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tv   ABC7 News 900AM  ABC  September 28, 2014 9:00am-10:01am PDT

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>> this is abc7 news. >> good morning, everyone. i'm carolyn tyler. thanks for joining us on this sunday, september 28th. let's start with a quick look at the weather with our meteorologist lisa argen. >> hi there, carolyn. good morning to you. live doppler 7hd still showing activity in the northern and southern sierra. thunderstorms around fresno and the wrap around cloud cover and moisture still allowing for showers. in fact, high television snow there. it will influence our weather. you see the cloud cover here. a mixture of low clouds and high clouds. low 60s san carlos, 61 morgan hill and the plans throughout the rest of the day, maybe coastal mist and drizzle. santa cruz mountain an isolated
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shower. overall partly cloudy and 60s and 70s today. >> we begin with developing news out of alameda where authorities have arrested two people in connection with eight suspicious fires that began around 1:00 this morning. this three alarm fired started just after 4:00 this morning in the 1600 block of park street. authorities say it started in a car, then spread to a building, affecting five businesses. crews from several agencies were called in to help battle the flames. that fire follows two residential fires that broke out earlier in the morning. one happened around 1:30 on regent street and another involving a car occurred in the 2200 block of san antonio avenue. >> huge flames. the windows and the side blew and fire was gushing out of the window openings and fire was coming out of the roof. a really huge fire.
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big flames. red! really re, intense flames. >> authorities say of the 8 fires this morning, three involved structures, others involved cars, trash cans and dumpsters. again, two suspects arrested. developing news, san francisco police say they were used flash grenades after a man threatened to kill himself following a dui start. it happened around midnight between clement street and gary boulevard. he pulled over a man armed with a knife. he cut himself and threatened suicide. the man has been hospitalized. >> police have found 16 squatters in a san francisco building. it took more a buildings owner a month to learn they were even
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there. list am has more. >> reporter: sixteen squatters living illegally in this six unit building were forced out by police. >> i haven't seen anything this big, only because most buildings of this size aren't left vacant for this long. >> one officer called it a well-organized squatting operation. the three story building stood empty for six months while the new owner figured out what type of renovations to do. but word spread quickly and unattended, unguarded building was up for grabs. >> it was a good place to go. fix the place up, put on a name and see how it went. you know, because that's what we understood to be the legal means of going about it. >> in other words, the squatters had a plan. to stay here long-term. we got permission to go inside. we found drug paraphernalia, bikes, power tools, high end electronics. police think most of it is stolen. the units had power and running water and it's all been for
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free. the owner's agent did not want to talk on camera, but think the squatters started moving in september 1st. but still several who came in and out of here thought something was fishy. that's why this woman only stayed for a few days. >> i would much rather be outside than inside illegally. >> they allowed most people to take out some of their belongings and there was only one arrest for an unrelated warrant. the property owner is choosing not to file trespassing charges. in san francisco, lisa amin gulezian, abc7 news. >> police are investigating a fatal accident in sonoma county overnight. it happened on highway 121 between ramal and napa roads around 10:30 last night. investigators say it appears one car crossed the double yellow line, slamming into a second vehicle head on. one of the drivers died at the scene. the driver and passenger in the other car were taken to the hospital with major injuries.
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all lanes of highway 121 were shut down while police investigated. they are looking to see if alcohol was a factor. it appears the effort by a group of pro-palestinian protesters to block an isreali-owned ship from unloading cargo from a ship in the port of oakland was successful. here's video of the ship moving away from the port around midnight. a union spokesperson said dockworkers did not unload cargo from the ship yesterday because of safety concerns. protesters blocked workers from driving into the terminal yesterday. the protesters were demonstrating in response to recent israeli military action in the gaza strip. san jose police are on the lookout for a gunman after a deadly shooting. it happened just before 9:30 last night. police arrived to find one person shot at least once. that person died at the scene. it is the 29th homicide of the year in san jose.
