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tv   ABC7 News 600AM  ABC  December 3, 2014 6:00am-7:01am PST

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live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. at 6:00, more wet weather for the bay area. the same storm continues to pound northern california. we will have mike and leyla gulen ahead with the effect it is having along with live doppler hd. an impressive light show cross the bay area. we have more of the lightning show that rumbled across the skies. a look at the bay bridge with the commute off to a soggy start. good morning, everyone, at 6:00. it is december 3. the entire region is underwater. meteorologist mike nicco is looking at how hard it is come
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down. >> leyla gulen said 60 accidents or flooding concerns. now, moving through the santa cruz mountains headed across the south bay the fiscal year half hour to 45 minutes. dublin/pleasanton has healthy moderate shower. and same in alamo. an hour this morning from 3:00 to 4:00 we had half an inch of rain in san francisco. with hail. it is raining right here and that will be the drop back to talk of the day planner with leveest showers and thunderstorms through noon we will have a chance of thunder from 4:00 to 7:00 but the coverage is much less with the heaviest rain falling this morning. morning. >> i don't
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headlights looking thick. powell street has a lane blocked because of flooding. we have flooding every are and the metering lights are turned on. we have heavy rain across danville with an accident at diabolo along 680. we have a brand new crash involving possible injuries in san francisco and it is a mess everywhere. drive safely and carefully and slowly. all of the above. what else can i say? >> we have serious consequences from the storm so we will get to our storm watch teach coverage. >> nick is in the santa cruz mountains where a big problem is occurring. >> rain starts and it stops. this is what we found when we
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got here. look at dramatic video we captured: the roof of the c.v.s. came crashing down after 2:00 this morning and immediately triggered store, fire, and burglar alarms. the preliminary stage of the fire district inspection suggests that continued rainfall causes standing water and pooling. a look may have rotted an end of a beach holding the roof and that combined with the weight and size of the ventlation same became too much and, bam, everything crashed. i specific to the manager on the scene. my phone rang and i called my store manager and said there was a possible roof collapse. we came out here to check it out the hole is big enough to drive a car through. the fire chief says they will
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keep the store closed if safety reason until the building inspectors can dress the damage and look. more rain is coming down i have found new information on those who have medical needs, they can get their prescription at santa cruz or other locations to pick up the medication. we have been hearing calls like this all morning. we are about to move around now to follow some of the fire department and see what they are dealing with out here. i will be back if about 30 minutes to tell you what we have found. >> we can hear sirens in the background. >> the storm is dumping a huge amount of rain in san francisco withstanding water, deeper a few hours earlier. high drifts and cars were nearly
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submerged and water is causing commuter problems, as well. >> check out street in san francisco. several cars were stuck because of rising water. no one was hurt. you can see the cars were partly submerged. one was almost completely submerged. >> the rain is affecting public transit we are talking muni, that sent out this tweet saying van ness is closed because of flooding. take surface transportation. van ness conducts sunset and castro to downtown. no doubt this be a problem for commuters. >> people in north bay saw lightning. we did on the way do work, as well. our crew shot this video before 11 o'clock with lightning on top of the wet weather that pounded the north bay all day.
