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tv   Good Morning America  ABC  September 20, 2014 7:00am-8:01am PDT

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good morning, america. breaking overnight, white house intruder. a man jumps the fence, tears across the lawn, and makes it inside the doors. >> right now. right now. go back. everybody into the park. >> security sent scrambling. secret service now having to answer how did that man get so far? out of hiding. the beleaguered nfl commissioner finally surfaces, promising a new plan to tackle all the off-field violence rocking the league. >> we have seen all too much of the nfl doing wrong. >> but did roger goodell really answer the big questions surrounding the scandal? and is there more to the ray rice story. closing in overnight. police intensify the search for a suspected cop killer believed to be hiding in the woods. >> shots were fired. repeating, shots were fired.
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>> what we're learning about the war reenactments that eric frein was involved in from somebody who was right there with him. and iphone fan frenzy. millions are glued to apple's newest high-tech gadget this morning. others wondering, is it worth it? is bigger better? how is that new camera? and will it really make credit cards a thing of the past? hey, good morning. we want to get straight to our top story this morning. the fence-jumper at the white house. how he made it so far, actually getting inside the doors. >> the incident caused a rare evacuation of the white house. and is now under investigation. pierre thomas has more from washington. pierre, i imagine the secret service facing some tough questions? >> reporter: good morning, paula. no one was injured. today, some members of congress
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are demanding an answer to one basic question. how could this happen? >> everybody out right now. go back. everybody into the park. >> reporter: 7:20 p.m. this man scales the fence of the white house, racing across the north lawn. >> get back, get back, get back. >> reporter: he covers 200 feet in just seconds, coming within 50 yards of a guard tower before breaking to the right. watch here as he makes his way to the driveway of the residence. veering behind this line of bushes as the secret service personnel respond. but it's too late. the man makes it to the portico door, getting inside before he's arrested. >> the idea that he could walk into the white house, that it actually was unsecure is the troubling aspect. >> reporter: secret service officials say omar gonzalez, 42, from texas, did not appear to be armed when he jumped the fence. and ho weapons were found when he was arrested. just minutes before, the president an his daughters lifted off on the other side of the building in marine one. inside, reporters were quickly evacuated. including abc news producer scott withers.
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>> the white house is being evacuated including the press corps. as we speak, we're being walked out by the secret service. >> reporter: the incident is under investigation. the secret service says a review has been launched into the response. officials telling abc news overnight that the location of the arrest is unacceptable. a law enforcement official says that the secret service was aware that the first family was not at the white house. and because the man appeared to be unarmed, they made a decision not to use lethal force. dan? >> how unusual is the fence-jumping? >> reporter: people jumping the white house fencc5sxr i can't recall someone making it that close, much less getting inside the white house. there are so many questions. why wasn't that door locked? while the man had no apparent weapons, what if he had a concealed weapon? >> of course, so many questions. pierre, thank you. paula, over to you. >> startling to say the least. now to those new ñr developments in the scandal rocking pro football. their house is a mess. and after ten days, the nfl
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commissioner finally breaks his silence. about the roster of nfl players involved in domestic violence. ryan smith is here with the details. good morning, ryan. >> reporter: good morning, paula. you're right. it had been over a week since roger goodell spoke in public, even canceling appearances. now the embattled commissioner is back, apologizing for his mistakes and planning changes in the nfl. his 45-minute press conference left critics crying foul. >> over the past several weeks, we have seen all too much of the nfl doing wrong. >> reporter: nfl commissioner roger goodell apologizing for mistakes he made during one of the worst scandals in nfl history. the reaction to his remarks, pouring in. >> we needed someone to go up there and be a leader. to give them hope that things will be done right. and that wasn't done. >> reporter: some players taking to twitter to voice their anger. indianapolis colts cornerback darius butler calling the press conference pointless. and super bowl champ sidney rice writing, boo this man. >> does anybody communicate with these guys? no, we communicate after they get in trouble. >> reporter: since the first
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domino fell. that horrific video showing ravens' star ray rice punching his then-fiance janay. one player after another, benched, amid accusations of domestic violence. another player, ray mcdonald arrested on suspicion of domestic violence remains on the field. the commissioner, silent for more than a week until now, answering question after question about what he knew and when he knew it. >> it was clear there was an act of domestic violence. but it was inconsistent with the way he described what happened. i would have loved to have seen that tape. >> reporter: overnight, another bombshell in the rice case. our sister network espn reports that the ravens had a detailed description of the elevator beating, but team officials still lobbied the nfl for leniency for rice. in a statement released overnight, the team calls the report false assumptions and perhaps misunderstandings. behind the podium, the commissioner vowing that the league must change.