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in the social media landscape it's facebook, twitter, instagram and now something called ello. over the last few weeks this upstart platform has been growing fast and billed itself as the anti-facebook. sergio quintana has the story. >> ian is one of the lucky ones that's been invited to join it. he covers social media for c-net. >> people who find facebook to be too cluttered and complex, they don't like it for whatever reason, this is the place they can go. >> he gave us a short tour through the bare-bones social media site. it looks like a little bit instagram and a touch of pinterest. i talked to the ceo and he said they were getting about 35,000 sign-ups per hour. which is pretty big, but not close to the over a bill of facebook. >> he said it was designed to be
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stripped-down and simple. it has a manifesto about being using third parties. some of the interests is being boosted by the recent brush up of facebook and drag queen over identity. >> i have tons of people asking me if i would like an invite to ello. it seems to have come out of nowhere, it's amazing. >> they have been leading the campaign against the facebook policy that forces you to list your real name and profiles. but she has not signed up for ello yet. i know facebook is a great ally of the lgbt community and they have a problem that's discriminatory and they need address it and i need them to get the problem out. >> ello may become a smaller alternative site, but becoming a replacement is much harder. >> taking on a multibillion-dollar company is hard. it's smart of ello to say we're not trying to do that. we are trying to offer you more
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privacy and we will never show you an ad. a couple days ago the creators had to temporarily freeze all invites to the site because they were getting overwhelmed by so many new users wanting to join. as for facebook, they will be hosting the lgbt community a second time to identify their policy. or to address their identity policy. abc7 news. >> firefighters make significant progress battling the fire east of sacramento, and a new concern emerges. the fire has burned more than 97,000 acres. it is an area larger than the city of san jose. but they are starting to get a handle on it. it is now 87% contained. evacuation orders for two communities have been downgraded. 300 structures remain threatened, which is down from 3,000. -- or from 12,000. the u.s. forest service is now worried about ash and mud
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polluting the streams and rivers after the rain. >> if the water quality is compromised, the cost of cleaning it, the threat of contaminants in the water is a big concern. >> to prevent ash from getting into the water, crews will spread straw on the ground. the u.s. forest service expect it will take years, even decades to restore the fire-ravaged land. there is snow in tahoe! this is the view yesterday from heavenly mountain resort, courtesy lake tahoe tv. the resort reports 3 inches of snow fell early yesterday morning. they could see additional snow today. so w. o-hoo, lisa argen? >> i agree with that. back home we have cloud cover in san francisco that extends inland. and from our exploratorium camera it's mild in the 60s
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but elsewhere we will hold on to some of the clouds. maybe a few sprinkles. but we have a big warmup on the way as we welcome october. that's all coming up next. >> thank you, lisa. also ahead, frustration and despair remains for earthquake victims in napa a look at how far they have come and the long road to recovery still ahead. and michael finney with a high-tech solution to keep your life in order in a disaster.
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>> welcome back, everyone. it's 9:14 on this sunday morning. this is a live look from the santa clara city traffic cam from great american parkway and tazmin drive. we are showing you this because there's a game today from eli stadium. don't you know? it's the 49ers taking on the eagles at 1:25. if you plan to tailgate, now would be a good time fog. traffic seems to be running very smoothly. rescuers in japan has found more than 30 unconscious bodies near the peak of the
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senator barbara boxer toured napa valley yesterday. senator barbara boxer toured quake-damaged napa yesterday. she wanted to take a look at the damage and work to help residents put their lives back together. cornell barnard has the details. >> barbara boxer got a private eye-opening tour of napa, more than a month after the quake. >> it's so strange to be on the street and see the beauty of the napa streets and all of a sudden there's other home that's yellow tagged or red tagged. >> but the downtown looks-like a construction zone. historic buildings that crumbled during the quake are surrounded by tarps and fences. many businesses have reopened but not all. this hotel, virtually brand new, remains closed for repairs. boxer is promising fema assistance.
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>> people get very hopeless if they don't see help forthcoming. we know this private assistance is so important. it will provide grants up to $32,000 to help people repair their homes. >> i really need some help and i need some help now, not tomorrow. >> but many homeowners like kristina jamison are still struggling. her 1889 victoria was red tagged after the foundation collapsed during the quake. she doesn't have money for repairs. the bank turned her down for a loan. >> i wake up every morning crying. i can't sleep. >> the stage is being set for napa rocks, a concert to raise money for the quake victims. promoters say napa needs help. >> a lot of people don't realize how many people are struggling, how many businesses are struggling. there are 16 businesses alone that are still closed down in napa. >> business and homeowners who are trying to rebuild and determined to make it happen.