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right now from the roof on our kgo camera looking at the embarcadero. it is wet. and the bay. the rain continues to fall. i found a lot of bonding on the embarcadero with many intersections flooded out because the water you splash can blind the driver next to you. >> as you can see things are backing up and leyla gulen is following this and will tell us what is going on there and elsewhere. there are a lot of accidents. >> more on the weather impact, a multimillion dollar erosion project to protect hopes is on hold. there is worry of mudslides after the king fire blackened thousands of acres a few months ago. crews want to drop rice straw to the worst burned areas to rocket the remaining soil but the heavy
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rain is keeping that from happening and contractors do not expect to resume work for a few months. the wet weather is not limited to northern california. winter weather is reaching southern california, as well, and triggered this rock slide in santa barbara. the public works crews responded yesterday to clean up the mess. drivers slowed but lanes on the road were passable. and this is one of many problems facing people in southern california this morning. here is that report. >> a tree cubs -- crushes a the sound of the falling tree is unforgettable. >> i thought it was thunder. i looked outside the window and it was a big tree on the street. >> was it terrifying? >> terrifying. very scary. >> several trees hit in the car through southern california. mud blow is a concern in one
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area with debris from the spring fire of 2013 coming into the retirement community causing evacuation. after dark the debris stops flowing. the back yesterday of this home is covered in mud. you can see the water left behind. the sandbags worked and the house itself is not damaged. >> i am totally pleased with the help that we got from the city and the sheriff and the fire department. they were just wonderful. >> residents are everjoyed to come home and the mandatory evacuations are over. >> it is hard to describe. it feels great. >> a nine mile stretch is closed after mudslides on the highway the it is fought clear when the road will re-open. >> downpours caused streets to everflow with several feet of water in some places making driving difficult. >> i enjoy it as much as i can walking but when i am driving,
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it is not so great. >> most celebrate the rare storm in the middle of california's historic drought. >> this has been dry and we need the rain. we need the rain but the problem, it is coming down too quickly. all at once. >> the ground is saturated and it is running off rather than soaking in so that is cause the urban flooding. that means highways, secrets, parking lots they all became lakes and rivers. i saw a car on the bay bridge hit something and the water flew everywhere and immediately i let off the gas and hit it but not like they did. they turned sideways. the richmond san rafael bridge from rip monday to san quentin moderate to half rain with a cell off the coast in ten minutes.
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and it will head up to novato and san rafael and in the less developed areas of eastern condition con and am -- alameda county you can see stronger rains. redwood city in 20 minutes will have the rain. and you can see the moisture coming up from the south and because of that we are going to have heavy showers. that is why we see this. this is 29th if san francisco, you can see the ponding. urban flooding. hud and -- mud and rock you can see the winds picking up this morning. from now through noon, we will have our best chance for losing power. hopefully you have good working windshield wipers, with the tread on the tires is good because it will be a slippery
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ride. we have had so many reports up to 70 incidents right now. mostly having accidents and stalls. there is flooding cross the bay area freeways. in san jose at 280 northbound side away from highway 17 is loading up. the drainage is in check. same here at 101. this is the drive in the southbound direction. up to 880, looking good. san jose airport, moving along without problems. we have significant flooding near the racetrack northbound and southbound highway 121, 20' across from east to west is where we have flooding. to the south a serious accident southbound 101 lying to leave san francisco we have a crash involving a car on its side so be careful. northbound traffic we had early flooding at mission at the extension. it is underwater right now.
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coming up, a diplomatic dispute involving the producer of a popular soap opera. is she qualified to be a united states ambassador? >> easing congestion on bart. a bold idea is under consideration by the transit board. the run of ebola. a patient is now under observation in the united states. >> we will have more weather and traffic all morning. we will keep these pictures up throughout the commercial break so you do not miss a thing.
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covering santa clara, san francisco, east bay, and all the bay area, this is abc7 news. 6:18. we have video of flooding in marin city. unfortunately for a driver, his car engine died as he drove through the water. a tow truck was standing by and the marin county sheriff diverted drivers to avoid the flooded street. we want to see the weather where you live, send us your weather photo and video at you can post them on our
