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tv   ABC7 News 600AM  ABC  December 9, 2014 6:00am-7:01am PST

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in the pentagon. it is 6:00 on tuesday december 9. thank you for joining us. leyla gulen is here and meteorologist mike nicco is over there, and we will look at the profit and how much time before the rain. >> we have 24 hours -- no, 48 hours. in 48 hours the heavy rain will move into the north bay so we have flash flood watches. they start at 4:00 a.m. on thursday morning to 4:00 friday morning. that is what will happen initially with the storm. this morning, live doppler hd shows plenty of fog in the north bay and the east bay develop. this is how it looks over san francisco. we have our own fog starting to roll in the exploritorium showing low visibility. the next 12 hours are mild, mid-to-upper 50's close to the normal high in the low-to-mid 60's at noon and mid-to-upper 60's at record high at 4:00 and
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after dark, still will be mild in the mid-to-upper 50's with you have you may need the goggles for the fog. >> we have lights on, on generator power after the bridge went dark. we have light here, and i looks like the traffic is moving along swiftly. on the bay bridge the traffic is busy coming in from the maze at 16 minutes from the east bay to san francisco and this is are we are having problems westbound highway 4, two miles visibility indicating how dense the fog is. at highway 242 we have a two-car crash so possibly a result of the heavy fog blocking one lane. another big story beside the impending storm is i-80 was shut
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down by protesters last night in the largest numbers yet of alleged police brow facility -- brutality cases across the country. amy hollyfield is in emeryville with the arrests. >> a big protest. the big problem was here on 880. here is why you were stuck in traffic, c.h.p. arrested 150 people last night for blocking 880 in both directions in the berkeley area. the people are being booked into jail in dublin. the interstate was blocked for an hour and a half and according to the c.h.p. some protesters threw rocks and other items at the officers as they tried to move them off the interstate. there was a woman stuck in traffic if labor. an ambulance took her to the hospital. on the city streets of berkeley, police made nine arrests.
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this was no property damage last night from the protests. there was no destruction. there was no looting. 1,500 people showed up to protest last night. another protest is scheduled tonight. organizers land to -- plan to target the berkeley city council meeting and hope to shut it down. protesters gathered in new york last night to demonstrate against alleged police brutality. groups chanted "hands up, don't shoot," if they were in brooklyn. others lay on the ground with symbols of chokehold. >> lebron james and others at the center wore "i can't breathe," t-shirts before the game. it was to show solidarity over the deaths of michael brown and eric garner. the nab --
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be no fines. >> there are new documents from the investigation into the death of mile brown at hands of a white police officer. according to the "los angeles times" the documents include dramatic sounds of police radio and a recording of the gunshots and it includes partly redacted transcripts of fbi interviews with witnesses and the federal autopsy that matches two other early autopsies. we are devoting a full week of programing to report on race and justice in america. watch if coverage on "good morning america" and "world news tonight," with george stephanopolis holding a session on the issue on facebook in a live session. the most power of storm if a number of years is moving into the bay area. the bay area. later this week,
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>> here are some businesses that have seen this before so they are doing what they can to get ready. we were here last night and we had a chance to see department of works doing their thing. look at the video shot south of market and the mission street area of san francisco. the city is getting a jump on preparations and the department of public works has filled sandbags and delivered them to businesses that flooded before they have cleared storm drains and trims low-hanging branches and asking residents do their part by sweeping sidewalks and drives. >> when the contains come if there is a big accumulation of debris, the drain is clogged and then you have localized flooding. this part of the street is reason to flooding and business owners are not taking any chances. we were least last night when
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some does what they could to put barriers if place to block the water the manager for a online clothing company moved boxes from the floor because last week they had $20,000 in damage to equipment and merchandise after water got inside. the city expected to give away more than 2,000 sandbags and if you want some sandbags pick they will up at the department of public works operation center where they have plenty of bags, but, again, they want everyone to sweep the drives, sweep the sidewalks and make sure you get as much debris out of way sow news caught a backup. thank you, knick. -- nick. >> avoid driving in the outside lanes of the freeway where the water pools. never drive in standing water because you do not know how deep it is. replace the windshields now rather than waiting for after the rain and when the wipers are
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on the headlights have to be on, as well. in response to the drought, there will be recommendations to purchase federal water and raise rates. the agency will continue the second purchase of water and a 14 percent sure charge and increase call for customer conservation much the agency called on people to cut back water use voluntarily by 10 percent. they will raise that to 15 percent starting in january. house republicans are expected to vote on a drought relief bill for california farms. the effort would allow agencies to divert water from northern rivers and reservoirs during the rainy season and send it to farms in the valley. the bill faces an uphill climb to be considered in the democratic-controlled senate. white house advisors have recommended that president obama veto the bill if it reaches his deck. >> you talked how the storm coming will be the wettest. can you say how wet?
