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tv   ABC7 News 600AM  ABC  December 4, 2014 6:00am-7:01am PST

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live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. >> coast to coast demonstrations against a grand jury decision involving a liver and his chokehold resulting in a man being killed. the sinkhole that is getting national attention is still open. crews are trying to patch it. we have the overnight effort to get the neighbor back to remain noal. live doppler hd tracking what is last of the storm that seconded the bay area the last few days. expect precipitation this morning. what about the days ahead. >> while you think of shopping day, leyla gulen and mike will give you the conditions outside. >> you will still need an umbrella especially tomorrow but today we have light showers show
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up on live doppler hd and the southwest wind with the humidity hanging around and so will the chance of scattered light showers as we thread throughout the day. to the south bay you can see the nice waves of light rain with no flooding from the showers. but 280 at 17, it is wet this morning in the mid-to-upper 50's cooler than yesterday morning. light showers through the afternoon and low-to-mid 60's and it will turn to a little drizzle in the evening. dress for mid-to-upper 50's. >> fewer incidents shopping up on the computer. >> a welcome sight. this is berkeley westbound, 80, the headlights looking thing as you make it to the maze. at the pays we have one accident eastbound 80 at the westbound 580 connection which is a solo spinout. speaking of san jose, you can see 101 pulling away from 880 up to the san jose airport you will not be late.
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in the news. >> don't shoot. don't shoot. don't shoot. protesters in palo alto and san francisco and oakland hit the streets angry after a new york city grand jury decided not to indict a white police officer using a chokehold owner risk garner an african-american man who dayed. first we will take you to new york city on staten island with pore on the reaction. carolyn? this is where the deadly arrest took place in july. candles have been lit, a sign is posted we we as people here and across the country react to the grand jury decision. >> if new york city, protesters blocked part of a major highway facing off with police in protective gear some marching through the streets of midtown
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others lay on the floor at grand central station with the arrest caught on tape a white new york city police officer putting garner, an african american, in a chokehold as he tried to take him into custody. police confronting the unarmed father of six would suffered from asthma for selling loose cigarettes. the medical examiner ruled the death a local side caused by compression of the let and chest but a grand jury has decided officer did nothing illegal. [ inaudible ] >> less than two weeks after the decision in ferguson, protests again erupting across the country. president obama addressing widespread anger for a second time and attorney general erect hold are announcing the case is not over yet. >> i am here to announce the justice department will prewith
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a federal civil rights investigation into mr. garner's death. the officer at the center of the case issued a statement saying "i feel bad about the death of garner with condolences rejected by his widow." >> i do not accept the apology he is feeding his kids and my husband is 6' u.s. >> 83 aways were made overnight but protests overall did remain peaceful. the police officer remains off the force and could face discipline. in the bay area, the c.h.p. says officers are prepared after 200 protesters shut down highway 101 in palo alto. >> don't shoot. don't shoot. don't shoot. >> they blocked both directions
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of 101 off university avenue for ten minutes if reaction to the grand jury decision. stanford university students organized the profits and c.h.p. along with palo alto and east palo alto and menlo park police moved in and cleared the freeway. local protests broke out in san francisco and oakland. the voices of manners filled air of downtown oak moving toward city hall at 9:00 people. oakland police say a few bottles were thrown at officers but were mostly peaceful different than after last week's ferguson, missouri, grand jury decision. protesters hit the street in los angeles. this is video from overnight. it appears this demonstration stayed peaceful. in missouri a state senator is getting attention if this tweak saying and i quote, "do we have the kkk infiltrating police departments throughout america."
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he want on to say if a statement that everyone has a right to be angry when young african-american men in the country are dying at hands of law enforcement. >> we will have continuing coverage on the grass decision on -- grand jury decision and the chokehold fallout. "good morning america" will have wrapup of the decision and fallout at 7:00 a.m. >> other news we want to take you to florida, the launch of orion on hold for the third time this morning. >> it is still on the launch pad. you can see cape canavaral with the space capsule scheduled to launch after 4:00 this morning two hours ago and the first will not happen because of a boat in the area and then there were wind gusts so there was another hold and this hold is because of a problem in the fuel valve. it is possible this could be scrapped all today.