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>> if our personal conduct policy needs to be changed and updated, we need to do that. >> reporter: goodell said that the league will hold education sessions for teams and owners and partner with domestic violence groups. they will develop a new player conduct policy. that he wants to have many place by the super bowl. when asked if he would resign, he said he hasn't thought about it and he's focused on his job. >> i bet he has. ryan smith, thank you very much. let's turn to abc news contributor and "usa today" columnist christine brennan. joining us from chicago. christine, good morning, thank you for joining us. you're saying this could be the biggest scandal in u.s. sports history. so how has goodell shown, thus far, that he can lead the nfl out of this mess? >> he's apologized a lot. and we have never heard a commissioner apologize more, paula. i think that's a start. but there's a lot to apologize for. this is a mess. this is, as we said, the worst scandal i think in u.s. sports history. if he's learning from this, as he said, appointing people, experts, getting them in,
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starting to do things that need to be done, not just in the nfl but throughout u.s. pro sports leagues. that's the positive. there's a lot of negative. but i would say if he can really make these changes with desic violence and in the policy and lead the way for other sports leagues, there's a chance he could survive. >> the national organization of women calling for his resignation. players not backing him. the bombshell overnight that he may have known about the ray rice assault back in february. can he survive? >> it's a great question. a week ago, i thought yes, for sure. now, i'm not so sure. i think if it is proven that roger goodell lied, that he didn't tell the truth, that there was a coverup, i think he can't survive. and i also wonder about the leadership of the baltimore ravens. if they were involved in that. i think short of that, he may well survive. he serves at the pleasure of the owners. it would have to be the owners. not a politician. the owners would have to want to get rid of him. >> thank you, christine brennan. >> thank you. >> dan? >> thanks, paula. thanks, christine. now to the new tactics and
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new dangers in the massive manhunt for a survivalist suspected of storming a pennsylvania state police barracks and opening fire, killing one trooper. people in the surrounding area now living in fear. they've been to eld ld to live inside, stay inside their homes. this morning, indications that the suspect might be more dangerous than anybody realized. linzie janis is on the ground in hawley, pennsylvania. linzie, good morning to you. >> reporter: good morning, dan. there has been intense police activity all through the night. authorities focusing their efforts on one area. evacuating homes and telling residents it is not safe. >> shots were fired. repeating, shots were fired. >> reporter: this morning, police and federal agents concentrating their search for eric frein. now the second most wanted man in the nation. throughout the night, hundreds of officers swarming the area where the 31-year-old had been living with his family. >> secure the perimeter. >> reporter: scrambling to
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reports of shots fired. >> receiving multiple calls on this. possibly in the woodlands. all saying four gunshots. >> reporter: closing off roadways and evacuating homes. other residents told to stay inside with the doors locked. >> definitely knowing there's a killer running around in the woods doesn't make you sleep easy at night. >> reporter: the self-taught survivalist eluding capture for eight straight nights, since this state police barracks was ambushed, one police officer dying in the gunfire. this man used to do reenactments with eric frein. saying the expert marksman could be more dangerous than police know. >> if he wants to kill cops, he wants them to come after him. he wants them to go into the woods. he knows enough on how to set up a trap. i think the national guard should go out there. he wants to kill cops. don't send him cops. >> reporter: for people here, an alleged cop killer on the loose means thinking of ways to protect themselves. donna dunnings doesn't have a gun. she does have a machete.
