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tv   ABC7 News 600AM  ABC  December 1, 2014 6:00am-7:01am PST

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it seemed like january was last week. mike is off today. meteorologist mike nicco is off but lisa is here with more on rain. we have just nuisance troubles. i know we want them but we are looking at scattered showers off the coast and in the north bay around marin county and on the damp side. fog is a problem. be careful. with the showers around the bay we will still see partly cloudy skies and a mild afternoon and numbers mostly in the mid-to-upper 60's. the main event holds off until tonight and we are looking at heavy rain through wednesday. we do have a few citizens but not? san jose. this is highway 101 at the interchange at 880. it is moving smoothly. more in a minute. a holiday headache.
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this is a look at sfo where travelers who could not get home yesterday will give it a try today. as many of us head back to work, the holiday weekend is going for some travelers to the bay area. the weather caused major problems for passengers flying out of sfo yesterday. that snowballed into the evening stranding many people overnight. dozens of flights were cancelled and delays were two hours long. the sunday off thanksgiving is considered the big of the days at sfo with an estimated 140,000 people passing through. some passengers spent full days at the airport trying to catch a flight. >> we will be wasting another day here. i am hoping to get back home because tuesday is my 21st birthday and i would rather not spend it at the airport. >> no bay area airports are reporting delays this morning but we will keep monitoring things. we will let you me if that
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changes. >> speaking of delays be glad you were not in this line, a reporter from our seattle station was trying to make it home from chicago fly out of hid way where the security line literally stretched 1.2 miles. here is the line, at midway 1.2 miles long. # seriously. officials say it was because 6:00 and 8:00 am the time when moment pest travel. you can see the weather where you live, in time, free own apple app and google play. we have more information on-line at >> "it never rains in southern california," but that is not true, this weekend there was a giant mudslide with parts of the
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pacific coast highway closed yesterday so crews could clean up after rock and mudslides. stormy weather --ed -- 1.4" of rain stranding cars on the highway. >> you have large rocks falling on the road and people and vehicles and the debris can push the vehicles, as well. >> a wildfire destroys much of the plant life so there is nothing to hold the soil in play and 2-3 feet of debris was reported. some cars had tires flattened but no injuries reported. >> rebound will try to self the crisis over the ferguson police shooting grand jury decision meeting with local officials, civil rights leaders and members of the cabinet to resolve the violent roasts and ongoing the events were acknowledged
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in ferguson. >> the statement from the programs was clear as they took to the field with their hands up in protest. protests continue across the country a week after a grand jury decided not to indict officer darren wilson in the shooting death of michael brown. >> what do you want? justice. >> wilson announced he is resigning from the ferguson police department. in a letter to the department wilson said "i have been told my continued employment could put residents and police officers of the city of ferguson at risk." the mayor said there was no direct threat against wilson but called the resignation a stem in the right direction. wilson told george stephanopolis he loved the job but note it would be impossible to keep. >> truly you think it is impossible? >> do you thing they would accept? with it be safe? >> he hoped the resignation allows the community to heal but many argue it is not enough.