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we will see. the flight window will close at 6:45 this morning and orion one day could take astronauts to mars. >> if the when closes they will have to reschedule. meteorologist mike nicco has been telling us, the worst of the storm to hit the bay area is over but the cleanup remains. a huge sinkhole is open in san francisco in the inner richmond district and you can see crews have remained on the scene all might and it is not cher when the hole will be patched up. amy hollyfield joins us with this story. >> it is huge. seeing this makes residents nervous. workers are worried, too, watching to all night to make sure that no one gets near it. the street gave way yesterday as a driver's tire hit a previously patched up piece of asphalt and it opened. the driver is okay.
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residents are scared and frustrated saying it feels like the city has ignored a problem. this is couples with a very old sewer system and it is not a good combination. >> when the sewer pipe collapsed with the storm water, not sewage, storm water, when it collapsed it pulls or sucks the road into it and that compromises the street and lets the water pipe hang there, exposed. >> residents have been through this before. in may of 2013 they dealt with this sinkhole. residents say they think it is time to pay serious attention to lake street. the supervisor agrees and wants to see the street evaluated. as far as this hole crews are not sure how long it will take to repair. you can always look at live
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doppler hd and see where the rain is on the smart 15 or tablet and all you have to do is download the weather app there could be rain on sunday for the 49ers game. we check with meteorologist mike nicco to see if that will happen. >> the best chance is in the north bay. right now the game is going to stay dry. this morning we have a hard time staying dry with the humidity and the fact it is turning into light rain from alum rock through downtown san jose and willow glen and to saratoga and los gatos and los altos hills and mountain view all the way headed over to freeway and another spot around napa and american canyon headed back to big bend. those are the hot spots so far this hour or right now. fells in the mid-50's to 60 in mill valley so the north bay is run cooler but mild by december
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standards. 60 in redwood city is the standard. san rafael shows the fog is here, the rain looks like it has tapered for now and light shows are still in the forecast for all of us today pus of the humid air and upper 50's to low 60's at coast and low-to-mid 60's for the rest of us. moving forward you can see sutro tower showing a cloud deck that will yield showers and tomorrow we have showers and storms and flooding and heavy rain with a brief shower on saturday morning and sunday is dry. >> because of the rain we have the last couple of days the cable car service is scrapped. today it looks live the cable cars are running again with the exception of the mason line which is down and shuttles are provided for service physical they can get the cable car back in service. as we look at the bay bridge toll plaza remark is loading up and metering lights are on and we are at 15 minutes to get from the maze to san francisco. walnut creek southbound 680 is
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busy as you get closer to main up to 24 it is slow going. we have a new crash southbound 280 at saratoga no san jose, a skipout is blocking one lane and it is quiet. no delays. for sunday's football game, the 49ers and the raiders, we are already wearing the silver and black to billion it out. >> you could think the flu shop is protecting you from getting sick but it may not be the case with a just-released warning from the centers for disease control. >> a stroll are saved when a toddler strapped in a stroller rolls down the train platform right on to the train tracks. >> more weather and traffic all morning and the maze shows traffic is bunching up. we will check with leyla gulen
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covering fremont, palo alto, north bay, and all the bay area, this is abc7 news. you are looking at cape canavaral, where the orion spacecraft was supposed to launch at 4:00 a.m. our time but it has been delayed three times. once because a boat sailed into a security area and was removed. once for the wind. now, for a valve that is being fixed. if it is not fixed by 6:4 they will have to scrub the launch for today. a toddler if a stroller is seen rolling on to the train tracks on tuesday in australia. here is the replay of the frightening scene, a man believed the grandfather looked away when this happened. the stroller rolled down the platform on to the tracks and the grandfather jumped down to save the little girl. bystanders helped out.