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residents arming themselves by any means necessary, until frein is caught. right now, we're told police are hunkered down still in the area near where frein's parents live. we're expecting an update later this morning. a fluid situation here. >> thank you, linzie. clearly, residents doing whatever they can to make themselves feel safe. now to what could be a very big break in the urgent search for a university of virginia student who vanished a week ago after a party. police have zeroed in on a person of interest. bazi kanani is in charlottesville with the latest. good morning, bazi. >> reporter: good morning, paula. police are still trying to piece together what happened to college sophomore hannah graham on the last night she was seen here on this downtown mall. hundreds of tips have been called in. this morning, police say they're getting closer. the investigation now centers on this apartment where police are searching for clues in the disappearance of 18-year-old hannah graham. at the apartment, police say
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they talked with a new person of interest, described as a 32-year-old black man, 270 pounds, with dreadlocks. they're looking into whether that's him wearing white, walking beside graham in this surveillance video. they say he was the last person seen with her. >> people saw hannah. people saw him. and people saw them together. if that young lady has touched your life in any way, you have the responsibility to help us find her. >> reporter: police are retracing graham's steps the night she disappeared. 9:33, seen here leaving her apartment to meet friends at a party. she's seen here at 12:46, outside an irish pub on what police call a night of heavy drinking. moments later, a cameras capture her running toward the downtown mall more than a mile away. at 1:06, walking down the mall, where police say she was last
7:12 am
seen at a bar with the man they're not yet calling a suspect. >> we believe that hannah graham may have gotten into his vehicle. a vehicle that we seized pursuant to a search warrant. >> reporter: no one has been arrested yet. and that makes students at the university of virginia nervous. >> we have all been thinking about, it could have been any of us. >> reporter: hannah graham's parents pleading with students to be vigilant this weekend and to walk with a buddy. in less than an hour, hundreds of students and residents will begin a massive search for graham, walking miles through the woods around town. she's the fourth woman to go missing in this area in the last five years. police don't believe those cases are connected. paula? dan? >> stunning to see the video of her. on surveillance cameras. we're thinking of her parents and friends this morning. thank you, bazi. a lot of other news overnight. for that, as always, we turn it over to mr. ron claiborne. good morning, sir. >> good morning, mr. dan harris. paula, sara. good morning, everyone.
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we begin with the wildfires out west, where dozens of homes are evacuated as new blazes break out in oregon. a fire erupted in a forested area about 25 miles west of portland. 30 homes have been evacuated there. that fire has charred 300 acres. and in california, the so called king fire burning out of control east of sacramento has torched more than 76,000 acres. police say that fire was intentionally set by wayne allen huntsman. on friday, huntsman pleaded not guilty to charges of arson. france conducted its first air strikes over the terrorist militants isis. destroying a will gist -- logistics depot in iraq. president obama hopes to bolster international support when he speaks at the united nations. that's happening this week. and new this morning, 49 turkish hostages captured in iraq by isis hostages three months ago have now been freed. and the rare respiratory enterovirus is spreading.
7:14 am
coast to coast. the cdc says 22 states are now reporting cases of the virus. the new states include california, new jersey, and georgia. the virus, which affects mostly children, can cause mild to severe respiratory problems. the best way to prevent the spread of the enterovirus is by frequent hand-washing and by disinfecting surfaces. and take a look at this video. a brazen smash and grab inside a packed suburban new york mall. this video showing three men entering a jewelry store on long island tuesday evening. they pulled out hammers and begin smashing the display cases. at one point, look at this. the man lifted the entire glass to get the watches. they raced out of the store, through the mall, and got away. they got away with several rolex watches. one way to get a rolex. in virginia, two people were killed after a stunt plane crashed at the international raceway in fairfax. this is footage of the world war ii single-engine plane practicing stunts moments before
7:15 am
the crash. witnesses said they saw the plane flying really low before it went down. and a woman in texas is caught on camera swiping packages, allegedly swiping packages from the front door of a home. not once, but twice. she allegedly messed with the wrong person. pastor benny holmes, fed up with having his boxes stolen for several months, set up bait boxes. waited. police say that point, laurie ferguson pulled up, the pastor packing a pistol, confronts ferguson, wrestles her to the ground. pins her to the ground. when officers arrived, they found her two grandchildren in the back of her car. despite the alleged theft, the pastor had this gift, the baseball cap with the word forgiven on it. and, finally, if you haven't made plans yet to watch derek jeter's final game next week at yankee stadium on thursday. i don't know if you have yet, dan. >> have you? >> i have not. you'll find out why in a second. you need to save up a lot of money. two tickets to the game on thursday against the orioles are being offered by stub hub.