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anywhere from 1-3" in the lower elevation. possibly up to 4" and then in the mountains 4-6" with localized areas of 6-8" and maybe a foot in one or two remote areas. as far as visibility you can see we are still two in concord with the fog coming through the tell have a -- through the delta community. as far as temperatures in the south bay low-to-mid 50's. 52 in alum rock. 56 in sunnyvale. los gatos and milpitas and 56, as well. san francisco is at 60. average high this time of year is 59. so you are warmer than that. temperatures today are nearly record highs especially the bay mid-60's to 70.
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the coast is 62 to 67 from the north bay to the peninsula. 64 to 67 inland. tomorrow, another day to get ready with clouds and when the sun sets, it is stormy thursday and a lesser extent on friday. the latest details are just ahead. in san jose, fog is not a concern and 101 at 880 travels are clear and accident free as we move to 87, this drive, also, slowing and we have a few extra cars making their drive beyond the tank. we had a hit-and-run at 101 but it is not blocking any lanes. this crash just cleared to the shoulder and they took the cars off the freeway westbound highway 4 at 242, a two-car crash that blocked one lane gumming up the commute with a solid backup from pittsburg to bay point. you have 35-minute drive away from antioch to concord.
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tracking the weather and traffic you can see the area in orange along highway four, low visibility. continuing the drive to petaluma it will be slow and to san rafael we are at top speed, but, still, under fog and as you cross the golden gate bridge, the travel is light. however, kgo could be a concern. coming up, a violent attack inside a synagogue. >> today is the day, an explosive report on torture explosive report on torture techniques by >> we will show you how president obama did when he took the chair on the colbert report last night. >> abc7 news now is looking at the toll plaza toll getting jammed pack. we will keep weather and traffic were through the entire were through the entire commercial break so you do not
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♪ >> covering santa clara, san francisco, east bay, and all the bay area, this is abc7 news. welcome back, it is now 6:13. a hand who stabbed a student in a synagogue is dead after being shot by police. the confrontation happened at
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1:30 at a temple in brooklyn. the 49-year-old attacker refused officers' orders to drop a knife and was shot one. the 22-year-old stabbing victim is in stable condition and is expected to survive. so far police have not released any motive. >> embassies and military bases around the world are bracing if violence over a report out today detailing c.i.a. torture used again al-qaeda detainees after 9/11 from the senate intelligence committee and is described as graphic. it details waterboarding and other methods of interrogation that the c.i.a. used on al-qaeda day tableees during the the -- detainees during the presidency of george w. beneficiary. >> whatever the report says if it diminishes contributions to our country it is way off base. these are patriots. >> it is expected to show they
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lied to the white house and the congressional oversight. >> president obama turned the tables on colbert last night during an appearance on comedy central. he tube the show to washington, dc and the president took it over. he delivered a decrease in place of his word segment. >> nation as you know i, stephen colbert, have never cared for our president. the guy is so arrogant. i bet he talk about himself in the third person. >> the president also foreclosed -- also poked fun at the launch of the health care. >> he said you have employ add lot of people mostly as secretary of defense. >> children in the bejing that are at risk will have greater abscess to more services after a
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fundraiser at at&t park for holiday heroes turning the ballpark into a winter wonderland. we were joined by 49ers alumni and created the ultimate holiday experience if children. >> we have had families coming for years and just ho can come. it means everything. it keeps me going during the more difficult and challenging times. >> sports heroes sign autographs and posed for fans including raiders defensive end and soccer legend. the fundraiser will help finance at least two junior giants leagues. >> well done. >> that is a lot of baseball playing. congratulations for taking part
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if that. >> it is amazing. now a check on the rain. i mean weather. >> that is all we can thing about. >> a few sprinkles in the north bay with fog and otherwise it is quiet the next 48 hours. but on thursday morning, that is when the floodgates on in the north bay and the high surf comes in as quickly as tonight at 10:00 through 4:00 a.m. on friday morning and coastal north bay we could get waves with rip currents and sneaker waves. the winds are the difference between this storm and the last couple we will have sustained i woulds for 24 ours from 10:00 on wednesday to 10:00 on thursday night and up 20 to 30 minute gusts at 40 to 60 and that will give 9 back -- the weak trees and limbs and it could do roof damage and take the power lines down and we could use power during the storm.
