimes that's much less than the national average. >> reporter: it's hard finding opponents among merchants we spoke with in the willow glen business district. michelle has eight cameras mounted in her boutique. she has been robbed of jewelry
4:34 pm
before. she thinks the registry is a great idea for police. >> it would help the shop owners feel a little safer. knowing that they could help us a little quicker. >> reporter: san jose joins nearby los gatos which launched similar programs not long ago. vic lee, abc 7 news. president obama is set to lay out his strategy to go after isis terrorists in a prime time speech to the nation tomorrow night. the white house says the president has the authority he needs to take action against the islamic state fighters. abc news reporter karen travers has the latest on the situation in iraq. >> reporter: in a rare prime time address on wednesday, president obama will make his case for a stepped-up u.s. campaign to fight the threat from isis. >> this is an important opportunity for the president to communicate a very important message about our priorities and our national security to the american public. >> reporter: a large majority of americans support u.s. air strikes in syria, driving that support the fact that 91% of americans said they see isis posing a vital threat to u.s. interests.
4:35 pm
but the public sees president obama as being too cautious in his response to isis. tomorrow night's address may not change their minds. mr. obama's not expected to make any major announcements. today at the white house, president obama met with bipartisan congressional leaders, republicans are demanding more specifics. >> it's time for president obama to exercise some leadership in launching a response. >> reporter: what the president will do wednesday night is outline the broader u.s. strategy against isis, including expanded air strikes in iraq. there have been more than 150 over the last month. also, targeting isis safe havens in syria but how is unclear. >> the notion that the united states should be putting boots on the ground i think would be a profound mistake. >> reporter: a u.s. air campaign into syria doesn't appear imminent and white house officials are suggesting that completely rooting out isis there could be a job that falls to the next president. the u.s. will also look to step up its efforts to train and
4:36 pm
equip iraqi forces to fight isis there. president obama will say the newly formed iraqi government is a critical first step to more stability. karen travers, abc news, washington. abc 7 news will carry president obama's speech on isis live tomorrow at 6:00 p.m. twitter is responding today to threats from an account linked to the militant group isis. the tweets call for the assassination of twitter employees in san francisco and across europe as revenge for shutting down isis accounts. isis has attempted to use twitter to spread its propaganda and news of the killings of two american journalists spread quickly on the site. a twitter spokesperson released a statement saying the company's security team is working with law enforcement to investigate those threats. convicted terrorism plotter jose padilla received a new prison sentence today. a u.s. district court judge sentenced padilla to 21 years after an appeals court ruled his original term of 17 years was too lenient. padilla was convicted in 2007 on
4:37 pm
charges of supporting al qaeda and terrorism conspiracy. he was initially arrested in 2002 on what authorities said was an al qaeda mission to detonate a radioactive dirty bomb inside the u.s. those charges were dropped but padilla was added to another terrorism case that led to his conviction. coming up on abc 7 news at 4:00, what happens when a kid gets too bored at the white house? plus, a bay area man's boiling hot adventure and why he dropped himself into a crater full of hot lava. i'm spencer christian. love the view over san francisco but a little finger of fog is coming in from the coast. there will be more. i will tell you about it. >> that's a lovely view. skyway, not quite as lovely. this is in san francisco on the left-hand side, traffic just crawling along. eastbound on 80 going to lower deck of the bay bridge and over to the east bay, a little bit better on the right-hand side. that traffic heading away from us going down toward the peninsula. stay with us.
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sometimes a presidential meeting at the white house can be really hard. check out this little boy who is either really silly or needs some attention when he does a face plant right into the oval office sofa. the white house photographer snapped this picture as the president shook hands with an outgoing secret service agent and his wife. that's really funny. >> excited to meet the president, young man. here's what happens when you
4:41 pm
give a group of elephants a few tires. some use their trunks to play with them. others were tripping around trying to step into the tires. it's hard to find a nimble elephant. >> it is. >> they don't have great lateral quickness. a nonprofit in thailand protects the country's captive elephant population. cute. check this out. stunning video of a san francisco explorer and film maker going deep into an active volcano. sam costman and three others flew to the island nation east of australia and rappelled 1200 feet into the volcano in special suits and stood just inches from a boiling pit of red-hot lava. he talked about his experience today on "good morning america." >> i have always had a great curiosity for adventure. i'm always interested in challenging myself in new ways. this is something i came across on the internet. i just wanted to put a plan in place and make it happen. i was really excited to be able to do that.