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in napa, cornell barnard, abc7 news. >> when a disaster like that hits it's important to know where you have all your important insurance information. here is michael finney with the latest on document retrieval. >> when an earthquake fits, first there's a scramble to save lives, then there's a scramble for insurance paperwork. often homeowners in a disaster have only one set of papers, and that is trapped inside a home that's no longer safe to enter. >> the reason the earthquake in napa has shown us, people need to have access to their documents in more than one place. >> done hamilton is with fema and said it's important to have access to all of your documents. >> we recommend you scan them, put them on a drive and have a copy outside of the region you live in. >> wonderful advice.
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and people do know about their paperwork. even if they don't have their hands on it at the moment. >> do you know where your paperwork is? >> i don't know where it is. >> why not? >> my mom has it somewhere. >> and making it easier to keep track of insurance paperwork are apps from the insurance companies themselves. >> if i go to geico i can pay my bill. here a digital insurance id card. >> the liberty mutual app takes care of the "what do i do now" when you are in an accident. >> insurance companies are competing for customers with their apps. this one is from state farm. >> you can pay your bills online, you canophilia claim, you can deposit a check to state farm bank and you can look at your home policies and see your mutual funds, life insurance policy and health policies. >> that's mary spell manfro. >> most people don't know where their insurance card is and that's the first question we ask. >> and with a claim it walks you through the process.
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>> apartment is fantastic. one, because you don't have to search for everything. everything is in one central location. and in case you forget to ask a question, something you might need later, it automatically asks you for it. >> she's a state farm client. >> i put in one place and i do everything on my phone anyway. so just keeps it all together for me. even when i am in the car i don't have to look for my insurance paperwork. >> check with your insurance paperwork to see what they offer for free. to see any of our reports go to and click on the collection stat. select "7 on your side." that's where you can contact me about any consumer problems you may be having. i'm michael finney, 7 on your side. we are heading into a new month with the same old, same old weather, or are there some variations? >> there are definitely some variations. september looks like this, october will look like that. >> okay. you are the meteorologist. >> really distinctive as we head into october 1st wednesday.
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that's when high pressure takes control of our weather. but today it's about low pressure continues to linger in the sierra nevada. we have shower and thunderstorms from fresno and the san joaquin valley. this is influencing not only the bay area weather but southern california, as well. it's a stalled out area of low pressure and it's bringing more showers to lake tahoe and high-elevation snow above 8,000 feet. maybe an additional inch or so. but the rain, maybe a quarter inch. but cumulus buildup. and on the back side, that wrap around moisture, bringing not only the cloud cover to our area, but maybe an isolated shower. the santa cruz mountains and diablo range. right now it's about the mild 60s. 63 half moon bay, 62 partly cloudy san jose. oakland has been at 63. with all the moisture in place, it's a little muggy out there. mt. tam, the son of bob, and cooler numbers from petaluma upper 50s. 61 live more. good morning concord. a cooler day for you today.
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partly cloudy here in san jose. we will hold on to the cloud cover throughout the afternoon. allowing for temperatures to range from the 60s and 70s, maybe an 80 up toward the delta, but the warming trend takes us to about wednesday and then the winds will pick up, the relative humidity decreases and that means high fire danger and temperatures could approach 80 degrees on the coast by thursday and friday. today it is all about the low and the remnant moisture and just sitting here. eventually it slides out tonight. but not in time to give us a totally cloud-free day. in fact we are going to have the clouds today. but with the ridge building in, it gets closer to us and it's all about that wind shift by wednesday. here is a look at highs today underneath partly cloudy conditions in the south bay. low 70s milpitas. afternoon highs should be in the 80-degree range for san jose. how about 75 today. 72 santa cruz. low to mid-70s from milbrae
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and redwood city. on the coast mid-and upper 60s. a little mist and drizzle here. perhaps a high of 70 downtown. in the north bay, mid-to upper 60s at stinson beach. near 70s oakland. this afternoon 73 should be your high in union city. inland upper 70s. fairfield should see some extra sun and perhaps 80 degrees. if you are heading to fog fest today in pacifica, it will be cooler and cloudier than yesterday, but still a great event. check it out. accuweather seven-day forecast shows the temperatures may come up with little bit but more sunshine tomorrow and tuesday. then by wednesday we are warming up. but thursday, friday, saturday, yes, we would expect this in october around here. so we will let you know how warm it's going to be in your community. we will keep track of bay area weather on twitter at live doppler weather hd. >> what do i say about myself? chocolate milk. i don't like to eat.
