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tv   ABC7 News 600AM  ABC  December 2, 2014 6:00am-7:01am PST

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week is here. lisa is tracking the storm with live doppler hd and the areas getting the most rain right now. a look outside right now from walnut creek camera, you can see traffic is becoming up on interstate 680 and leyla gulen will have the traffic trouble spots. we have crews cross the bay showing you what to expect on this wet morning. the rain is not limited to the bay area, with precautions underway in southern california as homeowners gear up for potential mudslides. >> a hot is going on on tuesday, december 2. i thought it never rained on southern california. that eight is destroyed -- that myth is destroyed. >> we are getting drenched in the entire state with problems in santa cruz through the golden gate bridge and this is a look at the moderate rain and it has gotten heavier since so we are looking at up to-an inch in san
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rafael and live doppler hd showing the last three hours and right now san francisco to the north, and highway run, and the golden gate bridge and richmond-san rafael bridge and the reds are an indication of heavy rain toward lafayette, concord, and oakland, and moderate rain through milpitas and union city and 680 and 580 into the south bay and it and slighter but this is still through santa clara and sunnyvale and this is will heavy on the peninsula which the south bay is looking at the heavy rain coming up from the ocean. you can see the subtropical moisture will not get should off until tomorrow. waves of heavy rain continue and we will time out when the heaviest comes and how much you can expect in the next couple of minutes. i can attest to the fact it rains in southern california. here is a look at the bay bridge toll plaza with the same here, you can see drenched conditions as you make it from
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the east bay to san francisco and we have had solo spinouts and hydroplaning all across the bay area from the north bay into san jose and we have 53 incident s right now. i will have the update on the significant incidents in a couple of minutes. >> the wings are spread out. they are. now, coverage with amy hollyfield. what are you seeing in walnut creek? >> in walnut creek it is still amazing and has been raining for a up cough hours. -- raining for a couple of hours. it is not letting up. the water is collecting. this is north main. a little flooding already. we are just getting started. we still have a few days of this. this is what officials are worried about. we will get so much, so quickly, we will have to deal with
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low-lying flooding. the what news in walnut creek, we do not have wind. it is calm. it is still. we are not sighing trees getting knocked about or power lines coming down because trees can not handle the wind. however, officials are worried that tries cannot handle so much water especially because they are so dry and not used to this. there are concerned with so much rain coming down. because we have been in a drought for so long we cannot ignore the fact we need it. officials say though do not expect we will have long-term problems with flooding just low-lying flooding. the tips are to clean the gutters. if we get a break in the action that is something you could do. also, pick up sand budgets to deal with a few days of flood flooding. now a look at the north bay
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in san rafael where our reporter and photojournalist are this morning, with the roads are wet, and a lost ponding. nick will have a report at 6:30. if san francisco, this is from our roof camera at abc7 news you can see the roadway is wet. there is continuing rain. it is very slick. it normally is when we have not had rain for a while. be careful. we have hydro planing and many citizens. >> now the south bay, from san jose camera showing 101. the traffic is zipping along. that could be the problem. you can see the wetness. the speeds should be kept down. with the rain several communities are handing out free sandbags. at this location in walnut creek , you can fill bags.