7:16 am
$244,000 each. >> that's a house. >> that's a house. exactly. >> in some parts of the country. >> here in new york, it's a -- >> according to the site, if you want to bring a date or a friend, you can even sit together for your $244,000 each. half a million bucks. a lot of money in my neighborhood. >> is that the only way to get a ticket? there are no others? >> no, there are tickets as cheap as $200 in the nose-bleed section. if you want to go primo, it's 244,000 bucks. you better hype those book sales. >> are you going to go get the nose-bleed seats? >> no. these tickets went on sale last winter. i went on the website three minutes after they went on sale, they were gone. >> wow. >> something odd going on here. >> it will be cool to tell someone if you show up. but that's expensive. >> or the last game in boston, for only 10,000 bucks. >> it would be great if you could go and say, yeah, i spent a quarter million dollars on this ticket. hey, everybody.
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have to move on to a fresh and frightening look inside a near miss for a jet blue flight. you may have seen this video. smoke filling the cabin. now we're hearing what the pilot actually told those terrified passengers. and we're hearing from a woman on the ground. was she nearly hit by a piece of the plane? here's abc's david kerley. >> you going to be all right? >> reporter: it's a rare look inside an emergency landing. a frightening flight. >> hey, hey! >> reporter: already a loud bang and smoke in the cabin moments after this jet blue plane took off. >> ladies and gentlemen, we have had a right engine failure. i've shut down the engine. we're headed back to long beach at this time. please stay in your seats. >> reporter: plenty of smoke, oxygen masks on. babies crying. just 13 minutes after takeoff, the call goes out for the emergency landing. >> brace! >> reporter: this jetliner, with 142 on board, had just done a quick circle, crossing back on to land. below, on a beach, cindy gilbert was riding her bike and said
7:18 am
this fell from the sky. >> it was like a loud boom. >> reporter: landing just three feet from her, she thinks it's from the jetliner. >> i'm thankful it didn't hit me or anybody else. >> reporter: as she's looking at the panel. >> brace, brace! >> reporter: the jetliner is over the runway. relieved to be on the ground. but it's not over yet. the final drama. coming with an announcement from the captain. >> easy victor. easy victor. >> reporter: easy victor. that's the order to evacuate the aircraft. flight attendants deploy slides and try to get everyone off quickly. >> release seat belts. come this way. >> reporter: what a way to end a harrowing 13 minutes. documented by the very david kerley, abc news, washington. >> frightening to say the least. now to the big debut for the brand-new apple iphone 6. all across the country. long lines of people. trying to be the first to own the coveted new phones. sara is back. some folks waited for days. you didn't, right? >> no, i stayed in the warmth of my own home. if you have been anywhere near an apple store for the last few days, you have seen lines that stretch on for blocks. it would take a lot to get me to
7:19 am
wait on a line like that. is the new phone worth all the hype? this morning, apple fans finally have their hands on the company's hottest and hugest new smartphone. >> you could hide behind your phone. >> reporter: the iphone 6 and its seriously big brother, the iphone 6 plus with a massive 5.5-inch screen wowing the faithful. wow. the device worth the wait for those craving the new phone smell. >> bigger is better, i think. >> reporter: but others worried about how we're going to look carrying it. or where exactly to put the gigantic smartphone. offering us unique solutions. >> a huge pocket up top to store your massive device. >> reporter: apple's new supergadget has customers around the country in a frenzy this weekend. >> a big day for us. >> reporter: a big day with big names. these palo alto shoppers stealing a snap with apple ceo tim cook. it's not all about the size when
7:20 am