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thanks, lisa. up next, the south bay woman is recognized nationally for her efforts helping track down an arsonist.
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another way care and coverage together makes life easier. okay, a little easier. become a member of kaiser permanente. because together, we thrive. ♪ >> hanged to sunday streets returns to san francisco. it's mission street between avalon and geneva avenue today.
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with the streets closed to traffic you can explore the neighborhood, walk, skate, ride bicycles. there will be games and live music. sunday streets runs from 11:00 this morning until 4:00 this afternoon. a san jose woman who helped track down a serial arsonist is in the running for a special honor. dee is one of the 11 finalists for the national good neighbor award. this january when an arsonist terrorized san jose by setting 13 homes on fire, she helped set up a neighborhood watch that included gathering information and scheduling shifts. >> it just felt right to give a shout out on "next door" and say, hey, this is the time it get to know your neighbor and to form a bond. it was the key to our safety. >> authorities say her efforts may have helped stop more fires. a neighbor eventually got video of the suspect, which led to an arrest. the winner will be named today, which is national good neighbor
9:27 am
day. much more ahead on the abc7 sunday morning news. developing news in ferguson, missouri where two police officers have been fired on in separate shootings, with one of them hit. and new details about george clooney's intimate wedding ceremony in venice.
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a broader mix of energies, world needs to move, to keep warm, to make clay piggies. that's why we are supplying natural gas, to generate cleaner electricity, that has around 50% fewer co2 emissions than coal. let's broaden the world's energy mix, let's go.
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>> welcome pack, everyone. we are starting this half-hour with a look at the weather with our meteorologist lisa argen. >> hi, carolyn. high pressure is centered over
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the san joaquin valley. it's been showers and thunderstorms here, scattered showers in the mountains and some high-elevation snow. more is falling in the san joaquin valley than the northern sierra. but it will be wrapping up today. from vollmer peak, fog and partly sunny conditions. >> 61 morgan hill. fog still in santa cruz. the forecasted to calls for temperatures in the 60s at the coast. about 70 san francisco. mid-70s partly cloudy san jose and low 70s with some clouds around in oakland. carolyn. >> lisa, thank you. there is developing news in ferguson, missouri. police are investigating after an officer was shot. last night the officer was checking out a community center after dispatch received a call. someone opened fire, shooting him in the arm. he is expected to be okay. the suspect is still at large. and early this morning an off-duty st. louis officer was
9:31 am
shot while driving his car. he was not hit but sustained minor injuries from broken glass. as you know, there's tension between ferguson police and the community since an officer killed unarmed teenager michael brown in early august. >> march celebrities were among many of the guests going in last night to restroom robin williams at san francisco's current theater. stars including whoopi goldberg, danny and governor jerry brown and congresswoman nancy pelosi. there was a musical performance by stevie wonder. robin's daughter helped organize nice the event. he committed suicide last month in his home. george clooney is now a married man. as you can imagine, it was quite the affair. venice, italy and a-list
9:32 am
celebrities arriving by boat to wish the couple well. we have all the details. >> he's officially off the market. george clooney and amal alamuddin are married. the love birds saying i do in an speak matt ceremony at the 7-star hotel. looking dashing in an armani tux. and on arrival he's rubbing his hands in excitement. and blushing before meeting his bride at the altar. >> a very private ceremony. details still coming in. the bride was wearing alexander mcqueen. and we do know there were pink and white flowers taken into the hotel. >> black ties and gorgeous gown, an elaborate reception. emily. and harvey. and bill murray, and they were
9:33 am
among the glamorous pack. just prior to the star-studded extravaganza, george looking pressure faced. the best man and his wife. clearly the two-time sexiest man alive winner and bachelor announced to never take vows again. this marks the second marriage. and the first for the now mrs. george clooney. >> as they marry one by one, they had rib him about the fact he was still a bachelor. when amall came along, they could see this was true love and they were so happy together. >> now to the first photos of bill and hillary clinton and with daughter with their new baby girl, charlotte. they are beaming overnight hours the title grandma and grandpa.