4:42 pm
>> he says it was extraordinarily hot. that's the understatement of the century. >> this just in. >> yes. it was about 2,000 degrees looking into that crater. the video posted to youtube five days ago has nearly two million views. coming up at 6:00, we hear how his mom reacted to her son jumping into a volcano. >> what could we drop spencer into? >> i'm daring enough to go for a jog on a hot august day in fresno. let's take a look at live doppler 7 hd. we have hot weather coming our way, but nothing like what you just saw. a little fog at the coast at the moment, mainly sunny skies inland. a big warming trend is going to carry us through the weekend. tomorrow, the national weather picture features mostly calm conditions across the 48 contiguous states although we will see a lot of thunderstorms moving through parts of the great lakes and upper midwest. it will be hot in the southwest as it generally is this time of
4:43 pm
year. hot across much of interior california tomorrow. look for highs of 90 in sacramento. 94, fresno. 100 at my favorite jogging place. 101 in palm springs and 87 in los angeles. here in the bay area, we will see high temperatures ranging from upper 60s at the coast to low 80s around the bay to mid 90s inland. as the weekend approaches, we are going to see mid to upper 90s inland. not exactly a heat wave but just a reminder that summer is still here and can produce a bit more heat. >> your part of fresno is waiting. still ahead, nearly $12 million can change anyone's life but one woman doesn't plan on changing much of anything. plus a random act of kindness. the nba star who caught a police officer's good deed without him even knowing. i'm michael finney. a bay area company announces the recall of a popular children's snack. i'll have the details.
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broadway theater owners have changed their minds. they will now pay tribute to the late comedienne joan rivers. the broadway league said yesterday that rivers did not meet the criteria for the honor, triggering a controversy when several theater owners said they
4:47 pm
would turn out their lights anyway. an online petition was started and several celebrities came out in favor of a tribute for joan rivers, who died last thursday at the age of 81. a minnesota woman says she has big plans after winning the lottery but quitting her job isn't among them. rhonda meece returned to work on sunday a day after she and her husband won $11.7 million tax-free in minnesota's hot lotto. she says she loves few things more than waiting tables at the lake elmo inn. >> i have great friends here and a great boss and it's just a really fantastic place to work. so i have no plans of leaving. >> she's in heaven when she's here. she's having a ball. if you can have fun at work, why give that up? >> rhonda and her husband joe do plan to splurge on a new car and she wants to give some cash to a police dog foundation. while joe is going to set up a college fund for the store clerks who sold him that winning ticket. >> nice gesture. few things go unnoticed in
4:48 pm
these days of social media, including a random act of kindness. check out this picture of a police officer in indiana giving a homeless man a pair of shiny black boots. the photo had to be taken by roy hibbert of the nba's indiana pacers. he just happened to be sitting in traffic and saw the officer take the boots out of his trunk and give them to the man. the homeless man who did not want to be identified says he never underestimates the generosity of others. >> i have never met an unkind person come through here. i mean, they don't cause me any harm. when i first started, people locked their doors, parked further back. now they roll up next to me and speak to me. i just hold my sign, if they give me something, they do. if they don't, have a good day. >> hibbert shared the photo on instagram, saying at a time when the excessive force of some police officers has made headlines, he wanted to bring attention to the acts of good that aren't as visible. >> that's nice. a popular rice milk snack
4:49 pm
for babies is being voluntarily recalled because of a choking hazard. >> 7 on your side's michael finney has what you need to know. >> this is a voluntary recall. it's very popular, called little cream organic rice milk snacks. the company says it's not softening at the rate it should be to be safe for babies and little ones. there is concern the snack may be a choking hazard. all flavors of the snack are being recalled. they are super purple acai, super red pomegranate, beet and berry. for more information about this recall and a refund, go to abc 7, click on 7 on your side. i have all the information there. u.s. law makers have asked federal investigators to look into the home depot data breach. home depot confirmed yesterday its payment card processing systems in the u.s. and canada have been compromised. hackers could have had access to
4:50 pm
more than 40 million debit and credit cards for more than four months. the recent target hack in comparison lasted just three weeks. >> that's a scary thought. >> today i'm going to look into it and see, you know. because i bought here over the last six weeks, every day we stopped by in the evening time or early in the morning. i have spent quite a bit of money here. >> home depot has offered one year of free credit monitoring service to any customer who shopped at the store between april and now. you can sign up for the service on home depot's website. again, we will have a link. has the dmv ripped you off? that is the accusation being made tonight by board of equalization member george runner. he says the state uses a buyer's zip code to determine the taxes car buyers must pay, but he points out within zip codes, there can be various tax rates. as a result, buyers are being overcharged, perhaps millions of
4:51 pm
car buyers. the dmv responded saying it determines the tax rate using procedures outlined by runner's own board of equalization. the dmv said it would work with the agency to fix any problems. i will keep track of this. we need to look at some rebates for this. nobody has even brought that up. people need their money back if they overpaid. >> thank you, michael. up next, the million dollar competition happening right now in the bay area to discover the fountain of youth. coming up new at 5:00, san francisco bills itself as a transit city. how one supervisor wants to make that more of a reality. and head lice and your youngster. how treatment doesn't have to be a head scratcher. that's next.