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>> there are many more resignations to happen for the country to heal. in washington, dc, president obama holds a series of high level meetings on ferguson at white house. at the top of the agenda is building trust between police and the communities they serve. >> hands up, don't shoot. in san jose, dozens marched from city hall chanting and carry signs of a emergency like "black lives matter." they do not agree with not indicting officer wilson in the shooting death. ♪ brother, brother ♪ brother, brother ♪ far too many of you die rare and song, a vigil in oakland as the we memorial cathedral honored michael brown and victims of violence with a
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theme of "begin the healing process," a time to come together and ray for justice and awareness. >> police are vetoing -- investigating a suspicious death found at a park on the south side of berkeley. it is too soon for police to know if foul play was involved but it is investigated right now as "suspicious," but berkeley homicide. >> the emergency room kaiser permanente is re-opening after an irritating odor toledo a temporary closing. last night at 7:00 p.m., two employees suffered breathing problems and they were checked out by staff. firefighters never determined the cause of the odor. plans were diverted to other hospitals. the main hospital was not affected. it's cyber monday. if you look to buy deal on holiday shipping list today is the day. you can do it from the comfort of home or for some of you,
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maybe from work, where they can't see you. >> not that we are condoning it. amy hollyfield has more on the best deals on cyber monday. >> get to your computer as soon as possible with the best deals hitting right new between can and 8:00 a.m. so it is time to shop. the best deals could be on appliance so check sears and home depot. we shoes are on sale, they are slashed today. gentleman's -- has 20 percent off. wait until before christmas, but this year we expect the best prices of the season today on cyber monday. >> the hottest toys is anything frozen, elsa doll for $28.88 is the hottest toy of the year. >> don't just click check out
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without looking for a coupon code. sears used cyber 25 to give another 25 percent off. do a google search for coupon or promotion code. we have many more deals his today on our website and this is only the beginning. go to for a long list of deals. happy shopping, everyone. 6:08. >> right now time to check with our meteorologist, here for meteorologist mike nicco, lisa? live doppler hd shows a few spotty showers around san mateo and 280 with wet pavement and the north bay, a littling soy here from highway 1 to 101 in marin county and fog in the east bay valley. be careful headed out. the storm system is well offshore but it is sending mild air ahead of us and by thursday
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we have an additional 1" at half moon bay and morgan hill and nearly that around the delta with highs under sun and mid-to-upper 60's. lisa, thank you. leyla gulen is off today. we will look at traffic. a problem at dumbarton westbound 84 a sig-alert blocked because of a collision westbound dumbarton bridge near the high-rise and we don't know what time it will re-open. it is a sig-alert. it will be closed for quite a while. that is westbound 84 at dumbarton. the richmond-san rafael bridge toll plaza is backing up in the cash lanes but the fast track lanes are zipping law without delays. new this morning on cyber monday going inside amazon how they plan to getting you all the stuff you will buy.
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>> sole media reaches supreme court. more weather and more traffic all morning and this is the abc7 news keeping weather and traffic up through the break so you do not miss a thing. so you do not miss a thing. bay bridge toll plaza is getting
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covering walnut creek, burlingame, campbell and all the bay area, this is abc7 news. 6:13 on december 1. this is traffic in the san rafael area, highway 101 still slick roads but traffic seems to be getting through okay. we had trouble spots in other areas and we will let you know what they are coming up. more news. the ohio state football team is mourning the death of a player would has shot himself to death. a vigil on the he state campus drew hundreds. 22-year-old kosta karageorge's body was found after he sent his parents a text message saying concussions can mess up his head and his teammates cannot believe he is gone. >> he is the biggest and hard of the individuals. everything he did his part was in it the he always went all the