9:34 am
we have the latest from manhattan. >> you are looking at the first pictures of charlotte clinton mezvinski. the new mom tweeting out on september 267th, we finally met charlotte. we are in love. former secretary of state hillary clinton and former president bill clinton gushing at their new role as grandparents. tweeting we are over the moon to be grandparents, one. happiest moments of our life. and charlotte, her grandmother and hillary clinton and i couldn't be happier. and the couple telling people in a statement, chelsea is healthy and glowing. we are getting new details on the birth this morning. chelsea delivering at the hospital in new york city. a go-to for high-profile mammas like beyonce. the family has been looking forward to this new journey for
9:35 am
some time. he was telling george he has high hopes for his new heir. >> i want him to really love being alive, and when they grow up i want to believe they have certain obligation toss people who don't have all the opportunities we have. >> some wonder how being a grandma will change hillary clinton, if that's what the baby will call her. >> will you have a name? >> no, i will wait. i want it to develop organically. i have talked to a lot of my friends who have preceded me into my grandmother and some said i knew exactly what i wanted to be called and i had a hard time convincing the baby to call me that because he or she wanted to call me something else so i will see how it develops. but i could not be happier. this is something i looked forward to for a long time. >> and while they waited for hillary's decision if she will run for president, a more important duty calls for now,
9:36 am
diaper duty. ay news, new york. >> a lifeline to the east bay hospital. governor jerry brown signing a bill giving $3 million to financially strapped doctor's medical center in san pablo. it will provide emergency bridge money while long-term funding is pursued. doctor's medical center has been in danger of closing for weeks. the hospital was placed on die version status in august, allowing patients to be rerouted to other hospitals further away. still ahead on the sunday morning news, the racial disparities of breast cancer. less frequent, but more deadly among african americans. the race for a cure and how you can help this morning. and here's a live look from our san jose cam in that city. it will be a high of 75 degrees today. lisa argen says you can expect
9:37 am
that. we will have her forecast in just a few.
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>> welcome back, everyone. 9:39 on this sunday morning. any day is a good day to head to the beach. this is a live look from our santa cruz cam. expect low 70s, partly sunny there today. lisa argen along shortly with a full accuweather forecast. >> happening today, oracle's annual open world conference kicks off in san francisco. tens of thousands of attendees are expected to flood moscone
9:40 am
center for the five-day tech conference, which is expected to generate some $120 million in revenue for the bay area. oracle executive chairman larry ellison will deliver the keynote address. you may know he recently stepped down at ceo. the oracle open world conference runs through october 2nd. those attendees will find some warm weather, lisa. >> yes, when october finally gets here. still a couple days of september to deal with and that will bring a slightly cooler day today. here's a look at sfo where delays continue. 34 minutes. 66 degrees and partly sunny conditions. we will talk about more of 60s and 70s before the warmup gets here. that's straight ahead. >> thank you, lisa. the a's with another opportunity to clinch a wildcard. all they had to do is beat the rangers. could they get it done? mike shumann has the answer and the highlights coming up in sports.
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iwith something terrible to admit. i treated thousands of patients, risked their lives, while high on prescription drugs. i was an addict. i'm recovered now, but an estimated 500,000 medical professionals are still out there, abusing drugs or alcohol. police, airline pilots, bus drivers... they're randomly tested for drugs and alcohol... but not us doctors. you can change that: vote yes on proposition 46. your lives are in our hands.
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>> good morning and welcome back. it's 9:43 on this sunday morning. thanks for joining us for the abc7 sunday morning news. here's a live look from our mt. tam cam. heading into the month of october with a warm weather forecast. all the facts and figures with lisa argen very shortly. happening now, thousands of runners are crowding san francisco's embarcadero to help fight breast cancer.
9:44 am
we have a live look from our roof cam on the other side of the ferry building. runners and walkers are compete in the annual susan b. komen foundation race for the cure. some of the money raised this year will focus on providing more research to test african-american women. here's abc7 news anchor cheryl jennings with the details. >> i love the people i work with. >> ucf researcher, rina, is fighting breast cancer by tapping the spirit of the bay area's african-american communities. >> it's other disproportionate portion of breast cancer borne by african-american women. while they get less breast cancer than white women, they are actually much more likely to die from breast cancer once diagnosed. >> with nearly a million dollars in grant money from the susan g. koman foundation, the doctor is studying ways to attack that disparity.
