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tv   ABC7 News 500AM  ABC  December 1, 2014 5:00am-6:01am PST

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live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. >> good morning, everyone, on cyber monday, the first day of december. hope you had a great thanksgiving. mike and leyla are off today. >> lisa? today is the break before the big system arrives and lingers through when. starting with a few light showers in san rafael. it is slick. we have fog. in the east bay valley. we will talk about that. we have high temperatures very mild before the system moves in tonight. that is a bonus. we will hear about that in a few minutes but a look now at traffic. the bay bridge toll plaza shows traffic is light as folks head back to work. the road is still wet. do be careful driving. more traffic, as well. at 5:00 a.m., as many of us head back to work, the holiday weekend is still going for some
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travelers the weather caused major problems for passengers flying out of sfo yesterday and it snowed balled into the evening stranding men people overnight with dozens of cancellations and delays up to two hours long. the sunday after thanksgiving is considered the busiest day at sfo with an estimate the 140,000 people passing through. some passengers have spent full days at the airport trying to catch a flight the. >> we will wait another day here. i am helping to get back because tuesday is my 21st ready and i where rather not spend it at the airport. >> no bay area airport is reporting delays, yet, this morning. we will monitor things for you and alert you if there is a change. in time for more rain, new homeless shelters are opening up homeless shelters are opening up at two locations
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the program will provide 179 emergency shelter beds, two meals and a hot shower for each person. you can see the weather where you live any time with the abc7 news weather app which is free on apple app and google play. we have more information online at if you look to find deal on holiday shopping list today is the day you can do it from the comfort of home or for some of you, maybe from work. here are the best deals on this cyber monday. >> there are some good deals this morning. we have been all over the internet looking for sales. first up, today is a good day to get your toy shopping done. experts say expect some of the best deals of the season today. toys 'r us has the
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website. before the shop check out and put that in on the internal shopping because it is an important site. the emergency room kaiser permanente in santa clara is re-opened after an irritating odor led to a closing last night. two employees suffered freeing problems. committee were checked out by hospital staff and firefighters never determined the cause of the odor in e.r. but the ambulances were diverted to other hospitals. the main hospital was not affected. >> police are investigating a suspicious death in berkeley the body of a man was fund on the south side of the park after 4:00 sunday afternoon. police say it is too soon to know if foul play was involved. it is being investigated as suspicious by berkeley homicide. >> president obama today will try to address the nation's crisis over the ferguson police
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shooting brag decision. he will meet with local officials and civil rights leaders and members of the cabinet to resolve the violent protests and anger. we are in washington, dc, with the latest. good morning, kristen. it is a week since the grand jury announced the decision but the public outcry continues and lawmakers and the local community are asking, what comes next? >> the events were acknowledged in ferguson. >> the statement from the programs was clear last night as they took to the field with their hands up in protest. protests continue across the country a week after a grand jury decided fought to indict officer darren wilson in shooting death of michael brown. >> what do you want? >> justice! >> wilson announced over the weekend he is resigning from the ferguson police force.
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>> i have been told my continued employment could put residents and police officers of the city of ferguson at risk. his mayor said was no direct threat but called the resignation a step if the right direction a job he told george stephanopolis he loved but not would be impossible to keep. >> do you think they would accept me? you think it would be safe? >> he hoped the resignation would allow the community to heal but many argue it is not enough. >> there are many more resignations for the community to heal. in washington, dc, president obama will hold a series of high-level meetings on ferguson today at the top of the agenda includes building trust between police and the communities they serve. professors in the bay area choose peaceful ways to demonstrate against the decision in ferguson, missouri.