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way. all in. the body was discovered in a dump step blocks from the south campus apartment. according to his mother he suffered several sports-related concussions. a republican aide on capitol hill is accused of cyber bullying after singling out the president's daughters after they appear with their father when the two turkeys received a presidential pardon. she lectured they on not making "faces during televised public event," and wrote "i get it, you are both in the awful teen years but you are part of the first family, try to show a little class." >> everyone who has anything to do with washington, knows the presidential kids are off limits much it is that simple. >> she removed the posts later and apologized for her comments. the supreme court will consider the free speech rights of people who use violent or
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threatening language on social media. the justices will hear arguments in the case of a 15 person man who is sentenced it four years in prison for posting rap lyric about killing his his stranged wife and attacking an file agent and shooting up a kindergarten class. a jury says that the threat alone violated federal law. supreme court watchers will have their eyes on 81-year-old justice beginburg expect the to make the first appearance since having a extent implanted in an artery last week. >> on cyber monday for the first time ever amazon is giving the world an inside look at the robot arm it is deploying to make sure you get your holiday gifts. >> this machine is a robot working at amazon's distribution center out of livermore in tracy
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the rowboats chris cross the distribution center to pick up the toys, backs and other products it sells and the robot delivered items so they can prepare it for shipping. altogether, amazon has 15,000 robots at ten centers including 3,000 machines at tracy alone. that is some mechanism. for something really huge. >> like a guitar? >> a mobile home. what about me? >> we talking about my favorite subject: me. >> we praise admir >> more rain yesterday on the peninsula and mountain view is up to 74 percent of normal precipitation so we are doing good. more is to come. live doppler hd shows spotty showers offshore and some are on the peninsula around 280 and it
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has been jammed in the north bay from marin county through santa rosa and healdsburg with spotty showers and fog. the fog is a bigger issue in our east bay valley to i-5 so be careful if you are headed that way. 51 in redwood city and san jose and half moon bay warming up and it is 61 degrees so we are looking mild today with southern winds ramping up throughout the next several days and perhaps causing problems tomorrow night into wednesday with very gusty winds accompanying the next storm system. 54 in fairfield and 50 in live more and mid-50's in santa rosa and from san francisco, no problems locally, and we are look at clouds for most to start out and isolated shower and partly cloudy skies to mostly cloudy this afternoon and a chance of a shower and here comes the wind, the rain, the heavy rain, with potentially
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flooding problems in the santa cruz mountains and the low-lying areas through wednesday. quarter-mile visibility if live more and elsewhere we are looking not bad in terms of visibility and the subtropical stream will bring bonus rains 4-5" to the santa cruz mountains. this is how it plays out, 4:00 in the morning, tomorrow, we are looking at rain pushing on to the coast. it continues through the later morning hours and the afternoon is heavier through 3:00 and a wet evening commute, maybe a break or two, late tuesday and the low has to manufacture through and possibility of thunderstorms and more heavy rain through wednesday and high levels and 7,000' to 8,000 feet and dropping to 6,500 feet with temperatures back home in the 60's today and it should be nice, and nearly 70 if san jose.