9:45 am
she said genetic factors can lead some african-american women vulnerable to a form of the disease known as hereditary breast cancer. one of her goals is to identify families who are particularly at risk so they can receive genetic screening. >> there are preventive treatments that can be given so that these women or children, their grandchildren can avoid getting breast cancer. >> the doctor is working to spread that message through a program called the ucsf abundant life ministry. the group educates pastors and other volunteers in predominantly african-american churches to spread the word about breast cancer risks in their community and the need to receive the appropriate screenings. >> to hear this message from them has much more credibility than virtually any other source. >> the grant money is raised almost entirely by the annual
9:46 am
susan g. komen race for the cure event staged across the country. three quarters of the money stays in the communities that host the event, creating a local war chest that can be spent in the fight against cancer. cheryl jennings, abc7 news. >> for information on how to donate we have a link at this year, lisa, the runners need to be hydrated because it's a little bit warm out there. >> that's right. the south wind allowing for the muggy conditions this morning. plenty of 60s out there. a couple 50s in the north bay. but we are holding on to an area of low pressure in the sierra nevada that will continue to wrap some clouds around and maybe some showers around the santa cruz mountains, mt. hamilton and mt. diablo. here's a look at abc7 hd. we've some lightning in places. the showers up in south lake the last hour or so. you see from reno through susanville," we are looking at
9:47 am
rain and then maybe an inch of the wet snow above 8,000 feet. so it's been a bonus. we've been enjoying it, but we are still look at the cloud cover, the fog from our east bay hills camera vollmer peak. with that temperatures will be held down a little today. 63 oakland and 62 san jose. good morning, morgan hill. low 60s right now. and partly cloudy skies here in san jose with about 63 up in napa. the temperatures are lagging behind with about four mile visibility santa rosa. 57 in petaluma and 61 in livermore. finally from mt. tam you see the higher clouds here and the low clouds. all making for a nice start to your sunday with partly cloudy skies and more clouds ending the weekend will allow for maybe a nice sunset tonight. it will be before 7:00. the warming trend, and by about late tuesday the winds kick up and by wednesday high pressure is building and, in fact, we will see 80s perhaps on the
9:48 am
coast by thursday and friday. so low pressure, here it is. you can see the wrap around moisture pin wheeling around this low. as it sits here, we can see a few isolated showers around mt. diablo, perhaps mt. hamilton. that will bring showers into san jose, as well. not a lot of change through tuesday. but by wednesday here's the high. it's going to be just about on top of us by thursday. it's going to take some time. when it gets here, everyone warms up. in fact, we will see a return to 70s in the sierra nevada. but it's all about the shower activity and low 50s. 47 now. we had some rain last hour. 53 in the northern sierra. 55 southern sierra and maybe a thunderstorm there. but otherwise you will notice the clouds into sacramento and monterey. even the mountains of los angeles will see the cloud cover and cooler than average temperatures today. 74 in palo alto and 77 up in vallejo. san francisco around average at 70. upper 60s here along the coast
9:49 am
and mid-60s from ocean beach. in santa clara today look for low 60s. nice afternoon here. partly cloudy and the san francisco giants again today at at&t park with numbers in the mid-and upper 60s. the accuweather seven-day forecast with the temperatures held down today. we've got some partly cloudy sky. tomorrow a little sunnier and warmer through tuesday. then by wednesday mid-80s inland, 80 around the bay. that sounds perfect but we won't stop there. we will increase the sunshine and the wind. that will bring low relative humidity and nor nationally high fire danger with very warm temperatures throughout the end of the week. >> i don't mind the heat so much, about but when it gets muggy like that. >> it has been muggy. that will dry out too. with the offshore flow. >> thanks, lisa. let's check out sports.