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abc 7's new daytime lineup started this week. actor terry cruz hosts the new season of who wants to be a millionaire at 1:00 p.m. then jeopardy at 1:30, general
4:55 pm
hospital now at 2:00 and rachael ray has joined us at 3:00. scientists from all over the country got together in san francisco today for a chance to win $1 million. that's the prize money of the unique challenge. its goal, to keep us from aging. >> the scientists must show they can reverse the aging process in test animals in order to claim the prize. the contestants say it's not about living forever but living longer and healthier. >> life that can be lived to its fullest and yet for a much longer time than we have right now, beyond our imagination. >> abc 7 morning anchor kristen zee talked to the scientist behind the prize. >> i'm donating a $1 million prize to hack the underlying code of aging. >> reporter: this doctor is the stanford radiologist turned investor who has been pursuing
4:56 pm
the science of youth for 15 years. he hopes to turn his dream into reality by funding the palo alto prize. doctors, scientists, students and others with a bright idea are welcome to enter. >> the goal of the prize is to not only end aging but be able to reverse aging and to be able to promote healthy longevity. >> reporter: imagine yankee shortstop derek jeter maintaining top athletic form or singer beyonce holding on to her incredible beauty or you, keeping your heart healthy and body limber all for years, maybe decades longer than previously thought possible. ten teams have already entered to compete. organizers of the contest hope they will get many more from around the world after the official launch. >> this is where we do a lot of different procedures to study brain function. >> reporter: this neurologist dr. gin lee leads one of the teams. dr. doris taylor of the texas heart institute leads another
4:57 pm
team. >> for years, i have said aging is a failure of stem cells. when i read about the prize, i went okay, it's time to put up or shut up. now you can prove it. >> reporter: the doctor says if they succeed, they could help us live longer, healthier lives and lower the crippling cost of health care. they may also help launch new instrumen industries which is why investors are watching this closely. is this a pipe dream? >> it's a long shot, but i am cautiously optimistic that the science is already advanced enough and this is the time to take the moon shot. >> reporter: a moon shot worth $1 million to start. with more prizes to come. abc 7 news. >> interesting to see what they come up with. >> if they can figure it out it's worth $1 million. thank you for joining us for abc 7 news at 4:00. abc 7 news at 5:00 begins right now with dan and cheryl. a bay area teenager goes missing and authorities are
4:58 pm
looking for him right now. we are live at the scene. a napa man with a red tagged home is heading to another disaster area to help others rebuild there. plus -- we have one more thing. >> apple talks and the world listens. the company's new products. we will tell you what you need to know about them. i'm abc 7 news meteorologist sandhya p sandhya patel. enjoy this comfortable weather. i will tell you when it gets hot. right now, a search and rescue team is on the lookout for a missing east bay teen. sky 7 hd shows them searching the streets of hayward for any sign of the boy. thanks for joining us. i'm cheryl jennings. >> i'm dan ashley. that young man got into an argument apparently with his father on saturday. the 16-year-old marched off into the woods. he has not been seen since. the home is on clover road east of the cal state east bay
4:59 pm
campus. that's where the search is focused right now. abc 7 news reporter alan wong is live with the latest on the story. >> reporter: this is the boy we are looking for. his name is min lee. these posters are all over the neighborhood right now. at this time we have six search dogs combing the area with more search and rescue team members streaming in. let me show you what it looks like right now. this is the east avenue park area near five canyons parkway in hayward. they are looking for a 16-year-old boy who has been missing since saturday, around 2:30. he is a 16-year-old student in high school in hayward. his sister tweeted a message to me yesterday asking for some help. she says her brother, who is on the swim team and makes straight as, has never run away before, but he got into an argument with his father and hasn't been seen since. >> i was expecting him to come back because he goes running around the neighborhood a lot, so we thought he would come right back, just cool off for a bit. for about 30 minutes, he wasn't
5:00 pm
back, we went to look and couldn't find him. that's when we got worried. >> reporter: this is a better look at what he looks like. he's 5'3" tall and weighs 130 pounds. he has brown eyes, brown hair and was last seen wearing a bright teal colored shirt with khakis and slippers. the truth is, a lot of teens go missing all the time, but for some reason, the alameda county police, there are circumstances that lead them to believe they need to bring out a search party and have a bigger response on this. we will have more and keep following this for you throughout the newscast. alan wong reporting live in hayward, abc 7 news. san jose police are trying to figure out what happened in hammond park this afternoon where a 16-year-old boy was stabbed and has what officers call life-threatening injuries. sky 7 hd over that park a few minutes ag


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