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tv   ABC7 News 1100AM  ABC  December 1, 2014 11:00am-11:31am PST

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is december 7th. so call anthem today at 1-844-331-7996 to learn more or to schedule an in-person meeting. live from the kgo tv broadcast center, this is abc 7 news. >> cybermonday is on and in full swing. how are the digital dollars adding up? retailers are busy trying to cater to americans' ever changing shopping patterns. thank you for joining us. i'm cheryl jennings. >> i'm kristen sze. thanksgiving day shopping was down 1.8 million people compared to last year. abc 7 reporter amy holeyfield is in the newsroom. shoppers could have gone online
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instead. >> that could be the possibility, kristen. experts think cybermonday will be big, but it may not be as big as last year. one survey found fewer people planned to log on today, online shopping might be more of a season now. the deals are still out there. i've been searching them all morning and there are some good ones. the first thing you need to know this cybermonday is it is no longer a one-day event. some retailers like amazon are planning for several days of sales with amazon promising to add new deals as often as every ten minutes for the entire week. walmart says it will offer 500 new deals online every day this week. walmart is also hoping to help out you 9 to 5ers. the store announced its first ever cybermonday evening edition. watch for new deals tonight. you don't have to look far for sales, but here are items experts say you should focus on today. >> apparel providers and also consumer electronics and then health and beauty.
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those are the three categories i think we'll see the deepest discounts on cybermonday. >> reporter: also a day for toy shopping. usually the advice is to wait until right before christmas for the price slashing. but this year, we may see some of the best prices on cybermonday. toys "r" us took $15 off the princess and me 18 inch dolls. >> one of the hottest toys, anything frozen. this elsa snow glow doll for $28.88, this is the hottest toy of the year. >> reporter: trampolines are on sale, shoes are marked down. it can be overwhelming. retail experts say take deep breaths. >> there is so much noise around cybermonday and, of course, we're sitting at home, but we have access to millions of websites. my advice would be find a couple of trusted resources and go from there. >> reporter: don't forget the coupon code. they are out there. just do a google search for the store where you're shopping, it could save you even more money. reporting live from the newsroom, amy hollyfield, abc 7
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news. >> amy, thank you. you can go to our website, abc for a list of the best deals available today. there are hot items being sold by major online retailers. check it out at abc now. flights trying to land at san francisco international airport delayed by nearly 40 minutes now because of wind. that's according to flight aware. that isn't helping frustrated passengers trying to get home from their thanksgiving holiday. abc 7 news reporter nick smith joins us with more. nick? >> reporter: cheryl, things have gotten better. i want you to know there are more than 1400 flights delayed nationwide, 47 of those here at sfo, six have been canceled, experts are advising that if you have a flight leaving today, check before you walk out the door. >> i had no choice. i had to go and i had to get there no matter what. >> reporter: angela says her weekend of fun is over. it is back to the office. >> i'm traveling for work and we have an annual user conference that is the week after
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thanksgiving. >> reporter: fortunately for her, traveling today is a major improvement over yesterday. on sunday, nasty weather forced widespread delays of up to four hours and the cancellation of dozens of flights. today we're expecting about 125,000, so still a busy day for us. doug says successfully getting passengers in and out of sfo on time is the goal. the rain has stopped. departure and arrival boards are clear and travelers are finding the tsa lines manageable. but just like those moving through sfo, he says he and his team are also beholden to san francisco's fluctuating weather that can change on a dime. >> conditions are clearing, but we may see some delays locally. 45 to 60 minutes in range. >> i planned two months ahead maybe. >> reporter: after a tearful good-bye with her mom and dad, jasmine boarded her flight to so cal, anticipating holiday weekend travel delays, she booked months in advance, a strategy she'll continue to employ. >> i checked in with night and