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>> hands up, don't shoot. hands up, don't shoot. >> in san jose on sunday, dozens marched from city hall chanting and carrying signs with edge months like "black lives matter." they do not agree with the decision not to indict officer darren wilson in the killing of michael brown. ♪ brother, brother, brother, far ♪ brother, brother, brother, far too many of you die >> prayer and song, the marvin gaye classic "what's going on," and a vigil in oakland honored michael brown and all victims of police violence. the theme? begin healing. this is the time to come together as a community and pray for justice and awareness. >> new details on 49ers head coach harbaugh future with the team which will be addressed
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after the season, not during. the raiders and the jets are interested in harbaugh becoming their head coach if he is available. harbaugh has not been showing the same interest, desire, and attention to details as in the past. the 49ers are in third place in the nfw western division. mike is off today and lisa is in. good morning to you. we have lingering showers around the bay. here is live doppler hd with lot of moisture and fog, and the pavement is wet, as well, so if you do not experience mist or drizzle there are slick roads. it is 57 in hayward. it is 56 in mountain view. we start out mild much the fog is a problem east bay. concord and livermore have quarter-mile visibility. to the delta, they are
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experiencing very, very dense fog. the next couple of hours you will notice we are looking at we pretty decent afternoon with a break in the clouds. it will be partly sunny. temperatures are mime. the breezy wind at 68 in palo alto and 70 in san jose and mid-60's in richmond and a few isolated showers but the main event is tonight into tomorrow and it will linger the heavy rain showers into wednesday. we will take a look at your commute and we do have an issue in discovery bay, eastbound four, highway four, at willow way we have a two-car crash and there is heavy rain reported in the area so it could be a factor. watch out for the crash eastbound we give you a look at the san rafael 101 area and traffic is moving fine and we can see the visibility issue that lisa has been talking
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about. it is an issue inland and a problem with the mist. >> and i-5/205 junction foggy, as well. >> why gas prices keep going down. the america's money report is next. >> severe weather hits southern california very hard and is shut down by mother nature. >> the highest court weighs on an online controversy. are threatening messages protected by law? >> the maybe babe is looking fine. you can keep tabs on your you can keep tabs on your weather
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perfection is in the details. ♪ pillsbury cookie dough. make the holidays pop! covering benicia, san ramon, san mateo and all the bay area, this is abc7 news. a look at the golden gate bridge with the deck wet. you can see the glare around the lights and that is an indication that there is a lost moisture in the air and fog out there. be careful. our meteorologist has the forecast coming up. >> rain come down in southern california this weekend. it caused the closing of part of a major highway. caltran closed part of pacific coast highway to clean up after rock and mudslides with storms dumping 1.4" of main on the
5:14 am
western end of malibu stranding a dozen cars. a wildfire destroyed the plant life and there is nothing to hole the soil if place. no injuries have been reported. >> a three positive long street closure in san francisco is set to get underway. 4th street between harrison and bryan are closed and will not re-open until the end of february. this is being done for the construction of the central subway project extending the muni line between south of market neighborhood into chinatown and the central line extension will open to the public in 2019. >> today the supreme court will consider the free speech rights of people who use violent or threatening language on social media. the justices will hear argues in the case of a pennsylvania man sentenced to four years in prison for posting rap lyrics about killing his estrange wife, shooting up a kindergarten class and attacking an f.b.i. agent.
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he said he was veteranning and never -- was venting anyone but the jury says this violated federal law. the cost of gas is way down and dropping more. here is america's money report. good morning. disappointment for early holiday shopping. 127 million are expected to shop online today down from last year. weekend shielding took in $5 billion down from last year. prices at the pump are down with drivers paying $2.79 for a gallon of regular gasoline 50 cents lower than this time last year. and "hunger game," on top at the box office bringing in $57 million. "penguins," was second and "big hero," was in third place at the
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box office. >> a strike by pilots will lead to a disruption if air travel with 1,300 flights canceled after contract talks between the german carrier and the pilots union collapsed. the pilots will walk off the job tomorrow. the airline says 150,000 passengers will be affected by the walkout and lufthansa has canceled flight between san francisco and san francisco for the and sfo and >> dubai will begin biggest flight avenue between san francisco and the emirates today. three other carriers fly the double decker to san francisco. the emirates 380 has a special feature exclusive to the airline: onboard shower reserved for first-class passengers. it is nice to have you,
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lisa. >> exciting weather, too. we have needed this. more is to come. this is the biggest system we have seen in at least a year or two. it is on the way. anticipated to hit the bay area tone. live doppler hd has a few showers from half moon bay through woodside and boulder creek so we have showers and pockets of fog in the north and east bay. give yourself extra time because the pavement is wet. temperatures are in the 50's. 59 at half moon bay. 52 in redwood city. in the city, 57, emeryville is quiet. we are looking at mid-50's across the board and santa rosa and petaluma and fairfield. in the east bay valley we have dense fog dense fog. we have a lingering shower throughout the afternoon with some sun and a strong system
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moves in tonight into wednesday we have the area of low pressure and the possibility of thunderstorms and gusty winds. concord is four miles and livermore just at a quarter-mile. the area of low pressure is well offshore and we get a break with high pressure bringing mostly dry conditions today and winter storm watch tomorrow through early wednesday into when night we will get the heavy snow and up to 2' is possible. tonight through tomorrow morning, the rain coming in at 3:00, 4:00, into the south bay, heavy rain in santa cruz mountains and it spreads across the rest of the bay area throughout the afternoon and right into the evening commute and no break, really, because into tuesday night more showers and here cops the low, the instability, chance of a thunderstorm and breezy winds. rainfall tuesday through
5:19 am
thursday and an inch in san francisco. 67 in oakland, 70 in san jose today, some sun and isolated shower and rain and wind tomorrow and wednesday and thursday we have isolated showers and it dries out but no other big systems after this one. we are ready. >> the storm doors are open. >> leyla gulen is off today and we want to let you know about a crash on northbound 880 before the expressway, two vehicles involved. they are blocking the slow lane. right now, the walnut creek area, interstate 680 with the tail lights headed southbound, remember, the roads are wet and they could be causing problems skidding and hydroplanes and accidents. be very careful. >> straight ahead, seven things to know as you start your day.
