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tv   America This Morning  ABC  December 1, 2014 4:00am-4:31am PST

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making news in america this morning -- ferguson fallout. the police officer cleared of charges now resigning from the force. why he decided to step down. also football players making an on-the-field protest that is sparking a new controversy. we're live with the details. cars trapped and miles of highway closed following a massive rockslide. this morning, people preparing for the worst as more rain is expected. caught on camera. a high-speed crash on the racetrack. how anyone was able to walk away from this. he did good for an old geezer. it's nice, it's good. >> and interview interrupted. post game words of wisdom and a slap on the backside for a star nba player.
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good monday morning to you all. i'm t.j. holmes. >> and i'm tai hernandez. the fallout in ferguson will be the main focus at the white house today. >> president obama holding high-level talks following the grand jury's decision not the indict the officer who shot and killed michael brown. >> and now the nfl has been thrust into the controversy this morning. st. louis police demanding that nfl players reprimanded. >> they vaughn austin and kenny britt acknowledge the situation in ferguson. >> reporter: the statement from the st. louis rams was clear last night as they took the field with their hands up in the air in pro test. protests continue a week after the grand jury decided not to indict officer darren wilson in the shooting death of michael brown. >> what do you want? >> all: justice! >> when do you want it? >> all: now.
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>> reporter: all this after wilson announced over the weekend he's resigning from the ferguson police force. in a letter to the department, he wrote -- i have been told that my continued employment may put the residents and police officers of ferguson at risk. ferguson's mayor says there was no direct threat to wilson but called his resignation a step in the right direction. it was a job wilson told abc's george stephanopoulos he loved but thought it would be impossible for him to keep. >> do you really think it's possible? i mean, do you think they would accept me? do you think it would be safe for me? >> reporter: he said he hoped his resignation would allow the community to heal. but many argue it's simply not enough. >> i think there are many more resignations to happen in order for this community to begin healing. >> reporter: here in washington, president obama will hold a series of high-level meetings at the white house today on ferguson. at the top of the agenda? how to build trust between the police and the communities they serve. t.j. and tai? >> abc's mary bruce live in washington. thank you. a surprise for people in arizona. people reported feeling what turned out to be a 4.7 magnitude earthquake.
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it was centered seven miles north of sedona and several miles underground. plenty of people may have felt it. no reports of injuries or damage. heavy rain in california has triggered mudslides and rockslides. nearly ten miles of the pacific coast highway is closed after a rockslide that stranded two cars. neighborhoods at the foot of mountains that are scarred by fires are preparing for mudslides. people. >> reporter: provi >> people were given sandbags if their homes were at risk. >> even though we're as prepared as you -- one can be prepared, we still feel there's a possibility we might lose our home. >> a second round of heavy rain arrives tomorrow. a mixed blessing for california, which is suffering a very serious drought. the state has gone through its driest three years on record. chicago's midway airport was especially crowded yesterday, the busiest day of the year for flying. the lines snaked along the corridors and out into the parking lot.
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as you're seeing some of the video here. one traveler measured it at 1.2 miles long. the trouble started with a shortage of tsa officers. snowballed from there. across the country, 182 flights were cancelled yesterday. 2600 were delayed. jfk airport had extra to deal with. somebody e-mailed a bomb threat about an incoming flight. more than 200 passengers and crew were on board the american airlines flight from barcelona. the plane was allowed to land. it taxied away from the terminals. passengers could see emergency vehicles outside the windows. >> keep our baggage still and stay seated and not to move. >> it got alarming when you saw the men in the bomb disposal outfits. they were all dressed in silver. it was actually kind of like out of a space movie. >> the passengers say the evacuation was calm. they were allowed to take their carry on items. no explosives were found on that plane. the search for a missing
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ohio state university football player has ended with the discovery of his body. kosta karageorge disappeared last wednesday. he vanished after levering his mother a text message about the concussions he suffered. he apparently killed himself. his gun was found in a dumpster nearly a block from his apartment. shane montgomery disappeared early thanksgiving morning. investigators are poring over surveillance tape from a neighborhood. an historic visit to turkey for the pope. he met with a group of young refugees who have fled syria, iraq, and other conflict zones. he called for the end of per cushion by isis militants. he called for constructive dialogue with muslims. today, lawmakers come back to capitol hill. facing a long to-do list before adjourning for two weeks. topping the list is how to keep the government up and running until the new year. they also have to talk about how the battle ebola and the number
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of unaccompanied central american children who have crossed over into the u.s. the hurricane season is over. in the atlantic, only eight named storms. just six of them turned into hurricanes. only two considered major. much different case in the pacific. which saw its most active season since 1992. there were 14 hurricanes, 8 of them category 3 or higher. we turn to the weather for the nation today. the rain in the west tapering off before a new round tomorrow. dangerous cold blows into the plains and all the way to texas. showers possible from houston to d.c. otherwise, a mild day in the east. >> 50s and 60s along the atlantic. 70s in florida and along the gulf. sub zero wind chills in the plains. 30s in the northwest and northern rockies. 70s across the southwest. still ahead, risky betting. new research showing the unsafe conditions in cribs and what parents need to know. plus, hollywood hacked. soon-to-be released films leak online after a cyber attack on a studio's computers.