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overall we are looking at nice weather throughout the we afternoon with the break and nicer for the rain on tuesday, wednesday and drying out by midday on thursday. not so nice is the traffic on the dumbarton right new. this is a sig-alert situation with one vehicle overturned westbound so that is the commute direction and multiple vehicles are involved in the crash and the blockage is in the low lane before the high-rise and it is blocked. c.h.p. is saying expect big delays here. you will want to be aware of what and maybe take the san mateo bridge if that is an option. another three east-west bridges in the bay area that cross the bay and this is the bay bridge toll plaza doing better here and no crash is it is very heavy right new and backed up at the tolls and metering lights are on. >> will jim harbaugh trade in
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red and gold for silver and black? silver and black looks a bit tacky. new trade speculation surrounding the 49ers head coach. >> the bay area city considering a tough new rule on where bicycles can go and cannot go. >> first, weather and traffic during the commercial break with a big picture of the golden gate bridge and we can see the glistening of the water on the deck so be careful. spinouts are possible. [announcer] welcome to the re-imagined quickbooks. do more than ever before with it. make any place your place of business with it. get paid faster with it. run payroll with it. sync this stuff with that stuff with it. turn on only what you need with it. sample from our smorgasbord of apps with it. take in the big picture with it. see your finances in a whole new way with it. this is your business on intuit quickbooks.
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a look at traffic on 680 and walnut creek, a lot of tail lights or brake lights. it seems like things are slowing down. the big problem is the dumbarton bridge with more on that in a minute. now a look at "good morning america" at 7:00. >> next on "good morning america", breaking overnight, a new warning of isis threatening to kill an american soldier on united states soil. here is the latest on the terror threat at home on "good morning america" next. a three month long street closure in san francisco will get underway. 4th street between harrison and bryant will not re-open
6:24 am
until the end of february going today for the construction of the central subway project. we it will citizen the muni p3 south of market into chinatown and will open to the public in 2019. new details on 49ers head coach jim harbaugh's future. espn is reporting that his trade will be addressed after the season, not during the season. the raiders and the jets are both interested in harbaugh becoming their head coach if he is available. analysts say he has not been showing the same interest, desire, and attention to detail as in the past. the 49ers are 7-5, for third place in the nfc west. >> heart warming story, an ohio girl battling leukemia got the surprise of a lifetime after her community came together to build her a winter wonderland. >> three-year-old giga was diagnosed with leukemia in june. her immune system is weakened
6:25 am
she can only leave the house for doctor visits and her mom mentioned the winter wonderland idea donations came flooding in, the familiened up with more donated christmas decorations than they knew what to do with. >> each year we see a couple of houses decked up and now we cannot take her out of the house and we are trying to bring it to her. her parents say gigi loved the surprise and said all the dough anyways and help made them feel they are not alone. >> it is 6:25, the morning news continues at 6:30 with the top stories. >> the effort to honor robin williams in marin county take as new step today and we will tell you what is happening. >> a in you clue if bay area police after a daytime shooting and what investigators have recovered. >> good morning, at sfo, look at
6:26 am
traffic, cars are pouring into the airport. what does that mean for flights, delays, and chance vacations? i have the latest numbers coming up. we have a few scattered showers and more weather and traffic coming up. traffic coming up. that is next in the abc7
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live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. it is 6:29 on monday morning. it is san jose 280 at 17 and traffic is moving along. it does not look so wet as other places. what is that? blue sky! holy smoke. >> it is starting to win out against the clouds. >> on december 1. meteorologist mike nicco and leyla gulen are off today but lisa is here with the rest before more rain. >> the sun is shining. we have more. live doppler hd shows the shower
6:30 am
anist in the north bay or the peninsula, spotty and widely scattered. it is enough to keep the roads wet and extend through santa rosa law highway 101. another 30 minutes away from sunrise and mild temperatures today. chance of isolated shower. partly cloudy skies. the pain rain -- main rain comes tonight. >> leyla gulen is off. golden gate bridge is still wet but remark is getting through okay. we have the sig-alert continuing on the san mateo bridge and it on the san mateo bridge and it is westbound airline traffics trying to get home after the thanksgiving day holiday week and nick is at sfo. christian, the latest
6:31 am
numbers, 439 flights have been delayed across the united states. fortunately, they are not here. look over my children, you can see the drivers are making their way to the airport. i want to take you inside the airport. look at sfo and you can see it is moving look just fine. this is not the case yesterday but right now it looks like the line through security checkpoints are moving quickly. we did not see delays for arrivals or departures on the flight boards at sfo or on their website. last night, dozens found themselves stuck because of incoming and outpoint flights were delayed for hours. officials say that is because of the heavy wind and rain on-and-off all day yesterday. that happened to be on what they considered to be the business of the difficult of the year. the best thing to do is to plan ahead. >> i checked in last night and i was landing on coming become for
6:32 am
christmas and now that is another...mike next homework. >> after a tearful good bay she moved through security to board her flight and a spokesman at the airport tells me that year the sunday after thanksgiving is usually the busiest day at the airport with 140,000 traveler making their way through. i can tell you i have seen people get out no problems. there are no delays for departures or arrivals. people are moving. >> the storms brought a lost snow to the sierra, with skiers having fun here with the 9" of snow since friday. more is expected late tonight when another storm moves in.