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the toddler was saved and suffered facial injury. the centers for disease control is warning the flu shot you got to fight the virus may not work as well as you think. according to the centers for disease control the vaccine is fought as effective against the strain of the influenza virus because it has mutated. half of the influenza samples checked and analyzed from october through november were different than the virus strained included in the vaccine. >> centerses from is saying get the vaccine. that is good. it should provide some protection. here is what they are saying. if you are in a high risk group doctors recommend in 48 hours of developing flu symptoms you start on anant flu medication for children under two, people over 6 a and people with medical problems like heart disease and lung disease and you develop the systems call the doctor and get them medication. chief health and medical editor will have much more on
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"good morning america" at 7:00. there is some guesswork in the followlation but it is better than nothing. you cannot plan for mutation and now watching up with dry conditions out there. >> yesterday was another record setter for rain but today we still have chances, better chances tomorrow and more chances nbc week as the next 7-14 days wetter than average. the winds are the big story fought because of the speed but how they are blowing from south to north. they are not beginning to be as gusty as yesterday. they are pumping in moisture and you can see the winds less than ten miles per hour and most areas on live doppler hd and the winds have led to patchy fog. one mile in santa rosa. concord continues to improve and
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you are up to 4 at half moon bay stuck around three and no delays at sfo. the area of low pressure responsible for showers to the north and the heavy rain is with it. we will have light scattered showers on live doppler hd coming from southwest to northeast throughout the day today and an area that is raping the most is on 280 and 17 with the most is on 280 and 17 with flashing lights. and light showers today, with showers and thunder and local flooding tomorrow afternoon, and light showers lingering on saturday but dry and bright on sunday. the cold front is moving to the west and that is the lifting mechanism that brings the buoyancy needed. right now we have top position
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right now we have top position -- drizzle and more fog tomorrow. by noon you are okay. after the lunch hour, the waves of showers developing with yellows and oranges and possible locally heavy thunderstorms with small hail and localized gusty wind. wind. we will have .1 to the mountains. saturday afternoon and sunday, dry and sunday evening, rain. the rest of us get rain on monday. a break on tuesday and wednesday and low-to-mid 60's all seven days. good eye.
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in san jose a solo spinout in the center divider and the flooding lights southbound are the tail lights headed to 17 and it was just reported further to the south near saratoga avenue but it is near the connection and the headlights have been spun out and facing the wrong direction so c.h.p. is there hoping no one was injured. san rafael shows the drive is foggy in the southbound direction up to 580 and the traffic is slowing smooth and to the north you have a stalled vehicle southbound highway 101 it is heavy delays through petaluma approach lakeville highway. it is now 6:20. donating to charity seeps simple -- seems simple. >> michael finney partners with "consumer reports" to learn tips you should necessity before you
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>> the end of year is approaching so many people will donate to the their favorite charity. where is your money really going? >> good question. "consumer reports" has partnered with "7 on your side" to reveal with "7 on your side" to reveal tips to know before you give. 40 percent of charitable credits are made if the last few week of the year. how can you determine if a charity is worthy of had earned dollars? "consumer reports" has important advise. these days the mailbox is probably stuck with solicitation from charity but watch out. "consumer reports" found some charities spend very little on the causes they promote. >> for instance, in the latest i.r.s. feelings 9 cancer survivor's fund reported it spent only 8 cents of every particular on the programs. 89 cent went to fundraising.
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>> another increasingly common way to give is buying from companies that donate part of the sales to charity but the company gets the tack deduction. -- tax deduction. >> be careful with impulse giving. it is hard to determine how much goes to the charity. in this line at macy's nearly all do not specify which charity benefits or how much of the money is donated. own one, the pink santa, says where the hundred goes and how much. scum consumer -- "consumer reports" says you have to do him work. two free watch sites including better business bureau let you know how much money charities give to the services and programs they support. and how much is for administration and fundraising. >> your favorite charities may not be rated because they are too small or too local. what doesn't mean you should not give but do more research.
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>> check out the charity website to see the mission and accomplishments and consider volunteering first. is a great way to ask questions and get to know the charity from the inside. >> another way to go, give to a nonprofit fundraising federation such as unite the way, committing out the charity it represents before allowing them to participate. the morning news continues at 6:30 with the top stories. >> we are watching the kennedy space center in florida. this is the orion spacecraft. there are only 18 minutes remaining in the launch window otherwise the launch will be scrubbed. there could be more protests after demonstrators shut down part of highway 101 in palo alto. a look at live doppler hd
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showing scattered light showers and fog for the morning and heavy rain and thunderstorms are possible as we head into the weekend and next week. in the traffic center, san jose along 280 flashing lights are off to the right side of the scene and that is an accident on the shoulder with traffic in the northbound direction building and we have a couple of problems . here's some news you may find surprising. we're for an open internet for all. we're for creating more innovation and competition. we're for net neutrality protection. now, here's some news you may find even more surprising. we're comcast. the only isp legally bound by full net neutrality rules.