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the country suspected of being behind the attack. and the earth opens up in the middle of traffic. and did you see what happened? part
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the holiday shopping season is off to a some what rough start. it's now turned to cyber monday. the retail association expects 127 million people to shop online today. that's down slightly from last year. weekend shopping was nearly $51 billion. that's a lot of money. but significantly lower than
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last year. also down significantly, the prices at the pump. on friday, drivers were paying on average $2.79 for a gallon of regular gasoline. nearly 50 crepts lower. gas prices will continue to fall. sony pictures trying to determine if north korea is behind a brazen hack attack after five of its yet-to-be released movies were posted online including "annie" and "fury." there's a seth rogen and james franco movie about a plan to asays nate kim jong-un. no change at the weekend box office. "the hunger games: mockingjay part 1" was number one. the penguins of mad zas car was second. and "big hero 6" by abc's parent company, disney, was third.
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sony is deplaying a paper watch. no word on how much one would coast. they'll be available around the middle of next year. and with its cookie selling season cranking up, the girl scouts starting something new. allowing online sales for the first time in nearly a century of cookie selling, scouts will be able to use a mobile app or a personalized website to sell thin mints and the other famous varieties. buyers can have cookies sold directly to their home. no more knocking on the door snrnlgts you'll probably still get that. those girls are no joke. a high-speed wreck caught on camera. the lucky escape for two drivers in the wild crash. and video bomb. who is the woman interrupting dwyane wade's interview and the advice she had for the miami heat star.
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a section of highway is closed near pensacola, florida, following this train derailment. 23 cars are now off the tracks. they're carrying mostly scrap steel and iron. go of the cars contain harmful chemicals. those cars remained upright. no one was injured. a look at the morning road conditions. could be slow going on all of california's highways. snowy in the northern rockies. be on the look outfor scattered showers. a boy who vanished three years ago was reunited with his mother after being rescued from a secret compartment in an armt of his father. >> he said he was being kept behind a fake wall above the garage of his father's house. >> we opened the compartment
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where he was. and i saw him and asked him to come forward. he was horrified. he was froenz with fear. >> i couldn't believe it. that, i mean, we found him. >> the boy's father and girlfriend are now being held without bail. they're facing a string of charges including false imprisonment and cruelty to children. at least four nfl teams have shone an interest many ray rice, says espn. he's now a free agent now that has his indefinite suspension was thrown out. meanwhile, his wife is claiming that roger goodell is lying. goodell said rice was ambiguous in describing the incident. a new study finds too many infants are still leaping with blankets, pill lowe's, and other unsafe bedding. accidental suffocation in the bed is the leading cause of injury-related deaths in
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infants. babies should sleep in a warm, one-piece pajama. a dramatic rescue at sea, excuse me, after a fishing boat started to take on water off the coast of oregon. they had to deploy a life raft. >> mayday, mayday, mayday. i have five people on board and it's not looking good. >> a coast guard chopper plucked three people from the raft in the darkness. the other two were rescued by boat. an australian race car driver is all right after this. a fiery crash. during an event in brazil. mark we were's car hit another car and went straight into a wall. after being helped from his car, he was able to signal he was okay. he gave a thumbs up. the other driver was also unhurt. we were, as it turns out, crashed on the same part of this same track 11 years ago. a sinkhole that opened up in
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an intersection in china was bad news for one driver. the perfectly round hole appeared suddenly and swallowed a car. the driver and passenger managed to escape before the car fell in. the sinkhole is being blamed on soil erosion. the nfl's week 13 wraps up tonight with the dolphins visiting the jets. >> we get the details from our guy at espn. welcome inside "sportscenter." i'm john buccigross. the patriots and packers played a tight game. could we see them again at the super bowl? some people think this was a super bowl preview. aaron rodgers, tom brady. first half winding down. packers just trying to get in field goal ring with a time-out left. instead, a touchdown, jordy nelson wins the battle with darrelle revis. outruns the rest of the
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secondary. the ball touches the pylon before he goes out of bounds. the packers, as the patriots, are now 9-3. sunday night football, the broncos and chiefs. peyton manning, his lowest output of the season in completion percentage. that's okay. there's other broncos. broncos tied with the patriots for best record. the pats won the head to head so they have the number one seed. ♪ you know that music. dolphins hope to stay alive. a big game for miami. a must-win. a playoff game for them, in essence. they take on the jets. espn monday night football. for more sports, news, information and high ligts, check out a live "sportscenter," 9:00 a.m., over on espn. we turn to basketball now. the miami heat had dwyane wade back in the lineup for the win against the knicks yesterday. >> after the game, wade was talking about it on the court when his wife stepped in and
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took over the interview. check it out. >> how things started to evolve. what rolled for you there in the fourth quarter. >> just stay with it. my teammates did a great job. i got frustrated early on. guys ain't played with me in awhile. >> it was okay. it was okay. i mean, a hamstring pull, uh, uh -- wow. >> you -- >> wow. to come back with 27 points, we're going talk about the free throws later. and, uh -- he did good for an old geezer. it's nice. it's good. >> yes, that is actress gabrielle union. also known as mr. dwyane wade. he missed four free-throws. >> cute. for an old geezer. a big week for nasa as it gears up to take a first step to the mission to mars.