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i'm currently planning on coming back for christmas. so now that's another -- like my next homework. >> reporter: according to the flight tracking service flight aware, flight delays across the country continue. the hardest hit, airports on the east coast. >> we're pretty used to rain in d.c. didn't seem look a big deal. but everything seems to be fine. so glad it worked out. >> reporter: experts say that weather will continue to be an issue here at sfo over the next two days. they advise you call ahead. they cannot, however, tell you ahead of time whether or not your flight will be delayed or canceled. at sfo, nick smith, abc news. santa clara county firefighters are still on the scene of a two alarm house fire in campbell that left one of their own hurt. fires broke out on villarita drive after 8:00 this morning. the intense amount of smoke billowing from the roof was captured and you can see the flames burning inside the room
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from the window. firefighters evacuated neighbors nearby in the home. no word yet on that injured firefighter's condition right now or what caused the blaze. you can see the skies were clear there right now. a lot of changes happening across the bay area. >> live look outside from our tower camera. you can see the wet weather has moved on, still some clouds, but blue skies as well. >> how long is this going to last? lisa argen is in for mike nicco. >> just throughout the day today, the sunshine anyway. our evening will be rather calm. but then the fun starts. here is a look at live doppler 7 hd where showers are moving from south to north. this will be dissipating throughout the afternoon. we have this to look forward to. the well advertised strong cold front with area of low pressure that is set to move over the bay area late tonight into tomorrow. last seen right through wednesday. so here's a look at the rest of the day today. but with a quiet overnight, we're looking at rain headed our
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way early tomorrow. i'll detail the timing and intensity when we come back in a few minutes. >> lisa, thank you so much. happening today, a san francisco supervisor is moving forward with his plan to fix the city's trade problems. just yesterday, tree busted the windshield of a taxicab. today, supervisors will request the state attorney begin preparing a ballot measure for 2015 or 16 to set aside millions of dollars for the city to take over the care and inspection of street side trees. the idea is not to let that burden remain on homeowners. the fallout continues from last week's grand jury decision on the ferguson shooting. >> a walkout at stanford university this morning. hundreds of students skipped a class and gathered on campus at 10:01 a.m., the same time the ferguson police officer shot and killed an unarmed teenager michael brown in august.
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>> president obama plans to meet with cabinet members and civil rights leaders today to try to help the country move forward. abc 7's eric thomas is here with more. >> reporter: topics in the meeting include a review of federal programs that give armored vehicles and military style weapons to local police. outside the washington beltway, the dispute over whether justice has been done in the michael brown case has moved to the world of sports. >> they acknowledge the events in ferguson. >> reporter: the statement from several members of the st. louis rams has unmistakable as they took the field with their hands up in protest. and protests continue across the country, nearly a week after a grand jury decided not to indict officer darren wilson in the shooting death of michael brown. >> what do you want? >> justice. >> when do you want it? >> now. >> reporter: these demonstrations show no sign of slowing, even after wilson announced over the weekend he's resigning from the ferguson police force. in a letter to the department,
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wilson wrote -- i've been told my continued employment may put the residents and police officers of the city of ferguson at risk. ferguson's mayor said there was no direct threat against wilson, but he called the resignation a step in the right direction. wilson told abc's george stephanopoulos he loved his job but it would be impossible to keep. >> you don't think it would be possible. you think they would accept me? you think it would be safe for me? >> reporter: the meeting of president obama, we mentioned earlier, will take place this afternoon. meantime, the head of the union that represents st. louis police officers is calling on the st. louis rams to punish the five players responsible for the hands up demonstration and he wants an apology from the nfl. ladies, back to you. >> eric, thanks so much. this afternoon, san francisco police are expected to release the final numbers on arrests and the amount of damage caused by ferguson protesters on friday. a large group of people hit the streets to protest the grand
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jury decision in the michael brown case. they started out peacefully but then began throwing glass bottles at police and breaking store windows. still ahead, free speech on facebook. the case before the supreme court and how it could affect anyone who uses social media. raising awareness one ribbon at a time. how the fight against hiv is going on the world aids day.