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facebook page or share them with us at twitter@abc7newsbayarea. a patient is tested for ebola in boston and results should be available soon. the parent was admitted to massachusetts general hospital with ebola-like symptoms after traveling to an area where the virus is present. the patient is in stable condition and in good spirits but the hospital will not release other information. drama for president obama this morning after he picked a soap opera producer to represent the country at the embassy in hungary. critics are questioning his nomination of colleen bell for the ambassador for honoringary who is known for "bold and beautiful," and a major donor to the president's re-election campaign pulling in $2 million in campaign cash. >> she could not even name a
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single interest of the united states with hungary. >> she is someone that has had her own distinguished private sector year. it is not just colleen bell. since being re-elected he has nominated big dollar donors as ambassadors to two dozen countries. on a day like this, this is an intriguing thought: bart is considering a second transbay tube. the transit agency is exploring the idea of a second tube connecting alameda to san francisco south of market and richmond districts. a second tunnel allows for 24 hour service but as of right new it is just a study. construction could be decades away. bart could be a good alternate because the roads are very slick. a lot of hydroplaneing. coming across the east to west
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bridges we will find the winds so watch out for that much the only bridge that is safe from that is the golden gate bridge and the i woulds were gusting up to 30 miles per hour. you can see we have a healthy cell moving through the north bay but the coins are an issue so we will go to the graphic and i can show you the wind and across the street on the exploritorium or the unfurled plagues gusting 20 to 30 miles per hour and that is why over the next several hours until noon we have a good chance of power outages as the weakest trees from the drought will topple at 20 miles per hour wind in san jose and 22 at half moon bay and sustained winds are not gusts which could be higher. we have a lot of urban flooding and you can see the entire area until you get to the north bay at petaluma and napa south until
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at least 7:00 and that could be extended because we still have a lot of showers showing up upstream which is in this case to the south and west coming across the monterey bay to the south bay and coming out over the ocean and headed marin. look at that, heavy rain north of muir beach headed to san rafael. you can see the intensity of the rain and the brake lights headed south. look at the slow down as the heavy rain is moving on. that is good to see southbound travelers are headed to the golden gate bridge which is going do see a let up. when you get through that area it will be slick. showers and thunder are heaviest today. we said wednesday would be the worse day. light showers tomorrow and friday. the weekend is trending dry with temperatures close to nowhere --
6:23 am
normal. >> we have the greatest instability hooking with the upper level energy and we have heaviest rain. when that passes, the low will spin and move north and it will throw weaker waves as us so in the afternoon our intensity in coverage will drop and you can watch the yellow move away with just a last light to dark green showers tapering overnight so fog and drizzle tomorrow morning and tomorrow afternoon waves of light showers and tomorrow night through friday morning more fog because of the showers lessening and friday evening, you need an umbrella because a last look of wet weather from up to 2-4" in the mountain. the seven-day forecast, when it is dry on saturday, temperatures, still, are low-to-mid 60. >> flooding and debris is shutting down highway 84 and
6:24 am
this is where we have significant debris turning traffic around eastbound and westbound highway 84 shut down right now at pleasanton and sunol. you cannot use the road because of the water and falling mud and rock. to the west c.h.p. has issued a high wind advisory for dumbarton bridge with slowing there off the bridge and up to the peninsula. we have a brand new crash eastbound highway 92 to the northbound 101 connection a car on its roof with possible injuries involved and traffic is loading up headed into foster city. a look at the golden gate bridge we are further to the north in sausalito at highway one and we have a sig-alert thrown lanes three lanes are blocked. try to drive in the center lanes. >> now police arrested a suspected drunk driver after he jammed his cash between two fences on the pedestrian walkway of the golden gate bridge.
6:25 am
>> here is a photo showing the plus mustang registered to 22-year-old daniel soto of san francisco. at 5 o'clock a.m. yesterday he sped from the parking lot near the marin headland to the west sidewalk, hit the gas and got the car wedged in. no one was hurt. >> crews had to shut down traffic in both directions and lift the mustang and put it on a tow truck. it took five hours to accomplish. he was taken to the hospital with minor injuries and police arrested the man on suspicion of drunk driving. weather could be a factor but the primary factor is intoxication. this is a perfect example of what can happen. we have seen wrong way drivers that have caused serious citizens and now someone is driving on a sidewalk. it is dangerous. how is this for a coincidence? last may, he posted this photo
6:26 am
on facebook saying not sure if this is the official way to get to the golden gate bridge. >> when soto jammed the car it must have been difficult to get out of the car. >> you would think. >> you would think. we continue at 6:30 with the done stories. we are on storm watch and lightning rattling san francisco and beyond with more of this video of bay area skies getting lit up. >> rain causes big problems in the north bay with traffic trouble forcing light night commuters to divert. san francisco muni station is closed because of flooding. we will have the details ahead. we are tracking moderate-to-heavy rain through the south bay. actually, all of us are getting it. it will taper. i will tell you when the sunshine comes back. in the traffic center, i am