it comes to the $650 smartphone. many excited to test out new apps. like apple pay. >> it's great. because you use your fingerprint to unlock the phone and to pay. so you just tap it. >> reporter: others want to up their selfie game. capturing the moment with the freshly improved camera. >> it's so crisp. >> reporter: apple selling out of the phone within hours. but leaving us more time to play. you just got two little babies. >> kind of. >> now we get to bring them home and play with them. >> reporter: no car seat necessary. >> sara's too busy playing on her phone. almost as much anticipation for rob marciano's forecast. >> almost. almost. the bigger the screen, the better the weather apps. that's what i always say. so bring it on. look at this storm yesterday. karlstad, minnesota. a wall cloud there. tornado. a pretty shot. unfortunately, this did do some damage to a farm in the area. 1 of 2 reports of tornadoes yesterday. a threat for severe weather today. same spot. fargo to minneapolis.
7:21 am
northern missouri to parts of southern michigan, including chicago. a threat for straight-line wind there. maybe a tornado. the warmth is stacking up. the rain stacking up across parts of houston. look at this shot yesterday. over eight inches of rain in some spots. for flash flood warnings. you don't want to drive through this for sure. northern texas, the panhandle and big bend area, rainfall again today. saturated soil there. locally upwards of four inches of rainfall. hurricane polo, now a tropical storm. thank goodness. cabo kind of out of the gun here. still, tropical storm watches up for the southern tip of baja, te filled with some different-looking boat
7:22 am
>> all right. get out there and enjoy it. saturday, i'll see you at the yankee game. a quarter million bucks. no problem. >> high-rolling rob marciano. ladies and gentlemen. >> nice guy. coming up, the courtroom drama. an elite cancer doctor taking the stand against his ex-lover. also a top doctor. she's accused of attempted murder by spiking his coffee. plus, "gma" investigates a new high-tech tool for your pool. could the iswimband keep your kids safe? and the zoo debut. the two cuties getting round-the-clock attention. and it's not me. >> yes, it's always you. >> those are incredibly cute. >> they're babies. >> i think they're cheetah cubs. >> they're adorable.
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♪ it's raining men hallelujah, it's raining men every step ♪ hallelujah, our show-stopping performance this morning. who can forget those revealing performances in "magic mike "?( i heard it was a fun movie. i did not see it. >> oh, come on. >> no, honestly, i haven't. you have a chance to be an extra in a sequel. we're going to tell you how coming up. good morning, america. >> whoa, whoa, what is going on there? >> sara, pick your jaw up off the table, please. >> happy birthday. >> thank you so much. >> it was sara's birthday a couple of days ago. this is all for her. happy birthday. >> everything's for sara. also coming up this half hour, as i gracefully switch topics here, can a device turn your phone into a warning system to keep your child from drowning? this is a big story. "gma" investigating the iswimband. coming up.
7:31 am
first, the trial of a doctor at a prestigious cancer center accused of poisoning her lover's coffee. >> she listened in the courtroom as he took the stand and described how he felt after taking the first sip. and how he wound up in the emergency room. abc's ryan owens has more. >> it's just hard reliving this, because i almost died. >> reporter: renowned cancer researcher dr. george blumenschein tearfully relates the day prosecutors say his jilted lover, also a cancer doctor, poisoned him. >> she had a special colombian coffee she wanted me to try. >> reporter: the doctor sat feet away. as he told the texas jury a couple of sips left him with permanent kidney damage. >> you said you probably already had a good amount from the first cup. >> right. >> large gulps. >> a couple of large gulps, yeah. >> reporter: last year, prosecutors say gonzalez spiked his coffee with a sweet-tasting poison used in anti-freeze.