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we have a full list of sandbag pickup locations at voluntary evacuations are underway north of los angeles for people living near a hillside that burned last year in the spring fire. there are concerns the rain could cause mudslides. crews have been cleaning up loose dirt that is clogging the drains. look at mountain is a beautiful sight. it is a threat until the vegetation returns. >> our house is not targeted to be hit. the street will be full of mud and we could not get out. >> many residents have stacked sandbags to chan you will run off away from the homes. part of the pacific coast highway is still closed after a mudslide on sunday. you can track the weather where you live on live doppler hd with
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the abc7 news weather app which is free on the app store or google play. we have more information at abc7 news cole/app. now the latest on the fallout of the ferguson decision. the poll shows available divide on approval of the grand jury decision not to charge white police officer darren wilson in the shooting death of black teen michael brown. >> 58 percent of whites agree with the grand jury decision $32 percent of hispanics agree. only 9 percent of blacks say they approve. our reporter has more on the obama administration's response. >> president obama is taking steps to address what three called the simmering distrust define police and communities of color on display after a grand jury decided last week not to indict the white officer who killed unarmed teen michael brown. >> when any part of the american
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family does not feel like it is being treated fairly, that is a problem for all of us. >> the president unveiled a $263 million spending package to boost police department training and reform including $75 million to pay for 50,000 small cameras police can wear. attorney general eric holder plans to unveil new justice department guidelines to enracial profiling. he spoke at the historic baptist church in atlanta. >> what we saw was a genuine investigation of concern and sox. >> the protests continue an the country. in new york city, in washington, dc, in wichita, kansas, and massachusetts. the coach of the st. louis rams defended the player whose took
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to football field with their hands raised, say they will not be disciplined by the club or the nfl. >> president obama vowed to follow through on all of this, to use his last two yours in office to "make things better." the rain is the top story. it is coming down hard. we will check with our meteorologist with the latest on who is getting the most rain. >> the heaviest rain is in the north bay and moving to the east bay with the reds and yellows, moderate-to-heavy rain in san francisco and the light of the rain is in santa rosa but concord and livermore getting hammered through lafayette and alamo and to the south it is moderate rain through union city, fremont, milpitas, so no one is getting a break. the peninsula, check it out, very heavy rain south of sunnyvale, it is moderate rain through san jose. in the santa cruz mountains, we
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have problems the train of moisture continues to feed up throughout the south bay and the peninsula and the north bay, the far north bay gets into the action later but not so heavy through guerneville and santa rosa. this low is still yet to come tomorrow, today and tomorrow, flooding and wind damage and thunderstorm possibilities and power out ages with our soggy ground. leyla gulen? we have 64 incidents. and counting. across the bay area. starting here with the golden gate bridge the rain is coming down and it is looking quiet. skit what is further to the north you can see we have this problem southbound side of the golden gate bridge with a car on the walkway. we need a crane to pull it out. you could see lane blockans and heavy drains -- delays through the waldo tunnel. and we have a spinout blocking a lane at spencer avenue.
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southbound 680 still has heavy backups with an early accident that is cleared that has gummed up the commute. as lisa said, we have treacherous conditions through the santa cruz mountains and c.h.p. throughedding for advisory so slow down the speed this morning and be careful. new this morning, addiction in america: an alarming new report reveals certain drugs are causing more overdoses than ever before. will another bush make a white house run? this morning, what jeb bush is saying about 016. we are watching the storm and this is live doppler hd in the corner. the big scene is showing you the backup at the bay bridge toll plaza. you can see these pictures you can see these pictures during the entire commercial
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covering walnut creek, burlingame, campbell and all the bay area, this is abc7 news. 6:13 and a look at the golden gate bridge. it is wet. north of this location a car has crashed on to the pedestrian
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walkway southbound 101. we will continue to follow that situation. it is days on the freeway. >> dangerous on the golden gate bridge and slick and dangerous here at the richmond-san rafael bridge as the cars are headed to the tolls. what they have in common is hazardous nature of drive. be careful. slow down. watch out for the driver next to you. we want to see your pictures of the rain. send them to twitter at # #whereyoulive. a disturbing number of death are related to prescription pain byes doubling since 1999 but deaths from pain pills tripled along with deaths from heroin. bill cosby's long relationship with his beloved temple university in philadelphia has ended.
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the 77-year-old entertainer has been a high profile booster and board member since the early 1980's. cosby is step down over accusations of drugging and sexual assaulting a string of women over many, many years. cosby has dough mid wrongdoing but does not want to be a distraction. students say they are not surprised. there is a bigger problem and if he can focus on that, it is a good decision. >> know if it is right but i am not surprised. that is everyone has to do. temple university has supported and defended cosby even during a 2005 civil suit filed by a firm university basketball employee would accused cosby of molesting her. former florida governor bush is close to a decision on whether to run for president in 2016. >> i am thinking about running for president and i will make up my mind in short order, not that
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far out into the future, i don't know the exact timeline. >> the republican spoke last night at the "wall street journal" c.e.o. dinner in washington, dc and want on to elaborate saying if he does decide to run, he says the priorities are energy policy that expands the use of the natural resources, fewer business regulations and an overhaul of the immigration system. he is, of course, the brother of former president george w. bush and the son of george h.w. bush. >> no word on whether the terrible accident on the golden gate bridge is related to the wet pavement but it is wet. >> north of the golden gate bridge we have pick up .1" the past hour bringing san rafael close to three quarter of an inch of rain since 3:00 this morning. the heart of the bay is getting hit hard with the rain.