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here is our flood watch from 4:00 a.m. thursday morning to 4:00 friday morning, there could be increased risk of flooding in low-lying areas and roads and parking lots. what is the difference between a watch and warning? watch mean we are preparing you. warning means it is happening. take action immediately. >> we will have warnings out in the system. be prepareed. the system today is north of us so we are mostly cloudy and dry 101 and 880 in san jose and it will be warm before the storm with record highs today and tomorrow and muggy for us, with clouds and foggy at night. the heavy rain and large surf on thursday and a lesser extent on friday. high pressure is priming the moisture pump, the wind at 175
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miles per hour jet stream, this wave and this wave will spin up at the bottom of the trough and make the cold front to deal with. it has been five or six years since we have dealt with this. the showers through wednesday evening to midnight on thursday and then here comes the cold front, warm air and cold dropped with thunderstorm and when is the last time we saw red over the top of heart of the bay area by nightmare and evening showers during the commute and 3-5" in the santa cruz mountains and the lower will vases 1-3". the seven-day forecast shows dry and warmer-than-average today and tomorrow. stormy on thursday into friday. saturday and sunday are dry and monday we have rain again. >> with the macarthur maze
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have problems at the toll plaza at 15 to 20 minutes to get to the city. we have a new crash a one wrong way driver at willow avenue and moments ago the driver possibly crashed into a big rig so one lane is blocked eastbound 80 at highway four. we are trying to get more clarification and traveling westbound direction you are not affected. what is affecting the commute is trafficking weather and traffic with the fog over highway 4 headed into pittsburg there was an early crash approaching 242 but it gums up the commute. we are 48 minutes from antioch to concord and 49 minutes tracy to dublin with fog in the area. northbound and southbound 680 at alum rock is re-opened after police activity shut it down. now we just have the usual slowing to the nimitz.
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welcome back. plenty of us were shill holiday -- plane advertise of us will ship holiday gifts the next few weeks. which are best? >> "7 on your side" has partnered with "consumer reports" to find out. here is michael finney. good morning, everyone. the holiday season is the shipping season. how are all the big shippers doing? here is a "consumer reports" survey. >> the packaging store don hears plenty of worries. >> the biggest complaints are the condition of a box when it arrives. >> packaging that showed you
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damage was a problem for half in a "consumer reports" survey. the most common complaint was high shipping fees. to fine the best deal shopping expert checked out rates for the united states postal service, federal express and u.p.s. we compared basic price to ship three-pound package from new york headquarters to texas. we shipped it three ways, standard overnight, second day, and ground shipping. >> the postal service was least expensive every time. for example, the rate for second-day delivery was $12. fedex and u.p.s. were more than $630. another gripe, valuable packages left outside happening to half and four in ten have had a, pa acknowledge go missing. >> if you ship valuable items consider insurance. with u.p.s. and fedex, you are automatically covered pore $100. >> the post office insures most priority maim express shipments
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for up to $100. >> you can always buy additional insurance if the item is really expensive. a final complaint? 55 percent say a package want delivered when promised. don gives customers some simple advice. >> to get it on time, ship early. >> the postal service says to deliver by next the last deadline is december 23 for express service. the morning news continues at 6:30 with the top stories. >> getting ready for the next big storm with preparations taking place in the in the bay and the poll impact on local businesses. >> c.h.p. made more than 100 arrests lat night -- late night. we will show you what happened coming up next. high surf and i wind damage. we have everything coming with the next storm.