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look at this video. see that car? two men in china made a lucky escape this week after their car was swallowed by the sinkhole. surveillance footage shows the white sedan stopped in the middle of the road as it fell. you see the left front wheel runs right into the sinkhole. after the men jump out just in time, the car flips over into the pit. authorities say the sinkhole was caused by sand erosion beneath the road surface. >> good thing they got out okay. today is world aids day, a day dedicated to raising awareness about the aids pandemic. and to warn those who died of the disease. after 2003 -- i want to double-check that date. 2013, aids killed more than 36 million people worldwide. an estimated 35 million people are living with hiv. the aids epidemic cost 2 million lives every year despite recent access to anti-retro viral
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treatment. happening now, after emergency heart surgery last week, supreme court justice ruth bader ginsburg is back on the bench. the supreme court is considering the free speech rights of people who use violent or threatening language on social media. it surrounds a pennsylvania man sentenced to four years in prison for posting rap lyrics on facebook about killing his estranged wife, shooting up the kindergarten class and attacking an fbi agent. the man says he was just venting and never intended to actually hurt anyone. but a jury said the threat alone violated federal law. >> well, happening today, a republican aid on capitol hill said she will resign after making disparaging statements about president obama's daughters on facebook. some are calling elizabeth lauten's comments a taste of cyberbullying. she posted her remarks after sasha and malia obama appeared bored as they stood alongside their father as he pardoned two turkeys on wednesday. she wrote, i get it, you're both in those awful teen years but
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you're part of the first family, try to show a little class. she removed the post and later apologized for her comments. lisa argen in for mike this morning with a variable forecast. >> having all the fun, anticipating the strong storm headed our way. right now looks good in tahoe. look at the sunshine in the 40s. 7,000 feet by the end of the week. how about two feet of snow? we have got all this put together for you, telling you how much rain and when you can expect it coming up. lisa, thank you. also, coca-cola puts money where your mouth is, why the sodamaker is going to start selling milk. and it looks like a scene straight out of the movie big. this is far more impressive. wait until you hear what tune these toy store employees are having out.
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♪ ♪ it's a marshmallow world in the winter. ♪
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♪ ♪ if aunder a microscope, put we can see all the bacteria that still exists. polident's unique micro clean formula works in just 3 minutes,
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killing 99.99% of odor causing bacteria. for a cleaner, fresher, brighter denture everyday. amazon is giving the world an inside look at the robot army it is deploying to make sure you get your holiday gifts. amazon provided this video which shows the machine called kira working hard at its distribution center. these robots crisscross amazon's distribution center to pick up toys, books and other products. two employees at the famed f fao schwarz toy store are showing us how playing a giant piano is really done. ♪ two workers put on quite a show
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for shoppers. the giant floor piano was made famous in the 1988 tom hanks movie big. it is safe to say shoppers watching this performance were impressed. big time. a lot tougher than the one he played, remember -- i think it was chopsticked. >> that was a long time ago. >> a little tap dancing in the rain? >> exactly. we have a couple of days of some pretty big downpours headed our way. yeah. and more is to come. so we're excited about that. plus the possibility does exist for some low lying flooding and the winds will kick up as well. this one will arrive late tonight. live doppler 7 hd, in between systems now. you can see a little bit of shower activity down towards monterey, soledad, and had some in the north bay that will be lifting north and ending. a look outside from our roof camera where we have plenty of 60s. but morgan hill, lagging behind at 57. cool there.