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>> a major hacking attack targeting hollywood and the surprising culprit believed responsible. >> fans of thin mints there is a new way to buy your favorite girl scout cookies. >> you can see the bay bridge >> you can see the bay bridge toll plaza moving right
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but i did. i'm mike, and i'm very much alive. now my doctor recommends a bayer aspirin regimen to help prevent another heart attack. be sure to talk to your doctor before you begin an aspirin regimen. >> good morning at 5:22 on monday. a look from our camera, looking across the bay, san francisco. traffic is moving fine across the bay bridge and we will have more on the still wet conditions and traffic. whether you are just joining us or headed out the door here are seven things to know: stranded travelers at sfo are hoping to fly out this morning after being stalled, stranded, by the weather. dozens are flights were canceled
5:23 am
and delays up to two hour long. the sunday after thanksgiving is considered the busiest days of the career at sfo. with a few isolated showers today, it is our break, partly sunny conditions, a chance of showers and the main event headed our way overnight tonight. a man shot in the north beach yesterday in san francisco is out of the hospital and the search is on for the gunman. police have found the suspect's car but not the suspect. witnesses say the man was shot after he pounded on a car with his cane and called the people inside the "n" word. >> president obama will hold high level meetings about the ferguson crisis with protests continues in several cities a week after a grand jury decision to not indict a white police officer in the shooting of an unarmed black teen. family and friends and students remember a missing ohio state football player who appears to have shot himself to
5:24 am
death. his body was found sunday in dump step. >> black friday deals could be over but the biggest days to shop online, cyber monday, is just getting started. experts say disaster early and have a plan. many call it cyber week. look all week long for deals. >> seven, your track right now at golden gate bridge looking fine as far as the commute and you can see it is just a legal wet and a little foggy but inland, that is where you will inland, that is where you will find the foggy conditions. >> five of sony's not yet released movies have shown up online. the movies stolen include "annie," and "fury," and the prime minister suspect is a south korean think tank saying
5:25 am
north korea has a team capable of this. the hack is in retailation to the sony film "the interview," which makes fun of north korea. >> republican aide on capitol hill faces accusations of cyberbullying after systemming out president obama's daughters on facebook. she posted her remarks after the two appeared alongside their father when two turkeys received presidential pardons on wednesday and lecture girls saying "i get it, you are both in the awful teen years but you are part of the first family. try to show class." everyone who has anything to do with washington knows presidential kids are off limits. it is that simple. >> the woman removed the post and apologized for the comments.
5:26 am
new this morning after years of prohibiting internet sales the girl scouts of america have approved a plan to sell and ship cookies nationwide called "digital cookie," and is expected to increase the $800 million raised in annual sales. under the program each scout has her own sight which condition accessed through an e-mail invitation. another option is a mobile app that includes credit car processing and direct shipping. the program kicks off this month. >> the last barrier has been breached and we will all fatten up on thin mints. >> this is a few years too late for you. imagine if you could send us the link to your daughter's site rather than bridge the woulds and selling them to us one by one. >> bad enough to have the garage full of cookies we handed out. it was tough. >> parents have it easier now.