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live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. this is the kennedy space center in cape canavaral, florida, where the orion spacecraft is on the launch. we have a new launch time of 6:44 but if they cannot get the launch going by that time they will have to scrub the launch for today and reschedule. we will show you that launch as it happens if though get it off on time. good morning, thanks for joining us.
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they have wind gusts but they have to look through the entire layer of the atmosphere. we have gusts, put is strong as yesterday but pumping too much moisture into the air and the air is giving it up in the form of light showers between the dumbarton bridge and 237 on the salt flats to saratoga and los gatos and milpitas and fremont and dublin and san bruno and millbrae and from san rafael scattered in nature until napa and our thickest fog is quarter-mile at fairfield and three-quarters of a mile in santa rosa. there are breaks in the cloud cover with scattered light showers and low-to-mid 60's for showers and low-to-mid 60's for the better part of the day. here is san jose with flashing lights on the right side, c.h.p. is on the scene of a car that spun ought blocking the far last
6:32 am
lane. everything is pushed to the shoulder. we have all lanes open and the northbound traffic is looking busy and that is walnut creek stagged up from highway 4 to the 24 junction so busy conditions there and 15 minutes gets you to highway 24 in walnut creek. now the news. developing news of the fall intermediate from a grand jury decision in new york city not to charge an officer in the chokehold death of eric garner in july. protesters are angry over the decision and they hit the streets and are promising to do it again. that includes protesters here in the bay area. we are in palo alto where they stopped traffic last night. they did. traffic is moving this morning. last night it was a different story.
6:33 am
protesters marched on to highway 101 shutting part of it down bringing traffic to a standstill and 200 demonstrators marched from university avenue on to the highway 101 on-ramp and into lanes of traffic. they blocked lanes in both directions with drivers stuck, the officers let the group know they would be arrested if they did not get off the highway. alumni organized the protest upset with the grand jury decision not to indictment the officer who put garner in a chokehold. >> we cannot be heard or not be seen. business cannot go on. >> we came on the scene as they got to the freeway and our resources were deployed to keep them off the freeway and ramps to keep them safe. >> police did not make arrests in palo alto and the entire protests lasted two hours but demonstrators were on the highway only for ten minutes. this is one of self protests
6:34 am
happening in the bay area. >> demonstrators filled the streets of oakland for the fourth time since the ferguson grand jury decision. this time bottles were thrown but it remained mostly peaceful. >> they marched to city hall with scenes with a emergency message "black lines matter." >> protesters parked the cable cars and police are prepared for the possibility of more protests tonight. the decision not to indict the officer parked a round of protests in new york city. demonstrators blocked the streets of times square and held a die in among other spontaneous events. the scene was similar to the reaction in many cities after ferguson, missouri, events with
6:35 am
a police officer was not indicted for the killing of michael brown. >> now a look at the new york papers' coverage of the grand jury decision. that is the "new york daily news," "we can't breathe, grand jury clears choke cop." >> the tabloid rival "the new york post," "it was not a crime." we will have continuing coverage of fallout from the death and "good morning america" will have more at 7:00. video of a suspect shortly before being shot by an off-duty san francisco officer. yesterday morning, witnesses say a man who appeared homeless walked into a business and after an altercation the man threw coffee on a woman and a barista
6:36 am
chased him with a baseball bat and the man want into an apartment building and he tried to rob the police officer and investigators say this was life or delegate struggle for the gun and the suspect was shot once in the cleft and is in critical condition at san francisco general. storm watch coverage conditions with repairs continue to patch up the big sink hole? san francisco and we will go to the scene. >> the late actor paul walker at the center of a hollywood heist? what these two when took and the search underway right now. >> the bay bridge has traffic stacking up and the rain is not coming down right now at the moment but you will want to stay tuned because we have weather tuned because we have weather and traffic up dug
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start your morning offak, righthite and cheese: with juicy, sizzly steak, stacked high with protein-packed egg whites, melty cheese and whatever else you love, like jalapeños or spinach - all on warm, toasty flatbread. subway. eat fresh. coming up on 6:40 and we will look at the rain. we all have a surplus. the rain was more impressive than i thought. i thought we would catch up and get a little bit ahead but how about 2" ahead in san jose and
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1.75 in oakland and 2" in san francisco. that is great for the area but up to this date we still need to keep getting more rain. we have scattered showers and the entire state is going to get wet or have frozen stuff falling on higher elevations. low-to-mid 60's and upper 60 around san diego and los angeles and you can see the snow falling in the higher will vases and we will do it on saturday and mop. the car pool lane is looking slow from the bay bridge and the rest of the traffic is sluggish approaching the macarthur maze and at the bay bridge toll plaza it is standing still. we are at 15 to 20 minutes from the macarthur maze to san francisco but the car pool lanes, of court, with three people are more, that is a good idea. over the altamont pass we have drizzle over a 80 but we have a couple of pothoes repaired one at perhaps line area.