6:27 am
leyla gulen. the weather is giving car "pool," a whole new running. at walnut creek, it is stacked up. details on the treacherous details on the treacherous morning commute when we
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live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. good morning. on wet wednesday at 6:30. you can see how blustery it is with the camera being blown about. it is wet, as well. looking at san francisco getting drenched this morning. thanks for joining us. good morning to you. it is one of the eventful weather days on this december 3rd. we have leyla gulen along with mike. he will have the latest. >> the winds are picking up and that will be unfortunate the next couple of hours because we could get the trees letting go that have been stressed from three years of drought and they could fall over so power outans could be an issue. you can see the moderate-to-heavy rain, with no thunder, and no hail as moved through san francisco earlier but los altos has heavy rain
6:31 am
from the dumbarton bridge to the san mateo bridge the next ten minutes will be a heavy cell. but at san rafael we have heavy rain falling on 101. sir francis drake up to lucas valley road you can see how heavy the rain is south from san rafael down 101. heaviest rain and thunderstorms now through noon with the fastest wind and thunderstorms are possible but the intensity let up this afternoon through the evening. it is still going to be wet. >> leyla gulen the flooding reports are were positiving up. >> it is too difficult to keep up with each report. it is one after the other. i will take you to san jose where i can show you the traffic is looking heavy. 280 away from 17 but back to the golden gate bridge this is to the north and south of where mike mentioned the heavy cell of rain we are expecting, we have three lanes blocked, through
6:32 am
sausalito at highway one and 101 you can expect slow traffic and a lot of water. thank you. now our storm watch coverage, amy hollyfield is at the van ness muni station in san francisco. it is shut down? that is right. people are trying to get to work. they are surprised to find "van ness station closed due to flooding." they have standing water. the gate is closed. only workers are trying to take care of the situation. they have 1" of water. they say the tracks are fine so trains are passing through but it is not safe to stand in this area. they are worried people will slip and fall. that is causing problems for people trying to get to work. people settlement through the big downpour that happened
6:33 am
between midnight and 4:00 this morning so to wake up and find this...they did not expect it. i have been here a year so this is the first big storm...the city has prepared well but there is a lot flooding in mission. a lot of rain. this is the van ness muni station and not bart. it is not impacting bart. just muni. no word on when it will be re-opened. they hope to have an estimate of when they would re-open by thousand but i have not heard back. we will keep you posted. right now, do not plan on using the station right here. i see a worker emerging right now. do you know what time this will re-open, ma'am? it is opening now? she doesn't know. we will stay on it for you.
6:34 am
take this into your plans the muni is still operating so not as big of a hassle as we could face. you can catch muni but jut not here at van ness. >> we will await news on the re-opening. >> there are remembers for people in san francisco sunset district. look at this home at 15th with water backed up so high on the street the garage flooded. we saw this earlier in other areas. residents are trying to sweep out the water. daly city did not escape. this video of the drive along northbound 280 with the windshield wipers barely keeping up. drivers are encouraged to take their time. the driving rains are causing pooling and increasing the ring of hydroplaning. slow down. >> c.h.p. closed southbound 101
6:35 am
at lakeville highway off-ramp in petaluma because of 4-6" of standing water on the highway. the lane re-opened at 4:30 this morning as we were to come on air but some trucks and cars have been ignoreing signs all morning driving on the closed lanes. airport officials at san francisco international airport said anticipate delays because of the storm. it is that keep of week at sfo. yesterday, the weather caused delays and cancellations at san francisco international airport and last night there were delays of three hours after four-hour delay early in the day. 130 flights were canceled. oakland and san jose international airport experienced only mimer -- minor delays. people were treated to lightning across the bay area. >> what a treat. >> what a treat. this is from ocean
6:36 am
strikes over a period of half an hour. then it was gone. light rain followed. not much wind at that point. we saw plenty of lightning this morning. >> we saw dozens. i took a picture and posted it to and hopfully -- hopefully you post your photos. >> according to pg&e the biggest outage is in san francisco with 3,200 customers without electricity. mostly in chinatown. 1,000 customers have their power knocked out in fremont and vacaville has 463 outages. 300 are experiencing outage in san jose and los altos. it is just one those mornings. you can see the weather where you live with live doppler
6:37 am
hd and the weather app. >> it is free on apple app or google lay and we have more information on >> we have so much weather it is too much for one business with a roof collapse creating a big mess. abc7 news shows pictures of weather affecting you during commercial break. stay tuned.