6:33 am
>> you can see weather where you live with the apple app and google play which is free. we have more information at president obama will hold high level meetings about persian son at the white house include how to build trust between the police and the communities they seven. protests continue a week after a grand jury decided not to indict officer darren wilson in the shooting death of michael group. over the weekend, wilson resigned from the force saying he did not want to put other officers or the department at risk. would they accept me? would it be safe? there are many more resignations for the community to heal. the mayor said there was no direct threat against wilson but called the resignation a step in the right direction. san francisco police say they will have the final number
6:34 am
this morning on arrests and the amount of damage caused by ferguson protests on friday, a large group of people hit the streets to protest the grand jury decision in the michael brown case. it started out peacefully and some protesters were blowing -- blowing glass bottles. >> san francisco police found the gun used by a gunman after a shooting. witnesses say roy was in a crosswalk and he cursed at a driver and used the n word before getting shot. roy martini is described as a loud and cranky person but harmless character. >> he doesn't like white people some days. he accident like lack people some days. he don't like nobody some days. >> everyone knows roy. we all warned him, roy, you get to stop doing that, something bad will happen. martini has been released from the hospital and police are
6:35 am
looking for the suspects. a homeless camp in san jose is set to be closed for good and city officials want to permanently dismantle "the jungle," with 72-hour notices going up today. city workers will take down the makeshift homes and clean up the trash on thursday. >> san jose city leaders are set to decide on another controversial issue this week: tomorrow the city council is expected to vote on a ban on riding bicycles on sidewalks in the downtown area. bicycle riding on sidewalks is banned in san francisco and oakland. a state assembly man will take the first legal step to rename the waldo tunnel in marin county after the lake late robin williams. the legislation will be introduced to honor the comedian. 58,000 fans have signed a petition to name the tunnel for robin williams who committed suicide back in august. he grew up and lived in marin
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county. ready, set, click. the best deald on cyber monday can be found on our website. >> too many parents are making a small mistake with infants that can have grave consequences in a new medical alert. our weather and traffic will stay, during the commercial break. look at this backup: metering lights are on. be came. be came. stay--
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>> scattered showers on the peninsula and in the north bay. they have been sitting here over highway one and 101 north toward santa rosa and cloverdale, and it has been wet for you, as well, in guerneville so we are still anticipating more sunshine and a break in the action before the next big system headed our way. maybe a sure but wet pavement around 280 is the storm system that will impact us at 3:00 in the only overnight tonight. it will be a two-day event with rain and very heavy wind, possible flooding. today we are looking at upper 60's to nearly 70's and under partly cloudy skies and maybe isolated shower. right now we have a traffic
6:40 am
check, leyla gulen is off but we have all the commute information you need in the santa clara area southbound 101 you need to be aware there is an accident at the expressway with solo vehicle spinout so watch out. in walnut creek traffic is fine on 680 but getting slower and you can see the tail lights stacked up so wet roads and the fog lisa has been talking about so the visibility is not too great. remember, there is still the sig-alert on the dumbarton westbound headed into east palo alto at the high-rise so one lane is blocked there. be careful. >> as you head out to your car, gas prices keep on going lower and lower and analysts reveal if the relief at the purpose will continue. >> beneficial scouts entered the digital able the if you way you can buy the thin mints. >> stay in the know with remark and weather during the commercial break.
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the traffic is zipping along the golden gate bridge. might be a scatter scattered showers. showers. stay tuned.
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covering walnut creek, burlingame, campbell and all the bay area, this is abc7 news. >> 6:44. on december 1. monday. cyber monday. whether you plan on clicking or swiping, there are plenty of deals. amy hollyfield is in the newsroom. will you help us sort out the best deals? >> i have a good one right now, 40 percent is being taken off everything so websites are rolling out the sales and that is the prediction the best deals are teen now and 8:00 a.m. pacific time. today is the day to specifically focus on toy shopping. expertses say expect some of the best deal of the season today. toys 'r us has princess in me, $15 off. wal-mart took $100 off the trampoline. shoes are big. tom's is taking
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there is a lot gaining on in the this were weaker than hoped for sales over the weekend, and shopping fell 5 percent with total spending expected to be around $51 billion, down from 57 billion last year. analysts say the drop off can be partly blamed on sales that began way before the holiday. well matter offered online discouraged back in october. trading is underway on correct and a look, now, at the early numbers we can see the dow is in negative territory 17770. >> price of gas is down going at
6:47 am
50 cents lower today than last year this time at $2.79 for the national average. it is going to be better, with pries as low as $2.50 a gallon. probably not in the bay area. cheap gas could be a factor in americans feeling better about the economy. >> americans could be using the saving on gas for new and used cars. a report says the average amount financed for new and used vehicles is all-time highs with the report saying more americans are turning to leasing and extended loans in order to keep the monthly payment down. the average price for a car at dealerships has now risen to $31,000. >> we have an important warning for parents. >> a study shows too many infants are sleeping with blankets, pillows and unsafe bedding. the study was conducted by the national institutes of health and the federal centers for disease control.