7:32 am
also a chemical commonly found in labs at houston's prestigious md anderson cancer center, where they both worked. >> i said, what's up with the coffee? it's really sweet. >> what did she say? >> she said, oh, i put splenda in it. >> reporter: prosecutors have charged gonzalez with aggravated assault and claimed she did it when blumenthal chose his long-time girlfriend over her. >> i'm in a relationship. this suspect good. if together, we could not do this. she goes, that's your problem, not mine. >> reporter: the 43-year-old has pleaded not guilty. when court resumes monday, dr. blumenschein will be back on the stand as the jury hears phone calls he secretly taped with his former lover. for "good morning america," ryan owens, abc news, houston. >> this is a fascinating case we'll continue to watch right here on "gma." let's get another look at the overnight headlines with mr. ron claiborne. i like the mister.
7:33 am
it injects a nice formality. >> i appreciate it. >> you're welcome. >> mr. harris. thank you. >> and misses. and the miss. >> all of you. >> i'm confused. >> good morning to all of you. and sara. good morning, everyone. the huge security breach at the white house. secret service agents say omar gonzalez came sprinting over the fence friday evening, covered about 200 feet in seconds, making his way to the driveway. he was arrested inside the white house doors. it all happened minutes after the president and his daughters took off from the white house on marine one helicopter. and nfl commissioner roger goodell apologizing for the mistakes he made.n:kf during one of the worst scandals in nfl history. espn reports that the baltimore ravens had a detailed description of the elevator beating in ray rice's case, butç team officials still lobbied the nfl for leniency for rice. the ravens say the accusations are false. florida state has benched heisman trophy winner jameis winston for today's game. against clemson. a big game. the quarterback was suspended
7:34 am
after making sexually offensive comments targeting women at the fsu student union. and finally, a feline finale. quite possibly the cutest thing you will ever see today. these are two cheetah babies. making their public debut. think about it. the sisters, they're now 3 weeks old. almost 3 weeks old. spending the day bonding. and playing with each other. >> that's amazing. >> they're getting round-the-clock bottle feedings. eventually, they'll be paired with a domestic dog for companionship and to help calm and relax them around the public. >> we talked about this before on the show. but cheetahs used to be domesticated. they can be friendly. they used to be domesticated by the pharaohs. >> and they're very fast. >> from our zoologist. >> that is also true. >> about 80, 90 miles an hour? >> i don't know for sure. >> almost as fast as a hurricane. >> almost as fast as a category 2 hurricane. >> that's what they call a segue. >> and they need a car named
7:35 am
after the cheetah. you have the jaguar. you need cheetah now. we have been giving a lot of love to minnesota. fall colors. the foliage in full bloom in minnesota. the sugar maples and the sumac. they're going to town in northern minnesota. the fall-like temperatures across the northeast. yesterday, record lows in burlington, vermont, 32. they're making snow at some of the ski resorts. a fall-like feel in the morning. the heat will build up. we have two more days of summer officially left. look at the temperatures, 80s from d.c. back through philadelphia. that is your weekend. the warmth continues down across the south. 86 expected in new orleans. 90 degrees in little rock. just a little bit of humidity. temperatures in florida in the 80s. this low will fester across parts of the georgia and south carolina coastline. you'll see showers there. continued hot across the pacific northwest. 92 expected in portland today. we have the fire in forest grove. that won't help.
7:36 am
75 and 78 in los angeles and san diego. a little bit cooler there. >> this weather report brought to you by target. thank you. target. >> can i say, nice hair cut. sara and i noticed. >> i lost about five pounds with it. and my father is happy. >> those are called trims. >> he didn't like the shaggy look? >> first thing when i came off, robert, get a hair cut. >> he's been saying that for years, i bet. >> dads will be dads. >> thank you, robert. >> thank you, robert. coming up here on "gma," can a device turn your phone into a warning system to keep your child from drowning? "gma" investigates the iswimband. how would you like to vacation with beyonce? count me in. your p9=n>ror fantasy travel partners all ahead in "pop news."