6:27 am
i will give you a timetable coming up. in the traffic center, i am leyla gulen, the lights are back on with the golden gate bridge. we have had problems running on generator power so it will go off intermit. ly. we have heavying for over -- heavy fog over highway 4. heavy fog over highway 4. more
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live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. good morning at 6 pock -- 6:30 on tuesday. a look at san francisco international airport and despite the conditions meteorologist mike nicco checked and said there are no delays. he is checking again to make sure. yes, still okay but it will be a different story no doubt on thursday. i am kristen sze. >> i am eric thomas alongside leyla gulen and meteorologist mike nicco. i am surprised there are no delays because of the cloud cover. they could be developing later than last couple of mornings. we have light rain in the north bay.
6:31 am
santa rosa hat .05" of light rain the last six hours. too much moisture is being pumped into the atmosphere and it is turning into sprinkles because it is lifted by coastal mountains. the rest of us have a lot of fog. walnut creek shows the fog southbound along 680 headed to 24 and the shown valley. sprinkles to the north and mild with temperatures in mid-to-upper 50's close to our normal high and nearly record highs at 4:00 and a comfortable evening in the mid-to-upper 50's. without the rain fog could delay the traffic. what do you see? >> it could have contributed to an accident further north of walnut creek in concord along highway 4. that accident has cleared but, unfortunately, it destroyed the commute and you have a 45 minutes from antioch to concord. no fog here just heavy traffic with stop-and-go traffic across
6:32 am
the san mateo bridge at 15 to 20 minutes. a new crash involving three vehicles blocking a lane in san jose northbound highway 87. expect delays. thank you. in the news this morning, at 6:32, pregnancy and protests. the scene on interstate 80 shows a woman going into labor on the road when stuck in the huge backup caused by protesters angry over alleged police brutality. firefighters met her on the side of the freeway at 10:30 in berkeley. she was put on a stretcher and taken to the hospital. >> protesters walked on to 80 last night making their way between stopped cars and frustrating the drivers. we have been over the interstate during the height of closing. >> we are learning how many arrests the highway patrol made. amy hollyfield has that story.
6:33 am
they made several not in berkeley because of vandalism, business owners must be relieved with no reports of damaged businesses. the problems were here on interstate 80. if you were stuck in traffic here is why protesters blocked it in both directions. the c.h.p. arrested 150 people. they were able to gather them in emeryville in a parking lot and took them to jail in dublin. officers say this was a woman would was stuck in traffic in labor and they got her to the hospital in an ambulance. some of the protesters threw problems at them when they tried to clear them off the freeway. on the streets of berkeley there were some issues. police made nine arrests. one was a juvenile. they are city processing the arrest. the spokesman does not know the
6:34 am
offenses but it was mostly peaceful. we did not see the looting or vandalism from the previous two nights. officials estimate 1,500 people showed up last night for the profits. another is planned tonight. the goal is to shut down the berkeley city council meeting. we will watch that. amtrak service is as scheduled through berkeley despite an of the by protesters to stop trains. dozens lay down on the tracks near the berkeley station. here is a look from sky 7 showing protesters on the tracks, some climbed on the signals. amtrak put stranded passengers on buses and other trains to get where they kneed -- needed to g. >> we are having a full week of
6:35 am
coverage of race in america including on "good morning america" and "world news tone." >> people all over the bay area are preparing for a big storm on thursday. in mill valley there is flooding still from last week. barricades are set up to prevent people parking in a lot that flooded last week. some business owners are worried how the business will be impacted. >> the she is, cars can not get here if it is too flooded. that is it. last week we could not open so that hurt our business. as far as the water, we wait an hour or two and it goes down. it is not that huge. other than the few hours when we cannot let customers in because they cannot get here. >> officials warn residents and bigs to have sandbags ready in case of flooding. marin residents are encouraged to sign up for alerts to be
6:36 am
updaylighted -- updated on hazards. >> san francisco is preparing for the big storm and we will have more on that coming up. >> joe montana will receive another extension for the construction project across from levi stadium. this is the second extension from the city council. a main delay is funding. according to our media partner he lost the development partner in the project. the plan includes a hotel, restaurants, shops and offices and is not slated to begin construction until 2016. in time for holiday shopping, coming up the on-line retailer letting you haggle. and entertainment royalty meets real royalty. we will find out what is next for well and kate in the big
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apple visit. we are keeping pictures up to keen you informed during commercial break. this is the bay bridge toll plaza with the backup right now. stick around. ♪
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♪ [instrumental music] ♪ coming up on 6:40. on the south bay, 101 at 880,
6:40 am
you can see brokenness to the cloud cover. if we see sun it will be across the south bay. this is an area toward oakland that could be near record high temperatures mid-to-upper 60's. rather than the upper 50's. we set a record high yesterday in oakland at 74. low-to-mid 70's around san diego and 82 in palm springs. in the high country now, not snowing now but on wednesday evening, it will be 10-20" of snow above 6,000' so all passes are snowed up and 1-3' of snow above 7,000'. fun if you can get there. >> the maze is not fun through berkeley at 30 minutes from the split up to san francisco. check out the tail lights. give yourself extra time. we have a stalled big rig to the south and the east, eastbound 580 at highway 24 the big rig is blocking one lane.