6:41 am
we are still on the breaks from the westbound direction. it will take you 36 minutes. to the kennedy space center in cape canavaral, florida, the launch scheduled for 6:44, in three minutes, it has been scrubbed. there were a series of problems including weather-related, a boat in the and you area and there were valve problems. again, the launch has been scrubbed today and rescheduled tomorrow after 4:00 our time. coming up, canceling christmas. can you believe it? >> these parents took the holidays away from their children. first, stay in the know with abc7 news now a look at san jose
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and 101 track with the roads still wet. we have traffic and weather during the entire commercial break. over a million californians have out of reach for far too long. health insurance. how? they enrolled through covered california. it's the health insurance marketplace where you'll find
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>> covering los altos, antioch,
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petaluma and all the bay area, this is abc7 news. welcome back on thursday morning. in san francisco, public works crews are still dealing with a problem last over from year's rains. a big sinkhole opened in the inner richmond district and this is not the first time it has happened. our reporter is near 6th and lake street. it is huge. look at this thing. look the at crews keeping a very close eye on it. they are watching it, too. they spend the night here. they paid sure no one got near this. the intersection is blocked off and it will be for a while. this hole opened up yesterday a tire fell through a patchedup spot in the asphalt. the driver is okay. residents say they have been trying to avoid that spot on lake street if weeks. pow they feel frustrated. >> scary thing is, will it be me next or who is next? >> the city knows there is a
6:46 am
remember but have done nothing. >> back if may 2013, look at this, another think hole and the supervisor says he thinks it is new time to take a look at the entirety of lake street. residents say though agree it is time and they are hoping this is properly repaired and not quickly patch up. they are up nerved at lake. formals say at this point they don't foe how long it will take them to patch this up. this morning, two women are accused of stealing $30,000 worth of items from the office of paul walker's former manager and friend making their way into the building in hollywood five minutes after the office security guard left on sunday morning. the women took a hard drive that contained photos and voice mails
6:47 am
of children and friends including the actor. sunday was the one-year anniversary of his death. trading is underway on wall street. on the big board right now we see the dow is off 30 minutes down to 17882. spending on health care is slowing down. officials at the centers for medicare and medicaid services say initial spending grew 4 percent the lowest increase in 53 years. spending slowed for private insurance and critical services but accelerated for medicaid and prescription drugs. the title for the next james bond policemen -- film is "specter." the last was the most successful in its history taking in $1 billion at global box office. this movie is a blast from the past it was the name of bond's
6:48 am
past it was the name of bond's first enemy in >> we know how the brunch stole christmas but a utah christmas is canceling the holiday. >> their three boys have been fighting a battle with entitlement acting up so they of not grateful for what they have. here is that story. >> how many parents threaten if you are naughty, santa will not come. i never hear parents following through. how did they react? >> they cried. >> you had a tantrum? >> she wrote about it causing a (difficult among parents outraged accusing her of being meanwhile others praised her for teaching kids about the true meaning of christmas. the money they would have spent
6:49 am
on presents will go to helping others. that is a polarizing issues. >> the kids will never forget that lesson. so i should not go "cheers." >> what a grinch. can you steal the rain away? ♪ you are a mean one." >> boris carloff, what a voice. >> high dad is the grinch in the family. >> we watch that every holiday season. can't wait to see the comments on facebook. a lot of comments about the rain with more coming. walnut creek is wet, the streets are, the highways and interstates but right now you are seeing drizzle with live doppler hd showing to the west, lafayette is getting wet weather and that comes up near check
6:50 am