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half moon bay, 64 degrees. oakland, red wood city 59. look from emeryville camera and definitely a pretty sky out there with mix of clouds and sun. 59 in santa rosa. fog as well as the east bay, so still cool with only mid and upper 50s in east bay valleys. we should get a little wind in there to mix out the atmosphere and bring those temperatures up throughout the afternoon. here is a look right now from vollmer peek. the rain arrives by sunrise. it will continue to pick up in intensity with heavy rain by tuesday afternoon. then a bit of a lull and more to come. so we're going to time it out for you. we want to show you where we have been since the last three days. we picked up over an inch of rain in milpitas, quarter of an inch in concord. nearly an inch in napa. ocean beach not doing too bad. saratoga and sunniville. nearly 80% of normal for much of the soth buth bay. weak area of high pressure ahead
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of this strong cold front and the associated low. so this is where we are right now. and slowly this front slides through the east, brings more cloud cover throughout the day. and here is what we can expect by 7:00 tomorrow morning. we'll see light rain. then moderate rain should pick up throughout the day. we look at after 12:00 when we see more waves of moderate rain. and by 5:00. couple of breaks here. wewe still have the low to comen through the overnight hours. winds pick up. look at wednesday. 7:00. got some heavy rain right through the afternoon. the evening commute is a washout. the showers keep going until thursday. so scattered showers in the forecast until early friday. still anticipating one to three inches around the bay. that's certainly good news. and in the sierra nevada we talked about the snow, up to two feet, snow levels starting at a high of 8,000 feet, lowering to 6500 feet. today, more 60s around the bay. 68 san mateo. palo alto, and temperatures will
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definitely cool behind the system and that's why we could see thunderstorms mainly off shore tomorrow. wednesday, we could see a few lightning strikes around here. then things settle down. quite a run it has been, don't you think? >> we need it. >> yes. >> ski resorts in tahoe. >> thank you. >> well, falling sofa sales prompted the company coca cola to dip its toe into a new drink. it is a healthy alternative to regular milk. if has a higher price tag too. right now it is only sold in test markets. the soda giant plans to launch it nationally in 2015. new details on 49ers head coach jim harbaugh's future with the team. espn is reporting his fate will be addressed after the season, not during. the raiders and new york jets are both interested in harbaugh becoming their head coach if he
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becomes available. analysts say harbaugh has not been showing the same interest, desire and attention to detail as in the past. the niners are 7-5 this season. third place right now in the nfc western division. well, still to come, it seems disney just won't let it go. >> what idina menzel, the voice of elsa, is revealing about rumors surrounding a frozen sequel. >> on the rachael ray show, a holiday spirit showdown. the property brothers compete to see who can make the best holiday decorations on a budget.
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a quick note on world aids day today. earlier we talked about the global impact of the disease. after checking with the world health organization, the latest figure from 2014 shows 39 million people have died since the aids epidemic began. in addition to community events, a number of retailers are donating a portion of their proceeds this cybermonday to aids research and awareness organizations. coming up on abc 7 at 4:00, changes in the way you pay for things. the trend of paying by phone during the holiday season, but does it work all the time? and the moment a shark leaps out of the water, the panic, the pandemonium, there it is.
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and who snapped that picture on abc 7 news at 5:00. it looks like the frozen frenzy is not over yet. the highest grossing animated film of all time is getting a part two. >> idina menzel who does the voice of queen elsa hinted a sequel is in the works. and she kind of backpedaled a little bit. no word yet when the movie might come out. in the meantime there are plenty of different ways to enjoy the megahit. >> kristen can sing for us. a broadway musical, a theme park attraction and a sing along dvd. >> i'm buying that. nobody wants to hear me sing. thank you for joining us. >> "who wants to be a
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[dramatic music] [cheers and applause] >> yo! whoo! ah! hello! welcome to the show. i'm terry crews, your new host of millionaire, and you can also see me on brooklyn nine-nine. [cheers and applause] today's first contestant says if he wins the million, he wants to hire me as his personal trainer. and for a million dollars, i will take it. all right? from wantagh, new york, please welcome matt klapper. [cheers and applause] oh! what's up, matt? come on in here, man. how you doing? >> i'm doing well. how are you? >> wow. you know what? you look pretty good--you're in good shape right now, man, but show--can you do a little pec flex? >> i don't know so muc


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