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you will notice the north by, gunville, santa rosa, light are rain and to the south of upon tray but, this is the extra detection where the low pressure to the west is drewing in all of the subtropical moisture that keeps coming. concord, lafayette, to pittsburg, heavy rain. the yellow is an indication that moderate-to-heavy rain from san mateo, foster city, redwood city down the peninsula, and san jose is looking at good ray, -- good rain, too. through fremont and milpitas this continues through the morning. we will look for a break toward the afternoon but look at mill valley, highway one approaching golden gate bridge it is wet. the good news is the winds having kicked in, here is the light are rain you will see heavy rain later this afternoon in the north bay. you you could see a thunderstorm and here is gilroy and fog all
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over the place. it is a nasty morning. we will look if the break late day and the low still has to move in. that will bring another chance of thunderstorms tomorrow and another subject of half rain at 2-3' of snow. nothing happening in the sierra novato right now. we will continue to see it progress. one wave pushes through and another comes from the north, and close to three quarters of an inch in the north bay and san francisco had 1" since yesterday so there is the possibility of wind damage and gusty winds and more rain and we could get trees and power lines down. where is the break? nothing. we finally get a break in the evening. the morning commute is worse than the evening. tomorrow, we will do it again as the low and the colder air moves
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in. thursday and friday, still looking at scattered showers and a break into the weekend. leyla gulen? any good news? >> afraid not. we talk mass transit. you will want to avoid driving in this. ace train one is five minutes late and ace train five is on time. 53 bart trains are on time. because of rain, muni is suspending all cable car service so if you take cable cars or the lovely visitors to san francisco, you cannot use the cable cars today. for those driving to work, southbound 680 is packed up to highway 24. at the peninsula, to the south, we have a report of a tree the lanes and closer to 84 it
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meets up with 280. a wide view of san jose mostly it is slow and go with the exception of highway 87 as you approach 280 under fog with the advisory and 101 is packed up to the nimitz. here is a question for drivers, the car you have now, would you buy it again? >> "7 on your side" partners with "consumer reports" to reveal the cars people love the most and the models drivers regret buying. >> first, weather and traffic during the commercial break with the rain coming down and 20 done in in -- live doppler hd in the esurwhich means fewer costs, which saves money. their customer experience is virtually paperless, which saves paper, which saves money. they have smart online tools, so you only pay
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twitter@abc7newsbayarea or # whereyoulive. you can share your photos with our viewers. >> would you buy your car again? >> "consumer reports" has partnered with "7 on your side" to reveal the cars drivers lost and hate the most. good morning, everyone. "consumer reports" surveyed 350,000 car owners. here of the most and least loved cars. of 300 covered in the survey. >> ray loves his corvette and is buying another high performing stingray to take out. >> you are in the car and you hit the road, you feel great. >> "consumer reports" survey shows 95 percent of corvette owners say they would buy a corvette stingray again. >> making it the best loved sports car.
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mazda has 81 percent of mazda 6 owners would buy it again. mazda 3 owners are happy. >> mazda is on the rise with satisfaction because of the economy and drive experience. >> subaru is best loved for small and the highlander for mid-sized. the best loved car of all? tesla model s. >> 98 percent of owners said they would bay it -- buy it again. >> the me son versa is at bottom only 42 percent said they would rebuy. >> it is noisy. jumpy. the interior feels cheap. others at the bottom of "consumer reports" owner satisfaction, the jeep at 43 percent. and the kia rio at 46 and nissan pat finder only 52
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percent say they would buy the path finder again. >> hybrid owners are happy according to the "consumer reports" survey the honda accord hybrid is the best loved mid-sized. the toyota prius is best loved sin compact. the morning news continues at 6:30 with the top stories. >> we are on storm watch with early morning rainfall hitting the bay area and what on tap for the day ahead. if marin county i will show you what the rain is doing here for commuters in the north bay. >> speaking of the north bay, . .6" of rain in the north bay, and sfo picked up three quarters of an inch if three hours. this will go on for 36 hours!
6:27 am
i am leyla gulen in the traffic strong and that is the macarthur maze and the east bay with traffic slow and wet. we have 93 incidents currently. that is including solo spinouts and stalled vehicles and flooding and more.