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>> that step, the launch of an unmanned test capsule. lit orbit the earth five times before splashing down in the pacific ocean. even if everything goes exactly as planned, there's no guarantee the capsule will ever be used. excuse the cough. i get choekd up about that stuff. >> control yourself. >> yes. we have magazine mistake. the hollywood lemd who was able to read his own obituary. and footage of a shark. what it's like to have a giant predator follow you.
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time to check "the pulse," now, the story that went nuts on twitter last night. >> some users having fun with "people" magazine's accidental release of this obituary for kirk douglas. the headline clearly saying do not publish. douglas will be turning 98 next week. >> very much still alive as we speak. but to be fair, in case you don't know, we need to point out for you. a lot of media outlets, this is standard practice. they have obituaries ready to go for people who are maybe up there in age or have health issues. this one posted to "people's" website last night. as you pointed out. at the top, it clearly was trying to signal to someone, hey, do not publish this. and unfortunately, somebody did. proof this morning that it is never too late to find love. >> and proof is in susan boyle. at the age of 53, she has her first boyfriend ever in life. the scottish singer who rose to
4:24 am
fame on "britain's got talent" reported her new beau is an american doctor. >> she once disclosed she had never been kissed. she says she doesn't want to share any more details. it wouldn't be fair to him. don't kiss and tell. good enough. >> met at a hotel. a good story? >> sounds good to me. some stunning video to show you. this was shot by a rear-facing camera being towed through the water off the coast of capetown, south africa. >> at one point, the shark attempts to get the camera in its mouth leaving a large scratch on the lens. >> the 13-foot shark was not the only animal captured in its natural habitat. the camera also recorded video of a pod of dolphins. a group of seals. they didn't look at scary as a 13-foot shark. >> those are fantastic. >> it looks fake almost. >> it does, doesn't it? you get a sense of what it would be to live under the sea, right? >> for some of you, your local news is next. for everyone else, the great
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live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. good morning at 4:28. it is monday, december 1. thanks for joining us. i am kristen sze. >> i am eric thomas. where did the year go? >> lisa is here with the forecast. >> good morning, we have a nice break today. here is live doppler hd. a few showers are around the north bay. we will look at a mostly cloudy day and southern winds ahead of the next storm system keeping it mild. grab the umbrella. there could be a few showers in marin. temperatures are climbing through the 60 throughout the day. leyla gulen is off, and we have a look at traffic right now. the bay bridge toll plaza shows traffic is slow and no metering lights on.
4:29 am
a little bit of pavement glistening. be came. more rain is on the way. umbrellas came out when the rain started. we will show you that, this is san francisco, the rain was falling in san francisco forth north beach folks getting wet and cars splashing. main people were out and about. >> police are warning drivers to slow down in all of this rain. last night a car flipped over at central avenue in san francisco. the car hydroplaned. the driver lost control. the driver escaped unharmed. >> in hayward there was a crash because of wet conditions on highway 92. no major injuries reported. driving through 580 in dublin with a stall on the off-ramp. >> there was a huge cypress tree that crashed in the presidio after a round of rain on sunday morning taking down power lines and left many in the dark. >> our friend was leaving to
4:30 am
drive back after thank you thank you and -- after thanksgiving and we backed out and half of the power line fell down. >> a tree snap on oak shot decembering the windshield of the taxi. >> thanksgiving travelers will try to fly home in and out of sfo after storms through the bay area caused massive delays. more delays are likely today. nick, how is it going at san francisco international airport? >> right now at sfo it is great. across the nation the new numbers show 238 flights that have been delayed. last night at sfo, that was a different story, flights were delayed up to hour fours causing a ripple effect so many will not be able to leave sfo until today. this is what we are talking about. many travelers were stuck at the airport.


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