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live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. good monday morning, december 1, it is december, yes. thanks for joining us. >> mike is off but lisa is here. in you are going to the brick and mortar stores you can see live doppler hd shows showers are being picked up along the san mateo coast and
5:30 am
with highway 101 wet along with the shore. aside from that, clouds and a mild afternoon today, with numbers climbing through the upper 60's and we are in the 50's now with patchy fog and the main event, that arrives tonight. the main event. now a check on traffic. leyla gulen is off. we have the bay bridge toll plaza and it is starting to backup in the cash-paying lanes. fast track is getting through okay and the roads are still wet. the roads crass the bay area, so be careful driving. >> we are not done yet. umbrellas first came out last night when the rains were falling in the north beach of san francisco and despite the rain many people were out and about and car tires are flashing so be careful as you drive. again, police are warning drivers to showdown in the rain of the last night a car flipped
5:31 am
and central avenue after hydroplaning. the driver lost control. but the driver escaped. >> in hair wet conditions contributed to a crash on 92, and no major injuries were reported. you can see the damage. heavy rain dropped flooding to 580 in dublin and one car stalled on the off-ramp. >> there were a lot of problems away the bay with a huge tree crash down in the presidio after a round of rain on sunday morning take down power lines and left people in the dark. our friend was leaving to dry back after thanksgiving and we walked out and there was a big crash and the power lines fell down. a tree snapped on to oak street shattering the windshield of a taxi. several other cars were damaged. >> the weather should allow sfo to catch up after thousands of
5:32 am
travelers were stranded. our reporter is at san francisco international airport. how is it going? i have new numbers right now, 336 flights delayed cross the united states but i am happy to tell you that they do not appear to be at sfo. last night, it was a different story. people had delays. there were three and four-hour delays causing a ripple effect. look inside sfo right now you can see the lines through t.s.a. and the others are looking great. the lines through security are moving quickly with no late arrives or departures. last night, many travelers were sitting here at the airport incoming and outgoing and the delays were because of heavy rain and wind that stopped and started all day. i met a couple of students would were among those trapped at the airport and flights were rescheduled for 10:00 tonight.
5:33 am
>> i will waste another day here. at this point i am hope i get there because tuesday my 21st birthday. i would rather not spend it at the airport. >> i will have to miss classes, my final as is tough. officials tell me that yesterday is usually the busiest day at the airport with up to 140,000 people moving through sfo and if you look over my shower you can see the people are hopping out of their uber and lyfts with very few taxis. they are catching the flights and when we, ready there were no delays. they suggest that people still call ahead to make sure that flight is scheduled to take off on time. the storm brought a lost snow to the sierra and can you see skiers having fun with 9" of snow since friday with more expected tonight. >> you can see the weather
5:34 am
whether you live with the weather app which is free on the app store or google play president obama will hold a series of high level meetings about the crisis in ferguson at the white house. at the top of the agenda is building trust between police officers and the communities they senator. across the country, protests condition nearly a week after a brag decided fought to indicted officer wilson in the shooting death of michael brown. wilson resigned from the force saying he didn't want to pull his fellow officers or the department at risk. >> do you think they would accept me? would it be safe? >> many more resignations need to happen to heal the community. >> the mayor called the resignation "a seven in -- stepn
5:35 am
the right direction." >> in st. louis five members of the rams walked on to the football field during introductions yesterday with hands up, don't shoot pose seen during the ferguson protests. the silent gesture has been imitated across the sports world since michael brown's death and fans leaving the game were met by protests and helmeted city police officers. six people were arrested in the demonstrations. >> san francisco police will have the final numbers this morning on arrests and damage caused by ferguson protests on friday. a large group of people hit the streets to post the grand jury decision in the michael brown case. they started out peacefully but some protests me ban to throw glass bottles at police and breaking store end withs. two police officers were injured. the mall on market street closed early because of the violence. >> after a busy local day weekend of shopping, millions of americans are expected to take part in another round today for
5:36 am
cyber monday. the big ever online shopping day of the year. retailers hope to make up ground after lower than predicted numbers from thursday through sunday blamed in part on sales offered long before the weekend started. experts say today there will be plenty of good deals to be found if you know how to shop. if you know how to shop. >> coupon available. >> for the best deals today experts say shop online only websites like zappo can you find hot items online with a list of the best deals today head to a large homeless camp in san jose will be closed for good
5:37 am
this week with officials hoping to permanently dismantle the homeless encampment. 72-hour notices speakinged it go up today. city workers will take down the homes and clean up the trash on thursday. san jose city leaders are set to decide on another controversial issue this week. tomorrow the city is expected to vote on a ban on riding bicycles on sidewalks in downtown area. bicycle riding on sidewalks is banned in san francisco and oakland. roads are wet this morning but what is the rest of the day holding? >> we will be more on the dry side than wet but you can see from live doppler hd there are showers along the coastline and highway one and in marin county. with the wet pavement, fog is a concern. we take you up into novato it is wet. further west, light showers and the hit or miss variety, from
5:38 am