6:48 am
guidelines recommend against this practice because it do leaf to suffocation. >> a last parents think they cannot sleep without a pillow or a big soft quilt and they think same for the baby but until a baby is a-year-old their in evening is not strong enough and they cannot roll so they are at risk with that type of bedding. >> more on the study is coming up on "good morning america" at 7:00 in telephone minutes. today is world aids day, dedicated to raising aware nervous the aids pandemic and mourn those would have died. >> the symbol is a red ribbon. aids had killed 36 million around the world by last year and 35 million are living with h.i.v. the were -- epidemic costs 2 million live as year. now we turn our attention to the weather, and early the storm
6:49 am
gates were wide over the weekend. >> much more as tuesday and wednesday is very half rain. we could see problems with flooding and possible high wind bring trees down and power lines because this system is going do bring in a strong upper low on wednesday. live doppler hd showing the bit of light rain from well up north to santa rosa and guerneville to highway 1, mill valley and along the coast and davenport. santa cruz, light showers but we are look at a dry day. low clouds and high clouds here and morgan hill is 49, and half moon bay is 61. today, ahead of the weather system, we are again for have a mild afternoon with temperatures in the upper 60's and, in fact, starting out mile, 54 in concord and live more is 50 with half
6:50 am
moon bay and from sutro tower the clouds showing the bay mostly cloudy this morning with an isolated shower is possible throughout the morning and afternoon showers but overall the bulk of day is dry with sunshine and here comes the half rain, tuesday morning, this time tomorrow and when, the low comes in with more heavy rain and the possibility of thunderstorms and very gusty wind. here is a look at lou -- how far it is for the rest of us at 800 miles and a weak ridge of high pressure so we will take you through the rest of monday which is dry and for tuesday, here we go, at 4:00 be the rain is still offshore and maybe some showers in the santa cruz mountains but that is where we will have the biggest problem with heavy rain. tomorrow morning, the rain gets going and it keeps going through noontime and by the afternoon, more heavy rain from the north bay to the east bay and i talked about the low pushing through with the gusting wind after
6:51 am
that. rainfall through thursday from three-quarters of a mile of an inch to a couple of inches in santa cruz mountains. today we are dry. it is mile. the snow levels will continue to lower through wednesday up to 2' with highs in the mid-to-upper 60's 70 in san jose and the look ahead, two days of heavy rain and a few showers on thursday and dry through next weekend. new detail on the we are learning one vehicle was overturned and multiple vehicles are involved in the crash and the number three lane is blocked and c.h.p. says expect delays for a while. they have a flatbed tow truck headed to the seen to get some of the cars out of there. outside, a look at san rafael and it is getting busy on 101 south to the tunnel and into the city of san francisco.
6:52 am
the roads are wet and there is fog. be careful. we are back with seven things to know before you go. >> first, the sun sandwich between the low clouds and the higher clouds and weather and traffic is up throughout the entire commercial break so you don't miss a thing. a remote that lives on your phone. more wi-fi in more places. a movie library you can take wherever you go. internet speeds that have gotten faster 13 times in 12 years. the innovators and inventors at comcast labs are creating more possibilities for more people every day. comcast. bringing media and technology together for you.
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>> it is 6:53. a look at eastern span of the bay bridge it is foggy and traffic is moving slowly across the span. >> right new whether you are just joining us or headed owe the door seven things to stranded people at sfo are hoping to get out after huge delays. the sunday after thanksgiving is the biggest day of year at sfo. >> scattered showers from the north bay and santa rosa and san rafael and down through the san mateo coast. we are looking at a few scattered showers but overall a mile day with temperatures in the mid-to-upper 60's and partly cloudy and chance of isolated shower. president obama. hold high level meetings of the ferguson crisis with protests continue a week after a grand jury decision to not indict a white police officer in the
6:55 am
shooting of an unarmed black teen. >> black friday deals could be over but the biggest days to shop online is cyber mop, -- monday, just getting started. start early and have a plan. retailers are calling it "cyber week," so look all week for deals. >> amazon is giving the world an inside look at the robotic army it is deploying to make sure you get your holiday gifts with robots working hard at the distribution center to pick up toys, books and other products. >> girl scout cookies are going up for sale online for the first time called digital cookie and expecting to increase the $800 million raised in annual sales. up the program, each girl scout has her own website which customers can access through an e-mail invitation. the program kicks off this month. a look at traffic, we see
6:56 am
the bay bridge toll plaza with traffic backed up because of the metering lights but fast track is moving through a legal faster and we still have a sig-alert on the dumbarton with the high-rise section, a vehicle is overturned and multiple vehicles involved and the public three lane is blocked and it could be that way for a while so keep that in mind . >> the rain is not often coming down. but that will change. >> by this time tomorrow we will have the rain that will last all day, right through when. >> we will keep track of the effect of that, whether it is flooding or trees. flooding or trees. >> thank you for joining
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good morning, america. breaking news. terror threat at home. the isis plot to get american soldiers and veterans here on u.s. soil. facebook and other social media users could be putting their lives at risk. winter wallop wind chill below zero all the way to texas. storms out west causing mudslides and snarling travel for all those returning home from the holiday. and wait until you hear what caused this mile-long line at one airport. miracle on the track. a dramatic crash as this race car slams into the wall at top speed. his teammates look on in horror. how did a racing superstar manage to get out of this alive? there's been an awakening. >> only on "gma," the force is strong w


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