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live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. at 6:30 a rainy and wet morning. live doppler hd is tracking the storm bringing heavy rain to the north bay. south bay. east bay. everywhere in between. pretty much all of us getting hit. thanks for joining us on december 2. i am eric thomas leyla and lisa. >> it has been heavy. it is only light in the north bay around santa rosa and guerneville and everyone else has heavy rain. this is lombard where you
6:31 am
navigate define the moderate rain, the puddles and the rainfall has increased so since 2:00 this morning we have been adding the totals at three-quarters of an inch at sfo. at lafayette and oakland and concord are looking at very heavy rain. the yellows are an indication of moderate to half rain. through milpitasç and to union city it is lighter. the peninsula is still moderate rain. lighter rain in san jose. we have possibility of thunderstorms increasing through the day. so many accidents. we have crested at 100 accidents right new in the bay area including accidents, stalled vehicles, flooding. those are the major culprits because of the flooding. stay in the middle lane because it pools. the golden gate bridge gonna shows traffic into san francisco and looking heavy but to the
6:32 am
north we have a car that skidded up to the walkway and a crane is needed to pull it out. as we head to the south from northbound is southbound, past "the tank." >> we continue our coverage with nick. leyla gulen talk about the pooling and this is it. this is how it should work, roll off to the side of the road and go into the gutters but this is not what we seeing in marin county. there are problems because the water is standing so drivers have to navigate that. i will show you a lot of the store owners in other areas of marin county dealt with the sandbag issue because they necessity how bad it can get and they want to be prepared. we don't want water in my
6:33 am
house. we are worried. >> we have to get the sandbags out. >> this is individual from last year when the flooding was just absolutely ridiculous and owners of the 2:00 a.m. club are hoping to avoid the worst. mill valley city officials are trying to get the attention of drivers as they have posted signs telling them to propose for the storm. back here i can tell you this is what we are seeing: i want you to look at the streetlight because it gives you an idea of whether we have been dealing with, the rain has not stop and it continues to fall, it will come down and we are monitoring the trouble spots. if you see something let us know. then we can get the video of it and let others know about it.
6:34 am
i will have the latest at o'clock a.m. >> from the north bay to the east bay this is walnut creek camera looking at interstate 680. you can see traffic is very slow with a last brake lights and hopefully everyone is safe this morning and keeping a safe distance as the roads are slippery. >> the bay bridge toll plaza shows the backup is there with ponding that usually happens headed to the fast track lane is be careful there. you will splash other cars if you drive too fast. some folks are filling the sand bags in the santa cruz mountains with several inches of rain in the forecast. this area often sees mudslides and flood, when the big storms hit. one area prone to flooding is an area where there are several homeless camps. the projected rain,
6:35 am
could refill the wells in area where there are mandatory restrictions. >> dangerous ficus trees have been trimmed because they are hop heavy and weak doing a lot of damage when they fall. last week one fell on a man in the mission district. public health officials are loosening the rules on the trees so they can be removed ears. the supervisor has a plan to set aside millions for the public works to resume care and maintenance of street-side trees. >> you can track the weather where you live on live doppler hd with the app which is free on apple's app store or google play and we have more information at >> the san jose city council could approve an ordinance banning bicyclists from city sidewalks. this is a touchy situation because san jose has been encouraging residents to ride bicycles more often.