high 280, you can see a light shower and as we go through the morning hours you will notice it is mild mid-and upper 50's confined to the east bay valley. it is bad where you have the fog. just a quarter mile visibility in livermore and here is the way the let of the kay is going to go. mid-and upper 50's, low 60's with hazy sunshine and isolated shower everyone still a chance through the afternoon but temperatures are in the upper 60 and mild and the evening hours will stay dry and a slight chance of the main rain through the overnight hours. >> thanks, lisa. we will look at the traffic situation, emeryville has reports of an accident eastbound 80 before powell street a solo car crash. the vehicle now is on the shoulder. we have word that if lanes are blocked. this is live picture san rafael on 101 looking pretty good but you can see there is fog. the visibility issue is
5:39 am
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coring santa rosa, berkeley, and all the bay area, this is abc7 news. >> good morning, everyone, at 5:42 a look from the camera to san francisco, there are clouds over bay area and there is wet pavement out there. be careful. developing news, san francisco police say they found the car used by the gunman followed a shooting in north beach. this is the victim, just minutes after he was shot. witnesses say he was in a crosswalk and he cursed at a driver and used the "n" word before getting shot. two windows were shattered at buster's burger. he is described as a sometimes loud and cranky individual but
5:43 am
harmless character. >> he doesn't like white people some days. he doesn't like black people some days. and he didn't like nobody some days. >> everyone knows lois. we warned him, you have to stop doing that. >> he has been released from the hospital much police are still looking for the suspects. if san jose, police used we tear gas to force a suspected burglar to surrender after spending 12 hours on a life top. the trouble began 2:00 sunday morning when a couple says he broke into the home and the man climbed on to the roof next door and officers say he tore the chimney apart and presidentialed them with the bricks. and other options >> too many infants are in danger from sleeping with pillows and unsafe bedding according to a study by centers for disease control. guidelines recommend against the practice since it could bleed to
5:44 am
suffocate or sudden infant death syndrome. the practice is common among young mothers and african-americans and hispanics and is the leading cause of injury-related deaths in infants. >> the 49ers need your help to get to the championship game. we are talking about the junior 49er youth football team seen practices here over the weekend. they have qualified for the american youth football championship in florida but they still need to raise $50,000 to make the trip. >> we don't want to make it hook like we are trying to be selfish and get money to get them to florida but this is enrichment for the youth you can never replace. >> we posted a link on our
5:45 am
website if you would like to help. okay, i thought you meant the pro49ers need help. >> they need help but... >> we are getting help with the rain, 64 percent of normal in san francisco does not sound great but san jose is 88 percent of normal. that, yesterday, is what happened bringing in .4 mountain view. that is good news on the peninsula and south bay. you could see another 1" of rain by wednesday. live doppler hd shows showers here and in the north bay, and point reyes and wet pavement through highway one, san rafael, novato. be careful. it is slick. we have fog. the fog is mostly in the east
5:46 am
bay valley. also around oakland and san francisco. 52 in san jose and 50 in morgan hill, and half moon bay is balmy at 59 and milder today ahead of the storm system sitting well off shower, 54 in petaluma and concord and 52 in livermore with visibility less than quarter-mile. clouds a chance of isolated shower this morning and the south bay and with more sunshine on tap today it should be a decent afternoon. maybe an isolated shower. the strong system comes in overnight tonight. we have windy conditions with the low passing through on wednesday with more heavy rain. a couple days of heavy rain before we can add up the totals. this is the low, the southern wind ahead of it and sierra nevada anticipating 2' of snow and lowering to 6,500' and tonight, we notice it is quiet and by 3:00 the showers move up
5:47 am
from the south bay and they are pushing through the entire bay area tomorrow. look for heavy rain. more heavy rain throughout the afternoon. the evening commute and, really, no break. on wednesday we are looking at pore showers. we could see low-lying flooding and ponding on the roads and this is what we anticipate, 1" of rain for antioch and live more and san jose. half moon bay. partly cloudy and isolated shower and 70 in san jose and 66 in san francisco and the heavy rain through wednesday and isolated shower on thursday and dry the end of week. eric? leyla gulen is off and here is a check on traffic. speeds on the altamont pass are slow from tracy. there was a single car spinout this could be tripping to that speeds are down to 20 miles per hour at the interview but picks up at livermore. identified, a look at traffic
5:48 am
slowing from 880 and 101 with traffic light here as it has been in most places and back to work monday but maybe a lot of people are taking the day off. >> amazon has been busy saying black friday was the busiest day ever. they sold 64 items and plane's watches were the biggest sellers. the site plans it release new offers every 10 minutes today for cyber monday. they predict they will beat their friday record today. >> a tech start-up wants to transform how you see a movie by putting you in the action and working on games and movie interaction for moviegoers, for instance a movie that lets the audience vote on what it wants do look at by moving right or left or imagine 100 people in a
5:49 am
theater trying to move in unison to steer a race car. the technology is available in 100 theaters and programmers are 100 theaters and programmers are still working on coming up, unique art paying honor to the late actor and comedian, robin williams. >> why does santa need reindeers when he has flippers? going inside an done, the retailer reveals the new secret weapon to make sure you get all holiday gifts on time. >> you can watch weather and traffic through the commercial break with with the embarcadero in san francisco looking cloudy and foggy. rain is dissipating. rain is dissipating. more is on
5:50 am
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first legal steps will be taken to rename waldo tunnel in marin county for robin williams. more than 58,000 fans have signed a petition to name the tunnel after williams. he committed suicide in august. withs lived in marin county. right now you can bid on what a unique artistic tribute to robin williams. >> a bay area artist loves rubik's cubes and the latest creation is a williams mosaic made of cubes taken from 600 cubes called goofball is up for auction right new on ebay.