6:41 am
as we take you to the not we saw this, an accident involving a big rig and a wrong way driver eastbound 80 at highway 4. looking at mass transit, ace train, 19 minutes late, ace train one into santa clara. we will find out what is wrong but all other mass transit is on time. eric and kristen? coming up, much more ahead on the upcoming major storm about to hit the bay area. >> we will show you the precautions underway to make sure problems are kept to a minimum. >> stay in the know with abc7 news now. you can see the transamerica, but you can barely see it. it is foggy. we have traffic and weather during commercial break. during commercial break. stay
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pay for coverage. to have health insurance starting january 1st, you need to enroll by december 15th. visit today. discovering santa rosa, berkeley san jose and all the bay area, this is abc7 news. 6:44 on tuesday. the bay area as we have been saying is in for a major winter storm septembered to take first aim on the north bay tomorrow night. >> meteorologist mike nicco says it could be the strongest storm to hit in six years. nick is in san francisco with what they are doing to prepare. nick? you can see what they are doing. a lost businesses are using
6:45 am
heavy plastic and sandbags. this area has been hit before. they know what they need to do to keep the water out. look at the video from last night. business owners are doing what they can to prepare for what they believe will be a deluge of rain and water. the drains back up so they are keeping things off the floor and doing what they can to make sure merchandise is out of way. >> it is not ideal. especially with a ton of stuff down here. this is the warehouse. we need everything off the ground. the city is will lending a hand, the department of public works filled sandbags and in the past has given them to businesses that have been flooded. they have also cleared storm drains and tripped low-hanging branches likely to fall dug the storm. they are asking you do your part if you have the debris if the drive or the sidewalk, move it out of way so it does not back into the brain. you are thinking storm, rain,
6:46 am
wind. if you are confused download our weather app. with have everything you need to know at you can fine the link. and now, you can track the weather where you live any time with our weather app which is free on apple app and google play with more information at a lot of easy to use features. >> trading is underway on "wall street journal" and -- on wall street and we will look at the early numbers starting down triple digits off 155 points to 17696. you can now negotiate prices on amazon. the retail giant is launching a new "make an offer," function that appears in the store fronts that sell fine art and sport collectibles and coins.
6:47 am
you can choose which items to open up for haggling and they do not have to accept your offer. print william and his wife are going the third and final day of the united states visit. so far the couple have met the american versions of royalty. in sports, politics, and entertainment. we are in new york with the latest on the royals. a more somber day today? that is right. at 9/11 they will start, and it could seem like the prince and his wife kate are having aship kid time in new york, with holiday, but they want everyone to know their trip and eat -- each stop is a greater service including illegal poaching which brought him to the game in [ lip
6:48 am
-- in brooklyn, and lebron james had a pressant -- for the couple. what do you get a future king? >> a small one with "george," on the back. >> they met with another celebrity, another royal company of music. beyonce and jay-z and they will wrap up starting with the visit to the 9/11 memorial. more british subjects were victims than any other foreign country. they will remember them and all victims before headed to two other landmarks: the empire state building and the metropolitan museum of art with a big gala today. a rainy lower manhattan.
6:49 am
thatch you so much. >> they got a nor'easter and we will have ours blowing through here on thursday. >> it looks like a soft rain. the umbrella was working but for us, with stronger storms and thunderstorms, there is nothing you can do to stay dry. you need to prepare now. we will talk about what is going on, 6:49. we will start with the fog slipping across highway 4 to the san ramon valley we have fog across the authority bay and the lowest visibility is fairfield at a mile. headed to bart it is 52 at dublin/pleasanton and everyone else is in the mid-to-upper 50's and sfo is 61 degrees! right now. isn't that beautiful from east bay hills camera? warm before the storm today and tomorrow. we set a report high yesterday in oakland at 74. possible today, as well.