6:36 am
some aggressive bicycle riders have been hitting the pedestrians and the ordinance forces bicyclists off the sidewalks on to the streets to share the roads with cars. avoiding cars is why bicyclists went on to the sidewalks in the first place. >> a last ditch effort to save a troubled east bay hospital with the board of supervisors voting today on two measures to help relieve the financial pressure on doctors medical center in san pablo. one delays a $3 million property tax payment owed by the hospitals and the other permanently waves $9 million in future repayment. the meeting is scheduled for this o at 9:30. a wish comes true for a bay area father paralyzed in an accident. the incredible journey he took and how neighbors came together to support him. >> first, live doppler hd is tracking the storm soaking the bay area right now and we will go back to abc7 news reporter to
6:37 am
see what the conditions are where you liver. >> as we head to break, check this out. san jose highway 101 traffic is moving well but the pavement is slick and you can get weather and traffic during the commercial break with commercial break with commercial break with
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where is it not raining heavy? up to santa rosa you can see the heart of bay area hit hard with heavy rain through concord and antioch and highway 4 but to the south, this is moderate rain through fremont and milpitas and slow and moderate-to-heavy rain and the peninsula has lightened up a little because it is not in the yellow but through morgan hill and gilroy and saturday martin look that is off to the southwest, that is more rain causing more problems. it look like it is pouring at the richmond-san rafael toll plaza and it is wet. to walnut creek i will show you this drive and see how slow it is because of this accident, westbound side of highway 24, to make it from highway 4 along 680 and up to highway 13 it will take you 41 minutes. that is two lanes that are blocked at 11 miles per hour is the top speed. further to the west, eastbound bay bridge lower deck at
6:41 am
treasure island a new crash blocking would lanes. thanks, leyla gulen, new this morning, rockstars to the rescue. bruce springsteen and other big music stars saved a charity concert. >> first, stay in the know on this stormy day with abc7 news now with the emeryville camera looking at 580 and the maze it is really backing up. we also have live doppler hd in the right-hand corner so you can see the storm activity in the bay area all this during the bay area all this during the commercial
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covering san jose, berkeley and all the bay area, this is abc7 news. back to our big story of morning, our storm watch coverage. all morning along. our meteorologist has been tracking the rain with live doppler hd. >> we will check back with lisa in a minute, but, first, back to amy hollyfield. you have been out and about in the wet weather all morning. how is it looking? >> it is relentless.
6:45 am
what has been amazing it has been coming down for hours and we have been watching four three hours and it is not easing. not wins. if anything it is heavier. you can see at the intersection where some water is collecting. just some flooding is happening. we are at north main street we are getting a lot. in a small amount of time. the rain looks to be here to stay. this is a nice lucky break so we are not watching trees tossed about or bringing tower lines down. we just dealing with at a lot r. it is soggy. those who are in it do not mind it. >> we have not had rain in a long time. i like rain.
6:46 am
the drought has us to the point we are looking forward for this and watching it but this much could cause concerns that trees will not be handle all of the weight of the rain. also, the low-lying flood, they expect this in the urban areas and we will have to deal with this today. give yourself extra time and take it slow. do not forget the umbrella. it is wet. thanks for at look at the east bay. now in san francisco, this is from our camera, you can see the raindrops are really coming down on the embarcadero and the traffic is moving at moderate speed which is the best add vase we can give you because of the slick streets. san jose 101 and a backup is forming. we will check with leyla gulen
6:47 am
in a couple of minutes and find out what is going on but we do have emergency lights so, yes, it is trouble. it is a problem. be careful. we would like to see the weather where you live send us your weather poe to and video at and you can post them on facebook or share post them on facebook or share them with us on twitter >> we are having waves of heavy rain and in the east bay, and then after that we get in the moderate rain and more heavy rain by midday. there is keeping things very, very dangerous because of the saturated ground and we will have wind and it will not end for another 30 hours. as we go ahead and check things out, in detail, you can see where the heaviest rain is from vallejo to 680 and to fairfield.