5:53 am
>> he and a student helper spent nine hours putting it together and a donation from a fan gave him the perfect way to on the late actor. >> 700 rubic cubes showed up on my doorstep the same day we lost robin williams so i said, wait, i will build something out of the cubes for robin williams, in his memory. >> the auction ends at 8:00 a.m. and right now you are looking at the picture of ebay with the high byrd stands at $4,450. we have a link to this on our website at the proceeds are split between the american foundation for suicide prevention and st. juan's children's research hospital. >> there are six bids. >> there are six bids. >> lisa, we
5:54 am
>> it is looking interesting with a few scattered light showers from 280 and redwood city through 101 and marin county, looking at showers. airport delays, there is nothing. i am anticipating some at for and the fog could be a problem, with nation chilly. we are open, the south wind is warming us up, and 72 in frees me and 73 in los angeles, they will be wet and 79 in fremont and san jose and a balmy 70's today with a chance of a shower around the bay. lisa, thanks, we are talking abouted roads being wet. there is a new accident. it is in south bay. 101 northbound before the oakland road ramp. two vehicles have crashed. they are blocking a middle lane. they are trying to clear that accident. the bay bridge toll plaza shows backups. the metering lights are on. prepare to stop.
5:55 am
take it slow this morning. efforts are underway to save an endangered species of salmon native to the bay area. officials have removed 105 fish, all the coho salmon they could fine. they are at a hatchery in sonoma and scientists hope to return the fish to muir woods in two years. there were no signs of baby coho salmon surviving because of pollution and development and a recent drought. the fight over the future of the drake's bay oyster company will soon after the case brought by a group of marin county interests wanting to reverse a federal ban on oyster farming this drake's bay. attorneys have requested to have the case dismissed. court paper show the oyster company has agreed to end all
5:56 am
operations at drake's bay by end of the month. >> everyone has pictures of the kids sitting on santa's knee. if you want something different head to oklahoma. you can find santa scuba diving in a salt water tank at the oklahoma aquarium with kids not used to sighing st. nick in this environment. we do know that santa will swim until christmas eve. who knew oklahoma had an acquaint. >> is that a wet suit? wet santa suit. reasonable a a wet suit. >> thank you, santa. >> a mile long line for airport security and what led to the long wait for travelers trying
5:57 am
to make it home over the weekend. facebook and the high courts with a new case supreme court justices will marry involving the menlo park company. >> the bay bridge toll plaza shows traffic getting heavy and keeping tab on weather and traffic with abc7 news is easy traffic with abc7 news is easy with your eye on
5:58 am
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6:00 am
>> december 1? it seemed like january was last week. mike is off today. meteorologist mike nicco is off but lisa is here with more on rain. we have just nuisance troubles. i know we want them but we are looking at scattered showers off the coast and in the north bay around marin county and on the damp side. fog is a problem. be careful. with the showers around the bay we will still see partly cloudy skies and a mild afternoon and numbers mostly in the mid-to-upper 60's. the main event holds off until tonight and we are looking at heavy rain through wednesday. we do have a few citizens but not? san jose. this is highway 101 at the interchange at 880. it is moving smoothly. more in a minute. a


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