6:50 am
foggy again today with tonight lows in the 50's. owe average high is 58 to 59 and that is where we start out. heavy rain and wind and large surf is coming on thursday. warm air rain starts wednesday night. it could be moderate with the orange there. as we head to the evening hours, it will continue but right up here in the upper left hand part of rain there is the cold front and the red with the thunderstorms and the flooding that will begin at 7:00 in the north bay and that push into the heart of o'clock and hang around and scattered showers will linger thursday night into friday. the hest rain -- the heaviest rain is in the first patch. 1-3" if the rest of us, and 5-8"
6:51 am
in the north bay mountains with the coast nearly a foot of rain. we will have issue batch flooding. dangerous surf. creek flooding. mud and rock slides. high winds, we have a watch so prepared for the high winds at 20-30 miles per hour sustained for 24 hours and street trees will come down and possibly power lines and the surf across the north bay from 10:00 tonight through 4:00 friday morning and the flood watch is for all of us, 24 hours where we could have significant flooding on roads, creeks, parking lots. you name it. that is what will flood. get prepared now. the heavy rain is thursday. it tapers to showers and isolated storm on friday and a break on saturday and sunday. more rain on monday. in walnut creek the drive there is slower than usual at 18 minutes from highway 4 to the 24
6:52 am
junction because of all of this fog and we have very thick conditions over highway 4 and that is slow down the commute from antioch at nine miles per hour into pittsburg and bay point and it does not get better until you are beyond 242. to the south over the altamont pass into livermore, bumper-to-bumper traffic and along 580 tracy to dublin is one hour. highway 4, 36 minutes frommant quarterback do concord and slow on 101 through marin. to the pens that southbound highway 101 an accident has last debris in the lane. in san jose, northbound highway 87, a crash is blocking a lane with backups away from highway 85 and after police activity last night, northbound and southbound 680, alum is re-opened but heavy traffic to the nimitz. >> we have seven things to know before you go. >> first, we show you a picture
6:53 am
of the san mateo bridge where westbound is getting jam packed with clouds. we will leave the weather and traffic up through the entire commercial break so you will now miss a thing.
6:54 am
here are seven things to know before you go. number one, more than 150 protesters have been arrested after another night of
6:55 am
demonstrations in the east bay over alleged police brutality. up to 1,500 people marched through the streets of berkeley and stopped traffic. there was no damage to businesses. >> two, bay area residents are advised get homes and businesses ready for a big storm headed our way. from sandbags to cutting back trees and cleaning out gutters, people are taking steps for the storm which could be the strongest in recent years. everyone is taking that action. flee, we are waking up to sun but this is it at 101 and 880 with mostly cloudy and low-to-upper 60's loan -- along the coast and record highs are possible today. a pink sunrise but i am sure drivers are seeing red with 30 minutes to get from the hoffman split to san francisco across the golden gate bridge and that is where it is looking foggy leaving marin with a new crash from san francisco southbound
6:56 am
highway 101, one lane is blocked. the united states is bracing for a possible violent backlash over reports detailing c.i.a. torture used against al-qaeda detainees after 9/11. the report by the senate intelligence intelligence contains graphic details of the c.i.a. use of waterboarding and other methods of interrogation. investigators in los angeles are considering or saturday son as the cause of the fire if los angeles that shut down two freeways. >> congratulations to a family with a lot of holiday spirit winning the top surprise on "the great christmas light fight," winning $50,000 for the show which includes 43 the lights 173 pieces of customer art and a castle. >> congratulations. we continue now online and twitter and facebook and all mobile devices. >> more news and weather and
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good morning, america. breaking right now, major storms slamming both sides of the country. a nor'easter brings heavy rain, snow, ice, and flooding to cities in the east. and a once in a decade storm set to hit the west. torrential rains, wind gusts up to 100 miles an hour. massive waves and flooding. also breaking this morning, the torture report out in just hours. revealing troubling new details about the cia's tactics. american embassies and military bases on high alert right now. and martha raddatz is here with the very latest. deadly plane crash, a small private jet goes down in a quiet neighborhood. crashing into three houses, sending them up in flames, killing a mother and her small children trapped in their home. investigators on the scene right now. did a bird strike cause the


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