correct and pleasant hill and concord. we have another batch through dublin and sunol grade and fremont and hayward and to 237 and mountain view and moffett field and sunnyvale to los gatos and a shower rolling over sfo but no delays with light scattered showers across the north bay and they are lighter in intensity and more widespread than this morning. you can see it moving from southwest to northeast and that is the case. we will have pockets developing of cloud cover adding to the instability of the moist flow acting upon that. so we will have light showers and there is no big cold front and in energy source with showers on friday afternoon and evening and locally heavy rain and flooding and another cold front comes law and showers linger on saturday morning and dry and private on sunday. the low pressure and the cold front is moving away but on the
6:51 am
back side of it we could not clear out the humid breezes so we keep the threat of showers. the radar returns show how numerous they are and how few they are headed to the evening and overnight, drizzle and moring for than this morning and less showers than this morning and by noon, get ready, light through 6:00, and then, light-to-moderate rain to locally heavy with showers and stormses and possible thunderstorms through saturday morning and by noon we will start to see a clearing. up to three-quarters of an inch possible if the lower will vacation and 1" in the santa cruz mountains and 2" in the north bay mountains. saturday afternoon into sunday, dry, and sunday night in the north bay to the rest of us on monday get another chance of rain. tuesday and we are dry and next thursday and friday, another super soaker could come our way and temperatures in the low-to-mid 60's each day. we will take the lull as we
6:52 am
can get it. yesterday at this time we had in excess of 60 incidents mostly citizens. this morning we are down to 15. as we look at san jose we have a bake in the clouds and traffic is looking heavier so big problems this morning is congestion with no accidents. a couple. but not too many. nothing too serious. southbound we had an early solo spinout on the way and traffic is light. as we continue our view there those san jose we have a new accident northbound highway 87, it is causing a lane to be blocked and delays headed away from highway 85. talk about congestion, it is packed at richmond-san rafael toll plaza but crossing over the water it will only take you since minutes. to the east the drive along 880 through hercules is at 32 miles per hour and we have the accident westbound highway 4, one lane is blocked trying to be
6:53 am
cleared on the shoulder. we back with seven things to know before you go. >> first, a look at the bay bridge toll plaza with traffic stacked up. we will keep weather and traffic up for you during the entire commercial break so you do not miss a thing.
6:54 am
whether you are just joining us or headed out the door,
6:55 am
public one, san francisco work careers do not know how long it will take to repair a huge sinkhole when a car tire punctured a temperature cap over a sinkhole that was only part of the damage brought by the wednesday storm if the bay area. >> we have too much moisture in the air and it is causing fog at santa rosa and four miles visibility in concord. we have scattered light hours and even some sun. mid-60 at coast and low-to-mid 60's for the rest of the us of the conditions so much better this morning than yesterday, but it and still busy with congestion at the bay bridge toll plaza at 15 minutes to get across through to san francisco and walnut creek has congestion building up to highway 24. the c.h.p. says it is ready if the event of more demonstrations after 200 protests briefly shut down highway 101 in palo alto. they were demonstrating against
6:56 am
a grand jury decision to not indictment a new york police officer in the death of a man who was put in a chokehold. >> a large homeless camp will be shut down this morning and officials plan to permanently dismantle the homeless encampment nopes at the jungle and 72-hour notice want up this week directing people to remove themselves and their belongings by today. the centers for disease control is washing -- warn the flu shot may not work as well as you think. they said the flu vaccine is fought as effective against the influenza because it has mutated. nasa will try tomorrow to launch orion which was launched this morning three times before being scrubbed. it is the next phase in space exploration designed to take trips to mars. >> see you in 25 minutes with more news and weather and more news and weather and traffic during "good morning
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>> good morning, america. breaking overnight. anger in the streets. massive protests across the country after a grand jury decides not to indict a police officer for the death of this new york man. taken down by a chokehold during an arrest. hundreds of people flooding streets. shutting down highways. dozens arrested. eric garner's family calling for calm and for justice. >> how could we put our trust in the justice system when they fail us like this? flu alert. a new warning about the flu vaccine. why it might not work against the current strain of the virus and what you can do to protect yourself right now. i'm a bus driver, driving down the interstate, all of a


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