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>> we are on storm watch at 6:40. we will talk about the winds because they are fastest now through 10:00. we are seeing the power outages and the flags on the exploritorium are unfurled as the winds are up around 20 to 30 miles per hour. even up to 35 at half moon bay. the fastest winds are 20 at san jose and 26 at napa. the trees will be falling. in yosemite we have scattered showers and a clap of thunder this southern california. the snow is falling in the sierra, 3-6" and you need chains on 88. you will need more chains tomorrow morning. that is all your information, i am sorry.
6:41 am
as we look at the richmond-san rafael toll plaza dangerous conditions today and it is wet. we have had hydroplaning and overturned vehicles and it is quiet and calm as you make your drive to the richmond-san rafael bridge. at highway 84 eastbound and westbound on the map we are tracking weather and traffic and the green is an indication of where the rain is affecting the commute at pleasanton sunol we have a should down of the road because of falling debris and water if the roads. chapes are required for 88 so up to kirkwood, along 80, more chains required. tough drive to the sierra. all eyes are on capitol hill. the looming showdown between a japanese airbag manufacturer and congress over a disputed recall. >> first, you will want to stay in the snow with abc7 news now looking at the bay with gorgeous
6:42 am
clouds here as the sun is rising but watch out for the storms moving through the bay area. you can see live doppler hd on the upper right-hand corner of the screen. we will keep that up for you we will keep that up for you during the entire commercial
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>> covering novato, oakland, sunnyvale and all the bay area, this is abc7 news. it is 6:45. we continue our live coverage from southern california. >> reporter from our sister station kabc has information on the threat of mudslides keeping neighbors on alert. >> on alert but they feel like they have dodged a bullet. you can see the sandbags. there is debris. they got stuff coming off the hills. a lot of sand and gravel. but they have managed to contain it and keep it in the roads and out of people's homes and yards. crews were out here making sure all drains stay clear. that is the big worry. they want did keep the out of the cranes. they have not seen a lot of debris coming off the hills and it is because while they have seen a lot of rain it has been slow. it has been steady.
6:46 am
a couple of months ago they had a heavy downpour and they saw problems. as long as they can avoid that residents feel confident they are going to be okay and the city has done a lot of presentation and you will see a lot of rails into the neighborhoods, a lost steps are taking to keep the folks safe. they feel confident. we are not getting any rain right now is that helps. a chance to dry out. residents hope it stays that way. if not, crews are prepared for the worst. back to you in san francisco. thank you, jon. the same story that first hit the bay area yesterday is state bringing us more rain as a new wave showers continues to move on shower. >> we will continue our coverage right now. meteorologist mike nicco is tracking the rain, but, first, we will check with nick in the santa cruz mountains where a roof collapsed. this is the first time i
6:47 am
have felt comfortable taking my cap off. this is the reason why we are talking about this much needed break. this is video from this only of the cool collapse at the c.v.s. in downtown came crashing down after 2:00 a.m. immediately it triggered store fire and burgla awards. it could have been the water weight combined with the ventilation system that placed too much pressure on the roof. >> not surprised. >> not surprised. it is an old roof. >> look at the roof, you can see the hole is absolutely huge. the fire department says they will have to keep the store closed for safety reasons until building inspectors can assess
6:48 am
the damage. a look at more rain coming down just heavy with the downpours that only now have recently taken a break. i can tell you it looks like the sky is still included over for whatever reason the rain has stopped but this is what they will need when they go inside to try and figure out what they can do. we do know today the store will remain closed and scots creek location is open as is the santa cruz location so anyone who may have had immediate needs with medication can go to one of the neighboring stores. they will be accommodated. i spoke with the manager about that. in santa cruz for abc7 news. we have an update that leyla gulen is working on, on the van ness re-opening. but right new we have a lot of flooding. >> especially in san francisco where we see most of it. there are builts that are seeing some of the wet weather, too, as
6:49 am