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♪ it can happen in an instant, really. when it does, seconds count. the moment a child slips under the water and begins to drown.
7:41 am
>> it's something every parent has nightmares about. and now, a high-tech device promises to turn your phone into a warning system at the first sign of trouble. "gma" investigates the iswimband. here's mara schiavocampo to tell us if it works. >> reporter: pool play. a favorite activity for children. some parents teaching their kids to swim. before they can even walk. but, fun in the water can also be very dangerous. drowning is the second leading cause of accidental death for children. 88% happening even when a parent is present. but now, new technology could become an important tool in pool safety. this is the iswimband. and here is how it works. your child wears it while swimming. if they're submerged for too long -- [ alarm sounding ]
7:42 am
-- your iphone lets off a piercing alarm. is the idea that time passes so quickly that it's easy not to notice that your child may be underwater? if you're barbecuing. your friends are over. >> yes. absolutely. even when people are looking at the water, checking it, it's very difficult to distinguish between a child underwater playing and a child underwater drowning. a child can drown in as little as 20 seconds. it happens that fast. >> reporter: parents can set the timer on the band from 10 to 30 seconds. though the company says the alert can be delayed a few seconds to process. >> let's put it on. >> reporter: there's also a wristband with an even shorter interval. the wristband is for a nonswimmer. like a toddler. given the higher safety risk, the alert goes off just seconds after it's submerged. [ alarm sounding ] "gma investigates" decided to give the iswimband a try. >> good, that was right on the money. >> reporter: with this aquatic
7:43 am
safety expert and life guards standing by, the swimming instructor submerges himself into the water ten times for every interval the iswimband offers. that's the 10, 20, and 30-second warnings. >> only one time we had it on the money. >> reporter: the alarm sounded in every instance. hitting the exact time once. every other time, with a three to five-second delay. >> it alerted. pretty much when it said it was. it was just a little delay. i think it could definitely help save lives. it's an added bonus. but swimming lessons and watching your children are definitely paramount. >> reporter: for "good morning america," mara schiavocampo, abc news, new york. >> now the creators of the band note, it's not a replacement for vigilant supervision. and experts say an adult should always be present when children are swimming. the band is designed as one more tool to keep kids safe. and extra security doesn't come cheap. it's $79.
7:44 am
i think i might order a couple, just for peace of mind. it's every parent's worst nightmare. it happens quickly. coming up on "good morning america," the boo-boo breakup. sara? >> well, that was a transition. >> clearly it's "pop." >> that was a sara line. did sugar bear see it coming? did she? sara? >> sugar bear's a he. >> he. [ laughter ] e and i have copd. i'm d-a-v-e and i have copd. i'm k-a-t-e and i have copd, but i don't want my breathing problems to get in the way my volunteering. that's why i asked my doctor about b-r-e-o. once-daily breo ellipta helps increase airflow from the lungs for a full 24 hours. and breo helps reduce symptom flare-ups that last several days and require oral steroids, antibiotics, or hospital stay. breo is not for asthma. breo contains a type of medicine that increases risk of death in people with asthma. it is not known if this risk is increased in copd. breo won't replace rescue inhalers for sudden copd
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♪8t8rk all right. it's time for "pop." sara haines. the birthday girl, two days ago she had a birthday. >> we're going to celebrate all week long.