6:48 am
you started out with little rain and this wave is pushed over. now the west, it is lightening up but to the south we go into danville, 680 and san ramon, very wet, moderate rain here, across the bay, westward into san francisco, south city, san mateo, and, still, heavy rain around the area east of gilroy and santa cruz mountains are getting hammered and to the north, good moderate rain in the north bay but it is lightening up and a solid stretch of light to mad -- heads ahead of a surface low and a front that moves through we have fog, temperatures today are in the 60's and it is mild because this is a tub tropical fest and the slow is offshore with wave after wave of energy and we are anticipating problems, further problems with flood on the roads and the
6:49 am
possibility of trees and you add a thunderstorm today and tomorrow and that pushes in the gusty wind so at 7:00 you will notice the wave has pushed through and a break but look what happened by 11 o'clock or 12:00 more heavy rain in san francisco and the north bay and a break and the evening commute is better than how. at 9:00, showers and heavy rain overnight into wednesday and these values are verifying this morning with three-quarters of an inch and 1.5" on wednesday, and maybe 5" in the north bay. we have more scattered activity tomorrow and lingering showers on thursday and still, rain, on friday and looking dry. we will need it for the weekend. leyla gulen is cupping the accidents. you are well over 100. >> yes, right now, though, we have anywhere from 90 to 100 incidents that currently are on
6:50 am
the roads. the bay bridge toll plaza is busy. traffic is extending through the drops back from the maze. to get from the maze to san francisco it will take you to minutes so it is not anything unusual. as you can see from emeryville camera to treasure island, it is slow going but it is moving into san francisco so nothing in san francisco can slow you down. however if you leave the city to head into the east bay, we have a new accident and as you know driving in the rain as you head along the lower deck, the drops are 50 times bigger than normal. that could cause confusion as you make the way to treasure island. it could be scary. we have two lanes blocked because of the accident and heavy backup away from the city. i need to drop to woodside and show you this, a mudslide, with the saturated drown coming down and highway 84, and to the east, highway 84 there are downed
6:51 am
trees. treacherous conditions. trading is underway on wall street and we will look at the early numbers with the dow if positive territory, up almost 30 points to 1780. >> other business news, wal-mart was paid off with more discounted items in stores before the holiday and millions more online. wal-mart reported record online sales for thanksgiving and analysts say the early deals from mall wart could have affected the traditional black friday weekend numbers. >> this morning, a san jose man is proving courage, perseverance and community can overcome any many cap including paralysis. chris bergevin walked his two kids to school surrounded by members of his community. he was hurt when he dove into shallow water which last him
6:52 am
paralyzed from the weight down. he could not believe the support he got monday. >> all i did was walk my kids to school. it was one of those circumstances that ordinary became extraordinary just all community. you don't come across that. that kind of strength. that fiber in a community. >> chris knees $200,000 a year for his inhome care. his friends are determined he gets it. if you would lake to help we have putness on our website at we are back with seven things to know before you go but first, it is a wet tuesday and look at the bay bridge toll plaza drivers are dealing with slick conditions, and slick conditions, and leave live weather and
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with juicy, sizzly steak, stacked high with protein-packed egg whites, melty cheese and whatever else you love, like jalapeños or spinach - all on warm, toasty flatbread. subway. eat fresh. here are seven things to know today. the number one, right now, sfo is reporting nearly four hour flight delays because of the storm. it is a wet morning across the bay area as the third storm in a week moves through. people are sandbagging from marin to santa cruz counties. in the east bay they are clearing keys to keep them from falling down in the storm. number two, we are looking at the cold front pushing
6:55 am
through the bay area. the actual slow is going to move if later. look at the heavy rain from fairfield through vallejo through concord, and lighter at hair, fremont, westward on the peninsula, moderate rain through the north bay and we will see a little bit of a break after 4:00 and then it is heavy overnight. three, it is an awful commute with downed trees and mudslides and citizens involving solo spinouts and overturned vehicles and hydroplaning, flooding crass all the bay area freeways. take bart. we have 58 trains running on time ace trains 3, 5 and 7 but no cabling car service because of the flooding and half rain. >> three suspected looters have been charged with burglary after violent protests in oakland a week ago. the men are accused of forcing their way into a store and leaving with stolen liquor. they appeared in court yesterday. >> five players of the st. louis ram whose came on the field in
6:56 am
the "hands up don't shoot," gesture of the ferguson protesters are not disciplined by the nfl. the president of the police union wants an apology and believes the players should be punished. >> city council member liccardo is declared the new mayor of san jose after a review of the ballots found no errors in the counting. he receipt dave cortese with 51 percent to 49 percent of the vote. >> seven, bruce springsteen is a good front man standing in for bono last night as part of a free concert for world aids day. bono broke several bones in a bicycling accident in central park in new york that we have reported on. we continue on-line and twitter and facebook with an emphasis on weather. have a great day. have a great day. be careful driving out
6:57 am
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good morning, america. happening now. the arctic blast bringing a blanket of ice and snow to the east coast this morning. plunging temperatures and dangerous roads from new york to boston. while a storm out west has millions bracing for mudslides and flash floods. breaking overnight. shooting spree. the tow truck operator who gunned down four people in a small down. why did he do it? did he have a hit list? the dramatic end to the manhunt overnight. oh, geez, i think he clipped that guy. >> caught on camera, wild high speed chase. a suspect hitting 90 miles per hour on the streets, making a run for it with a different set of wheels. and the reality star behind the wheel of that truck who helped police take him down. ♪ with or without you bono is still recovering


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