we go through the worst of it right now. you can see on live doppler hd the last push is going to be the hard of the push and the most dangerous and damaging push as we are seeing, also, or not see the power out powerages. if you are listening to us or watching on the radio, you can be up to date on what you need to know. the winds are kicking up and are fastest now through noon but at a level that could cause damage from noon until 4:00. they will taper quickly in the evening. you can see the tower is bouncing around because of the winds gusting up to 30 or 35 miles per hour. flood advisory until 7:00 and another 10 minutes and that should be extended but that is the weather service calling that because we have plenty of showers moving through the south bay and you can see santa clara valley, san mateo, alameda, contra costa, san francisco, all
6:50 am
the way to the north bay from petaluma and south is where we will have the best chance of flooding. the storm pulls away from novato moving across lakeville highway and this is a heavy bit of rain that will hit sonoma in less than 14 minutes. we do have light-to-moderate showers across the rest of bay and heavy rain pulling out of, say, cupertino, headed to sunnyvale and mountain view across 237 and at 101 if you are familiar with twin creeks the softball and baseball complex is where it is raining heaviest. this is how it looks at 280 and 17 and slow, the rain is falling in a good clip. showers are heaviest today and waves of light showers. now a look at the cold front coming through and we will have the heaviest rain with weaker america and we will have
6:51 am
numerous showers and possibility of thunder after the cold front passes which is around noon. you can see it tapering in intense difficult and coverage from 5:00 overnight we will have lighter showers and fog is a possibility tomorrow and lighter waves of showers tomorrow, and tomorrow night is less and moring for on friday morning and friday afternoon you will see another public of wet weather. .5" to 1.5" possible and 2-4" in mountains by friday evening. low-to-mid 60's each day in the seven-day forecast with the dry of the day saturday, tuesday and a lesser extent on sunday. leyla gulen? >> we found out the van ness muni station in san francisco should re-open at 7:00 a.m. that is according for the spokesman because of early flooding. muni back on track with no delays. we have 59 trains rolling on time. san rafael drive along 101 headed in the southbound direction we are still seeing
6:52 am
floods and to the south i will show you that in a moment but, now, the golden gate bridge is moving along nicely ambassador from marin to san francisco and no delays in the inbound direction. we do have a sig-alert: southbound 101 at highway one because of the flooding in the roads so slow three lanes blocked. it will be a squeeze throughout the north bay into san francisco. 6:52. we back with seven things to know before you go, but, a look at san francisco international airport with long delays again today. call ahead if you are fly out or super bowling someone. super bowling someone. stay tuned.
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6:55 am
north of novato with waves of the of the heaviest through 4:00. spent more flooding and more power outages. berkeley drive from highway 4 to the toll plaza into san francisco, the drive will take 52 minutes. usually it takes 40. we still have flooding. and high wind advisory. you can see the green on the ma with -- on the map with the flooding along 280 in the southbound direction at 87. >> clean up is underway at the c.v.s. pharmacy after a roof crashed down and officials say it looks like too much standing water caused the roof to collapse. building inspectors will look at the damage and see if there is a way the store can open for business today. bart first will be at berkeley station to talk about ways to keep bicycle secure
6:56 am
on-and-off the trains and remind riders of the bicycle rules. bicycle theft is a problem if the bay area. >> we are weighing for the results of test on a patient in boston suspected of of having ebola. the doctors say the party is stable. >> we are minutes away from a showdown on capitol hill define a japanese airbag maker and the u.s. government. takata refused to comply with demonday for expanded recall of the potentially explosive airbags. company executives are set to appear before a house of representatives subcommittee at 7:00. >> that is it for the newscast. we continue on-line, on twitter and facebook and all million devices. there are so many traffic and weather issues and we will keep you posted all morning. see you in 25 minutes.
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>> good morning, america. on the edge. record-breaking rain wreaking havoc on roads. power knocked out in an airport. mudslides force people from their homes, and the deluge not over yet. florida state firestorm. the biggest star in college football, forced to answer sexual assault allegations from a fellow student after an emotional hearing. will the university take action after prosecutors declined to pursue charges? holiday travel alert. this explosive new video reveals a hidden danger inside the cargo hold of many passenger jets. the warning this morning about all of those batteries that power our cell phones and laptops. ♪ i'm coming for you is there a justin jinx? the sports fans who claim you better believe it.


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