9:50 am
a big day on the gridiron for bay area teams today. the rangers are playing the miami dolphins. they are all the way in london. kickoff 10:00 a.m. our time from wimbley stadium. and the 49ers host the 3-0 philadelphia eagles. that's at levi's stadium. that game starts at 1:25. the he's were awakened which a fire alarm around 2 could 30 this morning at their team hotel. the linebacker tweeted which cool, cool niners fan pulled the fire alarm at our hotel? this morning cal fans are celebrating the bears exciting double overtime victory over colorado yesterday. here's mike shumann with the highlights in this morning's sports. >> good morning. well, cal head coach sunny dyke is in his second year with the bears but he's yet to win a game against a pac-12 opponent. colorado was in town. they hold off the buffalos and it took two overtimes. and mike mcentire, now the head-man in colorado. the quarterback, 7 td passes. three in the first pass.
9:51 am
21-7 colorado. second quarter bears answer. three guys in front. somehow avoids them. goes 92 yards. longest pass play in cal history. the bears were down 28-14 at the half. start of the third quarter. mohamed finds the gap. 10 yards. tie game at 28. this is like fast-break basketball. now tied at 42. finds chris harper. his sixth td pass of the day. ends with a career high 7. great throw, great catch. game goes to ot. tied at 39. and double overtime. james lines up for the 34-yard field goal. good. sunny's first win over a pac-12 opponent. former stanford great on the cardinal sideline against the huskies. second quarter. he finds ty montgomery. he will do the rest. he's a player. 17-yard touchdown. 10-0, stanford. huskies respond. perfect place on this pass.
9:52 am
25-yard strike. they miss the two-point conversion. 10-6, cardinals. strange play here. just over two minutes to go in the first half. third and one. jack thompson, he rips it away. 32 yards for the score. they reviewed it. it's good. 1-all at halftime. and in the fourth. kevin hogan does it himself. goes right, pump fake, five yard touchdown. cardinals go on to win. 20-13. stanford now 3-1. the a's season coming down to game 162. the magic number for the postseason is one and it's coming down to the final game of the season. after an injury scare friday night, donaldson adding to the first pitch. crushed. he deep to left. his 29th of the year. a's on the board 1-0. didn't last long. bottom of the first. the single to right. elvis andrews testing josh reddick. not a good idea normally. slides in, beats the tag and the game tied at one. now the fourth. the fastball.
9:53 am
3-1, texas. in the seventh, samardzija again. robinson. two-run shot to left. 5-2, rangers. lowry singles to right. the ranger lead down to one. last chance in the eighth. coco crisp on first. jonny gomes strikes out and the a's lose 5-4. a giants and padres. a beautiful day for a flotilla in mccovey cove. g-men jump on them in the first. brandon belt. johnson into the right field corner. rbi double, scores. padres tie it up in the fifth. skies one to center. he trotz home on the sac fly. randy crawford breaks the tie in the eighth. bases loaded. 2-rbi blooper. 3-1, giants. they will win by that score remember they will face either the cardinals or pirates in the game on wednesday. that's the way the ball bounces. i'm mike shumann. see you again tonight at 5:00. have great day. >> up next, why today is a free day to explore the exploratorium.
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>> here are the winning numbers from last night's $40 million power ball draw. . >> no one picked all six so wednesday's jackpot grows to $50 million. you don't need any money to visit the san francisco
9:57 am
exploratorium today. it is agreement eats all part of engineering day. a collaboration between a company and the society of hispanic professional engineers. families can stop by and explore and celebrate the contributions of engineering by checking out exhibits, crash testing pinatás, or building small electric motors. the free day runs from 10:00 a.m. to 5:00 at the exploratorium on pier15. abc7 is the proud official tv partner of the exploratorium. a great day to get out and do anything today. a final check of the accuweather forecast. quickly. >> we have clouds around. you see them here from our exploratorium camera. temperatures in the 60s. there's some fog and high clouds are moving in from an area of low pressure that has yet to move out of town. that's going to give us partly cloudy today with 78 in concord. 72 in oakland. san francisco upper 60s to near 70.
9:58 am
we warm up a bit with sunnier skies tomorrow and tuesday but the real warmup comes midweek as high pressure builds in bringing us an offshore flow and temperatures well above average. near 80 at the coast and mid-90s inland thursday and friday. >> heating up. thank you, lisa. that will do it for us. thank you for joining us on the abc7 sunday morning news. i'm carolyn tyler, along with lisa argen. the news continues now online, on twitter, facebook, all your mobile device was
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headlines." we have a special round table today in recognition of national hispanic heritage month which runs from september 15th to october 15th. it celebrates the history the cultures and


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