7:49 am
a shot from china. i don't want to name-drop. there's also at number three, rihanna. she makes the perfect safari partner. that was one time we went to africa. oh, my gosh. a person that people would most likely or least likely to travel with was actually justin bieber. yeah. i think he parties a little hard for most of us. but i look amazing in that bikini, clearly, that is not my body. >> they don't want to get left behind like his monkey at the german airport. >> exactly. left us behind. ladies our prayers have been answered. channing tatum has just
7:50 am
announced a contest to let us be extras in the movie "magic mike xxl." take a listen. >> we want to bring people into the "magic mike" experience. get a little up close and personal. if you will. contest winners get to come to set, take pictures with me and the boys. more importantly, will get to be an extra in the audience during some of these crazy dance numbers. >> tell me more, channing. >> this whole "pop news" has been about your personal fantasies. >> he had me at up close and personal. >> i'm surprised you were listening to what he was saying. >> i wasn't. i was watching his mouth move. to enter, you have to create a video or a photo showing why you're the biggest "magic mike" fan. i don't even want to imagine what those submissions will be. ? you should submit something. you should make a video today. we'll show it tomorrow on "pop news." it will be your submission. >> i don't trust you with your video camera. and finally, it was love at first sniff for hudson and chelsea. check them out on their big day. the owners are professional
7:51 am
wedding photographers. they say, like most crazy ideas, this one was borne over a bottle of wine. we all know that feeling. an entire team of dog lovers then got behind the idea. an actual wedding planner, baker, florist. the result is one of the most adorable weddings ever. >> i love watching them eat the cake. >> and the first kiss involves peanut butter on each other's noses. we might do that at our wedding. i'm sure to kiss if there's peanut butter involved. >> how many weeks away are we from your wedding? >> it's like 60 days, like two months. >> not that she's counting. >> i have an app on my phone. >> all right. we'll be right back with more "gma." maybe a cake of our own. maybe. >> yum. >> are you going to eat it like the dog did? >> no hands. >> no hands.
7:52 am
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♪ at kaiser permanente, everything you need is under one roof. another way care and coverage together makes life easier. okay, a little easier. become a member of kaiser permanente. because together, we thrive. ♪ as mentioned, it was sara haines' birthday, 25, we believe. she was 25. >> 23. >> she was 22 earlier. >> two days ago.
7:56 am
right? am i right about that? >> she's blushing. >> i love my birthday. it was thursday. >> we all love sara. >> we all love sara. and the cake is vegan. and it's -- >> it's good. it's really good. dan, come on. don't be so picky. we'll see you tomorrow. >> it grows on you. good morning. i'm tiffany wilson. today is national cleanup day. san francisco is calling for volunteers to help beautify the southeastern shoreline. events are being held throughout the area. they collected more than 17 pounds of debris just from cleaning up oakland. some of the areas to be cleaned up today include india basin
7:57 am
park and along cargo way. also happening today you can make a difference by participating in san francisco's zero prostate cancer run/walk. starting at 9:30 this morning you can take part in a 5k run/walk and the superhero dash for dads. all the money raised goes to ending prostate cancer, a disease that affects one in seven american men. and happening today the waters off treasure island will be filled with some different looking boats, part of the international dragon boat festival mark iing the 19th straight year kaiser will be hosting the event. organizers stress this is a free family friendly event. the races and festival will be held today and tomorrow. and now hear's lisa with a look at the weather. very colorful on the water. we're lacking the color with our gray conditions on our camera. temperatures are mild. we have delays at sfo of over 40
7:58 am
minutes. 64 in san carlos. cloudy for you. morgan hill at 60. and look at the marine layer here in the distance. sunny in the east bay. 63 novato. still the clouds lingner san jose. high pressure meaning sunshine on the way. we'll have the details with some rain coming up in the next hour with your full weather forecast. tiffany? >> lisa, thank you. what family members say might have caused her to leave home. also, abandoned and left for dead. the pack of dogs recovering after being trapped inside a home. abc 7 news at 8:00 is next.
7:59 am
8:00 am
this is abc 7 news. good morning. i'm tiffany wilson. let's start with a look at the weather. here is meteorologist lisa argen. >> hi there, tiffany. live doppler 7 hd. he do have fog off the coast and looking at that marine layer to burn back to the shoreline but still gray in san jose. temperatures this morning pretty mild in the 60s from the peninsula down to the south bay. 61 in the city. and another vanitiage point that marine layer over about 1,300 feet deep. we will look for more sunshine but hazy conditions even up in napa today due to the smoke drifting into our east bay valleys and eventually through


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